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Mine Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Mine Ventilation and

Air Conditioning Purpose:
To provide air to sustain and protect
miners and make the work
Chapter 1 environment as comfortable as
feasible; sometimes to prevent
Introduction deterioration of conditions or protect

Importance Historical Perspective

Underground mining perhaps as
Humans need oxygen early as 40,000 B.C.
Disease, injury or death can
Air coursed through mines by
result from exposures to toxic
first millennium
Middle Ages: deflectors, bellows,
Exhaustion, injury or death can
result from exposures to specific
physical conditions Modern fans give great flexibility

Ultimate Challenge Total Air Conditioning

Entails application of the following,

Providing adequate air and alone or in combination:
comfort (meeting regulatory
and organizational 1) quality control
requirements) to miners 2) quantity control
working at great depth at
reasonable cost. 3) temperature-humidity

Quality Control Quantity Control

Purifying air and removing Regulating the magnitude and

contaminants. Contaminants are: direction of air flow through:

1) gases – vapors and gaseous 1) ventilation (primary)

matter; radiation as well
2) auxiliary or face ventilation
2) dusts – particulate matter
3) local exhaust

Temperature-Humidity Control Hierarchy of Engineering Controls

Controlling latent and sensible heat Ordered principles for coping with
by the following: environmental contaminants:
1) prevention or avoidance
1) cooling
2) removal or elimination
2) heating
3) suppression or absorption
3) humidification
4) containment or isolation
4) dehumidification
5) dilution or reduction

Medical control principles may also Legal control principles are often
be used, as follows: imposed by societal consensus
1) education
2) physical exams
1) statutory or regulatory
3) lung X-rays provisions
4) personal protective devices 2) workers’ compensation
5) prophylaxis/Prevention laws/provisions
6) therapy

Coordination of Mining and Foundations of Mine Ventilation
Ventilation Systems and Air Conditioning
Consider role vs. production and cost
Need to integrate considerations as Physical chemistry,
total mine system is optimized under thermodynamics, fluid
realistic constraints mechanics and mechanical
Better able to do this today because design
of computing advances and robust
Mining methods; awareness
modeling capability that can consider
social, political, economic, and of mining technology
environmental consequences

Accuracy of Calculations Mathematical Units

English and System

Four significant figures
Internationale (SI)
for this course
English given preference;
It depends on the SI in parenthesis
accuracy of
measurements Conversion factors in
Appendix B

Mathematical Symbols Map Symbols

Scientifically standard
ones are used Largely standard in
literature and practice
Defined on first use in
book Refer to pp. xvii – xviii,
as necessary
Refer to pp. xiii – xvi in
book, necessary