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An Atheist’s and Scientist’s Perceptions of
God and Jesus
By John Paily

 An opening statement: Page - 3
 What this book contains and How to approach it: Page-- 5
 Preface and Introduction : Page 6

Part -1
Chapter -1
Past, Present and Future of God Reality -13
 The present state of the world: Page -17
 Time before Jesus : Page-18
 The Present – Time After Calvary: Page -22
 The Future : Page-28
Chapter -2
The Endangered state of Earth and Humans -30
 The cause of Climate Change and increasing Natural Catastrophes : Page-32
 Parallel World and Multiple World Design: Page-33
 Two Vital Ratios and Self organizing Picture : Page-36
 Concept of Gravity a New vision :Page-38
 The Vital Observation: Page-39
 What is happening to the World: Page-40
 Minds role in nature : Page –41
Chapter -3
The Social Disintegration - The root cause: Page-46

Chapter -4
Mind, God, religion and Society: Page-50
 Enigma of Creation: Page-52
 God Being and Living Universe Theory: Page – 54
Chapter -5
Life and Structure of Mind: page-56
 Eastern approach to truth: Page -60
 “This is not” and This is it” experience: Page-61
 The dilemma of Knowing Truth and Communicating truth: Page-63
Chapter- 6
The Mind of God: Page -64
 Origin of Satanic Mind

Time in the Universe: Page-68

Chapter -8
Science of Calvary – The way to Kingdom of God on Earth: page-72
 Purpose of Jesus’s Manifestation: Page-74
 The failure of Science: Page-75
 The Living System as the key: Page-77
 Cosmos as Living Being around Jesus: Page-78
 Jesus and Calvary -A Logical Reasoning: Page -79
 Jesus the Pivot of Cosmic existence: Page -80
 The Selfish Gene and Jesus:Page-83
 The key to Kingdom of God: Page-87
 Holy Spirit and Science:Page-94
 The sword of Judgment: Page-97
Where Organized Christianity is failing: Page-99
 Western and Eastern Culture and Jesus: Page-100
 Why Jesus offered His flesh and blood- Importance of Holy communion: Page-104
 The number game and Quantum Truth:Page-104
 Where Spiritual community is failing: Page-108
 Is Bible True – Where is its Original Copy: Page-111
 Good News – Why it is not taking root: Page-114
Chapter -10
My Encounter with Spirit of Christ: Page-115

Part -2
Evolving Science to comprehend Truth Sensibly: Page-132
 Introduction
 Fundamental Design and Principle of Nature: Page-133
 Quantum Dance :Page-136
 Knowing light: Page-138
 The formation of Atom and Gravity: Page-139
 Opposition to Gravity and Time: Page-142
 Creativity and DNA formation: Page-142
 Black Hole Secret – The Key : Page-143
 Conquering gravity and time by Life: Page-144
 The perceiver in life and God Concept: Page-146
Chapter -2
Future Technologies – Glimpses of Futures: Page-151
 Black hole technologies – The Future: Page-153
 Informational world – The dynamic intelligence: Page-153
 New Thoughts to drive mechanical world: Page-155
 New Thoughts on Health and Medicine: Page-156
 Nee Thought on Food and Agriculture: Page-158
 Critical aspect of Water Conservation-A New Idea: Page-158

Summary – The two great Threats to the world: Page-160

Conclusion – The Divine Plan : Page-173
Main Points of the Book: Page-187
Final statement – My understanding of Jesus by Grace: Page-189
An Appeal to Reader: Page-194

An Opening Statement

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I
also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will
ignore your children”. Hosea 4:6

I believe in God and Jesus, but I have reservation about religion called Christianity. I believe that if
there is any hope for our endangered world, it exists in Spirit of Jesus. It exists in knowing Jesus
and His Calvary sacrifice as Science

I respect peoples freedom to seek Truth, Knowledge, and God, fallow any path and culture to do
so. I respect all places of worship.

I believe the ignorance of God as the biggest source of misery and bloodshed of human on earth. I
believe that no angel, no human has the right to the blood and Life of humans. The earth and
everything in it belong to God. God is a conscious and intelligent field and an entity that creates
and sustains. Everything comes from Him and goes back to Him in time. We are called not to Judge.
We are called to love God and Good and uphold Truth and Justice. We are called to be connected to
the consciousness and intelligence resisting the evil and strive to grow towards God consciousness
and intelligence. Our separation in the name of religion is an evil minds work. God is working to
release us from our bondage to evil minds and illuminate us and shows us our interrelationship
and oneness in one Supreme human and Supreme God from which everything comes into
existence and to which everything needs to return to take New Birth. Jesus, I believe showed the
way to all angel and humans how to use the power bestowed on them.

I hate people forcing once belief and God on other and intruding into other people’s freedom. I
hate people who speak nicely to a blind beggar and toss coins into his plate and lift the paper
notes of the higher denomination from it. I hate people who exploit people’s ignorance. I hate
people who speak and fail to practice at least 35% what they speak. Much of religious leaders
especially of my religion and Political leaders belong to this category.

I believe religious institutions were the early intellectual class, Modern science and scientists came
when spiritual/religious institution deteriorated and ended up as an institution that amasses
wealth exploiting the sweat and blood of common people in the name of God. Science came with
the hope of leading humanity to light and Truth but ended in giving the power to exploit the earth
and her resources recklessly to the nexus of evil minds operating from religious and earthly
realms on earth.

In the last century, since the discovery E=mc2 and when humanity awakened to the existence of a
dynamic unpredictable spiritual world behind the material world, science grip on humanity
collapsed opening the field back to ancient spiritual knowledge. The deteriorated religions have
made a comeback with new venom, creating a global society that is endangered by religions.
Today God the unseen has become a much-marketed commodity. People seem to sell heaven and
exploit common man. They are ignorant of the reality of Earth and care little to build the Kingdom
of God and sustain it. They live in illusions and make people live in illusions.

We are in a critical period of time cycle where our intellectual community, both religious and
scientific is failing and the system is collapsing. Popes of the scientific community are giving a call
to desert earth. The cause of disorder and destruction we witness in the physical world is a
reflection of what is happening in the spiritual or intellectual world. They are throwing up their
towel. Evil minds are flourishing everywhere. Earth and ecosphere are collapsing, death is gaping
at us.

However, I see hope in Christ. There is New World growing within through transforming power
the Spirit of Jesus. I believe the Kingdom of God deteriorates from top to down but its restoration
is happening within, from down to up. It is a matter of birthing of the inner world for us to see the
Golden Age or Kingdom of God on earth.

I believe God is a Force and Field that is supremely conscious and intelligent. It not only creates
but sustains. We are called to awaken to this Conscious and intelligent field and exist in symphony
with this Force.

In short, Universe is consciousness and intelligence of the Creator unfolding to create and
enfolding to sustain. God is beyond religion it is a Science and Knowledge that once existed with
humanity but is lost. The Spirit of Jesus is striving to give back this knowledge and restore earth
back to its pristine time.


What the Book contains and How to approach it

The whole of Earth and Humanity is endangered for want of knowledge. God is the source of life
and Knowledge of life. We have not approached God from this context. Both Spiritual/religious
and scientific institutes who are responsible to bring knowledge are failing. They have made the
life and Nature complex and beyond the comprehension of common man. Most people in this
realm work with exploiting mentality. They are exploiting the Earth and we the people. We are in
the most critical period of the time cycle, where both death and life is open before us. We are
called to awaken to our consciousness and intelligence.

The book rediscovers God as Creating and integrating Force conquering time and death in black
hole. It discovers that we all have a root in One Supreme Parental Consciousness and intelligence.
It speaks of a God Force eternally working to create and sustain the Universe from collapsing. Our
separation in the name of Religion is illusionary.

What prevails in the world today is ignorance. We are ruled largely by evil ego, self, and material
centered minds? They are leading the world to back hole. God Force is striving to lead us from
back hole to White Hole. We just have to stop for a moment and open our eyes to see the reality
around us and make a self-search and surrender to Life Force to experience the Truth and Life.

Human quest is a quest to know Mind of God; there is a spiritual awakening in the world since
science evolved to perceive an energetic or spiritual world behind atom and all that we see. This
spiritual awakening is centered on one person Jesus Christ. But He and His philosophy are taught
in thousand ways, creating more churches than before each striving for number than to the
purpose for which Jesus manifested.

The basics of philosophy say that if you want to comprehend any philosopher, we need to step into
the mind of the philosopher. The philosophy that Jesus preached is simple, but it is made complex
and beyond the comprehension of common man.

Jesus is calling to seek God seated within. He was striving to open our inner eyes. He is striving to
help us connect with our consciousness and intelligence such that we can come out of slavery to
evil minds operating in this world in the name of God. He is striving to lead us back to Knowledge
that was lost in time.

We are in a scientific era that came opposing religions especially Christianity; Thus the scenario
for knowing God has become more difficult. If we are to understand Jesus and the importance of
His Calvary sacrifice and take Good News to the world we need to incorporate science. The book
makes a humble attempt at it.

I am not striving to make any claim of any discovery, or authorship. I am striving to share what I
received. I believe God is alive. He creates and sustains. He is the giver of Life and sustainer of Life.
We cannot know Him unless we come out of our bondage to religion. Help can come to you the
moment you surrender and ask for, what you ask for is what you gain.

There is a moment ahead when we humans and angels on Earth, irrespective of Good or bad,
would cry collectively for Living Light and Knowledge. The whole Earth and Cosmos are going
through Birth Pangs. Those seated in the high chairs as well as working below will have to go
through it. We are poised for a Quantum Shift, from an era of Information to an era of Knowledge,
where Truth and Life shines. The more we delay the more the destruction and pain we have to

The book has two parts. The first part deals with the present, extreme religious/political/social
scenario that has endangered Earth and Humanity and how everything can collapse into the new
order by Knowing Jesus and His Truth. It also has a chapter on the path I personally traversed. The
second part speaks how simple thoughts can evolve our science and help us comprehend and
integrate all developments in science and can unite it with the essence of all religions
[spirituality]. It explains the Big Bang, creation and evolution in a sensible manner including life,
such that all can comprehend it.

I understand that as a child we are all programmed to think in a specific way and as adults, we get
concreted into it. I believe in respecting your individuality determined by your mind and its point
of view. But at this moment of time, when Earth and our life and its existence is in critically
endangered state, I request you to give some free mind to the thoughts shared here. At any point, if
my thought is annoying you and if you feel to stop, I request you to go to concluding statement and
conclusion and wind it up.

I am not a good writer or a speaker; the situation in which I am caught and the sheer importance
of the Knowledge I gained by Grace, calls me to write and share. Some vital thought of mine is
repetitive in all chapters, on a second thought I have left it as it is, please bear with me. Share the
book if you like it and help awaken Humanity in Humans.

Let us get ground to Earth to know our Human Reality First. Let the Divine fallow it.

Preface and Introduction

I am tempted to write this book, seeing the state of the world that is endangered. Our Earth is
unstable and its ecosphere is collapsing, due to ego, self and the material greed of human mind
and the reckless use of her resources, without understanding Her Design and Functioning.

Human society and Earth are falling apart for want of knowledge of Life, Nature, and God, in
simplicity such that all can understand it. As of now, the whole thing exists complex and beyond
common persons comprehension.

West and its thinking rule the world. The minds of leaders of the west are controlled by what two
basic institutes; scientific and religious and its occupants feed them. These two institutes have
contrasting standpoint and thinking creating a hypocritical life.

Christianity is the dominating religion of west. Jesus Christ and His Calvary sacrifice is the center
of this religion. History of time itself is divided into two parts after Calvary. It is the most preached
religion in the world and it has awakened all religions and all God’s in the world today. Jesus is
supposed to have shed His Blood, for the peace of the world and to manifest the Kingdom of God
on Earth.

But if you stand back and observe the world, it shows Global society that is edging to great friction
and destruction in the name of God. People are selling and marketing God, but the situation of the
world and humanity is not changing. The best of the awakened personality seems to live in illusion
and end falling for money and power. The God and Good are sacrificed before dirty rich and
powerful people.

East seem to have the knowledge and culture of higher order. However, it exists as a slave of the
west. The west seems to suppress East and its knowledge. They seem to work with an ulterior self
and power-centered motive. Modern science emerged from within west as the revolt to its
religious institution, but the subsequent growth of science seems to be determined by the
religious and political scenario of the west that existed before Christ. In other words, the physical
world we see is still dominated by the evil ego, self and power-hungry minds that killed Jesus.

However, there are still few core groups everywhere in every religion who strive for Truth,
beyond self and beyond any religious and political leaning. This is best reflected in the bronze
statue of God of east in front of the headquarters of the Greatest Experimental facility [CERN] in

The world today is largely democratic and informational. Democracy works on the number.
Democracy is designed for awakening consciousness and intelligence of humanity through
feedback loops of experience and observation. It is people ruling themselves through their
representatives. It assumed to be beyond religions and God.

Nations claim they are beyond religion. But the dirty nexus of religions with evil-minded rulers of
Earth still exists. Since democracy is based on the number, today religions strive for the number at
all cost and their deadly competition is making society unstable and stressing Earth.

We humans have an instinctive inseparable relationship with an Unknown Force or God Force.
Because of the flesh body we also has the influence of dark elements. There is an inherent quest in
humanity to know God. The human mind thus becomes a sitting duck for anyone who comes in the
name of God.

We have many religions and Gods. We have many speakers of God. There are thousands of
churches that have bloomed out of one Person Jesus. Each of them has a different standpoint. No
two churches see eye to eye. Most of them work for the number and material prosperity. They
strive for power, compromising with evil rulers.

The world is deteriorating and the existence of humanity is endangered by two principle counts

• Evil minds operating from religions of the world. They are characterized by Ego, self, and the
greed for power. They strive and exploit us because we the people have not awakened to Truth.
One can locate the root of all wars, terrorism, and bloodshed to them directly or indirectly. They
are the primal cause of instability in the world. The world is poised for a Third World War that can
annihilate humanity. The only way we can survive is to know Truth and God beyond religions

• We are endangered by a science that evolved against religion and has gone complex and beyond
the comprehension of common man. It has only strengthened the hands of the nexus of evil minds
operating from religions and political world. They are using the power science gave to exploit
earth to her limit. The failure of science to know the Truth and explain the Creation and existence
in simplicity stand as a great blemish

We, the Humans, are lost at sea. There is urgent necessity to

• Know Truth of Nature and her working in simplicity and know God beyond religions.

• Awaken Humanity in humans and empower them with the knowledge to fight and conquer the
darkness within. This means we should help people connect to the consciousness and intelligence
within such that they walk the path of Truth and Justice without any compulsion.

• Establish a Supreme Absolute Individual with supreme Heart and Mind as the reference point
and Light House such that we humans do not get lost and become a sitting duck for evil minds.

When God manifested as Jesus and spoke Truth and tried to lead humanity back to the kingdom of
God, evil minds of western religion [Jews], ruthlessly killed and hung their God on the cross. This,
however, started a New Era or time. Jesus’s Spirit is alive and is working to restore Peace and
order and establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. Jesus has released the indestructible cosmic
information such that we all can come alive.

Unfortunately, just as Jewish priest failed God, the modern day Christianity is failing Jesus. They
have marketed Jesus name and selling heaven. Jesus came to bring heaven to earth and manifest
the kingdom of God on earth. He came to give peace to the world. In spite Jesus being marketed
around the world, the peace associated with Him is not manifesting. This calls for introspection.

Since west, its religion and its science lead the world; my observation always directed to them. I
am critical of my religion. One simple statement Mahatma Gandhi summarizes it. He said

“I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike Christ”.

Christianity awakening to Christ’s Spirit is crucial to the world. What it means we need to
understand God and Jesus as Science beyond religion.

We are stressed to awaken to Our Consciousness. I believe the root of modern democracy, the
freedom, and power for people possibly manifested 2018 years, in a time when people standing
with evil minds occupying temples shouted to crucify the good and release the evil. Judge washed
his hands and protected his interest. The modern democracy has negative orientation, with self,
religions, money influencing the choice of people to rule. This negative orientation has possibly
reached its climax stressing human consciousness to awaken today. It is stressing us to make a
Quantum Shift into a Positive path.

Seeing the recalcitrant nature of people in temples of science, religions and leaders of nations, I
had lost hope for earth and humanity. However in Jesus I see a sure sign of humanity awakening to
his consciousness and intelligence to turn the democracy into a Positive side.

I see some good trend and hope for the world in Pope Francis, the supreme leader of Christianity.
He is the first pope to step out of hypocritical Life. He came down from Golden Holy Chair to be
human and be among people. He has chosen to speak from his heart, fearlessly. He is addressing
people’s problem and he is speaking for Earth and its climate. He has condemned his people who
speak but does not practice. He has called an end to Dirty Money being given to church and Church
accepting it and growing out of it. He has condemned building huge churches and instead called
his people to be compassionate. He has embraced all religions and all people.

Some look to him with suspicion, because of black history of the church. But I chose to look at him
as a much-wanted leader who speaks sense and speak instinctively. I have a deep aversion to
much of the priest and their hierarchy. I have a valid reason for developing such aversion and
distancing from them. But when I come across the few who are good, I would stop to salute. Pope
Francis has raised hope in me.

The best thing about Pope Francis is that he accepted science. He has endorsed “Big Bang Theory”
and “Evolution Theory” and invited the top scientist to the Vatican to explain Big Bang and
Evolution sensibly. His statement “God is not Magician with a magic wand” broke down Christian
Theology of creation and sent tremors in traditional Christianity. I can perceive deep opposition
to him in his community.

Science has given us Knowledge. The only drawback of science is that it has not come up with the
sensible explanation for creation and sustenance of creation. I appreciate Science because it is
open to all and is beyond religions. Science has opened the doors of its temples to metaphysics,
religions, and theologians, the moment they realized that behind the matter we see, there is the
energetic or spiritual world that is not predictable.

This spiritual world or energetic world creates and sustains the universe eternally. Science knows
that it happens from Great black hole, in a singularity in a Seed Atom and Seed particle that
explodes. Science, its theory, and mathematics shows everything going into black hole and
collapse into a singularity, but it fails to comprehend, how this happens, what causes the collapse
and how everything gets restored from the black hole? Science tries to perceive the secret of
Cosmos from an atom but is failing.

Black Holes have turned into an enigma. For it sucks and stretches destroying the space-time
fabric, matter and energy in it in an irreversible way. This raises the greatest question What
Banged at Big Bang? Knowing God now means knowing black hole secret. God before Jesus had
forbidden humanity from going into black hole , The scenario has changed since Calvary. He is
asking to know Him through black hole and Life-force emanating from it. black hole exists
conquered by Jesus and exists transformed into white Hole that gives Life.

At one point it was thought the information was lost irreversibly into the black hole. This thought
made no sense. Thus it led to the great debate between two living giants of the scientific world
considered as popes of science [Prof. Stephen Hawking and Prof. Leonard Susskind]. Now they
have reached a compromise that space-time, matter, and energy is destroyed in the black hole, but
information exists plastered onto the walls of the black hole in two-dimensional formats and is
retrievable. But how information regenerated and restored is not yet explained.

Many scientists are already dropping the fundamental concept of Gravity and Gravity based model
of the universe and shifting to information based models. Thus many visualize universe as the
giant brain. Things are pointing to ancient East and their vision of Universe as Living Being. We
are moving in right direction. But I am not sure how long scientists would take to come up with
the model in simplicity so that common man understands it and awaken to the Reality of Nature
and participate in manifesting the Kingdom of God and take care of it.

I am assured this will happen, but I am not sure how much destruction and pain we humans have
to endure before ego of the religious leaders and leaders of nation breaks down paving way for a
shift. The world scenario speaks that we are at critical Juncture. Our consciousness is being
stressed to awaken. We are poised for a Paradigm shift. Earth is undergoing Birth Pangs. She
wants her Children to come alive to know their real Father. We are at a point where death forces
and life forces are acting very strongly. The Life Force wins when 3/4th of indestructible spirit-
souls awaken to Life Force or Jesus. It can happen when ½ of the people ruling from the religious
realm, especially of Christianity knows Jesus Christ.

The Good News to the world not only is coming from Pope Francis and his awakening to the
consciousness but people awakening to their consciousness and intelligence. Bible properly
interpreted and made simple is nothing but God awakening Human consciousness and intelligence
and intelligence to know the Truth and walk the path of Truth and Justice. It is to raise humanity in
humans and let them know of their interrelationship and oneness and their relationship with God
the Father and Mother. God not only works to awaken our consciousness and intelligence but
resist us as we go against it.

As I am writing this book, I see the media showing the Judiciary of India one of the biggest
democracy in the world, going through a conscious awakening against evils operating in the

I was an atheist turned scientist. I had an encounter with the Spirit of Christ long back. This book
and its thought come from a mind that is surrender to Spirit of Christ. It comes from the mind of
the heart. It is not in support of religion called Christianity, which I feel is full of evil minds that
seek power, self, and money at all cost and are anti to Spirit of Christ.

I believe that anyone who gets touched by the spirit of God and is liberated from darkness also
becomes responsible and bound by a conscious call. In writing this book I am only doing my
conscious call and duty. This write up comes from over 30 years of inquiry from the point of
freedom. The core of it revealed within three years after I revolted and left my career as a scientist
to be a free person in Nature. It took a leap to new dimension when I encountered the Spirit of
Christ in 1996.

Today I spend much of my time listening to anointed preachers, speaking about God on TV and
internet. I feel Christ and His Spirit is awakening people. However, I also see the evil rising in
parallel. The power of the evil to rise unfortunately is coming from the premises of God’s people
and their ignorance.

A much wanted new Spiritual movement started in last century. It is known as “Pentecostal
Movement”. It was resisted by organized Christianity but it grew because of the miracle cure and
prophecies. It was eventually accepted by few in organized Christianity in a new name
“Charismatic Movement”. This was resisted by traditional people. It too grew. Today it has taken
the wider context of “New Age Spirituality”. But nothing seems to change the world.

This movement is today critically stressed to evolve to New Level, but it is failing to do so. People
in it seem to live in illusion, selling heaven and are failing to ground people in Truth and Reality.
The need of the hour is to awaken Humanity in humans. Empower them to connect to their
consciousness and walk the path of Truth and Justice. Without raising humanity in humans, no one
can step into the Reality of Kingdom of God or Divine world. The reality of Kingdom of God
manifests when 3/4th of the world population becomes conscious and intelligent.

The new level to which the present spiritual movement is failing to evolve is the Mind level or the
Level of Knowledge and wisdom. Most of the anointed people by the spirit of Christ seem to
spiritually stagnate, creating shop and malls. Some have extended to create the global chain
around the Globe. They do the same mistake organized Christianity made

I am not against them. Even awakening and winning one more soul for the spirit of God, healing
one soul in Jesus’s name, is commendable. I salute and bow to them from the depth of my heart.
But that does not put the soul on the right path. What Jesus Christ told about the priest and
speakers of God seems to repeat itself.

Jesus said “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and
sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of
hell as you are”.

Every speaker of God seem to fail to grow and move towards the ultimate destination and purpose
for which Jesus manifested, that is to create the Kingdom of God or bring heaven to Earth. History
seems to be repeating. The evil seems to gain power in parallel incomplete spiritual awakening
pushing the Earth where we dwell to a critical state.

There is hope in Jesus Christ, the victory over death and destruction has already happened. The
black hole is conquered and is replaced by White Hole. There is an undefeatable Divine Plan in
Place. We are due to Enter Golden Age or Kingdom of God on Earth. Out of Great Disorder, a Great

Attractor is emerging. We are due to collapse into New Order around it. All we need is some
concentrated effort to bring Jesus out of religion.

We are going through Birth Pangs. Our survival exists in

• Knowing the “Holographic Principle and Design” on which the Earth operates and sustains the
ecosphere. We need to evolve science to know Truth of Nature and Cosmos and its eternal
existence supporting Life.
• Becoming conscious and intelligent. We need to discover our human nature, conquering our evil
• We need to evolve to know our root in the Divine.

What could lead us in this path are the Knowledge of Spiritual world, its functioning and its
relationship with the material world. It is time we explore and understand the spiritual or
energetic world that creates and sustains


Part -1
The Global Society we live in

Chapter -1
The Past Present and Future of God-Reality and Religions

.We have no strict definition of God. God is understood as creator, ruler and moral authority and
Supreme Being, Super Human, Spirit Being having power over Nature. He understood as Priest of
all Priests. He is King of all Kings. He is the Best of all sects of the society. He is understood as Love
and Supreme Judge. He is understood as Light, knowledge, wisdom.

Human Quest at the deepest level is a Quest for Knowledge, true prosperity with peace and
happiness. It is to get back to the kingdom of God. Thus God and knowledge of God [Mind of God]
is the central quest for humanity. The modern world driven by science is synonymous with this
quest. Science seek a single source of Origin, from it the understanding of the whole and its
functioning. The fallacy of Scientific world is that tries to Capture Spirit God in mathematical
format such that they can rule over it

Our world is threatened by science that strives to conquer than understand and religious
institutions that divide humanity in the name of God. Many Religions of the world put a idiotic
picture of God into human mind and develop various culture and practices and laws and rule us.

The cultures of the world can be broadly divided as culture of east and west. They are contrasting.
Their unity is critical to know Truth and God and Knowledge of God to find peace and order. The
main difference between east and west are

The east has the innumerable number of God’s [330 million Gods]. They are assumed as a different
manifestation of a central reality called “Brahman” or Spirit of God. This Spirit–God is considered
Supreme Conscious and Intelligent Field in which all demi-Gods exists and from which all of the
demigods emerge and to which all return.

West, in contrast, believe in One God [Jesus]. The term “Brahman” of East is comparable to “Holy
Spirit” of west and Christianity. It is also comparable to “al-Ruh al-Qudas” of middle-east and
Muslim religion. The fact that we are having many churches, means even the west is going the
same way as east. What we lack is the understanding of One God manifesting into many realities.

Brahman and Holy Spirit, from the point of science, become the energy field that creates and
sustains the material world. Science, however, fails to comprehend how this field gives rise to
material world and living world and how this field sustains the material world from collapsing to
singularity and death.

West and Christianity today dominate the world. It believes in a Father God, Son Jesus who is the
inheritor of the Kingdom and Holy Spirit that Creates and Sustains. Our understanding of how this
Trinity is working is wanting. We are failing to make it as a science.

We live in a scientific world, that evolved in the west against all religion and principally against
Christianity that was amassing wealth and was brutally ruling west killing anyone who opposed it.
It created hopes of leading humanity back to Truth and God or the Knowledge of Life and the
Universe. Science has led us to Create Robots that can mimic emotion and self-driving cars, self-
driving weapons of mass destructions It is manipulating genes and developing designer babies.
But the knowledge it gave is not bringing much-wanted peace and order to the world. In fact today
the world and humanity are in danger of existence.

On one hand west that is Bible-centered believes that an Unseen God is working as a magician and
creating everything. On another hand, they work with an ego that they have the potential to create
and sustain everything. The western world thus is technically living bipolar life or hypocritical life,
not able to understand and comprehend the co-existence of the Physical and Spiritual existence.

One look at the world tells us that religions have become the greatest concern and threat to
humanity. Science that has not evolved to Know Truth and God have only given immense power
into the hand of same old evil minds that rule the earth. These evil minds are virtually disrobing
earth, calling upon themselves the wrath of Mother Earth and Her Master. She is crying for Her
Children to come alive and defend Her.

It is not my idea to discuss in depth this vast subject called God that has given rise to many
philosophies in east and west. I hope to give some observation, experiences, and revelations that
could help us evolve our science and religions to Know Truth and survive on Earth and attain
peace and order.

My understanding tells me that there was a time in “History of Time” when we humanity knew
God, had God’s knowledge and wisdom and lived in peace. This era and its knowledge and its
remembrance was lost at some point. Human struggle is struggling to get back into this era of light
and Knowledge. Right now we are in down phase of the time cycle. In other words, we are in a
dark phase. We are fast heading to Great disorder and destruction. The only way we can survive is
awakening to Truth or God. The Good News is that it is happening.

In this down phase of the time cycle, our memory of who we are, how we are interrelated and how
we related to God exist lost. We are seeking it. God calls us to be a good priest, good kings, good
businessman and good worker. In the present world, evil minds seem to thrive in all these realms.
Goodness, living in connection with consciousness and walking the path of truth and Justice is
considered a weakness. So we often think God and good is a delusion.

But deep within, in the majority there is the spark of Divine or God. Thus there is potency and
desire in the world to return to God and Good. There is a deep desire in humanity to see a time
when God and Good Thrives. But under the dominating force of evil minds ruling us, the Good
mind is failing and is flowing with the tide. It looks for external Super Human to manifest on their
behalf and cause this change. Christianity thus looks for Jesus to come again to save them from the
mess they have created

God Philosophy
God is understood to be Creator, Sustainer. Some philosophies visualize him as a destroyer to
facilitate new creation. To explain creation, philosophers speak of three causes,
• Efficient cause [an agent that bring thing into being]
• Instrumental cause and
• Material cause.

This is best explained by comparing to potter molding a pot. The potter is an efficient cause, the
wheel he spins is the instrumental cause, it is assumed to be the Mind of God and His thoughts.
The clay is the material cause.

The two important philosophies that arose out this thinking are Monism and Dualism.

Monism - God is imminent [operating within], temporal [worldly and time influenced] becoming.
He is creation itself. He also material cause, but not efficient cause [an agent that brings a thing
into being].

Dualism - God is transcendent [above human experience], eternal, Creator and efficient cause [an
agent that brings a thing into being] but not the material cause. Dualist’s think that God remains
ever separate from man and the world and is not the material cause. Jewish, Christian and Muslim
theologian belong to this category. It gives the advantage to them to survive in the Name of God.

The third sect of philosophers called Monistic Theist think all is God. He is the Potter, the
instrument and as well as material. I believe Bible speaks of monistic and dualistic philosophy.

In India, all these philosophies coexisted. The monistic view is understood as a mountain top
perspective, which perceives one reality in all things. The dualistic view is understood as a view
from the foothills and sees God, souls, and world as eternally separate.

Important Note - If I am to speak my mind at this point, I would say monistic is spirit-soul
vision or vision of mind of the heart. The dualistic is the mind-body vision. They are one and
inseparable and forms the time cycle itself. The spirit-soul vision is superior. It is creating
force. It is up phase of the time cycle, the memory, and knowledge of God which is lost to
humanity is returned. But completion of creation leads to judgment and separation or
duality. Humanity is dearly in search of lost truth and knowledge to gain peace and order.
The spirit of Jesus is striving to lead and expose us to it. Jesus is beyond religion. He is the
Science of Creation and Sustenance. He is the source of knowledge and wisdom.

Indian spiritual philosophy tells God is one conscious and intelligence field. Everything including
us is understood to manifests out of it and return to it in time. We the humans are understood as
similar conscious and intelligent fields manifesting into flesh body and existing within the God
Field and returning to it. We deteriorate and fall when we disconnect from God’s conscious and
intelligent field and once own conscious and intelligent field to live an ego, self, and mind centered

God field creates and sustains everything in time and dissolves everything to recreate and
initialize to New Time Cycle. This God field is considered both masculine and feminine and
therefore God Being is considered both as masculine and feminine dancing as one. This is best
reflected in the dance of Lord Shiva of Indian philosophy. Lord Shiva is visualized ad Half male and
Half female [Ardha Narishwara]

Important Note – If I aim to summarize the present state and my comprehension of

spirituality and science, I would say We the human spirit-souls are supposed to serve God
and support His Kingdom and in turn get supported. We are supposed to keep the interest of
Kingdom of God first than seeking our self. But it so happens that people, especially at the
top, in time develop an ego, become self-centered and material centered thus driving the
time and death force to the kingdom of God. Death only happens to mind-body, not to spirit-
soul. This is the known truth of eastern and western spiritual philosophy. It is also known to
science. Science today knows that information is indestructible. They have come to a point
that somehow creation and existence is related to Information loss and retrieval. The only
thing they fail to comprehend is the cause of loss of information and how it is retrieved.
Within my limitation to express I am striving to tell you through this book that this retrieval
is happening through the Spirit of Christ.

The Present State of the World

Most of the monistic, dualistic and theistic spiritual thoughts and explanations are self-
contradicting and confusing. These contradictions become more complicated when we include
development in science.

Here I simply share the thought that moved in my mind as I observed our society and as I set upon
a journey to comprehend God concept.

God, in short, is preached as an all-powerful individual, having immense power. He is understood

as central reality from which everything comes into being. He is understood as the power that
creates and moves the universe and everything in it eternally. Nothing in the universe moves
without God and nothing is beyond His observation and perception. He is understood as
omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient entity that creates and sustains. He is unseen but He
creates and controls everything.

God is a concept that is impregnated deep within us. Religions rule the realm of God. They are
assumed to be the authority to speak and teach of God. We live in the scientific world, but I have
not come across any government in the world that has done away with religions. Religions and
religious friction are becoming the biggest threat to humanity and Earth. It stands as the barrier
between Humans and God.

Religious institutions have a nexus with the king, politician and powerful money holders. Together
they rule the world. Christianity is the dominating religion of the world, which has spread the
world in a corporate style. They speak of God which remains ever separate from man and the
world and is not the material cause. This tone of organized Christianity speaks of the influence of
old Jewish Thinking. They speak against the material world. Yet by their actions, they are very
much attached to the material world. They strive to grow in quantity than quality. They speak
Jesus and His Calvary sacrifice, but if you closely observe them you see nothing of Jesus in them.

There is a huge gap between what they preach and practice. The world population seems to have
mopped their spirit and thus it is going down.

No one has survived speaking against religion. History speaks that Jesus the God and King of Jews
was thrashed, beaten, mercilessly and hung on a Cross till death. Jesus only did good things to the
society and followed all the rules of the existing ruler. Even the Judge found no flaw in Him and
was willing to free Jesus under his authority, but the religious leaders made people shout for the
release of a murderer and thief in His place. The judge being aware of the hold that the chief priest
has on the King who appoints him, chose to protect his interest. He washed his hands and allowed
Jesus to be killed in a horrific way.

History of time itself was separated at this point into two old and new.

Instead of getting caught in complexity, let us fix certain premises from which we start exploring
God. I prefer to explore God as

• Living Force that creates and sustains all that we see.

Important Note – The word creation could be confusing because the basic law of science
says nothing is created or destroyed. The system works through transformation. The term
creation now needs to be understood as transformation. If I am to put up my experience and
Understanding of God, I would say God is Transforming Agent and creation is a
Transformation process. God through Jesus is transforming humans such that kingdom of
God can be restored back to its pristine state. Christ’s Spirit is a Transforming Agent. Spirit
of Christ is the Agent that is bringing Information out of black hole.

• A Force that opposes time and Conquers time and initializes time.
• A Force and field that is supremely aware, conscious and intelligent.
• A Force and field that strives to awaken our consciousness and intelligence and brings us into
• As knowledge and wisdom of higher order, that brings peace and order at individual and
collective levels.
• A Unique or Absolute identity and role model, with which we are relative to which we need to
look and grow.

Time before Jesus -The Past aspect of God-Reality –

In the above context, a birds-eye-view of the history of God takes us to the east; especially India.
India had great culture and practices. I am not speaking of an era of many God’s and religions for
which India is known but beyond it when Vedic knowledge shined and they visualized humanity
as one. It is a time when people were aware of Higher Knowledge or the Knowledge of God. It can
be understood as an era of knowledge or light era, where possibly no religions existed.

In this era, the priest and kings were awakened. They were conscious and intelligent and fallowed
Truth and Justice. People under them fallowed Truth and Justice without compulsion. Under them
the whole world was prosperous and evil could not thrive. It is known as Dharma Yuga. The
memory of this era in time seems to have been wiped out by humanity. Dharma Yuga is an age in
which Truth shined and everyone existed in peace and happiness.

Light and darkness are realities, so also Good and evil minds. The evil minds and their thought in
that Golden era were bound and thrown to deep depths. The Good mind emerged to take the rule.
According to Hindu philosophy, it is understood as the beginning of Universal Time Cycle, where
Truth and justice prevailed. People lived a Truthful Life. They lived upholding Truth and Justice.
Hindu Philosophy or Vedas go on to say this time deteriorated in time giving way to “Silver Age”,
Bronze Age” and “Iron Age”. This deterioration is signified by deterioration of Truth and Justice
and the parallel rise of evil minds. This rise and fall of Good minds and the restoration of good
minds form the crux of all spiritual scriptures.

This deterioration of Truth and justice is signified by the loss of spiritual Knowledge. Early India
possibly had spiritual institutions. People in it were responsible to hold up Light and Knowledge
and preserve it without corruption and transfer it into rightful hands of next generations. This
knowledge and Power was supposed to be used for protecting Truth and Justice and thus the
kingdom of God and the well-being of Humans. It was not supposed to be used for “self”.

Note - I understand that there existed other civilizations around the world which also had a
similar awakening.

After few generations, it so happened that people in these institutions begin to forget their Creator
or God. They began to develop Ego and self. They became a slave to the material world. They thus
began to develop their kingdom at the Cost of the kingdom of God.

This deterioration I feel gave rise to the formation of many Gods and religions, culture and
practices. It is said India has 330 million Goddesses and Gods. They are assumed as a
manifestation of the genderless principle called “Brahman”, representing the many facets of
Ultimate Reality. Brahman incidentally is the same as the “Holy Spirit” that Bible speaks and “al-
Ruh and al-Qudas” that Koran speaks.

The earliest period of spirituality I feel is a period when entire 330 million God’s knew their root
in One God. This root memory seems to have been lost to give way to diversity. The human
struggle today is to know this root Reality or one God from which everything came into existence
and His characteristics.

India in the past possibly had enlightened teachers and schools, who were responsible to teach the
new generations that are emerging. They rightly understood God as Supreme Conscious and

Intelligent field. They visualized themselves as individuated souls with similar conscious and
intelligent field but existing within the Universal Conscious Field. They knew that they were called
to uphold Truth and Justice and thus serve the whole of which they are part. These teachers
appears to have had two duties

• Give the basic knowledge necessary to sustain life and keep mind body and soul of individual
and population in optimal health condition. Thus they taught Ayurveda, yoga, pranayama, and
meditations and teaching that emphasize on connecting to the consciousness and walking the
path of Truth and Justice
• They also had to discover traits in students and strengthen them and prepare them to serve
the Kingdom at various levels. Teacher [Guru] thus had a good say to mold the Children of
Kings and had the power to advise the king in making decisions.

Thus there was a close healthy relationship between spiritual teachers with Kings who rule. They
had the highest and respected position in the society. Together they were responsible for the well-
being of the people and the whole Kingdom. This continues today. The only difference is that the
individual and the collective system has deteriorated and is seeking “self” at all cost and has
become slave to material world. Any sensible person who searches the cause for the deterioration
of the world will find his way to spiritual institutions and its occupants.

No wonder Jesus predicted [looking at the temple] “not one stone here will be left on another;
everyone will be thrown down". I believe that Jesus knew in His spiritual insight that people
occupying His Father’s institution [temples] and who had responsibility to uphold the spiritual
realm have deteriorated to a collapsing level, because of ego, self, and their material centeredness.

The spiritual schools seem to have deteriorated in time and when people in it became ego, self and
money centered. This fall is depicted in all scriptures and spiritual philosophies, but they are not
highlighted by any preachers of God, for it relates to their fall and failures.

The possible beginning of Idol worship

We can now imagine the scenario of developments of idol worship and building of temples and
churches. Much of early Vedic schools imparted knowledge to the student, by a teacher and
student conversation raising the bar of intelligence. The students after learning the basics, of
relationship and the necessity to respect parents and teacher, after being exposed to Nature and
her forces, are prompted to ask questions. A student in these schools grew out of his desires to
know and nothing is forced on him. Thus people who have desired to know God takes priesthood,
who want to be king takes the lesson in warfare and so on. Upanishad which is considered the
essence of Vedas or Indian philosophical principles is actually written in a style of student-teacher

Naturally, when knowledge deteriorated, we can visualize a situation where stress develops on
the teacher. Children are born intelligent. They bubble with natural intelligence and are connected
to God consciousness. These teachers who have lost connection with Universal Consciousness or
God thus find incapable of answering their questions. Thus they possibly developed the idol
worship and asked the student to direct the question directly to idols and seek answers from it.

The role of the teacher is very important in a society. It is said a Vedic Teacher has the power to
unlock 17 realms of consciousness and intelligence. They are understood or written as doors. A
good teacher can lead the student up to 17 doors, but he leaves the last one to the student to knock
and enter it. Whoever passes the 17th level and knocks the 18th door utters a word “neti” in
Sanskrit. Translated into English it becomes “this is not”. Which means all return disappointed
and defeated, without entering into it?

I am tempted to visualize it from modern scientific context. In modern scientific context, it is the
Great black hole that leads to death. Black hole thus holds the secret. The paradox is that no one
can enter it and come back. No telescope or microscope can peep into it. If I am to put my
understanding of God at this point, I would say this unconquerable black hole exists conquered by
Jesus Christ, and thus we have hopes to enter Golden Age.

All scriptures present God as Truth, Living Light, and Knowledge. God is understood as Creator
and Sustainer. Bible says God created us and gave us the dominion to rule over His Kingdom. This
means we inherited His Kingdom. We had all Knowledge necessary to rule His Kingdom on Earth.
After creation, God does resist humanity going away from Him to the opposite pole. This is the
forbidden path and Forbidden fruit written in Bible. But humanity takes the forbidden path, much
against the will and wish of God. The first to take it are Angels or God’s own people.

Incidentally, in all scriptures, God finds the cause for the fall not on Humans, but on His own
people. Bible relates it to a powerful angel that because of its ego fell to deep depths. In the Epic
Mahabharata, Lord Krishna finds the cause of the Great War of Kurukshetra to three anointed
warriors, Bhisma, Drona, and Karna, not on the evil king.

The Movement of Spirit God

We saw how possibly deterioration of Living Knowledge or Knowledge of God, ended in idol
worship in temples in the east. God’s concern for human and His attempts to bring people back
seem to reflect in the west. The spirit of God seems to have moved from East to the west. This
movement of Spirit of God reflects in God’s intervention to lead His people in the west out of
slavery from Pharos of Egypt through Mosses.

In Jewish culture, the Sanctum Sanctorum, contained instead of an Idol, a stone on which “Word of
God” or the ten commandments are written, It had a stick [Aarons stick], in remembrance of the
dried stick God brought back to life and a piece of Bread, in remembrance of bread God gave them

when they were in desert under Mosses. Here we see a shift from inorganic stones and bronze
idols being kept in Sanctum Sanctorum to an organic aspects on which life survives.

Time once set in motion cannot be reversed, thus deterioration of the Kingdom of God continued,
setting the stage for Jesus Christ to manifest to lead us from depth of darkness to light, giving us
New Life and illuminating our intelligence.

Note – Spiritual History of India speaks of God manifesting on Earth. In all these cases, we see a
war between the Good and Evil and God taking part in it, bringing victory to Good. Bible says at
the time of Jesus there were none who could be justified before God. Thus he had to go back into
recreation and restoration mode

The Present – The Era of Jesus and His Spirit

The west and its basic thoughts rule the world today. Bible, which is the spiritual scriptures of the
west, says Jesus was born of Holy Spirit, in a chosen womb of Mother Mary. The beauty and
divinity of such choice possibly come from her spiritual life, wherein she was not only connected
to her consciousness and intelligence within but beyond it with Universal Consciousness [God]
and could hear whispers of God clearly coming to her through Angels.

She becomes a great example to humanity as a whole, for she did what her heart and the inner
source was calling than what her mind would say and fallow the fears it creates. To be pregnant,
without being married, is considered a great sin, punishable by death. She knowing it very well
accepted the call of God. Joseph, her groom too had similar traits. He too listened to the call of God
and obeyed to take Mary as His wife. He was a carpenter by profession and Jesus grew with them.

Bible says Jesus was complete Human and Complete God. Not much is written about Jesus as a
child in Bible, except that he showed a keen interest in scripture and the teachings of Jewish
priests. There are references to His intelligence questioning the priest and their teachings as a
child. We need to imagine and visualize how the ego filled Jewish teachers would have felt and
reacted when an ordinary Child of a carpenter questions them.

We also need to step into Jesus’s mind as a child and visualize how Jesus would have felt when He
came to know Joseph is not His Father. One might argue that He was divine and thus He knew it
from the beginning and so on. Such argument stands no chance in the light of the fact He was
complete Human and Complete God. It is the well-written fact that spirit-soul in flesh body canto
remember its past or comprehend the future. Jesus did not show any miracle as a child. Which
means His divinity rose much later from within His human Nature.

The huge gaping hole of 18 years of Jesus’s critical Life puts a question mark on Bible and people
who compiled it. The age 12 is a time when biochemical changes take place in Human body and
children mature and become vibrant and begin to express their “I”. It is the time when the

attraction to the external world and opposite-sex develops. It is the time when the devil attacks. It
is the time when “I” manifests and Ego and self-develop.

We don’t have any reference to Jesus joining any Jewish seminary to learn about their culture and
practices. We see Bible introducing Jesus back at the age of 30 as a highly spiritual person with
immense power. Bible writes that Jesus transformed water into wine, amplified a little food to
feed over 5 thousand people. It writes that Jesus had power over Nature and her forces. He healed
the sick and gave sight to born blind and hearing to born deaf. It goes on to write that Jesus raised
40-day old dead body and brought it back to life. He and His actions were supportive of society
and He followed all the rules of the land.

Only people who hated Jesus were the Jewish priests and their cronies, for they felt threatened by
His acts and His popularity. They feared the focus of people shifting to Jesus from them. Only
people whom Jesus critically analyzed and exposed are the Jewish priests. Mathew -23 of Bible
exposes them.

The Jewish priests thus planned to kill Him. When they brought Jesus before Pilate [The judge]
with wrong accusations, Judge did not find any fault with Jesus, but the high priest managed to put
pressure on him, making his followers shout for His crucifixion. The judge was willing to leave
Jesus free in his right to leave a prisoner on chosen occasions. People chose to liberate a thief and
murderer in place of Jesus. The judge had to yield. He knew of the closeness of the Chief priest
with the King who appoints him. He thus washed his hand and gave the order to crucify Jesus and
protected his interest. The people took on themselves and their children the wrath of God.

Jesus I feel meditated to overgrow His Earthly or human tendencies to get connected to God the
Father. In short, He possibly fallowed eastern approach of meditation to gain all the power He
executed. Earlier we saw that all who grow up in spiritual path fail at the 18th door. Jesus very
clearly seemed to have accepted what He saw and entered it, accepted it and conquered it. What
other saw at the 18th door is the horrific death that Jesus encountered.

Normal human minds meditate with intent. There is a fruit attached to meditation that becomes
limiting. Jesus was meditating to know His Father and the purpose of His Birth. Having known the
purpose He accepted it, in full faith and obedience to the Father.

Note – Indian philosophy also speaks of person Nachiketa, who also goes after death, learns about
the Nature of the Spirit-Soul. He was taught self-knowledge, the separation of the human soul (the
supreme Self) from the body, by the God of Death,

Bible says Jesus died and His Spirit returned on the 50th day to anoint His disciples and people
who had gathered with them. This is called Pentecostal Day when Holy Spirit filled the disciples
giving them New Life and illuminated them. These anointments by Holy Spirit gave them the

power of healing and prophesy. They also could transfer the power they received to anoint others
and bring them to Life. Consequently, Christianity grew in number in an exponential way.

We must note all this was happening in the same religious and political scenario that killed Jesus
Christ. Consequently, all disciples had to die a bloody death under them. They all accepted death
without any compromise with evil rulers. Possibly killing and intimidation continued with other
leaders who arose in the Church. Naturally, it filled fear, among the followers, bringing them to
compromising table. By the fourth generation after Christ, it led to the formation of the modern
day Christianity with the written Bible.

The few good people who stood for Jesus Christ did ensure that enough space is created for the
Spirit of Jesus to work and build His Father’s kingdom. They managed to save the message of
Christ. Importantly they saved the memory of Calvary sacrifice, as they made Holy Communion its
central aspect and it was kept open for all, who believes in Jesus Christ and come together.

I am sure; I will be opposed severely when I speak my mind here. I feel, with organized
Christianity, the evil mind began to dominate the church and its functioning.

