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September 28- October 4, 2016 MT Marstellar, Editor-in-Chief

About This Issue...

This issue covers a variety the Peach State Pride Bowl, Bobcats Speak Out, which
of topics. The News section GC’s annual golf tournament covers the presidential debate.
covers the first presidential and the introduction of the Off
debate, GC’s first patent, RECord column. The A&E Join us Monday nights for
rising gas prices and changes section discusses poetry jams, pitch at 6:30pm in The
to the FAFSA application. the library fair, The Peacock’s Colonnade office, located in
The Sports section highlights Feet and a special edition of MSU.

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Carson Gregors, Asst. News Editor

September 28-October 4, 2016 Emily McClure, News Editor

Debatewatch 2016: Clinton & Trump face off

GC holds debate viewing party on Front Campus
among the attendees as the course of the debate.
Emily candidates attacked each Trump’s call for Clinton to
McClure other’s financial records. release her missing emails
@gcsunade “I feel like it’s more was greeted with cheers and
More than 230 Georgia of a comedy show than a boos from students. A few
College faculty, staff and debate,” said Oliver Adlam, moments later, however,
students gathered on Front physics major, junior and that same group applauded
Campus on Sept. 26 to Donald Trump supporter. Clinton’s assertion that
watch the first presidential “They’re just rattling each guns should be kept out of
debate of the 2016 election other.” the hands of those who plan
season. Hillary Clinton The second segment to use them for harm.
and Donald Trump clashed concentrated on race “They’re trying so hard
during their first face-to- relations within the United to be against each other,”
face meeting since the States, particularly between said early childhood
beginning of the election members of the police and education major, Isabelle
season. the African-American Genut, freshman, who is
Event coordinators from community. unsure whom she supports.
the Rhetoric Program and “I feel like Hillary is “They’re wanting to be
the American Democracy doing well,” said Matthew opposite choices of each Tori Gleeson/ Staff Photographer
Project streamed PBS Sampson, French major, other.” Community members viewed PBS’s live stream of the debate.
Newshour’s coverage of sophomore and Clinton Clinton and Trump
the debate, which was supporter. “But I feel like agreed on a few issues, Similarly, during the Lasting more than an “Here it is, another
moderated by NBC anchor she’s letting Donald Trump however. During the third debate’s fourth and final hour and a half, the debate historic election,” said Janet
Lester Holt. get a hold of her anger, segment’s discussion
segment, both candidates provided viewers with an Hoffman Clark, rhetoric
The first segment of which is kind of petty to of cyber security, both
the debate focused on job me.” candidates agreed that agreed that the use of unfiltered look at how each professor . “I love that we
creation, trade policy and The crowd participated America could do more to nuclear weapons should be candidate responds under have this memory to share.”
taxes. Laughter ensued vocally throughout the protect its cyber interests. approached with caution. pressure.

Milledgeville survives rising gasoline prices

Pipeline gas line that runs rising prices are a reflection some cases shut down due
Lexi from Mississippi to Georgia of this. to state regulations.
@gcsunade and supplies nearly 40 In response, many “The extra money I’m
Gas stations in percent of the east coast’s citizens, concerned that spending on gas is the
Milledgeville are pulling gas ruptured in Shelby they would be unable to money I could be spending
through the recent threat County, Alabama. obtain gas if they ran out on my after-bar chicken
Some GC students do later in the week, hurried to biscuit,”said graduate
to their supply, continuing
not consider the current local gas stations as soon as student Kwame Harleston.
to provide fuel to residents
price of gas to be a cause they heard about the crisis. Workers at the rupture
of Baldwin County and the
for concern. People with partially full site have constructed a
surrounding area.
“The gas prices really tanks rushed to fill up over bypass line that will supply
“We are wide open
aren’t affecting me too the weekend, depleting the the southeastern United
as always,” said Rhonda
much. If they rise, that already low supply at many States with gas while they
Prosser, a Bp sales associate
could really take a chunk filling stations. work to repair the main
in downtown Milledgeville,
out of my wallet,” said Governors of several line.
when asked if the rise in gas Quentin Blackburn, senior. southern states have put “Hopefully by the end
prices has affected the Bp’s Price hikes in any gauging laws in place so of the week gas prices
business. commodity are usually that prices cannot go up should go back down and
Retail gasoline prices due to supply and demand any more. Retailers are everything should go back
have risen significantly issues. In this case, the allowed to raise prices a to normal, but it’s not
in the last two weeks due supply chain was disrupted, reasonable amount, but guaranteed,” said Golden Ada Montgomery/ Senior Photographer

to a ruptured pipeline in creating a shortage at the when it becomes exorbitant, Pantry manager Tevin Area gas prices have gone up 15-20
Alabama. A major Colonial local gas stations. The they can be fined and in Jones. percent.

Physics professor brings first patent to GC

Dr. Ken McGill created a new way to measure fluid in pipelines
based on a model that
Will required the use of two
Slaten microphones and the
sending of sound waves
Georgia College down a pipeline from
has received its first opposite ends. This system
patent, thanks to years of worked in theory, however,
persistence and research its implementation led to
by Dr. Ken McGill, a complications because that
professor in the Department model allowed other loud
of Chemistry, Physics and sounds to drown out the
Astronomy. McGill has pipeline’s useful noises.
been working for over two The new patented
decades to measure the flow model, labeled the
of liquid in pipelines using “conduit bound propagation
acoustics. separation model,” involves
This summer, the taking a multitude of
United States Patent and microphones and placing
Trademark Office issued them at increments along Photo courtesy of GC Communications

