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Changes to GC campus parking, pg. 3 So you want to eat healthy at The MAX, pg. 8

Volleyball set for success in ‘17 , pg. 6


September 6 -13, 2017 Steven Walters, Editor-in-Chief

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Isaiah smith, Asst. Editor
September 6 -13, 2017 emily mcclure, Editor

Changes to GC campus parking plan greet

returning faculty, staff and students
campus, including Auxiliary Services and parking, the City of Milledgeville has taken childhood education major, reacted
Chandler Organizational Development, University action as well. Spaces along Montgomery differently to the parking changes.
Durden Senate, Staff Council, SGA, University and Clarke Street that were not previously “Teachers didn’t need more parking,”
Housing and Facilities Operations, the task time sensitive will now be limited to two- Jarvis said. “I pass by the employee lot next
Staff Writer
force was directed to work with the City of hour parking. to the Education Building in the middle
After years of complaints from Georgia Milledgeville to solve existing challenges “We needed to right wrongs from the
of the day, and there are always empty
College students, faculty and staff about and better GC parking for all who use it. past,” said Hank Griffeth, Milledgeville
The task force altered multiple lots City Planner. “We’ve developed two-hour, spots. Also, when I toured the campus my
parking on campus, GC Parking and
around the university. controlled spots with the efforts to create junior year of high school, they promised
Transportation services decided to act on
The Adams lot has shifted from a more spaces for the commuter students.” a parking deck by 2016. It is now 2017.”
the issue of scarce parking around campus
shared resident and employee lot to The parking task force hopes that It seems the parking controversy at
during the summer of 2017.
solely employee parking. The Kilpatrick implementing forced turnover in these Georgia College will continue, but until
“We are just trying to get people from
lot, previously commuter and employee public spaces will transfer the once further developments occur, students and
where they are to where they are going,”
parking, is now also strictly an employee employee-filled spaces to student-occupied faculty can find updated parking maps at the
said John Bowen, senior manager of GC
lot. The former perimeter parking spots spaces. GC Office of Parking and Transportation
Parking and Transportation Services. in the West Thomas Street lot have been Tony Alcarria, senior lecturer of
Bowen said it was time for the parking in the Depot.
reassigned as commuter parking. Spanish and Italian, said he approves of
plan to be reviewed because over ten years “There is just not enough asphalt [or]
The Old Courthouse and Mayfair lots the modifications to employee parking.
had passed since the previous plan was now contain only guest parking spaces. An “I have definitely noticed there haven’t white lines,” Bowen said. “With campus
implemented. Susan Allen, vice president additional residential gravel parking lot is been as many problems trying to find being squeezed between neighborhoods
of finance and administration, assembled a being added to the Centennial parking lot parking now as there have been in the past,” and downtown, we have never had a whole
parking task force in February 2017. right behind the Depot. said Alcarria. lot of space. We just have to work with
Composed of various interest groups on Alongside adjustments to campus Sophomore Alison Jarvis, an early what we’ve got.”

Ada Montgomery / Senior Photographer

The Old Courthouse parking lot, one of many changes to parking across campus, is now a guest parking lot.
Isaiah smith, Asst. Editor
September 6 -13, 2017 emily mcclure, Editor