We must note and underline that the act of Jesus at Calvary conquered all-important Spiritual
realm underlying the material realm. The material realm, however, is still dominated by the evil
minds that crucified Jesus. Jesus himself told his disciples that “I am sending you out like sheep
among wolves”

The evil mind has an uncanny capacity to creep into power centers and take control. History
speaks it. Christianity began to amass wealth; they killed and suppressed anyone who opposed
them. What followed was a corporate style of spreading the religion and growing physically. I
sometimes I feel they are the basis of modern investment and banking philosophies and they are
the root of all evils of the Society, such as extreme materialism, hypocritical life or bipolar life that
is stressing individual and communities around the world to a breaking point. However, without
their knowledge, they were carrying the Divine Plan of restoration.

During this time history speaks of coming of the prophet Mohammed, and the creation of New
Religion, which also grew exponentially and began to deteriorate. By 1400 AD, Thinking minds,
observing the religious leaders, their hypocritical life, began to think logically. Minds from the
Arab world and the west [Europe] thus came together to give birth to modern science. This stalled
the rise of religions in the name of unseen God, liberating human mind to think and explore Nature
and God independent of religions.

The foundation of religions is that God created and moves everything. He is the center. He gives
Life and Controls life. Nothing moves without Him. The prevalent assumption was that a planet

and stellar objects are moved by God’s will and we are not supposed to inquire into what God does
and how He moves. We are supposed to believe in Him, not question Him or try to Know Him.

God through Jesus Christ opened His heart and mind for all. However, the religion called
Christianity bound God back into four walls and emerged as ticket sellers to heaven. They created
a parallel world and people were forced to pay dual tax. Thus the priest community re-emerged
rule peoples soul and mind.

Emergence of Science
Science managed to develop models to predict the motion of planets and stellar objects.
Foundation of science was built on a single Force called Gravity that is centripetal. Everything
obeyed gravity. But light denied gravity. Meanwhile, a new force called electromagnetic force was
discovered. The light was later understood as an electromagnetic wave. The scientists studying
atoms found two more new forces strong nuclear and weak nuclear.

The enigma of light caught the attention of Einstein who came up with a new vision of the universe
that is centered on Light. His discovery of E=mc2 showed the existence of an energetic world
behind atom. Soon it was shown that this world is unpredictable. Thus science from predictable
worldview evolved to an unpredictable energetic or spiritual worldview that controls the world of
matter and movements in it. With it, science broke down into two incompatible branches;
Quantum Science and Relativistic Science.

The discovery of unpredictable spiritual world behind atom gave the space for the return of
religions and Spirituality. Incidentally, the New Spiritual Movement called “Pentecostal
Movement” or Holy Spirit movement was started in the same year as Einstein discovered E=mc2.
This began outside the organized Church and was resisted tooth and nail by organized
Christianity. But it grew, because of miracle cure, prophesies and wonders. Later it spread to
organized religion in the name of “Charismatic Movement”, only to be resisted severely by
traditional people. Since it was associated with miracle cure and it also grew and now it has taken
broader term called “New Age Spirituality”. All are jumping on this bandwagon.

All religions and all God’s and Goddesses now have come alive, creating huge commotion, Each of
them striving for the number, creating huge friction. Those anointed by the Spirit of Christ are
developing individual churches some of which are fast growing in a corporate style. No two of
these independent churches, though they speak the same God, seems to go together. They are
opposed by organized Churches. The organized churches are using their recently formed spiritual
outfit [Charismatic Retreat centers] around some anointed priests to attack new age churches.
There is no unity among the teachers of Jesus Christ. They all seem to strive with an ulterior self-
centered intent and are failing to grow to the Purpose for which Jesus manifested.

All the churches seem to strive for people. They strive for the number and fail to evolve spiritually
to next level. The consequence is the endangered world by the rise of religions that know not the
Truth but is exploiting His Grace for self-advancement. The kingdom of God that Jesus promised
thus is becoming a distant reality. The Satan is tightening its grip. The air of the world is full of
negative and self-centered thinking.

Means while, Science that came raising hopes in humanity to lead the world to God and Truth, is
stuck in black hole, not able to find a way out of it. Developments in the energy field and the two
unflinching laws of energy laid strict guidelines to present a model of the universe and its working.

• The first law states the nothing is created and nothing is destroyed. Everything exists
through a transformation process
• The second law states that every transformation is associated with some loss of energy in
the form of heat. This means there is time direction to the universe. The concept of dark
matter tells that not only energy, but the matter is also lost. Thus science is left to answer
missing mass and energy.

The second law has become a thorn in the flesh of Scientists. Gravity is a centripetal force. It meant
all revolving objects should lose energy and fall to the center point in a black hole. Science thus
evolved into the concept of singularity and Big Bang Theory from black hole, but it is failing to
comprehend it and explain it sensibly.

The Big Bang Theory was extended from Einstein Theory of Gravity net holding objects. The
objects influence the net and its curvature and the net, in turn, decided how the objects move. The
objects are bound by gravity and time. Since time leads to loss of energy they tend to wind to One
Great Point or Singularity in black hole. Incidentally, Big Bang Theory was invented by a Catholic
priest, who said universe originated from a SEED ATOM and a SEED PARTICLE. When things
approach the black hole and enter it, the space-time, matter, and energy are destroyed. Thus it
leaves the Greatest Paradoxical Question of science “What Banged at Big Bang”?

Scientists led by Prof. Stephen Hawking once said that all information is also lost in an irreversible
way into black hole . This means universe goes into nothingness. It turned quite an absurd end to
Science. It led to great debate often called “Information paradox debate”. Two giants of Modern
physics, Prof, Stephen Hawking and Prof, Leonard Susskind led the debate and it has now led to a
compromise. It is now thought that everything is lost in black hole, but not information.
Information is thought to be plastered into walls of black hole in two-dimensional formats and is
retrievable. But they fail to explain how it is retrieved against Gravity and time directed to the
center of black hole.

Consequently, today scientists are trying to drop the very concept of Gravity and try to build a new
model of the universe on information concept. The new catchword is “Holographic Universe”

The universal picture bound by Gravity and in motion means the singularity center should have
more mass than the universe we live in. It thus give the picture of a unseen parallel world. Physics
has already emerged into the concept of the parallel world and multiple worlds.

Modern Physicist with String Theory, Parallel World, Multiple World, Holographic Vision,
“Ekpyrotic Universe Scenario” and by switching into Information Theory are closing in on Truth.
But they are failing to put them together in a sensible, simple and comprehensible manner, such
that all people can understand it.

I am not sure, with their ego and conquering motive, their insistence to bottle Truth into a
mathematical formula, they can ever put together them in time for humanity to survive the
endangered state to which Earth and humanity are moving.

One of the consequences of Quantum Science is that scientific community has begun to look to the
east for answers. Unlike the west, the east visualized universe as a living being that is conscious
and intelligent and is designed to sustain itself.

Science has already evolved to comprehend Earth as a self-organizing living system. But physicists
wish to see this creativity and self-organization at atomic and particulate level. Physicists
dominate the world and their awakening is becoming critical. Humankind seems to stop nothing
short of Truth reduced down to an atomic and particulate level. He is peeping into distant cosmos
and dissecting into life and atoms. But he is failing to introspect and know himself.

Meanwhile, the partial knowledge and power to exploit matter, which science contributed are
being exploited recklessly by evil minds ruling us. It is stressing Earth to its critical point of
endurance. Earth is going fragile; her forces are going violent and turning destructive. She is
wreathing in pain and hoping her children would come out of slavery to evil minds and come alive
to ease the stress on her.

On the other side, on the spiritual front, with New Age Spirituality people are coming alive by the
Grace of Spirit of God. The Grace of God is exploited by many to build once own kingdom by
number. They are failing to evolve into the knowledge and wisdom of God and build the Kingdom
of God. By their ignorance, they are feeding power into the hands of evil minds. They all seem to
sell heaven and are far from the reality of Earth, in which they live. So the system is being pushed
to critical state day by day. Both Good and evil forces are peaking and the struggle seems to favor
the evil force, because each of those anointed by the Spirit of God, ultimately seek to grow by
virtue of number [quantity] than the quality. They seek to grow in money and end up
compromising with rich and the powerful.

Observing these developments, and having experienced the insensitiveness of leaders of the
nation and religious leaders, I sometimes tend to see a dead end in which the whole Earth and
humanity will be destroyed, without mercy. This is already predicted by science. Prof. Stephen
Hawking has given less than 80 years to this planet and has given a call to leave the planet and
colonize other planets. Such suggestions from the pope of the scientific world speak the dead end
to which science has reached. It calls humanity to introspect and awaken.

He is not the only scientist who has given such warning. Noble Laureate James Lovelock and
Father of Gaia Hypothesis in his book “Vanishing Face of Gaia – The Final Warning” has also
given such dead end. Some scientists have given less than 20 years. The way we are increasing the
heat of environment, intruding into the night cycle, destroying and losing our forest [lung of
Earth], the destruction is not far.

Earth and its ecology is a non-linear system, at any time it can trigger a non-linear type
destruction virtually destroying Earth and humanity. In fact, it is on. We do not perceive it. It is
common sense that a system that is unilaterally heated will collapse at some point. Each of us is
contributing much heat and stressing Earth. We are eating Earth’s resources and thus contributing
directly or indirectly to the destruction of the Ecosphere.

Our world is informational. The print media, TV, and social media are beaming 24 hours day what
is happening around the world. Yet we are failing to introspect and evolve. When disaster strikes
an individual, a community or a nation, we remain unconcerned; if possible we jump to exploit the
situation. Religions are engaged in institutional development; they seem to exploit the troubled
situation to sell God and make money and achieve physical growth.

The Future – The only Hope for Humanity

The future has two paths to Life or death. The insensitiveness of the leader of religions, leaders of
nations and the people often make me think we are poised for destruction. However, as I turn my
focus to Jesus and Calvary, my inner being says, Jesus’s Spirit is working. I can see inside the Dark
World, a Light World poised to emerge to give Life to the world.

Out of Great disorder, a new order emerges spontaneously is what non-linear science says.
Jesus is the Strange Attractor around whom the world will find a new order.

Max Planck said “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must assume behind
this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter”.

We have been ruled by evil minds for a long time, possibly from Bronze Age, which is the down
phase of the universal cycle. We are now being stressed by Mother Earth to awaken to Good Mind
the mind of Her First Born or Jesus.

It is worth calling here an imaginary thought experiment that describes Quantum world. This is
called “Schrodinger Cat experiment”. Here a cat is kept in a box, with enough space for it to
move to the Right or Left. A person then shoots at the box. When he opens the box the chance he
finds the cat dead is 50%. This is understandable for the bullet can pass only on one side, right or
left, not both. The bullet and shooter are not aware which side the cat is. So the cat alos has
50%chance to escape the bullet. The paradox of Quantum science is that the chance remains same
even if you shoot the box a billion times and open it. The reality collapses only when we open the

This has relevance to our religions and global society we have built. All Religions have divided us
creating opposites. Every religion creates a bondage that prompts us to Judge and creates an
opposite. We judge the other as an enemy. First, we are taught that God exists outside us so that
they can survive in the name of God. Next, they teach us evil to exist outside us. Thus our society is
built on eternal war, where one strives to destroy the opposite. The Truth is that both Good and
evil exist within us. How we are aligned makes the difference.

We have shot at the box in the middle a billion times from opposite side, in the name of God. Now
we realize there is singularity and we all have the same root. Our future and our Children’s future
exist in one box called Earth, which we have destroyed to the core. Our evil mind has no strength
to open it. We expect God whom we killed to Come Alive and open it. The Good News is that He is
alive and He will open. He is observing and waiting for 3/4th of souls to awaken and call out to

The future now exists in the spirit of God revealing His Mind. But this will be associated with
judgment. There is nothing to fear about judgment for a common man who has lived connected to
the consciousness and walked the path of Truth and Justice. But for those who walked the path of
untruth and injustice and those who exploited God and His name and who has exploited and
misused the powers given to them, has reason to worry.

I believe we are due to enter a Golden Age, by the Grace of God. This also means we are going to
evolve to Higher Knowledge. This will be accompanied by the need for the development of New
Technologies quickly, which releases much less heat and use fewer resources.

Both religious leaders and scientists can encounter Truth if they open the door and windows of
their cozy temples and look outside and step outside. The life can give immense clues and a wide
range of technique and technologies that are Nature compatible that release much less heat and
use much fewer resources. Nature is stressing us to step out and respond to her voices.

We have now broadly sketched how we have lost knowledge and Truth that once existed with us
because of our mind that developed ego and self. Human search is a quest for this Lost Truth and

knowledge. Let us go into some details answering the paradoxes and knowing the Truth in


Chapter -2
Mouth of Death
The Endangered State of Earth and Humanity

In the first chapter, we saw how we have lost knowledge and Truth that once existed with us
because of our mind developed ego and self and became the slave to the material world. Human
search is a quest for this lost Truth and knowledge. It is to know the Mind of God.

A mind that is not free, trained by one or other school, cannot experience or know Truth. In short,
being attached to a religion and a school of thought restricts you from knowing Truth and God.
Knowing Truth or God’s mind calls for knowing once own mind first. This calls for introspection
and observation of once mind, from outside it. This is the first level of spirituality. It calls to step
outside of once “self” and observer once mind and its thought and how it is directed.

Conquering of mind and letting it free in the right direction is critical to understanding the Truth.
The mind has a bi-polar existence that makes choosing the right direction difficult. Thus a teacher
becomes a necessity to show the right path. The universe we live in has bi-polar existence. Thus
we cannot get over the duality completely and fix direction

Adult minds have a tendency to align with the mind-body and its five senses. It develops an ego,
self or “I”. The role of spiritual institute, the cultures and practices are to put a resistance on it. A
mind that develops ego and self, unaware he moves towards the moves down the forbidden path.
A mind that seeks truth delinking from five senses and turns once mind around to inner world in
meditation connects to Life-force. Such mind becomes conscious and sees the oneness

Going beyond this level to know Truth and God, mind needs to disconnect with the body. It calls
for surrender in faith of unparalleled level. Problem is that we have many God with many traits;
we fail to fix who the greatest God is.

This calls us to know the mind by which we strive to know God. Before we go to explore the mind,
let us first see the reality in which we are caught and fast dipping into Mouth of Death.

Those of you who care to observe Earth, nature, and humanity [of which we all are part] will note
that our Earth and our existence on it are in danger. We are in the Mouth of Death on two counts.

1] Reckless materialism and human intervention into the Earth and her functioning. Earth is going
fragile and the ecosphere in which we live is collapsing under the unilateral increase in heat in the
environment under human activity. A good part of Scientists, religious leaders and intellectuals
are aware of it and they have given warning of the same, but political leaders, the rich and
powerful who have invested much on fossil fuel and industries are failing to take note of it. The
bad part of it is that these scientist religious leaders and intellectuals, who molded us so far, have
no answers to reverse the situation and help humanity survive on Earth.

2] This increase in heat of the environment is creating restlessness in all system existing on Earth,
which includes us the human beings and our minds. This uncertainty and restlessness have
become fishing ground for non-illuminated religions leaders as they exploit humanity in the name
of God.

In short, Global human society is endangered because of lack of knowledge of “Holographic

Principle and Design” on which Earth and cosmos works and the lack of culture and practices to
live in harmony with her. Earth seems to have a design by which it struggles to sustain certain
balance and thus support the ecosphere and all the life in it.

It is designed to sustain the temperature of ecosphere within some limit for life to survive. This
design and functioning of the Earth to sustain her life and the ecosphere that includes us are now
seriously stressed by human material greed, which is leading to an exponential increase in heat of
the environment. We humans because of lack of knowledge of Truth of Nature and her functioning
are digging our own grave. Earth and Nature are reacting violently against us. It is stressing us to

More than the instability of climate and increasing climate catastrophes, I see a danger to
humanity, from religions of the world. In every religion, non-illuminated fanatics rule it. With
science failure to evolve humanity into truth, religions have made a comeback. The world is
already being polarized in the name of religion. All big nations have built or bought and stored
weapons of mass destruction that can destroy humanity in few minutes. The doomsday clock is
already adjusted close to 12. We can expect the pulling of the trigger on nuclear weapons or
release of deadly chemical and biological weapons that destroy civilizations on Earth in minutes.

Many scientists seem to have lost hope. I believe there is still hope provided we awaken to the
simple design and functioning of Earth and align with Life Force or God Force. In this chapter we
are going to focus on “Principle and Design” and functioning of Earth and how we are stressing it,
leaving religious aspects and God to chapters that follow.

The cause of instability of Climate and increased Natural Catastrophes

I suppose most of you have heard of abrupt Global Warming and Climate Change. Scientists
attribute it to excessive fossil fuel burning and increased CO2 in the environment. I am not
countering them. It is true that exponential increase in CO2 is causing havoc. Earth’s immediate
atmosphere that is bubbling with Life is critically balanced by the light and radiation coming into
earth and back radiation that takes out heat. Excessive carbon-di-oxide in the environment
restricts the heat flowing out, thus creating an excessive warming. The main implications that
scientist’s projects are polar ice melting and sea level rise. But the warming we experience has far-
reaching implications touching every realm of our existence on Earth. It is bound to affect all
aspect of ecosphere and Life and it has deeper roots.

The climate and ecology of the Earth are influenced by many aspects, which are local and distant.
So modern science has been trying to generate computer model feeding various external
parameters and predict how the climate is unfolding. They have come out with dangerous and
disturbing trends that can destroy humanity and all life in it. However, they fail to realize the base
cause and suggest measures to overcome it and reverse the situation. Very clearly all of it points to
human greed for power, material gains and reckless exploitation of natural resources.

Note - Our computers have no consciousness and intelligence and they simply process the
information fed to it. In contrast, the Life and living computers have consciousness and inherent
intelligence, thus they can generate information to counter the destructive force. We see plants and
animals perceiving and awakening to time and its change. This means when human consciousness
awakens any state of the system can be changed.

We humans have been exploiting the resources of the Earth, in an unscientific manner and based
on the inferior knowledge that lacks the most important aspect, the knowledge of Life and Nature
and her functioning. The greedy rich who now control, the rulers, the religious leaders, and
knowledge centers, directly or indirectly, do resist tooth and nail anything that affects their
investments. They care little even if millions die.

Hardly few people do understand the intricacies of a model of nature, climate, and the whole
Cosmos that science presents. The rich, who have invested in oil and coal and who are blindly after
money and hold power, have lobbies working against awakening of the public to the dangerous
end to which Earth is moving. Living in fortified enclosures where heat and temperature are
controlled, they least think about others.

On the internet, I have come across information that many rich people have built huge bunkers
with all modern amenities to survive in case of great upheavals on the surface of the Earth! I am
not sure if it is true. If it is true then it is the peak of human ignorance.

The Principle Cause

Let us drop the complexity of data and model that scientist present and have a fresh look at the
Earth and our environment. Let us understand it from the basic aspect that all of us experience in
our everyday life; the heating and cooling phenomenon.

The heat and change in heat are EXPERIENCED by all. We all know when heat is increased, motion
increases and disorder in the system increases. We can learn it from observing a pot of water with
a spoon of tea powder kept on the burner to make tea. As the water heats up, the tea dust begins
to move. Slowly few bubbles appear here and there. As the temperature increases, these bubbles
tend to unite to create a huge flux that turns inside out.

Suppose we pursue heating, the water begins to evaporate and we are left with some burnt dust.
Our Earth is one such teapot that is boiling. Every action of we humans is increasing the heat of the
system exponentially. Luckily our Earth and Nature are not designed for such destruction by us.
Max Planck work has shown that matter cannot be unilaterally heated beyond a point. The curve
dips, once it peaks in the visible spectrum see fig.

In nature, we have Heating and Cooling or winding and unwinding cycle that coexists one resisting
the other and giving way to other. Here we will explore not only the problem of climatic change
but all the problem mankind is facing from this perspective of heating and cooling cycles or
energetic and de-energizing cycles. We will understand this without any complex mathematics in a
sensible way

Parallel and Multiple World Design

When we step out of the four walls of a laboratory into Nature and begin to observe life and
Nature the first thing one observes is the relationship of life with the day and night and climatic
cycle. When we do so, we began to see the Parallel World Design that sustains the heat and
temperature of Earth’s ecosphere. See fig

We note that a form of warming occurs in every climatic cycle. As summer peaks and dry heat is
scorching the land, Earth reacts to develop the cloud that restricts the light and heat coming to
Earth’s surface. One consequence of it is the buildup of wet heat with increased humidity. This
through is a highly volatile condition, it is a sign of rain and life force coming. Every species of
living system perceives the oncoming change and makes physiological changes and prepares for
the shift.

This transition state has uncertainties. If the shift is prolonged, it begins to stress the Life and only
the fittest survive. Ancient people we must note did develop the art of predicting the shift in
climate by looking into the behavior of plants and animals. The ancient people built their life and
community on observation and experience of life and Nature around them than the material
gadget that modern man uses.

We the modern day scientists measure heat changes by virtue of material gadgets. The
gadget itself is prone to change in the heat of the environment. Thus it simply records the
local changes, does not give any increase in heat or energy in the whole system.

I visualize the present warming and increasing climatic destruction coming from a violent
aberration in heat or energy cycle of the Earth. This means that not only fossil fuel but all our
industries, including the information industry are contributing to the present state of the Earth. I
am sure, all are aware of the heat that a bulb, a car, cell phone and computer is releasing into the
environment. We would have been burnt down long back, if not for some intricate design and
functioning of the Earth to sustain the heat.

As of now, it appears we have pushed Mother Earth to her critical limit and she is reacting. We
humans cannot stand the wrath of Mother Nature. A little jolt in her path can destroy much of our
civilization. The recent increase in climate catastrophes [Earthquakes, Tsunamis,
flashflood/snows, uncontrolled and spontaneous fire, wind bound destruction ---] all speak that

Earth is being stressed to her critical point. It calls us to quickly evolve to understand Earth and
her functioning and learn to live in harmony with her or perish.

This calls us to review the foundation of modern science and know how we are digging our own
grave in the ignorance of simple Truth that exists next to our skin. There is not only an urgent
need to know Truth of Nature and her functioning but also develop New Technologies, that are
naturally compatible and release less heat into the environment. A famous Physicist Michio Kaku
said that we are Type Zero civilization, living on energy from dead plants, we are yet to evolve to
higher levels, such as solar and planetary and stellar levels. We are being stressed to evolve, but
we are failing to find a platform for the Quantum Leap.

Two Vital Ratios and the Self Organizing Picture - The New Platform
My observation of Mother Earth always pointed to a struggle of Earth to sustain two vital ratios
between two limits. Nature reveals a Parallel World Design and self-organizing Picture. The two
ratios are

• The ratio of Energy to Matter [E/M]. This ratio helps to sustain the energy of Earth within a
limit. This amounts to struggle of Earth to maintain the temperature of Earth within some
limit, through heat flow and heat sinks, such that life survives

• The ratio of O2 to CO2 in the environment that is vital to ecosphere and to all living system.

Let us put aside all the scientific knowledge we acquired and look to Nature from the point of the
above ratios.

The first of the above ratio leads to heating and cooling or winding and unwinding cycle in which
we all exist. This heating and cooling seem to manifest as day and night and climatic cycles in
which we all exist.

When one part or point on Earth [say in the west] awaken today and light [heating or energetic or
unwinding phase], another part of the Earth that is opposite to it is cooling and winding. When
heat peaks in the west it gives way to darkness and the winding cycle. Simultaneously in the east
darkness peaks and it gives way to light. In short, it has parallel world design that alternates giving
way to one another. One can be visualized it as the double torus see fig.

The design speaks of the internal world, or two holes [One White and another Black]. This design
works like a double pump or heart. It contracts and expands simultaneously. If you closely
observe it is spiral compression that beyond point gives way to expansion only to compress again.

Note – Light and heat [day] can be visualized as winding force and Night can be visualized as
unwinding. Since our notion of heat is unwinding, let me leave it as it is.

This means Earth has instantaneous communication. The fact that this communication and
change is transmitted to manifest 12 hour day and night cycle means Earth not only has parallel
world design but has multiple world design. Earth’s environment has many grid points that are
layered and connected spirally through

which the change is communicated and spreads to the whole system. The number of grid points
increases exponentially as you go farther from the center, Grid point’s increases as the strength of
the layer decreases. Thus gravity force is maximum near Earth and decreases as we go farther
from Earth. It is best understood from the following figures. Its formations can be understood
from cell division.

Note – The figure speaks geometric aspect of nature. This possibly led early scientist to get
obsessed with geometry. We are still stuck with it. Scientists strive to balance out the equations,
spending day and night before the blackboards, creating appendages to their equations, only to
see the addition of one appendage to the left breaking the circle in the right. When they fix it and
stand aside they only to see the circle being broken on the left. Thus they have been going around
like dog catching its tails. I have experienced it in my own attempt to build a model in mind.

The reality is that Nature is built on non-equilibrium and is working on two forces,
winding and unwinding, one giving way to other.

This means we have to build a spiral picture. We will understand this spiral picture in the second
part from a particulate level, giving a Holographic Picture of whole Cosmos.

The octet stage is critical, in non-equilibrium design [This is discussed in second part]. We see a
black hole developing in an octet that is stable and dynamic. The black hole is the storehouse of
energy and information. It balances the system and can open up to communicate in three steps.

These grid points we saw are black holes, in which energy or information is exchanged. These
Grid Points gives stability to Earth and its atmosphere, between two limits. When the grid points
increase beyond certain critical number the system reacts because the information flow slows
down to the critical low. It also reacts, when it is reduced below certain critical number. This is
because energy and information flow reach another critical limit to the center. The formation of

these grid points can be easily be visualized from one cell dividing into two and many cells, to
form the Seed of Life. We will see it from atomic level later.

The Concept of Gravity and New Vision

Let us now bring the Concept of Gravity and Time that govern the material from Earth. The
concept of gravity means that much of the mass of the Earth is centered onto a pair point and
eventually to a single point, deep in the center of the Earth. The concept of time applied to material
Earth means all the forces of environment and the material Earth should point to this center.

Modern science and its worldviews are built on the gravity of material world. Gravity necessitates
the existence of a point in the universe around which everything moves. Scientists have failed to
locate this point. Let us assume it exists at the center of Earth. This means we are assuming Earth
as the center of the whole universe. I am sure modern science will resist this assumption. The
Earth-centered vision was the vision of church which science broke to build the modern scientific

Do not drop the book

I am sure most of you who favor science will tend to drop the book right away. I request the
reader to bear with me. I am only exploring a living universe that is known to east and to which
modern science is already emerging. Earth appears to be the off-centered center of the universe,
just as the heart is the off-centered center of our body. This off-centered center emerges out of the
non-equilibrium design. We will explore this statement as we go on.

The above thinking invariably means what we called Gravity and singularity and Big Bang has its
root on Earth. It means our material Earth in time gets wound extremely and is flattened and gets
stretched to into non-existence in a black hole. This is stupid. No wonder Einstein searched for a
Field and forces that opposes the Gravity field and gives sustenance. This field that opposes
gravity and gives sustenance to cosmos, which Einstein failed to comprehend, readily becomes
comprehensible when we look deep into Nature and life.

Einstein said “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”

Unfortunately once Einstein entered the temples of science, he failed to do so. All physicists who
dominate science fail to open the window and door of their air-conditioned enclosures to look
outside let go, walking into it and observing it. They are stuck with blackboards writing
complicated equations and trying to balance it with addition and deletions.

To evolve science all that scientist need to do is to come out of their laboratories. All developments
in science since 1905, points to life. Newton got his enlightenment from an apple falling on His
head. He failed to observe the tree that lifted the apple. Einstein got his vision from spider moving
on a Globe. In his imagination, he blew the globe to cosmic size and visualized how the spider feels

moving on it. He failed to comprehend his own state blowing it to that level. He failed to imagine
the opposite where the spider grows to cosmic size and feels the Globe.

When Einstein’s theory broke down, by the emergence of Quantum Mechanics, he did try to
visualize and invent a second field and force that opposes Gravity but failed. It is a time we
discover it.

The Vital Observations

All living systems are instinctively anti-gravitational. It transforms gravity force into anti-gravity
force in its inner space. They also show creativity to build biological mass that grows against

Any physicist who opens the window to look out into Nature and observe a seed sprout and grass
grow will comprehend it. It is impossible to comprehend cosmos in the separation of life.
Advancement in physics has already shown that an observer plays an important role in nature.

We can now understand the self-organizing universe by including life into the material picture.
Earth with plants can successfully avert gravitational collapse and singularity. The plants grow
against gravity and thus resist gravity. This means life opposes gravity and resists Gravitational

This simple observation led me to write a simple paper and post it to temples of science decades
back stating that even the existence of a single living cell can deny gravitational collapse and break
Big Bang Theory. In the second part of the book, I speak it by reducing it down to an atom and One
God Particle in it.

Material Earth with Plants, when unchecked can lead to a situation anti-gravitational collapse.
Thus we have herbivore controlling plants, and carnivore controlling herbivore. The Earth now
appears a self-organizing system that is balanced, with feedback loops. Gaia Hypothesis elegantly
speaks this self-organizing universe.

The self-organizing picture of cosmos that is Earth-centered breaks down when we include adult
human beings created in the image of God, who lost connection with consciousness and the life

force. Modern man lives a mind and self-centered life, being the slave to the material world and its
force. Thus he leads the system to gravitational collapse and self-destruction.

He is the only species that kill its own species in the name of life-giving God. He is the
only species that is destroying Earth, its only abode.

He calls himself conscious and intelligent being but truly is the least conscious and intelligent
species. All species senses time and approaching change, but humans need gadgets. Even atoms
are conscious, but humans live an unconscious Life.

He is creating time direction to singularity and death. He is fast digging his own grave by his ego,
self and material greed. There is no chance that we can survive unless we awaken and change
direction. No humans can do this reversal. But it is happening through a Divine Plan and Divine
intervention. This book actually directed to call your attention to this Divine Plan of the
restoration of humanity.

What is happening to the World?

The global society is growing restless, its climate is going haywire and turning destructive and the
natural catastrophes are increasing as never before. The very existence of humanity on Earth is
now a question mark. The situation is severely stressing humanity to evolve to survive. Stress is
manifesting from a single source; the exponential increase in heat of the environment. Three
aspects stand out as we look to Earth and Nature.

• The heat of the environment is increasing exponentially since the industrial era.
• There is a reduction in space-time given in the parallel world design of Earth to sustain her
equilibrium, by cooling and transforming heat into biological mass. In other words, we have
intruded into night cycle of the Earth in which she cools.
• There is a loss of green plants which are supportive of the Earth.

Plants resist gravity and its winding force, by trapping light and heat and transforming it into
biological mass. They also convert CO2 into O2 thus maintaining the vital ratio of O2 to CO2 in
the environment. The modern man in his greed for material acquisition is recklessly causing
deforestation and thus not only disturbing the critical balance of heat of the environment but
also upsetting the balance of O2 to CO2 in favor of CO2 inviting destruction. The extinction of
many species and mass death of fishes and birds is a warning sign to humanity

The consequence is that the energy of the environment is increasing, the layers of space-time grid
point protecting the Earth and through which the change used to happen smoothly, is now
dissolving leading to accelerated change. This is leading to huge climate associated destruction.
This is unfolding in a definitive pattern.

The energy of the Earth and its atmosphere is increasing exponentially due to human activity. The
spiral wave of gravity of Earth is strengthening. Earth is gasping for breath. She is striving to
sustain her balance, by opposing it. Thus atmosphere is showing violent fluctuations, through
peaking of winding and unwinding force.

The increasing heat is leading to an uncontrolled forest fire that is in turn, increasing the heat of
the environment. Fire is stirring the wind causing huge wind bound destruction. Earth’s reaction
to sustain her temperature is leading flash flood/snows. The sudden winding pressure means
stress on Earth’s crust. This is manifesting as increased Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. All
this is happening around the world. If the trend continues unchecked, much of the modern day
civilization would be destroyed. The Earth can virtually split and turn inside out spewing volcanic
dust. Volcanic dust is known to cool the environment. This seems to have happened in the past.
Many civilizations buried under Earth and ocean speaks for it.

Let me not confuse with many details. For now, imagine the grid points of the Earth as the black
hole that is interconnected. These grid points are the point through which energy comes in and
goes out. A minimum of 2 pairs of wave or multiple of it moves through these grid points giving
stability to the system. Gravity and its wave we know ultimately directs to a center point. There
should be some force operating that resists this. We saw the only aspect where we can find an
opposition to gravity is Life.

The Minds Role in Nature

We saw that grid point or black hole s are the interacting point of four waves [2 pairs] that is
directed to gravity. When we include Lifeforce acting against gravity it means 2 more

pairs of a wave moving up from the center interacts in this grid point, thus making it the dynamic
interaction of 8 waves. The surface of the earth is full of such black holes or grid point, 8 and
multiples of 8 grid points give it stability and dynamic interaction.

The earth can be self-sustaining, when the grid point and black hole directed to earth, is opposed
by black hole [White Hole] that have its force directed away from the center. We saw earth is self-
organizing with Life. We saw time direction manifests from the mind of a human that develop ego,
self and extreme material centeredness. The earth is full of ego, self-material centered minds thus
it is favoring gravity and collapse into singularity and destruction. We are collectively heading in
this Path.

Our mind that is ego, self, and material centered is siphoning energy to a singularity point on
earth. The grid point’s collapses as the energy of black hole increase beyond a point. It then gives
out a huge mass of energy that gets directed to a point. This scenario is resisted and balanced by
parallel world design. But time is inevitable and thus it directs to singularity point and total
destruction. Our survival now relates to a Divine Plan.

It should be noted that black hole directs

 Invisible rays of electromagnetic radiation in a laser-like manner carrying a huge amount of
energy. This is the new type of weapons and warfare humanity has developed for destruction.

 This also has potential to explain the recent strange phenomenon relating to recent forest fire
in California [ 2017]

I had predicted long back humanity moving towards great catastrophes, because of the
exponential increase in heat of the environment. This is increasingly coming true. Exponentially
increased in heat of the environment is disrupting the ecosphere, causing great instability to it. It
is leading to uncontrolled forest fire, which is strengthening the feedback loops creating hell on
Earth. Fire disturbs wind and thus wind bound destruction is also increasing. Earth’ parallel
design works to oppose it. Thus we see increasing flash flood/snows. The sudden increase and fall
of energy are leading to stress on Earth crust leading to increased Earthquakes and volcanic

A strange phenomenon is now emerging in the recent [2017] forest fire in California, USA, Forest
fire normally destroys the houses, but it leaves behind metals, glass which only melts at very high
temperature. However, in a recent forest fire, it was found that the metal and glasses melted

A still strange aspect is that the nearby trees escaped the heat. See Fig

You can find many videos of it on the YouTube channel. Search for “California Fire 2017” and
“Energy Directed Weapons”. If I am correct, US has already developed these weapon systems. So
they fear someone using such weapons on them. Some even think their own government is doing

However, to me, it is clear signs of destruction coming to Earth because of heat. The scientist
needs not accept my point. The forest of the west as I understand consists of pines, which contains
oil that makes it inflammable and spread fires quickly. The heat in the environment favors mass
burning, leading supercharging of the local environment. This supercharged environment possibly
can create the mini black hole, which then discharges its energy at Earth. Metal and conducting
elements thus becomes the target.

The electromagnetic force is a spiral force. [We will see this in the second part]. This means a huge
energy impinges on Earth also creates a force moving opposite to it. Visualize a drill at work. The
drill cannot move one bit unless the matter which it drills give in. Plants we noted is driven by a
force that acts against gravity. This means the force moving away can help the plant, survive.
These thoughts generated in me as I observed these videos. Definitely, it needs scientist’s
attention. In any sense by exponentially increasing heat of the environment, we are seeding Hell
on earth

Parallel Design of Earth is designed to counter, such as sudden peaks in the energy of the
environment. This is achieved only by creating huge dips in the environment, which now leads to
flash floods/snows, Earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. The self-aggravating loops that are
increasing the energy of the environment mean we will have more and severe destruction coming
to us from Nature her forces. The main cause is humans, who have become ego, self, and salve for
money and is exploiting the Earth and her resources recklessly.

Our Earth is non-linear, but time direction exists within non-linear systems too. Thus the system is
tending to greater and greater disorder and destruction. The energy of the environment is
exponentially growing under human activity. The time given to Earth to cool is decreasing. The
loss of Forest that is vital to Earth as lung space is stressing her. It is upsetting O2 to CO2 ratio that
is vital for animals. Loss of many species, the mass death of fish and animals are warning signs
[see fig next page]

We are fast moving into the Mouth of Death. The human mind has become so much a slave to
material force that it is failing to awaken. The intellectual at the top are losing the

hope of the reversal of the system. But having an enlightening experience in Jesus, I still keep
hopes. It is a matter of awakening to Divine Force operating to save us and lead us to Golden Age.
This book is aimed at it.


Chapter- 3
The Social Disintegration and Root Cause

We are today are one global society that is disintegrating. We are falling into self-created black
holes. We are globally in the Mouth of Death. Our society works on Trinity and flow. It could be
applied to individual and collective levels of society and the whole cosmic system. The following
figure speaks its structure.

The above figure that I happened to write as I left my research career to be free in Nature more
than two and half decades back, speaks of source cause of our failure at the individual and
collective level, which has now reached the critical point, possibly pushing the world to third
world war and total destruction. The figure speaks of increasing corruption, increasing of the
black mass, black money, and the strangulation of the system.

The system has Primary creator/producer, tertiary consumer, and middle transporter. We are all
in one way or other are primary producers, tertiary consumers, and middle transporters. The
primary producer can be considered as inner realm or heart that creates and sustains. It is the
people who produce the food and feed the society and keep its life.

The middle can be considered traders who transport this food and brings resources back to
produce. It could be considered as mind and its extensions that bring information from outside
and takes the processed information from inside such that the body is sustained. It is the bloodline
and economy that supports the whole system. The system is designed such that consumer or body

is sustained eternally. The system is healthy as long as the flow is sustained, without any
corruption and it serves the system.

The moment the mind develops ego, self and becomes the slave to the material world, then it
begins to corrupt the system. The flow is restricted and black hole develops. It begins to eat up the
resources thus shrinking the flow and leading it to the collapse. The corruption actually comes
from the middle segment or mind. Thus a control over mind and its expression become a

Thus we see a vertical component in a system, which becomes responsible to sustain the system
and its proper functioning. The root of this fall very clearly exists in “Ego”, “self” and extreme
material centeredness of people who exist in the vertical component. Its source clearly leads to
religious institutions and the people therein. When people in religious institutions develop ego,
self and become material centered. The system begins to fall. These institutions are supported and
pampered by the flesh and blood of people. People learn from their leaders and administrators in
the vertical realm. When vertical realm and people therein are corrupt, the system fast moves into
a collapsing state.

People in religious institutions are supposed to be conscious and intelligent and strive to develop
connectivity with God consciousness and intelligence and help people to connect to consciousness
and help them walk the path of Truth and Justice and thus sustain the system. They are not
supposed to compromise their God with evil rulers of the world. They are supposed to work to
resist the rise of evil rulers and fight the evil rulers with their divine powers.

When they develop ego and self, they lose connection with God consciousness. Their thinking now
shifts from serving God and humanity, to creating their own world. They then compromise with
evil kings that rule Earth thus creating a path downward. People learn from them and the system
begins to go down. It is here I tend to find cause for all deterioration of the society to religious
institutes and people therein. It is worth noting here that when Jesus manifested, the only people
whom Jesus condemned are the priest community. The scenario is not different today. In fact it is
worse. But there is Divine Plan in place

The cause for social deterioration is the deterioration of spirituality in religious institutions and
increase of materialism. Science that emerged as parallel to religion raising hope to lead us to
truth and God, but it has only added power to the materialism of spiritual institutions. The nexus
of religion and evil rulers thus has only grown in power.

Since they teach and rule our mind it is impossible for any common man to oppose them. People
mop up the mind of their leaders. Thus People seem to keep God and Good in Temples, Churches,
and Mosque, as they go their way, empowering their dark side amassing wealth at all cost. They

share a part of their loot with Temples, Churches, and Mosques and live in illusions of their sin or
their negatives are being compensated.

Any sensible person who stands back and observes from a point of freedom will note that the root
of all problems of our global society is coming from religious institutions that have lost
connectivity with God Force or Lifeforce.

The root of most of the war and terrorism we witness in this world is directly or indirectly related
deteriorated religious institutions and their wrong thinking and preaching. Religion and God is
most inflammable subject. Today it is the most marketed commodity and is a deadly competitive
corporate business. No one can survive speaking against them. As I write this another round of
restlessness has mounted in the west bank [Israel and Palestine conflict]

Since our religions are corrupted, every institution of society is corrupted. People down to the root
level have come to think that corruption is accepted way of life. Our churches have grown through
dirty and blood money; they are slaves to dirty rich and dirty politicians. Our politicians have
learned from the priests the art of hypocritical living, they speak but fail to practice, and they wear
the coat of serving but end in looting people. They both survive and grow through dirty and blood
money. They are not transparent and accounted. The problem is who will bell the cat.

Consequently, all the vertical faculties that are responsible to serve to sustain the system today are
corrupted to the core. People are losing faith in the system. The intelligence of every generation is
growing. This intelligence in the present world is directed the way powering the dark side of
humans. Thus the whole system is fast moving into disorder, and self-destruction.

The information era and growing intelligence of the population is a good sign. It is true that in the
present scenario this intelligence is forced to take the negative path to survive. Thus we see the
populations around the world going against their consciousness and walking the Path of Untruth
and Injustice. However, in the midst of this deep darkness, there are small sections in all realms,
who strive to take the right path. There is a Divine Force that is supporting the system from
collapsing. All that we need make is a turnaround from material force to Living Force.

The global community is getting restless. Even the best of those enlightened speakers of God,
creating miracles after some time tend to fall for the bait of money and power. The people who
have followed these people alos experience a fall. Then they end in concluding God as Delusion
and return to the old ways.

No one has survived speaking against religions that has nexus with powerful evil rulers of this
world. History speaks of it. Calvary is a Great witness of this point. If a man who was so helpful to
society, who showed immense divine character, could be killed ruthlessly with false accusations
there is little chance any common man can stand against them. We all know it is not only Jesus; all

his disciples were mercilessly killed. The rule of evil mind has not changed it is still working in

The evil mind has an uncanny capacity to creep into power centers on Earth and take guard of it. It
can take the best of the individual who has taken an oath to serve God and Humanity. Thus,
Christianity created in the name of Jesus Christ turned devilish and tortured and killed anyone
who questioned them and their hypocritical life. We all know west and its mindset rules the world
and Christianity is the religious institution of the west. Thus it cannot escape the responsibility for
the present state of the world where Truth and Justice are deteriorating and tears of common and
justified people shaking the throne of God to act.

I know my brothers and sisters in Christian religion will not accept this. But this is a Truth we
need to accept. Nowhere Jesus told his disciples to build a religion around Him, build churches for
Him, amass land and wealth and build schools and medical centers. He called them to wait in
prayer and receive His spirit, heal the sick, spread Good News and transform people. He called
them to grow in the Holy Spirit and acquire the living Knowledge. In simplicity he was asking to
help people connect to the consciousness and intelligence such that people walk the path of Truth
and Justice and thus help build kingdom of God on earth. The west has gone fundamentally wrong
in knowing Jesus Christ and the purpose of His manifestation.

I feel Jesus Christ was speaking about connecting to the consciousness and intelligence and
connecting to the Supreme Consciousness and Intelligence. He was pointing to east and its
knowledge base. We have evolved from bullock cart to airplane, by the Grace of Spirit of Christ,
operating freely in the world. However, the mindset of religious people and the rulers have not
changed one bit.

Jesus the most powerful human and Divine, shed His blood and said He is leaving His peace on
earth. 2018 years down the lane, there is no peace on earth. Thrown out of Eden, we used fight
with stick and stones and kill with knives. Today we kill with sophisticated weapons and
annihilate nations with nuclear bombs. We have developed biological and chemical weapons that
can destroy the whole of humanity and we exist in fear. Very clearly our mindset is ruled by devil.

The world with all the scientific developments and awakening in religions is fast moving to the
self-destructive path. We have destroyed our abode and the world we live in is collapsing.

Same evil minds that killed Jesus rule us in a camouflage. We have to introspect and awaken. We
are all living in largely democratic world that is open and free. We are all responsible for the
present world in small and big way. In a largely democratic world, we all should take collective
responsibility instead of blaming the leaders alone. In the unseen spiritual world, everything is in
control, but the seen physical world is still under the rule of evil minds. This has to change. This
change can come only from collective awakening to Truth. It exists in knowing the Mind of God.

We need to grow beyond religion to know Truth or God if we are to evolve to survive and enter
Golden Age

Science has already evolved to the level of intelligence and has developed technologies that can
arrest the increase in corruption and accumulation of dark energy and mass. For example, we have
a machine that can detect lies. Further, we have a young generation that is scientifically evolved
and is adopting a scientific culture. One can call upon them to set the system right. What we need
is a Political Will and awakening of religious leaders.

The problem is that the same old deteriorated minds rule the religious realm and political realm.
They resist change. The evil mind that is ego, self, and material centered are ruling the religious
realm and political realms seem to scuttle the good from emerging. But they are going to fail
because the evolution force is directed to Life and Light. Nothing can stop the Divine Plan.

Max Planck said “A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them
see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that
is familiar with it”

Chapter -4
Mind, Religion, God and our Society

In the previous chapters, we saw how the human mind plays an important role. Here we are going
to access the Human mind and its role in nature.

Human Mind is a wonderful tool of immense potential. However, it is not the critical one. Mind and
its five sensory extensions are supposed to feed information from the external world to the inner
world that processes the information and gives orders such that life survives. The information
processed in the inner world gives the order to internal heart and vital organs that support the
whole system. Information also moves to brain and mind for it to act. The power of the mind to act
actually comes from the internal world, that takes food and digest it and gives continuous energy
to create and sustain the whole system.

Life is conscious and intelligent. It appears complex but technically it is information flowing
out and flowing in such that Life survives. Life is built on a force that flower from black hole
through an inside-out process. It is built when the information from Father and Mother that
has become one, exposes itself to create a new body out of the Old.

The mind-body is important but secondary to Soul-heart, which is primary. Life can exist in mind
dead state, but not in heart dead state. The problem for the system emerges, when the mind
thinks it is the center and develops an ego, self, becomes a slave to the material world and its

power. It fails to know that the power to process the information is coming from inner world and
that the actual processing of information that helps the system to survive is taking place in the
inner space or black hole and White Hole that coexist.

The Two Minds of Life

In addition to the mind of the body, life has a inner mind or mind of the heart which actually
controls the Life. The heart has an electrical component that works on two nodes; AV node SV
Node. Much of the modern world in spite of evolving to information era is failing to comprehend
this biological secret. When the mind of the heart becomes ego, self and extremely material
centered, the system takes negative direction.

The spiritual and religious institution of the world is like the heart. When they take negative path
being slave mind-body, the whole system goes down. It is their duty they unearth the information
and knowledge of Life and empower the system with Life. It is their duty that they resist their
mind-body developing ego, self, and slavery to the material world. When they fail and end up
developing black hole that eats up the information from God the creator, then the system fails.
The reader will understand this statement as he or she completes the book.

Our Global society is determined by minds. There are good minds and evil minds, good hearts, and
evil hearts. Our Global Society is a fight between good and evil. There is nothing called absolute
good and absolute bad. Good and bad traits exist mixed. Our spiritual cultures and social cultures
and the whole social governing system are developed such that the bad traits are suppressed and
Good is surfaced, such that the system exists in favor of Life and good.

The existence of good and bad means there should be an absolute good [God] and absolute bad
[Satan or devil]. God is considered good because all traits in Him are good and dominating. The
Satan is assumed to have all bad traits are dominating him. Bible tells that Satan is powerful Angel
with immense power. The only little difference is that his power cannot extend into heaven and its
throne that give life and sustains life. He is an entity that fell from Grace of God when it developed
Ego, self and extreme affinity to the material world and its force. The Satan cannot enter the mind-
body, but it has no right over the Spirit-soul and Life. What this means when one develops ego and
self and extreme slavery to material world all traits in you turn negative and you are destined to

The mind is supposed to connect to the consciousness and intelligence within and works
coherently with it. Consciousness and intelligence are supposed to connect to God consciousness
and intelligence to stay aligned on the right path and upholds truth and Justice.

