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Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris April 2008 Program : IPA dan IPS 08.

30 (120 menit) Paket B

Hari / Tanggal Waktu

: Kamis/10 : 06.30 –

Petunjuk Umum 1. Gunakan pensil 2B untuk pengisian Lembar Jawaban Komputer (LJK) 2. Tuliskan nama, nomor peserta dan identitas lain pada Lembar Jawaban Komputer (LJK) 3. Hitamkan bulatan pada jawaban yang anda anggap paling tepat 4. Perhatikan dan ikuti petunjuk pengisian pada Lembar Jawaban Komputer (LJK) 5. Tidak diperkenankan menggunakan kalkulator, kamus, tabel atau alat bantu lainnya 6. Dengarkan kaset rekaman dengan cermat khusus untuk bagian Listening nomor 1-15. 7. Bacalah soal-soal untuk bagian Reading nomor 16-50 dengan teliti sebelum anda menjawabnya 8. Periksalah kembali hasil pekerjaan anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas ruang Listening Section In this section of the test, you will have chance to show how well you understand spoken English. There are four parts to this section with special directions for each part. Gambar :

PART I Question 1 -4
Direction: For each question, you will see a picture in your test book and you will hear a question followed by five statements. The questions and the statements will be spoken two times. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speaker says. Tape script Man : Could you tell me what time the meeting will start? Woman : The meeting will start at 2 p.m Narrator : Which picture illustrates the statement? Sample answer

Picture (a) illustrates the dialogue. Therefore, you should choose (a)



a. b.



an offer b. b. 3. a. c. e. read the five possible answers in your test book and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you’ve heard 8. e. . . I may Yes. a. It’s not occupied PART IV. 4. an apology c. They will be spoken two times. c. 2 . Their colleagues e. d. Oh. Their computers 10 He expresses . Their jobs b. After you hear the incomplete dialogue and the question. e. 6. After you hear a conversation and the question about it. a refusal c. Good day Be careful Do your best Have a nice trip I’m happy to hear that 6. . The incomplete dialogues and the questions will be spoken two times. that is my friend’s seat Yes please. you will hear some short texts.00 8. d. c. Their families c. a. e. Part II Questions 3 to 7 Directions : In this part of test. e.00 8.30. a request d.c. d.15 Direction: In this part of the test. condolence d. e. That’s a good price It is not interesting It is better that way That’s a good job It’s a miracle 5. a. Question 12 . b. permission e. b. They will be spoken two times. a.30 That’s good Thank you Never mind Be careful You’re good a. b. After you hear a text and the questions about it read the five possible answers and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you’ve just heard 12. that is my seat Yes. Their hobbies d. . read the five possible answers in your test book then decide which one would be the best response to complete the dialogue. a. To a telephone user. b. III IV V There is no hot news in this newspaper e. sympathy 11. I only read the morning papers a. c. The man expresses . c. a. I’ll borrow the newspaper I am reading the newspaper I already read that newspaper d. 9. an invitation At At At At At 4.00 4. permission e. an offer b. a. c. you are right Yes. 7. b. you will hear several dialogues. d. d. Yes. you will hear several incomplete dialogues each followed by a question. Part III Questions 8 to 11 Directions : In this part of the test. d.

Some texts and questions will be given in this section. A customer service representative 14. Provided more polite service d. A customer himself d. e. Each monolog will be spoken twice. Served better meals. When he saw the beautiful flowers. b. The planes were always late. To a telephone operator c. Logs a. He was very disappointed. It was come time to show the most beautiful flowers. Text is for numbers 16 . He was very old and he didn’t have children. c. b. An operator b. To compete with other regional airlines. e. The way of students study English in Indonesia c.” A child named David planted the seeds and look after them carefully. He was very glad and asked the boy. But day after day no flowers came out from the basin. The study tour of Okinawa students to SMA Budi Mulia a. PART III Direction: In this part of the test you will hear three monologs.3 hours 3 – 4 hours More than 4 hours 14. Made partnership with hotels. Provided good accommodation. Fewer people are flying c. b. The comparative study 12. a. You are to choose the best answer to each question and mark it on your answer sheet. In your test sheet you will read questions about each of them. One hour 1 – 3 hours 2 . you will have chance to show how well you understand written English.a.a. a. the king asked his ministers to give all the children in the country some flowers seeds and told them. he was unhappy. The king walked in front of the children. Suddenly. “Who can plant the most beautiful flowers will be king. long ago there lived a king. It’s off-season b. So you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say.a Study English Indonesia One week study tour in Indonesia d. One day. a. To a telephone receiver d. 10. Rocks Ways Damp sacks Damp sheets 13. They will follow by four answers. A telephone executive e. so he wanted to select a new king in the country. d.b. d. To an answering machine e. The children from all over the country came with their beautiful flowers. c. Read them carefully and answer the questions. As tourists Exchange students 3 . c.19 Long. 15. a Flood in Jambi Jambi’s police Jambi Province Flood’s Victims Local People Reading Section (no 16 – 50) In this section of the test. a. The king 11. To see how Indonesian students study English. Reduced ticket prices. The comparative study in SMA Budi Mulia school b. They don’t have enough stewardesses. To a customer service representative 13. The Okinawa students in Indonesia d. a. “Why do you carry an empty basin?” The boy cried and told him the truth. A repair man c. he saw a child carrying an empty basin.