Young Bobcats
ready to begin new
adventure at GC
and welcoming atmosphere, much of the
Saskia Class of 2021 has planned to get involved
Lindsay on campus early in the year.
Staff Writer Sharpe has already signed up for an
intramural flag football team, and he plans
As veteran Bobcats flocked back to to rush a fraternity later this fall. Others like
Georgia College to begin the 2017-2018 Clara Sulik, an early childhood education
school year, a large class of bright-eyed major, have already made plans to apply
and bushy-tailed Bobkittens also arrived to for GC’s award-winning education cohort.
see what the next four years have in store Freshman Jordan Peebles, undeclared,
for them. is excited to be on campus, and she even
Two weeks into the new year, the wants to work for the school.
freshmen class seems to be having positive “I’m trying to get an on-campus job
experiences with their professors and their right now,” Peebles said. “I wanted to do
peers. the activities they have, like the rafting stuff
“Everyone is just friendly,” said they have at the community center.”
freshman Kyle King, a marketing major. Peebles is also enjoying the small class
“There’s no one discriminating people, and sizes and all the on-campus help she gets
I like that.” with her classes.
While many of the freshmen described Like many of the freshmen, King also
how much they enjoyed the friendliness of plans to get involved in clubs and activities
the student body, freshman Trevor Sharpe, on campus that appeal to his unique
an environmental science major, listed interests.
other reasons for loving GC. “I like all “I’m actually signing up for the
the girls,” Sharpe said. International Club,” said King, who wants
Along with being intrigued by the to travel to Japan one day because he loves
female-to-male ratio on campus, Sharpe the culture.
also said he enjoys GC’s atmosphere. So far, Georgia College’s dynamic
“It’s a smaller environment,” Sharpe environment meets all the unique needs
said. “And you pretty much see everyone and interests of this year’s freshmen class,
around campus all the time, and the and many freshmen like King said they are
professors [are] all nice.” happy they chose GC instead of a larger
Sharpe originally planned to attend university.
Georgia Southern, but he decided to come “I feel like if I had a problem, they
to Georgia College at the last minute. would get to me more quickly than a big
Because GC has provided such a warm school would,” King said. “I love it here.”
Madi harty, Asst. Editor
September 6 -13, 2017 CHris Lambert, Editor

Peach Belt, GC join the esports craze

Georgia College will be no idea about our league or the membership,” said Ken for traditional sports,” said Bert Rosenberger, Director
Becca Fallon making history this October Girlinger, PBC Assistant Commissioner for Strategic of Rec Sports at Georgia College. “There are many
Contributing Writer as the Peach Belt becomes Communications. roles that students can play in this, whether they’re
the first NCAA Division II “While esports is just beginning to extend its reach players, club members, announcers, producers—there’s
conference to hold an esports championship. on the Georgia College campus, many students have a lot of interesting opportunities other than just the
Five players and one to two alternates will represent already fully embraced the integration of esports into students who are competing in the game.”
the school in the team’s 11-week season, competing the athletic and greater GC collective. At the end of the season, the top eight teams will
head-to-head against other PBC universities in League “I already watch the North American professional advance to the PBC Esports Championship. The team
of Legends from developer Riot Games. League of Legends scene, so it’s really exciting to see it who rises above the rest will be crowned esports
The PBC chose League of Legends as the featured come to our school,” said senior Aaron Benson. “I think champion, an honor equivalent to the trophy and
game of its inaugural season because it is the most the addition of esports into the GC community will awards that all other PBC championship teams receive.
played online game in the world. It draws in over 100 open up more people to the idea that video games can w “Esports is the next X-Games. This is going to be
million players each month. League of Legends also a competitive sport.” a trend-setter unlike anything we’ve ever had,” said
holds an impressive track record in esports, hosting over In each match, the winner will be determined by a Wendell Staton, Athletic Director of Georgia College.
1,700 competitive tournaments each year. best of three series. Fans will be able to attend matches “It’s rising in popularity among universities, and as
“In examining the growing culture of esports, we on campus to experience the excitement of a live game a conference, we’re out in front on this. Esports is
felt that there was an opportunity to be a leader in or stream them online through Twitch. another precedent that the Peach Belt Conference, and
NCAA Division II, to do something no one else is “The people who compete in esports are highly by extension Georgia College, is setting for the rest of
doing and reach students who otherwise would have competitive and train just as hard as anybody else does the nation.”

