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Term Paper on

Human Resource planning and process


Submitted by: MD. Nurul Absar

ID: 316-032-040
Course: Human Resource planning and Stuffing

Submitted to: Professor M. A. Akkas

Faculty member, Department of Management
University of Dhaka

Date of Submission: 7th December, 2017

Human resource planning process

Human resource planning is the process of acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating
employees, and attending to their labor relations, health and safety, and fairness concerns. It’s true
that any individual who works in Human Resources must be a “people person.” Since anyone in
this department deals with a number of employees, as well as outside individuals, on any given
day, a pleasant demeanor is a must.

The concept encompasses investment in the skills of the labor force, including education and
vocational training to develop specific skills. Human capital is one component of a country’s
overall competitiveness. The most successful developing countries, for example, Singapore and
Malaysia, are investing heavily in the education and technical skills of their population.

Profile of BRAC


A world free from all forms of exploitation and discrimination where everyone has the opportunity
to realize their potential.

Mission statement

Our mission is to empower people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, disease,
and social injustice. Our interventions aim to achieve large scale, positive changes through
economic and social programs that enable men and women to realize their potential.


 Innovation
 Integrity
 Inclusiveness
 Effectiveness
Objective of BRAC

Poverty reduction program’s undertaken so far have bypassed many of the poorest. In this context
one of BRAC`s main focuses is the ultra poor.

Given that development is a complex process requiring a strong dedication tp learning, sharing of
knowledge and being responsive to the needs of the poor, BRAC places a strong emphasis on their
organizational development, simultaneously engaging itself in the process of capacity building on
a national scale to accelerate societal emancipation.

The fulfillment of the BRAC`s mission requires the contribution of competent professional
committed to the goals and values of BARC, BRAC therefore, foster the development of the
human potential of the members of the organization and those they serve.

In order to achieve its goal, wherever necessary BRAC welcomes partnership with the community,
like-minded organizations, governmental institutions, the private sector and development partners
both at home and abroad

About the company

BRAC, a national, private organization, started as an almost entirely donor funded, small-scale
relief and rehabilitation project initiated by Fazle Hasan Abed to help the country overcome the
devastation and trauma of the liberation war and focused on resetting refugees returning from
India. Today, BRAC has emerged as an independent, virtually self-financed paradigm in
sustainable human development. It on of the largest southern development organizations
employing 97, 192 people, with 61% woman, and working with the twin objectives of poverty
alleviation and empowerment of the poor.

BRAC profile at glance

Program Coverage

Human resources planning is very much important for every business organization. In international
business sector it is more important now a days. It is now very competitive business world. So in
this time if any time one to existed and run this competitive business world they needed some new
rules and apply some innovative idea and get delivery better items which help them to be best in
this world. Human resources planning are one type of department, which is the modern world’s
contribution. It is very important department of an organization. They act an important role in the
business organization. It helps the organization to run perfectly and help to achieve the
organization goal. Naturally human progressing themselves day by day. They make any work
broken down and divided it into small and small job, which helps to do the work more effective.
They achieve and hold new invention of this world. When we heard these words of “Human
resources planning naturally we think that it is related with human activities. And try to come out
their new policy to implicate their own goal and to maintain and make a good relation with others
organization. Which is most necessary to stay this competitive business world and to be popular
in the business society.

Rationale of the Study

Company have adopted multiple approaches to retain valued talent, including financial incentives,
career plans, mentorship programs, and flexible work arrangements, and they place great emphasis
on diversity and work life balance in order to compete for the best talent and retain high potential
employees. So, this report has been very helpful concerning the process of HR planning.

Statement of the Problems

The specific questions that were answered by the study were:

 The HR planning of BRAC

 The recruitment and selection process of BRAC
 The training & development, compensation & benefits of BRAC

Scope and Delimitation of the Study

This project did not cover all the function of Human resources that followed in BRAC.
– The report relied heavily on the personal judgment and observation.

– This report is limited to Dhaka corporate office only.

Salary Administration is the most sensitive part of an organization so that this issue was not
covered in this report.