Every mind as it becomes matures begins to develop ego and “self”. This is a natural process
taking place in adulthood. But this ego and self among the highly powerful people in society, such
as priestly and ruling class, leads breaking truth and Justice, leading to deterioration. The principle

goal of spiritual institutions, educational institutions and the culture and practices should be
directed to resisting ego, self, excessive material centeredness. When it fails, truth deteriorates
and injustice, disorder and destruction grow in the society.

We see here to fold deterioration of living system

 The first is inner world of mind and heart field disconnecting from God Consciousness and
 The second is outer mind disconnecting from the inner mind and its consciousness field.

Our society has living structure. In our society, the inner mind and its role are taken over by
Priestly Class. They are supposed to build connectivity with God and bring Life Force to the
System. They are supposed to hold Knowledge and Light use it without self and transfer it to next
generation without corruption.

God as supreme Good and institutions that preach the Good God practice the Good God and
spreads and uphold His light Knowledge is indispensable to the society. These institutions also
develop elaborate culture and practices that can help unearth the Good traits and subdue bad
traits in individuals such that the life and Light force shine and life of individual and collective
society stays in good health.

A reference for good and reference for bad is a part of the social system. God is assumed to be
good in all respect. He is assumed to be powerful and determining one. Religious Institutions that
speaks of God thus takes the highest position in our society. Even the Judiciary accepts God and
we all know we vow in the name of God to speak Truth as we become the witness. The picture of
God and Good is always associated with Truth and Justice [Supreme Judge].

Enigma of Creation
The fact Judiciary exists, means there exist evil minds and hearts that need to be resisted and
controlled. We saw in the last chapter that not only judiciary but a whole lot of vertical segment
exist to control the bad. The question arises from where and how the opposite or polarity comes
from. Bible says that God created everything [all animals including the snakes] in six days and said
GOOD. The question arises what is the source of the serpent that coxed Eve and Adam to eat the
forbidden Fruit and fall?

Here comes the possibility of parallel worlds. Here comes the question of two Gods? This thought
when extended, it gives rise to many worlds and many Gods. Bible says there is only one God, this
means the second world and God should have formed from this one world. This thought is more
realistic. Even science speaks of singularity. However, we fail to comprehend duality and
multiplicity hidden in singularity.

Let us see how various pictures available to us for creation. Two principle pictures emerge. One is
of scientists who think the universe is material and the other is religions that visualize Universe as
Living Being.

Let us see where modern science stands

 Linear Physicist and their quest lead us to see origin from one Great black hole. They know the
cause of fall into black hole but fail to find the cause for the system to emerge out of the black
hole. They visualize a Big Bang from a Point [Single particle and Seed Atom]

 Non-Linear Physicists similarly visualize the whole complex system emerging from one single
source field that is in a still state. A particle in this still state for some reason flutters. This
flutter creates waves that strike the boundary and split creating multiple worlds. What is
initially appears ordered slowly becomes disordered and indeterminable in time. Non-linear
science says that as disorder peaks in the system a “Great Attractor” develops in the system
and the system collapses to New Order around it. This was shown in Chemical systems by
Noble Laureate Ilya Prigogine. Non-Linear science best describes the living system. Even
climate and society and its functioning are modeled on this science.

 Recent development in physics such a String Theory and Parallel world, visualizes that as
singularity approaches, one world shrinks and pierces the other and emerges to go into
expansion. This is “Ekpyrotic Universe Scenario”

The religions of the world essentially speak of a Living universe.

 Bible says God created everything, It tells us God created, we the human in His image and He
gave dominion over Earth and everything in it to His Children or Human Beings. They were
forbidden to eat from the Tree at the Center. It goes on to say humans eat the forbidden fruit
and thus death to the kingdom of God came into being. In the second part, it says God
conquered the death through the sacrifice of His only Son, such that all of humanity is
reconciled with God. It says Jesus spirit is working to initialize us into the Kingdom of God.

 Vedas say the universe is Supreme Conscious and Intelligent field. The intelligence is the Spirit
or “Brahman” [Brahman is Holy Spirit of Bible and al-Ruh al-Qudas of Koran] that perceives
and acts. Vedas say that we humans are similarly individuated consciousness and intelligent
field that exist in the God field. We are supposed to serve the Supreme Field, without self. The
life and all power one gains come from this Supreme Intelligence and supposed be used to
serve Him and People. It is forbidden to use it for self. Thus in every scripture, God finds His
own people as the cause of the fall of the Kingdom, not the ordinary Human beings.

 If you stand back to study scriptures from freedom, you note that all the drama unfolding on
earth is pre-written in the spiritual world. In short, what happens on earth or the physical
realm is the reflection of what is happening in the unseen spiritual world. Thus Jesus does not

count on the sin of common people. The only people Jesus condemns are the priests, the
occupants, and guardians of the temple.

Let us now see what Life science speaks. Life is built on parallel worlds, female and male. It works
on 2n information. Life is the conscious and intelligent system. When it has to save its information
and perpetuate in time, it reduced its information and the two worlds [Male and female] unite in
the black hole of the womb in the feminine to create a New Body, New Heart, and New Mind. By
this process of reproduction, it ensures that the information survives. Life and its field are
conscious of minute changes in the external field and the change in time.

The Parallel World Theory and “Ekpyrotic Scenario of Creation” fall in line with Life science.
But we fail to extend it to the cosmic world and comprehend it. This book aims at it. It does
so around Jesus and Calvary

God Being and Living Universe Theory

Living Universe means universe is Supreme Being who is conscious and intelligent. This means the
existence of a Supreme Heart and Mind. This Supreme Being should be holding Supreme
Information. In Him God, the Father and Mother should exist in singularity state. Such a being
would be Supremely Conscious, intelligent and Aware. Out of Him, everything should come into
existence and into Him, everything should go in at the end of time to take birth again.

Since basic laws of science say nothing is created or destroyed, it means everything exists in this
Supreme Being, including us the human beings. Every world differentiates right from Him and
dissolves back into Him. Heaven, earth, and hell exist in Him. Creation comes forth from Him and
goes back into Him. Time originates from Him returns to Him. He is the Supreme Heart and Mind
with which we all should be relative. Searching such a Heart and Mind, that creates and sustain is
the quest of science and religions. We seem to fail in the search.

Visualizing and Understanding a Great Heart and Great Mind thus becomes crucial to Humanity to
know God. Those, who are aware of Jesus Christ and well exposed to Biblical Teachings can easily
comprehend this person as Jesus. We today exist in the Grace of this Great. What we fail to
comprehend is the Mind of God the Father. Science we all know is in search of Mind of God.

Max Planck said “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must assume behind
this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind”

Jesus is preached around the world with Power and Miracles. But when you stand back to observe
the world around, we see the evil growing in parallel. In fact, they seem to have an advantage. The
free open conscious and intelligence field that Jesus has kept open is being used by the evil mind
more efficiently than the good ones. No wonder Jesus said He would come again.

We today are in an era of science, where human robots are manufactured, where we are creating
designer babies. In this era preaching Jesus from within religion, based on scripture written, 300
years after Christ makes no sense. It is true Jesus and His name is creating miracles and we see
mushrooming of people and churches speaking Jesus with Power. But if you stand back and look at
the world we don’t see the Peace that Jesus left behind. Untruth and injustice are growing as never
before and evil heart and minds have a field day. They seem to grow and have an advantage over
Good minds.

Why the New Spiritual Awakening is failing

The answer is simple. We, earthlings, are attached to the material world. We cannot think of
delinking from once mind-body. We go to church, temples, prayer meetings, seek priest and
pastor’s help, when we are sick and down, when we are financially broke and when we are in
trouble. We seek God to intervene in our problems. Most of us seek God’s help do our will instead
of seeking His will. There is intent attached to we seeking God. This resists the spiritual growth
and awakening. This gives scope for the evil to work. The open field of God Consciousness and
intelligence is free for all. Even the evil minds use it.

Our affiliation with the mind-body or material world limits us to grow spiritually. Thus the evil
mind always has an advantage. The best of the spiritually awakened people at some point yield to
money and material greed. God had to manifest as Jesus and become a sacrifice for this specific
reason. What this means we the humanity awakening to Truth and God and the God becoming
victorious and the Kingdom of God manifesting on Earth, relates to God revealing His Mind and
thus defeating the evil minds and thus binding the evil mind to Hell.

Spiritual growth has several steps. Entering God’s grace and having new life experience is only a
beginning. God’s heart includes everything giving everyone a Chance. Growing in God’s Love and
Grace to Know His mind is entirely different realm. Our mind cannot know God’s mind. But it
reveals to chosen ones, with a Purpose. The Purpose is to sustain the Kingdom of God.

This means our present spiritual awakening by the surrender to Grace of Spirit of Christ; need to
look for the purpose for which Jesus manifested. The purpose for which Jesus manifested is the
restoration of his Father’s Kingdom. It is to create the Kingdom of God on Earth. The Kingdom of
God is Truth and Justice. Jesus came to defeat the evil heart and mind that has taken God
Children’s as slaves.

The present scenario of spiritual awakening, where the evil minds are growing in parallel to good
minds, where truth and justice are deteriorating as never before, seems to be incomplete. It needs
another level of awakening. We need a surrender and awakening to the Mind of God. We are yet to
make it. When we do the evil minds ruling us from top realms in the name of Jesus would fall on its
own deep depth.

Growing towards God mind amount to getting a exposure to higher Knowledge and wisdom.
It is Second Coming. But this is accompanied by Judgment or Original Justice Good and Evil
minds now get split in the spiritual realm.

The problem to comprehend Jesus and enter the Golden Age as we discussed previously is our
separation in the name of Religion. A second problem comes from science that wishes to see God
in an Atom and Particle and captures God in some mathematical language. It wants to see how Big
Bang occurs from single atom and Particle. Modern science is stuck in a black hole .

Chapter -5
The Life and Structure of Mind

Ordinarily, we live in three-dimensions. Einstein introduces the fourth dimension of Time. This
fourth dimension which is reality is a nagging problem when science wishes to perceive and
explain the origin and existence of the universe. The dimension of time gives them a picture,
where everything winds to a center point in a singularity in a black hole .black hole destroys
everything including space-time and energy. This leads to the biggest paradoxical question “What
Banged at Big Bang”. Here a scientific mind fails utterly. At one point, it was thought that
information is also irreversibly lost in black hole. But now scientist think that information
somehow exists plastered onto the wall of the black hole and is retrievable. But they are yet to
come out with a sensible and comprehensible explanation.

The situation changes when we visualize universe as living. A living being exists in a minimum of
five dimensions. If you observe life you will know it. Life transforms gravity into anti-gravity force
in its inner space. They show creativity to grow against Gravity and time. A grass growing and
seed sprouting speaks this. The fifth dimension reveals when human mind turns inward to see the
conscious and intelligence force. Still higher dimensions exist. This emerges when the mind
connects to the Universal consciousness and grows.

This means in a living picture, we see in addition to four dimensions of mind-body more
dimensions that relates to soul

In short mind-body that is material live in three dimensions with a fourth dimension directed to a
black hole. In contrast, the inner realm of life [ heart and soul], has a fifth dimension that opposes
time that directs to a black hole

A still higher dimension exists. It is related to God consciousness and intelligence. Here we gain
higher knowledge and wisdom. This however comes by Creator’s Grace

In short, life works in five dimensions and it has two space-time fields. The two space-time fields
are oppositely directed and work as one. One is gravity field of the material world; the second is
life force acting from inner to the outside.

The living system comprised of two basic parts body-mind and inner Heart-Soul. It is
characterized by outer space and inner space. The life exists through a constant flow of
information between the inner and outer world.

Life has two parallel worlds Male and Female that exist as one. It works on two pairs [2n] of
information. Creation of living system happens when [n] number of information from male and
female unites to form new [2n] information in black hole or womb of the Mother. Creation
manifest when this new 2n information opens and acts as a template to create a New Body out of
the old.

The information in living system evolves and is conserved against time and gravity of material
world in which it exists. Once the creation completes it is given new Life and initialized into New
Time Cycle it is sustained by information that moves in and out of the two spaces constantly.

We today know that only 2% gene in the human body is functional. Rest is redundant but is
amenable to retrieval. This means all species of life possibly holds all the information right from
its origin in its inner core.

Note - The living system is a conscious and intelligent entity. The DNA and information we see
only created aspects and are not the creator Force by which the system functions. The actual
information is processed in the inner space-time field. The inner space-time field appears not only
a processing place for information but also stores a huge amount of information. There is inner

space-time web in all Living system that is quantum entangled. It processes the information and
gives the command. This field is conscious and principally works to balance the system. The
integrated Biological function is a function driven by a quest to maintain certain equilibrium.

Information from Outer field comes in through Mind-body to inner level and is transferred to the
inner spiritual field. The information flowing out from inner spiritual realms directs to mind and
heart field. The heart field is in charge of a vital aspect of life and it gives power to the functioning
of the whole system.

The mind field is only secondary. The Life we know can exist in mind dead state, but cannot exist
in heart dead state. The coherent functioning of the Heart and Mind field actually sustains life. See

The Structure of Mind

The following figure tells the structure of the mind. The mind has two parts, the right and left,
which can be further divided into to two See Fig Next page. Note the same could be applied to

Science tells us clearly that Right is intuitive and creative and left is Rational and Logical mind. The
intuitive and introspective mind is driven by two forces an upward towards light or Knowledge. At
the same time, it also can develop a compassionate character that shows inclusiveness with the
left part that is logical and rational. The rational mind similarly has two directions; it can grow
towards dark or show some compassionate attitude towards the right intuitive world. However, it
cannot directly communicate with the light world.

Though not strictly, the intuitive and logical mind can be further be divided into two.

The two Parts of right Mind

1] One part the intuitive part of is aligned with God force. They have a mind that God seated in
heaven and live in illusions and disconnected from the reality of Life and Earth. Much of priest
community and people who advocate of one or other religion, speaking of male God belong to this

2] The second is the intuitive part of the right mind that has an attraction to the opposite and at
the same time to God force. They form the Good people who are compassionate and serve
humanity and God. The people belonging to this category are connected to reality and directed to
God. Sages of India, who gave, Ayurveda, Yoga, meditation to the world comes from this path. They
bring Knowledge to the world.

The two Parts of Left mind

1] One part of the logical mind or left mind similarly can be compassionate and balanced with
intuitive mind and in union right brain can seek higher realm. Most theoretical scientists belong to
this class. They pick up enlightenment from Nature and go ahead to build mathematical ways to
express and model what they experienced.

2] The second part of the logical or left mind is aligned with the dark world. They are quick to
realize the application of theoretical work and develop applied aspects and strive to acquire
money. They care little to evolve to know Truth. Having invested much in one thought and idea,
they resist any change in it. They strive to protect its investment at all cost. They don’t care even
when they see it being detrimental to society and humans. The world is filled with such people.
Thus the world is moving straight down the black hole . Most Christian priests belong to this

We see here the picture of Heaven, Earth, and Hell. Earth has two parts and gives the stability to
the kingdom of God. Thus adult human mind on Earth strives between two forces. The figure
speaks many facts

We must note that

• A rational and logical mind cannot communicate to see light, truth, and God on its own.

• An intuitive and introspective mind through a long period of meditation can explore the Truth.
But the knowledge they bring appears absurd to earthly people. Thus Jesus spoke much about
kingdom of God in parables.

Those who are intuitive and compassionate take the centralized realistic path. The centralized
path has two choices one going up and another going down. Those who take the material path is
forced to go through the repeated process of experience and observation, as he grows in the
central path. The path is a path of negation, where seeker keeps telling at the end that “this is not”
and starts anew.

It appears from the above figure that we cannot know the whole Truth. To know the whole Truth
calls for leaving spirit-soul and breaking with the mind-body. This means death. Death can take
you to two contrasting worlds; the White Hole or black hole, not both. Spiritualists call it heaven
and hell. Thus the best picture of heaven and hell is described from experiences of spirit-souls that
left the body for some minutes or hours and returned

Eastern Approach to Truth or God

The east in contrast to the west had developed a superior approach to know life, understand Truth
and God. East understood the limitation of Human mind-body. Thus they silenced it turned it
inward. They transcended the polarity of the mind and focused it to the inside. Thus they entered
the Conscious and intelligent field to experience a New world and realm, where life force works.
Going deep into themselves, they discovered their root, from two parallel worlds [Father and

Any further exploration involved

• Choice of Paths
• The need to go out of the body

A Spirit-soul going out of the mind-body means death. If a spirit-soul leaves the mind-body for
long periods then the body is prone to deterioration. However, the experience and knowledge
pooled on the horizon that overlaps life and death can lead to knowledge. But it is impossible for
the human mind to enquire, whole Truth. The knowledge that east put together comes from
walking the horizon between life and death.

Thus east and its knowledge comes from repeated cycles of introspection, experience,
observation, and study. It did not involve any instrument, neither a microscope nor telescope. It
simply involved the mind that is conquered and focused on the realm of heart and its conscious

and intelligent field and beyond it with Super Conscious and Intelligent field or God Conscious and
Intelligent field.

Important Note – Meditation is not sleeping. It is turning and focusing the mind on to the
inner world. This mind is aware. The sleep phase of life is part of the design. The spirit soul
works when the mind is at sleep to clean the system. Sleep itself has four stages. The body cures
itself in third and fourth phase. In our modern world, none of us go into deep sleep. Even Earth
has sleep phase. It repairs itself in the night phase creating a new order. Earth’s sleep phase is
disturbed by human intervention and thus the whole system is failing to repair and is

Let us assume a spirit-soul that goes after knowing the Truth at all cost, including sacrificing the
body. The spirit- soul now has to take one of the two paths; Mothers or Fathers. Assume that a
spirit-takes the Father’s path, then it actually deviates from Truth of life going to the Right. Let us
now take the other option. It then deviates from the reality to left. Both eventually end up living in
an illusion. Taking the middle path, one ends with duality operating. That makes it impossible to
know the whole truth.

Thus scriptures say that no one can seek God, His struggle to comprehend God is a vain struggle.
But these very scriptures write that God can come in search of us and reveal to us. All such
revelation has a purpose attached to it. The ultimate purpose is to restore His Kingdom or Truth
and Justice.

All great enlightenment experience, emerges in a state of death, mind yield and silences and
surrender un conditionally, all questions and enquiry seizes. Bible and all scriptures need to be
looked at from this point.

“This is not” and “This is it” experience

Let me put the human quest to know God and his limitation in another vision.

Knowing and seeking God as humans from Earth amounts to climbing a mountain as big as the
circumference of the Earth. There are innumerable paths and the seeker chooses one path. He sees
co-travelers climbing. Those who are intelligent would have gone around the mountain first
seeking the easy path. Such climber is aware of others who could be climbing the mountain who is
beyond his vision. At the simplest level there are four paths. The diagonally opposite path the
climber does not see, along with the two paths to the right and left. See Fig

The peak has a place for only one. So the competition turns into a battle. The victorious goes for
the highest; he sees someone else occupying it. A second battle has to be fought to take the highest
The seeker then has to defend his chair eternally. It is then the seeker thinks of the other mountain
on the other side. To be an ultimate conqueror, one has to conquer this too. It amounts to be in
two places at the same. This is the duality. It tells of two kings ruling the whole system.

In the picture, we see two kings. We can have many kings under them. These are souls which
climbed to various levels in the mountains.

To be an emperor the seeker then pursues God the Creator of the two mountains. He now turns
inwards beyond the seen to unseen. This is the eastern approach. This starts the actual spiritual
Journey to Truth. But it too has a limitation, for it ends in duality a central path going to two
thrones. See Fig. Thus duality as an in escapable reality exists. The truth exists in moving between
the two thrones. It is wave going between the two points. True Spirituality is dancing with wave
without any judgment. One dances with this wave when he surrenders to the waves. This is
substance of Spirituality.

Indian spiritual scripture tells us that the journey to the spiritual realm consists of 18 doors. One
who has explored it previously can assist you. At the 18th door, the teacher or guru leaves you to
tap and open. Vedas says whoever tapped and opened the 18th door utters a word “neti” [This is
Not]. This means all fail at the 18th door. They all meditate and traverse these doors with a intent.
The scriptures very clearly say no one can approach God with fruit in mind. Thus Jesus you have
be reborn and you should be like child to enter the kingdom of God. No one attached to religions
and any schools of thought can ever know the Spirit God.

The dilemma of knowing Truth and communicating Truth

Truth and Life very clearly exist in 18 the door. Everyone in flesh body seems to fail to open it
successfully. The answer to why everyone fails, exist in why and what makes people seek it.
Every human mind that seeks Truth and God, do seek it with intent. A seeker on his path gains
many powers. The highest intent is an intention to seek deathless life, such that one can defeat His
opposite and conquer. This amounts to taking the throne of the Creator. Thus those who went in
search of it with attachment to material world and flesh body ends in seeing death. In scientific
perspective, we can call it the black hole or Mouth of death. Thus scriptures say that God cannot be
sought by Humans but God does come in search of humans and reveals to them. This revelation is
associated with a Purpose. The purpose is to sustain the Kingdom of God.

Those who are exposed to spiritual realm or who had an out of body experience knows the
problem of communicating with people living in flesh body attached to the material world. Thus
Jesus had to speak the Kingdom of God in parables to His disciples. His Spirit had come back to
give New Life and illuminate their Mind to make them comprehend what He Spoke. In Hindu
philosophy, Lord Krishna had to give a Divine Vision to warrior Arjuna to for him to know Him and
Fight the battle of for Truth and Justice.

The dilemma of the human mind to comprehend truth and explain it is best explained by Allegory
of Plato’s Chair. This best describes modern science and religious institutions and its occupants.
Here people are chained to chair at the mouth of the cave. They face the cave. Light falls on the
wall of the cave from a small opening behind. People/objects between it create a shadow on the
wall of the cave. The prisoners are forced to believe in shadows and think it as reality. However,
those who are freed out of the chair and those step out into the open world sees the light and sun
that produce the shadows. Those who go 360 degrees see an entirely different reality. We see
here four types of people

1] People Chained to chair who are slaves.

2] People who are liberated but still exist in the cave, creating shadows.
3] People who escaped out of the cave to see the world around.
4] People who looked for the source of light to be dissolved into and become Light Being.

These four worlds are different; it makes no sense to the prisoner to what the freed prisoner who
still exists in the cave speaks about light. The same is true when a person who has escaped the
cave return to speak what he experienced and saw people in caves. The situation becomes more
complicated when one who has dissolved with source comes back as light and spirit and speaks.

The very existence of previous these three worlds and people in it stand on the Light and Spirit
creating them and flowing through them. They exist unaware of it.

Chapter -6
The Mind of God

From the previous chapters, it becomes increasingly evident that universe is a living being. All
scriptures speak of Supreme and Powerful mind. They called it God. The God is visualized as Good.
He is understood as an upholder of Truth and Justice. His kingdom is understood as Kingdom of
Truth and Justice. He is in the Force that acts against Gravity and death. It creates and sustains

Even physicist also have arrived at a conclusion that mind plays an important role in the existence
of Physical Matter. Max Planck Said “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We
must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the
matrix of all matter”. This means the whole world is powered by minds and it is eventually is
relative to one Great Mind or God-Mind that creates and sustains.

If you study religious scriptures we see God manifesting and speaking directly or indirectly
[speaking through prophets] to human minds to uphold Truth and Justice and thus sustain His
Kingdom. Truth and Justice are thus critical to the Kingdom of God. We see God mediating and
when it is inevitable even leading the fight between Good and evil minds. God always favor the
Good. Here we can recall the Epic Mahabharata.

The Question of Satan and His Mind

Scriptures speak of two minds Good Mind and Bad mind or Satanic Mind. The satanic mind is
figured as opposite to God-Mind. One question arises here, what is the source of evil mind? In
Bible God says Good after each step of creation? How then evil mind or Satan came into being.

This satanic mind should be internal and inherent in the System. It is an essential part of Kingdom
of God. God is assumed as Light. Light has no meaning unless the polar opposite or Darkness
exists. As the darkness peaks, the light shines the best.

The best way to comprehend it is to visualize a primordial soup, from which Light and Darkness,
Life and Death forces emerge. Biblical creation can be imagined from a conceived egg cell,

replicating to produce its mirror image and then developing a polarity and dividing into two
worlds. Just before the division a bright object called centriole emerges, which later splits and
moves to poles creating a polarity. See Fig next page. It also could be understood from Time Cycle
and Life Cycle

We can visualize this as two minds or Light emerging simultaneously; one goes to take the throne
of Light and Life [Heaven] and the other goes to take the throne of the Dark world [Hell]. Thus we
see the differentiation of two thrones from one primordial soup. God forbids humanity from
turning our face away from him and aligning with the dark world.

God-Mind, as we understand is the giver of Life and sustainer of life. It is a force that ever acts
against gravity and time directed to collapse into a black hole. The satanic mind is a mind that is
opposite to it. It is born out of the God’s own conscious and intelligence field at the time of
Creation. Bible says Satan and its mind is quite powerful and is only second to God-Mind. It knows
everything and is capable of giving you material gifts. But it has no capacity to give Life. Bible
clearly tells that God manifested as Jesus to Conquer the Satan and bind it back to where it

The Science of Origin of Satanic Mind

To know the origin of satanic mind, we must comprehend life and Living Universe. A living system
has over 100 trillion cells. All of it carries the information of the whole system. But the information
is truncated to do the specific purpose. This living system comes from Information contained and

coming from two parallel worlds; male and female. This means the information of the system is
held in the parallel world. [See Fig next page].

When information held in parallel world comes together, it facilitates

 Conquering the time and death. As the two information threads come together in the black
hole of the Mother the information collapses into New Order and stabilizes.

 This information then goes on to creates its own images in time and separates.

 Important Point to note here is that image of the Father’s information pairs with original
Information from the Mother and the image of the Mother pairs with original
information of the Father[see fig-].To comprehend it visualizes the cell division of fertilized
egg cell.

The cell with Original Father’s information goes to form the inner field. This field consists of inner
Mind that controls the vital Heart field and functioning of vital parts of the system that gives life
and sustains Life. The original information of the Mother and image of the Father goes to form
Mind-Body. The mind-body’s role is to bring information from the external world to the inner
space through the five senses. The inner world processes the information and gives the order to
heart and its inner vital faculties and also sends information to the mind-body to act.

The Mind holds memories of information used for short periods. The Mind can experience and
develop some information in its lifetime. It can acquire some information from parents, some

information from the community and its spiritual and educational institutions. It can use it in its
lifetime and pass it to next generation. But the memory of this information is wiped out at the
mind level. But the information exists in Spirit-Soul and cannot be wiped out from it. Since
information is neither created nor destroyed, it means all information exists within the system.
However, it is not amenable to ordinary people. The yogis approach it meditation.

Technically the spirit-soul and inner space hold all information from the beginning of time.
Biologist today knows that human body works using less than 2% of the gene. The rest is
redundant but is amenable to those who wish to dig deep. Physicists tell us that the radiation and
information from Big Bang still exist. The information that is within can come to your help when
you are stressed, provided you surrender your mind and let the information existing deep within
to act. This means God exists within us as Information; It can surface the moment you surrender
and seek it. It exists outside of you too. You just have to seeks it from the point of freedom of mind.
You just have to seek it from the mind of the heart. Every scripture writes this Truth, but we fail to
comprehend and we exist as slaves to one or other school of thoughts and fail to come into self-

The problem for Life and Kingdom of God begins when in time the mind of the body or
the image of the Father, begins to think he is the Master. It overlooks the Divine Mother
component and exploits her compassion. It develops ego, self, and slavery to the
material world. In short, this mind disconnects from the Universal Consciousness and
intelligence or Father. It then goes on to disconnect with the Mother or its own
consciousness and intelligent field to become a slave to the material world thus bringing
a time direction to death.

What I wrote is reflecting in the world at the individual and collective global society led by the
west. It reflects in the mind of modern man that is disconnected from God Consciousness and
intelligence and is also disconnected from once own consciousness and intelligence, developing an
ego, self and extreme slavery to the material world and its force. This mind of ours led by the west
is recklessly exploiting Mother Earth and our abode and our support. It reflects in Mother Earth
her forces that are turning violent and the ecosphere that is collapsing.

Our religious schools including Christianity live with the same old deteriorated mind that has
become a slave to Satan. Today God the Creator has become a commodity that is sold for pennies.
There is a huge gap between what one preaches and practices. Our churches and temples are not
only marketplaces but a political den for evil minds seeking power at all cost. Every preacher and
priest compromise with evil, when it comes to money and material advancement

The Good News is that this satanic mind is defeated and exist conquered in the Spiritual world by
God Himself. All that we are left is to realize this victory in physical a level. There is Divine Plan

that is unfolding from within to conquer and time death to the physical world. Out of great
disorder, a new order is poised to emerge, thanks to Calvary Sacrifice.


Chapter- 7
Time in the Kingdom of God or the Universe

The concept of time in the kingdom of God is best described in Hindu philosophy. It says the
universe is living but is not beyond time. This means it has up phase and down phase. Each
consisting of two parts See Fig Next page.

Time of the universe, in Indian philosophy, is measured by deterioration of Truth and Justice in
four phases. The first stage is Golden Age. This is the age of Truth and Justice or Dharma Yuga.
Here humanity was in an awakened state. Humans knew God and the kingdom of God was on

This can be compared to the period when God gave Dominion to Humans [Adam and Eve] in Bible,
revealing to him everything about His Kingdom. This was associated with a resistance, not to eat
from the Tree at the Center. The tree at the center is the black hole to which the material world
points. It is the point to which God Mind binds the Satanic or powerful evil minds. Satanic minds

are the minds that are ego, self-centered that disconnected from God the Father and Mother and
once own consciousness and intelligence. They use the power bestowed on them to create once
own kingdom, taking God’s Children as slaves.

The question arises how satanic minds bound to hell, get a foothold back in the Kingdom of God on
earth, where humanity is awakened by the Mind of God. The answers come from the limitation of
mind and its memory. At best humanity can carry the memory of information, knowledge for few
generations. Thus our society Institutes institutions, that are responsible uphold light and truth
and transfer it to next generation without corruption and thus uphold the memory of God and our
creation from His Flesh and Blood.

Enlightened people working in spiritual intuitions are the basis of culture and a practice that helps
us connect to the consciousness and intelligence and trains us to walk the path of truth and Justice
and be aligned with God Force and strengthen God field and Force. The east has a well advanced
spiritual knowledge and culture of highest order that is waiting to be discovered.

As time goes and several generations pass by, people in spiritual institution instituted to carry
light and Knowledge and transfer the light and knowledge to subsequent generation begins to
develop ego, self and slowly become a slave to the material world. They begin to take the
forbidden path. They also take their followers with them. This means the spiritual knowledge
deteriorates. No wonder in all spiritual scriptures God finds His own people responsible for the
fall of His kingdom. No wonder God had to do the penance to restore His Kingdom.

When 1/4th of indestructible spirit-souls on earth falls it passes the first stage of the time cycle. It
then enters from Golden Age to Silver Age. The process continues and when ½ of the souls fall, the
cycle favors a downward force of time. This is called Bronze Age. I believe it is the time when God
chased Adam and Eve from Eden. It is the time when humanity not only lost connection with God-
consciousness entirely. This is the period when uncertainty emerges. Time and its force continue.
When 3/4th of the souls all it enters the last phase, where humans are totally disconnected from
the Consciousness and intelligence and becomes extremely material centered. This is called Iron
Age. We are in the last phase.

This bronze-age is period when humanity began to worship idols and began to dip into darkness.
This is the time when disorder sets in the system. Disorder resists the time direction. This is
possibly is the biggest part of the time cycle. However, time exists even in disorder. This is a
scientifically proven fact in non-linear systems. As the system reaches a point where 3/4th of the
souls fall, the Kingdom of God is totally endangered and calls for recreation and restoration. It is at
this point God sends Jesus and execute the Divine Plan of restoration with free will to all souls. His
Spirit-Soul sacrificed becomes the Seed Soul that gets conceived in the black hole. This arrests the
growth of black hole. It begins a New Time. A New world begins to form within the Old. This

world grows effortlessly by the souls that walked the path of Truth and Justice or are transformed
by the Spirit of God working through the anointed Disciples of Jesus Christ.

Before, Jesus manifested, we see God’s intervention through Mosses by feeding them from heaven
and bringing life to dried wooden stick. Yet the priest community was not willing to change. Thus
came the Divine Plan of dissolution and recreation with free will to all indestructible souls.

Losses of memory of once own creation from flesh and blood of God is the cause fall of humanity.
Jesus by instituting Holy Communion ensured that the memory of His sacrifice and what He said in
the Last Supper live on till the end of time when the Divine Plan and the purpose of His
manifestation on earth are fulfilled. This is critical to the Divine Plan. The purpose of His
Manifestation is to restore the Kingdom Back to God. It is to restore earth back to God and Good
Minds and souls.

Jesus and His role in Divine Plan of restoration were only half complete at Calvary when He
defeated the Satan in the Spiritual realm. The Second Coming He spoke is related to awakening
Human mind with His mind so that the Physical restoration takes place. On earth, we are
experiencing the birth pangs and Jesus and His Spirit are assisting the process of Birth.

I am critical of my religion that is full of evil minds. But I do accept that there is a small segment
always existed that fought the devil within and tactically ensured that Jesus, His message and the
memory of Calvary sacrifice is held high against all odds. Nobody can deny the role of organized
Church in this respect. I bow to the minority of Good People in Christianity dead and alive who
ensured that Jesus and His memory is kept alive and by truly connected and serving Christ. In
every religion and sect, there is a small number of people who are compassionate and committed
to serving God than selling God, that gives scope for God Force to work.

I believe that the world will transform and enter Golden Age, when1/2 of the priest community,
introspect, repent and awaken to Spirit of Christ. They probably represent the two thieves, who
are crucified along with Jesus. The fact that Jesus did not condemn one common man but
condemned priest community who takes the highest position in society speaks this. Every
spiritual scripture finds God’s own people responsible for the fall of Kingdom of God. The priest of
post Calvary might argue that they are a new class that belongs to Jesus. Every priest who says so
should touch their heart and introspect before he says so.

Jesus, I experienced and what I understand from Bible, did not ask to create a religion, create
Churches and chain Him to an Altar. He asked His disciples to be in Prayer and gain the Holy Spirit,
and go out to heal, Transform people and bring them back to life such that the Kingdom of God can
manifest on Earth. He asked them to spread Good News. The world we see that has come to a
collapsing point clearly speaks of the failure of Christianity as a religion to stay with the Spirit of

Christ and work for the purpose for which Jesus manifested. They seem to be more aligned with
material aspect than spiritual.

Calvary is the conception of New Time and New World within the womb of the darkness. It has
grown over the past 2017 years. This new world is growing from within See Fig. However, the old
world still exists under Satan.

Satan is defeated in the all-important spiritual realm. But this victory is yet to manifest into the
Physical realm. The whole world is going through the birth pangs of delivering what is conceived.
It is in a critical state. Thus Jesus said His Spirit will pour out on all in the end time and will bring
victory to His people. The victory of Jesus over physical realm comes when the God exposes the
Truth through the Spirit of Jesus to bring peace and the manifestation of Kingdom of God on earth.
The Spirit of Jesus is the only hope for the world that is entering into a critical state of Quantum

The Spirit of Christ has formed New Spiritual body and weaving flesh body into and breathing
New Life into the New World. This is already is in progress. It is a matter of new world receiving
enlightenment with Mind of God and breaks out of the womb. All evil minds will then bow and the
world will find peace and order.

The Pentecostal Movement, Charismatic Movement and the mushrooming of anointed churches
are giving New Life to Souls and bringing Transformation. But this transformation is turning
unstable, for evil minds are also growing in parallel, taking Flesh and Blood from the open field of
Jesus Christ. Jesus spoke of this end time scenario in the parable of weeds growing with wheat.
The scenario is a total confusion. We on earth are experiencing the birth pangs. The present
situation would seize when God Mind reveals His mind and begins to manifest the Kingdom of

This critical time period calls for Knowing Jesus beyond Religion as Science of Life, such that
Good News reveals to all minds and all bow to God and Jesus beyond religion. This book

makes a humble attempt at it by Grace. It is not in support of religion instituted by the

human mind.

God-Mind revealing and initializing the Physical body is accompanied by Judgment or division.
Many evil spirit-souls and minds wearing white cloth and functioning from the high Chairs in the
name of God, will find themselves falling to the lowest as predicted in Bible.

The Spirit of Jesus is the creative force. It is unfolding in six steps exposing and revealing the Mind
of God. Spirit of Jesus is the creation and restoration force. Jesus is the Spirit of God. Through Him,
Cosmic Kundalini is rising to unravel everything and initializing everything to New Time Cycle.

Chapter -8
Science of Calvary
A Way to the Kingdom of God on Earth

The religious scriptures and scientific developments are pointing to a universe that is living
Conscious and intelligent. We in the previous chapter saw how human mind seems to play an
important role in how the Earth is unfolding. Very clearly, the Earth that inhabits human minds
that is seeking the secret of the universe takes a special place in the universe.

We saw that earth could be the center, to which all gravity force of cosmic system is acting. The
Great black hole seems to exist right here. Earth may not be the geometrical center, but off-
centered center, much like the heart is the off-centered center of a living being. There is mind to
the heart that is a vital source of Life’s information. We also saw Earth is the self-organizing
system with life opposing gravity force and the time direction. But this self-organizing picture
breaks down when we include human mind that develops ego, self and becomes excessively
material centered.

Physicists we noted are already dropping all models of gravity and are working on information
theory to visualize universe its creation and existence in time. This is the clear sign of scientist
evolving towards the eastern living vision of the universe. It has become increasingly evident that
we cannot understand the universe without understanding life and us the humans. The word
consciousness which was a taboo to science until a few decades back today is the highly sought
after field of research in science.

We saw that Max Planck said “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must
assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of
all matter”. This means our thought and how our mind is aligned influences the material Nature
around us in the positive or negative way.

We also saw that there is mind to the heart that holds the vital knowledge of life. The knowledge
that mind-body gives and what the mind of the heart gives are different. Much of the knowledge
that the west is giving us comes from mind-body. A higher knowledge obtained by the mind of the
heart existed in the east. Their unity and its relativity to the Absolute Heart and Mind give us the
Complete Knowledge or the Superior Knowledge. This knowledge existed with us but was lost in
time. The whole world is striving to gain it back to find peace and order and make the kingdom of
God on earth.

The time we noted is inevitable. When universal time is directed to a black hole, it is impossible
that any mind can flow against it. Thus a Divine Intervention becomes a necessity, which
transforms the flow of time and gives its New Life and illuminates human mind with Divine Mind.
Information lost in black hole is a reality, but before all information is lost to black hole, Divine
Plan is executed such that all information Lost can is retrieved.

This process of retrieval is happening through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Every soul that has
experienced such transformation to some critical level, gains the abilities to bring transformation
in others. This phenomenon gave exponential Growth to Christianity in the first three hundred
years, before Satan took hold of the Church and stirred it up. But the New time conceived is
growing from within.

A similar spontaneous awakening to the spirit of Christ is happening since the last one century.
But this is being resisted by organized Christianity that is full of money and power hungry evil
minds. But the Spirit of Christ is growing within and is stressing. The following figure [see Next
Page] speaks the spontaneous awakening and blooming of New Age Churches.

These churches are blooming, because of miracle cures and prophesy. Observation of the growth
of these churches in the global scenario seems to shows little impact. The evil in the world is
growing in spite of their growth.

These churches seem to have spontaneous growth and many seem to fall quickly. They all end up
creating petty shops, some big shops, and some big malls and few others global chain of shops and
malls. But the scenario of the world is not changing. The evil is growing in parallel. Their
development seems to show the same pattern as organized Church, they all use people to build an

People who flood them are seeking miracle cure and miracle in finances? They keep returning
seeking more money and miracle interventions. Not even one in 10 returns give thank, let go
striving to know Jesus and growing in Him. Thus true spiritual growth that can quell the dark
forces is wanting.

I am not against these churches. The fallowing speaks how they are contributing to growth of the
Divine Plan from within.

The problem is that on a physical level, no two churches seem to look to eye to eye. Charismatic
People working under organized Church oppose the Pentecostal Churches. When we look at this
spiritual movement, one thing stand out they all fail to grow towards the purpose for which Jesus
manifested and became Sacrifice. The consequence is that the evil is growing in parallel in the
Physical world.

I am not judging any one of these churches. If anyone could heal one person in the name of Jesus, if
anyone could pray for someone in stress and help de-stress the stress and give space-time for life
force to work, it is appreciable. I bow to such people. But such creation of space-time also is giving
scope for evil minds and powerful Satan to work. Thus the evil is growing in parallel in society. It
is defeating the purpose for which Jesus manifested.

The purpose of Jesus’s manifestation

One point that stands out when we observe the spiritual movement in the Globe around Jesus
Christ is that it is failing to grow to the Purpose for which Jesus manifested. The purpose for which

Jesus manifested is to restore the Kingdom of God on Earth. It is to defeat the evil mind of Satan.
God is living light, Knowledge, wisdom. We are failing to grow towards it. We seem to exploit the
Grace of God and end creating once own kingdom than working to build the Kingdom of God on
earth. We are failing to grow spiritually. We have stagnated with “self” and are failing to bring
Good News beyond religions. The Good News and Jesus need to be understood as Science.

The Failure of Science

Science came raising hope of leading humanity to Truth and back to Golden Age beyond religion.
Physicist, dominate science; they seek God at the atomic level and particle level. They see life has
its root in atoms and its organization. But they have failed to perceive creativity in atoms that can
account for Life and the complexity it has formed. They have many models of the universe its
creation and existence, such as Big Bang, Inflation Universe Scenario, Ekpyrotic Universe Scenario,
steady state Universe Scenario, Chaos and order Theory and the Living Universe Theory but they
fail to put them together to emerge with a sensible picture that all can accept.

Our understanding of Life is bringing forth new paradoxes. It is now understood that human Life
works on 2% of genes, the rest is redundant. What this means it has information developed from
ages, possibly traced back to Big Bang exist within us. It can dig back into this resource to survive
when it is stressed. The most surprising of it all is that number of genes in human Genome and
number of genes in mice is nearly the same. This has virtually struck down an important
standpoint of genetics that is “One gene one trait hypothesis”. What science has achieved in its
quest is only a peripheral knowledge of the system. It knows not the truth of its existence in Time.

The old idea that gene control life is already breaking down to give way to age-old conscious and
intelligence field as the controller of life.

Life today is no longer thought of as a machine running under defined and predictable
information, but a conscious system that is aware of even minute changes in the environment in
which it exists. It has a dynamic intelligence, by which it perceives and acts to overcome the stress.
The knowledge of life that west developed is yet to know this space-time field and dynamic
intelligence working in Life, which has potential to change space-time and the environment such
that life can thrive.

I am not a physicist; I am a biologist who dealt with life. In my research, I found deep flaws in our
understanding of Life. My interest in physics came as I learned that Life science has followed the
developments in Physics. The lack of knowledge of mathematics and training in physics has forced
me to limit myself to fallow physics conceptually than mathematically.

Physics speaks of forces and its interactions. It speaks of space-time, matter, and energy that
influences and shapes the system. When they extend their theory and try to comprehend the
origin and existence of the universe in time, it leads them to a single point called Singularity in a

great black hole , which is assumed to explode [Big Bang Theory]. But it is not known what causes
the Explosion. The only possible factor that survives the black hole is today understood as
information. Thus scientists are dropping the models of origin based on Gravity-time to build
models on information. We are going to explore, Jesus and Calvary as the Pivot of this explosion.

Physicists failure to perceive and present a force acting from black hole that resist the loss of
information, energy, matter and space-time into a black hole, and which works to bring back the
lost information, energy, matter and space-time and thus conquer time and initialize time, stands
as the biggest blemish of the scientific world. In short, science is failing to account for Big Bang
Theory sensibly.

The Big Bang Theory was proposed by a Catholic priest Georges Lemaitre by extending the Theory
of Relativity of Einstein back in Time. He said that universe should have its origin in single “Seed
Atom” and “Seed Particle”. Such a Big Bang is incomprehensible. No human mind can imagine all
matter in the universe condensing down to an atom and all the energy of it being concentrated in a
Single Particle. Further, we noted that black hole actually destroys space-time, matter, and energy
in an irreversible way. We did note earlier that at one point of time scientist thought that even
information is lost in the black hole. But now physicists think that information is plastered on the
surface of the black hole and is retrievable. But the question remains how.

Let us now see what the definition of information is. There is no fixed definition of information.
Here are some of them, I picked from the net

• The communication or reception of knowledge or intelligence

• Knowledge obtained from investigation, study, or instruction
• Information is intelligence and data
• The attribute inherent in and communicated by one of two or more alternative sequences or
arrangements of something (such as nucleotides in DNA or binary digits in a computer program)
that produce specific effects
• A signal or character (as in a communication system or computer) representing data
• Something (such as a message, experimental data, or a picture) which justifies the change in a
construct (such as a plan or theory) that represents physical or mental experience or another
• A quantitative measure of the content of information; specifically: a numerical quantity that
measures the uncertainty in the outcome of an experiment to be performed

From the physical point, we can say it is the 0 and 1 of digital computer. These are simply two
states of a string that is open or closed. Their opening and closing process leads to dance and
release of energy and capture of energy. We know the particle by the energy it releases or the
energy it absorbs. In other words, it creates a wave. [The reader will understand it as we go on]. In

modern computers, it is a silicon switch that open and close letting current flow. This however, is
not how life is designed to create and processes the information.

Note – Modern information world is built on 0 and 1 and it is one dimensional. It is based on
silicon-based chips that act as electrical switches when it is “1” electricity passes and when it is “0”
is closed. The matter works on two, three or four dimensions. The fourth is te dimension of time.
Life in contrast works on 5 and more dimensions. Life’s information is dynamic. We are yet to
evolve into this realm. We will discuss it later

The idea of relativity tells that information is relative or paired. You cannot say something as “big”
as long as there exists a “small” to compare with. Everything seems to exist in pairs. `Nature
reflects this very much in male and female, dominant and recessive gene, positive and negative,
giver and receptor. It also reflects in physics, as particle and anti-particle. One must note that
Gravitational theory itself is built on two objects one big and other small, the small rotating
around the big at a specific distance that is determined by some laws.

The concept of strings and loops and the concept of the parallel world that physicists developed in
the last few decades thus make sense and they are in the right direction of Knowing. But somehow
many of these scientists seem to be obsessed with symmetry and have failed to comprehend the
non-equilibrium dynamic design that underlines a Living system.

The Living system – The Key

Since we are exploring Living Universe built on Jesus Christ,
let us now explore Life briefly.

• The life we know is built on information.

• The information of Life is understood to be held in Genes that exist in pairs, [in a pair of DNA
• DNA string has the capacity to compress and elongate periodically exchanging information
[breathing at the micro or cellular level].
• It also is capable of creating mirror images of itself [mitotic division or physical growth,
associated with information renewal].
• It also capable of preserving its information but conquering time and death to the body by a
process of reproduction in which it develops new body out of the old. Here information from
parallel worlds reduce and come together to create. This means original pair of information of Life
is held in parallel world. No wonder God said He has created us in His image as male and female.

All these processes are information exchange between parallel worlds. It is a process by which the
system conquers gravity and time and the stress material world produces on the system. The first
two [Breathing and Mitotic division] relates to sustaining the balance within the system. The third
process is a creative process, where life [its information] conquers time and death, ensure the life

or particular species survive in a material world and its environment. Every time a living system
breaths, the law of time comes in to effect and loss of energy happens. This is accumulated within
the genetic system. When mitotic division takes this energy weighing on the system is normalized.

The existence pairs of life male and female mean there is quantum entangled parallel worlds. The
importance of it we will see it.

Note - We must visualize the lost energy in life being stored as Dark Energy, that cannot be seen
and explored, but it is known by its ability to exert gravity. The black hole is such a place where
energy exists, but cannot be investigated. Life’s process seems to be programmed to unearth the
locked dark energy.