a patent to McGill for the pipeline. Instead of

The new system uses the sounds already in the pipe to measure the flow of the fluid
his passive system of receiving a one-time pipelines are extremely kind because it takes into similar process. pipeline is very attractive
measuring the amount of concussive sound, the loud and the microphones account the pipe’s diameter. “They built a toothbrush for companies who stand to
liquid in a pipe, known as microphones utilize the measure this innate rumble McGill explained how with two bristles, we built lose millions in the event of
a flow meter. sounds that are already down the length of the pipe. his method is different from a toothbrush with a whole a spill.
Dr. McGill’s original present. This technique is different a competing model that bunch of bristles,” McGill “Dr. McGill’s patent
work on the patent was The interiors of from any other system of its already has a patent for a said in reference to his demonstrates that ground-
competition. It sounds breaking science is a vital
elementary, but the addition element of the Georgia
of more bristles allowed Dr. College liberal arts
McGill and his students mission,” Dr. Proctor,
to uncover their new Dean of the College of
technique. Arts and Sciences, said in
During the process, an interview.
the team also disproved This patent proves a lot
Baron Raleigh’s 139-year- about GC, but in the grand
old theory of sound after scheme of things, this
investigating discrepancies discovery is much bigger.
in their data. “Not only is it incredible
Dr. McGill’s technique to disprove a 139-year-old
of fluid measurement is theory and give the school
entirely passive, which its first patent, but it really
means that collecting the puts Georgia College on the
data does not require the map as an up and coming
pipeline to be opened or leader in undergraduate
halted for installation. The research,” said physics
Photo courtesy of GC Communications
prospect of not having to major, Tristan Cabrera,
Dr. Ken McGill worked for over 20 years to develop a new method of measurement using
audio. bore a hole in a functioning senior.

Changes to FAFSA affect student finances

available on Oct. 1. tax return,” said a student plan consists of making sure Director of Financial Aid, early estimates, we will do
Marlee The second change made worker at the Financial the Financial Aid Office is Cathy Crawley. that again. We will then do
@gcsunade is that students, or their Aid Office, Mallory Sage. aware of any changes that “One thing that is going the final estimate in May.”
parents, will now submit “Overall, this change will need to be made to the to be tough for Georgia Financial Aid also plans
The U.S. Department
their prior tax returns be really helpful to students actual awarding process, College and other USG on updating their website
of Education has recently
instead of the previous because they will be able along with how and when institutions is the fact we do with a section for frequently
implemented two major
year’s tax return. to turn in their information they’re going to notify not know the actual cost of asked questions, along with
changes regarding the “Instead of taking sooner.” students of their eligibility. tuition until late spring. The having a table at Fall Fest to
FAFSA, or Free Application the previous year’s tax This overlap in the “It is Financial Aid’s earlier application opening help in informing incoming
for Federal Student Aid. information and using use of 2015 tax returns goal to ensure ways of date will potentially allow freshmen about the changes
These changes do not that information for your will only occur the first thoroughly communicating Financial Aid to begin to the FAFSA. Returning
pertain to the document FAFSA, you’re using the year of implementation. this information to students making initial awards for students can expect to
itself, but rather when and year before. For example, In preparation for these and provide clarity when the 2017-2018 school year receive information in the
how students will go about for the 2015-2016 school changes, the Financial Aid we’re communicating in in mid-November to early coming months through
filing it. year, you used your 2014 Office is currently devising the hopes of not causing December. In saying that, email.
The first of these changes tax return. For the 2016- both a communications any alarm, because there I don’t know how good of “I encourage students
concerns the day students 2017 school year, we’re plan and a processing plan. really isn’t a need for any,” an idea we’re going to have that are reading anything
can begin the process of going to use your 2015 tax The communications said Associate Director of about the cost of housing or getting anything from us
filing their FAFSA. In the return, but then starting plan is in place to ensure Financial Aid, Shannon and meal plans,” Crawley and have specific questions
past, the FAFSA application next year, we will use the students and their parents Simmons. said. “So we are going to to call us, come by, or email
has opened each year on prior, meaning that for the are adequately informed This new process will call this period a forecasting us so we can help you with
Jan. 1 for students. Access 2017-2018 school year we and understand the changes not come without barriers, time and then at the typical your questions,” Crawley
to the FAFSA will now be would again use your 2015 being made. The processing however, according to time we would be giving said.

Study abroad fair highlights service potential

that allows student to like Europe, not every that international step.
Abigail travel around the world to student can afford it. Jenny For students who wish
@gcsunade build their resume. Grant Franklin, a Financial Aid to expand their horizons
Mathews, a Peace Corps representative, said that and experience different
The Georgia College
representative, shared Georgia College recognizes cultures, study abroad
International Education
his organization’s values that study abroad is an way to effectively
Center invited numerous
and the merit inherent in programs are expensive accomplish those goals.
explorers, innovators and
volunteering overseas, but has created multiple “The biggest thrill of
potential travelers to last
“This program is scholarships to make their study abroad is the cultural
week’s Opportunities
definitely the super program student’s dream become a inversion that I got while
Abroad Fair.
As students gathered for study abroad because reality. I studied abroad,” said
around the various tents, it’s 27 month program, “I encourage students Andrew Wright, a senior
each representing a where students live in an to come meet with us and who recently studied abroad
different country that one integrated area and perform their advisors to weigh in Costa Rica. “I saw and
could attend, they asked developmental work in one out their options, because learned the ins and outs
questions and explored of 60 countries of their a lot of students don’t of Costa Rica, and what it
their curiosities. A variety choosing,” Mathews said. think to come to us about meant to work within a host
of organizations attended The Peace Corps has application deadlines and family.”
in hopes of convincing a program for every we can easily sit down with Students interested in
students to take a leap into major, and the necessary them and discuss that,” learning more about study
a different country and requirements are 30 hours Franklin said. abroad opportunities can
impact the world in a way of volunteer service and an With a variety of visit the International
only possible for students. undergraduate degree. programs from which Education Center, located
The most popular table Although many to choose, often the in the Bone House on S.
at the event belonged to students would love to only obstacle between a Clarke St., or visit their
Abigail Collins/ Contributing Photographer
the Peace Corps, a “no- book a plane ticket and student and study abroad website at Students connected with group
feed” government agency tour faraway destinations is the courage to take international. representatives.