Due to confidentiality of information in the organization it is difficult to get full featured


2 months’ time period is very short to study on BRAC.

Objectives of the Study

1. Broad/General Objective: Our objective of the study is to know about the organization
and its present activities. Through the study we will try to learn about organization’s policy,
procedures, objective, strategic, objectives for its competitive advantage. Beside this we
will know how the organization structure is formed.
2. Specific Objectives:

To find out the different strategy on HRM.

To evaluate the implementation process of the strategic HRM.

To evaluate the overall working environment of BRAC.

To have an idea the implementation Technique of HRM function.

To Evaluate the HRM practice procedure of BRAC.

To have a practical exposure.

What do you mean by Human Resources Planning?

Human Resource Planning is a process of deciding in advance what is to be done in future
regarding human resource of an organization. It deals with the activities and steps to be taken in
regard to demand for and supply of human resources as well as their proper utilization.

Human Resource Planning includes the determination of existing human resource needs and
finding out the ways of the human resource to be needed for the organization. That is Human
Resource Planning is a blue print of existing human resources and required number of human
resources in future.

Human resource planning is the key between a firm’s strategic plan and its overall human resource
management function. The human resource plan is a projection of how the fire plan acquires and
utilizes human resource.

Human resource planning is the sum total of the plan formulated for the recruiting, screening,
compensation, training, job designing, and work rules of an organization’s human resource. It is a
process deigned to translate the corporate plans and objective into future quantitative and
qualitative employment requirement, together with plans to fulfill that requirement.

Definition of Human Resource Planning?

1. Robbins(1998) defines HRP as “The process by which an organization ensures that it has the
right number and kind of people at the places, at the right time, capable of effectively and
efficiently completing these tasks that will help the organization achieve its overall objectives.”

2.According to Tripathi “Human resource planning may be defined as a strategy for the
procurement, development, allocation, and utilization of an enterprise’s human resources”.

3. In the words of Coleman Bruce, “HRP is the process of determining manpower requirements
and the means of meeting those requirements in order to carry out the integrated plan of the

4. According to William F. Glueck, “Human resource planning is the process by which

management attempts to provide human resources to achieve organization objectives”.
It then translates the organization’s objective and plans into number of people needed to meet those
activities. Through planning management makes balance between demand for and supply of right
number and kind’s people at the right time. It is a supply and demand calculation. Manpower is an
asset; it is asset which appreciates- which grows over day by day. Machines depreciate as time
goes on.

By consulting the above definitions, we can get some elements of HRP. These elements are listed
in the following points:

1. Establishing and recognizing the future jobs requirements.

2. Identifying deficiency in terms of quantity

3. Identifying deficiency in terms of quality and specification

4. Identifying the sources of right type of man

5. Developing the available manpower and

6. ensuring the effective utilization of work force.

A manpower plan must be a set of two plans: a manpower demand plan and manpower supply

Components of Human Resource Planning.

Human resource planning has several components. Anthony and his associates have identified
three component of HRP. These components can help the human resource planner to know the
nature of economic forces available in the business and industrial area, latest position of demand
and supply of labor in the market and lastly possibility of skills change and shortage or surplus of
human resources. In the following paragraphs these three components are briefly discussed:

1. Economic forces
2. The labor market

3. Skill change and human resources shortage

1. Economic forces: National employment and economic policy planning influence human
resource planning. National economic policy planning set the stage for national policy in training
and education and level of economic activity though monetary and fiscal policy.

2. The labor market: Labor market is the pool of qualified applicants from which a company can
line. The relationship between organizations goes requirements and the available pool of skill and
abilities is typically viewed by manager is as a sequential process whereby the organization first
establishes the best goes structure in terms of job content and task assignments determine each
goes worth in the production process and proceed to hire develop is a resources that retch this

3. Skill change and personnel shortage: Change in the labor market have led in skill shortages as
well as over supply. When the human resources educational skill min differ significantly from one
skill required by employers, personnel shortage develop. Employment have to be open but cannot
find people with the skill needed. Many people who want goes are not hired because they do not
have skill demanded.

Human Resource Planning Model.