The phenomenon of breathing, mitotic and meiotic seems to help Life and species to
survive Gravity and Time. It conquers time and death and initializes itself to survive in
the material world.

The womb is the black hole here. What explodes is information. Information unwinds bringing all
lost energy and matter, weaving a new body for information to survive. Here we see an
explanation as to how the information brings back energy and matter lost in the black hole.

Cosmos as Living Being around Jesus

The cosmos as material one we saw leads to a black hole with no cause for origin. But we have a
simple way out if we visualize universe as living. The big bang can now be visualized as controlled
explosion of God’s information from within black hole, creating New Body of out the old for it to
survive. This thinking appears sensible. But it has to include all developments in science and
various philosophies in a sensible manner. All model of creation has to account for the two basic

• Nothing is created or destroyed the system works through transformation

• There is a time direction in the system.

Earlier we saw that earth with the living organism is self-sustaining Gaia with no time direction. A
time direction to earth and possibly the whole universe manifests from a Human mind that
becomes ego self and material centered.

Time according to science directs to black hole and singularity in a black hole . Science strives to
see some cause and reason for the whole system to emerge from it. Logically, if ego, self and
excessively material human mind is the cause for of the system into a black hole and to a
singularity point then replacing this point with a mind that is very powerful, but not ego, self and
material centered can arrest the fall into it. This mind exposing all the information contained in it
can now be visualized as Big Bang.

When we bring Calvary sacrifice of Jesus into the above picture, It unfolds as the Big Bang Point of
creation. It is controlled exposure of information to create a New Out of the Old. The Spirit of Jesus
is the Creating and Restoring Spirit. Let us explore it logically

Jesus and Calvary from a Logical reasoning

Here I hope to build reasoning for God existence and show the importance of Jesus and His Calvary
Sacrifice. We here aim to discover God as Life Force that creates and sustains.

• Since gravity is centripetal and directs to a destructive singularity in black hole, since creation
and existence needs a force acting from this center and since life is the only thing that has the
capacity to transform gravity into anti-gravity, since Earth is the only place we have found life, it
means all the Cosmic drama of creation and existence of the universe in time is happening right
here on Earth. We the humans, our mind, our thinking and actions are playing an important role in

• This means creation and existence are related to Earth and Life in it. Since humans are
considered the most advanced and intelligent species, given the Dominion to rule Earth and all
species in it, the Big Bang Point to which all the gravity force of the world would point, should be
pointing to one human on Earth. This human should be unique and supreme. The Big Bang should
be related to a Supreme Act of this Supreme Being. We need to locate Supreme Seed Atom [soul]
and Supreme Particle [creative Spirit or energy] in this Supreme Being. The creation and
sustenance should come forth from it.

• The characteristic of this Supreme Human Being should be opposite to all normal humans.
Normal humans end up as the cause of the fall of cosmos or Kingdom of God. The adult human
becomes self and material centered. If he gains power then he develops the most disgusting trait-
Ego. He uses the power to advance his self, at the cost of others. He fails to use the power given to
Him to serve humanity and protect Earth and God’s Kingdom. Thus we have Earth tending to the
critical point of collapse in spite of many religious institutions/leaders, temples of science and it’s
acknowledged, scientists.

• The characteristic of the Supreme Human and Divine entity that creates and sustains and that
is acting from Earth now should be

1] He should be immensely powerful.

2] He should not be ego or self-centered.
3] He should not be a slave to the material world and its force.
4] He should carry all the original information to recreate and restore. In short in Him Gravity and
Time force of material world should transform and get initialized into New Time Cycle. He should
be an absolute model for all angels and humans

5] He should have the traits of Supreme Mother and Father

6] He should be unfolding His Spirit or information in fullness before he weaves a new flesh body
on top of it. He also should be giving His Flesh and Blood as Father and Mother do during Creation.
We today know that there spiritual or energetic world behind everything we see. The universe we
should similarly have a spiritual body over which material body forms and takes Life.

When we look for such a person, we would end in Jesus and His Calvary Sacrifice as
the Creation Secret or Big Bang Secret.

• In Christ, we come across a powerful Human, who could raise a dead body that is 40 days old,
who could command forces of Nature to calm, amplify little food to feed thousands, transform
water into wine, heal the born blind and deaf. He showed all power bestowed on Him to rulers of
Earth and its spiritual leaders. But when it came to defending His Self, He Chose not to use it,
instead, He chose to keep Faith, and do His Fathers will. He conquering ego and self the traits that
led to the fall of Father’s appointed people. He accepted most gruesome death in the hands of His
Father’s enemies – the Fallen Angels

Jesus the Pivot of Cosmic existence

To understand the importance of Jesus and Calvary Sacrifice, I call your attention to few figures
below [See Fig]. The fig below represents the Life Force and the role of life in the cosmic world.

The following figure speaks that matter and material world point to black hole or death. But all
living systems oppose this. Living system and its force are directed towards White Hole or Life. A

human being takes the highest position in the Pyramid of Life. Bible says he was given dominion of
kingdom of God

We already saw the universe as self-organizing without Adult Humans. It takes time direction
when Adult humans created in God’s Image and given Dominion of Earth and all species in it,
develops an ego, self, and disconnects from the God Force and becomes a slave to material force.

Since spirit-soul are indestructible and since parallel world [male and female] is a reality, it means
we have to locate at the tip of the pyramid a Supreme Parents; God the Father and Mother, from
which everything came into existence. We have our root in two Great Conscious and Intelligent
fields [God the Father and Mother], we exist in this field. These two conscious fields hold the three
world worlds together that the Spiritual scriptures speak of as Heaven, Earth and Hell See Fig Next

This living conscious and intelligent entity or a parallel world exists as one. It contains trillion of
the system of similar design within it. They form the body of the Universe. Hindu philosophy
clearly speaks this reality in terms of Universal Consciousness and Intelligence, containing trillions
of individuated consciousness and intelligence.

Every time this living entity breathes [compresses and expands], the spirit flows within the system
[See Fig]. This gives the motion to the whole system. However, by the second law of nature, some
energy or spirit is lost. This loss strengthens the black hole in time. This has to be understood as
the loss of spirit-souls. God the creators after creation with free will to souls resist the fall. But the
physical mind-body is prone to time and its deteriorative Influence.

What we fail to understand is how the time direction to the black hole is conquered and how the
system gets initialized. Here comes the importance of Jesus and His Calvary Sacrifice. He is the
First Born. Jesus is Primal Spirit-soul, Primal cell, Primal Being that contained all the original
information of the Cosmic Parents. With His sacrifice, this Primal DNA or information is kept open
into Creation state. We understand this in detail as we go on

The cosmic picture can be comprehended from a human system containing over 100 trillion cells
at any moment with billions of cells virtually dying and taking birth every minute inside it. We
must note this system originates from single cell formed from two parental worlds.

All Religious Scriptures tells us we should strive to support the whole of which we are part. We are
supposed Love and support Father and Mother. It says Instead of trying to build our kingdom. we
are supposed to serve to build and sustain the Kingdom of God, We the Spirit-souls [Humans] on
Earth, who take flesh body, have our root in one Goddess and God, who form our Supreme Parent
and we are the Children of God. Thus Hindu Philosophy speaks one Family [Vasudhaiva

Thus all spiritual scriptures call us to look to Heavens and exist surrendered to God. Look to
heaven means to look within. It calls us not to develop ego and self and become extremely material
centered. The Bible resists us from looking away from God to black hole. It is a resistance from
becoming and mind centered Life and becoming a slave to the material world, which in time
directs to a black hole. A black hole is the gravitational point to which the material force points. It
is singularity point at which everything is destroyed to be recreated. What is destroyed is our ego
and our self-centered mind, that becomes a slave to money and works to build once own Kingdom
than the Kingdom of God.

The preachers of Bible condemn Humanity [Adam and Eve]. The Truth is that a Fallen Angel or
God’s own people are responsible for it. On Earth, the responsibility of deterioration of Kingdom of
God falls on spiritual institutions and the people who are at the helm of the ruling. But the reality
is best reflected in Hindu Philosophy which writes that Time is Inevitable Reality, it has to go in

In Bible God does not find fault with anybody, but takes the responsibility on Himself through
Jesus. He defeats Satan by accepting Satan to go through Him, ensuring the duality dissolves and
the Holy Spirit returns to awaken the captive souls and ensure they are liberated from Satan’s
grip. The Satan or evil mind then will fall by its own deeds to deep depth or hell. Jesus has defeated
the evil mind in all important Spiritual realm, what is left is the expression of its victory in Physical
realm. The spirit of Jesus is working to lead us back to our glorious period. However, this is being
resisted by the very people who preach God and Jesus.

In Bible, God after the creation of Adam and Eve in His image gives the dominion of His Kingdom
to them. Adam and Eve represent humanity. Dominion means He gave all knowledge necessary to
rule His Kingdom; He put a resistance on humanity from turning away from Him and becoming a
slave to the material world that directs to black hole.

God the Mother and Father through Jesus showed how one should live and act. Jesus was
powerful; He used His power to serve the people. He lived connected to the consciousness and
intelligence within. He was one step ahead and existed connected to Father and did the will of His
Father. In His sacrifice, He conquered the Ego and Self of God’s own people that led to the downfall
of His Father’s Kingdom.

The “Selfish Gene” and Jesus

A well-known scientist and atheist Richard Dawkins wrote a book named “The Selfish Gene”. It
shook the intellectual world of the west and became a black hole of Biology and spirituality. It
spoke of Gene-based evolution that leads to black hole. It essentially spoke of Good failing and evil
thriving. Selfish Gene Theory of evolution principally tells us that we are like survival machine–
robot vehicle, blindly programmed to preserve the Selfish Genes. Two individual in a species is
programmed through a feedback loop to strengthen the self and thus survive at all cost. It speaks
of survival of the fittest and powerful and annihilation of the opposite.

The good and selflessness in this theory are considered a weakness that will be wiped out. In
short, any altruistic systems are inherently unstable because it is open to abuse by selfish
Gene which thrives. This is fundamentally against the scriptures and what is written in it. It
is against preachings of Jesus. It means we are called to search and empower our evil traits.
It means good is good for speaking but not well for the practice.

In one glance at the world, tells us this theory is correct. You look to any realms of society, the
priestly, the kingly, businessman and even common man, the one who thrives is the self and evil-
minded one, who speaks nicely, wears white cloth, but deep within is dark. Two evil minds in our
society easily come together to loot and share the loot and grow. They are connected to present
time and have the capacity to exploit the weakness of people around them. They create a scenario
that is leading to the growth of evil mind in the society and the society is tending to great disorder
and destruction under them.

In contrast, two Good individuals rarely come together. They strive to grow to the unseen. Thus
they easily become the victim. Thus we see even the best of the preacher of God, with much power
bestowed on him, at some point falling. This is something every intellectual sees in every field.
What this means, the power of material world and money, the power of mind-body is a real and
powerful. In fact, the whole world is in the grip of self-centered evil minds, which is growing
exponentially, strengthening and awakening self-gene and all evil traits in humanity and leading it
to a collapsing point.

All evil and self-centered minds cleverly creep into various power centers, wear the white cloth
and build the whole system to favor them, including the Judiciary. Thus we have come to think
corruption is something we have to live with, self and evil traits or gene, are the fittest gene to
survive. This rightly brings God and Good to question and one can easily argue that God is a
delusion and a non-existent reality from this point.

I a student of science and young observing and thinking man, also once thought Jesus and Calvary
Sacrifice, as the most stupid and fictions thing. Life is a struggle; mind-body is programmed to
fight death. To surrender to evil minds meekly is something I visualized as stupid until I
discovered the Divine Plan of conquering time and death.

Today I by Grace know that this self, ego, and bad traits exist conquered in Calvary in Spiritual
Realm. I understand the existence of Spirit-Soul, that perceives, observes and acts and the right
moment. Mind-body that modern west thinks superior is prone to deterioration and death. But the
Spirit-Soul and information contained in spirit-soul are indestructible. Time and death to mind-
body of the Living universe already exist conquered in all important spiritual realm. What is left is
its manifestation into the Physical realm, such that these evil minds that are thriving today are put
to rest or put to hell as the system makes a Quantum Shift.

My arguments are simple, “selfish gene” brings deterioration and death. It creates a downward
force to a black hole where space-time, matter, and even energy disintegrate. Mind-body and the
competitions are good and it strengthens the gene to survive. But the truth is that gene and mind-
body does not control life. There is faculty called spirit-soul, consciousness, and intelligence that is
working behind life, which help the system or species to survive. The self-gene relates to a
Physical realm that deteriorates over time, but it has no power on spirit-soul and the creative
realm. The self-gene is destroyed in creation phase. It cannot survive working against the
conscious and intelligent field.

A gene is not conscious. If it were so, only physical evolution would have existed. There was no
necessity of sexual and spiritual evolution. The truth is time has down phase and up phase. What
is advantageous in down phase will not be advantageous in up-phase, thus we have sexual
reproduction and mixing of information from two different individuals. Thus we have randomness
in nature, with a possibility of all black holes and White Hole separating. Thus scriptures speak of
Judgment and separation.

In short, self-gene and selfish motives stay same. It is resistive in its thinking. All religious
institutions and people attached to religions, work to strengthen the self-gene. They are resistive
but have now power to evolve and take Life. God had to manifest as because of failure of Jewish
preist in spite of creating sign and and wonders and showing His power to them.

But in people who exist connected to the consciousness and work in surrender to it God’s force
works bring Life. The selflessness or altruistic thinking has the critical dynamic advantage to
survive in both the down phase and up phase.

Modern science, be it physicist or Biologist and Evolutionist who speak of self-gene, end in the
black hole, with no reason for origin and existence. We seem to fail to understand how Universe
comes into existence and how the Good and life thrives conquering the death. It is important we
should become conscious and intelligent to comprehend it. Here comes the assistance of liberator
Spirit of Jesus and the revelations coming from Him.

We, humans, are special animals. We have complex culture, languages, religions, art, emotions,
creativity and spiritual affiliations and quest for spiritual evolution that could not have come from
gene and its evolution. Gene relates to the physical reality of life, which can take multitude of
dimensions and thus account for wide range of living species [See Fig below - spiritual and
physical dimensions]

Living species have spiritual dimensions and Physical dimensions. Spiritual dimensions have one
only two dimensions up or down. But physical can take innumerable dimensions. This explains the
diversity in life.

Earlier we saw that Human species are different. It has inherent spiritual quest. Humanity is in
search of Truth and God and it seeks its origin. No other living species seek Truth and God. They
seem to be with Truth and God. We humans seem to be the species which have lost connection
with Truth and God. We seem to have lost connection not only with God or Creator consciousness
and intelligence but also our conscious and intelligent field. Thus we have become sitting ducks to
evil minds who rule and live by our sweat and blood.

We seem to work with limited mind-body intelligence. We seem to have lost connection with our
Spirit-soul. The scriptures, culture, and practices that have existed with humans seem to create a
path back to know Truth and God and know our interrelationship and oneness and our
relationships with One God or Creator and Sustainer. In substance, Bible says we are created in
His image and we knew Him and we had dominion to rule His Kingdom. This was lost in time as
we became a slave to evil minds and became material centered. Jesus is helping us to awaken us to
our interrelationship and our oneness in Him and return back to the Glorious Period.

Very clearly rise of Self Gene, in humans has led to spiritual deterioration and moving away from
Truth and God. It has led us to mind-body centered life. We today live disconnected from our
consciousness and intelligence and thus easily fall to evil mind that comes in camouflage. We fail
to perceive and flame up the Life force or God within to distinguish these evil minds. We are in
down phase fast moving into self–destruction. We are heading for a Great disorder and

When the world is in a spell of self-gene and its augmentation, no individuals can stop this down
phase, and thus humanity is seeking the intervention of God the Creator. The Good News is that
the great evil mind exists conquered in the unseen Spiritual Realm by a supreme non-selfish act of
Jesus in Calvary. We are yet to see its manifestation in Physical realm. Nothing can stop the
manifestation of what happened in spiritual realm into Physical Realm. There is Great Attractor
developing in the great disordered system. This Great Attractor is the Spirit of Christ. We are due
to collapse into new order around Him.

God manifested on earth as Jesus, to conquer the “ego” and “self” gene. In Calvary, He has
executed a Divine Plan. We must note and underline that if God had to manifest as Human on
Earth, it is inevitable all Good Angels should follow His path. The present scenario of the world is
that the Fallen Angels that manifested as Satan and the Good angels who are aligned with God is
fighting the spiritual battle. This battle completes when the human's souls who are kept as slaves
by fallen angels are liberated. This happens when Truth Reveals and all of humanity awakens to
Truth and God and the importance of Calvary Sacrifice. The fate and fall of Self Gene are already

Thus I tend to believe that the world would awaken when 50% of spiritual leaders especially of
Christianity awaken. However, by their position, they are the most recalcitrant souls. When Jesus
manifested not one soul was selected from the Jewish Priests. The scenario is no different today. In
fact is it is worse. The temples are not only markets but the hideout of all evil minds. It is where
the evil minds plan the political scenario of the World. Christianity, which is the spiritual
institution of the west, cannot wash hands from the present state of the world.

Jesus possibly knew the fate of His disciples and those who truly believe in Him. Thus he spoke of
Second Coming. We must note the present Holy Spirit movement has reached a point and is failing

to grow to next level. The world is experiencing the stress to make a quantum shift to know the
mind of God

The Key to Know God and Jesus

The key to knowing God is to know the above reality from the point of Science. Time is inevitable
in the living universe. The body of God [the kingdom of God] deteriorates in time and calls for
restoration into New Time Cycle. It deteriorates due to ego and self-centered minds. It
deteriorates because of “self-gene” inherent in the system. In Calvary, the self-gene exists
conquered. The work is complete in Spiritual Realm. What we are due to witness is a physical
manifestation. To understand the Divine Plan in operation through Jesus and science of it, Let us
now evaluate another figure.

The figure below speaks of human beings and its relation to a Unique Being at the center. The
system is bound by two forces; winding and unwinding that coexist. Let us call Central Unique
Supreme Being as God Being. This God Being should have come from two Parallel Worlds or God
Beings [God Mother and Father]. This Being is Unique and it should carry the original uncorrupt
information of the whole system in it. We can visualize it as the FIRST BORN of God the Father
and Mother. In him Earth and heavens came together.

The whole is the God the Father, behind Him God the Mother exists in a recessive manner. The
picture we are seeing above is the state of Union of God the Father and Mother that led to the
creation of the Supreme Being and the First Born [Jesus Christ]. Jesus is the miniature of the whole
in the center to which gravity and time are directed. It is the lower limit to which time in the
physical world can tend. In Jesus, we are contained as cells. There is no moment in time when God
is not aware of us.

The first and second laws of energy and matter of science determine the existence of the system.
The first law says nothing is created or destroyed and the system exists by transformation. Every
transformation is associated with some loss of energy or matter; this means there is an inevitable
time direction.

All religious scriptures tell us that spirit-souls are indestructible and it exists eternally. This means
we were in God in the Past, we are in God in the present and we will be in God in future. It also
means all the three world heaven, earth, and hell, exists in Him and He is the sole authority of it.

Since nothing is created or destroyed and since time tends to one Supreme Being in the center, it
also means we are contained in this Supreme Being. Assuming that this Supreme Being is Jesus
Christ, means we are contained in Jesus. Through Jesus we are all washed Clean. So the anew
creation process can be initiated. This means, Jesus is not only opening in up the information but
also giving His flesh and Blood. In effect Jesus is the God the Father and Mother and the elder
brother to all. No wonder Jesus called us to eat his flesh and drink His blood. From biological it
becomes a science of creation in the Womb.

When Jesus Sacrificed Himself, God opened up His Conscious and intelligent field open for all to
come to New Life and enter His kingdom. The Present time is a time when this field is open for all.
In this open field evil mind and self-gene, are thriving best. Jesus spoke about it when he spoke of
parable of weeds growing with good seeds in the same field. But the scenario changes when the
Truth reveals and the King Returns

Post Calvary is time of Transformation of Souls with the Freewill to all souls. It is a period of
conquering time and time initialization. Only thing is that the space-time location of ours changes
as the old cycle gives way to New Cycle. Spirit of Jesus is calling us take New Birth in Him and
takes new space-time position. Spirit of Christ is helping us to connect to the consciousness and
intelligence within and thus walk the path of Truth and Justice. He is trying rise up to spirit of God
within us such that we come out of the slavery to evil mind ruling us in the name of God.

The evil minds ruling us today from responsible chairs at the top, speak God, speak of serving God
and humans but align with the material world and its force. These hypocritical minds will fall
miserably to the lowest level. Judgment in Bible explicitly speaks this.

Important Note
• We can also visualize the above figure reducing it down to spirit-soul [Living atoms] and
Quantum particle that opens as the string and collapses back into particle leading to Quantum
Dance and pulsating existence. This deduction of the above figure down to atomic and particulate
level is critical because the modern world is determined by Physicist and seeks the secret of the
Universe in atomic and particulate level. The world accepts the Good News and awakens to Jesus
Christ and His Calvary sacrifice only when Calvary is understood as a Physical science that

includes the Spiritual. The Quantum particle that dances and the Living atom that shows creativity
to form the living system we see is explored in the Second Part.

• The Gravity and its force are directed to this Primal Being, Primal Soul [Living Atom], and
Primal Particle. This atom thus gets stressed and gets energized to the maximum. The
electromagnetic spectra, do tell us that the particle to far right towards the ultraviolet side, can
compact huge amount of energy. Thus we can visualize the Big Bang from Calvary. This Big Bang,
however, is controlled. It should be understood as information unfolding to bring lost knowledge
to humanity. Black body spectrum [see fig] says that the heat of the system cannot rise unilaterally
and beyond the point, it shows a downturn. It thus speaks of a self-organizing system.

The sudden fall of energy or heat can be very much destructive. We are peaking in the heat on
earth. Since design opposes this, we are seeing huge peaking and falling leading to huge fire, wind,
flash flood/snows, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. A sudden fall as shown in the curve can be
quite destructive. But when we awaken to God gain Higher Knowledge we can take control of the
situation and develop new dimensions for growing on Planet Earth.

• The spirituality of both east and west tells of the Living universe with a Primal Spirit-soul, with
trillion of Spirit-soul forming its body. It tells us that spirit-souls are indestructible. But it is prone
to fall in time. God thus after creation keeps the resistance. Bible says souls fall in time and thus
the body or kingdom of God deteriorates, calling for restoration from time to time. Living system
work to balance, and thus God is visualized as Judge. When the created forming His body loses
connectivity with God, the kingdom of God goes downward.

• When 2/4th of indestructible spirit-soul goes the other way, God creates disorder to sustain
the system. This possibly is the time when Adam and Eve are sent out of Eden. But time exists
even in disorder. When 3/4th of the Spirit-soul turns against God, the balance goes in the favor of
darkness, leading God to dissolve his Kingdom and go into recreation.

• This recreation is happening through Christ. There is no physical collapse but the spiritual one
happens to lead reorganization. God works by transforming human souls giving free will. In the

end, He initializes His Physical body or His Kingdom, binding Satan and its cronies to where it

• Being in the center, this Supreme Being is capable of perceiving the whole. It now also becomes
the center to which all the material force or Gravity Force directs. We can visualize this Supreme
Being as Jesus. Jesus holds the Supreme uncorrupt information of the whole system. He is a
miniature of the whole at the center. No wonder Bible calls Him the Son of God or First Born. In
Him, we are contained.

As Jesus became the sacrifice He released the Primal Information of the cosmic system into
recreation and restoration state with free will to all spirit-souls.

With Jesus and His sacrifice, all three world heaven earth and hell were dissolved, giving free will
to all souls. Jesus released us from slavery to take new space-time Positions in the New World
forming from within. From this point all claims Jesus made such as
• I am the way truth and life
• I am the resurrection and life
• I am the light of the world
• I am the bread of life
• I am the gate
• I am the Good Shepherd
• I am the true wine
All of it becomes real.

The manifestation of this Supreme Being happened when, 3/4th of the indestructible Spirit-Souls
[Human’s], took the forbidden path falling into black hole. This means Gravity and black hole grew
to a point where the whole system and its existence are endangered. A reverse process now
became a necessity, which releases the Spirit-souls from black hole and restores New Order. The
New order would manifest when 3/4th of the souls are transformed and restored. The Bible needs
to be understood from this Context. The fig below speaks it.

The black hole and singularity are arrested with the sacrifice that happened in Calvary. With it, all
four worlds are dissolved into one. With it, a New Time or world started in the womb or black
hole. The victory over death is complete in Spiritual level. But the manifestation of this victory
into Physical level is what we are yet to see.

The purpose for which Jesus manifested is to restore the Kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is
Truth and Justice. Thus, I believe that whoever believed in God and walked in Path of Truth and
Justice and died strengthens the inner world. The inner world grows effortlessly, creating a
Spiritual backbone. Eventually, the spiritual backbone breaks the womb and materializes into
reality. This is the simple science of Bible and Calvary. You don’t have to be Christian to enter the

Kingdom of God. But you walking the path of Truth and Justice become essential. This statement of
mine may not be appealing to orthodox organized Christian leaders, who are power centered and
wish to keep people as slaves serving them. I hope the present Pope Understands it.

The spiritual growth within the womb occurs in many steps. This seems to have been best
represented by Kundalini of Hindu philosophy. The six-day creation written in Bible also now
becomes a reality from a spiritual point. We will explore it later.

The Vedas say creation is thought projection of Mind of Supreme God. The Spirit-souls created in
the image also does such projections, but they are much inferior. Thus Hindu philosophy speaks of
inferior knowledge and superior knowledge. It speaks of 330 million God’s. The cosmic system
begins to fall when these minor Gods develop the ego and lose their connection with One absolute
Supreme God [Jesus] from which they came into being. The reverse process initializes the system
into new time cycle. The time is calling all people who teach God and Jesus to come beyond self to
manifest the kingdom of God.

The present situation of the world, where untruth and injustice are growing, where the Earth is
becoming fragile and is growing unstable in all realms could be related to the peak of the stress
building on earth from within. This is being experienced by individuals as stress on consciousness,
leading to awakening. This awakening is called New Birth experience. This experience stabilizes
at individual and collective when we know Jesus as the Ultimate Truth and Science of creation.

The physical world, in which we now live, is still ruled by evil heart and minds. In the absence of
Truth and Knowledge of Jesus and Calvary as Science, these minds are flourishing. But the
scenario changes the moment the world awakens to Truth. It is inevitable that we awaken to
Truth. The Divine Plan Instituted in Calvary is undefeatable.

There is growing stress on the system that is leading to spiritual awakening. Not all of those
people who come to you in the name Jesus are truly directed to Jesus. Many of them are exploiting
the open field of Jesus consciousness and intelligence to build the kingdom of their own. We know
that God has become easily marketable Commodity. God and Jesus have allowed them. However,
Judgment part spoken in Bible speaks against them. Very clearly 50% of them are prone to fall to
deep depths. The two thieves’ crucified with Christ, one who repented and other failed to repent,
the seven brides, who had no oil in the lamp, when the groom came speak the fall of nearly half of
the people working in the spiritual realm taking God’s name but exploit people are bound to fall.

One must note here that, the Dark Spirit is nearly powerful as White One. As Jesus finished his 40
days of fasting prayer Jesus was offered the whole of Earth and everything in it by the devil if He
bows to him [Satan]. Jesus was in full awareness to realize that His Father is the rightful owner of
all three worlds and that He is the rightful inheritor of Kingdom of God.

Health and prosperity is our right, but the most important call of Bible is to seek the Kingdom of
God. The Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice. If you are not in the path of Truth and Justice, the
castle you build will collapse for want of strong base. Everything is written in Bible in a subtle
manner. We the people and nations, strive for physical infrastructure. However, we fail to realize
that we the individuals, nation and the global society actually exist on Spiritual foundation. If it
shudders, all physical empire we built will collapse and wither away.

The evil heart and mind that is a slave to the material world are continuing to grow in the outer
world since Calvary. The struggle of these evil hearts and minds is only helping the inner world to
grow. Like a huge plane that takes off against the wind blowing against it, the inner world is
growing and it is bound to break the black hole.

Once it breaks the womb, the light emerging will split and move to the pole differentiating the one
world into two. This is the restoration of the kingdom of God. With it humanity gets exposed to
whole Truth and darkness or the evil mind gets defeated. This leads to the manifestation of the
Kingdom of God on Earth. This could be understood as First Judgment or Original Justice. It is
the Kingdom of God on Earth.

The science of it could be understood from the bright radiating objects called centriole emerging
on one side of the cell once DNA duplication is complete. This centriole splits into two and moves
to opposite pole spirally twisting and pinching one cell into two. See Fig

The first or original judgment is followed by the second one that differentiates the up and down.
Once this happens movement of the soul from below to up is impossible, the souls may have to
wait for the Next Universal Cycle when God dissolves the entire four worlds and goes into
recreation with free will to all souls.

We the humans in our flesh body, living by our mind and our thoughts developing our “self” or “I”,
cannot perceive the past or the future. Some illusionary picture emerges as one transcends from

outer to inner and back. This is the basis of many prophesies, many of them are destructive. But
Jesus is in control. His sacrifice is not going to go waste. We are due to enter the Golden age.

However, once the Judgment takes place, where our soul goes gets determined. Many powerful
souls will fall from top to bottom. The spirit-soul without the flesh body realizes its past. But then
it will not get another opportunity to emerge from the black hole until the next Universal cycle.
Here comes the importance of Human Life, as an opportunity to evolve once soul. Here comes the
importance of introspection and meditation and leading a Good and justified life connected to the

Holy Spirit and Science

It should be recalled here that physicists working in string theory and Parallel worlds have
presented a New Theoretical modification of Big Bang called “Ekpyrotic Scenario of Creation”.
Here they visualize at singularity one world shrinking and piercing the other and emerging out.
This vision brings to mind the reproduction in Life, where the sperm carrying information from
the Father conceive in the womb of Mother and goes on to create New Body conquering the time
and death. In reproduction the first step is a reduction of information, the second is the fusion
information [or energetic fusions] which exchanges the information and finding a New Balance.

The biology of creation points is the need to reduce and surrender to a Central Force. Jesus the
Human God showed the way. We are called surrender our ego and self to transform and
transcend into the Central Force that God released through Jesus. This Central force that gives
new life and integrates us ensuring that we get initialized into New Time Cycle

All life, including the Living Universe, is constantly struggling to Balance itself. Thus God as
creator, Judge [sustainer] and destroyer, becomes an important aspect of Spiritual Knowledge.
What He destroys is the ego and self of spirit-souls that exists within its field.

Today all religious leaders and leaders of Big Nations, determining our fate on earth are ego,
self-centered. They competitively exploit Mother Nature and humans to sustain their power.
Religious leaders are hand and in glove with political leaders and the rich. They strive to fish in
troubled waters and try to advance their institutions quantitatively. In democratic, world,
where number matters they strive to advance their power. They utterly fail to grow spiritually
or in quality.

Even, when the earth is reacting and its ecosphere is collapsing, they are resisting the
awakening. Their resistance is disgusting, I feel immensely pained when I see common man
becoming the sufferer for their failure. But then we are same people who shouted supporting
them and got Jesus the Good Crucified and got a thief and murderer, released in His place. In a
largely democratic world, where we choose the leaders, we have no right to grumble. In open
world, where media airs what is happening around us 24 hours, the silence of people is

disgusting. People remain silent unless his home burns or floods. I hope the world awakens
when the ground below us is slipping.

The process of creation is happening through the transformation of our spirit-soul, through the
spirit-soul of Jesus Christ that is working even today. We must recall that the two unflinching
laws of Science are the two laws related to energy [Spirit], which states that

• Nothing is created or destroyed and the system works through the transformation process.
• The second is the time direction, which means there is a loss, which creates a downward pull
and collapses to the singularity.

The conquering of this time and flow and restoration of the whole system back into New Time
cycle is what we are failing to understand. The GOOD NEWS is the journey back to new time
cycle is happening through Jesus Christ. Jesus is working on the black hole and restore us back
into New Time Cycle.

Holy Spirit or Spirit or God’s is beyond religion. Bible tells us that Holy Spirit is a Personality,
the most important person in the Trinity. Hindu and Muslim Philosophy have different names
to Holy Spirit. The Whole is the God the Mother and Father, the center of it or the FIRST BORN
is Jesus Christ. The whole is contained in the First Born as spiritual information and conscious
awareness. This spiritual information unfolds in six steps to create and restore.

We were contained in Jesus, both in spirit and flesh, before the beginning of time. No
wonder Jesus offered His flesh and Blood for us to eat and drink.

The Holy Spirit that Jesus released by His sacrifice is the Creator and Sustainer. It is the God’s
Conscious and intelligence field in which everything is contained. This Supreme Field knows the
intent of all souls in its Field. Holy Spirit can perceive the ego, self, hypocritical life of souls
contained in it. Bible clearly tells us that “Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man
[Jesus] will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either
in this age or in the age to come”

He is the Living Spirit that is compassionate. It does not send back any soul that comes to it empty-
handed. Holy Spirit works through idol in the Sanctum Sanctorum. He is the Spirit Hidden behind
the bread kept in Sanctum Sanctorum. He is Life-force hidden in words of scriptures. He is alive in
the food we eat and air we breathe. This Spirit cannot work into your souls or repair diseases of
our mind-body unless you surrender our mind, its ego, self to it. Every school of thoughts on earth
is a resistance to it including Christianity. The spirit-soul that develops an ego, and becomes a
slave to money can never grow in the Spirit of Jesus. Jesus thus said you have to take new birth.
New birth is only an initial step, the real call is to grow in Spirit to comprehend the knowledge and
wisdom of God, such that Kingdom of God manifests

Our weakness our wrongdoing is not a problem for it, but our ego, self and our excessive
attachment to the material world is the biggest impediment for it to work.

This Spirit of God includes all, not one soul is left behind. But as the Spirit of Christ or God emerges
victorious, many souls are bound to fall, from their superior positions in this world down to the
lowest level. This is written in Bible. Unfortunately, most of us who go to temple, churches, retreat
center, and powerful prayer meetings, end up seeking support for one’s own thought and plans.
Hardly anyone seeks God’s will and His Plan. Thus we end up seeking support for once evil
thoughts and plans. We end up asking for healing and money and power, not knowledge and the
giver of knowledge.

Asking for healing is our right, asking for basic need to sustain oneself is our right. But our greed is
such that we exploit our freedom; we seek our rights and fail to do our duties. Bible says that only
one out of ten, whom Jesus healed, returned to thank Him. We often misuse the gifts of God,
forgetting Him and the purpose for which Jesus manifested.

The field is open to all, all evil heart and minds are included. Jesus was aware that His Field will be
exploited by evil heart and minds. He spoke about it in “Parable of weeds growing with wheat”. We
are in the time zone where weeds are growing faster than wheat. This signifies the modern world
where heart and mind that are ego, self, and material centered is dominating in every realm of the

They use the Temples of God as the marketplace; they covet the Seal of God. Even the so-called
guardians of Temple and churches responsible keep sanctity of sanctum sanctorum, yield to them.
They live a hypocritical life. They end up compromising and desecrating the Sanctum Sanctorum.

The Divine Force released by Christ is not only bringing us to New Life but illuminating our mind
such that Light and Life wins over darkness and evil. The evil is inherent in all system. It is part of
all of us. It is part of the whole. The call in scriptures is to fight the evil within and walk the path of
Truth and Justice. It calls to connect to the consciousness and intelligence within and align with
Universal Consciousness and intelligence. Our mind cannot seek God. A mind in surrender to heart
field enters God field. A translation into God Path and Force happens when we surrender not only
our mind field but also your heart field.

When Universal time is directed in down phase it is impossible anyone can fight the dark force
within. The “ego gene” and “self-gene” is active at the individual and collective level. It is
amplifying and taking the whole system down a destructive path. It is here the importance of Jesus
Christ and His Calvary sacrifice and the Divine Plan stands out.

The Spirit of God is leading us back to Golden Age. But we all seem to stagnate with our “self” and
fail to grow in the Spirit of Jesus or God. The bad trend is that many spiritually anointed people
seem to fail to travel further into God’s Light and Truth. They seem to sell a ticket to heaven and
are disconnected with reality. God is Knowledge and wisdom. He has come to Earth to bring the
Kingdom of God to Earth.

Kingdom God differentiates into heaven and hell from Here. If God had to come and take Human
life, it is inevitable all angels of God have to take this path. The first goal is to become Human and
being compassionate. The Divine aspect is the second process of growth from this foothold. The
peace of the world exists in growing beyond religion to know our oneness in God.

I am not judging any of the spirit-filled souls, spreading the message of Christ with power. I just
wish to tell that the reality exists here on Earth. Everything differentiates from here. God has no
Reality and existence without Goddess. No gene is known to exist as single. You cannot end up in
God unless he comes through the Mother. The compassionate aspect of Jesus is the quality of the
Mother. It is the basal aspect by which we all were reconciled with God. When you deny Mother
you are denying Jesus.

I don’t believe in becoming holy and selling the ticket to heaven. I believe in becoming a Good
Human and strive for His Kingdom on Earth. Whether I go to heaven or hell is a decision left to
Him. I don’t wish to impinge on Him and His judgment. I don’t claim to be empowered one, but
a sinner in surrender and seeker in weakness. I am doing my conscious call.

I have striven all along to point to the endangered state of the Earth [see chapter 2]. The Earth’s
grid points are collapsing under human greed. The principal cause is the increased heat of the
environment. The energy of Earth is peaking and falling, this is manifesting as huge destruction on
Earth. If we do not awaken now, we are in for huge catastrophes that can destroy much of
humanity. Many scientists have predicted it. It is the time we awaken to some simple realities
around us and take control of Earth and de-stress her and go on to make the Kingdom of God on

Today we all exist unconcerned about what is happening around the world. We exist unconcerned
when disaster striking other country, places, and people. No place on Earth is safe when we are
stressing Earth. You can live in the illusion of being safe till it strikes. The uncertain state of the
world and miseries that humanity is facing is becoming fishing ground for many who emerge in
the name of God, selling heaven. I am calling for the need to evolve our knowledge to save Earth
and humanity. This should be the first step.

The Sword of Justice

Bible is the most spoken and taught Scripture. The original Church of Jesus formed by Jesus’s
disciples broke down to form many Churches. Each claims that they are the authority to teach

Jesus. In the last century, we saw many anointed individual emerging speaking Bible and Jesus
with the power of Spirit God to form many independent churches. Because they could raise the
spirit of Christ to cause miracle cure they have flourished. The lifeless organized corporate
Christianity that has spread the world, see these blooming churches as a threat to their existence,
instead of seeing them as force adding to the purpose for which Jesus manifested.

But for an impartial observer, each of these churches after a point of growth seems to take the
same path as the Mother church that compromised their God to money and material aspects. The
evil very clearly uses the bait of money material world to catch the awakened people in the Spirit
of God. This is the one reason why we see the flourishing of evil in Parallel to the Spirit of Christ
awakening souls. The system thus is failing to make Quantum Leap from darkness to Light, death
to Life. The people thus wait for the return of Jesus to make this quantum shift in favor of Good.

The Good News is that the conscious field of the Creator is aware of each individual and their
deeper intent as they take His name to create churches. Creators Conscious field is aware of the
True and false souls working in His field taking His name.

Most forget that there is a purpose for which Jesus came. Jesus came not fulfill our greed for
material wealth. He came to restore His Fathers Kingdom on Earth. He came to restore Truth and
Justice. Jesus did not condemn one ordinary person. The only people whom Jesus condemned are
the spiritual leaders.

This means a common man who has walked the path of truth or Justice has nothing worry. Even if
he has erred and is on a bad path, he would get time to Jump back. Since God’s sword slices first,
His people who are speaking God but live a hypocritical life. If common man has taken a wrong
path, the responsibility exists in priest and teachers operating from the temples. God cannot find
common people responsible for the deterioration of His kingdom. The Original Justice comes on
speakers and teachers of God first, which gives time for common man to correct and escape a fall
into black hole.

The two thieves crucified on the right and left of Jesus on Calvary, possibly are teachers of God
[The Bishops and priest and makers of law]. These people are called to serve God and lead people
in right path. When they fail the system fails. One half of these people who speak and preach God
and empowered are prone to fall to deep depth and manifest as Satan. The other half repents in
the last moment and come alive.

Jesus preaching is a call to connect to consciousness and intelligence and walk the path of Truth
and Justice and thus work to uphold the Kingdom of God. The spiritual leaders are called to raise
the Life Force at all cost. When they compromise, the system deteriorates.

This hard truth could be not appealing to religious leaders but is a logical reality. It is time
preachers simplify Jesus and give them to people, instead of making them slaves. The Builder of
the Church is Spirit Soul of God that is conscious and intelligent, so it is time they remove there
Holy and authoritative Mask. It is time they let go their ego, self and slavery to material world and
break down and surrender to spirit of Christ and save their soul.

I am sure I will be crucified by my community. I am not interested in arguing with people who sell
heaven without least concern for earth our abode. One must note down that our ecosphere is
collapsing and the whole of humanity is in danger. I don’t believe in fishing in trouble waters. I
chose the profession of a scientist, hoping to contribute, something to humanity in the process of
leading my life. Destiny brought me out into open world, the greatest laboratory of which you and
I are part. I speak no religion. I speak the science and knowledge reveled to me.

I believe Jesus came to save us and lead us back to Golden Age or Dharma Yuga. He is striving to
return the knowledge and wisdom that we lost. He is bringing back to us the lost memory that we
are in God. I believe His Calvary Sacrifice will not go waste. When the truth of Jesus is known as
science, we the people become spiritual and live connected to the consciousness and walk the path
of Truth and Justice. Only with Truth will our worship take a Positive direction to gives Life,
peace, and order.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also
reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your
children”. Hosea 4:6

Note – the scientific aspect I have discussed comes from deep introspection and in surrender to
Spirit of God. It is simple and thus will be difficult for the present scientific generation that is
trained in many schools that teach complexity. But I am sure the generation to come will grasp it. I
am not sure whether the thoughts can be expressed mathematically. I leave it to the scientist. I am
not interested in bottling the Genie.

Chapter -9
Where modern day Christianity is failing

We are in an era of science, where we have discovered that behind the matter and all that we see,
touch, hear, feel and including space in which we live is energy. This energy world is real. Thus
there is a spiritual world over which atom exists. The spiritual world of all atoms has a relative
existence. Their relationship is what gravity field determines. This means Gravity is consciousness
and intelligence field of atoms. But the study of this field has led science to black hole and

singularity, with no cause for origin and existence. Thus Einstein looked for a second field and
force that acts against gravity and gives stability but failed.

There is a spiritual awakening around Jesus and His name. There are thousands of anointed
preachers preaching with Power. A big corporate empire exists in Jesus name. They all speak Jesus
from one book called Bible. Jesus the God principally is light, knowledge and wisdom. Jesus said I
am leaving my peace with you. But in a world where Jesus is marketed there is no peace. We are
poised for third world war and killing spree in the name God. Something is seriously wrong in the
spiritual awakening.

We live in a scientific era. This spiritual awakening has to become compatible with science if it is
lead us to the Purpose for which Jesus manifested and became a sacrifice.

Ancient east understood a second field and force that acts against gravity. They called it as a
Conscious and Intelligent field. They developed the Living Universe Theory that is self-organizing
between two limits. They understood the existence of Supreme Being, a Supreme Spirit-Soul, who
creates and sustains. Thus we have the God Concept. Just as there is a spiritual or informational
framework for Life over which flesh body exist. The living universe similarly has a spiritual

Our life is not beyond time cycle, but the information survives by renewing the informational or
spiritual framework to create the new body for the information to survive. The same is true for the
living universe. This is what we are exploring.

There is a spirit or informational being or framework to the universe. We exist in the

informational framework. We hold all information, but the information is truncated for some
purpose. In short, we form the cells of one Great Living Being called Universe. This universal
being is not beyond time. Thus it has an up cycle and down cycle. One must comprehend it from
life cycle. There is a phase of creation in the womb, birth and early childhood, early adulthood, late
adulthood when ego, “I” manifests, that distances individuals from creators and the last phase
when death engulfs. Death to the Universe is impossible, this amounts to non-existence. No human
soul can ever, work against the flow of time directed to collapse into a black hole.

Thus it calls for Divine Plan of recreation and restoration process. We need to understand Jesus
and His Calvary from this simple process that life does to survive.

The Hindu philosophy very clearly speaks time in terms of deterioration of Truth and Justice. Jesus
very clearly says He has come to restore His Father’s Kingdom or the Kingdom of God. The
Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice. The Divine Plan that Jesus ensured is a journey back from
black hole to White Hole. It is a journey to know the Living Reality. Jesus is working to awaken
Human consciousness and intelligence such that humanity returns to His Glorious period. The

Spirit of Christ is working to evolve the Spiritual realm or the knowledge realm of humanity from
gross material level to the Living Level.

Hindu philosophy very clearly writes of five levels of spiritual evolution. They are

• Annamaya Kosha or Gross material level; this is a necessity to construct a life in the womb or
black hole. No wonder Jesus offered himself as food to his disciples and all of Us. His Spirit then
gave New Life to their souls and set the path open for spiritual awakening. He was ensuring that
ultimately the world recognizes Him as Father and Mother Force that creates and sustains.

• Pranamaya Kosha or Breath level; Here we must recall God creating a human in His Image
using mud and breathing life into them.

• Manomaya Kosha or Mind Level; this is God exposing His mind

• Jnanamaya Kosha or science and knowledge; It has two to parts, Inferior knowledge, and
Superior knowledge. Inferior knowledge is called the Vijnana or science that we obtain out of
observation. The modern science and the knowledge we have gained comes from under it. The
superior knowledge is “Spiritual Knowledge”. Is called “Jnana” It is the knowledge of “self” that is
inseparable from Divine. This is the knowledge to which the Spirit of God manifested on Earth
through Christ and His Calvary sacrifice is calling us. This gives the knowledge and awakening to
God reality. The Dominion of Human to rule over the Earth and all the species comes with it. It
gives the power to stamp the evil below your feet. We are being returned to past Glory on Earth by
the Spirit of Christ.

• Anandamaya Kosha or the peace and happiness state; The purpose of Jesus is a manifestation
of this state on Earth.

Important Note – Before Annamaya Kosha or the Food level, we have the level of matter or atoms
and space-time and energy fields. The organic matter is a structural organization of inorganic
matter or atoms. Behind the atom is the energy or spirit level. The structure of atom shows an
external cover of electron field moving around a central nucleus where much of the mass is
concentrated. Technically gravity and time is directed to this center. This means atom should
have black hole and this black hole binds the system. Understanding black holes thus has become
the most important aspect to know Truth. But it is impossible to investigate it, through any
probes. Not even Light can escape the black hole.

The fact that the atomic system does not collapse to singularity invariably means there is force
acting, away from black hole. Thus it forces science to invent a second field and force that opposes
gravity and sustains the atom. This is the Conscious and intelligence field. We will see how black

hole develops in the atomic system and how they form a living particle creating DNA in the second

Western and Eastern Culture and Jesus

We, humans, are known by cultures. The cultures that religions of the world have developed could
be visualized as broad resistance to humanity from going away from Creator and Paths to return
to HIM.

The quest for all religions and science is to know God and Truth and to be with Him. Very clearly
there was a time when we knew and God and Truth. We had higher knowledge and culture. We
seem to have lost it in time. The Spirit of Jesus is striving to bring back this connectivity and lead
us to higher Knowledge and Culture. As of now, we live in atomic level and energies that direct to a
black hole. We are ignorant of energies that are flowing from the Back hole.

The evil minds and hearts are part of the whole. In the down phase, they strive. Evil minds rule by
creeping into power centers. They resist humanity awakening to enter the Golden Age of
Humanity or enter the Kingdom of God. The religion of the west that speaks Jesus is actually
working against the Spirit of Christ and losing the battle. The Satan and His cronies have lost the
battle way back in Calvary in all important spiritual level. What is left is its manifestation into the
Physical level.