Why did the king choose the boy to be the future king in the country? because…………. A child who was very sad and disappointed when he knew that no flowers came out from the basin e. Leasing a house 20. Restaurants e. b. The king was very pity when he saw the boy cried. The basin that the boy carried was empty. and business services.laughed and said. d. 18. Shopping c. a. Right now. What is NOT mentioned as being close to the building? a. Renting office space b.” In fact. He planted the seeds well and looks after them carefully. Staying in a hotel e. water a.How soon are the suites available? a. Next month. b. it’s convenient to shops. with the subway stop only one block away. c. For leasing information call 19. my students and I went to Jogjakarta. The boy didn’t bring some beautiful flowers. 15. The king felt that the boy was honest. take care e. You will be the future king. His seed is not good. The very old king with no children who wanted to select a new king in the country c. He didn’t plant the seeds and didn’t look after them carefully.The text tells us about … a. Parks. b. There was no flowers came out from his basin. Soon 21. e. The very old king who wanted to select the most honest child in the country d. Business services This text for no 23 – 26 On Wednesday. Commuting is easy. Buying a building c. c. observe c. b. In six weeks. He didn’t get good seeds.600 to 6. e. “You are an honest boy. d. cultivate This new and unusual building in the downtown business district offers unique opportunities for small to midsized tenants to occupy an entire floor OFFICE SUITES From 1.” The underlined words mean … a. c. When the building is finished. What is this advertisement for? 17. restaurants. e.00 square feat are available for immediate occupancy. d. the seeds had been boiled.Why was there no flower that came out from the boy’s basin? a. d. The seeds had been boiled before. Hotels d. A boy who will be a king in the future just because of his honesty 16. The very old king with children who wanted to adopt one more child to be the king in the future b. watch b. 4 . hotels. Starting a business d..“David planted the seeds and looked after them carefully. We stayed at Dirgahayu Hotel which is not far from Malioboro.

Wisnu c. Which of the following statement is wall. Before the fall of the Berlin 25. Beautiful and nice b. The writer and the students e. 27. It’s developing to become a d.m we heard an announcement that Borobudur gate would be closed.The purpose of the text is … a. To describe how something 28. The writer left for Jakarta on Friday 29. Malioboro is very far from richest cities in Germany Dirgahayu Hotel How was East Berlin before the fall of the Berlin wall? a. Brahma d. To explain the processes involved in the formation or working of natural phenomena b. b. Syiwa and Wisnu 23. East Berlin was like the rest of East Germany – drab and depressed. There are not more than 40 went to Jogjakarta for having a major construction projects in East research Berlin. There are three big temples. In the evening we left for Jakarta by Wisata bus. We visited only Brahma and Syiwa temples. East Berlin was the centre of TRUE ? Germany a. Which temple is being renovated? a. Today it is a different story.On Thursday we visited the temples in Prambanan. On Friday morning we went to Jogja Kraton. Part of this boom can be attributed to the fact that the national government of Germany will move to Berlin. and other countries east of the German border. It will become one of the e. Syiwa b. What is meant by journey? a. We arrived there at four p.. “Then we continued our journey”. Czech Republic. The writer went to Borobudur Berlin after the fall of the Berlin wall? first and then to Kraton a. Which of the following statement is is done through a sequence of TRUE according to the text? steps a. to Borobudur. expedition This text for no 26 – 30 Before the fall of the Berlin wall. To inform readers about the collapse of the Berlin wall events of the day which are c. East Berlin has changed after e. The writer was very leading city of Germany disappointed with the guide b. Syiwa. Retell events for the has been moved to Berlin purpose informing or entertaining b. walk e. Modern and interesting c. East Berlin is like the rest of considered newsworthy or Germany – a drab and depressed important city d. adventure b. The we continued our journey. 26. Sophisticated and good e. At 5 p. the Brahmana. We were lucky because we were led by a smart and friendly guide. What changes happen to East c. Dull and uninteresting 5 .m. because Wisnu temple is being renovated. To present (at least) two points of view about the issue c. 24. Leading and expanding d. and Wisnu temples. We spent about two hours there. There are over 40 major construction projects underway investments in new construction are expected to exceed $20 billion. trip c. experience d. The city will once again be Germany’s leading city and a gateway to the expanding markets in Poland. They are amazing. The government of Germany d. Borobudur e.