How to prepare for career and internship fairs

Sofia Papa employment options and your resume to pass out to who you are, a little about color of your pants. make a final memorable,
and find a great internship or employers as you network. your background or your Finally, as you meet professional impression,
Taylor Roeck job. The best way to do this is interests and what you are different employers at
@gcsunade reminding the employer
To get the most out of to have a padfolio to keep pursuing. This is the perfect the event and are passing
At some point in of your skills and interests.
these events, you must your resume and other way to introduce yourself to out your resume, don’t
college, every student has If the employer instructed
prepare ahead of time. materials handy, such as employers. forget to ask recruiters for
to look for a job or an you to apply online, make
Here are four simple ways business cards or a notepad. Also, dress for success. a business card or their
internship. The good news sure you do so in a timely
to get ready for any career Worried that your For women, wear a pant contact information. This
is that career fairs make it fair so that you can reach resume isn’t ready? Visit suit, skirt suit or dress with is important because you manner.
easy to connect with many your goals. the Career Center for a a blazer. Nothing should be will want to follow up Ready to try out a career
employers at the same time. First, review the list resume review, so that too tight and skirts/dresses with them after the event, fair? The Career Center is
Although career fairs of employers that are your resume will impress should be fingertip length. especially if you are excited hosting the Fall Career &
are a great opportunity, attending the event, so employers. Make sure your blouse or about the opportunity. Internship Expo on Oct. 5
they can be intimidating you can update and tailor Next, learning to shirt is not low-cut and In a follow-up email,
from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the
experiences. However, your resume accordingly. network takes practice. wear heels of an appropriate you should thank them
Magnolia Ballroom. More
facing your fears head-on If the career fair is hosted Before any career fair, you height. For men, wear dress for coming to the fair and
than 50 employers will be
is the best way to conquer by GC, the Career Center’s will want to rehearse what pants, a dress shirt, sport taking the time to talk with
them. No matter your major on campus looking to hire
Career Connection will you will say when you walk coat, tie, belt and dress you. You should also attach
or grade level, career fairs have a list of employers up to an employer’s table. shoes. Boat shoes do NOT an additional electronic GC students for full-time,
are an excellent opportunity attending. You will want Your introduction should be equal dress shoes and your copy of your resume. part-time and internship
to network, explore to bring plenty of copies of about 30 seconds, explain socks should match the This is the perfect way to opportunities.

SGA holds first senate meeting of the year

The senators started amendment to the Friday, to get people
JD the meeting with the PPT constitution, changing the pumped about blue and
Davern elections that Muller nondiscrimination policy to
@gcsunade green,” Lowe said.
won, then looked over the be more inclusive,” Senator Krackenberger finished
One of the Georgia proposed bills. The bills Lord said. the recap by commenting
College Student introduced to the senate are Lord is on the
on the state of the Student
Government Association’s rejected or passed and then community wellness
Emergency Fund.
time honored traditions is go to the student body for committee and she said that
the annual holding of their “The Student Emergency
a referendum. she has already decided her
first official senate meeting “A lot of the things that goals for the semester. Fund committee is trying
at Milledgeville City Hall, aren’t funding are going to “We’re talking about to get more funds by doing
before moving back into the be resolutions,” Senator improving participation at a spirit night with local
SGA offices on campus for Krackenberger said. the gym and getting people restaurants, right now we’re
the rest of the semester. The senators went more active,” Lord said. just calling businesses
The meeting started with through a checklist of “We’re expanding SNAP. and working that out,”
roll call, then the senators orders, from roll call We’re making it safer at Krackenberger said.
went right into work. Mike and pledging to the night for students.” From now on, SGA
Muller, the President Pro first committee reports Muller said he hopes will hold its meetings in
Tempore, explained SGA’s on academic affairs, SGA will be able to increase the Maple conference
first meeting and the week’s appropriations, the Student overall participation on
room above its offices in
agenda. Travel Fund, Rules and campus. Senator Altimease
Magnolia Hall. SGA meets
“The first senate session Oversights and student Lowe described SGA’s
is always at city hall,” every Friday to discuss
services. Senators also plans to do that.
Muller said. “We had three focused on campus issues, “Some of the ideas we campus business and are
new bills put on the docket. including diversity, civic came up with are handing always open to receive
Hopefully, we’re going engagement, wellness and out Stacked coupons, students’ comments in Photo courtesy of Makayla Hays
to be passing them next safety. trying to get Thunder out person at their offices or The first senate meeting convenes in
week.” “ We i n c l u d e d a n on campus every Bobcat online through Orgsync. Milledgeville’s historic City Hall.

Take it out on the posts

*Obtained from Milledgeville Police Department*
Two male students were placed under arrest on Sept. 14 for public drunkenness and the underage possession of alcohol. The
students captured the attention of Officer Powell when they ran towards a GC dorm hall yelling. The male students began kicking
and pulling up several wooden posts around the building. After making contact with the students, Officer Powell asked if they had
been drinking that night. Though the students admitted to being underage, they denied having consumed alcohol. One student gave
a breath sample, scoring a 0.057 BAC. The other student refused consent. Officer Powell placed both students under arrest and
transported them to jail for processing. The case was sent to Student Judicial.