*Between Europe and North America

**League of Legends owner Rio Games
Madi harty, Asst. Editor
September 6 -13, 2017 CHris Lambert, Editor

GC Volleyball poised for success in 2017

to be that leader that people are looking
Graham to,” Ewaldsen said.
Hill Svehla and Powers are taking a big
Staff Writer leadership role in helping the younger
The Georgia College Women’s players acclimate to their new environment.
Volleyball Team hopes to follow up the “[Taylor and I] both like to give advice
program’s best season in 2016 with an even to [the younger players], and they always
more successful 2017. Players and coaches come to us about whatever they need,” said
are excited to see where the young team’s Powers.
talents will take them in the upcoming Along with their leadership roles on the
team, Ewaldsen, Svehla, and Powers all
play a big role on the court. Ewaldsen, the
2016 was full of milestones for the
team’s defensive star, led the team in digs
Bobcats. The team finished the season at
last year, averaging five per set. Svehla and
17-14, its first winning record in program
Powers carry the offensive load; Svehla
history and made the NCAA regional
lead the way in 2016 with 322 kills and
rankings for the first time. While the team
Powers right behind with 304. Despite
reached new heights in 2016, the Bobcats
their statistical similarities, the two hitters
are looking to even bigger and better things
always root for each other on the court.
in 2017.
“If [Svehla] gets a set, I want her to
“We want to make it to NCAA regionals,
put it away, and if I get set, I might put it
and we want to win conference,” said junior
away,” said Powers. “I think it’s just a trust
Taylor Svehla.
between us two.” Svehla threw it right back
Despite it still being early in the season,
to her teammate, stating that Powers would
the team has already “meshed really
absolutely get the job done as well.
well,” according to head coach Gretchen
Georgia College Volleyball fans will
Krumdieck, who is entering her fifth year
also want to keep an eye out for junior
at the helm. This skilled Georgia College
setter Kayla Brockway, who is the first
team will need to work together in order
setter in GC history with 2,000 assists.
to maximize success this season.
Krumdieck said one of the main
Although the team is young, with
keys to success for the season will be
underclassmen occupying eight out of communication, and she said that the
the 12 roster spots, Krumdieck said that team’s chemistry is already helping
this is one of the most talented teams the them communicate well on the court.
program has seen in its six-year history. Six Krumdieck also said she was thrilled with
seniors graduated last year, but the team her team’s defense during the scrimmage
has brought in six very talented freshmen. and said that the team is in a really good
After the annual blue-green scrimmage, spot at this early stage in the season. The
Krumdieck said she was very pleased with Bobcats opened their season strong this
the performance of the team, especially past Friday, losing only one set in wins
the freshmen. against Emmanuel (Ga.) and Valdosta
The team will rely on the leadership of State. Strong performances from veterans
program veterans, such as senior Chandler Svehla, Ewaldsen, Powers, and Brockway,
Ewaldsen, defensive specialist, junior along with an impressive showing from
middle blocker Taylor Svehla, and junior freshman Libby Bochinak, helped secure
Ebony Powers, outside hitter. both victories. Powers and the rest of the
When asked about her status as the Bobcats will travel to South Carolina at the
only senior on the team, Ewaldsen said she end of the month to face their rivals, USC
was concerned about the task but equally Aiken, in the first of two matchups this
enthusiastic. “Honestly, I was pretty season. The Bobcats are looking forward to
nervous coming into it because I had no facing the Pacers at the Centennial Center
idea what to expect, but I’m super excited on Nov. 4.
Arts & LIFE
Gigi Nicholl, Asst. Editor
September 6 -13, 2017 Mary Kate Conner, Editor

Familiar place, new face

Ada Montgomery/Senior Photographer

Andalusia, the famed the site will prove to be a large job for Georgia College, front room of that house, while disabled, living with
Rayna home of Flannery O’Connor, as the buildings, wildlife, and future maintenance must her controlling mother.” said Bruce Gentry, a professor
Perry has attracted literary lovers be considered. of Flannery O’Connor at GCSU. “It’s a kind of literary
Staff Writer to Milledgeville for decades. “The goal is to stay as close to the period as possible,”
miracle that they managed to live there together. A lot of
Early this August, the said Davis, who will be overseeing the work at Andalusia.
the farm went into the fiction.”
Andalusia Foundation gifted the farm to the GCSU “We want to be good stewards of this gift.”
Taking Andalusia under its wing, Georgia College has
Foundation. Soon, students will be able to experience Andalusia as
The site has recently been closed to the public while Flannery O’Connor once did. The restoration of the site the opportunity to invest in this corner of history in the
Georgia College prepares for the future renovations. is also intended to create opportunities for students in the same way that it strives to invest in its students. After this
However, the significance of this storied site extends well form of internships, tours, and class programming. Just restoration, Andalusia may become a muse, a teacher, a
into the past; as visitors cross the threshold of the house, as O’Connor used Andalusia as a setting for her work, guide, and a friend to those who seek her knowledge.
they step into another time. students will be able to utilize Andalusia to learn and “It won’t change how we read [O’Connor],” Gentry
Andalusia is a wise, old friend with stories to share. explore.
said. “It will advertise her. It will get more people to pay
The once operational dairy farm remained untouched for “For all on campus, it’s an exciting time,” said Davis.
about forty years after Flannery O’Connor died before “This is an opportunity for us to have full access.”
The changes to Andalusia are meant to preserve and
being reopened as a museum. The significance of changing the farm lies deeper than
Many of the buildings surrounding the main house just the property itself. Andalusia is the backdrop for many enhance her legacy, by bringing awareness of its role as a
have fallen into disrepair. Matthew Davis, the Director of O’Connor’s major works. tangible connection to Flannery O’Connor. Andalusia is
of Georgia’s Old Governor’s Mansion, said that restoring “Flannery wrote all of her important work in the an exploration of the past, with a front porch to stand on.