Human resource planning model organizations are more or less formulated up to the mark. They
do not usually follow the model of process developed in the foreign countries. Human resource
planning model can be proposed for Bangladeshi organization, which can be glanced in following
1. Mission

2. Objective and goal

3. Policy and Strategy

4. Organization Structure

5. Manpower

6. Follow up

1.Mission: Every organization should set it mission to improve the Human resource to reach the

2. Objectives and Goal: After setting the mission objectives, goal must be established reasonably
to reach the mission.

3. Strategy: Some action steps for the fulfillment should be undertaken in order to make the
organization goal oriented.

4. Structure: A structure design showing the function relationship of executive and employees in
the organization should be made.

5. People: A group of people should be deployed for implementing the strategy and achieving the

6. Follow Up: This is the last stage of Human resource planning system in Bangladesh. In this
stage manpower activities should be properly supervised and following up in accordance with the
mission established. This stage can further help in re-designing the organization mission.

Literature review

What is Management?
A set of activities directed at an organization’s resources with the aim of achieving organizational
goals in efficient and effective manner.

Management is the application of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling

functions in the most efficient manner possible to accomplish objectives.

What is Manager?

Manager is this person whose primary responsibility is to carry out the management process.

HRM definition

Human Resources Management (HRM) is the part of the organization that is concerned with the
“people” dimension. HRM can be viewed in one of two ways.

***First, HRM is a staff, or support, function in the organization. Its role is to provide assistance
in HRM matters to line employees, or those directly involved in producing the organizations good
and services.

***Second, HRM is a function of every manager’s job. Whether or not one works in a “formal”
HRM department, the fact remains that to effectively manager employees requires all managers to
handle the activities.

HRM involves all management decision and practices that directly or influence the people, or
human resources (HR), who work for the organization.

In recent years increased attention has been devoted to how organizations manager human
resources (HR). This increased attention comes from the realization that an organizations
employee enable an organization to achieve its goals, and the management of these human
resources (HR) is critical to an organizations success.

HRM is the policies and practices involved in carrying out the “people” or HR aspects of a
management position, including recruiting, screening, training, rewarding and appraising.
HRM is the set of organizational activities directed attracting, developing, and maintaining an
effective workforce.

HRM takes place within a complex and ever-changing environmental context.

HRM is concerned with attracting, developing, and maintaining the HR an organization needs.

Human Resources (HR) Movement

HR is the scientific management movement heavily emphasized the technical, aspects of work
design; the human relation movements emphasize the importance of the human element in job

Recruitment and selection

Conditions of Employment

Classification of staff:

There are five types of BRAC staff. Those areas-

1. Regular Staff
2. Project Staff
3. Service Staff
4. Contract Staff
5. Part Time Staff

Regular Staff

There are levels of Employee.

The staff will work one year as a trainee before being permanent.

After being permanent the staff may be come under the shade of provident fund.
Project Staff

During a running project; the staff is appointed on the basis of project duration. Posting from the
appointed project is not possible.

Project staff will get benefit and opportunity on the basis of rules and regulation of the project and
terms and condition of appointment letter.

Service Staff

i) Service Staffs are graded staff.

ii) Period of probation is not applicable for the service staff.

iii) Service staff can be the member of provident fund after they join in the job.

Contract Staff

The duration of employment depends on the contracted time -limit.

Job benefit and opportunity will determine by contract.

The time-lime of contract can be renovated.

Period of probation is not applicable for the contract staff.

Contract staff will not get the benefit of provident fund, gratuity for service and festival allowance.

Contract staff will enjoy vacation as like as regular staff.

Part Time Staff

i) Part time staff is appointed on the basis of hour or day.

ii) Other job benefit is not applicable except daily allowance.
iii) The time limit of job will not more than eleven month.
Staff Recruitment Process

BRAC will follow the following procedure for staff recruitment process:

Staff will appointed as per authority catalogue. It should authorize by executive director to
appointed staff in head office.

To meet urgent need Chairman or Executive can directly recruit staff.

At the start of each year; head of every department send their needs of employee to the human
resources division. It has a chance to examine the staff demand after every three month.