An alarming giveaway Under arrest

*Obtained from Milledgeville Police Department* *Obtained from Milledgeville Police Department*
Officer Osborne was dispatched to a GC residence hall on Sept. 16 On Sept. 14 at 11 p.m., Officer Osborne was patrolling downtown when she noticed a man and
at 10 p.m., in response to a panic alarm. When arriving on the scene, woman sitting on a bench. The woman began to stumble as she tried to walk after the man helped her
Officer Osborne noticed the odor of burnt marijuana coming from stand up. Officer Osborne made contact with the couple, later identified as GC students, and noticed
inside the room. When no one opened the door, Officer Osborne the woman’s slurred speech and the odor of alcohol on her breath. When asked how many drinks
entered the apartment. She searched the room and noticed that the she had consumed that night, the woman responded that she had “a couple of drinks.” To this, the
suite mate’s light was on. The suite mate and his friend denied male student added that his friend had consumed a bottle of wine and confessed to drinking himself.
knowing where the other residents were and said everything was The students admitted to being under 21-years-old. When asked about having fake I.D.s the couple
fine. Sergeant Smith arrived on the scene. When speaking with the denied possessing them. The male student removed his wallet upon the officer’s request, revealing
students, Sergeant Smith noticed one individual could barely keep his fake I.D. Osborne asked the female student to consent to a breath test, which she denied. Officer
his eyes open, had slurred speech and seemed disoriented. The two Osborne wrote the male student a citation for underage possession of alcohol and placed the female
individuals admitted to having smoked marijuana that evening. One student under arrest for public drunkenness, and underage possession of alcohol. After being searched,
individual was a student and the other was not. The student was the female’s fake I.D. was found. She was transported to Milledgeville’s Police Department for
informed that he would be sent to Student Judicial and the non- processing and both I.Ds were confiscated.
student was given a criminal trespassing warning.

Michael Campagna, Co-Sports Editor

September 28-October 4, 2016 Steven Walters, Co-Sports Editor

Phi Mu hosts Peach State Pride Bowl

Photos courtesy of Monica Klinkmueller

A team competing in Saturday’s Second Annual Peach State Pride Bowl huddles up to discuss strategy before their game.

Miracle Network Hospitals alum so he wanted to raise money for CMN. we also have a team from come together to support
Monica supports and all the funds have the tournament here, Phi Mu and Peach State sororities. It’s just fun to each other and have fun
Klinkmueller that were raised went because he was familiar Pride saw huge success at know that we are having while doing it,” Jones said.
directly to CMN. with intramurals here, the last year’s tournament, so an event that is for anyone The pair has raised
On Sept. 24, Phi Mu “Last year during city and just everything the pair decided to make it and everyone.” awareness for Children’s
hosted their second annual recruitment, our president about Georgia College.” an annual event. With a men’s and Miracle to the tune of
Peach State Pride Bowl, a “Honestly, Georgia women’s bracket, the roughly $3,600 from
got a call from one of the Peach State Pride, a
flag football tournament College and Milledgeville tournament recruited 12 this year’s tournament.
founders of Peach State well-known southern
that raised money for are two of my favorite teams. The tournament Participants spent the
Pride telling us about his clothing company that
places in the world. I love started with round robin day playing flag football
Children’s Healthcare, idea to have a flag football specializes in T-shirts,
everything about the city, pool play, guaranteeing and having fun all while
Navicent Health in Macon. tournament,” junior hats and other accessories, so I think it is important each team two games supporting a worthy cause.
This is one of the many member, Ansley Jones said. originally had the idea of that Phi Mu and other before progressing in single “The whole day was
hospitals that Children’s “He was a Georgia College hosting a tournament to organizations have events elimination. a lot of fun and I loved it
that really bring people “I want this event to because it was all for the
together,” Jones said. send the message to people kids. I would totally do it
“We have one of the best that no matter what you are again next year,” freshman
intramural flag football involved in or what your participant and Phi Mu,
teams playing, but then passions are, we can all Morriah Mackey said.

Sophomore Connor He was the only USA

King finished third climber to medal in
in his division at his division. USA
t h e A d a p t i v e Wo r l d finished fourth in the
Championship held in event with one gold
Paris from Sept. 12 to and one bronze medal
Sept. 16. King qualified across the events. King
for the event after will compete again in
Photo courtesy of Monica Klinkmueller finishing second in the 2017 Adaptive
Participants compete in a flag football tournament hosted by Phi Mu. the Adaptive National Nationals in Boston,
Championship in July. Photo courtesy of Connor King Massachusetts.

Baseball’s Spinner elected to SGA Senate

SGA Senate would not only athletics is all about.” ideas regarding school
3 skills
allow me to improve
for my future profession,
Spinner is part of two
committees within the
spirit and school traditions.
“I really want to put Bradley Spinner
@gcsunade but I would also get to Senate, Appropriations and some effort into coming Year: Sophomore
help enhance both the Ethos. The Appropriations up with new traditions on
student and student athletic committee assigns each campus,” Spinner said. Major:: Biology
In the recent SGA Senate
experience here at Georgia Senator a Recognized “For example, I think that Position:: Pitcher
elections, sophomore left-
College,” Spinner said. “I Student Organization Bobcats Fridays, where
handed pitcher Bradley (RSO) and the Senator is everyone is supposed to
feel like athletes weren’t 2015 Stats
Spinner won a seat in the represented well in the responsible for representing wear blue and green on
Senate and is now handling past. I’m the only athlete that RSO and working with Fridays, isn’t executed as W/L:: 3--0
the responsibilities of both in the Senate right now, them to get the funding they well as it could be. I’d like G//GS: : 16//4
a student athlete and a SGA so I would be able to give need. The Ethos committee to change that and maybe
IP: 35 1//3
Senator. athletics a voice and show focuses on school spirit even come up with some
and increasing student new traditions for our SO:: 22
“I felt like running for other Senate members what
attendance at athletic students.” BB:: 6
Photo courtesy of GC Communications
events. Coach Eller thinks that
“I want to make despite his busy schedule, Wendell Staton, thinks
Georgia College a better Spinner will have no issues that Bradley’s mentality is Part of the reason why
place, I want to enhance fully dedicating himself to something the Senate will athletes are so rarely
the student athlete both the baseball team and greatly benefit from. involved with the Senate
experience here and I want the Senate. “To me, it’s just like our is due to their demanding
to make a big impact,” “He’s going to instill his government in the United
Spinner said. “I’m going love for Georgia College. schedule filled with games,
States, you’ve got different practices and events. Staton,
to give it 100 percent effort He takes a lot of pride in
pockets and different
and hopefully I can have what we’re doing as a however, seems confident
segments throughout the
some positive results.” university and as an athletic that Spinner will be able to
country with different
Being a student athlete department, so I think he’s handle both his baseball and
gives Spinner a different going to be a breath of fresh populations, and a lot of
Senate schedule.
perspective from other air,” Eller said. “I have diversity,” Staton said. “I
think the same level of “Bradley is special. He’s
Senators, though he is seen his leadership skills
diversity is important to one of the people who can
not planning on solely firsthand on the baseball
have in any government juggle multiple things and
focusing on enhancing field and on our pitching
the relations between staff. He has a very loud situation and Bradley do them all well, and I don’t
students and the athletic voice and he carries a very would be the first student have any doubts that he will
Photo courtesy of Lisa Benson
department. In fact, big stick.” athlete we’ve had in a few be successful in all facets,”
Bradley Spinner executes a pitch to the
Spinner has a variety of A t h l e t i c d i r e c t o r, years to be on the Senate.” Staton said.

