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Lesson Plan in Mathematics

Grade 5

Grade V – Acacia (7:50-8:50)

Molave (8:50-9:50)

I. Learning Objectives

Cognitive: Solving word problems involving circumference measure

Psychomotor: Write solutions of word problems
Affective: Participate actively in the class activities

II. Learning Content

Skills: Solving word problems involving circumference measure.

Reference: BEC-PELC III.3 Mathematics 5: Mathematics for the Better Future,
Coronel And Bamba, pp. 246-247
Materials: PPT presentation, Copies of word problems
Value: Creativity in doing things

III. Learning Experiences

A. Preparatory Activities

1. Mental Problem

 Have the pupils read the problem below. Have them explain their
individual strategy to solve the problem mentally.

Cubio runs 150 meters per minute in a circular park. If the

circumference is 450 meters, how much time would he needed
to finish one rotation?

2. Drill

 Have the students find the product of the following:

3.14 3.14 3.14 3.14

X 4 x 5 x 7 x22

2. Review

 Have the students complete the following:

1. The distance around a circle is _________.

2. A line passes that passes through the center of a circle is ______.
3. An estimated value of pi (𝜋) is ______.
4. One half of the diameter of a circle is _______.
5. The formula/s in finding the circumference of a circle is/are? ____.

B. Developmental Activities

1. Presentation

a. Exploration and Discovery

1. Britney is making a circular pot holder with a diameter of 4

meters. How many meters of lace are needed to decorate the
sides of pot holder?

Ask the pupils:

 Know: What is asked?

What are given?
 Decide What will you do to answer the problem?
C = 𝜋d
 Solve: Show the solution
= 3.14 x 2
= 6.28 meters
 Check = How will you check it?

2. Analyn is finding the circumference of her hula-hoop with a

radius of 24 cm. she showed his computation as

C = 𝜋d
= 3.14 x 24
C = 75.36 cm

Ask the pupils: Is her solution correct? Why?

2. Fixing Skills

 Solve these problems.

1. Dagpilan wants to put lights around the rim of a circular
chandelier with a diameter of 30 cm. what is the length of
electrical wire needed?

2. A circular table top has a diameter of 35.5 cm. How many

cm of lace is needed to decorate its edge?
3. Generalization

Ask the pupils: How do we solve problems on circumference?

 In solving problems involving circumference measure, know the
diameter/radius and the formula.

4. Application

 Group the pupils into 2. Have them answer the word problem
below. The group who finishes and got the correct answer first will
be the winner.

1. Mr. Nudalo is laying out a circular playground. Its radius is 50

m. what is its circumference?

IV. Evaluation

 . Read the problem carefully. Show your solutions and write your
answer neatly.(5 points Each)

1. Lorna’s circular garden is 5 metres in diameter. How many

metres of wire are needed to put a fence around it?

2. The diameter of a tricycle tire is 60 cm. How far will the tire go
in one rotation?
V. Assignment

 Copy and solve this problem.

1. Federizo’s bicycle wheel has a diameter of 65 cm. What is the
circumference of the wheel?

2. A circle is half the radius of a larger circle. If the circumference

of the larger circle is 100 meters, what is the radius of the smaller
 Number sentence
 Solution
 Complete answer

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