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September 14-20, 2016 MT Marstellar, Editor-in-Chief

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This issue covers a variety of topics. The broadcast system to YouTube, gets to know overviews fall fashion in Milledgeville.
News section covers Health Week at GC, several new athletic assistant coaches
coverage of the Times Talk where students and coverage of a bobcat golf alumnus Join us for pitch meeting on Monday nights
and faculty debated freedom of expression, and his pursuit to the Masters. The Arts at 6:30 in The Colonnade office.
the debut of the global health minor, and & Entertainment section discusses the
covered the fall senior lunch. The Sports FTKolor Run, Hope-N-Mic Night, a profile
sections covers the upgrade of the athletic on Blackbird baristas. This section also

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Carson Gregors, Asst. News Editor

September 14-20, 2016 Emily McClure, News Editor

Students, faculty debate freedom of speech

Times Talk attendees discussed freedom of expression policies
on Campus.”
Emily The Times Talk’s
@gcsunade objective was concisely
stated in its title: “Does
Georgia College (GC) Georgia College need a
students and faculty freedom of expression
gathered in the Ina Dillard policy?”
Russell Library on Sept. 7 McMichael opened with
for a Times Talk concerning a brief overview of what
university freedom of kinds of speech the first
expression policies. amendment does not cover,
This discussion parallels including libel, slander and
a national conversation other forms of speech that
about freedom of the United States Supreme
expression on college Court has declared to be too
campuses sparked by the dangerous to be legal.
University of Chicago’s The discussion’s topics
Committee on Freedom of ranged from whether
Expression’s statement that professors should be
Tori Gleeson/ Staff Photographer
its campus is an open venue required to use trigger
Pate McMichael leads students in a discussion about First Amendment rights on campus
for free speech. warnings in the classroom
Pate McMichael, to whether outside groups in this particular issue?” GC President Steve that tightrope,” said mass Kirby said her views are
a professor of Mass that practice hate speech McMichael asked students. Dorman and numerous communications major Will based off the possibility that
Communication, facilitated should be allowed to “What should professors be faculty members sat quietly Anderson, a junior. “If you a student with PTSD would
the discussion based on the express their opinions on expected to do? What rights by, observing students implement those types not have any warning if a
June 22 New York Times GC’s front campus. should they expect to have, express their opinions. of rules, the other issue topic related to his or her
article “Studies in the First “Where does and what rights should you “I think there’s a fine line becomes . . . how do you trauma was brought up in
Amendment, Playing Out academic freedom fall as students have?” and we’re trying to walk regulate that? How are you a classroom setting.
able to monitor that?” McMichael mentioned
Some students in GC’s “3 R’s” policy of
attendance argued that
Reason, Respect and
freedom of expression
Responsibility, saying
policies are appropriate
that while this is GC’s
because college campuses
current guide to behavior
are spaces for learning
on campus, students need
about all kinds of new
to be aware of their first
ideas, however radical they
amendment rights.
may be.
“Part of this literacy
Other students on
of the first amendment is
campus do not agree with
the idea of a freedom of on you guys, to educate

expression policy. yourselves about your own

“I think that there should rights,” McMichael said
be trigger warnings because to students in closing. “I
people don’t always would encourage you all
know what other people to speak up loudly when

Ada Montgomery/ Senior Photographer have gone through,” said you don’t agree with what
Students shared their ideas about freedom of expression throughout the Times Talk European studies major someone else is saying.”
Lauren Kirby, a junior.