Human resources division will make its annual staff recruit plan on the basis of staff division.

Staff should recruit through advertise in newspaper or other media.

The application for job should in specific form.

The interview card will send before 15 days of recruitment examination through mail or courier

If needed then recruitment examination will be written, viva and —–

The human resources division must authorize the final result.

Rules of Recruitment

BRAC will follow the following rules for staff recruitment process:

Any BRAC staff cannot directly apply for new post or employment. But with recommendation of
coordinator and approval of head, he/she can apply. If the staff becomes selected for the new post
then as the rules of BRAC he/She has to resign from his/her previous job.

7th or more than 7th level employee’s minimum educational quality will be masters. But Doctor,
Engineer etc skill centered post will consider the minimum educational quality as bachelor.
Any fired staff of BRAC cannot apply in BRAC.

If the age of applicant is above 50 years then he/she will appoint as contract staff.

The highest level of car driver is 6th and office assistant 3rd and highest grades of security guards
are 3.

Staff Recruitment Board:

The representative authorized by the human resource division and nominated by the program will
take the viva of the applicants.

To ensure the quality and subject oriented staff recruitment, the orientation of board member may
be held if it is necessary.

If any relative applicant applies then it should avoid from being the board member.

At least one member of board should come from the human resource division.

Deployment of New Staff:

Regular staffs have to agree to work any place where BRAC operate their program in Bangladesh
or aboard.

Male staff may be posted in any district except his own.

Joining of New Staff:

The staff will join on his/her specific joining date specified by the BRAC. In case of head office
or field office, each staff should have joined his/her work before 9.00 am. Staff can join on his
work within seven days of his/her joining date and local authority can accept the joining report.
After seven days it is not possible to join without the permission of human resource division. The
new staff will submit the following papers or documents when he/she joins:

 Interview Card
 Bond of Security
 Identity (Certificate issued by Chairman)
 Blood test report
 Deployment report issued by Turk

Full Time Service

The service of BRAC staff is full time service that so no staff can do any part time job during he
is on service in BRAC. The staff cannot join any post of other corporation, which gives him salary
without the permission of executive director.

Record of Attendance

All staff should have to sign in the attendance register/punch identity card in attendance time clock
kept in workplace to record his attendance. Every field worker has to sign in the attendance register
before going to the fieldwork.

Every staff should attend in office timely. If any staff attends after 15 minute of scheduled time
then he/she will consider as late——–. If any staff comes lately 3 times in a month then it will
consider as his 1-day casual leave.

If any staff comes lately 7times in a month then the coordinator of the staff will give him a warning
notice. One copy of that warning notice will send in human resource division. If any worker gets
continuous 3 warning notice then the staff may be fired.

If any field worker is on leave then it should have a clear description of his leave and types of
leave in the register book.

Period of Probation

All the regular staff will work one year as a trainee before his/her job confirmation.

The period of probation of any staff cannot extend.

Period of probation is not applicable for service staff and contract staff.

Confirmation of Service:

If regular staff passes his/her period of probation in satisfactory level then his/her service will
confirm after one year.

In field workshop the area manager or second coordinator will approve the confirmation of same
areas staff.

The staff will get an increment during the confirmation of service. This increment is not applicable
when the grade of staff is up grading on next grade.

If a staff join within 1st half of a month then he/she will confirmed on that month but if he/she join
2nd half of the month then he/she will confirmed on next month.

The evaluation form of staff’s skill will have to send in human resource department before 1 month
to confirm his/her service.

The approval of confirmation will follow the authorized catalogue.

If any worker becomes unfit for confirmation then he/she will release during his period of

Selection of Manager

Head of the program will make a ‘Manager Selection Committee’ with the representative of human
resource division.

Manager Selection Committee will make the criteria of manager selection.

Related program officer will make a list of candidates on the basis of criteria and will send the list
to the human resource division.
Manager Selection Committee will finish the selection process through examination of the listed

Training and Development

Pre-Service Training

After primary selection of staff; all selected staffs have to attain in a pre-service training for their
final selection. Ninety percent of the participant will finally select considering their skill. Those
who are failed to final select will get TK. 50 per day as an allowance for their participation.