“The learning center

is your best friend.
They can help you
“Find a cause you’re
“My advice for fresh- with anything you have
passionate about, get
men is manage your problems with—your
really involved in that,
homework, if you
Q: What are your survival “Always introduce
yourself to the teachers
time wisely; make sure
you get your work done
and take whatever ideas
you have and run with
didn’t understand what
a teacher said in class.
tips for freshman? the first week; get on
their good side.”
efficiently in a timely
- Madeline Oliff, senior,
They can break it down
- Caleb Esuke, sopho- for you.”
- Matthew Weiss, soph- environmental science
- Carine Seudieu,
Compiled by Ada Montgomery omore, marketing major more, pre-nursing major major
senior, chemistry major
Gigi Nicholl, Asst. Editor
September 6 -13, 2017 Mary Kate Conner, Editor

Eat healthy on campus? Bethany Straus/Staff Photographer

Isabella Echeverria Heard of the freshman “Our salad bar is no longer self-served. The salads are Next door to Subway is Einstein Bros, which offers
with Mary Kate Conner fifteen? Fear not. Georgia now hand-tossed,” said Gibson. “Switching from self-serve fresh bagels, sandwiches, muffins, and cookies. Andre
College is doing its best to to hand tossed allowed us to add protein such as ham and Warren, an Einstein employee, said that they offer salads,
Staff Writer
help you maintain a healthy turkey to the salad bar.”
fruit cups, and yogurt as healthier options.
diet and avoid the extra pounds without curbing your new Gibson said that now each food station has labels as
freedom to eat whatever you want. well to identify health-conscious items. Students themselves offered their own advice for how
The largest on-campus eating option is the Maxwell Jarvis William, a long-time MAX supervisor with to maintain healthy habits and keep your figure. One
Student Dining Hall, or The MAX, if you’re a local. Here fifteen years of experience, said that they use coconut freshman suggested cooking for yourself.
you will find various options, from pizza and burgers to oil, and they try to steam and bake a lot of the food instead “If you are living on the dorms and have a fridge, buy
international food to homemade meals. of frying. some chicken and vegetables,” said freshman Samantha
The MAX has recently worked to increase their healthy If you don’t have time for a full meal or are in the mood
Fisher, a pre-nursing major. “There are kitchens downstairs,
options. Stacey Gibson, an employee at the MAX, said they for a sandwich, just underneath The MAX is Subway. Since
have made several changes this year, including expanding the sub shop allows you to choose your own toppings, it so cooking your own meals is definitely an option.”
vegan and vegetarian options, as well changing the way serves as a great opportunity to get creative and make Next time you’re hungry, look beyond the pizza line
food is served to students. something healthy. at The Max and explore some healthier options nearby.

Saturday 9/16
Doors at 7 pm and the show begins at 8 pm.
at the Cox Capitol Theatre in Macon, GA. 382 2nd St.

Charley Crockett
Free Show Sunday 9/10
Doors open at 7 pm and the show begins at 8pm.
at the Cox Capitol Theatre in Macon, GA. 382 2nd St.

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