31. Suli.00 a. It has become a state city 30. also damaged or destroyed hundreds of buildings. The activities of the officials at he meteorology and geo-physics office.c. Sausu. e. So far no deaths have been reported. Antara News Agency reported on Saturday that most of the causalities were adults. This text for no 35 . d. “…investments in new construction are expected to exceed $ 20 billion? The underlined word means …. Suli.The injured satisfied with the doctor’s treatment at the clinic. There were 349 tremors felt by people b. “Only 3 of the 26 injured are still being treated at a government clinic. 32 kilometers east of Palu.m. a. “Only 3 of the 26 injured are still being treated at a government clinic” (Paragraph 2) The underlined word may be replaced by… a.4 on the Richter Scale rocked Palu. known b. injured by collapsing structures.The damaged building caused by the earthquake e. Some people were killed by the earthquake c. d. Maybe the facilities at the clinic were complete enough d. Torono and Malakosa villages. The earthquake happened in the South Sulawesi capital of Palu e. considered in a certain way d. an official of the Central Sulawesi Office of the Ministry of Social Service. calculated d. managed at the same way b. at a depth of 32 kilometres. In the Sausu Trans village. given medical care hospital service 34. told The Jakarta Post yesterday.37 6 . predicted c. on Saturday and 12. 32. a. c. These 26 casualties couldn’t stand staying in the clinic any more. The number of people injured in the weekend earthquake in the Central Sulawesi capital of Palu reached 26.Which statement is TRUE according to the text? a. The casualties at a government clinic. It will be the biggest city in the world e. The profession of Mohammad Haerollah. The agency also said that the victims were mainly residents of the Sausu. 33. negotiated with somebody c. measuring 5. The earthquake.The casualties felt comfortable with the hospital service c. Torono and Malakosa were the worst place hit. on Sunday.8 in the opened Richter Scale. It’s now the center of the country’s government d. This text as a whole reports….” Mohammad Haerollah. given something enjoyable e.m.30 p. An Earthquake measuring 5. b. The office recorded 396 tremors between 5. completed e. expanded This text for no 31 – 34 Jakarta (JP). the rest have returned home.. Why are 3 of the 26 injured still are may be treated? a. Officials at the meteorology and geophysics office in Palu said earlier that the epicenter was in the Gulf of Tomini. These 3 casualties were possibly badly injured. The weekend earthquake in Palu b. However. locals felt 47 of the tremors.