Bobcat athletics hosts annual golf tournament

to $25,000 for the general Steve Barsby was the that was nice.”
fund, which is used for a facilitator of this event and Like any event, the
Jones variety of needs. Whether saw all the different people tournament has evolved
@gcsunade it be drainage at one of the attendees and participants over the years.
fields or scholarship money in action. “We’ve moved it around
The Bobcat Classic Golf for one of the sports, the “A lot of sponsors that a couple of courses. We
Tournament is one of two money is put to good use. are involved with the played it at Harbor Club
fundraisers the athletic In addition to fundraising campus, alumni groups, a probably the last six to
department holds every success, the event is also lot of guys that are friends eight years. It started as
year. The tournament successful in the turnout. of the university that know ‘Hey let’s raise a little
“This golf tournament about it and play. I think we money for the Athletic
has been successful in
is crucial to the success ended up having 37 teams Department,’ it’s gotten
past years, and this year
of our athletic department Photo courtesy of Angie Moryan so we had 148 people play, bigger, and some years it’s
continued that success.
each year,” assistant Athletic director Wendell Staton poses with so it was great,” Barsby bigger than others,” Barsby
The tournament is
athletic director Al Weston a group of tournament participants. said. “And they get to said. “Stan Aldridge, our
always very profitable in
said. “The support from meet the student athletes athletic director, started it
terms of fundraising. The our sponsors, and those best student athletes in the student athletes, there was a and the coaches and see and then when I came on as
athletic department does that come to enjoy the country.” diverse crowd at the Harbor a little bit what Georgia assistant [athletic director]
not know the final number tournament itself each Many different people Club at Lake Oconee, College is about. We we just kept it running
for this year’s tournament year help us supply the participated in the Bobcat where the tournament was had the Chairman of the and hopefully it will keep
yet, but their goal each year best possible student Classic Golf Tournament held. GC tennis coach and Foundation Board play in running for many more
is to raise between $20,000 athlete experience for the this year. From alumni to assistant athletic director it and talk to everybody so years.”

GC wins PBC SAAC Challenge Award

and help get the athletes perspective teams, as well “I was elected by my wanted to get into a make a difference within
Lizzy more involved in both as individuals who they coach after freshman year leadership role, so I decided the community.”
Kidney sporting and non-sporting think would serve as great and fell in love with the to run for President this The committee received
@gcsunade related events on campus. year and was selected.” the SAAC Challenge
leaders,” said Gretchen committee and the people
“SAAC helps to bring The committee allows Award for its reach outside
The Georgia College a great voice for student- Krumdieck, SAAC who help organize it,” student-athletes to be of sports. SAAC Advisor
Student Athletic Advisory athletes on campus,” said Advisor. Hamilton said, “I always involved in matters that Gretchen Krumdieck said
Committee (SAAC) Cayce Hamilton, president directly affect them in that this award is a big deal
received the SAAC of SAAC. “As athletes we addition to many service for not only the committee,
Challenge Award for the are normally just seen as projects. but GC athletics as a whole.
2015-2016 school year one athletic body, and I “Our biggest “We won the award
within the Peach Belt. think SAAC helps bring philanthropy project because of our meeting
The SAAC is made up great opportunities for is [the] Make-A-Wish attendance, student GPA,
of two to three student- athletes to branch out and [Foundation],” said Cassidy service products, and our
athletes from each athletic get involved in something Rice, SAAC vice president. involvement with Make A
team, 27 in total, and outside of their sport.” “Our goal each year is to Wish,” Krumdieck said.
allows the athletes to “Head coaches are raise over eight-thousand “Our athletes are good in
voice opinions about their responsible for nominating dollars to grant a child a class and in their sport,
Photo courtesy of GC Communications
student-athlete experience, a few players who are wish, and it really is just an and SAAC is a great way
looking for opportunities
President Cayce Hamilton (left) and vice awesome way for athletes for them to use their athletic
vote on NCAA regulations,
president Cassidy Rice (right) lead the GC
organize service projects to branch outside of their SAAC. to get together and try and spotlight for a good cause.”