Very clearly everything that Jesus spoke pointed to East its Culture and approach to connect to
God and gaining powers from God and the Creator. Jesus is First Born and is Human First. Heaven
and Earth became one in Christ. We have no reference to Jesus doing any miracle as a young boy.
There are 18 years of Jesus life that is kept closed deliberately from humanity so that human
awakening to God is resisted. So that culture of East specially India can be suppressed. No
wonder the science born in west against Christianity has kept a bronze statue of God of east in
front of the headquarters of its greatest experimental facility [CERN] in Geneva.

Jesus as a human had to explore his divinity through the culture of the east. Today we know that at
age 12 biochemical changes takes place in the body triggering the “I” factor and the affinity to
opposite sex. To know Jesus you have to imagine the mental turmoil and struggle Jesus went
through as a Child.

To know someone, we have to step into the Mind of that person. To know Jesus let us step into His
mind. Let us imagine some critical point of Jesus life, which are often not preached.

• Bible does speak of Jesus intellectually participating in Temple. However, Bible has no
references to Jesus doing any miracle as a child. You can imagine how the Jewish priest filled with
Ego, would have reacted to carpenters son participating and questioning the intellectual might
ruling at the time.

• You can imagine his situation as an adolescent when he is exposed to the Truth that Joseph is not
His Father and His Father is from heaven.

This possibly led Jesus on a journey to know His Father and the purpose of life. The technique to
explore back in time was available in the east and its culture [Meditation]. We in the introductory
parts did see that there are18 doors to heaven. Every one fails at the 18th door because everyone
meditates with a intent [Fruit in Mind]. Jesus did no mediate with any intent. He meditated with a
deep desire to know His Father and know the purpose of His Birth. I believe He acquired all the
divine Power He showed from this meditative growth. The greatness of Christ comes from the fact
that, when He came to Know God and His Father He chose to do His Fathers will in full faith. He
accepted the most torturous death.

No human mind, if not for such centralized position in time cycle possibly could accept such death
in Calvary, conquering once ego, and self. Normal human meditates with intent or fruit in mind.
Jesus meditated to know His Father. No wonder God Called Him His son in whom He is pleased.

To accept death at the end of meditative years, after gaining all powers, is beyond any mind unless
it is aware of the Divine secret. Life is designed to fight death and enemy that brings death. To
accept death and surrender to the enemy is impossible to human mind. To go through such painful
death, after gaining all powers in the world, in the hand of his Father’s enemy [Therefore his
enemy] who has no power at all appears stupid. Here lies the hidden Divine Plan of conquering
time and death and the restoration of the whole Cosmos without a Physical destruction.

Bible says we are created in the image of God as man and woman. From biological science, we
know we carry all the information, but information is truncated. Every cell is whole, but it has
space-time position in the body and has a definite role to play. All cells are related to a primal cell
from which it came into existence. This primal cell, in turn, is formed from two parallel worlds
[male and female]. Today we know that cells information can be de-differentiated to create a
clone, one cell can be converted into another type of cell and so on. What it means the memory of
cell is truncated and is diverted for specific use.

This means the cells memory of its beginning from a single source can be retrieved. This retrieval
of our lost memory of our creation by the Flesh and Blood from a Single Source is happening
through Jesus Christ.

This retrieval of our memory of our relationship with one Mother and Father is critical for
humanity to survive on Earth. Jesus manifested for this single purpose. He is not an object for the
creation of religion. He came to liberate us and initialize us in Truth. The biggest problem our
society faces is our separation in the name of religion and God. Somehow religions especially
Christianity resists us from knowing God and our oneness in Him. The ego and self and material

centeredness of religious leaders especially Christianity is the root cause for the present state of
the world. I am not saying all in religious institutions are evil, but in all religions, it is the fanatic
evil minds that seek power at all cost dominate.

Why Jesus offered His Flesh and Blood

Food is critical to sustenance. It is critical for Creation. Jesus offering His Flesh and Blood as food is
the greatest proof of He is the Plan of God for the restoration of humanity both spiritually and

To comprehend Jesus as creation and restoration Secret, imagine two Parallel worlds a God the
Father and Mother nothing else. Creation calls the Creator to conceive His spirit-soul in the
feminine counterpart to conquer time and death. Now the growth of a child is supported by the
flesh and Blood of the Mother. The question comes, where the food for the Mother comes from.
The only plausible explanation is the body of the Father, from which the Spirit-soul has departed.

We saw that Jesus Christ is the First Born of the Father and Mother. He held the Uncorrupt Primal
Information. In His body, we all existed. With Calvary all world were dissolved and put into
recreation state. Jesus knew that His sacrifice is crucial to the spiritual awakening of His Brothers
and Sisters. This spiritual awakening has to go through many stages within the black hole. Since
nothing is created or destroyed, it means his physical body has to re-circulate. Thus he offered
His flesh to eat and blood to drink to come alive. By this very process, He was speaking to
humanity the biological secret behind the Universe.

The dissolution means that all Good Angels, who were true to God, had to manifest on earth as
human and fallow Christ path. This could account for the powerful anointed speakers of God. This
also means powerful fallen Angels are fighting for human souls. We are caught between these two
angels, failing to distinguish between them. But when truth or God reveals, the evil one will fall.

The Number Game or Quantum Mechanical Truth

Big Bang has happened in Calvary. It is a spiritual or informational phenomenon, where the One
supreme Spirit Soul is involved. It has opened up exposing all information contained in it and put
it into create state. The purpose is to renew His kingdom and initialize it into new time cycle

Just as His Spirit-Soul is indestructible, all the spirit-souls forming His body are indestructible. If
the Primal Spirit-soul took New Life, it is inevitable all spirit-souls has to take New Life. This
means all angels and the earthlings, needs to take New Life. The means all souls should enter the
Black and hole and emerge. No wonder Jesus said no one will enter His Fathers Kingdom unless he
comes through Him. This does not mean you have join Christian religion.

The light and darkness, heaven and hell are real, good and bad, Birth and death are realities. The
existence of Kingdom of God is determined how spirit-souls created in His images are aligned. God

forbids the spirit-souls to align with the dark force that tends to black hole or death. But we saw
that in time the Humans forget their creation by the Flesh and Blood of God the Father and
Mother. Then earthlings become victim to Satan or Fallen Angels operating from below. This
needs to be understood as humanity losing connection with God Consciousness and intelligence
and going further to loose connection with once own Life and intelligence to become a slave to
mind and material world and its force that tends to black hole.

This means two forces operate on human spirit souls on earth that exist between the Heaven and
Hell. The kingdom of God is number game for spirit-souls of humans. The possible distribution of
souls in the Kingdom of God is, ¼ of in heaven, 2/4th in on earth and 1/4th in hell.

One must note that every step of creation God tells Good. After creation of humans, He transfers
the dominion of His Kingdom to Humans. Now raises the question from where the Satan came.
Defiantly it should be an output of creation itself. These are God’s own people fallen out of His
Grace. They were given much power, such that they serve the Kingdom of God and people in it.

They are supposed to serve God without ego and self, ensuring that the focus of people on earth
gets focused to God and its Force, than getting focused to material world and its force. They are
supposed to keep the memory of their creation from God and His Flesh and Blood. The God’s
people or priestly class on earth are supposed to strive to get connected to God consciousness and
intelligence and help people connect to the consciousness and intelligence and walk the path of
truth and Justice and grow in God Consciousness and intelligence.

Thus my principle argument is the Kingdom of God, deteriorates not because people on earth
deteriorate, but because people of God or priestly class, who are supposed to hold the light and
lead humanity in right path fail. Instead of serving God, loving God and work to uphold truth and
Justice, they end up developing ego, self and become a slave to the material world and powerful
evil rulers to build their kingdom at the cost of the Kingdom of God.

They forget their basic responsibilities as they play on the mind of earthlings and capture them as
slaves. The kingdom God deteriorates not because of common people but because of God’s
institution and people therein deteriorate.

Deterioration of kingdom of God happens because His people [Priestly class] develop ego and self
and fail to do their duty. The consequence is that humans after several generation loose memory
of their creation by flesh and blood of God. Thus it becomes a necessity that God had to manifests
to save spirit-souls trapped by Satan and bring them back to their memory of their creation in the
flesh bold of God.

God through Jesus has kept His heart and Mind open for recreation and restoration. This
involves two steps, Giving New Life with free will to all souls, and illuminating human mind

and bringing back to his memory their creation in His image, by His Spirit, His Flesh and
Blood. This is Calvary. This is Science of Cosmic creation and its restoration by conquering
time and time initialization.

What Jesus began in Calvary completes when the Spirit of God reveals the Truth or His mind. This
is yet to happen and it will happen. As an atheist turned, scientist and seeker of Truth, my
conscious call is to expose the science behind Calvary such that the whole of humanity beyond
religion can come alive in Christ and walk the path of Truth and Justice and manifest the kingdom
of God on earth.

Since the fall of humanity occurred due to mind forgetting their creation from flesh and blood of
one God the Father and Mother in time, it became necessary that the memory of His sacrifice be
kept alive till the End of Time, when Spirit of God awakens all of humanity to Truth of Calvary and
separates the Good and evil mind. Only when this truth is known as science will the powerful
Jewish community, who killed Jesus, mercilessly and still do not believe in Christ, will
awaken and repent.

Loss of memory and our interrelationship and oneness with Creator [God the Mother and Father]
and our creation by their flesh and blood is the principal cause for the fall of humanity. Spirit of
Jesus is returning this memory and thus defeating the Satan ruling us in disguise. Our separation
in the name religions is the greatest fallacy of humankind. Christ revolted against deteriorated

Tee veil minds thriving in the physical realms only objective is to resist humanity from awakening
to truth and rule them in disguise. The progeny of evil minds that killed Jesus seems to have crept
into Christianity and took over its rule, after three generations. However, one must admit that the
few who were true to Christ ensured that Christ message and His memory is kept afloat against all

Every religion has Good and bad minds in it. Unfortunately, the time favors the rule of evil minds.
Thus we see huge religious friction and world endangered by religious people.

The evil minds resist spiritual evolution. Thus Christianity exists in the first level of spirituality
[Annamaya Kosha]. It has kept their people at the gross material level and has been ruling them.
They have spread their empire to the world with a material motive. The Divine Plan has worked
through them and has emerged out to cause the Spiritual awakening through Pentecostal

Modern science [Vijnana] is the first step towards the Divine Plan of revelation and restoration.
Science evolved against religions especially Christianity. Today we know from biological science
that how reduced information from Father and Mother unite to form a New Life or body for the

information to survive. The informational world formed weaves New Body out of the old. This
process is happening through the transformation of spirit-soul in the Spirit of Christ. Holy Spirit is
working as a transforming agent and an agent that is revealing the Knowledge lost us.

Jesus Christ the FIRST BORN is the Divine Plan. Jesus carried the information of the whole cosmic
system in Him. When he exposed His uncorrupt Primal information, the time conquering and
restoration process was initiated. In Him, the God the Father and Mother existed. Every character
of the Bible and all of us existed in Him. Calvary is the Big Bang point of Creation.

With His Calvary sacrifice, the Heaven, Earth, and Hell were dissolved. The Spirit God went into
recreation and restoration phase giving free will to all souls. The rule of the earth [Physical world]
was shifted into the hand of Satan.

The death of Jesus initiated a new creation and restoration phase. A new world was conceived
within the old one. Jesus Spirit is giving us new life and leading us to New Time Cycle. He became
food for the New World growing within. All the anointed disciples and people who stood with
Jesus in True Spirit without any compromise are also have become a part of new world forming

There are only two worlds after Calvary, the old and new forming within. The new world within is
growing, by virtue of people who are transformed in Jesus Christ. Since the Purpose for which
Jesus manifested is to restore His Fathers Kingdom and since God’s Kingdom is Kingdom of Truth
and Justice, it is apparent that the Kingdom of God is open for all. All those who lived connected
the consciousness and walked the path of Truth and Justice has right in Christ and the Kingdom He
is building. He may or may not have heard of Jesus Christ, but when his Spirit Soul leaves his body
he does see Jesus and accepts Him.

What is written in the scriptures about the highest place, the middle place and the lowest place are
real? But its interpretation in respect to what is happening in the Divine Plan instituted through
Jesus Christ is wanting. Heaven, Earth, and hell are right here in our thought. The present state of
the world is an undifferentiated state, where everyone is free to seek what he wants.

My observation points to the fact that, we are exploiting His Grace, but we are failing to go forward
to the Purpose for which Jesus manifested. The purpose for which Jesus manifested is to bring the
Kingdom of God on earth. Most churches are failing to evolve spiritually and are getting stagnated.
The leaders of churches often seem to develop ego, self and become a slave to material world. No
two churches seem to see eye to eye and grow beyond self.

I wish to share a vital observation. A priest as a community leader of a Church is aware of all
families in that comes under their belt. They are supposed to know every family in the community.
It becomes their responsibility to align their spirit-soul and mind and its force with the God they

serve. In most cases, the spiritual leader is not only disconnected from the Consciousness and
intelligent field of God they speak but also are disconnected from the once won consciousness and
intelligence. They serve the opposite. The often bow to the dirty rich and evil powerful, knowing
very well the dirty source and means by which they acquired money and power. Thus I feel my
religion Christianity needs an introspection and correction. No wonder Pope Francis commented
on the hypocritical mindset of his people.

I conclude that the world would see truth and enter the kingdom of God, only when Christian
priest awakens to the Spirit of Christ. However, I have found them as the most ego filled,
recalcitrant sects of the society. Their mindset is very rigid and inaccessible to change. 2018 years
down the lane they still cling to the old and fail to change their mindset. They fail to take the
responsibility of what the nations they led as spiritual institutions have done to the world.

The Good News to the world after 2018 years is a Pope speaking connected to the consciousness
and to the reality of earth and its climatic aberration. He is speaking against the hypocritical life
his People, He is speaking against the churches accepting dirty money, giving dirty money to
churches. He is speaking against the materialism of the churches and is pointing to lack of
spiritualism. He has accepted science and opened himself to all religions. He has opened up
inviting the young generation to contribute and change in the Church and its functioning.

Though in short time, he has become a most popular Pope, in every word he speaks I can perceive
sever stress and opposition to him within his congregation. If he wilts to the stress of evil minds
operating within His Church, it could mean another round huge destruction or dance of Satan on
Earth. In him exists the hope for freedom for billions of souls that still exist enslaved to bread and
wine that Jesus held up and is failing to transcend in His Spirit, that came to give power to His
words and New Life.

In conclusion, Jesus is the First Seed or First Born. He is the product of Union of Heaven and
Earth; the Supreme Masculine and Feminine spirit. When He conquered His Flesh body to Know
His Father and did His will in True Faith, He became the Big Bang point of Creation of New world
within the Old. He conquered time and death in all important Spiritual realms.

From the day of Pentecost, this Spirit of God is opening up creating new out of the Old. The spirit is
cleansing the body and mind so that the Spirit of God can enter and transform. Who gets
transformed and to what extent is pre-determined by God in Conscious field. In other words, God
knew us in Christ before the Divine Plan was instituted. This means God is the Supreme
Consciousness and intelligence field in which we all exist, today in the past and in Future.

Why is Spiritual Community failing?

The science and spirituality/religions today are hard-pressed to evolve. The Pentecostal and
Charismatic Movement have given new breath and bringing awakening, but is not giving the

much-wanted manifestation of peace and making the much want Quantum Shift. This is because
we failing meditate on the of Jesus’s manifestation. Most people who are anointed seem to build,
shops, malls and corporate chain of stores around the world selling Jesus but are failing to grow
towards the Purpose. Consequently, the evil is growing in parallel.

The organized religion called Christianity is a mammoth institution and it is lagging behind. It
needs to make a quick quantum shift, from the bread Jesus lifted to keep His Memory to the Spirit
of Jesus which giving Life and revealing Knowledge. It has to liberate people they have kept as
slaves so that they encounter the Spirit of Christ and see Light. They must grow beyond self and
come out of their physical affliction and grow in the spiritual reality of Jesus Christ. The world
needs to see Jesus beyond religion. The religion called Christianity need to know for which
purpose Christ manifested.

Only evolving to knowledge and wisdom can help humanity survive on Earth. Only this can help us
evolve to find Peace and Order on Earth.

The spirituality is the foundation of all religion. Spirituality is knowledge of self and its relation to
the Supreme Selfless Self. The duty of Spiritual intuitions is to help humanity connect to the
consciousness and intelligence and walk the path of Truth and Justice. It is to open and keep the
path to connecting to the Universal Conscious Field. The duty of a priest is simple.

• He is to strive to connect with the Spirit of God.

• He is called to help an individual connect to the consciousness and walk the path of Truth and
Justice and thus put them on the path to the Kingdom of God and oneness with God. Individuals,
who are connected to the consciousness, walk the path of Truth and Justice. They are
compassionate and caring. They connect to the parents and thus make the family strong, they
make a community strong, and they connect to nations and beyond it to make the Kingdom of God
on Earth. When individuals connect to the consciousness and walk the path of Truth and Justice,
the evil will be forced to surrender its head.

• The priest is called to be warrior resisting the individual from going the opposite way,
weakening himself, the family, community and so on.

• Condemned are priests who harbor “self”, seek power and harbor material centered thinking
and encourage individuals to go against their consciousness and against the family. Condemned
are priests who support the evil minds who hang around churches and temples with dirty money
and a power-centered motive.

Unfortunately, we have more of the last type, who easily compromise with rich and evil minds.
Nothing has changed in the physical realm since Calvary. The same old evil minds that Jesus

condemned thrive in the churches. They have re-stitched the curtain that tore with Calvary
Sacrifice. They still function from Sanctum Sanctorum, speaking of God and aligning with the
material world and it force. Thus we see a deteriorating world.

They are not even aligned with God Force or Christ. Their followers ignorantly shout for them.
They use the name of God and Jesus with material intent. There is no life in them. I know it could
hurt many who are reading this. But it is a Truth I see. Awakening of organized Christianity to
Jesus Christ is of paramount importance to the world.

The call to the priest is to pray and meditate to gain the Spirit of God and then go out to heal and
transform people. No one can call himself anointed or can claim to have understood Bible unless
the Spirit of Jesus teaches Him. Just as an engineer who mugged up and passes or takes a degree
by bribing becomes a failure, a priest without Spirit of Christ does more harm to society than

The excessive material affliction, market-oriented life, corporate thinking, the hypocritical life of
people who speak but fail to practice, all such traits of the individuals and which the world
population is showing is coming from Churches, built in the name of Jesus, but lack the Spirit of

The world on earth has not changed in any way in physical realm since Christ and Calvary. In fact,
it has only deteriorated. The modern world is the reflection of the inner reality of religious
institutions especially Christianity.

I believe, we all have good and bad traits. The darkness and evil are within us. Jesus showed the
way. He sacrificed His Life because we cannot fight evil within. All we need is to open our mind
and heart to Him. But we seem to have not learned. We are still slaves to the old evil minds that
ruled before Christ and who crucified Christ. The nexus of evil minds that compromise with evil
kings still rule the world.

Jesus liberated our Spirit-Soul, giving free will to awaken to New Life and get illuminated to find
freedom and initialize into the kingdom of God. But we have been trapped back by the evil minds.
We are the same old people, who exist as slaves to religions and their nexus with evil kings.

I believe all traits of God the Father and Mother, 12 disciples of Jesus, the trait of Jewish priest, the
judge and ordinary people who shouted for the crucifixion of Jesus and the release of the thief and
murder in place Christ exist in us. Jesus conquered the bad traits and empowered the Good one.
He showed the path to Life.

We the followers of Christianity, seem to go to Church every day or at least on Sunday seem to
empower the trait of Jewish Priest, we empower the trait of Judas and who sold out Jesus for few

We go to church and return, empowering the trait of thief and murderer [Barabbas] in us than
acquiring the trait of Jesus. We attend the retreat, to strengthen the trait of Judas in us. The
material centered churches, actually promote it, for they feed the church with their blood money
increasing their material strength and eternally exist as their slaves. The modern-day politician
follows the same path as these priests. They show hypocritical life with ease.

We seem to fail to evolve spiritually. I am not judging anyone who preaches Jesus or God. I am
pointing to the fact that we are caught in the vortex that is still driving us down.

God in giving us His First Born as Sacrifice, has not only ensured giving new Life but has ensured
awakening of our mind and intelligence to come out of slavery and bondage to religions and see
Truth and Life. He ensured Bringing humanity back to Glory.

Einstein said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”.

Einstein is right, but we need to go one more step looking deep into Jesus on Calvary if we are to
make into the kingdom of God on Earth.

Is Bible True – Is it the Knowledge of Life and God

The first page of Bible writes that God created us in His image. This means we have the spark of
God and Jesus within all of us. We are failing to know it and light it up. Biology and genetics tell us
that we the human exist by 2% of genes or information in the body and the rest is redundant. This
means information from the beginning of creation exists in us. The Physics tells us remnants of Big
Bang still exist in physical space.

What this means in simplicity, the trait of God the Mother, God the Father, the trait of conqueror
Jesus exists within us. This is mixed up with, the trait of the Fallen Angel that manifested as Satan
and all other Angels. We also have the trait of Adam and Eve and all players in the spiritual
Scriptures, such as the Jewish Priests, the Judge Pilate [Who washed his hands and sent Jesus to
cross in spite of knowing the innocence of Jesus and thus protecting his chair and his interest]. We
have traits of Disciples of Christ, the trait of Judas who compromised Jesus and God for little
money. We also have the trait of Barabbas, the looter, and murderer whom the people shouted
and got released in place of Jesus and so on.

We seem to go to church and empower in ourselves all the above traits, except that of God the
Mother, Father and Jesus who fought the Satan.

Post Calvary, Jesus came as the Spirit of God and He is working to awaken the Traits of God the
Father and Mother in us individually and collectively and bring us back to the Golden Age of
Knowledge and Wisdom, peace and order. Scriptures [Bible, Vedas, Koran --] all encodes in it the
knowledge of spirit-soul, Life and the knowledge and functioning of Kingdom of God. But we fail to
comprehend it.

The crux of all scriptures and the call in it is simple.

• It calls to strive to get connected to consciousness and intelligence and walk the path of Truth
and Justice. It is to get liberated from evil and become human. This is call for all
• It calls to surrender and strive to connect to the Creator consciousness and intelligence. The
second call is for those who lead the people on earth from the religious and Spiritual realm.

All great souls have spoken connecting to the Creator consciousness and intelligence. The
scriptures have formed around these great spirit-souls. Very often scriptures are written much
later, as means to save the knowledge spoken to humans from time to time from Great Spirit-souls.

Bible is the most preached scriptures around the world. It was compiled 300 years after Calvary. It
includes the thoughts of many who are supposed to be filled with Spirit of God. It is a mixture of
Old and New creating confusion. It is a new wine kept in an old pouch. There is ambiguity as to
who compiled it. It happened when most of the disciples were put to death and the followers were
terrorized by the same old evil minds that put Jesus to death and is still thriving in the physical
world even today.

Jesus is the center point of whole Bible that is being preached by millions around the world today
but not one page of Bible is written by Jesus. Jesus, as I see, was a sage of great power. He was a
Great enlightened Heart and Mind. He spoke everything in parables because the state of human
mind at that time was below par to comprehend Him and understand Him. He wore ordinary
clothes, had no gold chair, gold ornaments around Him. He did not hold a Golden stick of Power.
There is no reference to Jesus going to seminary to be get trained by any God Philosophy. He did
not preach from Sanctum Sanctorum. He was connected to His consciousness and God
Consciousness and intelligence and spoke. What Jesus spoke had originality and authority. He
showed His power immensely for us to believe.

However, when we stand to observe modern day priest, Bishops who speak of God and rule us in
the name of God, we see the same characters, same dress style and same behavior of those evil and
satanic minds who crucified Jesus to protect, their chair, their empire at all cost. Jesus has
condemned them tooth and nail. One whole chapter Mathew-23 speaks it.

I wonder how dumb and stupid the world is that it is failing to note these evil minds thriving and
ruling us from Sanctum Sanctorum, keeping us as slaves, stitching back the Curtain that tore with
Calvary sacrifice, rebuilding the temple that broke down fallowing it. They tell us Satan is Powerful

and has an uncanny power to subdue anyone. But they fail to note that they speak God but actually
they work for Satan. The lack of peace in the world, the world full of war, terrorism, the killing
field we witness, tells us loudly that the physical world we see is ruled by Satan. They have made
hell on Earth. Christianity which is the spiritual institution of the west should take responsibility
for the present state of the Physical world.

I see millions preaching God and Jesus with power. But I don’t see the peace that Jesus left behind.
I see every preacher emerging as humble speaker of Bible and Jesus, overnight we see them
traveling in Top End cars that cost millions and owning planes. We see priest coming from the
lowest levels and overnight we see their family living in palatial houses. I don’t find any difference
between them and the dirty politician who comes with the coat of serving people and loot people
and amass wealth by compromising with all evil minds of the society. A deep nexus between the
evil mind in a religious institution and the rulers exist.

I often feel we have not found the liberation that Jesus gave us at the Calvary. The Good News is
that the victory over Satan is complete in all important Spiritual realm but we have not been able
to translate and comprehend it in Physical Realm. We all seem to fall for Satan and His weapon
money and material gifts.

Thus the whole earth and our abode are collapsing; our life on earth is endangered. The popes of
religious realm and the scientific realm of the west, who were leading us, have given up the hopes
of humanity surviving on earth. They have given a call to leave earth and colonize another planet,
with our dirty and evil mind. The time they have given is less than 80 years. That is a disgusting
state to which west, its science, and its religious institution have brought the world to.

It is time to awaken to God and Jesus within. It is time to chase the evil minds operating from the
highest realm making us fools and living on our blood and sweat.

The evils grip on humanity is very high. The whole world sees the hell unfolding on earth every
day in the open media world, but is failing to awaken. This speaks of the grip evil has on us. Having
experienced the recalcitrant nature of the leaders, I had lost hopes. A little hope, however, has
returned with the Present Pope Francis, for he is showing human character. He is trying to connect
to the consciousness and speak the Truth he sees. He is speaking for earth and Humanity than
selling a ticket to heaven. He is not trying to brainwash people and rule them. By speaking the
Truth he sees and feels, we are seeing true worker of the kingdom of God. Let us hope the
Christianity and west awaken under Him

We must note that Victory of Jesus is complete in Spiritual Realm. But it has not manifested in
Physical Realm. We are still ruled by same Old Satan that operated through Jewish priest and
Killed Jesus in the most horrific manner and prompted people to call upon them the wrath of God.

We have to experience the liberation in the Physical Realm [Realm of Mind-Body] if we are to
know Jesus truly and find the peace He left behind

It is time to awaken and awaken others. Nothing can stop the Divine Plan. It is time to connect to
the consciousness and intelligence and stay on the path of Truth and Justice. We are in a time
period of Great Quantum Shift, where God is striving to initialize the whole system into New Time

The resistance God kept on humanity is resistance to using the gift of life, and power to advance
“self”. All gifts from God should be used to serve God and His kingdom in the First place. The Seek
Kingdom of God is First, Teach Kingdom of God First, protect Kingdom of God First should be the
keyword. Out “self” is an illusion and it is bound to collapse.

Good News –Why it is not taking root

Good News is that Satan or Devil is conquered in all important Spiritual Realm, which means
nothing can stop its manifestation in Physical realm. To experience it in physical realm we need to
assess the call of Jesus Christ

• First call of Jesus is to be in Prayer and receive the Spirit of Christ or Holy Spirit.
• The second call is to use it and grow in it. It calls us to grow personally in Knowledge and
wisdom and walk towards light and Truth and spread it.
• In the process, Jesus called his disciples, heal the sick, transform people by His Spirit and impart
life to them.
• The last of the call probably is to spread Good News and Hope without any “self”. He did not
resist people who do so with “self”

2018 years down the lane. We are in a scientific era, an era of information and Knowledge that has
immense uncertainty attached to it. The evil minds are growing in parallel with Good ones and
even roaring to eat the Good. In this era, we market Jesus and God with ease. However the peace
that Jesus left for us is not manifesting, Good News is preached and aired, but it is making little
impact. Good News and Hope are not exploding to take Life. The reason is simple. Every speaker of
Jesus has a thread of self and material affliction attached to it. This thread has to break to make the
quantum shift from dark-age to light or kingdom of God on Earth.

Good News can explode and all knees will bow before Jesus when Calvary is understood as science
of Creation. Then even Jews will repent and accept Christ and peace will manifest in Jerusalem and
spread to earth.

I call upon every reader to viral and explode Good News


My encounter with Spirit of Christ
This part is my experience, the path I traveled and the simple Truth and science I encountered by
Grace, with the death of my “I” or my mind in Christ. It is more of a small biography. You can
overlook it because I am not important, what is important is the knowledge I gained by Grace.

We saw that how our mind, its intelligence, its thinking is truncated and corrupted by the society
and held captive. Religions play an important role here. Luckily, I did not go to Sunday Schooling.
Once in a while, I used to go to Church with my Mother, who was a staunch believer in Christ. She
was part of an early Pentecostal Movement but returned to the organized religion of her Husband
[Jacobite Syrian Christian Church] after her marriage.

In my early childhood days, when my mind was beginning to observe and trying to comprehend
the world around me, we lived in a place dominated by Hindus, and Muslims, with huge religious
friction and bloodshed. My mind could not grasp this friction. Most of my friends were Hindus and
we used to join in school ground to play on Sundays and Saturdays. Once an elderly person came
and began to organize us and teach us many games. After few days he asked my name and said I
am Christian and asked me to step out. It hurt me. I felt the first separation. I was separated
because of my religion. I was denied the joy of being with my friends. My attempts to find the
difference between me and my friends with elders and the priest only led to a command not to go
with them. I felt someone forcibly taking the most joyful periods of my life.

As I grew up, these experience and observation led me to define “God is the invention of the
intelligent rule the ignorant”. Much of my college life was in a reputed Christian Institute. That led
me to have a close observation of priests. I saw in them a shrewd operator and planner, nothing
spiritual. The few, I felt good, later left their priesthood to become common persons. Others had a
submissive existence in these powerful institutions growing in power and money controlling the
mind of humans.

Once in a group of friends talking causally about priests, one friend happened to tell a point that
struck my mind. He said one can find much more good people in a community of people selling
fish, than among priests. I found it true. Fish sellers in the fish market sell their product
competitively, they quarrel too. But when something happens to any person around them they
come together. The point here is that one can find Human Nature in common people.

Observation pointed that most of these priests, who have a protected and secure sumptuous life,
supported and pampered by people out of their sweat and blood fail to show any human nature.
Majority of them are ego and self-centered and work to advance materially both at the individual
and institutional level at all cost.

At that point of time in my life, I adored the service that Christian institutes are doing to humanity
in the field of Education and Health. But today I have a change of my stand. I note that education
and medical industry that they supported has done little good to the society. Their spiritual
practice has failed to raise the goodness among people and help them live in peace connected to
the consciousness and intelligence. The education they supported has failed to awaken humanity
in humans to live a good and justified life with oneself and with nature. The health industry they
supported has failed to improve the health of individual and society. The present health industry
when it treats one disease 10 emerges making us as a feed for the industry. Today people have
understood schools and colleges and hospital as the most lucrative business possible on earth.
People cough any amount for their children educations. When it comes to health and life issues
people sell all that they have earned.

I was not a great student at the school. I was not coxed to study nor had any tuition masters. Like
all, I got stuck with movies and sports and such enjoyment in life, but managed to go through the
subject before, exams and cross the border. When I completed my Masters in Science, the question
came, what next? I had to take a carrier to earn my livelihood. After great introspection, I chose a
career in research. It was a conscious decision. All I hoped is to contribute something to humanity
in the process of leading my Life. Like all people, I had material dreams of my own.

I hoped to take a career in Cancer Research. But I ended cloning commercially important but
recalcitrant oil crops, in an unrecognized lab that belonged to a Priest in the college where I
studied. My teachers in the University advised against joining an unrecognized laboratory and
risking my Life. Nobody was willing to join it. The priest gave a sermon on Einstein, Mendel and
such great people who became famous for their work than by a doctorate degree. It influenced me.
I believed in him as son believes his Father and plunged head-on working day and night with no

There were no seniors in the lab to guide. I was introduced to the traditional method of inquiry
practiced in this field of science and was left alone. The priest was the principal of the big
institution and he had no time for research. One thing I loved in the lab was freedom. I enjoyed it.
However, in spite of working day and night, the living tissues, I placed in test tubes were not
responding. Initial enthusiasm turned into frustration. I was contemplating on leaving the lab.

After more than a year and a half, I took a week’s break to be with my friend in a reputed research
institute. Here walking on the campus and introspecting, it suddenly struck me that what I am
trying to do in the lab is what the species does naturally and effortlessly in nature. I began to
connect with Life and Nature, took deviation in the way I laid the experiment. I dropped all
traditional approach to science. The new approach included observing, feeling, tasting and
smelling the species. I developed a close rapport with Nature and life.

To cut it short, by adopting ingenious and new random approach. Everything I touched and
handled began to show results in quick time. My lab became noted one in this field nationally and
internationally. With success came offers of Job. I stuck to my lab, hoping to develop the whole
technology and make it useful to humanity. However, I did develop communication with few
chosen laboratories abroad and in India doing similar works as a possible way out, in case funding
for this laboratory fail to come through. Two aspects jolted my life at this point.

• Observing lakhs of life in test tubes and life in nature, I began to feel serious flaws in the
foundation of Biological Science and biotechnology. This was calling me to investigate
fundamentals of life before developing technologies and sell it.
• A bigger jolt came when the priest made a press release of the breakthrough in the lab. In the
press release, I was reduced down to a lab assistant. It hit headlines on the front page of
prominent daily next day. It broke my heart.

I was so engrossed in my work that I failed to assess the priest. When I turned my attention from
research to what is happening around me I began to awaken to the realities of the society around
me. I began to perceive how the greed for fame, name, and money could make a human scoop to
any level. It hurt me much when the man involved is a priest and a seed of revolt grew.

Priests are supposed to be role models for communities. In our society, they are pampered and
supported by sweat and blood of common man. They are supposed to walk the Path of Truth and
Justice and live connected to consciousness and bring the light of Life to society. I could not accept
a priest cheating an individual, community and the very nation and its people.

I could now understand why I was missing many communications. I lost an opportunity to join an
international organization doing similar work in France, because of missed postal and telegraphic
communications. I was getting violent within. I had to suppress it because, after four years and
much struggle, I had managed to register myself for a Ph.D. degree under the priest. I had to take a
soft approach.

With these negative developments, I could no longer concentrate on my work. I took a break from
the lab to join a multinational company, doing similar work in India. Here I was exposed to
corporate research. I found corporate research very narrow-minded and totally money centered.
Corporate research seems to survive by overblowing the research and its potentials. I found
people betting on me, speaking of huge potentialities of my research findings. All this was
happening when I was losing faith in my field of work

I had offers coming to start biotechnology division and lead it for few reputed companies. I did
think of it, for it would give me little more space and freedom. I did explore one, got the
appointment order too. The order in hand as I introspected, I found that more than commercial

research, the academic line and the need for an inquiry into fundamentals are calling me. I
decided against a hypocritical life, just for the sake of money and comforts of Life.

I resigned my high paid Job and returned to my parental Lab to submit my thesis only to go
through the most turbulent period of my life. This was a period of immense stress and struggle. I
virtually lived on one meal a day for nearly year, developing ulcers of the stomach. It culminated in
my retreat from the scientific world. On the eve of submission of Doctoral Thesis, I chose to stay
with my consciousness than surrendering it to find a place in academic line. I developed deep
hatred towards the Christian priests. I do not wish to go deep into these aspects that made me
take this dramatic stand.

Back home, to my parents in an interior village surrounded by pristine forest, with no electricity
and even proper road, my attachment with nature grew further. I used to scoff at my parent's
decision to settle in such place after working in many cities. My father was a Flight Sargent with
Indian Air Force and Mother a Nursing Superintendent in district Government Hospital. Instead of
keep complaining, I took the responsibility of family and its deteriorated agricultural operations. I
also plunged into politics to bring electricity and road and such basic facilities to the village. A
person I supported, risking my community’s and my family’s opposition, went ahead to become
Chief Minister and a Central Minister. But I never used my closeness to Him for self but limited it
to public aspects. I retracted from the dirty world of politics once village got basic amenities.

I made my agricultural field and the surrounding forests my laboratory and Mother Nature my
guide. I had to include the community, society and myself as an integral part of my study. A self-
observation of my thoughts from time to time, by standing aside for brief moments became a
routine part of my life. Few philosophical books, especially by Jiddu Krishnamoorthy helped me
develop this process. I was a voracious reader during this period. I would travel to the university
library and spend 3 to 4 days every month and return buying thought-provoking scientific and
philosophical books.

Being free, out in open laboratory called Mother Nature, was bringing new information and flood
of new ideas into my mind. I began to see simplicity in complexity. As I opened up my horizon of
thinking to all reams of society, I had to accept God concept as an Absolute powerful role model
who defends Truth and Justice. We humans can go astray, without such absolute reference point.
We all know that Science also becomes rudderless unless it fixes a frame of reference. So I had to
accept Voltaire’s stand Point “If there is no God we need to invent one”.

I overgrew my hatred for religions and read whatever religious books I could lay my hands on. I
found depth, in Vedas and Upanishad, but I could hardly understand Bible. The teaching of Jesus
appealed, but I could not understand all of it. Jesus sacrifice appeared stupid. One thing became
clear they hold some secrets. I began to participate in church activities observing and learning. At
one point I was instrumental in building a Chapel, which has now become small pilgrim center and

means of making money to its parental Church filled with evil minds. I was not religious or a
believer, I was observing and studying.

It was accidental that I found the Role Model in Jesus Christ in a Retreat Center [Divine Retreat
center, Kerala India]. This retreat was known for many miracles and everyone in my family had
retreated in it. Having introspected much in nature, trying to grasp nature, life and its reality, I
knew that life has three realms; physical, mental and inner spirit-soul or information level. Soul
level is a conscious and intelligent field which develops Information.

In short, conscious and intelligent level creates and sustains the system through interrelated
dynamic feedback loops. Much of the repairing process of the body happens at the spirit-soul level
when the mind is at sleep. Mind and its wrong thinking, its wrong acts, wrong input into the
system thus become an impediment to health. It leads to accumulation of negative energies which
manifests as disease beyond a point. All diseases have four levels. It expresses to the outer world
in the second and third level. This trinity of body, mind, and soul and its functioning to sustain
health and life are well described in the Life sciences of the East.

In reality, there is nothing called positive and negative energy. Life strives to sustain a balance.
Any unilateral stress to the right or left, up or down creates negative energy in the body. For
example, light is a necessity for the plant, but an excess of light and lack of light are detrimental to

In a retreat center, body and mind are stimulated and expanded and the negative energy is
exposed. In a collective group of people, when such expansion of body and mind happens, the
negative energy exposed makes a quantum leap making an exchange with the opposite. The
negative energy released by one retreating person can become a cure for another and vice-versa.
A mutual spiritual or energetic exchange occurs, thus bringing some collective healing. It is
experienced differently by different people. This explains the healing taking place in retreat

With this background I had gone to the Retreat Center, more as an observer, trying to evaluate and
find proofs to my thoughts. I made the retreat more under pressure from my loving wife who is a
strong Catholic, with many priest and nuns in her family. She is a person so naïve that she simply
believes anyone who wears white cloth as angels of God. She is my reference to Good but enslaved
souls. I believe much of Christian populations actually are slaves of the religious system. Their
liberation in Spirit of Jesus is linked to the liberation of their leaders. But most of these religious
leaders are influenced by Satan and thus do not allow their people to awaken to Spirit of Christ
and find liberation.

Being in a retreat center, I suddenly recollected the philosophy that an observer is inferior to one
who experiences. For example, one can study and write many Theses on Mango. But if you have
not tasted one, your thesis can never have Life. This realization led me to participate.

I surrendered my mind and whole being and participated. It led me to an enlightening and
revealing experience. I was exposed to a Spiritual field that Christ opened, that is working to
restore the Kingdom of God. At one moment during the retreat, I had an out of body experience. At
that moment the only thing I could ask is to know Him. I heard a whisper “See through the mind
of the heart”. The joy of this new life experience cannot be explainable by words. I realized that it
is not only that energy is getting neutralized in the retreat, but it is happening in the Field of Christ
consciousness, which Christ opened and kept for all at Calvary. That gave a new dimension to Big
Bang Theory on which I was contemplating for many years.

I now saw the Force that I was looking for, that opposes Gravity and collapse of the whole system
into the black hole. In Christ, I saw a God who gave His blood and Flesh to defend and save me and
all of humanity. In Him, I saw Supreme Mother and Father and an Elder Brother.

Having such experience, normally all would take up Bible, set out preaching Jesus. But somehow I
could not, I could not grasp Bible. My education in Science and all those deep thoughts I weaved by
being in nature was interfering. So I took another retreat, this time I went alone. I needed an
answer to the path I have to tread. I believed every enlightening experience is associated with a
call to serve. I wanted to know what my call is.

This time what stood out is the word “God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he
created them; male and female he created them”. Being a biologist I knew what it meant. This
means all information about God exist in me and all of us. All we have to do is to reduce ourselves
and surrender, giving scope for the Divine Force and information within and outside to unfold and
collapse into Order.

This means the spark of creator exists within all of us. And as you surrender to Jesus and His
Spirit, the spark of the divine can grow and unfold. My call now became clear. It was to advance
science such that Calvary becomes a science beyond religion. I was called to observe experience
and grow and wait for His Time.

I resisted my conscious call to advance science for many years. Reasons for not taking the
conscious call were many. My mind-body camouflaged the call. The picture that collapsed into
reality at the retreat is that of a living Universe that is Christ-centered. The following are the
reasons not take it

• Experience cannot be put into mathematical form

• I knew little math’s, and the world of science is dominated by physicist and mathematicians.

• Even the work of Noble Laureates from other field is not taken seriously when it points to East
and Living science.
• This Living Picture is known to the East. Gaia Hypothesis proposed by Noble Laureate James
Lovelock, speaks it elegantly. Yet physicists fail to take it seriously.
• My own experience of writing to temples of science to discuss many vital ideas taking shape in
me from my village address was a waste of energy and resources.

Thus, it made no sense to me to pursue this conscious call. Instead, I tried to recreate the Golden
experience in meditation and surrender. However, I could not gain that first time experience.
Slowly I realized I am being self-centered. I surrendered to His call. When I saw the Twin Tower
collapse, my attention shifted global trend. I knew the whole world is moving into the catastrophic
period, only Truth and God beyond religion can save us.

I left my village, to a nearby town where my sister had bought a house. I left the parental
agricultural field I nurtured back to life to my brother to live an uncertain life. There was a dual
goal one is the personal that is related to my conscious call. The other is the education of children
in the family. Financially it was disastrous decision. My sister was supportive but I had to be very
cautious. I had to tighten my belt. It was not new to me. But this time I had my loving wife with me.

My wife is a great gift from God. She is a great believer in God and to me she is synonymous with a
Good Human or Bible calls God’s people. Her only fault is that she is a slave to white clad priest
operating from Church. She fails to see God beyond the little piece of bread that the priest lifts up
in Church. If not her goodness and her Good cultural strength, she would not have lived with an
idiot like me, who gave up a lucrative career and the source of income to live an uncertain life. In
contrast is sinner, who broke barriers, but probably by grace of God did not lose the path back

Being touched by the spirit of God, every morning as I get up with some new insight and I get the
power to move on. I see something growing in me that is strengthening me. But for my wife to
fallow me through a financial instabilities against many odds is a testing situation is a different
thing. She created her means of raising some money to meet her basic needs. I often feel her
greater than me.

This article and all communication I make is part of this struggle to stay on with my conscious call.
I simply wake up early morning and write instinctively and post, leave the rest to His Will and
appointed time. I know the physical reality we strive to build, without proper spiritual foundation
will not last long. “Seek kingdom of God first, rest will be added unto you”, was my catch word

A change in me after my transformative experience is that I stopped Judging, began to see the good
side and overlook the negative. I keep away from negatives or let it flow through me. I take
decision connected to the consciousness. I realized that no one is absolutely perfect and no one is

absolutely bad either. Surrendering to Spirit and Christ and letting Him work through me became
a daily routine. Silent prayers for all became part of my life.

With my spiritual enlightenment, my aversion to priests disappeared. I began to see the few good
in this critical organization of society, who kept alive Jesus message and strived to spread the
Good News. The memory of Jesus and His teachings would have been lost had it not for the few
good souls in the religion called Christianity.

My observation and study of the society and science continued. It is directed at the conscious call.
There is one specific goal to it - Make Calvary a science, such that all irrespective of religion can
look to Calvary and come to Life. But that wasn’t easy. It means Science and its conceptual
development should be made simple and comprehensible and should be blended with the Calvary

Science assumes the universe is material. It strives to understand nature by virtue of forces. It
seeks truth at atomic and Quantum particulate level. What revealed me was a living vision of
universe centered on Calvary. This means I had to

• Visualize atom and creativity in it that can account for the formation of Life.
• Differentiate, lower life, plants, animals, and humans
• Comprehend Human mind and how it influences the physical nature
• Comprehend its relativity of Supreme Mind or God-Mind or Jesus’s mind.

What revealed to me by Grace is what I wrote in the previous chapters. Much of it fell into place
decades back, but my attempts to reach to scientific world failed. Slowly I realized I have to wait,
till His appointed time.

The ups, and downs in Faith Life – The hope I see

My New birth experience gave me a strange peace. The quest to pursue a material success took
back seat. The need to find an appreciation from a person from outside vanished. The need to be
evaluated by another person also took back seat. So I stopped communicating with others.

The initiation in Spirit of Christ led to fixing a polarity and a relationship with the Spirit of Jesus.
Initially, I strived to be perfect; slowly I realized my call is not to become perfect and holy. If we
could become perfect then there was no necessity of Jesus and unique event in Universal Time
Cycle to happen. God I knew works in our weakness. I understood that I have to relax and let the
Spirit of God work through me. I knew the spirit of God or Jesus is in control. It is not only me; I
understand there are thousands like me who are awakened in Christ and doing their part.

I thus stopped all striving, but began to surrender and give scope for God Force to work through
my soul and mind-body with least resistance from my individuality. I realized I cannot force time

and His plan. Thus I would get up early morning and scribble any thoughts that emerge in me and
leave it and spend time observing nature and society and how forces are unfolding in it.

Honestly speaking it is a life of hope. It is a life of patience and waiting. Sometimes it reflected on
my nerve. In an open world where the scale of human success is measured by money and material
possession, I always felt I am alone, an idiot swimming against the tide.

Having left a lucrative scientific Job, offers to lead biotechnology division for big companies,
having left my means of lively hood [agricultural plot that I carefully developed after I left my
career], living an uncertain life, with no source of steady income and the mind-body getting weak
with age, I must honestly accept my human part often got nervous. Being looked down upon as a
failure in life, by my people around me, including my wife has drawn me into reclusion.

Many a time I felt I am living in an illusion. Honestly speaking I have strived to find one valid
reason to drop my conscious call and return to normal Life. But all such attempt only brought
clarity and brought reason to stick with the conscious call. Every time I look to Calvary and listen
to the word of God, I would get some strength to grow beyond self to commit myself to the call of
the kingdom of God on earth for which the Spirit of Jesus is working. When I am down, somehow I
end up looking at Calvary and remembering the enlightening experience, then the scenario
changes, I gain the power to hang on.

Once I left my village to be in town, it gave me the opportunity to connect to the world. I spend
very good part of my time listening to anointed religious speakers, speaking on TV and internet. I
have marveled at the deep insight they bring to what is written in Bible. I also listen to speakers
from other religions. I can easily comprehend them because my mind by Grace has traversed
these streams of thinking. Knowing that I am on the right path and Seeing Jesus Spirit at work
brings tears of Joy.

My enlightening experience did not make me a religious fanatic. Rather it made me more human
and inclusive. My study revealed that the “Charismatic movement” in which I had my enlightening
experience has its root in “Pentecostal Movement”. I could thus easily overgrow my religious
boundaries to participate in prayer meeting led by Pentecostal preachers and emerge being
refreshed. But my wife who had no such enlightening experience and was attached to religion was
uncomfortable with it.