Passive Voice b. Dolphins are also friendly toward man. How genius the dolphins are c. But this will not be easy because dolphins cannot hear the kind of sounds man can make. the writers mostly uses… a. Themselves 37. therefore. If man wants to talk to dolphins. therefore. How dolphins help man b. Although a dolphin lives in the sea. Without this training. A big part of the process is to prepare the employees for the cultural changes they will encounter when moving from urban Europe to a small town in the American West. 38. e. How diligent the dolphins are e. Teaching cultural differences. he will have to make a third language which both he and the dolphins can understand. Find a new place This text for no 38 – 41 For many years people believed that cleverest animals after man were the c himpanzee. The big apes are regarded as the most intelligent animals 36. e. Present tense d. There are many stories about dolphins guiding ships through difficult and dangerous waters. Direct Speech 7 . How friendly man to dolphins d. Getting the office furnishing c. They learn about the regional vocabulary and the daily life. How difficult the problem faced by dolphins 40. Who is attending the seminars with the employees? a. b. American Culture Manufacturing techniques Culture Shock 39.Which statement is TRUE according to the text? a. They are able to talk to one another. Dolphin’s sense of hearing is very sharp d. It is a mammal. What is important part of the moving process is discussed? a. Past Tense c. The employees and their families are attending special seminars on the habits of Americans. Chimpanzee are the cleverest animals in the world e. d. Arranging airline tickets d. Now however there is a proof that dolphins may be even cleverer than these big apes. Completing the plant b. a. They often follow ships. Travel Plan b. Their supervisors d. What are they learning about? a. c. Their secretaries b. Dolphins are kind hearted animals c. many ways. even small cultural differences could cause big misunderstanding. Dolphins have a simple language. like a human being. it is not a fish.To tell the factual information. The forth paragraph tells us … a. It may be possible for man to learn how to talk to dolphins. It is in 41. Imperative e. Theirs staffs e. Their families c. Management methods c. The text tells us about…. fish dolphins mammals big apes chimpanzees 35.The Hesseltine Corporation Is moving 60 technical and management-level employees to their new manufacturing plant in the western United States. Dolphins are fish b. d. e.

The building of the railroads 1800’s made travel over land easier. Changes in communication have also encouraged immigration. Improvements in transportation have made immigration easier in modern times c. steamship made crossing oceans Improvements in transportation have modern times made immigration easier in modern times. even terrible famines such as those that afflicted Ireland in the 1800’s. 8 . little future in their own land This text for no 42 – 45 Why do people leave their homes for an unknown future in a rare land? In modern times the main reasons have been economic. In the 1900’s many people have been forced to emigrate because of war. there are papers. The airplane made it possible for people to travel from the continent to another e. This can be placed for dengue mosquitoes to spread out. In the 1970’s the wars in Indochina created hundreds of thousand of refugees. straws. d. school corridors and school yard. poverty b. Besides. a number of dust bins should be increased. terrible famines c. Some people have left their native lands because their politics beliefs were unpopular. The building of in the railroads 1800’s made travel over land easier. mineral water cups. EXCEPT… a. Changes in communication have also encourage immigration. Many people have been forced to emigrate because of war 44. war e.b. The condition of uncleanliness and discomfort really hinders learning and teaching environment. Later the airplane made it possible for people to 45. their political beliefs were unpopular d. Well painted wall and green school yard do not mean anything if litters are scatters everywhere. The text tells us about … a. These people saw little future in their own land. immigration transportation The steamship 43.The following are the reasons why people immigrate to other country. d. Litter thrown carelessly causes disease. A new land c. Often people fled because of poverty. e. When we look at classroom. Encouraged mean … pulled motivated commanded forced caused This text for no 46 – 50 To improve comfort and cleanliness at our school. After World War II. and napkins here and there. .What is the main idea of the third paragraph? a. Native lands b. many European had no home to return to. especially empty plastic cups or glasses. They can be filled out with water coming from the rain. After 1850’s the steamship made crossing oceans faster and easier. Anyway I notice that most of the students in our school have responsibilities for their school 42. this rubbish can deteriorate the scene. They often heard stories of a better life from people who had emigrated earlier.

The numbers of dust bins in our school are not enough. when students want to throw away their litters. Students are asked to clean them d. describe d. So. garbage chemical soil pollutant waste 48. c.What is the writer’s suggestion? a. Students can throw garbage away easily 49. they can find the dust bins easily. They can prevent litters b. But some are not diligent enough to find the dust bins. To buy more dust bins b. outside of the classroom. b. Probably one dust bin should be in every ten meters. What does the writer’s argument on a sufficient number of dust bins? a.environment. Inform b. and some more along the corridors. They put their litters on the proper place. When school is equipped with sufficient dust bins. d. more dust bins … in every ten meters. explain c. They can save janitor’s energy c. persuade 47. a. They make school environment neat e. 46. “Litters thrown carelessly causes disease. Our school will be very clean and become a nice place to study. …” Litters means … 9 . Are not required a.What is the writer’s intention? To … readers to do something good a. T ask parents to give more dust bins e. More dust bins should be put beside each of steps.According to the writer. e. Should be placed d. To ask students to clean the school yard 50. Should be painted c. we do not have problems of filth and discomfort anymore. To hire more gardeners c. entertain e. Should be decorated b. To use dust bins efficiently d. Are unnecessary e.

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