Health Week at GC
provide a week where our Activities for the rest
campus learns how to deal of the week span from the
@gcsunade with life stressors in a fun Health Fair, which includes
and healthy way”, said offering more free flu
Student services Rachel Pope, University shots to students, to glow
began hosting the annual Health Educator. in the dark yoga on front
campus-wide Health Week Student Health Services campus held on Wednesday
starting, which started planned to do this by evening.
Sept. 12, aiming to spread creating fun activities and Pope encourages
awareness of student offering free goodies to students to visit GC’s
physical and mental health students throughout the health site
through various events week. Monday and Tuesday studenthealth for more
throughout the week. of Health Week consisted of information on a variety of
Personal health is free flu shots for students Health Week events.
not usually on students’ in the Health Sciences The many different
top priority list at the building, as well as a drum aspects of health presented
beginning of a new circle and Zumba on front within the week include
semester and many often campus. physical, emotional,
find themselves catching Health Week events financial and mental.
an illness. Not having combine both physical and Health Week rounds out its
parents around to lean on mental health activities. emphasis on overall health
while being sick for the “Our National College by including a focus on
first time since leaving Health Assessment 2015 environmental awareness.
home can be a huge data collected from With such a broad
adjustment for some, students showed that we variety of events held this
especially incoming have high rates of mental week, students will be able
freshmen. health disparities on our to locate the support and
“Freshman year the flu campus- mainly stress, resources they will need
season was starting up, depression and anxiety,” for managing potential
resulting in me getting said Pope about one of the problems they may
really sick for the first time major reasons behind the encounter in the upcoming
away from home. It was importance of Health Week. semester.
very unnerving being
in such a vulnerable
state when my parents
couldn’t look after
me or take me to the
doctor,” said Lauren
Jenkins, sophomore.
Because situations
like these are so
common among
students, Health
Services decided to
provide students with
the resources needed to
get help on their own. Photo courtesy of Hayley Holmes

“Student Health Students receive seasonal flu shots

Services wanted to

Georgia College debuts Global Health minor

is for anyone that has an students is that its diverse Dr. Chuck Fahrer and Dr. curriculum is new to GC, prevention. In the US, we
Will interest in studying health coursework allows for Scott Butler of the school other schools across the
Slaten are really good at curing
@gcsunade on a macro scale. overlap with several major of Health and Human state such as Mercer and diseases yet we lack in
The minor combines fields of study. The object Performance. Emory also offer this major.
prevention,” Reyhan said.
This fall Georgia various different classes and behind the overlapping Another faculty member “We are finding that
College is making available Any student who is
fields of study, including courses is to hopefully who was instrumental in the more jobs in the real world
its new Global Health courses in Kinesiology, boost the amount of GC design and implementation want employees that have interested in the spread of
minor for the first time. Geography and Public graduates who leave with of the program, according a global mindset,” said Dr. diseases or travel abroad
While some students may Health. It also includes a major, as well as a minor. to the Dean of the College Coke, when asked about the could enter the Global
be interested in the minor a required international Dr. Sallie Coke and Liz of Health Sciences, Dr. minor’s objective. Health minor. Students
but be unsure because fieldwork experience, to Havey of the International Gangstead, was Dr. Kevin Senior Nursing major and
in nursing, pre-med and
their majors have nothing be possibly located in the Education Center were Hunt of the Kinesiology Public Health minor Maddy
English can all equally
to do with nursing or Philippians, Honduras or the catalysts behind the Program in the School Reyhan agreed.
public health. Dr. Sallie Belize. new minor, but they also of Health & Human “Understanding and benefit from a better

Coke, associate professor One quality about this reached out to faculty such Performance. researching the spread of understanding of the world.
of Nursing, said this minor minor that may attract as professor of geography Although this disease is the first step in

Students turn out for senior picnic networking

affiliated with GC, Bowen
Gregors said. Despite being the
@gcsunade largest number of employer
sponsors to attend the
Over 300 Georgia
Senior Picnic since the
College seniors gathered
event started in 2011, some
in the Magnolia Ballroom
students felt there was a
on Sept. 7 for the Career
lack of potential employer
Center’s Senior Picnic
representation for various
event to network with
degree programs.
potential employers and
“We’re English majors
spend time with classmates.
and it doesn’t really seem
“We had seniors that
like there is anything here
(went), and they (were)
for us,” said English major,
just there to be with their
Beverly Tessmer, senior.
friends, get a shirt and Chris Evans, a physics
eat the picnic lunch, but major and senior, said his Ada Montgomery/ Senior Photographer
we also (had) seniors favorite part of the event
Students check in at the Senior Picnic where they networked with potential employers
there who were going and was the free stuff. He
talking with employers and said that he did not talk to event solely for the free Bowen said. “Even though with a degree in art, Bowen you’re getting along with
brought their resumes,” any potential employers lunch and T-shirt, Bowen they maybe felt there returned to work for the all of your core knowledge.
said Megan Bowen, Senior because he felt none of said more degrees were wasn’t a representative for Career Center in a position So when thinking about
Coordinator of Internships the represented companies represented than students them, there probably was.” not directly linked to her degrees, your major isn’t
and Employer Relations. operated in the field of his may have realized. One of the principles the major. the only thing you’re going
Twenty-two companies major. “One thing we do here Career Center teaches is the “At Georgia College, to be good at. You have
and organizations were Though the Career at the Career Center is help idea that a degree does not we pride ourselves in our skills that will take you
represented at the event, Center expected some students explore what they equal a career, Bowen said. liberal arts education and in so many directions,”
and four of those were students to turn out for the can do with their degrees,” After graduating from GC the breadth of knowledge Bowen said.