A day in the life of a sideline reporter

my mentor, Jenn Hildreth.
Hildreth is a sideline
Jennifer reporter for ACC football
Jacobs on Fox Sports South.
@gcsunade Fridays are full of
meetings with players
You might think that and coaches such as Dabo
sideline reporting is all Swinney. The meetings
about showing up and also include time with the
going from there, but that’s crew where she meets with
where most people get it the broadcasters, producer
wrong. Sideline reporting and director for the game
isn’t all that glamorous. as well.
It’s conducting interviews For 12 p.m. games,
with coaches and players, the day starts early. On
putting countless hours Saturday, Hildreth was
of research into finding fortunate enough to have
the stories so they can be a salon do her hair and
prepared to report on it and makeup, but in some cases
it’s trying to wipe the sweat it’s her job to do it all
off your face to get ready herself. Saturday started at
to report after you’ve been 6:40 a.m. so she could be
running up and down the ready and at the stadium
sideline trying to find your three hours before game
story. time. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Jacobs

I had the opportunity During those three hours Jennifer Jacobs stops to take a picture with her mentor, Jenn Hildreth.
to shadow a mentor of before kickoff, you can find on the field before kickoff Carolina State 59-0, even gets lucky enough the sideline.
mine during week three Hildreth and most sideline felt like 10 minutes. which resulted in having to find old players that I didn’t know what
of college football in reporters down on the field
During the game, the a shortened second half. hold school records. In to expect from this
none other than Memorial observing players, talking
sideline reporters are In blowouts like this, the attendance at the Clemson experience, except to learn
Stadium, otherwise known to other coaches, making
as Death Valley. If you making notes of key plays, producers won’t go down game were former Clemson a lot, and I did. So next
sure interviews are set with
watch college football and the SID and figuring out watching for key players to the field for a story until running back C.J. Spiller time you’re watching a
you clicked over to the who to contact for injuries. and getting ready to report Hildreth finds a story. She and former wide receiver football game, you’ll know
Clemson Tigers football It’s a lot to do before a on any story. In this game, goes into the game prepared Jacoby Ford, so she did a how much work went into
game you may have seen game. The one hour I was Clemson blew out South for stories and sometimes quick story with them on the reporting.

As far as GC club options for them to do

sports go, there are none more races,” said Claire
that offer more variety in Williams, the club’s vice
sporting options and events president.
than the Multisport Club. Despite the
With emphasis primarily difficulty of competing
on running, biking and in races like the Ironman
swimming, the Multisport triathlon – a 2.4-mile swim,
Club is designed to train 112-mile bike ride, and
athletes to compete in 26.2-mile run – beginners
triathlons and other long are encouraged to join and
distance events. However, start off small with local 5K
unlike some of the other races.
Photo coutesy of Samuel Archbold
sports clubs offered at GC, “We welcome
Members of the Multisport Club bike in a
the Multisport Club does people of all sorts of race.
not require that its members physical abilities in our that it takes to accomplish get the name of the sport
have prior experience or club and just want to long-distance events, they out there,” Archbold said.
even their own equipment promote wellness, and believe that with proper “When it comes to health,
in order to participate. activity on the Georgia training everyone is capable swimming, biking and
“It’s a way for College campus,” said of achieving that goal.
and education-based running are some of the best
Michael people that haven’t done Samuel Archbold, the
Campagna atmosphere of everyday “I think anyone on things for cardiovascular
@gcsunade triathlons before to get into club’s president. this campus could reach the
campus life. health.”
doing triathlons, but also While the leaders physical capability to do a
Underneath the artsy In an effort to But the club does more
the ones that do triathlons of the club understand the sprint triathlon within at
exterior of Georgia highlight the many facets than just train.
to train better and provide commitment and hard work least two years,” Williams
College’s acclaimed of athletics offered by Apart from race day
said. “For most people it
liberal arts reputation Rec Sports, the “Off the preparation and goal-
would be easy within a
lies an athletic program RECord” column was oriented exercises, the
big enough to rival even created. With a focus Multisport Club focuses
In the past, several
the largest of campus on intramural and club on building a sense of
of the individual members
organizations – GC Rec teams, my goal through inclusion and community
of the club have competed
Sports. This hidden gem of this column is to sit throughout the GC campus.
on the regional and national
Bobcat athletics is tucked down with a variety of “We don’t really
levels, consistently placing
away in the West Campus individuals involved with care about medals and
in each race. But even
intramural fields, a hub these organizations to fully though the Multisport Club trophies,” Archbold said.
for nearly 2500 students capture the inclusive spirit was established over five “We just want people
last year alone. Geared of Rec Sports. So whether years ago, it is still in the to learn about the sport,
toward both the athlete you are a die-hard athlete, a developmental stages as the promote their general
and non-athlete alike, more casual competitor, or leaders continue to look for health, and promote their
Rec Sports seeks to build even the most athletically Photo courtesy of Samuel Archbold new members to expand the general well-being and
community and leadership challenged of students, this program. fitness all around.”
Williams and Archbold compete in the West
skills outside of the arts column is for you. Point Lake Triathlon. “We just want to


Bobcat Tennis Bobcat Women’s Bobcat Tennis Bobcat Women’s Bobcat Women’s
Men and Women at ITA Volleyball Men and Women Soccer Volleyball
Southeast Regionals vs. UNC Pembroke at ITA Southest at Auburn-Montgomery vs. Francis Marion
7 p.m. Regionals 3 p.m. 2 p.m.

