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AboitizLand Inc. is a home grown real estate developer engaged in the design and
development of distinct communities for residential, industrial, and commercial uses. It is the
real estate arm of the Aboitiz and Company, one of the Philippine’s most diversified
management investment companies founded in 1920 with business interests spanning various
industries: power, banking, food, real estate development, industrial production and

The Cebu homegrown developer believes that investment in a home could be the single
biggest decision in the life of a Filipino. AboitizLand is committed to provide each customer with
the ultimate real estate experience. Committed to serve the ever-changing needs of each
customer, AboitizLand continues to create products and deliver services that consistently
exceed customer expectations.

AbotizLand also employs a number of strategies in order to improve their business

operations. The accounting and tax department has been in charged for the efficiency and
effectiveness of its finance function. They are responsible for tax compliance and tax
accounting processes. The disbursement cycle of AboitizLand will not be made possible without
the participation of the accounting and tax team as shown below.

Exhibit 1, the
organizational chart,
outlines the roles,
responsibilities and
relationships between
individuals in the
accounting department.

Exhibit 1

Over the past two decades, AboitizLand has gone through a fulfilling journey, delivering
dream homes and business offices to more than 3,000 vecinos, merchants, and locators. In
2014, on its 20th year, the company took on the challenge to support and participate in the
Philippines’ economic resurgence. The economy has remained robust, as reflected in reassuring
indicators including positive GDP growth, low interest rates, and strong consumer spending.
Parallel to the country’s strengthening economy, AboitizLand likewise posted another record-
breaking year.

As shown in Exhibit 2,
there was growth across all its
business units as revenues went
up by 86%, breaching the P3-
billion mark and net income
increased by 242%. The surge is
attributed to the acquisition of
LiMA Land, Inc. (LLI), which
brought in significant
incremental industrial income.
The residential construction
accomplishment and the new
revenue stream of the
commercial business unit also
contributed to the growth.

Exhibit 2

AboitizLand’s residential sales grew by 15%, a welcome development driven by sales of

its high-end projects, including Pristina North Residences 2 and Priveya Hills Phase 3. There was
also a strong interest in The Persimmon Studios. As the real estate sector experiences sustained
demand across residential, commercial, and industrial segments, AboitizLand will pursue its
aggressive investment plan. The company will strengthen its organizational capabilities to
respond to the growing demands of both its Cebu and national markets