Meet the 2016 SGA senatorial candidates

Sarah Smith Paige Overmyer
Candidate for Freshman Senator Candidate for Freshman Senator
Calli McCormack Running to positively represent Running to make a difference in
the student body by listening to the community by representing the
Candidate for Freshman Senator their concerns student body
Running to gain political
experience and make a difference
at Georiga College
Madison Capstick Matthew Krackenberger
Candidate for Freshman Senator Candidate for Freshman Senator
Nicholas Frame Running to benefit the student Running to use his talents to
body through leadership and give back to the school and the
Candidate for Freshman Senator communication surrounding community
Running to get more involved on
campus and represent the class of
Amelia Lord Jolie Rowland
Candidate for Freshman Senator Candidate for Freshman Senator
Cameron Watts
Running to represent the freshman Running to give back to the school
Candidate for Freshman Senator class and help the student body and provide resources to students
thrive and organizations
Running to represent the student
body and convert student’s ideas
on improving the university into
Brad Spinner Chad Johnson
Candidate for Sophomore Senator Candidate for Sophomore Senator
Donald Schmidt Running to contribute to the Running to get involved in student
success of Georgia College in life and improve the college
Candidate for Freshman Senator academics and athletics experience for the student body
Running to represent the student
body and enact positive change
Alex Poppe Wesley Applebury
Candidate for Sophomore Senator Candidate for Senator at Large
Benjamin Jones Running to get involved on Running to give back to the school
campus and make a difference at and get involved with a diverse
Candidate for Freshman Senator Georgia College group of individuals
Running to see if this is something
he would like to pursue as a career
Andrew Petraglia Katelynn Brock
Candidate for Senator at Large Candidate for Senior Senator
Luke Hoelle
Running to be a liason between Running to get involved, make an
Candidate for Senior Senator the student body and the upper impact, and bring awareness to
administration student health services
Running to serve his peers by
making more parking available to
students and bringing a football
team to campus Cameron Yeo
LeAnn Whitley
Candidate for Sophomore Senator
Candidate for Freshman Senator
Joslyn Munoz Running to maintain connections
with students, faculty and staff, Running to fight for equality and
Candidate for Freshman Senator and to see the impact on GC and fair opportunities
the surrounding community
Running to become involved in
order to maintain and enhance the
school’s excellence.
Rachel Wellman Joshua Astarita
No picture No picture Candidate for Freshman Senator
The following candidates did not respond to the provided Candidate for Freshman Senator provided
Running to gain experience and get Running to help students get in-
Colonnade’s survey in time to be counted: volved in community projects and
involved on campus campus life
Kenneth Adams John Hughes
Jennifer Brogden Matthew Jones
Christina Cortes Courtney LeBeau Altimease Lowe Mike Muller
Nicholas Emanuelo Cedric Norris No picture Candidate for Junior Senator
No picture Candidate for Sophomore Senator
Reginald Gardner John Raville
provided provided
Jasmine Gray Running to maintain relationships Running to represent the student
Kara Vining and focus on campus safety and body and change the library’s
Kameron Griffin emergency preparedness hours of operation back to 24/7
Help Wanted!
The Colonnade is looking for a...

Contact MT Marstellar, EIC

The Colonnade Office

below the Max,
next to the Career Center

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Almost Got Away With It

*Obtained from Milledgeville Police Department*
While on foot patrol at 2 a.m. on Sept. 7, Officer Hatcher found a student sitting on a bench outside
of a Georgia College residence hall. When she approached the student, she noticed his eyes were
bloodshot and that he was wearing a wristband commonly used to obtain alcoholic beverages
downtown. When joined by Sergeant Smith, she asked the student how old he was. When the student
said he was 18-years-old, Officer Smith asked him to hand over his fake ID, which he willingly
handed over. The student was then told that he would be referred to Student Judicial for the possession
of the fake ID and for the underage possession of alcohol.

