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Dear Human Resources Department, Zoni Language Centers:

Please accept this letter in consideration for the position of ESL teacher at Zoni Language Center
in Queens. I recently moved to Manhattan to earn the CELTA certificate and wish to continue
teaching adult international students in New York. Ryan Horsnail from Teaching House in New
York recommended Zoni as a place of first-rate language education, and I believe that I could
effectively instruct your school’s diverse group of students.

I have had a variety of experiences as an educator. This past month I taught English as a Second
Language at Teaching House, designing lessons for two groups of students at mixed levels. I can
help learners improve their language, skills, and pronunciation using a variety of materials and
methods. In one lesson centered around storytelling, for example, my pre-intermediate students
exercised listening and writing skills as I dictated a New York Times Metropolitan Diary entry;
they then sequenced the entry’s events using conjunctions of time, and finally applied these
narrative techniques as they told stories of their own. I created and taught these lessons under the
critique of CELTA tutors and at the end of the course earned the CELTA certificate with an above-
standard PASS B. While in New York I have also continued tutoring Boston area high school
students via e-mail in essay writing. In addition, I have experience teaching jazz music to young
people in contexts ranging from school assemblies in rural Wisconsin to big band rehearsals on
the south side of Chicago.

My diverse experiences have connected me to people of all backgrounds, and I wish to help
international students in New York build a bridge to the new culture in which they are immersed.
I am confident that as an ESL teacher at Zoni I could reach students with my passion for language
and, through creative and dedicated instruction, help them achieve their goals.

Thank you for your consideration. I have attached my resume, and you may contact me at
(734)727-6946 or I look forward to discussing with you in person my
potential contributions to Zoni Language Center.


David Marks