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Softball Spotlight
GC Softball mixes experience with youth.
See page 7 for more details.

Photo by Ada Montgomery / Senior Photographer

Spring Study Abroad Fair, pg. 3 Muse sparks creativity, pg. 10

Sassy Cats rank nationally, pg. 9


February 1-7, 2017 MT Marstellar, Editor-in-Chief

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MT Marstellar .... Editor-in-Chief
The News section covers Blackbird, Muse, and blogger
students’ efforts to have a traffic and speaker Jordan Lee’s visit to Emily McClure .... News Editor
light installed at the entrance to Milly. Also, discover some new Carson Gregors .... Asst. News Editor
West Campus, a GC alumnae who winter comfort foods, complete
is helping the Baldwin County with recipes. Steven Walters .... Co-Sports Editor
community eat healthier foods In addition, check out the new
Michael Campagna .... Co-Sports Editor
and the recent summer study editorial section.
abroad mini fair. Join us for pitch at 6:30pm on Mary Kate Conner .... A&E Editor
The Sports section highlights Mondays in the Colonnade office,
Monica Klinkmueller .... Asst. A&E Editor
the softball team as they prepare located in MSU 128.
for the upcoming season, as well Cedric Norris.... PR Manager
as the GC Sassy Cats’ award- Ada Montgomery .... Digital Media Editor
winning performance at a national
competition. Cullen Ormond .... Ad Sales Manager
The A&E section features Luke
David Paulsson .... Copy Editor
Travis’ new monthly event at
Hannah Houston .... Designer
Christina Smith .... Faculty Advisor
Pictured on the cover: Danielle Bernstein, Baylee Hall, Faith Flanders,
Emily Robertson, and Jessica Hayles

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Carson Gregors, Asst. News Editor

February 1-7, 2017 Emily McClure, News Editor

Roofing and construction at the Max concludes

Along with the air conditioning and
the roof construction at the Max, GC
@gcsunade is renovating Beeson Hall. Several
Construction near the Bobcat Food departments, including physics and
Court and between the Max and Parks geography, are expected to move into the
Hall has caused some confusion among renovated building.
GC students whose paths to class and “The construction doesn’t really bother
the cafeteria have been blocked in recent me other than the fact that it cuts off the
weeks. side of A&S, so it cuts off the pathway I
“It’s a huge amount of construction,” use to walk to class everyday,” said junior
said Michael Rickenbaker, university Jordan Adicks.
architect. “We’re just finishing up.” Other students, like Alex Kimble, said
Rickenbaker said the roofs needed to they actually enjoy the construction.
be replaced and a central air conditioning “I feel like I’m New York when I walk
system has been installed. under the scaffolding,” Kimble said. “And Pierce Maugans/ Staff Photographer

The new air system is more energy the trash chute by the library looks like a Advancement construction is taking place on Georgia College’s campus.
efficient than standard air conditioning slide that I want to go down, so yeah, it because your window of opportunity is The re-roofing was begun as soon as
because it runs off of large chilled water doesn’t bother me really.” reduced by as much as a half because of final exams were over in Dec. 2016, but
tanks and reaches just about every building Rickenbaker explained why the the temperature,” Rickenbaker said. “You because the break was short and rain delays
on main campus. The new air conditioning construction is happening now and not in get problems with the heat index, you can’t impeded the workers’ progress, the project
system, a $3 million project, has already the summer when campus is vacant. have people on a roof working when it gets is just now wrapping up. Rickenbaker said
been put to use this semester. “You can’t do roofing in the summer to 110 degrees on a roof.” the construction will be completed soon.

Study abroad fair exhibits summer programs close and personal.” “I have never been out of the country The study abroad application deadline
Maddy This summer, Sandra Godwin, a GC before, so I am extremely interested in is Feb. 1, 2017. For more information,
Stone professor of government and sociology, studying abroad,” Bussey said. “I would explore the International Education
is leading a month-long trip to India like to do something with international Center’s website, contact assistant director
Every summer, Georgia College
where students will spend time in New business one day, so I think it will be of international education Liz Harvey or
provides many opportunities for students to
Delhi and Mumbai, India’s largest city. beneficial to immerse myself into another stop by the International Education Center
study abroad. On Feb. 25, the International
Students going on the trip will be given country’s culture.” in the Bone House on S. Clarke St.
Education Center held a study abroad
the opportunity to receive six credits in two
mini fair in the bottom floor of the Russell
Library to inform students about the upper-level electives courses: Sociology

summer 2017 trips that still have open of Food and Introduction to Community-

spots. Based Research.

