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Question Bank for NE & IM

Module 1 & Module 2

1) Describe the role of Entrepreneur in Economic Development

2) Explain in brief the challenges faced by the entrepreneur

3) What are the modes of entry in International business
4) Explain the entrepreneurial Competencies
5) Discuss the various phases of Entrepreneurship development
6) Differentiate between Intrapreneur v/s Entrepreneur.
7) What are the sources of project idea
8) What is a business plan? What are the main features included there
9) What are the various sources of external finance
10) Explain the simulation exercise on goal setting in entrepreneurship with example.
11) Discuss the various phase of Entrepreurship development
12) Define Debentures, it’s Merits & Demerits
13) The concept of ADR & GDR
14) Modes of Entry in International Business
15) What aspects are considered in marketing plan of the project?
16) What are the different types of business plan?
17) Explain the different types of bank loans available to entrepreneur.
18) Explain the nature of venture capital.
19) State the ratios which test the short term solvency of a business.
20) Explain break-even analysis as a planning tool.
21) Distinguish between Equity & Debenture.

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Module 3 & 4
1) State the name of institution offering financial assistance.

2) Write a note on different financial institutions connected with small industry

3) Discuss the role of SIDBI in promoting small industries in India

4) What are the various financial institutions which provide finance to entrepreneurs?

5) Discuss the various financial incentives of SSI’s

6) What are the various tax concessions given to small scale units?

7) What are the payments made by a business to the government?

8) Define Value Added Tax (VAT). What are the merits and demerits of VAT?

9) Explain various start up strategies for a new business.

10) Discuss the various steps involved in starting business.

11) What all outside agencies does the entrepreneur have to deal with while starting with
a new business.

12) What are the major characteristics of an effective marketing plan?

13) How to setup an online store?

14) What are the important things to be considered before starting a franchise business?

15) What are its advantages and disadvantages of franchising?

16) What is meant by buying of a running business? What are its merits and demerits?

17) What is the different growth strategy for managing the new venture?

18) Explain the different forms of restructuring

19) Explain the different venture expansion strategies. Which is ideal according to you?

20) Define Innovation. What are the basic drivers for innovation?

21) Write a brief note on Ansoff Matrix.

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