When Drugs Don’t Mix

*Obtained from Milledgeville Police Department*
You Can’t Hide the Smell At 5 a.m. on Sept. 7, Officer Hatcher responded to a call about an individual passed out in front of a
Georgia College residence hall. Upon arrival, they found the student on the ground, smelling strongly
of marijuana and alcohol. When Officer Brinkley arrived, the two officers tried to shake the student
*Obtained from Milledgeville Police Department* awake, but he was unresponsive. The officers then dispatched for EMS. However, before their arrival
On Sept. 9, Officer Davis was dispatched on a call about the smell the student began to wake up. The officer found his wallet outside the doors of the building. After
of marijuana coming from a Georgia College residence hall. When helping the individual sit up, the student began shivering and told the officers he was cold. The officers
she knocked on the door, however, he denied having any marijuana. grabbed the medical bag from their car and wrapped the student in a safety blanket. Once he stopped
After consenting to a room search and answering questions, he shivering, he was able to speak more coherently, and the officers questioned him about his drug use
retrieved a small glass jar from his desk. Inside the jar was a plastic and what he had taken that night. He admitted to taking five bars of Xanax, which were not prescribed
bag containing a leafy green substance believed to be marijuana. to him, along with his prescribed dosage of Adderall. Additionally he said he had smoked marijuana
Another student in the room admitted to previously smoking that and drank alcohol downtown the night before. EMS arrived on the scene, and they gave the student
evening. The jar and its contents were placed in an evidence locker. the option to go to the hospital or to sign a release form. After signing the waiver and refusing medical
The case has been referred to Student Judicial. service, the officers informed the student that he would be referred to Student Judicial.

Michael Campagna Co-Sports Editor

September 14-20, 2016 Steven Walter, Co-Sports Editor

GC Athletics adds new assistant coaches

An inside look at the four of the new assistant coaches for GC sports.

Former GC tennis player Katie Krupp has now transitioned to an assistant coaching position
for the Bobcat tennis team. Krupp has played with many of the girls on the current team

Lizzy and is excited to form stronger relationships with them on and off the court while being in a
Kidney different position. “I really want to push the girls,” she said. “I want them to have confidence
in themselves and know that they can be successful.” Krupp enjoyed a great experience here
at GC, and wants to be able to provide both current and future players with a great experience
as well.

Coming to Georgia College after playing soccer at Berry College for four years, Matt Seib is now an assistant coach for
Bobcat soccer. “I came to GC because it is an unbelievable atmosphere,” Seib said. “The athletic department has a very
supportive environment and it seemed like a great fit for me.” Matt looks forward to being very competitive this season, Matt
while maintaining a very positive and supportive team and coaching staff. He hopes to share solid knowledge of the game
as well as being someone who is supportive both on and off the field. He believes that with the right motivation and desire

to win games, the team has a very good chance at being successful in the Peach Belt Conference. “I chose to coach because
of my college coaches and the great experience I had because of them,” Seib said. “They provided me with an unbelievable
student athlete experience, and that is what I am hoping I can provide for other athletes here at Georgia College.”

Graduate and four-year volleyball player from Davidson University Michelle McNeight is now the assistant

volleyball coach for Georgia College. “I had the opportunity to play for coach Krumdieck at Davidson, and after
I graduated she invited me to come look at Georgia College,” McNeight said. “I fell in love with the campus and
the idea of being a part of a newer program.” She hopes to bring another perspective to the team, as well as help
McNeight to plan and organize special events and community service. “I want to help create a balance of being successful
both on and off the courts, as well as bring positivity and encouragement to the team.” McNeight is most looking

Volleyball forward to the conference tournament because it is being held here at GC and is a big deal for the program. “I
have always loved being a part of a team and the atmosphere that comes with it,” McNeight said. “Everyone is
working towards a common goal and the overall bobcat community is great.”