As I wrote earlier my wife is that typical Good Soul, which is held captive by “holy chair” on Earth.
Her awakening relates to the awakening of “holy chair”. Not one word of what I speak enters her
mind. I understand her state. I understand there are millions of souls on earth like her, who fail to
perceive Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent God, that is beyond religion.

The only thing that hurts me most is when my wife looks at me as a failure because I have not
diverted my energy to build a house or create life’s securities and create free space for her. I had
spoken to her clearly before the marriage that I left a lucrative Job, I am being driven by some
higher goal and that money and material aspect are not my primary goal. She is the one who led
me to retreat center, where I encountered the Spirit of Christ. She is a stronger devotee of Jesus
and Mother Mary, when I am down she strangely comforts me but her mind fails to grow beyond
the bread the Priest holds. She clings to Bible but fails to find an internal peace.

To me, she is a constant reminder of billions of Good Souls that are captive to religions. The Spirit
Christ is working for the liberation of them. I understand money, house and independent spaces
are basic needs. But she fails to know that is not what we are called by Jesus to seek first.
Honestly, speaking, her dreams are small. I have a bigger dream than her when it came to living a
life on Earth. However, having stepped into the path of search and having known Jesus, I cannot
keep my dreams above His Purpose.

I sometimes wish I had the gift of healing and prophesy than the gift of Knowledge and Truth; I
find no takers for it. Sometimes the loneliness, the tag of a failed person in life, the condemnation I
receive had led me to pray to God take my soul and release me from the conscious call. But the
word of God gives hopes to live on and fight on.

Following my spiritual anointment and knowing that the Pentecostal movement is the parental
movement of the Charismatic movement, tendencies arose me to leave my church and join the
Pentecostal churches. After great introspection, I remained attached to the Church to which I
belonged [Jacobite Syrian Church]. The reasons were simple

• I could not approve, Pentecostal people speaking against Mother Mary. It amounted to denying
the reality of our human nature. Their teachings conflicted with the path Jesus took. Jesus came to
bring the Kingdom of God to Earth. He was both human and divine.

I could not find any church truly aligned with the purpose for which Jesus manifested. I believe the
first purpose of Jesus is to help us connect with our conscious and intelligence field. We are then
free to seek Spirit of God and grow in His Spirit and participate in the purpose for which Jesus
manifested. The purpose of Jesus’s manifestation is to bring the kingdom of God to earth. The
Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice. Pentecostal and Charismatic movement seems to help people
connect to the spirit of Jesus and experience the conscious awakening. This is a predicted
phenomenon that is bound to happen when the inner world grows and stressed the outwe world.
This is only a stepping stone to emergence of light and life to the world defeating the darkness.

However, most preachers seem to sell the ticket to heaven and fail to see the reality of earth. They
fail to evolve in Spirit. They end up in the building once own church and advance it. In spite of all

their effort on earth, the evil is only growing. At some point, most seem to develop an ego and
seem to fall for money and Power.

My understanding is that the compassionate aspect of Jesus that gave new life to me a sinner
comes from Mother Mary. Her connectivity to God [ability to listen to inner whispers of God
consciousness and intelligence] and her surrender to God were critical of the Divine Plan. She is a
role model to all humans and angels. Earlier we did see how a mind that seeks God, taking one or
the other path lives in illusion. The real path is the path in the middle. The path of inclusiveness,
without attachment and always directed to Light and Life. So I felt much of the Pentecostal people
are living in illusions.

I believe, Jesus did not come to punish anyone or destroy any organizational set up. His purpose
was to give New Life to individual and the organizational setup. He came to lead us from darkness
to Light. He came to give New Life to His Fathers Kingdom. If at all any destruction takes place, it is
the destruction of Ego that mind develops, with powers that come as Gift. If soul falls, it falls
because the gift of God is used for self than for the Kingdom of God and for the Good of Humanity.

Soul falls when it loses total connection to God consciousness and intelligence. It falls further
when it develops an ego. Here it disconnects from once own consciousness and intelligence. The
purpose of Jesus is to defeat Satan and help people connect to the consciousness and intelligence
and move forward to connect to God Consciousness and intelligence. It is to awaken humanity and
give us back the Dominion of Earth. Jesus knew and spoke of his own church being taken over by
evil minds. Thus He spoke of Second Coming. This meant God is aware of the deterioration of
organized Christianity and He would lift it back, defeating the evil that took hold of it.

In Christ, I could grow beyond religions to see a time period, when all of humanity exists in
awakened state and where Truth and Justice prevails. So I spent my time in prayers for all and the
good of humanity and lived aligned with my conscious call. It was largely a subdued life.

Observing from a point of freedom, I always felt that the world can only come alive when
organized Christianity comes alive to the Spirit of Christ. It is true that they kept the memory of
Jesus, His teaching and His Calvary sacrifice alive, and spread the religion called Christianity to the
world. Nobody can deny this.

However, it is also a truth this organization got disconnected from the spirit of God and developed
an ego. The Jesus had to manifest, because priest of Jewish community developed ego and were
failing to grow in God. History seems to be repeating with Christianity.

Christian institutions are the harbinger of evil minds that speak Jesus but are slaves to money and
power. There is a huge gap between what they speak and practice. They live a hypocritical life. In
this sense, they are no different to Jewish priests. They have amassed wealth and built a corporate

empire, by compromising with evil rulers of this world and manipulating and controlling the mind
of humans. They have failed to evolve in the Spirit of Christ. In short, Satan has taken over this

The Jesus I encountered was pointing to East and its supreme culture and practices that help
humanity to connect to the consciousness and intelligence within and evolve to connect to
Universal Consciousness and intelligence [God consciousness]. I perceived Jesus as Supreme Yogi.
Bible clearly says He is absolutely human and absolute Divine or God. Jesus had to conquer His
material reality or flesh Body, to know His Divine Reality and to know the Purpose of His
manifestation and act to fulfill His Fathers Will. This means the 18 years of his Life not spoken in
Bible should relate to deep meditation.

I knew my religion is at fault and is full of evil minds, but there is no way the mighty organization,
full of ego could be changed by pointing to these flaws. So I kept praying, I wished my religion
evolves spiritually than getting stagnated at the food level. I wished to see them getting filled with
Spirit Christ and work connected with Spirit of Christ thus bringing Life to people and the Global
society. I hoped to see them pointing to God within. I hoped they help people to get rooted in their
consciousness intelligence and help them tread the path of Truth and Justice and thus create space
for Spirit of Jesus to work in their Life and help Jesus in His purpose of building the Kingdom of

My conscious call had two objectives.

• To call the world attention to the science behind Calvary, such that humans awaken to their
human Nature and see their oneness in God. [Awakening of consciousness and intelligence]
• To call world’s attention to increased destruction coming to us from nature, because we are
failing to comprehend Earth’s Design and Functioning to sustain Life.

There was nothing much I can do with my principle call, except write what revealed to me and
keep it open on the net and let Time and His will do the rest. Much of my attention was
concentrated to calling the world attention to increased destruction coming to us because of the
exponential increase in environmental heat and the need to understand the Principle and Design
on which Earth functions to sustain her equilibrium, thus sustain the ecosphere and all life in it. I
have striven to speak the need to upgrade our understanding of Nature and upgrade our
technologies in line with life to survive on Earth. I hoped this physical reality will bring back the
attention of the world to Spirituality of Jesus I wrote.

However, Humanity engulfed in ego, pride, seem to be resisting awakening to simple realities of
the spiritual and physical world. I am surprised by the recalcitrant Nature of leaders and the
general public to increased natural catastrophes coming to us because of increasing heat and
increased CO2. Maybe huge destruction on Earth could only break the ego of leaders and awaken

the general public. That possibly is the moment when Humanity also awakens to God and Jesus
and bow to the Creators, God the Mother and Father.

It is not my wish that such destruction occurs. When calamities strike, the people who suffer are
the common public. It hurts to see this happening. But we the common public have no right to
complain, in a largely democratic world that is interconnected and open. We create and pamper
our leaders. We are the same people who shouted for the crucifixion of Jesus and release of thief
and murderer and took on ourselves the wrath of God.

In short, I was helpless, I kept praying, silently for the awakening of my religious community and
my people. Then an event occurred in my family that shattered my life, questioning all that I
believed and hoped.

As I said earlier, after I encountered the spirit of Christ, I overlooked my hatred for priest and
clergy and began to take part in church activities looking to those few Good and overlooking the
majority of bad ones. After my retreat, I met my church priest [Jacobite Syrian Church], and
deposited some money so that those wishing to go for a retreat but has no financial resources to
travel can be assisted. I later came to know the priest himself went and attended the retreat as an
ordinary man. I had immense respect for this priest. Following it once he shared his inkling to
leave the priesthood and take evangelism. I told him as long as our focus and intent is right, the
power and position can help transform people. He went on to become a Bishop.

My family had supported my church with our hard earned money. But an incident occurred in
which my whole family was stabbed from behind our back, by this very Bishop and a bunch of
priest in our community. They were dancing to the tune of known evil minds who hang around
them with dirty money with an aim for political power.

The only people I hate in my life are the people, who speak nicely and throw coins into a blind
beggar’s plate and lift the paper notes. The beggar is happy with tingling of the plate. There is no
way the beggar to know he is being looted. My observation is that much of the priests and
politician, even the dirty rich business people to do this. There is no way we can come out of this
unless we evolve and awaken. My hope existed in Jesus and the Spirit of God working.

When the evil struck my family with the full awareness of the Bishop whom I respected, I felt my
ground slipping. I did call the Bishop and explained him my stand and asked Him to counsel the
people involved including a member of my family, who fell into their trap. But Bishop and the
priest failed. They were totally in the grip of evil minds. There is nothing I could do when a
spiritual leader is leading member of my family on the wrong path.

My family was victimized and sacrificed for personal gain and enhancement of the power of the
Bishop. We were being made a victim of politics and fight between two Bishops of the church.

I wrote letters up to the highest level of my community, seated in Syria, requesting them, not to
allow these evil minds to play with the institution to which millions look with hope. The core of my
spiritual experience is the realization that behind the bread we eat from Sanctum Sanctorum, the
Spirit of Christ or God exists as a witness. My stand is that it is much better not to go to church,
than going there with evil self-centered intent.

When the inevitable happened, when I heard the Bishop and Priest of my community doing the
most heinous crime of all, that is desecrating the Sanctum Sanctorum and letting the Divine Stamp
into the hands of known evils of the community, my hopes of the churches awakening to the Spirit
of Christ and the Good becoming victorious in Spirit of Christ broke down.

I broke down crying. Even in at the peak my atheist thinking, I have not dared to disrespect
people’s faith and the places of worship. I always considered them as little logs of wood that
shipwrecked person, is holding on to survive in a huge sea, seeking and praying for help and
expecting some miracle. I understand that spiritual institutions and temple, churches are places
instituted by God for the very purpose of fighting evil and open peoples mind and sight. When
these places, become totally under the evil, it becomes the most questionable situation of God
existence. Then “selfish gene” Atheist’s thinking stands hold.

Jesus got violent in the temple when He saw it being made a marketplace. But Jesus did not
destroy the temple; it fell on its own. The modern-day churches are not only a marketplace but the
den of all evil minds that seek power at all cost.

I could understand Jesus surrendering to evil minds that crucified Him but to feel that Holy Spirit
or the Spirit of God on which I believed as helpless before evil minds are quite shattering to me. I
felt I am living in God Delusion.

I knelt and cried and prayed seeking a definite answer, only to receive a call to pray for the
Kingdom of God to manifests, the kingdom of God is Truth and Justice. I did not understand the
implication of this inner call. I had almost decided to give up my belief in God and go back to my
atheist standpoint of view. This voice from within gave a relief and made me stick on with my
conscious call. I chose to give space for this new inner call.

I began to distance myself from priests, leaving them to themselves and looking beyond them to
the Cross. Slowly I realized that the two thieves’ crucified to the right and left represent God’s own
people, appointed to hold light and life lead humanity in right path. The fall of the kingdom of God
happened because of them. The manifestation of Christ became a necessity because of their failure
and that nearly half of them are destined to fall into deep depths when Jesus completes his work.
They are the last people to awaken.

My brother left the Jacobite Syrian Church and Joined Malankara Catholic Church that comes
under Pope in the Vatican. I followed him more as a support to him. I still go with them to church.
For I know Jesus is alive that someday the Living God and His word can touch them and they can

I do tell my family members that unless the speaker of Word of God has New Birth experience in
Holy Spirit, “Word of God” will not be able to penetrate you. You have to search such people
irrespective of religions, sect and listen to them to come alive. But they fail to listen.

Their mind is so programmed and their slavery to religion is so strong that they can never
experience the free moving Spirit of Jesus and come to light and Life. They can never see Jesus
outside the church and bread that priests handle. Every type of people hang around church, they
are not condemned people by God. They seem to exist under the spell of largely condemned,
hypocritical people. These people awakening relates to an awakening of the holy chair in the
Vatican. But my hope of the Chair in the Vatican, with immense wealth and a big corporate world
under their belt, awakening to the spirit of Christ and releasing the people from their slavery
appeared a distant reality.

I entered the worst period of my Life. I began to doubt the thought I developed over the years and
the faith I kept in Jesus. The vision of Spirit of Christ bringing victory to Good in my life-time
became distant. Praying for religious leader’s especially Christianity who is material centered
appeared a wasted exercise. My vision of people and leaders of nations comprehending Jesus and
the Living Universe Theory and the manifestation kingdom of God on earth began to collapse. With
it, my dream of returning to the scientific world to contribute to developing innumerable nature
compatible ideas, in energy, information, health and food industry sector that I picked from
nature, went down the drain.

I began to feel like a foolish man who took a conscious path, giving up a lucrative Job and going in
search God and Truth.

Such was the feeling, at one time I even thought of praying for death and release from the stress
and stain I am going through. However, the voice within prevailed and I continued praying for the
kingdom of God. Slowly I began to see a clear sign of the Spirit of God working. It raised my falling
Spirit. The greatest sign I witnessed is a sudden change in Vatican and emergence of New Pope,
who stepped down from Golden Throne to be with people and addressing people’s problem and
speaking for Mother Earth, trying to grow beyond religion and openly condemning hypocritical
life of His people.

He is speaking connected to the conscious and exposing the evils operating in his institution. I look
to Him as a Good Soul and a much wanted good spiritual leader, who speaks connected to

consciousness. I can perceive deep opposition to him within his church.

The air we breathe is crying for the victory of Good Souls. I hope more leaders like Him emerge.
We need to become human first, live connected to reality instead of trying to speak of the unseen
Divine world. I believe that no one can become Holy. It makes no sense to pose to be holy by
wearing a golden cloth, holding, golden stick, sitting in a golden chair, being in Church and serving
in Sanctum Sanctorum.

The statement of Pope is often misinterpreted, but I feel he is on the path. I feel he is in the process
of delinking from a whole institution that has compromised with evil and has failed to align with
Spirit of Jesus. I feel he is empowering a small sect within his congregation, who are truly striving
to take the path of Jesus and God and thus turn the table. My observation pointed that a good
number of people taking priesthood, do so with the Good intent to know Jesus Christ and serve
humanity. But most end up tactically trained as corporate managers to advance the institution and
its wealth. They get trained to speak nicely and put coins into blind beggars and lift paper notes of
a higher denomination that God gave the blind man.

Pope Francis is Good Sign to the world; he speaks connecting to the consciousness, instead of what
is written and what is taught to Him. He is shaking the biggest religious institution and its
followers such that they open their eyes. Every statement of Pope Francis is reverberating,
shaking the foundation of Christianity. As I write this a new round of statement of Pope Francis on
Satan is going around on the internet.

Pope said
“He is evil, he’s not like mist. He’s not a diffuse thing, he is a person. I’m convinced that one must
never converse with Satan - if you do that, you’ll be lost,”
“He’s more intelligent than us, and he’ll turn you upside down, he’ll make your head spin”
“He always pretends to be polite - he does it with priests, with Bishops. That’s how he enters your
mind. But it ends badly if you don’t realize what is happening in time. (We should tell him) go
away!” Pope Francis

- TV2000, a Catholic channel

You can interpret it many ways. To me what he spoke is a call not to look through the mind and
five senses, but be connected to consciousness and intelligence within and listen to whispers from
within. All his statements have a touch of connectivity with consciousness. That is something I
appreciate and see it as a good sign. It is a blow to traditional and old, who sell heaven to people
and keep them as slaves. A huge awakening to Christianity is a necessity for the world to survive.

My stand has always been, we need to be Good Human being fist before we speak of God. We must
grow to introspect our thoughts and actions by standing aside and judge oneself relative to the
supreme human and God personality hung on Calvary. There is no sense in speaking about
Heaven, without being a Good Human and being connected to once Human Nature. God does not
expect us to be Holy. If we can become holy by our own effort there was no need for God to come
as Jesus and become the sacrifice.

God does expect us to be conscious and intelligent and walk the path of Truth and Justice. He
expects the appointed and anointed people, not to develop ego, self and become a slave to the
material world and compromise Him.

We are in down phase of universal time. In this phase, darkness and evil are thriving. I don’t have
to give any proof of it. Our world full of war, terrorism, looting and killing in the name of God and
where God itself has become a marketing commodity, speaks this loudly. The deteriorating truth
and justice speak very clearly of evil force dominating in the world. The west and its thinking rule
the world; Christianity is its spiritual institution and it cannot run away from the responsibility to
the present state of the world

Today Bible and Jesus are being preached around the world. Yet we do not see the peace on Earth
that Jesus preached. It is time, we introspect.

Holy Spirit that has come to Earth is helping us reconnect to the consciousness and intelligence
within. The Divine plan of God is growing by dead souls that lived connected to consciousness and
walked the path of Truth and Justice. The world would have been different had Christianity,
instead of speaking about heaven had directed people to connect to their consciousness and God
seated within. Very clearly when Bible says that we are created in His image, that should have
been the path of teaching they should have taken instead of trying to seat God back in four walls
and make people slaves.

I understand there is no direct passport to Heaven. Yes, there is a path opened for us to align with
God and Good and walk the path of Truth and Justice. If there is no action to support what you
speak, you are actually going down. Mahatma Gandhi said

“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching”

Being at a higher level in the spiritual realm and if you are living a hypocritical life the greater will
be your fall. Pope Francis is right when he said “better to be atheist than a hypocritical

In all my human weakness I keep hope in Jesus. Our endangered world can come alive the
moment we comprehend Jesus beyond religions. In Jesus, God the Father and Mother are

contained in fullness. In Him, we have the Big Brother, who sacrificed to ensure that His Fathers
Kingdom survives and we are protected and we can enter the Golden Age of Knowledge and

We are supposed to be participants to build and sustain the Kingdom of God. The awakening of
priest and clergies is critical to the world. Today they actually stand as resistance to God. When
50% of them repent and receive Jesus, the world sees Golden Age. Pope Francis rightly said
Church is like a Mother. The church is conceived; she cannot hide her conception and live a
hypocritical Life. The only way is to deliver the Truth. The stress to deliver is already on. There is
spiritual stress from within to evolve to Know Truth and God and awaken to Jesus beyond religion.

I do not mean to hurt anybody. Having known Jesus I cannot but speak, what revealed to me. How
you take it is not my concern. I know my stand and what I wrote leads to further isolation of me in
my own family and I am inviting trouble. However, my conscious call is more dear to me than
pleasing my people and my community.


Evolving Science to Comprehend Truth

I was an Atheist; I took to science from consciousness and hoping to contribute something to
humanity. Years down in science I began to feel serious flaws in science and its foundation.

I am not sure whether it is my weakness or strength; once I feel something is wrong, I resist
making compromises. A hypocritical life, bowing to a person or a system or living for the sake of
money and power is something I hate. Thus I threw up my lucrative career and walked out on my
doctorate degree, to accept the age-old farming life in an interior village. But this life did not kill
the scientist in me. In the freedom of nature, I got an immense scope to explore the fundamentals
of Life, community, society and the whole.

Nature was revealing pages of her book, randomly. I could now see scope for many New applied
technologies in various fields of human interest. Naturally, I was being drawn to explore it and
make money. But something was resisting me, from going into applied aspect and was pulling me
into fundamental aspect. My mind and thoughts were being drawn to Great Fundamental
questions. Such as

• How motion manifests in first place and why everything exists dancing [winding and
• What leads to the manifestation of an atom, how and why it is stable. In short how gravity
manifests and atom resist gravity and collapse into singularity
• How DNA and life manifested to create a human being like us
• To where our scientific world is evolving, with all its technologies that release much heat into the
• What is the purpose of our birth, why we humans are seeking the knowledge of cosmos?
• Why a God concept emerged. Does such personality exist?
• The greatest of all is the question how the universe came into existence, where is it going. In
short, my mind was racing to comprehend the incomprehensible Big Bang Theory.

My mind had developed many models. But when I bring two ends together, I find the cycle
breaking elsewhere. It was like a dog trying to catch its tail. I was going round and round and
draining my energy and falling sick. It was during this phase, my wife prompted me to go to a
Charismatic Retreat Center. I went there as an observer and ended participating to experience the
Spirit of Christ.

As a scientist, I was obsessed to know the truth. As I surrendered before Jesus and God, I could
only express my desire to Know Him. That experience of Christ was unique; I heard a voice from
deep within to seek Him through the Mind of the Heart. From this point onwards my struggle to
seek Truth from the realm of mind vanished; I begin to observe the world around me constantly
surrendering my mind and observing from a conscious relam. This began to expose simplicity
behind the complexity of Nature and life and our relationship with God.

Here I write the simplicity of the complexity I arrived at.

The Fundamental Design and Principle

Science’s fundamental failure exists in its failure to know the
• Fundamental Design and Principle on which motion eternally exist,
• How gravity manifests and works.
• How Life manifests
• How the Cosmic system eternally exists conquering time and collapse into the black hole.

History of science tell us that science is built on two basic observations and study of Nature
around us,
• One is the observation of matter and its movement. It all began with the observation of the
movement of stellar objects [Planets, sun, and objects in the sky] and predicting its motion. This
led to the development of the concept of Gravity and mechanical worldview that is built on
Newton’s Laws and his work.

• The second is the observation and study of light. That led Einstein to develop His Relativistic

Light denied gravity and showed maximum speed possible. The light showed both particle and
wave characteristic depending on the experiment. The paradox how light exists as a wave as well
as particle still exists as a mystery to science. Both Newton’s and Einstein’s worldview was built
on predictability. But before Einstein could rest on his laurels, the Predictable worldview
collapsed to give way to Quantum Science that is built on unpredictability and speaks of

Quantum science says you cannot exactly predict the occurring of an event in future but only can
speak it in terms of probabilities. What is strange is the object before being observed actually
spread over the whole system of which it is part and the reality collapses when the observer
observes. What it means an object you observe does not exist before you are observing and trying
to feel or sense it. This is strange. Yet it is the popular science. What it means the observer, the
seeker, the feeler, takes an important role in the universe. It has deep implications and showed
parallel with the mystic teaching of the east. It thus opened the door to spiritual science of the
ancient and revival of religions.

One must note here the classic difference in science between the east and modern science of west
• Modern science assumed the universe is material and kept life and themselves out of what they
study. But post-Einstein with Quantum Science the scenario changed. Early science emphasized
observation and measurement. It is pursued with a conquering motive.
• East, in contrast, assumed universe as Living and emphasized repeated experience and
observation. It was pursued with an understanding motive. Thus they developed a science that
gives peace and order to individual and various levels of society.

One quote from the father of Quantum Science Max Planck summarizes to which point science
evolved. He said “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must assume
behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all

No wonder east said that Universe is thought the projection of mind of God. Today west speaks in
terms of the universe as a huge brain. The term consciousness and intelligence, which were once a
taboo to science, today is the most sought-after research in the western world.

Science still fails to grasp the basis of all paradoxes and mystery that underlies life and nature. It
has created more questions than it has solved. We do not know
• What property gives gravity to matter?
• Why the speed of light is maximum.
• Why wave-particle duality.

• Why the ratio of acceleration of two interacting bodies is always three.

• Why triplet code, why dominant and recessive gene.
• Why mitotic and meiotic division and so on.

Now scientists have started to feel the possible collapse of the world for the lack of sound

Let us now review the foundation briefly.

The foundation of science is built on two concepts

• The gravity that is essentially attractive and centripetal in nature. It is related to a term mass.
The gravity force between two objects is proportional to its mass and is quite weak. Gravity is
instantaneous force acting between the two interacting objects.

• The concept of Charge that explains electromagnetism. The concept of Charge speaks of
interaction between two oppositely charged particles. Their interactions are very much stronger
than gravity. Two oppositely charged systems can communicate through the Electromagnetic
wave. But communication through electromagnetic waves takes place over a period of time. All
electromagnetic waves have the same speed; the Speed of light [The maximum speed]. Thus we
have instantaneous communication and time-bound communication in Nature and Life.

Nature thus has a maximum speed and minimum speed. They are assumed to be limits of nature.
But we don’t know in the first place how motion or gravity manifests. Einstein did propose that
Gravity is the manifestation of Space-time net [Gravity field] in which matter exists creating a dip.
See fig next page.

Gravity is a centripetal force. This when combined with inevitable time direction all objects will
swirl and collapse to a singularity in a black hole [See Fig]. Here space-time, matter, and energy
are so stretched that everything is destroyed. Even information was thought to be irreversibly
destroyed. But now it is assumed that information gets plastered on to the wall of the black hole
and is retrievable. But we have not understood how this happens and how it could be applied to
understand the Universe.

Science can only see everything being destroyed in a black hole. It only sees one force the force of
matter and its field directed to a black hole, to one “Seed Atom” and “Seed Particle” Thus knowing
atom and how it is constructed and how it exists eternally without collapsing into the center is of
paramount importance to science.

Visualizing Quantum Dance

I am here developing the new vision that eventually brings the Living vision of the Universe. It
based on certain fundamental Principle and Design.

In the above we are visualizing a string with two ends; one positive and the other negative. Here
we are visualizing non-equilibrium of 4:3. Flow change and motion are basic characters of nature.
Non-equilibrium is a necessity for the flow, change, and motion to occur.

Now we can visualize quantum dance and motion of particle accompanied by spin and curved
displacement in space.
Point to note - It unites the Concept of Gravity and Charges in simplicity.

We are laying the foundation for the unification of two great concepts of science Gravity and
electromagnetism that has remained beyond the comprehension of the scientist.

Let us elaborate it to understand it.

• The process is a compression seeking equilibrium.
• Since energy can only be exchanged in a quantum manner, this compression leads to an inside-
out process leading to the opening of the Particle into a string and collapsing back into a new state
where right turn into left and vice-versa. The flow direction changes from 4:3 [Say right to Left]
into 3:4 [Left to right]

We see here an eternal dance of particle that opens as a string and collapses, showing the dual
character of particle and wave. The existence of particle produces a wave. The energy content of
the particle can change.

Point to Note – We are seeing an explanation of the Paradox of wave-particle duality and also
seeing how fundamental motion happens.

During the dance, particle releases energy in one plane and acquires energy in another plane.
Since there is a non-equilibrium, the opening and collapse lead to spin and curved displacement in
space. This accounts for the fundamental Motion.

We see here a PRINCIPLE and DESIGN. The principle is to seek equilibrium at the
center, but the non-equilibrium ratio design resists leading to Quantum Dance.

An atom, a molecule, compounds and all systems both inorganic and organic [life] formed from it
and everything in Cosmos, including the cosmos itself, should have such Quantum Dance. This
means a perfectly straight line and a perfect circle or spheres are non-existing. What exists are
curvature and loops that can dynamically change, accepting and releasing energy. You will
understand the statement as we go on.

Knowing Light
The above particle is a one-dimensional quantum dancing particle. This can be visualized as a light
particle or electromagnetic particle or wave. It has no resistance in three-dimensional spaces and
so it dances with maximum speed and moves. The energy it contains can vary.

Point to note - This explains why the speed of light is maximum.

• The non-equilibrium design leads to spin and curved displacement in space thus accounts for the
characteristics of the fundamental motion.

 The Quantum Dance is three step DIMENSIONLESS spiral compressions, followed by expansion
[See fig]. The straight line only is a transitional state. There is an initial state, followed by
middle state, where the particle wants to exist, but it cannot because of design and quantum
Nature of energy transfer.

This accounts for action and reaction. We see here a PRINCIPLE and DESIGN. The principle is an
attempt to seek equilibrium. Since energy is transferred in a quantum manner, the Quantum

Dance becomes inevitable. In the process of action and reaction, there is a near equilibrium state,
at which the particle wishes to stay but it cannot because of the Quantum nature of energy

The above dance is universal. All systems [Atoms and complex systems like Life and the whole
cosmic system] wishes to exist dancing around an equilibrium state. A complex life and the whole
universe can resist the dance by developing a huge structure around it. But the basic “Design and
principle”, compels it to have dancing existence. In other words, it exists in eternal compression
and expansion, where reorganization and change in direction of flow occurs. We will understand
this statement as we go by. We also see how God and Jesus become Critical to this re-organization
in Cosmic scale.

Point to Note
• Since the particle figured above has one-dimensional existence, it would Quantum Dance freely
in three-dimensional spaces. The frequency of the dance is depended on the energy contained in it.
• The particle and its dance are independent of Gravity Force. They have the same speed coming
towards Earth and going away from it. Thus it explains property of light.
• It can explain the observed wave-particle duality of light in the Experiments.
• It can explain everything about light and electromagnetic phenomenon.

Formation of Atomic Matter and Gravity Force

Now let us see how an atomic matter manifests. E=mc2 suggest an atom with a mass is the product
of two particles of light [See fig]. This means huge energy is locked in an atom in a neutralized
manner. This was proven by the creation of atomic bombs. The fact that all atoms can
communicate and have giggling or quantum dancing existence means the two particles of light,
forming the atom are not equal. The atom has to have a ratio design. Let us assume it as 4:3. This
allows the atoms to have a communicative existence. In other words, it can give out energy and
receive energy and exist in a constant process of balancing.

Note – This idea of atom invariably means there is a parallel world that contributes the Light
particle leading to the formation of an atom. See fig next page.

You can divide this world further, but the central zone remains the same. Since the instinct of the
system is to seek equilibrium, all particle of light [electromagnetic particles], will move to the
center at the same speed. This accounts for why all electromagnetic particles have the same speed.

The key difference between a Light particle and Atomic systems is that
• Light particle radiates energy and seeks a pair. It is quantum entangled with a pair and exists in
relativity with it. This is proven by quantum entanglement of quantum science.
• The light particle that moves, move in a spiral manner. What this means it exerts a pressure on
the opposite and pulls it toward it. Recall a drill working. The drill cannot move one bit, unless the
opposite yields.

Point to note - Here we are seeing the Gravitational force of Newton manifesting.

• The particle we discussed now can become the carrier of gravity or gravitons. The difference
between graviton from the light particle is the energy contained in it. Graviton has very small
amount of energy. This can explain Gravity of Einstein.

• The equilibrium Point of a light or electromagnetic particle in three-dimensional spaces exists

outside of it in relations to a pair and complementary pair. But equilibrium point of an atom exists
inside the atom itself.

A hydrogen atom is two dimensional systems and has higher stability in three-dimensional spaces
[See Fig Hydrogen atom]. Because of non-equilibrium design, it retains the ability to quantum

dance and radiates energy and absorbs energy. In short, they can communicate. They radiate from
one plane and absorb from complementary plane See Fig. Thus they are designed to sustain the

An atom formed can be right twisted or left twisted. This means they are formed in pairs. One
right twisted and other left twisted. Hydrogen being two dimensional systems is still unstable in
three-dimensional space. A higher stability can come into being when two hydrogen atom one
right winding and one left winding to come together, thus we have an H2 molecule.

Point to Note -This means there should be four worlds that contribute Light particle giving rise to
two hydrogen atoms.

Formation of Higher system

Since the instinct of the particle and atom is to reach higher and higher state of equilibrium. We
can visualize the two hydrogen atom with opposite twist fusing in time under gravity creating a

Helium atom. See Fig. We know that this can create a huge amount of energy and that fusion
reaction is the basis by which stellar objects shine.

The two atoms fusing should full fill the non-equilibrium ratio relationship for fusion to occur.
Fusion cannot occur if the two have the same strength. We know equal and opposite cancels. Only
non-equilibrium can allow helium atom to wind and unwind thus to communicate with the
external world.

Characteristics of Helium Atom

 It is an atom that is complete in three-dimensional space
 It does not react with other elements to form compounds.
 It, however, is amenable to heat-induced winding and unwinding
 The non-equilibrium design, gives it malleability to wind and unwind in three distinct steps. It
means it is dynamic in space between to two limits defined by heat.
 The most important point I make is that the Non-equilibrium design creates a space
within it. We see here black hole forming that can open and close. This black hole
becomes the conscious and intelligent space, that is creative and has sustenance
 When stressed beyond the limit, the inert atom is forced open up collapse into new order
changing its twist.

Opposition to Gravity and Time

When gravity and the winding force act on the helium atom, it unwinds on the complementary
plane. When it reaches the critical point it can collapse into a new order, changing the direction of
the flow. In short it quantum dances. This means the inner space of inert atoms black hole opens
and reorders. It can take the stress of Gravity and time directed to a point in it and open up to
Transform it into anti-gravity force.

Creativity and DNA formation and Blackhole Secret

Inert atoms can show creativity. When stressed to near critical limit, it can add on non-inert
matter onto itself, so that it can resist the stress acting on its equilibrium and leading it to a
breaking point. See fig below . This happens when it is pushed to near the second level of the non-
equilibrium state.

Point to Note - This means inert atoms can be visualized as the source of Life. The actual
information of the life exists in the black hole in spiritual or energetic form.

Most important point is that inert atoms and DNA has another level of stability, it can take energy
and matter into its black hole and create a mirror image of itself. This we see as DNA duplication.

Inert atoms and DNA are dynamic and stable in space. But under gravity or fourth dimension or
Dimension of Time, it can collapse. Thus all living system has to go through a cycle of birth and
death. Time becomes inevitable. The black hole is the Conscious and intelligent field that carries
all the information and memory of the whole system. The DNA blueprint that we see exists inside
it in Spiritual form.

Inert atoms now become the Living Atoms or Spirit-soul. This means the information of the whole
cosmic system can exist one Primal Inert Atom. God Atom, that takes the central position. Our
Spirit-Soul is relative to the Supreme Spirit-soul at the Center.

Inert atoms can be of two types, right winding and left winding. They can form a right and left
winding galaxies and stellar systems with black holes. Since gravity and time are inevitable. They
tend to concentrate energy to the center. See figure.

The center being earth, that inhabits life, it creates flow back making the whole thing cyclic

Understanding black hole – The Key

The fig below speaks the black hole structure.

We saw the black hole exist in inert atoms. A collection of inert atoms with the same twist can in
time create a big black hole. A black hole has three parts, an outer, a middle and inner

We must note that the inert atoms are formed from the fusion of two hydrogen one with a right
twist the other with left twist. Possibly one of the hydrogen atoms of the inert atom resists the
collapse into black hole giving stability to inert atoms. But since Gravity and time are inevitable, it
in time shifts to the collapses into it ergosphere. At this point, the fused hydrogen probably atom
splits. This feed energy into the black hole. One that has the same twist as the black hole goes into
the black hole. The other is ejected to outer world where it is combined with the hydrogen atom
and fuses to form helium which feeds the system. The atom going into ergo sphere in time gets
stretched and broken into energy that directs to a center in time

Gravity and time direct to a center. The energy siphoned from black hole possibly produces
hydrogen atom and helium atoms towards the inside. Helium atom towards the center can pair up.
This Pair then creates a molecule that can effectively work against Gravity and Time and death.
They are the seeds of origin of life as Male and female that is bestowed with the capacity to
transform Gravity and thus sustain the universe from collapsing. The center in which the helium
atom can be combined to form molecules of life seems to be Earth and its ecosphere. Earth and its
ecosphere seem o finely tuned for Life.

Conquering Gravity and Time by Life

We are now visualizing life, at an atomic and molecular level, with black hole s in it. They by their
creativity can form DNA and living system. The information and power to build the whole living
system are held within the black hole in spiritual form.

Two Parallel worlds or black holes are involved in Creation. The life we know has male and female.
The root of it can be traced to the existence of right winding or left winding inert atom. Life is a
system that constantly strives to sustain certain equilibrium. These two inert atoms work like

parallel worlds. Individually they are conscious and intelligent entities. It is a system that is aware
of its critical limits. When it is stressed to the limit, it evolves its information. There are three
levels of information exchange that help the system to survive. They are

• Breathing
• Mitotic division and the creation of its image. Physical growth
• Reduction of information and union with the opposite to create New Information and Create a
New Body for the Life to survive.

I will overlook the breathing and mitotic aspect since it relates to sustenance and concentrates on
Creation aspect.

The Most Important Point

Gravity is a centripetal winding force. It can be right winding or Left winding, not both. The
parallel world we visualized speaks of one right winding and another left winding system. This
means one favors the material world and its force. The other opposes it. See Fig Next page.

The parallel world and the above design can help oppose Gravity and time. But every time the
system contracts and expands. There is some loss of energy from the dominant. This lost
energy or information is stored in the black hole of the recessive in fourth dimension or
dimension of time. This possibly can account for Dark energy. This does not disturb the
balance but does exert gravity and thus the system begins to wind and collapse into a
singularity. Explaining singularity and origin from the black hole in Big Bang becomes

Point to Note – The black hole that breaks hydrogen atom in its ergosphere and the dark
energy that life can build up can account for the enigma of missing mass and energy.

Thus Earth that supports life and us humans seems to take an important position in the
universe. Life seems to be the storehouse of dark energy and mass.

The Perceiver or God Concept

Both male and female or parallel worlds are conscious and intelligent systems. They are an
independent dynamic system designed to transform gravity into anti-gravity and survive in a
material world whose force is Gravity which in time gets directed to collapse to singularity and

Though parallel world [male and female] are independent they are one. They have emerged
from single state and the memory of it is carried by both worlds. We saw how a pair of original
information string duplicate and separate, carrying the mirror image of the Opposite as pair.
See Fig next page.

These two worlds are formed from one reality is Quantum entangled through a black hole.
These two worlds are independent and are Conscious and intelligent. But one of them which
hold the Original String actually forms the Spirit-Soul, the other goes to form mind-body. The
knowledge they contribute is different but are parts of the same whole reality. Thus the
knowledge that modern west is giving and what the ancient East gave are one, they are two
sides of the Same Coin. Their unity and how they function to sustain the system is what the
whole world seeks. As the system divides the black hole exists as a binding factor.

Every species is unique, and all individual within it has a right and left or male and female. The
individual within a species can differ qualitatively. They all survive by sharing information
within the system and evolve in relation to the ecosphere in which it has to survive. They

pulsate with the Universe. No living species is disconnected from the universe of which it is

Point to Note- the male and female can exist as one in a system in many species. Most plants
are such type. But they hardly self-breed, they sustain diversity and the potential to survive, by
breeding with other plants of the species.

The life we saw opposes gravity. In other words, they resist the collapse of the system into a
singularity. They assist the cosmic system to sustain itself. We saw in the previous chapter that
Earth is self-organizing or Gaia, with a microorganism, plant, and animals with no time

Humans are considered the highest of all species. He takes the highest position in the pyramid
of Life. He was given the dominion of Earth and all species by God. When we say God it includes
Mother and Father [Goddess and God]

Goddess is not talked much in western philosophy, for it is recessive and exists hidden behind the
dominant. But she plays an equally important role in creation and sustenance. But Indian spiritual
Philosophy, her position is not hidden.

The confusion comes when you trace and seek the duality, One God or a singularity from
which everything comes into existence. In this singularity, duality and multiplicity are
hidden. It is here the human mind fails.

Explaining singularity thus becomes inevitable. Here comes the importance of Jesus, Christ, and
His Calvary sacrifice. Jesus we saw is the FIRST BORN, in whom the uncorrupt information of the
whole cosmic world existed. With His Calvary sacrifice, the time direction to Death and Singularity
is conquered. Calvary is Big Bang Point. The universe is information and Knowledge Unfolding.

The following figure that we saw in the previous chapter explains it in simplicity.

The figure overlooks all species and speaks of our relationship with the Creator or Supreme Being
at the center. Now
• All gravity of material world and its force directs to it.
• All force of humanity that distanced from God and became ego self and salve to material force
also points to it.
• The SEED ATOM and SEED PARTICLE of Big Bang, should exist in it.

Our Earth thus seems to be the center of the cosmos, where the cosmic drama is unfolding. The
heaven, Earth, and hell seem to be differentiating right from here. With Christ’s Calvary sacrifice
these worlds are dissolved. The Creator’s [God the Mother and Father’s] conscious and intelligent
field came together in Jesus Christ. Jesus is First Born, who carried the uncorrupt information of
the whole cosmic system. When sacrificed His Life, in full awareness of who He is and Power His
Father and Mother bestowed on Him, he ensured a Divine Plan of recreation and restoration of His
Fathers Kingdom.

He ensured that His Fathers Kingdom manifest on earth and that His brothers and Sisters are
released from slavery to fallen Angels who manifest as Satan. Jesus’s Spirit is in creation state and
is leading us back to Golden Age. All lost knowledge is being restored back to humanity such that
he takes dominion of earth and all species on it.

God the Father did seek such a sacrifice from Abraham but stopped him when he was about to do
it. He did it, by sacrificing His own Son, for the cause for the fall of His Kingdom came from His
own people, not common people.

When Jesus, the most powerful Human and Divine entity, who amply showed His powers, chose to
do His Fathers will in full faith, He conquered the gene of ego, self and the material centeredness of
the fallen angels, that is amplifying through his children’s on Earth.

In other words, He conceived a WHITE HOLE within the black hole and arrested singularity and
death. With it, all worlds were dissolved and a recreation and restoration process with free will to
all indestructible human spirit-souls started. This Field is growing within the old. We are being
called to transform and translate into this field to take New Life, evolve and get illuminated.

Let us explore it a little bit; we saw that energy cannot be lost in a system. The energy of a pair of a
black hole forming life can lead to storing of energy in dark form. See fig

The figure is self-explanatory. The universe is a Quantum System designed to self-organize. We

saw how Earth with life is self-organizing one. We humans play important role in the self-
organizing processes. This self-organizing system takes a time direction to a black hole when
humans lose memory of their creation and lose connection with their creators. The situation
becomes critical when 3/4th of indestructible souls, are trapped by evil minds from below and the
balance is upset in favor of fall into the black hole. It is at this point Jesus, His Calvary and God’s
Divine Plans get executed.

With Calvary, duality and multiplicity are dissolved. The means all souls get the liberation to
become a participant in creation. The spirit of God guards the black hole. It has conquered time
and death and is growing from within. When God Himself has manifested on Earth as Human, it is
inevitable all angels too have to take birth on Earth. A new world develops, within the old that
grows effortlessly. The evil minds freed also flourishes creating a downward push. The inner
world soars, like a plane that rises up with winds blowing against it. It then breaks the womb to
initialize the System. This will accompany by duality as we discussed earlier. This is First
Judgment or Original Justice. This is the kingdom of God manifesting on Earth or entry into Golden
Age of Humanity.

The Christ’s conscious field is open for all. In fact, all development is happening under this
conscious field. Both Good and evil heart and minds are flourishing, in this field. The world we
witness is a proof of it. God’s name and His Grace is also has been exploited to create one’s own
kingdoms. I am not judging anyone who is taking God’s name and working. The Conscious field of
the creator is aware of the intent of all soul’s working in His field. There is a Divine Plan Unfolding.

The present spiritual awakening is war between the Good Angels that had to manifest on earth
and take New Birth evil ones that find a way out when God dissolved all three worlds. Both these
powerful angels are striving for Human souls.

The Divine Plan would trap the evil heart and mind or Angels. The judgment in Bible speaks it.
Judgment speaks in favor those who are compassionate and who are aligned with God and walked
the path of Truth and Justice. Those who spoke and preached God, but failed to be compassionate
and failed to walk the path of Truth and Justice fall miserably.

Note – I am overlooking the finer details. I hope to present in the larger version of this book on

Chapter -2

Future Technologies and a Glimpse of New World

The book has tried a find solution two critical problems of the modern world.
• Ignorance of God and our separation in the name of religion, which is leading great religious
friction and instability in the society
• Ignorance of modern science of the Fundamental Principle and Design of Nature and her
functioning, which is leading to an exponential increase in heat of the environment leading to
ecosphere collapse.

In discovering Jesus and Calvary as the science of highest order beyond religion and knowing Him
as Supreme God the Mother and Father, will set the path for how our spirit-soul on earth are
interrelated as one and how we must live and evolve. This is a call to especially to the priest and
kingly sects of our society. I hope it will bring peace to the world that is poised for self-destruction
in the name of life-giving God.

But this awakening is bound to create new problems. One prime area that is pointed to is
increasing the heat of the environment. We are nearly 7 billion people living and multiplying,
eating the resources of the earth in competition and reckless manner. We saw how since
industrial era, the heat of the environment is exponentially increasing and how it is upsetting the
Design and Functioning of Earth to sustain certain balance in the ecosphere.

We are in a down phase. Down phase is a disintegration phase of the universal time cycle. All
technologies we use now are of fission type. Even knowledge acquired by modern man is coming
from dissecting the whole into parts.

When we make Quantum Shift to the Up Phase [from death to Life], it means we have to change all
technologies that are driving Earth. We need to develop new technologies that are integrative or
Fusion Type and are superior and release less heat. The new technologies should be nature
compatible. Only this can create space-time for humanity to grow and live in peace with nature.
Today we live in one-dimensional space-time as far our use of energy. We need to move into
higher dimensions that compatible with nature and the living cosmos. A famous physicist Michio
Kaku said we are type zero civilization living on energy from dead plants and that we should move
on to use energy from [living] planet and galactic levels.

So far we have led by an inferior mind that spoke God and were material centered and directed to
a black hole. Now that we know Mind of God and his blessings, we should be developing superior
technologies for our information world and new technologies for our machines that drive the
whole system. These new technologies need to be developed quickly to support the system. I
believe once the dynamic fundamental Design and Functioning of Earth and Life and how it

interrelates and function are known, young minds in temples of science can gear up to develop a
new framework to live in harmony with nature and develop New Technologies Quickly to support
humanity. They can reinvent lost knowledge and bring Life back to our system. Few aspects and
their differentiation becomes critical

• Understanding of the Quantum Particle and the Principle and Design that leads to its basic
nature; the Eternal Quantum Dance
• How atoms form out of Quantum Particle driven by Principle and quantum dances.
• How atoms are stable and how they go for complex system
• The critical role of inert atoms as creative atoms capable of forming life.
• How black hole develops and its role as a conscious field where instantaneous communication
and reordering takes place sustaining Life.
• How White Hole and black hole coexist forming Life.
• How a White Hole manifest in a black hole, releasing energy tapped into it.

The life we noted works on a black hole . The following facts can show the scope and potential that
is open to us once we understand the Truth of Life, Nature.

A human heart the size of a fist of our left hand can pump blood along nearly 100.000 Kilo Meters
that amounts to circling the earth twice 20 times per minutes. The human brain is a
supercomputer processing 400 billion bits of information per second. It stores information from
the beginning of time. In addition to it, it does many more function such as digestion and
assimilation and excretion. It also does the act of Creation of New cells and renewal information of
the system. This Supercomputing and multitasking wonderful machine, which has potential to
evolve its information to survive in nature, functions on few glasses of water and few pieces of

Indian Sages have shown that in meditation they can survive without food and water for months
together. What is important is that the heat it releases to the environment is very low. This gives
immense scope for humanity to grow and flourish on Earth. You don’t have to desert earth.

Note - The future technologies I speak are only visions and possibilities that are based on the
observations, I picked from of nature and life. It is also based on the fundamental parallel and
dynamic design of Life and Cosmos that unfolded to me by Grace. It is based on knowledge of
Quantum action and reaction. I am just pointing to the possibilities and leave it open for
exploration. If God’s will permits and help comes my way, I would focus my mind and its energy
on it and help to explore and develop these technologies or at least focus my mind to open up the
thoughts and write it for future generation to explore.