Emily Hinely, Asst. A&E Editor

September 28 - October 4, 2016 Mary Kate Conner, A&E Editor

Storytime in The Nest

Feet” is dope. I don’t surprised” at the turnout. these readings by posting
Emily understand why anyone “There were three times on their Facebook page and
Hinely wouldn’t want to read as many people as I was
@gcsunade by word-of-mouth. While
here,” said Johnstone. expecting. There were so getting an audience to show
Once a month, Georgia The musical guest, much more people than up is not very difficult,
College’s literary journal, Lindsey Moon, a music last year,” Malena said.
finding readers is a whole
“The Peacock’s Feet,” hosts therapy major and “The readings really help
an event called Red Earth other story.
sophomore, did not think “The Peacock’s Feet” to
Readings, which gives local “The hardest part
the choice to perform was become a living, breathing
authors and performers a as casual as Johnstone did. thing rather than just a of planning Red Earth
chance to share their work “I just changed my publication. We’re featuring Readings is finding
with an audience in The major to music therapy local authors and giving readers,” said Lizzie
Nest in Blackbird. Each and I really have been them a medium to express Perrin, the Red Earth
Red Earth Reading has a forcing myself to perform themselves.” Readings Chair. “We post
literary theme. This week, in front of people, so that’s Emily Rautmann, on Facebook and have
the theme was fiction why I came tonight,” history major and junior, our editors put out feelers
pieces. Moon said. “I definitely was one of the many for readers, and it always
There were four felt more comfortable people in the audience who works out in the end.”
performers: three readers and the audience was so admired the performers. The next Red Earth
and one musical guest. welcoming.” “I thought the
Reading will be poetry-
Each performer got on stage The audience was performers were so brave
themed and will be held in
and presented their work indeed very welcoming to share a private part of
to a gracious, and attentive The Nest of Blackbird on
and also large. The whole themselves with us. [It
audience. One of the of Blackbird’s nest was was brave] to even put that Oct 18. If you’re interested
readers, Dillon Johnstone, packed with eager listeners. part down on paper,” said in reading or performing at
Emily Hinely/ Staff photographer
felt that reading at this Marykate Malena, “The Rautmann. the next Red Earth Reading,
event was a no-brainer. Peacock’s Feet” editor- “The Peacock’s Feet” please send an email to The Peacock’s Feet hosted student
“I mean, “The Peacock’s in-chief, was “pleasantly gets the word out about writers at Red Earth Readings.

Wisdom by word-of-mouth
introductions were made. The night was described In between poems were deeply moving heart-wrenching piece
Morgan The occasion was Poetry as a “completely safe space presentations, the hostess in a way that things simply about carrying on through
@gcsunade Jams, hosted by Art as an to express thoughts and paused to read from the read online or in a book the bad times.
Agent for Change on Sept. emotions,” said Emily variety of blue post-it cannot be, because each
Dozens of melancholy “Just because trees have
21, and the theme was Sosbee, president of Art as notes stuck to the wall poet was brave enough to
youths congregated roots doesn’t mean the wind
social justice. All guests Agent for Change. behind her. These small give a piece of their soul to
underneath Blackbird’s still doesn’t shake them,”
were invited to write a The first reader, Caroline improvements and changes the audience.
quiet upstairs, the majority
Oleson, braved the stage people wished to see in Matthew Hood, a junior, Sosbee said.
of them sipping iced change they wished to see
in the world on a blue post- for the first time and the world added on an said that he writes as a way Although audience
coffees and leafing through
delivered a staggering piece element of both inspiration to process emotions. members not participating
handwritten notebooks as it and attach it to the wall
titled “Words” about the and comic relief. Among “I believe in truly in the reading were scarce,
rap music blasted and behind the mic.
injustices and expectations these phrases are things relishing in any ugly
those who attended were
women are supposed to like “end violence among and destructive thought,
immensely glad they did.
uphold. marginalized groups” and processing it and turning it
“I stand up for myself, “F*** Donald Trump,” into something beautiful,” Poetry Jams are held every
my gender, while being each getting its own hearty he said of his poem, third Wednesday night in
subjected by words,” snap of approval. “Drown.” the basement of Blackbird
the poem begins. It ends The variety of poems Cooper Drake, a and all are welcome to
with the sentiment, “my read covered everything sophomore at GC, said that share their work.
behavior is corrected by from overcoming fears of a “ascendency isn’t cheap, to
“It’s so refreshing to see
words, I’m just trying to metaphorical demon dog to get up you got to leap” in
this degree of raw, positive
be respected by words.” heartbreak, from drowning his poem, “I’ll Read You
Her performance was met to continuing to carry on Poetry.” emotion flow,” sophomore
Photo courtesy of Leslie Peterson
Art as an Agent for Change hosts Poetry by snaps and murmurs of even when life becomes Emily Sosbee, Callie Mckeel said. “Poetry
Jams. approval all around. incredibly difficult. The sophomore, delivered a is totally underrated.”

Not so quiet at the library

section on the top floor, bottom floor of the library.
Kesel which held carnival games Second hand items ranging
@gcsunade and an impressively large from kitchenware to
For the past 23 years, bouncy house surrounded children’s coloring boards
Milledgeville residents by shelves of books. For had been donated by locals,
have gathered at the Mary parents, the fair is the with the proceeds going to
Vinson Memorial Library perfect opportunity to the benefit of the library.
for the annual library fair occupy kids in a more Held in the parking lot of
held every fall. This event engaging setting than in the library was a used book
draws crowds of all ages front of a television screen. sale, where fairgoers could
to promote not only library “We come every year find thousands of books
traffic, but local businesses since my wife helps out of all genres, including
as well. at the library,” said Edwin valuable textbooks for
Local restaurants such as Hopkins, Milledgeville students, for a bargain of
The Brick and Metropolis resident. a deal. Multiple students
Café catered to the crowds Like Hopkins, countless could be found wandering
came pretty late to the fair selection of books, creating more about upcoming
of hungry fairgoers, other families attended the the aisles and making the
and I didn’t find a lot [of a relaxing atmosphere for events at the library and
braving the atypical late fair for the kid-friendly most of the sales, digging
books], so I’m excited to both buyers and those who how to volunteer at the next
September heat to fill activities, including a through boxes and picking
get more this year.” simply wanted to enjoy library fair, visit
stomachs and promote magic show later on in the up books left and right.
Fair goers could also the show. While the fair is
business. The inside of the day. Included in the indoor “I love reading and found for more information.
a fun annual event for the
library hosted an array of festivities held throughout out about this by chance enjoy live music by “We had a huge turnout
surrounding community, it
children’s activities, such the day was a pop up last year,” said Jonathon local bands and artists this year and made quite a
is also vital for the library
as the “Midway Games” consignment shop on the Roberts, sophomore. “I while browsing the wide bit of money that will be

Books Week 2016
in raising funds to keep it
used to help the library
running and thriving.
grow, which in turn affects
Through ticket sales
from the indoor carnival the community immensely.”