After playing soccer at Georgia College for four years, Abby Dalton has now stepped into a role as an
assistant coach for the Bobcats. Because of her experience on and off the field, making the transition from
player to coach was an easy decision for her. “Since I played for Coach Clark and have been in a lot of
these players’ shoes, I hope to be a role model for the team,” she said. “I had the opportunity to play with
the current juniors and seniors while I was in school, and now it is fun to see how they have improved Dalton
from a coaching perspective.” Abby says her love for soccer and the experience she had playing at Georgia
College made accepting the coaching offer an easy decision. She looks forward to seeing how well the Soccer
team does this season.
Photos courtesy of GC Athletics

Cross-country runner making it the second- more than her performance

Katherine Yost, a junior, best time in the history of on Saturday. The women’s
finished first out of 119 Georgia College women’s team as a whole finished
runners at the Bobcat cross-country. Only GC fourth in the event, with
Invitational on Saturday alumnus Rachel Pasko 102 team points. The cross-
at Council Farm. Her owns a better time in Bobcat country teams will compete
performance was history, setting the record again on Saturday, Sept.
highlighted by a time of at 22:37 in November of 17 at the University of
23:01 in the 6K, 34 seconds 2014. Yost’s previous best Montevallo for the Falcon
ahead of any other runner, was 23:58, almost a minute Classic.
Courtesy of GC Athletics Courtesy of GC Athletics

Golf alum shoots for Masters GC Athletics

upgrades to

women’s soccer player

Jennifer Millie York, “it’s brilliant.”
Jacobs York is a senior from
Hove, England. There is a
The Bobcat Broadcast five-hour time difference
Network has switched their between Milledgeville and
live-streaming platform to England, so York’s family
Photos courtesy of GC Athletics YouTube from Ustream this back home wouldn’t be
Bobcat Golf alum Joe Young looks to qualify for the Masters after advancing to the preliminary matches. year. With this transition, able to consistently watch
play and compete.” Milledgeville to play for prepare for the tournament. fans will be able to watch her play.
Monica Young is no stranger to the Bobcats. Coached by Even with the high stakes any GC athletic event live With the move to
Klinkmueller a golf course, as he began Jimmy Wilson, Young of potentially playing in on YouTube, listen to play- YouTube, York’s family
@gcsunade by-play commentary and
learning how to play at the had a remarkable career at Augusta on golf’s biggest will be able to watch any
Bobcat golf alumnus early age of 10. He decided Georgia College, earning stage, Young is still review old, archived games. of her old games and won’t
Joe Young shot a 72 to fully dedicate himself to three All-American enjoying the experience. Along with that, the staff at have to worry about having
at Cuscowilla on Lake the sport at 13. Unlike some honors and All-Peach Belt “I don’t think it adds the GC Athletic Department to stay up late at night to
Oconee on Aug. 9, and this other golf players, though, Conference accolades every any pressure at all, it will also conduct one-on- watch her play. “It’s also
low score qualified him to Young was not surrounded year. He ended his years at would just be the icing on one interviews with players nice because I can even go
play at the U.S. Mid-Am by the sport as a child. GC with an excellent career the cake of a great week,” that will also be uploaded to back and watch myself,”
Championship at Stonewall “No one else in my stroke average of 73.02. said Young. “Growing up the channel. York said. “It’s not [filmed]
Links in Philadelphia. The family has ever played “The four years that I in Georgia, the Masters “We had to get some so far away that I can’t see
winner of this tournament golf, but my older sister was at GC, the golf team has always been as good newer stuff to be able to anything.”
will head to Augusta to worked at the local golf was never ranked outside as it gets in the golf world. send it over to YouTube,” In the future, Weston
compete in the Masters. course when she was in the top 10 in the country,” The opportunity to be a said assistant athletic would like to add more
“Anytime you qualify high school,” said Young. said Young. “We always part of that I think helps to director Al Weston. “It was cameras and have more
for a tournament, it gives “I began going out there had a great team that was make me more focused and pretty easy deciding to do students involved with the
you a great sense of with her after school, and extremely competitive determined.” it.” Bobcat Broadcast Network.
accomplishment and helps one of the owners, Charlton and pushed each other to After the tournament, Before completely “We’d like to get more
to boost your confidence Norris, started teaching me get better each day, but Young plans to head home switching over to YouTube, content and try to bump
going forward,” said Young. the game.” also liked to have a lot of to Athens to continue GC games were live- up and make our broadcast
“What made it more special After attending Bleckley fun together off the golf to finish up his master’s streamed on Ustream. The more exciting,” said
to me was that I had my County High School in course.” degree in Forest Business GCBobcats channel was Weston.
father caddy for me during Cochran, Georgia, and With the Mid-Am Management at the only used for packages and Interested in watching
the qualifier, and that was spending all four years Championship on Sept. 10- University of Georgia, and interviews. a game live? Log on to
the first time in years that on the school’s golf 15, Young has been sticking hopes to remain competitive This move is huge, YouTube and subscribe to
he had been able to see me team, Young headed to to his routine in order to in amateur golf. and according to Bobcat the “GCBobcats” channel.