Black Hole Technologies - The New Future

The black holes are everywhere. The grid point around earth functions on a black hole and white
hole. All living systems have a white hole that transforms gravity force into anti-gravity Force.
They also have the ability to tap into the energy that is lost but held in a black hole.

We saw a black hole in an inert atom. We saw the origin of life and creativity around black holes of
inert atoms. We saw how pairs of inert atoms can successfully conquer time and death in an
Ekpyrotic way. The living cosmos exists because white holes co-exist with black holes. White holes
create, restores and resist black hole from collapsing. Life works by transforming and bringing
back Energy locked in black hole.

These white hole and backhoes is a possible storehouse of information and energy in life. Life is
designed to tap this information and energy. This knowledge and its exploration can lead to the
use of inert atoms and the black hole in it to cause a revolution in the information field and in the
field of energy; its production and its efficient use.

Informational world and next level technologies

The present information technology uses a linear one-dimensional computation based on 0 and 1.
It is based on the electrical signal passing through silicon chip which acts as gate or switch. Every
time the switch opens and closes a bit of information is generated, however, it is accompanied by
some loss of energy in the form of heat. Thus our cell phone and computer heats up and need
constant cooling. This release of heat into the environment, we noted as becoming a great

In short, modern computation is an open end directed or linear information processing that
releases much heat into the environment and is adding a huge amount of heat into the
environment. The computer works on programmed, logical information already fed to it.

From the above Human mind has developed complex computing machine and robots that can use
many interphase such as camera, hearing, smell and act upon the information coming in. They are
basically working on the software provided to it. Every program
working on a computer has a mind and collection of mind and its intelligence behind it. But the
question remains can it create a computer that is equivalent to human mind and Life? – Nothing is
impossible. God has kept His kingdom open for us to explore.

The vision of inert atom and pairs of inert atoms as information processing unit of life can open
the way to develop of computers that can have a huge dynamic processing capacity and storage
capacity and release less heat.

What I share with you might lead to developments of conscious and intelligent computers. But my
aim is not developing intelligent computers. My aim is to awaken human intelligence from within,

such that it integrates with other intelligence and directs and serves Great Intelligence of which
we are part, thus sustain the Kingdom of God and intern get sustained, without falling into black
hole. All technological development and its uses ultimately should is directed to sustain our abode
and serve humanity or else it will lead to the disastrous end.

The digital computing is based on 0 and 1. Life’s computation is dynamic. It is based on a minimum
of four pairs of the switch. See Fig.

Note - It can be 16 bit dynamic as in animals and 32-bit dynamic processing as in Humans thus
bringing the basic difference between, micro-organism, plants, animals, and humans. The
existence of male and females in species doubles the actual information unit that survives in a
given environment that has cyclical up and down phase. This should answer the greatest paradox
of biological science, where it was noted that a mice and Human has nearly the same number of
genes. But humans are much more complex and have much more traits. This has broken the vision
of living system information based on genes. I do not want to go deep into this thought it at this

Much like the 0 and 1 of silicon chip, the dynamic chip of life also can open and close. It does so in
three quantum steps. What this means we can develop conscious and intelligent computers by
replacing the silicon chips with inert atoms. This is a thought that needs careful analysis and
development. The advantage is that it can reduce the heat being released into environment
drastically and the black hole can act as a storehouse of information and energy, which can be

One can also explore the inert atoms as fuel. The design can lead the development of small and big
spaceships that moves in three dimensions of space with ease and least friction.

The New Technology to drive the Mechanical world

Much of our mechanical world is driven by the burning of fossil fuel. It too is one-dimensional one,
releasing a huge amount of energy into the environment, leading earth and the whole of humanity
to great disorder and destruction. Both in the generation of energy and force and the design used
in the transmission of the force involves a huge loss of energy in the form of heat. This technology
has to seize and give way to technologies that life uses. We saw how super machine and a
supercomputer, like a living system works effortlessly releasing little energy or heat into the
environment and works taking very little resources as input.

Two important facts that I shared with you all are

• The vision of force being transmitted in a spiral manner. This means there is back force
[Reaction force] always acting on the system. Life seems to use this back force effectively to drive
machine called Life or parallel world design.
• The parallel world and the dynamic design gives it stability and sustenance. The parallel world
means at every point of space four forces are acting causing either winding or unwinding action.
The design is such that when winding action happens in one world, it facilitates the unwinding
action in another. Likewise, the unwinding action in one facilitates the winding action in the
parallel world. In short, expansion and contraction take place simultaneously, mutually supporting
one another.

The living system uses the parallel world design and is built on spiral structures that can open up
and close. The heart of living system works based on the parallel world or double pump design. It
simultaneously pumps oxygenated blood and sucks de-oxygenated blood for oxygenation.

We need to learn much from life to reorganize and make Quantum Shift in our Information
industry and increase the efficiency and reduce the use of energy in our mechanical and machine
world. We need to learn to save our resources use it optimally, without putting much stress on
resources of nature. We need to give enough space and time for Mother Earth to replenish her
resources to support the system.

The technology that life uses is parallel world or double pump design. The double pump
design very much reflects the functioning of the human heart. We also saw that earth also
functions on a similar design. The idea of living particle and its dynamic design even can lead
to development flying machine of a higher order that can maneuver in 5-dimensional spaces
very easily. The disc-shaped spaceship often visualized in movies could become a day to day
reality and the future of transport.

I understand that two cylinders, four-cylinder engines that power our cars are developed on the
parallel design concept, where one cylinder going up compresses the second one fires it into
expanding state and vice-versa But the fuel it uses, and the transmission of force leads to huge
loss of energy in the form of heat loss. But the life and its double pump are designed to recycle
much of lost heat to drive the machine. A pair of a black hole is such that, the energy released by
expansion drives the contraction, and the contraction facilitates the expansion. Whatever little
loss that leads to deterioration of the system, is held back in the one of the Black hole as Dark
energy. This energy and information that is trapped in a biological system as black energy is
tapped and brought into use when the system goes into creation mode to develop new body for
the Life to Survive. This is the reproduction of life that conquers Time and Death.

What this means it opens a new realm of possibility of using an inert gas as fuel in the engine and
developing better [Spiral] transmission of force and with least amount of energy loss is possible. I
understand these ideas need more thoughts and intellectual participation before it can take off. I
am optimistic that once the fundamentals are understood, the brilliant minds occupying the
temples of science can jump into the frame to develop the technology.

However, I warn that all development of new technology should keep the well-being of earth and
sustenance of kingdom of God in the forefront. The balance of the earth is critical to human
existence; we may have to fix the limits first.

New thoughts on health and medication

Our health and medical industry built on the west and its thinking are very much inferior. We all
know when the allopathic system of medicine treats the body for one disease it gives scope for 10
more to emerge in time, thus making us as feed for the growth of the industry.

We all know the allopathic system of medicine treats the visible symptoms of the body, by
chemical and sometimes physical measures. The treatments are often developed on lab animals.
Any chemical or physical force that suppresses the visible symptom is assumed as a universal
cure. This can alleviate the disease temporarily, the arguments against it are

• It is one-dimensional medication developed on one gene and one trait hypothesis that has
broken down. It fails to take interrelationship and dynamic nature gene and its relationship that
support life with many interlinked loops. The external symptom of a disease arises in the third
stage of the disease. When one suppresses this symptom back to second or first stage it can
alleviate the discomfort. But is not curing the disease or is strengthening the system.

• The living system is dynamical system existing in another dynamical system called nature or
environment, which produces winding and unwinding stress in the form of day and night climatic
cycles [Up and down phase]. It also experiences this stress from manmade situations, wrong
thoughts, wrong food habits and so on. Many of the diseases thus have a relationship with energy

cycles in which it exists, the food, works and stress the life endures. The body has natural ability
to fight the negative energy being accumulated. The dynamic structures and functions of the body
take many approached to do it, depending on the body’s basic type, capacity, and strength. The
disease is expressed when the negative energy grows beyond the critical limit of endurance.

• When external chemical and physical counter stress is applied by the allopathic approach to
the symptoms, it could alleviate the stress to the second or first level. But we are not sure how the
dynamic system evolved to fight it at the second level and primary level. How long body fought
this stress before the diseases manifested. We are not sure how new stress we put on the system
through medication stresses the internal dynamics. We are not sure how other parts of the system
and various physiological and biochemical and even genetic aspect responded to bodied fight
against the disease. Thus we often see one medicine in an allopathic system developed for one
symptom and disease produces a different response in different people and different climatic
zones. The medical system thus ends in creating more diseases than curing any disease from its
root. The root of all diseases exists in mind-body and improper flow of energy in the system. I
know these aspects need further explanation.

• It is here one finds the superiority of Indian medical system, the Ayurveda, that classifies a
person by some dominant characters as hot, cold, airy and suggest many restrictions on food and
external energy or information input [ Physical, chemical and climatic]. In addition to medication,
they suggest Yoga, pranayama, and meditation. Yoga releases the energy trapped in the body back
to the eliminating tracks such as breath, sweat, and stomach to be released. The sound and
meditation go one step ahead to heal the system at the mind and spirit-soul level. This lost
knowledge exists today and is practiced in pockets and is fast deteriorating under the onslaught of
western thinking. It needs to be recovered as higher science and needs to be released to the

I hope the basic thoughts written here could help revive the health and medical practice of the east
and bring it to the forefront. I hope the future generation takes it up and used it as a primal
medical system.

Allopathic medical system built on trial error process on lab animals is quite wrong. Animals are
technically different from a human in its root atomic level. So there is an inherent drawback when
we apply the trails done on animals on humans and developing universal medicine based on
symptoms alone.

Western medicine treats the body but largely ignores the mind and soul. Much of the diseases
have its root in mind. A positive mind can increase resistance to diseases. The soul can repair the
body and counter the diseases, provided the mind co-operate. All living system thus has a sleep
phase, when the mind sleeps, but spirit-soul works. Just as diseases have four states and express
to out from the body only in the third phase. The sleep also has four stages. Most of us sleep in

first, second stage hardly few sleep in the third and fourth stage. The spirit-soul only begins to
work to repair the system in the third stage and reaches its optimal level in the fourth stage. Spirit
-Soul freely works in the fourth stage to cleanse and repair the system. But hardly few adult enter
this stage of sleep. Adult mind that develops ego, self or “I” and becomes a slave to money and
material force resist the working of the white hole that creates, repairs and sustains.

The doctors are awakening to the drawbacks of the western universal medicine and its approach
in a hard way through medical records and by tracing genes and its evolutions and so on. Science
is evolving into energy medicine.

The good thing is since E=mc2 and quantum science came into existence science has opened up to
ancient medical practices, especially of east. The east seems to have understood Life and nature
and its functioning much better than west. These secrets have been written and saved enough for
us to rediscover and bring into practice.

The Indian health system which classifies individual physical traits of a person to three main types
and many subtypes treating and treat the body mind and soul back health, by Ayurveda, Yoga,
pranayama, meditation is a superior approach. It needs new attention in the light of the
knowledge of life we discussed. I resist going deep into it, I leave it for experts to do it.

New thought on Food and Agriculture

Food and agriculture practice that the modern west has given similarly is very inferior and
universal. It emphasizes on calorie and quantity and but fails to take into consideration of the
quality and the need of the individual, his Physical body type, his mental and spiritual type, the
type of the environment in which one lives, the occupation and so on.

The medical and food industry is already awakening to it. Thus it is emphasizing organic food.
Ancient India had a well-defined classification of food by what effect it can produce on the body.
How it can influence various types of people characterized by it There is a long way to go, before
we make a Quantum Shift and discover them as superior science. These are areas in which I wish
to contribute and hold many raw ideas picked in the process of my journey in Nature. If His will
permits and help come my way, I hope to explore them. As such I am forced save my energy and
resources to my conscious call to bring the Principle and Fundamental Design on which life and
nature functions.

Water Conservation a critical Need of the World

I am adding a short note on this subject, because of the present situation of the world. Increased
heat of the environment is leading to sudden peaking and falling of energy. This is the biggest
trend of climate on earth. I had predicted, months of rain and snow coming in a day, causing the
flash flood and sudden peaking of energy leading to huge fire and wind bound destructions. This is
increasingly happening as predicted. It is only going to increase as we heat the globe unilaterally.

Sudden peaking and falling of energy means,

• Evaporation rate and loss of water increases.

• Month's rain/snows falling in a day means Flash flood and runaway water. This would destroy
the topsoil. The water tables of earth now get starved. Thus bringing the water stress. This has an
immense impact on ecology that affects our society and its survival in Life.
This great problem that humanity and life on earth are going to face can be countered by simple
“Hour Glass” technology. See Fig Next page

This simple vision can be altered in many ways to catch water, store water, replenish water table,
and resist flooding and erosion and so on. It can help us nurture the ecology and life in nature
compatible way. It can convert desert into the green. It can solve the water stress of our booming

Microfibers made up many such fundamental units, with left and right twist, can be incorporated
into the soil to increase water retention capacity of soil thus increase productivity and convert
barren lands into vegetable one.

I leave this vision that I built on Particle and Quantum Design for readers to expand. I am sure
young engineering minds around the world can pick on the idea and build. But it is important we
should resist using the non-degradable plastic material for this.

If His Grace permits, I will go back to my memory to share many more such simple ideas that can
create great impacts.

Summary – The two Great Threats

First Great Threat
The greatest of all threat to humanity and his survival on earth relates to His separation in the
name of God. The God concept thus is the most intriguing problem for humanity. We the people
have been exploited and ruled by the evil mind for ages in the name of God. All evil [satanic] minds
seem to operate from the religious realm. The God concept is directly or indirectly is the cause of
Great Wars. As I write this a new round of disturbance is brewing that could lead to Third World
War, where much of weapons of mass destruction that we have stored can come to use leading
near total annihilation of Humanity.

The nexus between evil ego, self, and material centered religious leaders who live hypocritical life
and evil kings and rulers have ruled earth from time immemorial. These people have killed all
Great Souls manifested on earth and blocked the message of these great souls or wrongly
interpreted their message to rule over humanity and live by their sweat and blood.

Second Great Threat

The second great threat is science. Science evolved against these dirty evil minds or Satan’s that
creeps into power centers of the world and rule humanity in disguise. It began when intellectuals
from two huge religions Muslim and Christianity revolted. It started when intellectuals from Arab
and Europe came together. However, these New Temples are failing to evolve to know Truth and
God. Thus the principle goal of science took back seat and its partial discoveries were exploited
recklessly stressing earth. Today it is leading to second greatest threat humanity and earth is
facing, which is a Global warning and abrupt climatic changes leading to huge natural destruction.
The stress that humanity is producing on earth due to his material greed is leading to social and
ecological collapse.

The Basis of the Threat to the world

We seem to fail to note that on the basis of both these threats exist our mind and its ignorance. It
exists in our ego, self and material slavery that creates resistance to awakening to our
consciousness and intelligence and open our internal eyes. We seem to fail to fix Supreme Being
and Supreme Soul and Supreme Mind as Reference. We seem to fail to understand the
“Holographic Principle and Design” on which the smallest particle, atom and the whole system
moves [Quantum Dances] and sustains eternally.

The endangered state of humanity that is leading humanity to go spinning down to black hole and
self-destruction is his ignorance to perceive the creation and existence of life and the universe. It
relates failure to understand the concept of Creator, creation and evolution and involution in time.
It exists in failure to know once heart and Mind, in relation to the Heart and Mind of God.

Two Basic Vision of Universe

Two contrasting cultures, practices and thinking to mold the Society we live.
• One is the western knowledge that visualizes that Universe is material. Its knowledge is mind-
body centered. It is divisive and disintegrative. It dissects life, strips matter to basal atomic and
gone ahead break atoms to peep into the spiritual world behind it. it is based on observation by
the mind and its senses. It has failed to comprehend this world. This has contributed to one-sided
knowledge or inferior Knowledge or Vijnana. It is failing to integrate the partial knowledge and
give the Life back to the system.
• Second is Eastern Living knowledge. It is a wholesome approach that does not involve physical
exposure and exploration. It has approached the Knowledge focusing the mind to the inner living
levels of Life, thus exploring the spiritual backbone on which material world exists. Its
contribution is knowledge of Spirit-Soul and how it sustains mind-body. The knowledge they gave
is integrative. It is called Jnana or Higher Knowledge and wisdom.

West and its thinking both in spiritual and Physical realm dominate the present world. Bible is the
most spoken scriptures. Jesus is the center point of this scripture. He is considered the King of
Peace. Yet we don’t see the peace that Jesus left behind. He came to Give New Life and to establish
the Kingdom of God on earth, which is Truth and Justice. But we see a world where truth and
Justice are deteriorating as never before.

Science came in opposition to religions are equally lost. They only managed to give immense
power to exploit humanity and Earth. Popes of scientific world have given less than 80 years for
Humanity on earth. Very clearly we the humans led by the west are in total darkness and digging
our own grave. We crucify Christ every day and release the thief and murder in us. We resist
evolving in Spirit of Christ. We have made life, nature and God complex.

Western vision is built on observation of the external visible world. It dominates the world and
rules it. However, it has failed to comprehend the Creator, Creation and its perpetual existence of
the system in time. It has failed to explain Life its evolution and diversity of life sensibly and in
simplicity. This book addresses the simplicity of the complexity we have created.

Western science put a break on Christianity and Muslim that was growing exponentially. However,
in the last century, when Einstein discovered the existence of Spiritual world behind atom and
world entered the Quantum Science, the foundation of science broke down. The developments in
science were showing parallels with ancient Eastern Mystics or sages. Thus we have the bronze
Idol of Lord Shiva of East in front of the headquarters greatest experimental facility called CERN in

The failure of science to explain Creation and existence sensibly led to return of religions and
satanic minds operating from this realm. The world since then is intellectually torn and has gone
crazy, without a base on which it can stabilize and grow. The religions are forcing people to live

hypocritical or bipolar life. On one hand, they force Children to believe in God, and on the other,
they compete to educate their Children in science that has evolved against God. Thus they are
forcing the young to live a hypocritical life. They are exposed to a world where evil traits have the
advantage to survive. They are being forced to empower the Self-Gene. This process of amplifying
Self-Gene is best done by west where Christianity dominates is a disgusting reality. The whole of
the west is Anti-Christ. In fact, the whole world is Anti-Christ.

The consequence is that all minds are getting unstable. Its intelligence is taking a negative way.
Each person is bent on building his Cozy boat at the expense of Mother Ship moving in a turbulent
sea. He calls himself intelligent and thinks he will survive if the Mother ship breaks. He is unaware
that the sea is exponentially becoming turbulent. Now that we have reached breaking point Popes
of the Scientific world are opening their eyes to see something seriously wrong in the world they
have built and are asking humanity to leave planet earth by a short notice.

Two Great failures of Science

The first great failure of science is to comprehend Great Big Bang creation from one Seed Atom
and Seed Particle. Science is built on single force Gravity associated with matter [atom]. Gravity is
a centripetal force and when it is combined with all important second law of energy or law of the
time, it tells that all things should have its origin in a single atom and particle in a black hole. The
black hole is supposed to eat up everything and destroy space-time, matter, and even energy. That
leads to Greatest Paradoxical Question “What banged at Big Bang”. Scientists have failed to
Comprehend Big Bang.

Quite recently science has developed a New Concept called Strings and Parallel world concept.
From its premises, it has developed a New Theory called “Ekpyrotic Theory” of creation. Here
scientist visualizes that at singularity one world shrinks and pierces the other and emerges out
and expands. This theory and its projection are done by three great scientists, Dr. Neil Turok
director of Perimeter Theoretical Research Institute, Prof. Paul Steinhardt of Princeton University
and Prof. Burt Ovrut of --- seem to fit the picture by which life conquers Gravity and Time. The
book explores and visualizes Calvary as the Ekpyrotic Point

Scientists today are thinking of dropping models of Gravity and developing new models of
Universe on Information. This is because information is the only thing that is not destroyed in
black hole. It is assumed to be stored in the periphery and the inside surface of the black hole in a
two-dimensional format and is retrievable. But these scientists fail to come out with a sensible
explanation of their visions.

Every development in science now points to East and Mystic teachings of Living Universe built on
Spiritual Being, with a Supreme Heart and Mind.

The East, its approach and vision of Universe

The east understood Universe as Living Being. It understood that Truth does not exist outside in
the material world. Thus they turned their focus to an inner world seeking the root of creation and
existence. They ended in the duality of Gods; one God the Father and Mother, that is one but have
independent Heart and Mind. They visualized God as Conscious and intelligent field and force that
creates and sustains the cosmic system and sustains it eternally. It is understood to support the
material universe from collapsing from within.

Thus ancient India visualized the existence of two separate Knowledge Systems; the Inferior
knowledge and the Superior knowledge. The inferior knowledge is the knowledge of mind-body
the Mother Earth and nature exposes to our quest and our enquiring process and Superior
Knowledge is Knowledge of Spirit-Soul that the Spirit-God reveals, when we surrender to Him.
One is called Vijnana and the other is Jnana. What the modern west is contributing is Vijnana. It is
the contribution of feminine mind or left brain, which rationally exposing the whole mind-body to
minute details. What we lack is Jnana or the real Knowledge and wisdom coming from Father God,
which integrates the mind-body with itself and gives it Life and Sustains Life. It still exists lost to
humanity and we are being called to reinvent it. The spirit of Jesus is striving to give it to us

Where we are failing

We are failing to comprehend the unity of the Father and Mother and their dance as one. We seem
to fail to comprehend Singularity. We are in an era of science where we seek truth from one Seed
Atom and one Seed Particle. Hindu philosophy does write that Universe is Single Supreme Living
Spirit Being called “Brahman”. The many Gods of Indian Philosophy are the individuated
manifestation of this one Spirit God or Being. The concept of Spirit Being comes in western
spirituality and its scriptures as “Holy Spirit”. It also comes in Koran as “al-Ruh and al-Qudas”. It is
this aspect we fail to comprehend, especially in the context of modern religion called Science.

Modern science has understood that behind atom there is a Spiritual world that is dynamic and
unpredictable. This world determines atom and its existence. Likewise, a living system has a
spiritual or informational body around which the flesh body exists in time. The information of the
living system always exists in two separate conscious and intelligent fields. They come together
when gravity and time endanger it. Here the spirit-soul of a selected reduced cell carrying
information of the Father enters the womb of the Mother and unites with similarly selected
reduced cell and its information to form the New information, which develops New Body for the
Information to survive.

Creation as Information and Knowledge unfolding

The above thinking tells that there is a spiritual or informational framework to the Universe. The
Living Universe that ancient East spoke is not beyond time. This means the universe should
collapse to death and take rebirth in a time period. Hindu philosophy calls it as Universal Time

Cycle. This time cycle they measured in terms of deterioration of Truth and Justice. The death
happens to mind-body but Spirit-Soul and the informational world is assumed to survive.

Much of ancient spiritual knowledge system understands that our Spirit-soul is related to One
Supreme Spirit-Soul which they called God. They visualized that this supreme Spirit-soul is
indestructible and has potential to recreate and restore everything. But we seem to fail to
comprehend it.

Science visualizes a Big Bang from single atom [Seed Atom] and seed Particle in a black hole. It,
however, fails to comprehend Big Bang sensibly. The solution to it is information explosion that
creates a Living Being from a little perturbation in a point in one single cell. It is a matter of
visualizing a Supreme Seed atom or Spirit-Soul, exploding and exposing its information to
conquering time and initializing the system.

It amounts knowing how an atom can show living and creative characteristic and store an
immense amount of information and how it can expose its information to create a new mind-body
out of the Old.

The book explores Jesus and Calvary as the Big Bang Point of creation and restoration. With Jesus
heaven and earth and hell is dissolved and put into recreation and restoration with free will to all
souls. God with Christ is exposing His information world. He is exposing His Spirit-Soul and giving
New Life to His Mind-body

Gravity is a centripetal force directed to a point in the center. The universe bound by gravity
should have Great Center to which it points. One likely candidate is Earth itself, where we human
exist seek God and the Creator. Before modern science came we had such a vision. But science
showed that earth is not the Geometric center. I am not saying Earth is the geometric center, but it
is the off-centered center of the Living Universe, much like the heart is the center of the Living
being. This center emerges when we try to understand the universe from the non-equilibrium
point. I have tried to build this picture from the particulate level in this book.

Life on earth plays an important role. Earth with the living system is a self-sustaining dynamic
organism, with no time direction. The time direction to the system begins when we include adult
humans, who forget and turns his face away from creators to live a mind, and self-centered life
aligning with a material force that directs to the singularity.

In the book, we have discussed a “Parallel and Multiple World Design” which helps earth sustain
itself from collapsing under gravity. We also noted earth has many layers of grid point around
which the energy changes occur smoothly forming climatic cycles. When human mind become self
and become material centered, He stresses earth and her functioning to sustain life. The book

discusses how the existence of Earth and Humanity is endangered by self and material centered

The book goes on to explore a Divine Plan to save humanity and earth. This plan is unfolding
through Jesus Christ and His Calvary Sacrifice the information and knowledge that was lost to
humanity in Time. Calvary is understood as Big Bang Point of Creation. What is exploding is
information in a controlled manner. The creation [time conquering and time initialization] is
understood as giving New Life to Spirit-soul through his heart and illuminating our mind through
His mind. This works by a process of Transformation of human soul and mind. It is in a process of
spiritual awakening and transformation of the Physical body giving it New Life and initializing into
New Time Cycle. Nothing is destroyed and nothing is created. Many indestructible spirit-souls fall
from top to bottom and many from go from bottom to up and time initializes.

Calvary is a Biological science that includes all conceptual developments in science [Vijana] in a
sensible way. Calvary is the Point where Eastern Knowledge unites with the west and thus leading
Humanity back to the Golden Age or Kingdom of God on earth. The hope for the endangered
world exists in Spirit of Christ that is revealing all the knowledge that was lost to humanity.

In Jesus, heaven and earth came together, in Him east and west became one. By His self-sacrifice in
full awareness of all the knowledge power bestowed in Him, led to exposure of all the knowledge;
the knowledge of mind-body [inferior knowledge] and the superior knowledge [Knowledge spirit-
soul]. By exposure of knowledge of physical and spiritual level he is releasing us from the evil
minds ruling us from the religious realm.

In Jesus, God the Father and Mother became one. He held the uncorrupt information. Jesus is the
First Born. He had the complete information of the whole system. In Him God, the Father and
Mother were contained in fullness. In Jesus, we all existed are existing and will exist.

This is what we are exploring in this book. God the Father and Mother instituted the spiritual
institutes to keep afloat the memory that we Humans as God’s Children created in God’s Blood and
Flesh and His breath. But these spiritual institutes and the people in it [God’s own people] in time
developed an ego, self and material slavery. They ended up, making God’s Children as salves. The
time direction to death Bible tells comes from ADAM and EVE. A subtly written fact is that it comes
from a fallen Angel that eventually becomes the Satan the second most powerful entity; the King of
Darkness. Even in Indian Philosophy Lord Krishna find the cause of the Great War of Kurukshetra
not to the evil King but three Great Anointed warriors. Bhishma, Drona [Guru] and Karna.

When God’s people turn against Him, God is forced to execute a Divine Plan to liberate Humanity
from the Clutches of these fallen Angels manifesting as Satan’s and ruling God’s Children making
them as slaves. This Divine Plan is being executed through Jesus and Calvary Sacrifice. The
physical world we see are a reflection of the Spiritual world and what is happening in it.

When Jesus sacrificed His Life without any resistance to the evil minds operating from His Fathers
institutes, the Big bang creation was put into action, dissolving heaven, earth, and hell. Every soul
was given free will to take New Life in God’s conscious and intelligence field. Heaven, Earth, and
Hell actually differentiate right from here on Earth, how one used the opportunity, decides where
your soul find itself in New Time Cycle. This aspect is what we have discussed in the book.

When Jesus Sacrificed His Life in Calvary, He made amends to ego, self and excessive material
centeredness of God’s people, bestowed with Power. Jesus’s sacrifice in Calvary led to defeat and
arrest of Satan in Spiritual Realm. When the spirit of Christ or God’s Spirit came on the Pentecostal
day, a new Spirit body within the old began to form. The Physical body, however, is still ruled by
evil minds, it killed all the disciples and true followers of Christ thus bringing them compromising

The purpose of Jesus’s manifestation is to restore His Fathers Kingdom back to Him. The Kingdom
of God is truth and Justice. Thus I believe the Divine Plan is inclusive to all who live connected to
the consciousness and walked the path of Truth and Justice. I feel even those who believed in God
from other religions and were compassionate and walked the path of Truth and Justice are part of
His Divine Plan. Such souls would have encountered Jesus at the moment of death.

The Divine Plan is growing within the old world [mind-body], which is still in the grip of satanic
minds that is ego self and material centered. These evil minds creep into power centers keeping
humans as slaves. They resist people from awakening. Thus the evil is thriving in all realms of
modern society. Jesus predicted it amply. He predicted the death of His disciples under them. He
predicted His conscious and intelligent field and His name being exploited by the evil minds. But
in the end, He said His Spirit will bring victory to good and bind the evil minds down to lower

Jesus and His Spirit are beyond religion. The Satan not even has spared the religion developed in
the name of Jesus. The world knows that the religion formed in the name of life-giving God, once
ended as the most dreaded religion, killing anyone who opposed it. Jesus did not call His disciple’s
to build any religions in His name, build golden temples in His name and name it as a church. He
did not call his disciples to build schools, colleges, hospitals, banks and amass estates, invest in
corporate finances and industries. He called His disciples to be in Prayers and receive Holy Spirit
and go out to cure people, and transform people. Help people connect the consciousness and walk
the path of Truth and Justice and build kingdom God on earth.

Everything about Jesus pointed to the east and the lost Knowledge. He is the greatest Sage the
world has seen. He is the greatest meditator who acquired the Greatest Power possible for
Humans. He is the King of all priests and King of all Kings. I believe the religion called Christianity
has actually hidden the Truth of Jesus Christ, as they built a religion out of His powerful name.

The evil minds that killed Jesus still thrive in the world and rule the world. It is operating from
spiritual institutions and political offices. Christianity is the spiritual institute of the west. It cannot
escape from the present state of the world. Most priest and Christian religious leaders speak of
Jesus and serve the opposite. The Good News is their hypocritical Life is exposed by their own
leader Pope Francis. This is sure sign of Jesus spirit working to lead us back to Golden Age or
kingdom of God on earth.

In Calvary, Jesus unfolded the conscious field of God the Mother and God the Father. Everything
about God and His kingdom is kept open with free will to all souls. Both the Lower and Higher
Knowledge are unfolding through the Spirit of Christ. Science and its in-depth Knowledge of the
mind-body or material world are the Grace of Spirit of Christ, it would make a Quantum Leap
when it awakens to the knowledge of Spirit-Soul, which is its final goal.

Christianity the religion that is built in the name of Jesus has been the target and hiding place of all
evil minds. They have been empowering in people their own trait, the trait of Jewish Priests, the
trait of Judas [The disciple who gave in Jesus for little money], the Barabbas [The thief and
murderer that Jewish priest and their flowers released in place of Jesus] and the trait of Pilate the
Judge, who consciously aware that Jesus is not guilty, but yielded to the pressure of Jewish Priest
and people and sent Jesus to the cross. Pilate knew that Jewish priest can influence the King who
appoints Him. He chose to wash his hand and protect his Chair.

The only thing the much of the Christian priests fail to do is to raise the trait of Jesus and Mother
Mary. The world would have been different had Christian priest had strived to connect with spirit
of Christ and

• Strived to help people connect with their consciousness and intelligence and helped them walk
the path of truth and Justice
• Had they resisted people going the wrong way being a slave to the material world and its force
and taking the path of untruth and injustice?

Unfortunately, they themselves became a slave to the material world and have led the whole
world the wrong way. They easily fall for the bait of money and easily compromise with Politicians
and the Rich. The hell we witness on earth is a reflection of what the spiritual institution of west
really is. Everything that Jesus spoke about the Jewish priest in Mathew: 23 still holds good for the
world we live in.

The west largely still live in the lowest level of several levels of spirituality that awakens Humanity
to Truth and God. The east knew these levels they are
• First Gross material level. This level has inorganic atomic level and organic food level.

• Second is the Level of Parana or breath and breath that signify the force that gives life that is
working against gravity.
• Third is level of Mind, where man evolves to see Truth come into reality who he is and his
relationship with God
• Fourth is the Level of Knowledge or wisdom that integrates lower knowledge and higher
knowledge to give life and initialize the system to New Time cycle
• Out of this growth emerges the last level of the Kingdom of God or Peace and happiness on

Important Point
God is a Living Force that acts against the physical or material force that directs to singularity in
black hole. Black hole exists everywhere but it exists paired with White Hole. A self-centered mind
that is a salve to material world fails the grasp the force of White hole operating in him and
sustaining Him. This disconnected nature of humanity with White Hole and its force is the cause of
the disorder in the society. The universe is the product of these two forces. In short, it is the
product of two Minds; the Mind of God and Mind of Devil. What dominates the world is evil mind.
It is operating from all realms of the society. The primal cause is that it is operating from religious
and spiritual institutions. When we turn around to connect to the consciousness and intelligence
within we experience the white hole and God Force. It is the first step of spirituality. Jesus is
helping us us to connect to the consciousness. This is possible only when we surrunder our mind.

Organized Christianity is holding people at the base level of God as Food or organic level. It is
resisting us from growing further, to know God and find liberation. They fear humanity gaining
freedom. Very clearly there is evil Mind operating in it, which favor material acquisitions, instead
of acquisition of Spiritual Force or knowledge that can bring us from darkness to Light, death to

The Good News is that the Spirit of Jesus Christ and the Divine Plan is working in spite of their
resistance. This is evident from the coming of Prophet Mohammed and a new religion, the
emergence of Science, eventually the “Pentecostal Movement” and New Age spirituality. The
Pentecostal Movement, the Charismatic movement, and New Age spirituality are breathing “New
Life” or “New Breath’ to spirit souls. It is helping humanity to connect to the consciousness.

The Good News is that Pope Francis the Supreme Head of Catholic Church has accepted science
and has grown above religions, self and material centeredness and is speaking connected to the

However, the “Pentecostal Movement”, “Charismatic Movement” and “New Age Spirituality” is
stagnating and is failing to evolve to next level the level of mind. Influence of money and material
world and force is playing a role. The evil seems to have an advantage over good because of
human weakness to the material world. Thus the world seems to wait for Divine Intervention to

take us to the next level, defeating mind of Evil. The call of Christ is to seek the kingdom of God
first. It is a call to acquire knowledge and wisdom that brings them out of slavery to dark elements
binding them and ruling them

Unless we evolve to the third and most important level of Mind, we will not find stability. We will
not be able to shift the Force in favor Life and order. Thus Jesus said He would come again and
Bible says God will Pour out His Spirit on all. The whole world is seeking the coming of Jesus Christ
to open the lid and lead the world back to Life.

It is worth calling here an imaginary thought experiment that describes Quantum world. This is
called “Schrodinger Cat experiment”. Here a cat is kept in a box, with enough space for it to move
to the Right or Left. A person then shoots at the box. When he opens the box the chance he finds
the cat dead is 50%. This is understandable for the bullet can pass only on one side, right or left,
not both. The bullet and shooter are not aware which side the cat is. So the cat has 50%chance to
escape the bullet. The paradox of Quantum science is that the chance remains same even if you
shoot the box a billion times and open it. The reality collapses only when we open the box.

This has relevance to our religions and global society we have built. All Religions have divided us
creating opposites. Every religion creates a bondage that prompts us to Judge and creates an
opposite. We judge the other as an enemy. First, we are taught that God exists outside us, in
temples, idols and in bread and so on, such that a people are held slave to a religion and some
people can survive in the name of God. Next, they taught us that evil exists outside us. Thus our
society is built on eternal war, where one strives to destroy the opposite. The Truth is that both
Good and evil exist within us. How we are aligned makes the difference.

We have shot at the box in the middle a billion times from opposite side, in the name of God. Now
we realize there is singularity and we all have the same root. Our future and our Children’s future
exist in one box called Earth, which we have destroyed to the core. Our evil mind has no strength
to open it. We expect God whom we killed to Come Alive and open it. The Good News is that He is
alive and He will open. He is observing and waiting for 3/4th of souls to awaken and call out to

The future now exists in the spirit of God revealing His Mind. But this will be associated with
judgment. There is nothing to fear about judgment for a common man who has lived connected to
the consciousness and walked the path of Truth and Justice. But for those who walked the path of
untruth and injustice and those who exploited God and His name and who has exploited and
misused the powers given to them, has reason to worry.

All spiritual scriptures hold Truth and knowledge that is vital for human society to live. Every
scripture is written cleverly with good intent. We are created in His image and we were given

dominion, invariably means, we have all the information and knowledge of God within us. It
means the original copy of Bible exists within. We are failing to read it and experience it.

Connecting to consciousness and intelligence within and working from its realm is the First Step of
Spiritual Initiation. It is the first step or New Birth Experience. When the universal time cycle is in
Down Phase under evil mind, no human souls can make this turnaround. It needs a mediator. This
mediator came through Jesus and His Calvary Sacrifice.

The Spirit of Christ or the God Spirit is helping us transform and transcend to gain New Life. It is
revealing the and bringing us to deep Insights at both Physical and Spiritual level. It is bringing us
the knowledge of mind-body and Spirit-Soul. The Spirit of Christ is revealing Truth or Mind of God
and to defeat evil mind.

In time we FORGET [lose memory], of our creation by the blood and flesh of great Parents; God the
Mother and Father. We also seem to forget our own parents, thus we go into two-fold
deterioration and become a sitting duck to evil minds.

The devil, evil or Satan, represent a mind that is ego, self, and material centered. This trait of Satan
is there within all of us and is the cause of the deterioration of the living system and the society. It
becomes explicit and dominant, the moment individual gains freedom. It takes wing when it gets
money and power. Here comes the importance of culture and practices, which teach us to handle
this evil, suppress or trample over its head, thus giving scope for Good trait within us to operate.

The root of all scriptures both of east or west is a call not to disconnect from God consciousness
and intelligence and our own consciousness and intelligence. It is a call to know our relativity with
one root consciousness and intelligence [God], and eternally be in its service and thus get
strengthened in return. It is a call to keep up the memory of our creation from one source Blood
and Flesh of Creators.

The Supreme God is the Absolute Conscious and intelligent field that creates and sustains.
Everything else exists within it. It holds the Absolute information on which the Universe is
constructed and sustained. It is the Supreme Heart and Mind in which we are all contained and to
which we all have a relative existence. All the knowledge and Power comes from the Supreme God
as a gift. The knowledge and power which God gives are supposed to be used to serve Him,
humanity and His Kingdom in the first place. But most develop an ego and end up using it for “self”
and thus causing the deterioration of Truth and Justice.

Thus our culture and practices, especially of east [India], speaks the importance of Loving and
respecting the Parents and teachers. India had elaborate techniques to manage the health and
connect to the consciousness and intelligence within and walk the path of Truth and Justice,
finding peace and real prosperity, spreading it to one’s family, society and the whole Kingdom. It

spoke of the great path to grow towards the Universal Consciousness and Intelligence and gain the
requisite Power and knowledge to fight the dark forces.

India had teachers who could help us unearth the Good trait hidden in us, suppress the bad and
empower us to move ahead on the path of Life and in be in Service to the Great Being.

The whole purpose of religion and spirituality is to awaken our consciousness and intelligence and
walks the path of Truth and Justice, help us to bring ourselves into awareness of who we are in
God the Supreme. This awareness possibly existed with us back in Time, possibly during Vedic
Period. It was slowly lost in time, when the very institution, responsible to hold it and transfer it to
successive generation failed, thus giving way to darkness and rise of evil minds.

The present world, which scientifically and spiritually evolved, is still in the grip of evil minds.
These minds occupying the high position, having immense power, seem to work for self-
advancement, than the advancement of the Kingdom of God on Earth. They fail to connect to the
Consciousness and intelligence and take a decision, let go connecting to God consciousness and
intelligence and taking decisions. Thus all leaders of Spiritual institution work to advance their
religion and strengthen their institution and its power at all cost. To do so they easily compromise
with evil rulers and the rich.

The inability of Powerful religious institutions and the people therein who control huge
populations to connect to the consciousness and intelligence, is leading the world to deep turmoil
and destruction. Religions have become the biggest threat to humans on earth. People kill each
other in the name of God. People Judge and shed blood of others. We are the same people, who
under the head priest, shouted for the death of Good and release of Evil.

The world would see peace and order and true prosperity, when our religious leaders, get
connected to their consciousness and intelligence and awaken to the humanity and begin to work
and seek God from this point. In short, they should have new birth experience. Without this first
step, they live in illusions lead hypocritical life feeding the dark force. They create a generation
that is disconnected from reality and live equally hypocritical life and feeding the dark side. This is
the reality we see around us.

When religious institutions and people therein who speak God and Preach God, fix material aspect
and quantitative growth and power in this world as their first priority than spiritual and
qualitative growth, the social system of which they lead begin to deteriorate. I thus I am critical of
my religion.

I know it hurts, but I have to speak the truth. Majority of the Priest are whitewashed Tombs. They
have no life in them. The world did see highly anointed and awakened preachers of Jesus and God,
with immense spiritual power, in the last century. Thanks to Pentecostal Movement and

spontaneous awakening to spirit-souls to Spirit of Christ. This was suppressed by organized

Christianity because they felt a threat from this movement to their mighty organization. But it
survived because of miracle cures and other sign and wonders.

By 1950, few Good Spirit-souls in organized Christianity showed the courage to take it in a new
name “Charismatic movement”. They had immense opposition from evil minds within. This
movement too grew, leading to what we New Age Spirituality.

But as I stand back and observe the world, I see the Dark force growing in parallel. These spiritual
movements seem to fail to evolve to conquer the evil minds and stamp them down. The history
seems to be repeating. Most spiritually awakened people seem to fall for the bait of Money and
Power. Thus we are entering highly turbulent phase on earth physically and spiritually. This is
evident in the unstable earth and its climatic forces. It is becoming evident in the increasing
religious friction.

I could find some hope for the world, in the most powerful religious leader of the west, Pope
Francis, who stepped down from his Golden Chair to be among common people and began to
speak being connected to the consciousness. He is speaking for Common people, He speaking for
Earth. He is taking a bold step to integrate science and spirituality. He is opening up His institution
for other religions.

Many people have reservation about him especially the Pentecostal people, who speak heaven
disconnected from the reality on Earth. There are others who are a skeptic of him because of the
Black days of Christianity. But when it comes to Pope I see an awakened soul striving to walk the
path he speaks.

Everything that he speaks has tone against his own people. I can perceive a huge opposition to him
within in his organization. I had once lost hope religion called Christianity awakening to Spirit of
Christ. With the present Pope, I have found some hope. We must wait to see whether He will wilt
under the devil's forces operating within. The fate of world exists much in Christianity awakening
to the Spirit of Christ and finding Truth.

Pope Francis rightly said Church is like a Mother. She is conceived by the Spirit of Christ. She has
to deliver this Spirit Christ in Truth. Christianity has to introspect which force they are really
tuned with. There are two forces one that is directed to Life and Knowledge of life and the other
evil or material force that direct to singularity and death in Blackhole.

Everything about Bible is symbolic. God had to come as Jesus and had to become a sacrifice,
because His own people appointed to tend and lead earth and all life in it, developed an ego, self
and became material centered. Jesus very clearly says He came to fight the Satan and liberate
earthling from the clutches of evil minds. God does not find common people as responsible for fall

of His Kingdom. The two thieves on the right and left of Calvary Cross, probably represent God’s
own people who develop an ego, self and become material centered.

The world sees peace and order and the kingdom of God manifested on earth,
• When half of the Bishops, priests, who hold a huge amount of souls as their slaves, awaken to
Spirit of Jesus and take New Life. In short, when they drop their pseudo-life and become Human
and step into the path of Jesus.
• When half of those anointed powerful preachers, Pastors, brothers and sisters who speak Jesus
and heaven and lives in illusion connect to the reality on earth and awaken to Truth of Jesus. Jesus
became Human to bring the Kingdom of God to Earth.

Our praise and worship, take a positive direction in Life, only when we know the Truth of God the
Mother and Father hidden in Christ. The character of forgiveness, compassion and the
inclusiveness that Jesus presented comes from Mother. However, the Life-giving property comes
from God the Father. He is the intelligence that creates, integrates gives life and sustains. He is the
ultimate Judge.

I believe that God’s people are people who live connected to consciousness and intelligence and
walks the path of Truth and Justice and are faithful. They inherit and sustain the Kingdom of God.

Conclusion – The Divine Plan in Brief

God is real. He is singular, but in Him, duality and multiple worlds exist. God is a Conscious and
intelligent field and force, much like gravity field, but it is a field that opposes Gravity. It creates
and sustains everything. This field of God permeates everything. It is egoless and selfless. It is
absolutely aware. It is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. All this is known and written in
Eastern scriptures, especially of India [Vedas]. This knowledge is lost to humanity in Time, it is
now being returned through Jesus.

Jesus is the Pivot of God field. God creates and sustains through Spirit of Jesus. In Jesus east and
west become one. Understanding Jesus and His creative act and sustaining act, beyond religion as
a science is the need of the hour. Here lies the answer to Big Bang Theory.

There are only two forces in nature. The two forces are Gravity of material world that tend to
black hole and death, with no cause for origin. The Second Force is Anti-gravity, a field, and force
that acts against Gravity and sustains the world from collapsing. Einstein searched for it but failed
to incorporate into his vision. The ancient east and its science seem to have incorporated it and
understood the Universe more sensibly. They understood that universe is Living with a conscious
and intelligent field that opposes Gravity.

The modern science is laboriously closing in on discovering this field and comprehending the
universe from it. The string, parallel world theory and Ekpyrotic Scenario of Big Bang is directed
towards understanding the universe as Living one as the ancient east understood it. Scientists are
already dropping gravity model and trying to develop models of universe on Information Theory

The Gravity model needs a center to which all forces of gravity points and around which the
system spins and moves in cycles. The mass of this center should be more than half of the mass of
the Universe. Thus, we have black hole and singularity and Big bang theory from a point. Science
has failed to locate this singularity point in space and comprehend the Big Bang sensibly.

The failure of science exists in the failure of scientists to observe their role in nature. The balls of
different weight that Galileo, the Father of science, rolled from the top of a slanted table would not
have gone to the top of the table without Him. The apple could not have fallen on the head of
Newton, without a plant lifting it up. The modern scientists fail to look deep into to nature, Life
and into them, who enquire Truth and God. They spend time behind blackboards in closed
laboratories, dissecting life and nature into minute levels. They strive to capture the free-flowing
genie into mathematical bottles.

Science through the process of dissection and breaking down have accumulated a huge amount of
information, but it has failed to put them together sensibly to comprehend how life manifests from
the material world and takes life. It has failed to unearth the Knowledge and Wisdom that can help
us survive on earth. All its efforts have led to black hole and singularity with no cause for creation
and existence. Einstein possibly was aware of a dead end to which his theory would lead and
hence contemplated on discovering a second field and force that opposes gravity and gives

What Einstein searched for exists in Life and the ancient east knew it. Einstein said, “look deep into
nature and then you will understand everything better”. But he failed to do so, so too the scientist
who followed him. If you open the window and look to the outside, and observe a seed sprout and
tree grow, or care to observe once own child growing, we understand life is instinctively anti-
gravitational. It Transforms gravity force into anti-gravity force and has the capacity to assimilate
matter to create a world that grows against Gravity and time.

The earth where all life and we humans inhabit thus seems to play a central role in the universe
governed by Gravity. Earth is proven to be a self-organizing system [Gaia]. There is no time
direction to it. This self-organizing system takes a time direction to singularity and death in a
black hole, the moment we include adult humans, whose mind develops ego, self and become a
slave to the material world. No wonder God after creation Forbids humanity from turning His face
away from Him to a forbidden center. The forbidden center is the center to which Gravity and
time of material world points. The Life and creator Force act against it.

The life we know is conscious and intelligent system and has parallel worlds [male and female]. It
works on information that is stored in parallel worlds and which are quantum entangled. They
come together from time to time to create a new body such that the information Survives Gravity
and time [Reproduction].

