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Arthritis Diet
lReduce Acids
Phosphoric Acid: Reduce your consumption of meat and grains by half. Grains include rice, pasta, bread, mielie-meal, couscous, sorghum, wheat, rye, oats etc. (Millet is the only “non-acid” grain) Avoid all bottled cold drinks including bottled water. Increase your consumption of fish, fresh fruit and vegetables instead. Oxalic Acid: Do not drink tea, or cocoa (This includes chocolate!). Do not replace these with coffee, decaf coffee, fruit juice and fizzy drinks since they are usually contaminated with solvents, besides which they also often contain Benzoic Acid and Phosphoric acid. Single herb teas, like Rooibos or Chamomile, are fine but avoid the fancy blends or flavoured herb teas.

lIncrease Calcium

Use ground sesame seeds in your cereals or salads or make a tahini sauce for salads by grinding the seeds and adding lemon juice and a little olive and or organic flax oil to make it a pourable consistency. Use organic sesame seeds if at all possible and make sure they are soaked in Vit C or HCL acid water for 10-15 minutes and then dried in a 100 degree oven before using to reduce mouldiness. Do a whole bag at once and then store for later use in a glass jar. If you eat fish, include the bones of soft fish like salmon in your diet where possible for extra calcium. Taking a calcium supplement can be risky due to the prevalence of lead toxicity in most of them. Also they are not generally well absorbed, Dr Clark prefers the use of a natural oystershell calcium where a supplement is required. NOTE: Dr Clark no longer regards milk as the ideal solution to boosting calcium intake not only because of its parasite content but because of the link she believes exists to its immune suppressing antigenic properties which play a significant role in creating serious disease for many.

lIncrease water consumption

Drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Make sure that it is water from the COLD tap, not the hot tap. It is also preferable to filter it if possible. Use a simple carbon filter and ensure that you change the cartridge religiously at least monthly. Also ensure that you wash and sterilise the water jug with grain alcohol or iodine at least weekly. If you cannot do this then fresh water from the cold tap is probably safer. Other beverages do not count as water except for single herb teas without milk or sugar.

lAllergic Triggers

Piperine: This is a common food toxin said to affect the knees in particular. It is found in black and white pepper (Not in Cayenne pepper). It would be advisable to avoid pepper altogether for two weeks to see if it helps. The Solanaceae family of plants also has a common allergen that causes joint pain. These plants include potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and tobacco! Also try going off these for two weeks to see if it helps.

2 Hippuric Acid: The body produces this chemical when the liver detoxifies benzoic acid. Benzoic Acid is used extensively as a preservative in many foods especially in commercially prepared beverages and snack foods and it is the regular consumption of these foods, which produce large amounts of Hippuric Acid in the body. The small amounts of naturally occurring benzoic acid in some fruits is of little significance. Do not therefore consume anything that has Benzoic Acid or Sodium Benzoate listed as an ingredient. PIT or phenylisothiocyanate: This is a food chemical found especially in chicken, eggs, the cabbage family and peas. It is best to avoid these foods altogether until your liver has regained its ability to detoxify these cyanide-containing foods quickly enough. Once you have completed numerous liver cleanses and all signs of any allergies have disappeared you may reintroduce them back into your diet.

NOTES:  For effective results, this diet is to be used in conjunction with Dr Clark’s protocol for Arthritis, which includes both parasite treatments and a comprehensive cleanup of the body, diet, home and dental-ware.  Applying Dr. Clark’s approach for balancing the body’s is helpful. (Refer to Pages 5758 in The Cure for all Diseases) Also read the sections on strengthening the bones in the same book.