Bobcat Tennis Bobcat Women’s Bobcat Tennis Bobcat Cross Country Bobcat Women’s
Men’s and Volleyball Men’s and Women’s Falcon Classic Volleyball
Women’s Fall at Montevallo Fall Championship at Montevallo at Columbus St.
Championship 7 p.m. Men: 9 a.m. 2 p.m.
Matches Begin Women: 9:45 a.m.

Emily Hinely, Asst. A&E Editor

September 14-20, 2016 Mary Kate Conner, A&E Editor

Hope and flying colors

GC Miracle, ATO and Phi Mu team up to host fundraising color run
ATO want to be known for stuff.” to help the Children’s many together. Run. “I really see a lot of
Jones supporting our community There was also an event Miracle Network and the “I am really excited to Greek and campus unity,
@gcsunade and make a difference in the for those not interested in American Foundation for support GC Miracle and and I think that’s really
GC Miracle, Phi Mu and world. ATO does not have running, which allowed Suicide Prevention, causes AFSP. I love that it’s open important, especially
Alpha Tau Omega hosted a national philanthropy, so people to pay for a bag
that are important to many to anyone who wants to do coming together for
the first annual FTKolor we were able to choose a of color and throw it at
on campus. This shared it,” said Maddie Hersom, a philanthropy events.”
Run 5K and 1 mile Fun foundation that meant a lot runners. Tables were set up
Run on Saturday, Sept. 10. passion is what drew so participant in the FTKolor
to us.” to inform individuals about
Benefiting the Children’s This event was not just the organizations.
Miracle Network and the for Greek life. The color “We also had an option
American Foundation for run was a great way for for people to be ‘color
Suicide Prevention, these all of Georgia College to ninjas’ where you could pay
on-campus organizations come together for a united to be given a bag of color
came together and allowed cause and have fun doing and you could go wherever
everyone to participate in a it. Ansley Jones, Phi Mu’s on the race course and
fun, philanthropic activity. philanthropy chair, has throw it at your friends,”
“This is our first major been planning this event said Jones. “We also had
fundraising event for ATO for some time now. tables set up that day that
and we could not have “We had the idea to do told people about all of the
been more lucky than to [a color run] last April, organizations and where
be able to partner with but we did not really start their money was going.”
Phi Mu and GC Miracle,” working on it until May,” Jones added that she
said ATO’s signature event said Jones. “In August is felt humbled by the event
committee member, Frank when we really started coming together and having
Hohenstein, a sophomore. pushing everything out and so many people sign up.
“As a fraternity, we in working on the rest of the Participants raised money

Ada Montgomery/ Senior Photographer

Georgia College students unite to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Mental health takes center stage

at Blackbird Coffee. The mental illnesses, along also had the opportunity empowering, event.” Wirt. “To me, it’s about
Gleeson event was open to the with working to defeat to participate in visual With this only being their
making people happy and
@gcsunade public and anyone who the stigma surrounding it. activities like writing first event of the semester,
letting them know they
In honor of National wanted to perform (music, The organization strives to out their biggest fear and TWLOHA has many things
Suicide Prevention poetry, testimony, etc.) bring the realities of mental greatest dream on slips planned to spread more aren’t alone in this world.
Week and World Suicide or share their story was illnesses to light while of paper. These would awareness throughout
Letting them know there is
Prevention Day on Sept. honored and welcomed to also encouraging those eventually all be pinned t h e G C c o m m u n i t y.
struggling to come together up on a giant sheet so #ToWriteLoveLetters is hope, help is out there and
10, GC’s To Write Love the stage.
within the community. they could be shared with one of their biggest events, recovery is possible.”
On Her Arms (TWLOHA) TWLOHA is a
“We planned this Hope- and seen by others. The where members table
organization hosted their mental health awareness
N-Mic night to let people event had a great student on campus and hand out
very first Hope-N-Mic organization that focuses
share their stories and for turnout and the support encouraging letters with
night this past Saturday on bringing awareness to
others to be able to hear shared by each member of messages that say, “you are
those stories and know the audience really filled loved” or “you are worth
they aren’t alone in their the room with hope and it.”
struggles,” said Sierra Wirt, inspiration. These students are
president of TWLOHA. “It was awesome getting passionate about defeating
“To go even further, I want to hear everyone’s stories the stigma and providing
people to be proud of who and what they’ve all been understanding for and about
they are and of their story. I through,” said sophomore mental illnesses. It’s what
don’t want mental illness to Conner Kocks, co-host makes this organization

