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Name : Mrs. Anu.CS

Date of Birth : 30th May, 1986

Gender : Female

Marital Status : Married

Nationality : Indian

Languages known : English, Hindi, Kannada & Malayalam

Professional : Registered Nurse & Registered Midwife

(RN/ RM)

Present Address : H.No. 93 Surya Vihar Colony Islamnagar Road

Lambakheda Bhopal 462038

Contact No. : 0091 7697962096,

Email ID :

Permanent Address : H.No. 93 Surya Vihar Colony Islamnagar Road

Lambakheda Bhopal 462038

Professional Qualification:

Qualification Institution Year of passing

Diploma in General Nursing & National School of Nursing Ongle 2006-2009
Midwifery 3 ½ Year Course
Professional Registration Registered under Andhra Pradesh 2009
Nursing Council

Academic Qualification:

Qualification Board of examination Year of passing

10+2 Board of Higher Secondary Examination Govt. 2004
of Kerala

S.S.L.C. Board of Public Examination, Govt. of Kerala 2002

Professional Experience:
 Worked as a Staff Nurse in Medical & Surgical Ward with Seven Hills Hospital
Mumbai 2 year.
 Worked as a Staff Nurse in Medical & Surgical Ward with Oncology Ward
Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital Bhopal 6 year.
 Worked as a Staff Nurse in Medical & Surgical Ward with Causality Surya Hospital
Mumbai 8 Months .

Seven Hills Hospital Mumbai

This institute provides seem less health care to the acute and chronically ill patients from basic
facilities. In preventive care most sophisticated curative technologies like sleep lab, hyperbaric
chamber and multi organ transplant unit. Here I am working in Coronary Care Unit with an
average patient’s strength 17 and nurse patient ratio in 1:2 three shift of duty a day and 48 hours
work in a week as a Staff Nurse.

Duties and Responsibilities

 Unit preparation to receive new patient

 Accessing the physical and psychological needs of patients rendering Direct Nursing
 Monitoring vitals
 Drug administration
 Nasogastric tubes
 Cardio pulmonary Resuscitation
 Assisting procedures like – endotracheal intubation, Tracheostomy, Central & arterial
Lines Insertion & Chest tube Insertion.
 Sample collection
 ABG Analyzer
 Taking care of patient on ventilators and doing suction
 Catheterization administration of blood & blood products, giving injections (IV, IM, SC)
 Care of patients on central aortic balloon pump, tracheostomy, peritoneal &
 Defibrillation
 Assisting in sheath removal for PTCA patients.
 Monitoring CVP, PA &Arterial Blood pressure
 Removal of arterial & venous sheath.
 Changing the position of the patients & ryles tube feeding
 Maintain IO chart
 Family advise support over all management of unit teaching and supervision.
 I have good equipments used in ward.

Equipments Used:
 ECG Machine
 Cardiac Monitors
 Suction Apparatus
 Glucometer
 Transducer
 BP apparatus
 Infusion Pump
 Ventilator
 Defibrillator
 ABG analyzer machine
 Intra aortic balloon pump machine
 ACT machine
 Pulse Oxymeter
 Ventilators.

Main Equipment:
 Modern ventilator (Servo 300 & 900, Centiva seemans)
 6 channel coloured monitor (including ABP, CVP, Cardiac Output, PA pressure
Monitoring, O2 Suction monitors) syringe Pump, Infusion pump.
 IABP, Pacemaker
 Programmer
 B.P. Apparatus, Centralized system for administration of O2 suction.
Types of Cases:
 Congestive cardiac failure
 Myocardial infarction
 Pulmonary embolism
 Pulmonary Oedema
 Unstable angina
 Heart Block
 Coronary Artery Disease
 Cardiac Arrest, Cardiogenic shock
 Arterial fibrillation
 VT & VF
 Ventricular Tamponade
 Bundle branch block & left ventricular failure.

Usual Diagnosis (Medical):

Ischemia COPD, CAD, Pulmonary Oedema, CHF, Pulmonary Embolism, Cardiac Arrest,
Severe HTN, Heart Block, Arrhythmias


I hereby declare that all the above information are true and correct to the best of my knowledge
and belief.


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