25 - October 1 games, outdoor book said Kristin Higgenbothem,

a member of the library
Here are the top ten banned, challenged, or censored classic books. How many have sales and consignment
shop sales, the library is staff and junior.
you read?
benefiting hugely. To learn
1. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
2. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by JK Rowling
3. 1984 by George Orwell
4. Animal Farm by George Orwell
5. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
6. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
7. The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger
8. The Giver by Lois Lowry Tori Gleeson / Staff Photographer

9. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley Milledgeville locals gather at the Mary
Vinson Memorial Library for a day of
10. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle books, music and entertainment.

This week, the A&E connected with the English bright. She hopes it will
section has a literary theme. Department, it really feels encourage more people to
We’ve met poets and fiction like I’m part of something submit their work to her
writers and librarians - that is always going to eager team of editors.
those who keep a love of always be a part of Georgia “Every year it grows and
the written word alive in College,” Malena said. grows, and kind of becomes
Milledgeville. One such “I’m really happy I get to this living breathing thing
bibliophile is Marykate be at the helm of that.” that we get to take care of.
Malena, the editor-in-chief The Peacock’s Feet I like being a part of taking
at GC’s literary and creative held their first Red Earth care of something like
arts journal, “The Peacock’s Readings event of the that,” Malena said.
Feet.” Malena, a senior year (see page #). Malena After graduating in
English literature major, stated that, on a basic May, Malena hopes to go
grew up with a passion for level, these events are a into work in the publishing
Streetcar_Colonade_QtrPg.qxp_Layout 1 8/29/16 11:26 AM Page 1 Conner/ Staff Photographer
Mary Kate

the written word. soft advertisement for industry. Malena believes Marykate Malena works to maintain the legacy of creative arts
“I’ve been reading my the upcoming edition that literature itself plays journal, “The Peacock’s Feet.”
whole life. It was always of the journal, but more a pivotal role in our lives
something that was really importantly, they are a and within our society.
important to me,” Malena unique medium for sharing “I think it’s the purest
said. “But I didn’t really student work. Malena way for people to share ia Coll
Georg and Dance
consider it something I believes that sharing their perspective with Presen

would pursue in my studies literature aloud has a other people,” said

or as a career until I got to different impression than Malena. “I think you can
high school and I had a the written word itself. never produce writing that
really good English teacher “With sharing out loud isn’t an image of some
- all English majors seem to I think you’re able to put truth inside yourself. It’s
have one.” a little bit more of yourself the best way to kind of
When she got to GC, into the reading,” Malena perpetuate empathy and
The Peacock’s Feet was one said. “There was this one be able to understand
of the first organizations reader we had last night other people better and
Malena got involved with. and I really enjoyed his understand the world
When the time came to story, but what I liked most better.”
To p T en Besetrman
inner- aren B
select a new editor-in-chief, was his storytelling. I just If you are interested ulitzer Prize W s | Directed by Dggr.eKr Warning
P William up/Tri d
nessee s 15 an
By Ten .m.
Malena took a big step thought it really brought in submitting your work ture Au
016 at 8 p
For Ma
Sept. 28 - Oc 1, 2
forward and got the job. me into his writing in a to “The Peacock’s Feet,” 16 at 2 p.m
Oct. 2, 20 um
Now leading a new staff of way I might not have gotten they will be accepting Auditori
SION : Russell
eral Ad y/Staff,
fellow lit lovers, Malena before.” submissions through Dec. $14 - Gen Citizens, GC Facult
io r
enjoys the weight of the Following the success of 5. $10 - Sen -GC Students
tu dents
legacy associated with the the first event of the year, $5 - GC S 226
fo: 478
om | In ts
journal. Malena believes the future : gcsutickets.c un
p disco
Tickets grou
Call for
“The journal itself is so of the journal is looking

Compiled by Lizzie Kidney

Q: In the midst of the

Presdiential Debate,
what has been your
favorite part so thus

“I feel like this debate “I wanna see Donald “I’m looking to get “I’m really interested “I don’t really follow “I just think it’s a
is really historical Trump yell at Hillary more insight as to to see how the politics and this is really interesting
so I wanted to be more and definitely what their stances are candidates continue to the first thing I’m debate because I
sure to watch it. see how she continues on different policies.” respond to each other watching and there’s never expected
I am also really to react to his and how prepared been a lot of talk Donald trump to
looking forward to it comments.” - Tavaris Johnson, they are.” about it so I’m really be a legit candidate
because there’s been sociology major, just here to see what and it’s very
a dramatic build up to - Justin Markowitz, junior - Maria Bermudez, it’s all about.” entertaining.”
this all year.” philosophy major, history and
sophomore philosophy major, - Aidan Falchook, - Noah Prince,
- Megan Tanner, junior business management freshman
sociology major, major, sophomore
Large Interiors Grill out with friends Resort style pool High-tech study lounge

CommunitY Features


• 50 acres of nature at your


doorstep O C O N E E BE N

• Live on the river and don’t



forget your kayak or canoe;




we have the space




• Bike or walk via the Greenway






• Save gas; use the Arcadia









• Cozy fireplaces and fun





hammocks for social



gatherings or star gazing


• Outdoor gaming and


entertainment arenas




• Detached garages available


for rent


live 478 Oconce Blvd. Milledgeville, GA 31061

lease 119 N. Wayne St. Suite A, Milledgeville, GA 31061