Performance Appraisal System

1. Performance approval is a continuous process. But the performance of all staffs will
evaluate one time formally in a year.
2. Up to the 5th level employee the performance approval period will be the month October
to September (1 year) and for 6th and above levels staff the performance approval period
will be the month April to March (1 year).
3. The head of related program will fill up the evolution form of up to 5th level employee and
send within 30th September and evaluation form of 6th to above all levels employee will
send within 31 March.
4. Before starting the approval system coordinators will follow the staff’s evaluation
5. Nearest coordinator should have to ensure the collection of evaluation form.
6. On the basis of evaluation form the human resource division will finish the approval system
on the month of November and May.
7. The evaluation form fills up by the authorization will kept in the personal file of staff for
further decision.
Training and Higher Study

1. If any staff wants to part time or full time higher study or train in country or aboard then
he/she has to fill up an application form and send it to the human resource department with
the recommendation of program manager. Human resource department will approve the
proposal from executive Director with the recommendation of director, human resource
1. If any staff wants to join in international workshop, seminar or meeting then he/she
has to fill up an international traveling authorization form and send it to the human
resource department with the recommendation of program manager. Human
resource department will approve the proposal from executive Director.
2. Only those regular staff whose services are confirmed and pass two years in BRAC
can be nominated for training and higher study.
3. If BRAC arrange training and higher study then the staff will get leave with salary.
The condition of this type of leave are following:
1. The leave period will count at the start of journey to re-join on BRAC.
2. If BRAC bears the cost of higher study or training then the staff should have
to sign in a contract paper.
3. If any staff resigned from his/her job before contractual period then he/she
has to pay the amount on the basis of contract.
4. The staff cannot get the opportunity of any other leave when he/she is
consuming the training or higher study leave.
5. The staff will get the festival allowance when he/she is consuming the
training or higher study leave.
6. For nomination of national or international travel, training or higher study,
the staff have to send related papers such as invitation card, sponsorship,
photocopy of ticket etc to the human resource department.
7. The staff himself/herself will do everything related his/her ticket.
If the staff failed to submit the cost (financial statement) of his/her training or higher study to the
human resource division then human resource department will make the contract paper for at least
two years.

Major findings of the study:

1. The organization has a global human resource management.

2. The organization has a prescribed salary structure.
3. The organization has provided provident fund & gratuity facilities.
4. The accounts department has professional accountant.
5. The training department has needs more trainers.
6. They have to recruit technologically sound people for their future project.
7. The organization has to motivate the different personnel & provide different facilities to
get best effort from them.
8. Technical support department must be more conscious about customer care.
9. The organization has human resource inventory system.
10. The organization still practicing performance appraisal whereas they should practice
performance management.
11. The organization is not focusing on talent management process.
12. The organization is still not focusing on their employment branding.
13. Organization is doing lot of philanthropic activities and corporate social responsibility to
create their global brand.


Considering the above findings Organizations need to consider their expense on the strategic
direction. Company has to understand competitor’s strategic moves. As its activities scattered
every neck of the world in Bangladesh. They have to take consumer claim fairly solve them in
efficient way. Company has to give efforts on the international expansion in order to subsidies
risk. Company need to train to their sells representatives for the execution of their product.

Some recommendations are mentioned below for improving the organization.

1. Cultural training must be provided for employees to do so collaboration with other culture.
2. Must be careful continuous running of the total system, if any problem occurs the
organization must have the back up support.
3. The organization has to provide standard compensation package to the employees
compared with other global organization.
4. The organization must have planning to retain their talent.
5. The organization must try to get the competitive advantage.
6. The organization must try to practice performance management.


With a view to analyzing the status of BRAC applied in indeed very much consistent and relevant
to develop the rural areas. Human resource management is the process of acquiring, training,
appraising, and compensating employees, and attending to their labor relations, health and safety,
and fairness concerns. It’s true that any individual who works in Human Resources must be a
“people person.” Since anyone in this department deals with a number of employees, as well as
outside individuals, on any given day, a pleasant manner is a must.