Humans are considered highly evolved species. We are the only species that seek God the Creator
and Sustainer. This means we are the only species that are not conscious of our creation and our
existence. All other things in the universe including all living systems are conscious. Even atoms
are conscious they communicate and readjust themselves to energy changes in nature and vibrate
one with it.

The spiritual science of the ancient essentially speaks of the relationship of humans and its
relativity with one supreme Spirit-Soul or God, who creates and sustains. It tells us that this
supreme spirit-soul is God. God is understood as Spirit-field or informational field. It is the Father
and Mother of the Universe. It is one conscious field, which encloses duality and multiplicity.
Everything is formed from it and is returned to it to exist cyclically.

The ancient east especially of India, in contrast to the west and it violent killing, dissection
approach, took an integrative approach; by growing beyond mind and its senses and focusing it
inward to know the root of once own origin. Thus it emphasizes on the relationship, teaches us
that Father and Mother as seen God and traces once root to a Great Father and Mother God that
are one and eternally quantum entangled and from whom we all came into existence and eternally

Technically, it means the universe is information coming from two independent but inseparable
entities. Creation manifest when this information unites and get exposed to create a new body.
The matter used for creation is integral and it comes from the Mother. Mother during creation has
to be supported with food. The only source is the body of the Father, from which the information
has left to conceive in the feminine. This means creation involves not only the information from
the parallel world, male and female, heaven and earth, but it also involves the flesh and blood of
Mother and Father.

In Jesus, the information of God the Father and Mother, heaven and earth came together as one, so
also the flesh and blood of the God the Father and Mother. Jesus is the First Born. When He
sacrificed His Life in full awareness of the power bestowed in Him. He began a recreation and
restoration process. He unfolded the cosmic information with free will to all souls. He also gave
the material aspect of the creation. No wonder Jesus asked His disciples to Eat His Flesh and Drink
His Blood. Everything about Bible could be understood as the biological science of creation.

Modern science seeks the answers for the universe its creation and existence from the point of
integration of energy, particle, and atoms to form a higher system in space-time. It thus becomes

very important that we comprehend it from this level too. I have explored it in the second part of
this book.

The Cosmic Truth can easily be understood from the following figure

The system is governed by only two forces. One is the Gravity Force of the material world. The
second is anti-gravity field of Life Force. The earth that inhabits life seems to play an important
role. It seems to be center of the Universe. It need not be the geometrical center, but an off-
centered center as the heart is the off-centered center of a Living system.

We can overlook the role of all living system and visualize universe from spirit-souls and mind of
humans. Human is interrelated and eventually relates to one Unique Supreme Soul or being in the
center. In this being, God the Father and Mother [heaven and earth] become one. He is the First
Born [Jesus], who carries the Primal Information of the whole system. All force of Gravity and time
directs to it. This Primal Being is miniature of the whole; we are contained in this Primal Being.
Thus scriptures say “For he [God] chose us in Him [Christ] before the creation of the world to be holy
and blameless in his sight. In love”

When Jesus sacrificed Himself, in full awareness of His power, He conquered the “selfish gene”. He
did penance to God’s own people, who became Ego, self, and material centered creating religions
and that seperates humanity in the name of God. He not only unfolded the Primal information into
creation state but also became the food that helps to create the physical world. The spirit-God we
know permeates everything. Bible clearly says that Jesus manifested to conquer time and death to
the Universe. It also says God created everything before He created Humans. This means the Spirit
of Jesus, exist in all life. He should be breathe new life to all living system before He gives New Life
to us. What this means, when we eat food we are eating the God’s flesh. The promise of His Spirit is
new life and rendering of our spirit-souls into new time cycle.

The Spirit of Christ is unfolding to lift us from the black hole, give new life and initialize us into
new time cycle. The seven-day creation is seven step spiritual awakening to lead humanity back to

Golden Age or Age of Knowledge and wisdom. Spirit of Christ is working to liberate us from
clutches of evil minds operating from religious institutions and people therein holding us as

The world under west and its science have built a physical empire, but its foundation lacks the
spiritual support and is fast heading to collapse. As far as the spiritual knowledge we are still at
the lowest level. The lowest level is God becoming the Food for humanity [Annamaya Kosha]. Jesus
offered himself as food. The organized Christianity made it the new idol to bind people into four
walls of the church. They built a physical empire based on Jesus and His sacrifice. But it lost
connection with the Spirit of Christ. However, as predicted in Bible a New spiritual awakening
occurred in the form of “Pentecostal Movement” and “Charismatic Movement”. This gave the
second level of spiritual growth.

But this spiritual growth has stagnated, with most preachers exploiting the Grace to develop once
own churches and failing to grow in the spirit of Christ. Most seem to fall for material force and
end in compromising with rich and powerful and seem to take the same path as organized
Christianity. Consequently, the evil minds seem to flourish and the purpose for which Jesus
manifested is getting hindered. Jesus manifested to bring light and Life. He manifested to bring the
Kingdom of God to earth. The Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice. It is peace and order. It is
knowledge and wisdom.

At the spiritual level, we are failing to evolve to the level of Mind of God. We still are held in the
first two levels and failing to make a quantum leap into third level aligning with the purpose for
which Jesus manifested.

Most speakers of God and Jesus seem to be disconnected from the reality of earth and its
deteriorated and endangered state. It is disconnected form humanity and His suffering and simply
works to sell heaven to people and make people live in illusion. The basic purpose for which Jesus
manifested is to rise up humanity in humans and show their relationship and their creation from
the flesh and blood from one Father and Mother. We are split and ruled by dirty minds operating
from religious realms.

Heaven and hell exist here. We have the potential to make heaven and hell out of the earth. We,
unfortunately, are making hell on earth. We seem to compromise with dirty rich and powerful evil
minds that rule the earth. Thus evil forces are growing in parallel.

The Jesus I came across is a great sage who could show the courage to take on the powerful Jewish
Priest. Jesus came to stamp the head of Satan and his cronies and restore His Fathers Kingdom.
He defeated the king of darkness and his cronies in all important spiritual realms at Calvary. The
present spiritual wave is a call to humanity to awaken and stamp the head of his cronies existing

in the earthly realm. We are failing to do it. Thus the evil is rising. Truth and Justice are
deteriorating as never before. The peace and order that Jesus left behind are failing to manifest.

Every priest knows the dirty and evil and powerful elements of his church. But they compromise
with them for the sake of material advancement and power. The rise of evil and dark forces in
society actually begins from religious heads of the social system. Here my religion built in the
name of Jesus takes the lead role.

Modern science we all know came as an opposition to evil minds operating in religious realms. I
accepted science because it is beyond religions that separate humanity in the name of unseen God.
The science has failed to know the truth of the spiritual world because it approaches it with
predictability and conquering motive. God broke the ego of the scientist’s long back when it was
exposed to the energetic world behind matter and its unpredictability. Scientists are now zeroing
in on East and its spiritual knowledge that its sages and mystics left behind.

The King of all Sages, the King of all priests, greatest of all teachers is Jesus Christ. Truth reveals
as you look deep into Jesus on the Calvary and surrender to Him unconditionally. You
cannot know Jesus by studying scriptures, and by serving in Sanctum Sanctorum and fallowing
any culture and practices. The only way is to surrender and transform in Spirit of Christ and then
grow in Spirit of Christ. Constant surrender and negation, a patient life in meditation and teacher-
student conversation with the spirit of God is the way to advance. No one can know God with a
fruit in mind. Thus God chooses us, gives New Life and reveals. We on our own effort cannot seek

Jesus knew His Father and was connected with Him, for He enquired God and His Father, with no
fruit in mind. He prayed and meditated possibly for 18 years to know His Father and to know the
Purpose of His manifestation. He was connected to the Universal Consciousness or Creator
consciousness. When He did His Fathers will, in full faith and accepted a torturous death in the
hand of His Fathers enemies on Earth, in full awareness of all the Power bestowed on Him, He
conquered the “Selfish gene” and ensured the liberation of His brothers and sisters on earth. With
His sacrifice a New Time Began. Jesus is the Big Bang point of creation.

The spirit of Jesus is the Transforming agent and that gives new life. He is the Revealer and
illuminator of our mind and leading us from darkness to Life. He is the Great Attractor emerging in
the non-linear living universe, around which the universe collapses into New Order. God had to
manifest as Jesus because when the universal time is directed downwards, no human can stop it.

I see hope in Jesus Christ for the deteriorating world. I am not sure how much pain and
destruction we have to endure before the ego of leaders of the world breaks down and the world
leaders awaken to Spirit of Jesus beyond religions and come alive.

We are in a scientific world where we seek the Truth and God from the integration of energy,
[particles] into atoms and atoms into a complex system. By Grace, I have explored this too in Part-
2 making scientific developments simple and comprehensible to common man. In the above
picture, we can replace the Human with Spirit-souls or atoms of life, which contains many
particles carrying different amounts of energy. We all know that each species of atom, species of
life has a distinct characteristic that can be understood from the energy it emits and absorbs. Even
the atoms of one species [Hydrogen] technically should be different in terms of its space-time
position in relation to the center.

Jesus is pointing to the east, its knowledge and its culture that was lost to humanity. Truly
interpreted Jesus’s teaching is a call to connect to the consciousness and intelligence and walk the
path of Truth and Justice and thus build the kingdom of God. It is a call to seek Him and His Father
from the inner conscious realm. The world would have been different had the organized
Christianity and its priests had grown in the spirit of God and helped individuals get connected to
the consciousness and intelligence and walk the path of truth and justice. Individual connected to
consciousness and intelligence, are compassionate and grow in strength. They naturally connect
with family and community and thus strengthening various hierarchy of the organization of
nations and the whole world. He strengthens the kingdom of God.

At the least level priests should have resisted people walking the opposite path to consciousness.
But unfortunately, most of the Christian clergies, compromise with dirty rich and powerful evil
minds. They speak God and its living force but are aligned with material force and live a
hypocritical life. They lead the masses the same way they go. Thus much of our society, which
follows the west live a bipolar [hypocritical] stressed life, leading to violence in the society.

Forgive me if it hurts. I find my religion called Christianity responsible for the deteriorated state of
the world. There is nothing of Jesus Christ in it. Many of them by virtue of their position develop
the bad and condemned trait - Ego. I sometimes feel that the two thieves on the right and left of
Jesus on Calvary symbolize a priest and lawmakers who failed in their duty to serve humanity and
lead them in right path. I believe, when half of the priest community come out of the material
slavery and hypocritical life to know Christ truly, the world will come alive.

However, sitting on a huge wealth and power base, these people cannot be expected to change
their thinking. The only possibility is science evolving to show the Truth of Calvary. Then the dark
forces ruling us from the religious institutions especially Christianity will yield to the spirit of
Christ and the whole world would come alive to Jesus Christ.

I am not judging any priest. The Conscious field of Creator knows the intent of all workers in His
field. One must accept the fact that without organized Christianity, the message of Christ and the
memory of His Calvary sacrifice would not have remained. This means there are Good souls in it
too, but they are not dominant force.

We today we live in an era of science where we know that behind the food we eat, what works is
the Spirit or Energy. Behind the word, we speak energy exists. Unless our energy is focused on
Living Force directed against gravity we cannot come to Life. A hypocritical mind that is enslaved
by money and material world cannot direct the energy to Life Force and bring victory to Good.

I am not judging any of the mushrooming Pentecostal and New Age Churches and powerful
evangelist, who gave new dimensions to Christianity. In many of these churches and evangelical
meeting miracle cures and supernatural wonders are occurring. This is clear sign of Spirit Christ is
alive and still doing the creative act.

My stand, however, is that the collective effort of these movements is still stopping short of
aligning with the Purpose for which Jesus manifested and became a sacrifice. These movements
are very much attached to materialism and truly lack the touch of Christ, who was a great sage,
who was truly unattached with the wealth of the material world. This inability to delink with
material aspect to know Truth and God are very much limiting them to align with the purpose of
Jesus manifestation. Jesus manifested to bring the Kingdom of God to earth. He came to lead us to
Knowledge and Wisdom of God such that humanity can take the dominion of Kingdom of God.

To understand the Divine plan we need to understand the kingdom of God. We must note kingdom
of God has four basic parts, Heaven, Earth and hell in 1:2:1 ratio. We humans, who have a flesh
body, cannot remember our past. But the spirit-souls in heaven and hell are aware of their past.
Hell is led by, angels who are powerful but developed ego, self and became a slave to the material
world, to be condemned to Hell or black hole. The Light and life force of heaven, and dark force of
hell, actually operate on the mind of humans. God after creation and giving dominion thus keeps a
resistance to humanity from turning His face away from God the Father and Mother to center to
which the material world points.

However in time, after several generations, humanity tends to forget His creation from God’s flesh
and blood. That is when fallen angels take humanity as captive. When ¾ the of soul on earth fall
prey to evil minds operating below, the kingdom of God is endangered, forcing the creator to
recreate and restore the system back to initial state. This restoration is taking place through
Christ and His Spirit and involves the dissolution of the kingdom of God. The process is taking
place through 180-degree Transformation of Spirit-souls.

Jesus manifested when all souls were directed to black hole and death was prevailing over the the
kingdom of God. Bible says Christ’s disciples and people in the upper room were filled with the
Spirit of Christ. In this act, the Spirit of Jesus created a small mass within the dark force that is
directed away from black hole and death. They joined Christ to form the initial mass, within the
womb. Many followed Disciples of Christ to create a critical mass before evil minds on earth took

control of the church. This mass has been growing, with people who believed in Christ and lived
connected to consciousness and walked the path of truth and justice and died.

The evil minds crept into churches made some vital changes in Sanctum Sanctorum and otherwise
followed the old Jewish practices of ruling people, making them slave in the name of God seated in
sanctum sanctorum. Unaware, they kept the memory Calvary sacrifice and teaching of Jesus alive
for the Spirit of Christ to awaken all of humanity at the end of time. The best way to comprehend
the Divine Plan is a woman who is conceived. The child they carry is stressing from within for
release to start a New Life.

When the spirit of God touches a person his inner being is turned inside out and gets aligned with
Lifeforce or the Spirit of God. Such souls get connected to his consciousness and intelligence and
see the Lifeforce working. I have tried to express it through a figure. See next page

Our transformation in the spirit of Christ can be of various magnitudes or degrees. Those who
have had a higher degree of transformation gain the gift of Holy Spirit and the ability to heal the
sick and transform others around them. Unless the soul grows closer to the center, live
unattached to gift and uses it selflessly for the sake of the kingdom of God, the souls could get
sucked back by the force of material world that is directed downwards and is growing. Thus it is
more important that the anointed live a life of consciousness and detachment. It becomes
important that anointed soul exist all the time in surrender to Spirit of Christ.

A fire is ignited in such transformed persons. The power of this fire could vary. This fire expresses
in evangelism attracting people. In the midst of such awakened souls, the fire can spread
awakening others. It leads to winning souls for the kingdom of God. When such awakened people
study Bible they get Great Insight. The Pentecostal movement and its success come from this.

In contrast, 90 percent and more of the Priest of the old organized church, who work from
Sanctum Sanctorum, do the exercise more as a trained corporate manager. There is no life or spirit
of Christ in them. So they fail to heal people, calm people, ignite people and transform people. The

names of Few who gained this power are also marketed. Everything that Jesus spoke of them still
holds good. But the Divine Plan is growing from within them too.

The present Pentecostal movement occurred when the inner world started stressing the outer
world, as preset to the spirit of God to emerge and lead humanity from darkness to Light. Jesus
compared it to Birth Pangs. Jesus won the battle in all important spiritual realms, now the spirit is
entering physical realm, with free will to all souls. Many of the anointed speakers are possibly the
spirit souls from heaven, who were true to their king in heaven, but had to come to earth and take
human life following the path of their king from heaven. No wonder, Vedic scriptures tell that
human life is great opportunity to evolve to a higher level.

The problem is that the spirit field of Jesus is open to Good angels and fallen angels. There is fight
on earth between the Good and bad Angels, we the human are caught between them. Bible clearly
tells that the Satan knows God and Jesus and can come to you in disguise. However, the fallen
angel’s ultimate intent is not our liberation and well-being. He cannot give Life and lift us from
black hole. We should be conscious and intelligent of such people.

The only way to know the wolf coming to you under the coat of sheep is get connected to the
consciousness and acquire Knowledge and wisdom to differentiate. Since we are created in the
image of God we have the information of the whole system. Each one of us within has the Divine
spark. We fail to flame it up. We have all knowledge and wisdom of God within all of us. We fail to
fathom it because we end becoming to slave to religion and many schools of thoughts. Even if you
have a bit of free intelligence in you, you can note the hypocritical mind of most Christian clergies.

I feel many of the speakers of Jesus and God have set their priority the wrong way. Instead of
striving to grow in the Spirit of Christ and working for the Kingdom of God First, they end up
falling for the lure of the material world and stagnate and they strive to build their kingdom.

The primal call of Jesus Christ is to seek the Kingdom of God first. Unfortunately, we all jump up to
use the gift of God to create once own kingdom and fail to go forward to build the Kingdom of God
on Earth. The kingdom of God can manifest only when we awaken to Truth and acquire the
Knowledge and Wisdom of God. That is the only way we can find peace and order.

A globalization of physical and spiritual world is happening in the last few decades. But this is not
being done in proper order or from proper basal thinking. The world we see is still in the grip of
evil minds. The Globalization that west unleashed on the world is more physical. It is done with
conquering motive. It is a hidden war unleashed to conquer the economy of lesser nations. This
has largely backfired. Under the cover of this globalization, religions also have come alive, trying
to conquer people as slaves and advance and strengthen once own religions. Religions thus have
emerged as the greatest threat to humanity.

The Good News is the Divine plan is growing. Jesus is the Pivot of the Living Universe. His Spirit is
working to conquer death to the kingdom of God and is working to restore it. When Jesus
manifested and spoke He was resisted by Jewish priest. By His Sacrifice, the Divine Plan or Big
Bang explosion of new time and Information occurred. It is slowly rising, nothing can stop it. The
initiation of big bang involved only the Spirit-soul of Jesus. But then its purpose is the restoration
of every spirit-soul of the kingdom with free will. This means we all are included in His Divine

Bible clearly tells that “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my [Jesus’s Spirit] on all people. Your
sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams”.
Yet the organized Christianity has been resisting the Pentecostal movement. They see this
awakening as a danger to their institution. It appears the history is repeating. I wonder what the
aim of organized Christianity is. What understanding drives them?

Jesus, they seated in Sanctum Sanctorum and preach from within four walls of Churches, came to
liberate souls. He is in a Spiritual form that can penetrate anything except the mind of humans
unless it surrenders. He came to build His Father’s kingdom on earth. He initiated the process by
making self-sacrifice, without any resistance. Jesus in His own time allowed other than His
disciples to chase evil spirit in His name [Luke 9: 49-50]. I have found it disgusting when a priest
speaks against evangelist, who is healing and awakening people outside them. Everyone who
takes the name of Jesus and is facilitating miracle cure and transformation of a soul is working to
build the kingdom of God. We the spirit-field of God knows the intent of all souls working in His

Spirit of Jesus is aware of everyone who takes His name. I have come across organized
Christianity, openly calling out not to go to prayer meeting of a particular anointed person, whose
touch and prayer has healed many. The truth is that many priest and sisters visit him to get cured
of diseases. Every soul is part of Body of Christ and God. God wishes all to take New Life be
healthy. If someone is denying people’s right to be healthy, I feel it is satanic. The organized
Christianity, which claims themselves as the only authorized people need to introspect their intent
and evolve to change there thinking.

Every nation, speak of improving the physical infrastructure. Any physical infrastructure of a
society and nations that are not built on sound spiritual infrastructure is bound to collapse. Both
scientist and religious leaders have already perceived the world tending to inevitable collapse.
Popes of the scientific world, instead of introspecting and bringing changes in their thinking, have
already given a call to desert earth and colonize other planets. That speaks of the intellectual
failure of the modern world. The Popes of religious institutions similarly are throwing up their

The Good News is that Spirit of Jesus and Divine Plan is growing from within. People are
increasingly becoming conscious and intelligent and have begun to think and come alive. They
have begun to observe and question the religious institutions and people therein. Even the
political institutions and the leaders therein and their thinking are coming in for scrutiny. I see
hope in Spirit of Christ working to lead humanity from darkness to light, death to Life.

What I wrote down may look odd to a world where the majority still is a slave to money and
material wealth, where spirituality is partially grown and is yet to grasp the knowledge and
wisdom of God. The choice before us is between life and death. I have done my best to write what
revealed to me over the past 30 odd years, rest is left to His will. I believe in Christ, but I have
serious reservation about the religion called Christianity.

I see Spirit of Jesus working everywhere in spite of resistance. I see a Good sign in Pope Francis.
He seems to be connected to the consciousness. That is the first step towards knowing God and
Jesus. You cannot live hypocritical life and yet hope to know God. I saw a Good sign as Pope sent
His representative to Azuza Street Revival and they fell at the feet of the organizers and
organizers, in turn, fell at Pope’s representative, all this are raising hope in me for the world.

Summarizing I once again say, the world is failing to comprehend truth and God, it is failing to find
peace, order and true prosperity because the spiritual institution of the west is living a
hypocritical life. Most priest and speakers speak serving the Life-force [God/Jesus] but in reality,
serve the opposite and thus the world led by the west and its thinking and culture is going down
the drain. They are taking the world and its population with it. The religion called Christianity lack
the spirit of Christ that can lead us from darkness to Light.

I understand the money and material aspect is a necessity to sustain the body in which Life exists.
What we need to know is that material aspect and its knowledge is secondary, what is more,
important is life itself. We need to set the priority right. We need to know the knowledge of Spirit-
Soul. We need a conscious and intelligent life and cultures that support it, if we are to find peace
and order at individual and various levels of the global society

This knowledge existed with us but was lost in time, when people operating it developed ego and
self. Jesus is returning it to us with one great egoless and selfless surrendering act in absolute
faith. He conquered time and death to the kingdom of God. His spirit is calling us to come alive
through Him. In Jesus and His spirit, the whole universes are in a recreation and restoration mode.
We are called to enter it and take new life and find a new position in New Time Cycle. If anything is
stopping us, it is the Ego, self and extreme slavery to the material world.

When Jesus said you have to be Newborn, it amounts to get connected to the consciousness and
know our oneness in Christ and one Great Father and Mother. When universal time is time
directed down, no human can do it, and thus God institutes the Divine Plan through Christ and

sent His Spirit to assist. Many of the anointed speakers of Jesus are people who are connected to
the consciousness and has grown to different levels of spirituality. The evil is still growing and the
peace Jesus left behind is not becoming a global phenomenon because some level of self and
material slavery still exist in them. They seem to operate in the realm of Grace and seem to fail to
evolve to the realm of Knowledge and wisdom of God, that can bring every one to Jesus and the
evil minds that rule earth can be subdued.

As such our spiritual thought of Jesus is mixed up with physical or material thoughts and has failed
over power material power completely. We have failed to know Jesus beyond self and religious
affiliation. Even when we focus on Jesus and Calvary we carry a self with it. Thus when we go to
retreat, prayer meetings we end in asking for money, and material aspects. We seek the support
of God to our plan and do our will, but fail to invite Him to take the first position. We need to
change this order. We need to surrender our mind, it’s ego and it’s “self”.

Jesus very clearly tells seek the Kingdom of God first. He clear tells He is standing outside our door
patiently to open and invite Him to our Home. We do open the door when it is becomes suffocating
inside, but end inviting the one who stands behind Him. We end in inviting wealth, healing and
anything that related to the mind-body, but fail to seek that which gives life and sustains life. Jesus
clearly tells that anyone who loves, his Father and Mother, brother and sister, son and daughter is
not worthy of Him.

Jesus had immense Power, He used none of them to defend His self. He used it to serve people.
Unfortunately, we the humans the moment we take the positions of power and gain any gift from
God, we end in developing an ego and use it advance once self. We fail to grow to know Truth and
help the Spirit of God Manifest the kingdom of God. We are failing to grow to knowledge and
wisdom of God. We need to know Jesus beyond religions as a life force and science, that includes
the physical science such that the whole world can accept and come alive. Religion Called
Christinity need to grow beyond self and work for Christ’s spirit and the purpose for which He
came. They have to save their soul being with Christ. They need to do want they preach.

I salute all those who are anointed and work honestly in the Spirit field by faith, without
developing Ego and becoming the slave to money and material aspects. An anointed person is a
transformed person in Christ conscious field, whose magnetic polarity within is turned against the
polarity of the much of people around and is directed to the Life force of Christ. This is exactly why
they carry power for healing and transformation of the soul in their vicinity. They quickly perceive
electromagnetic transformation and release of negative energy as little twitch in their body or
possibly experiences it as a voice speaking from within when the person involved is in an elevated
state of the prayerful state and surrounding.

I also wish to say that a transformed person gains a call to win souls. This, however, need not
make the souls a candidate for the kingdom of God. The judgment part of the Bible speaks this. An

anointed person when he develops the ego, self, and salivary to the material world, probably
experiences the greatest fall.

An anointed life is not a life to sell heaven to people, it is to awaken humanity in humans and put
them in the path of consciousness and intelligent and walking the path of Truth and Justice and
lead Life aligned with Life Force. It is priestly life, where you take the negative force of common
people and channel it down to Christ conscious field, without being attached to it. Jesus came
when all priest failed, the Holy spirit movement too came from outside religions and now it has
spread to organized Christianity and even breaking the barrier of religions.

The Divine Force is growing from within nothing can stop it. Thus we are being stressed to
transform. The Judgment is inevitable. It starts with priestly Class. When they develop an ego and
stagnate with self and material affliction and live a hypocritical life they experience a great fall in
the end when the truth emerges. Judgment in the Bible speaks this. The common man escapes the
First Judgment, but the priestly class will have to face it first. When I say priestly class, it includes
all who work in his field but fails to focus on the kingdom of God. Who speak but fail to practice an
ounce of what he speaks. Jesus I believe came to raise humanity in humans first. He came to build
the kingdom of God on Earth first.

My hopes for the world are renewed with Pope Francis because instead of selling heaven and
cheating people he is connected to consciousness and speaking the realities of Earth and
humanity. I believe one has to first connect with the earth and humanity before you can ever speak
of heaven. The relationship between God and heaven is a personal one. This relationship is
impossible to construct unless one knows Christ in Truth.

I sign off as a sinner in surrender, who believes in Jesus. I don’t strive to be Holy. I am human with
many weaknesses. I simply surrender to Him and let Him use me. If I can become Holy by my
effort there is no necessity for Jesus to manifests and become a sacrifice. Whether I go to heaven
or hell is left to Him, I simply surrender and do what I am called for, irrespective of what people
think around me. I salute all those who serve God and Jesus in Love and beyond self and walk the
path of Truth and Justice to passing extent. I know that ultimately the only way our world can find
peace enter the kingdom is by Knowing Truth of Calvary as a science and Higher knowledge. So I
stick to the call.

The earth is going through birth pangs. Its energy is peaking and falling violently. It is poised for a
Quantum Shift. The more we delay to awaken to the truth the more will be the pain and
destruction we have to endure. The Divine Plan will win. This also demands that we humans
quickly develop new technologies, based on Life that releases less heat and thus create space-time
for humanity to grow on planet earth. The knowledge of black hole now becomes critical to make
the quantum shift in technologies.

The Bible is studied by millions. There are established schools. There are people who in Jesus
name are causing miracle and prophesies and transformation. I understand the time and spirit of
Christ is stressing us to awaken. I am not interested in confronting any Biblical teachers to prove
any point.

I am not interested in confronting scientist who strives to put God and Nature into mathematical
language and work with conquering motive. For them I have touched upon various concepts and
vision they developed and put into complex mathematics to bring forth various models of
universe, which they themselves fail to comprehend. I have presented Holographic Principle and
Design behind nature that is simple sensible and can answer many paradoxes of science and gel
various models into one sensible model.

I cannot to force any one to look into my thoughts and revelations. However, if possible remember
this write up for what I wrote about energy of earth peaking and falling bringing huge destruction.
May be at the dead end what revealed to me might appear sensible.


Main Points of the Book

1] Universe is a conscious intelligent living being that exists in time. It has Down-Phase and Up-
phase. What we fail to comprehend is what happens at the end of Down-Phase and Up-Phase. The
end of down phase is Calvary and is the beginning of the new phase. The work is completed in
Spiritual realm through Jesus and Calvary. At the top end, the victory and Life manifest into the
physical realm.

2] Universe is Living Being means it has to be understood from the biological point.

3] Living being works on a pair of information coming from parallel worlds; Mother and Father.
They give not only information but also give their Flesh and Blood to create.

4] Creation then has to be discovered from information unfolding to create its mirror images. No
wonder Bible Says God created us in His Image as man and woman and gave them Dominion of His

5] Information, energy and matter, [sprit-souls] are understood as indestructible. They exist
eternally by a transformation process mediated by the Spirit field of the creator. This means we
have to understand creation as transformation process. Except for human, no life seeks creation
secret. They are aware and conscious of it. It seems that only humanity has lost this awareness
and connectivity with once own consciousness and its creators.

6] When we speak of Supreme living God creating us, and we existing in it, it means the supreme
uncorrupt and absolute information held in the parallel world should come together in One
Supreme Individual. The universe should come into being, taking New Life, New flesh and New
body when this Supreme Being through Some Supreme acts exposes all its information and give
free will to all souls take a new position in the new world being formed. In short, God exposes His
heart and Mind to give New Life and New Mind. This is Calvary Secret and Divine Plan.

6] Universe is information explosion from Black hole conquering time and initializing time. Since
nothing is created or destroyed, it means the whole process should be occurring through the
transformation of indestructible spirit-soul and giving it New Life and Mind. The spirit of Christ is
bringing back to humanity the memory of their creation and their oneness in One Parental God.
This information explosion occurred through Jesus when He became a sacrifice in full awareness
of all Powers Bestowed on Him over all three worlds. With it, Primal uncorrupt information
unfolded to create, give new life and mind to humanity. Jesus is returning the lost memory and the
knowledge and wisdom to us.

7] When Jesus, in full awareness of that He is King of all three worlds and knew the power
bestowed in Him, chose to do His Fathers will, conquering His Ego, self, He arrested the Ego and
Self Gene in the system. By sacrificing His Life and offering His flesh blood to all of us, He proved
He is First Born to God the Father and Mother and everything is contained in Him. He is the Big
Brother. He is the supreme sacrifice of God the Father and Mother such that rest of God’s
Children’s awakens to stamp the head of the evil minds operating in the world, challenging the
Kingdom of God. We must note that God once asked the Father of faith, Abraham, to make such
sacrifice, but stopped short.

8] To conquer time and death to the Kingdom of God, God executed the Divine Plan through Jesus.
The spirit of Jesus is giving New Life and is awakening Human mind to defeat the evil minds. With
Jesus and Calvary, the heaven earth and hell were dissolved and put into New Creation state. The
first purpose of the Divine plan is to awaken Humanity in Humans. Heaven Earth and hell
differentiate right from here.

9] The Divine Plan works with the Freewill to souls. It works through transforming of all souls that
surrender to God and Jesus. The Spirit of Jesus is a Transforming Agents that help souls to connect
to the consciousness and walks the Truth and Justice. The biggest impediment to experience God
and is our own ego and self.

10] The Divine Plan and Judgment would be severe on those people who speak God but live
hypocritical Life. The judgment part clearly writes this. Scriptures hold truth, but it becomes
amenable to a Heart and mind that seeks it with no fruit in mind. It has traps for those who seek it
with an evil mind and use it with evil intention.

Final Statement - My Understanding of Jesus by Grace

Jesus is God. He is real. Spirit of Jesus is Creator Force that creates and sustains the universe from
collapsing. The Spirit of Jesus is the conscious field of the Creator. In Him, all duality and
multiplicity are dissolved to be recreated and restored with free will. Creation through Jesus is
non-destructive transformation process of spirit-souls and illumination of its intellect. Every
indestructible soul gains a chance to relocate and take a new space-time position. Jesus is beyond
religion. He is supreme absolute to which we the humans and all angels are relative. Thus every
word He spoke in parables and all that He spoke authoritatively with “I” statements are real.

Before Christ, the universal time was in down phase, no humans were in a position to understand
the depth of His statement and His preaching’s. The disciples understood it when the Spirit of God
entered them and they took life and aligned with the spirit of God. God initiated a Divine Plan of
restoration around Christ; Christ, in turn, began the restoration by selecting souls and giving them
New Life and empowering them.

The Divine Plan was conceived within the darkness of the womb. The womb is strengthened by
every soul that is New Born in the spirit of Christ or has lived the Path of Truth and Justice and
died. Jesus Christ and His Calvary Sacrifice have to be understood in relation to the purpose for
which He manifested. He manifested to bring the Father's Kingdom on Earth. His Father’s
Kingdom is Truth and Justice

Science of Christ
Scientifically, Spirit of Jesus is the field and force that Einstein searched for which works against
gravity and Black Hole. It is the force that lifts the lost information in a black hole and brings it
back to create and restore. It is the Force that conquers time and initializes the time. It has duality
conceived in it, which works as one.

This duality can be understood from, pairs of information [genes], male and female, which are
quantum entangled. Jesus and His spirits work can be understood from Life science. In Life primal
information of the species is hidden in two conscious and independent worlds male and female
that are one and are quantum entangled. They come together to conquer time and death. Jesus
could be understood as Primal Information of God the Father and Mother coming together to take
a Human Form. It is heaven and earth coming together in all its Glory

Jesus is the First Born Son [Primal Human] is entitled to God’s Kingdom. Jesus is the King of all
three worlds; in Him, all indestructible souls were contained with free will. A Spirit-soul, in
human flesh body is not aware of his past or his future. Jesus should have fallowed eastern
approach and meditated and prayed for long years to know His Father. In the process He gained
all the Powers that He showed. It is this process He came into full awareness of who He is.

When He chose to become the sacrificial lamb, doing His Fathers Will, in Full faith, He made
restitution to the failure of His Fathers people on earth. The fall of His kingdom comes not from
common people, but God’s own people [The Priestly and Kingly class] instituted and given powers
to govern His Kingdom, holding up the light and knowledge and upkeep the memory of God and
His relationship with Humans. Jesus conquered the Ego and “Selfish Gene”. He arrested the flight
of fallen Angels capturing God’s Children on Earth as salves. Jesus, therefore, is the Elder Brother
to all. God did what Abraham was ready to do.

When Jesus Sacrificed His Life, He put God’s spirits or information into a creative phase, by
unfolding and exposing everything. What happened in Calvary is the Big Bang explosion of cosmic
information. God the Father and Mother are revealing. The forgiveness, inclusiveness, compassion
and such characters that Jesus showed comes from God the Mother. But the transformation and
creative power of God comes from God the Father. God the Mother intercedes for all her children,
the angels, and Humans, the Good and Bad. But God the Father, who is the King and Judge, has a
scale to decide the position He allots. This scale is how much one loved and believed His Son, Jesus.

In Jesus, Father and Mother are contained. Therefore, loving, believing and respecting Jesus,
amounts to loving, believing respecting God the Mother and Father. It amounts to being in a
conscious relationship with Nature and God and walking the path of Truth and Justice. It is to be
under the protection of God. The Kingdom of God is light and Life. It is good. The darkness and evil
separate from this initial state, when powerful angels of God develop ego self and become a slave
to the material world. Thus when the spirit of Jesus completes His Work, many who actually rule
this world from spiritual and kingly realm are destined to fall

Three things God hates is the Ego of spirit-souls, the self of spirit-souls and extreme material
centeredness. Ego disconnects Spirit-soul from God. The "Self" or "I" leads to the revolt against
God the Father and misuse of Power bestowed on Him. It then leads to slavery to material force
and alignment with dark forces leading to the Black hole. God cannot find ordinary souls
responsible for the fall of His Kingdom. His Kingdom falls because of his anointed and appointed

Thus the intellectual class, the Priest, Bishop’s, the teachers and makers of the law, the kings and
such top and administrative hierarchy, has to bear the responsibility. The highest responsibility
and accountability rest on Spiritual leaders. In a largely democratic free world of Jesus Christ and
His conscious field, we have no reason to complain either.

In short spirit of Jesus is a great force that resists the black hole and its collapse. It is the force that
is bringing back all information and knowledge, humanity lost in time. From non-linear-science,
He is the “Great Attractor” that develops in a great disordered system. The system collapses to
New Order around this Great Attractor. Spirit of Jesus is God’s creative intelligence force that is
revealing Truth around which everything collapses into New Order.

The call of God

Spirit-souls can be in heaven, earth, and hell. They differentiate from earth. The earth is the place
where spirit-soul takes a flesh body. Spirit-souls in flesh body cannot have the memory of past,
beyond a generation or two. Earth is a place where forces of light and dark world overlap. God is
Light and Life force that acts against Gravity. Thus God after creation, exposure of His relationship
with humans and after giving dominion of the earth to Humans, forbids him from taking his focus
away from Him to the center to which material world and its force act.

The forces of the material world and its time directs to the Great black hole, Singularity, and death.
Thus the body of God Being is prone to time and deterioration. Thus the Divine Plan becomes
inevitable. Spirit of Jesus guards the black hole and exists as central column of force rising from
the singularity of Black Hole into White Hole. All are called to transform and take rebirth in this
central column [pillar] of Spirit of God or Christ, with free will. No soul is excluded, not even angels
of God and even evil minds. This pillar has 8 layers. [I will skip the details].

The souls who took New Life in Christ and empowered with powers of Holy Spirits are those who
experienced transformation in the Spirit with high intensity, such that they are sucked into to
deeper levels. They are the selected souls by God. They, in turn, have the capacity to attract people
to Jesus and His Spirit and thus bring miracle cure, healing, and transformation. They are like a
stick on fire that has the capacity to ignite a fire in others. They are possibly the Good and faithful
angels of God manifested on Earth, following their King.

However, the field is open to the bad angels too. That makes common man differentiate people
coming in Jesus name difficult. Jesus thus spoke of many coming in His name at the end of time.
Since Jesus name has Power, in the Divine Plan they are not resisted. In Jesus own time this has
happened and He advised His disciples not to resists them.

However, the Conscious field of the creator is aware of the intent of every spirit-soul working in
His field taking His name. A judgment and duality are inevitable. The judgment begins from top to
down. This means the Judgment will be severe on people who speak God but fail to practice by a
passing mark. The angels fall when they develop ego, self, and slavery to the material world. They
will fall miserably from the top to down. This is First Judgment or Original Justice. The Original
Justice begins when Jesus completes His work and reveals the Mind of God. Today we are in the
peak period of Grace or maybe the period is over I am not sure.

Jesus is still in control of everything happening in the world. His basic call is to seek the Kingdom
of God First. Any addition before it is temporary and misleading. Thus judgment speaks against
the leaders. Many of the anointed preachers of God are stagnating, creating, shops and malls and
are failing to grow in spirituality to create the Kingdom of God on Earth, which is the purpose for
which Jesus came to Earth, Heaven and Earth differentiate from here.

Where Christianity is failing

The effort of the Organized Christianity to save the message of Christ and His sacrifice is adorable.
But they have failed to grow in Spirit of Christ or the Pillar of Christ’s spirit. The Pentecostal
Movement went one step forward, from God as Food and wine to God as Breath and Life. It makes
no sense to me when the Pentecostal churches deny the role of organized Christianity. Equally, it
makes no sense to me when organized Christianity resists the New Spiritual Movement
[Pentecostal movement], especially because such awakening is predicted in Bible.

Observation points that Pentecostal movement is also stagnating. They seem to exploit the Grace
of God and Stagnate in it, building once own churches. They fail to integrate and grow beyond self,
such that kingdom of God can manifest on Earth. Thus the evil minds are growing in parallel and
disorder is increasing. We need to grow to the mind level to know Truth. Only this can lead us to
Knowledge and wisdom level that empowers us to live in peace with oneself, in the community
and with nature and God and fight the evil within and the fight evil rulers ruling us by dividing us
in the name of religions.

Jesus life and message is simple. It is a call to humans to get connected to the consciousness and
intelligence and walk the path of truth and Justice. It is a call to think and come out of the bondage
of religions and evil minds ruling from this realm. Jesus call is to focus on Him and grow in Him to
attain Knowledge and wisdom, which finally brings peace and order and initializes everything into
New Time Cycle.

The Simple Truth of Calvary

The universe is Living Conscious and intelligent as the East understood it. We human are similarly
conscious and intelligent Beings. This means we are like the cells of one whole being. We are
supposed the serve the whole and inurn gets strengthened. Our independence is an illusion. The
kingdom is a collective organization where each cell has a specific role. We are resisted from being
a cancerous cell working against body and Life. We are not supposed to develop ego self and
become a slave to the material world and its force. Gravity and time is a force that winds to a
singularity point in black hole or death.

Life opposes gravity and time. This means Gravity and time should direct to a Life. Among Life we
humans are highly evolved and intelligent; it means the Gravity and Time eventually direct to one
person and his mind and soul. The birth of the universe or Big Bang should come from it. This
Person is Jesus is what we explored in the book

The life we know is information coming from two Parallel worlds; Father and Mother. Life is
created by the exposure of the Information to create its mirror images. The child takes flesh and
Blood and develops the physical body in the darkness of the womb of the Mother

To understand Jesus and His preaching and the importance of His Calvary sacrifice, we have to
imagine two Great Parents or Parallel Worlds that are conscious and quantum entangled and
exists as one. When time endangers the existence, the Spirit-Soul of both reduces and Fathers
Spirit gets conceived in the Mothers to create a Future. The Mother gives the flesh and blood to
form the Physical structures. In order to do so the Mother has to be supported by food. Since
nothing else exists, the food for the Mother should be coming from the body of Father, from where
the His Spirit-soul departed to conquer time and death.

The fall of the kingdom of happens not because of earthlings, but because of Angels of God who fell
from His Grace and took His Children on Earth as Captive by working from below. God thus had to
intervene to defeat the Evil and liberate His Children and Create New space-time for His faithful
angels. This intervention came through Jesus.

Jesus is the Primal Soul, heart and Mind. He is the Frist Born. When Jesus sacrificed His life in full
awareness all powers bestowed upon Him, He opened Up the Cosmic Information into the creative
state. Here we get an answer to why Jesus offered His flesh and blood as food to eat and drink.
The food is the basis of physical form. Since spiritual law or law of energy world tells nothing is
created and destroyed and everything works through transformation. It becomes inevitable the
physical form has to be cleansed before it is given Life.

The spirit of Jesus reveals the Truth not known to Angels to Mortals on earth. If the King of heaven
had to come to earth and take a human body, it is inevitable all good Angels have to take the same
root. Many of the anointed people in whose vicinity miracle cure are occurring can be visualized as
the Good and Faithful Angels. This speaks of the vital position of Earth in the Universe

In short, Jesus not only kept the Primal information open but also became the food for the world.
The basic purpose of Jesus is to evolve and lead humanity from darkness to light from death to life.
He has exposed the Cosmic Heart and Mind to humanity to take New Life and New Mind to come
out of the religion. Those with evil heart and mind, those who are ego, self, and material centered,
will be found at the wrong end as Spirit of Christ, lifts us to the Mind level revealing all Truth and
initializing earth and humanity back to the Golden Age or Dharma Yuga, or the Kingdom of God on

The laws of science say nothing is destroyed or created and the system called universe functions
through transformation. Jesus is the field in which transformation occurs. Jesus and His Name in
this scientific world have reached the nook and corner. However, the system is not able to
transform as a whole to take New Life. The grace of Christ’s spirit is working, but this field and His
Grace are being exploited.

In open field of Christ consciousness, both Good and bad angels are thriving fighting for souls of
common people. Jesus conquered the Satan and His cronies in the spiritual realm, but the physical

realm is still under Satan. The scenario changes when we make a quantum shift to the next level of
spirituality in Jesus. Next level of spirituality is to know Jesus and His mind and knowing Calvary
as the Big Bang Point of creation. Knowing it as science will lead to all humanity accept Jesus as
God and King and all knees then would bow to Jesus.

I am a sinner in surrender. I feel I have done my call focusing on Calvary relentlessly and
surrendering to risen Christ. I hope it assists the shift; rest is left to His will. I salute all those who
strive in Christ conscious field, with Good intent to manifest His kingdom. Seek Kingdom of God
First rest will be added unto you is the primary call. God understands the material needs of the
body and human weakness. However, everyone who preaches God and Jesus needs to check his
priority and how he is aligned. Otherwise, one might find himself at the back. That is what
Judgment in Bible speaks.

Bible has depth. Just as science seeks the secret of the universe in an atom and in the simplest
possible equation, we need to make Bible simple and comprehensible to all. Bible in simplicity is a
call to us to connect to the consciousness and walk the path of Truth and Justice. It is from this
realm can we can seek the next realm, the realm God consciousness and intelligence.

Time is inevitable for the body formed in time, so the body deteriorates in time but the spirit-soul
or information is indestructible and it survives conquering time and death, by creating a new body
out of the Old. When universal time is directed in the down phase, there is no way any human can
resist it and reverse the direction. Thus God instituted the Divine Plan through Jesus Christ. The
teaching of Jesus is directed to East and the Knowledge that is lost, especially in India. Jesus is
directing to Vedic Period of the east. Even the science of west is directed to it. There is no point in
resisting this truth by the west. The spirit of God moves, the day and night cycle goes on.


A Request with Readers

I am not sure whether I have caught your mind and its thinking into Spirit of God. I Understand
religions are a sensitive issue. I respect all religions and the places of their worship. But wish to
tell that we have reached a point and we are stressed to evolve beyond religion into Spirituality
knowing Truth and science of God Reality. Spirituality is the Knowledge and Wisdom of Life. It is
to know the God force that creates and sustains us.

I have shared my observation and experience and what revealed to me. I know there will be a
million oppositions. We are all free people, with a free mind to enquire Truth and God. So you are
free to have your point of view.

It is over 30 years since I left a lucrative career in science chasing a conscious call. In a world
where people are measured by money and positions, I had to give up them as I chased my

conscious call. I am considered an idiot a failure in life including my loving life, who is a great gift
to me from God but is a slave to religion. She can only see God in the Bread that the Priest Lifts.

At the retiring age, I feel like a beggar with a priceless gem in hand. It came as Grace to me. I keep
it open and wait for His Time

My conscious call is not for healing and prophecies. I am not equipped to speak Bible and enter the
bandwagon of preaching. My call is restricted to observation and integration of observation into
comprehensible and sensible knowledge. The modern man today caught in materialism. It needs
no integrative knowledge of life. It needs no Truth. It rewards the mind that splits and exploits. I
feel all alone in this world.

Now that I have decided to speak to my powerful community, I will find myself alone. I am
entering the realm of the red zone. But such is my call and evolution of my thought that I cannot
shift away from my conscious call at any cost.

I am doing my conscious call as I communicate, leaving the rest to His will and His time. The
promise of God is "nothing concealed that will not be disclosed or hidden that will not be made
known". That gives much hope that one day the world will awaken to Truth. I just have to persist
in my struggle till death than give up.

I wish to ensure that the Knowledge I gained should not be lost. So I humbly request the
reader to download and save a copy of this book.

If any clergies happen to read this and find it sensible, and they truly stand with what they preach
and wish to save his soul, I request them to forward it to their higher up so that it reaches the Pope
and strengthens Him. Similarly, any scientist reading it finds some sense in it; please forward it
popes of the scientific world. I, as a small farmer, have failed to reach these high offices. Ultimately
the intellectuals leading us both from spiritual and physical realms become responsible for Earth
and the state of Humans on Earth. Their awakening is critical.

In a democratic open world, not one of us can completely wash our hands. So my appeal to the
public is - if you find any sense, viral it, Use your knowledge and ability to spread the message to
bring a mass awakening. Our earth and our ecosphere are at a collapsing point. The leaders of
nations, leaders sitting in top chairs are very much recalcitrant. We the common people suffer
most. The time we have is very short, it is the time we awaken.

The knowledge I share comes from interaction and dialogues with Nature and Her Master in
freedom. I do not consider myself good writer or speaker. My mind works best in conversation
and discussion mode. I am not claiming any discovery, simply sharing the thought that emerged in
surrender to Spirit of God.

Any help to spread and explore this spiritual knowledge develop new technologies that can create
new space for humanity survive in peace and order with earth and heavens are welcome.

Please share and awaken