Tori Gleeson/ Staff Photographer

be something to be ashamed of the evening. “It was special.
In the basement of Blackbird, students share personal of, because it’s not.” amazing to be a part of “This organization is
stories regarding mental health. Audience members such a vulnerable, yet my biggest passion,” said

Handcrafted and homegrown

Come out every Tuesday grown fruits, vegetables farmer’s market showcases in her breads. homegrown foods at
Garofalo from 2 p.m. through 6 and an array of handcrafted local artisan crafters and Sharon and the other reasonable prices. Schedule
@gcsunade p.m. to The Pavilion in items. local farmers. vendors enjoy making a trip to the farmer’s market
The Farmers’ Market is Eating a spectrum of Local farmer and baker
downtown Milledgeville people happy and healthy. and get a chance to eat
a lot more than just veggies! locally sourced foods is not Sharon has been a fixture at
at 214 E. Hancock St. (to The vendors at the healthier, shop and meet
only good for our health, the Milledgeville farmers
Get up close and the right of Golden Pantry) Milledgeville Farmers’ some the amazing people
but also the overall health market for the past seven
personal with your local from April until October Market sell fresh, seasonal, of Milledgeville every
of our community. years. She makes delicious
farmers and be a ‘locavore!’ and enjoy a variety of local nutritional, organic, Tuesday at the marketplace.
Gloria and Kayt are homemade breads, butter
two local crafters who sell pickles, relishes and
hand-made lotions, soaps, other hand-canned goods.
skin care products and She even gives out free,
jewelry. They even have scrumptious samples. In
their own series of self- particular, she suggests
published books. Every trying her squash with a
Tuesday, author Kayt has veggie medley, salads or
her adventure-driven books, even on sandwiches for
The Chronicles, proudly on enhanced flavor. Sharon
Ada Montgomery/ Senior Photographer
display and for sale. Both grows her own herbs and
The farmers’ market offers fresh, local products.
of them appreciate that the only uses unbleached flour

Milledgeville puts the white away

change. and turn the heads of every
Collins It seems that fall fashion gentleman from local shops
@gcsunade evolves quicker than Apple such as French Vill’Edge,
When the pumpkin spice products, and before we Jack and Darcy, Shelvey
latte has created a snapchat know it our favorite scarf Jean and Chatter.
filter, you know the seasons is two seasons too worn In a small town like
have changed. Although and scuffed up shoes are Milledgeville, it is common
Milledgeville seems to in style. Milledgeville for boutiques such as
never reach winter’s full is filled with boutiques Shelvey Jean to recognize
potential, you can still see that are eager to update you when you first stroll in.
students wearing ripped their racks and lower the Employee and fashion guru
jeans and patterned wool price of summer clothes, Emily Hanmer is anxiously
socks in a middle of heat which means that all that waiting to replace her Ada Montgomery/ Senior Photographer

wave. For gentlemen, fall is left of summer are a few Milledgeville’s local boutiques offer unique collections for fall fashion.
Birkenstocks for a pair of
means longer chubbies and sandals and shorts. There booties. the best combination of returning, but with some four-month holiday, filled
tan wallabies. For ladies, are a variety of trends that “This year will include lace and leggings. She minor changes. with flowy blouses, floral
fall is not just replacing a variety of additions, was able to share her “Fall is my favorite dresses and falling leaves.
including but definitely not Wherever and whatever
personal aspirations for season, no doubt,” said
limited to: double-buckle you decide to purchase,
this upcoming season, Manceau. “In summer
belts, over-the-knee boots, make sure you pick up
expressing her excitement you’re only able to wear one
jean skirts and peasant top
about layers and the item, a romper or sun dress, some of this season’s
sleeves,” said Hammer.
variation of color schemes but in fall you are able to favorites and share some
“What I am most excited
that will be returning this layer different aspects of love with Milledgeville’s
about is either a choker
clothing to fit any local boutiques.
comeback or the double-
From an olive-green occasion. During
sided belt!”
piko to a red wine blouse, the afternoon, you
Another downtown
boutique with similar flare jeans to fall florals can wear it one way

styles but different designs and beaded necklaces to and add more as the

is French Vill’Edge. The charcoal chokers, Manceau night goes on.”

our strappy, backless are going to reshape the owner, Adeline Manceau, added that many trends Fall fashion
sundresses – it is a lifestyle women of Milledgeville helps customers create from last year will be is somewhat of a

Since the last three Art- I spoke with long- coming back for more than provide a common area for t h a t
to-Art talks have taken time barista, now current just the coffee. all types of people,” said currently
place within the artfully manager and head roaster “We see a lot of the Warr. lives
worn, caffeine-infused Bailey Warr, and fledgling same people that are On top of that, their love h e r e
walls of Blackbird Coffee, employee Shelby Spooner, always coming in,” said for what they do makes really
it was only fitting that I a junior at Georgia College. Spooner. “I would say the Blackbird that much more happy,
cap it off talking with the Both agree that their job environment we put on, welcoming. but to
people at the heart of your certainly takes skill. like the cultural, art-vibe, “We obviously all really have
favorite local coffee shop. “I feel like I’m always people really appreciate enjoy what we do and we’re people
Honestly, this article stems in training,” said Spooner. that. That’s what drew me proud of what we serve, so that are
from my pure admiration “It depends on every single in two years ago.” being able to share that and making
of their skills and gratitude batch of coffee we get in, Warr agrees that the share our love of coffee and a point to
for their gifts of coffee and every type is different.” physical space provides a our knowledge of coffee [come back]
community. Whether they But besides the killer unique environment that with the community is also and still talk
are roasting a batch of menu they provide, lends itself to the culture part of [what we provide].” about how much
coffee, crafting a dirty fogle Blackbird acts as a in Milledgeville. Both baristas shared that they love this place Mary Kate
Conner/ Staff
chai or perfecting their latte cultural hotspot for the “The atmosphere is a they their work at Blackbird even when they don’t live
Blackbird barista,
art, these coffee slingers are Milledgeville community huge part of it, sort of a has been a very rewarding here anymore.”
Streetcar_Colonade_QtrPg.qxp_Layout 1 8/29/16 11:26 AM Page 1
Shelby Spooner,
certainly artisans. that keeps customers common place that can experience. Spooner, who The next time you perfects her latte art.
began has worked there wander over to The Bird for
“We like to be a little
for two years, has learned a coffee date, a long study
competitive with latte art
more than just how to session, or for a night of
and sort of try to hone in our
make good coffee. improv or poetry readings,
skills and improve in latte
“Growing with my your baristas have some
art,” said Warr. “And just a
ege family here… it was menu recommendations.
ia Coll
Georg and Dance
Warr recommends a latte in basic, regular steamed latte
something that I was

a mug; Spooner, a medium is the best way to really

not anticipating,” said
cappuccino. (Note: if you kind of show what you got
Spooner. “I spend the
are curious about what skill wise, impress your
majority of my time with
differentiates the two, talk customers, and impress
these people and I love
to your barista!) With such your coworkers.” Now
Warr pointed out that an expansive and unique head on over to Blackbird

growing up with and menu, why these two and show your baristas
learning from the people seemingly plain drinks? some love.
around them is a shared
experience for customers
and baristas alike. And it
is this aspect that really
To p T en Besetrman leaves an impact on those
inner- d by Dr. Karen B g
Prize W
Pulitzerssee Williams | Diraencdteup/Trigger Warn who frequent the little
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By Ten
ture Au
6 at 8 p.m coffee shop.
For Ma O ct. 1, 201
Sept. 28 - at 2 p.m. “Obviously, every four
Oct. 2, 20 um years the crowd changes.
SION : Russell
ADMIS mission This is a very transitional
eral Ad y/Staff,
$14 - Gen Citizens, GC Facult
io r place to live, you see a lot
$10 - Sen C Students
dents of people come and go,”
$5 - GC Stu 6
478-4 45-422 said Warr. “But that’s
om | Info
: g c s u tickets.cup discounts what’s really rewarding, is
Tickets Call fo r gro
not just making everybody
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