In addition to many European Council “I teach a sociology class here at GC
trips, four GC-led trips still have spaces that focuses a lot on food production and
available, with destinations in Chile, farming,” Godwin said. “The India trip
London, Paris, India and Tanzania. The will allow us to experience firsthand how
European Council provides trips outside India’s food production differs from the
of what is offered through GC. Students can U.S.”
check out the European Council’s website Sarina Bussey, freshman and marketing
for more details. and information sciences and technology
“I went on the Paris-Amsterdam trip the double major who attended the event,
summer of 2015,” said Caroline Galphin, said she is excited about the available
senior and mass communication major. “I opportunities to learn about other cultures Ada Montgomery/ Senior Photographer

am studying Art History, so this trip was and later apply that knowledge to her James Winchester and Megan Wyatt discuss opportunities for study
a great way for me to see the artwork up future.
abroad in summer 2017.

A closer look at two GC shuttle bus drivers

from campus free of charge. it wasn’t for the students I in less than a month. However, he said being teams to different locations.
Lord Whether it’s a rainy day, wouldn’t be here. The kids Alongside Sullivan a shuttle bus driver comes Bryan Sage, freshman
@gcsunade a bitterly cold morning or a are just so polite and kind.” and the rest of the staff is with a few challenges. and a mass communication
Transportation is key to blazing summer afternoon, Sullivan said he is driver Timmy Mertz. Mertz “Being punctual can be major, rides the bus daily
any modern college town, the friendly bus drivers are considered an “old-timer,” is a senior management a challenge, but I make sure to get to and from his
and in Milledgeville it’s ready to shuttle students to and drives a variety of information systems major I’m never late for work,”
apartment at West Campus.
common for most people to their destinations around bus routes. Some days, he at GC and has been a shuttle Mertz said. “Everything
Sage said he appreciates
walk to class, drive or find campus. works the West Campus bus driver for the school is pretty easy for the most
how invested the bus
a ride with a friend. Meet Mark Sullivan. route, while at other times since September 2015. part, except bad traffic or
drivers are in the students’
However, many students He’s a U.S. Army he works the Centennial Mertz, who works horrible drivers.”
are unable to do so or live veteran and a 10-year bus shift. afternoon and night shifts, GC’s bus drivers enjoy
“I often see them
at a location that is too far driver for the Bobcats. He As students board the said he agrees with Sullivan a positive reputation on
from campus. To combat reaching out and mentoring
said driving for GC has bus at each stop on his about the friendly nature campus because they
this problem, GC’s crew been a source of joy in his route, Sullivan greets them of the students who ride impact students’ daily lives people,” Sage said. “It’s a

of bus drivers and their life because he sees smiling with a smile. the shuttle. He said that just by being thoughtful. prime example of how

fleet of shuttles are ready faces every day. However, GC will soon the people and the work They not only work their much the GC faculty
bright and early each day “It’s you guys. It always be saying goodbye to environment are why he regular shifts but also drive believes in the student
to transport students to and has been,” Sullivan said. “If Sullivan, as he is retiring enjoys his job so much. for other groups or sports body.”

Ben Lord/ Staff Photographer

Mark Sullivan (top) and Timmy Mertz (bottom) drive weekday routes.

GC alumnae helps Baldwin Co. eat healthier

have fresh produce. said.
Gioia “It’s so hard to change people’s She said she hopes to have
Brust behaviors here, since they’re so all the fresh supplies in the
used to cooking the way their partner stores by February and to
A recent Georgia College parents cooked,” Hyland said. receive the community’s feedback
graduate is working to bring Hyland said her job as a through surveys by July.
healthy food to the people of community representative is to go “We just launched our new
Baldwin County. around local stores and encourage social marketing campaign that
Kristina Hyland, a graduate of them to send healthy messages are on the electronic billboards
GC’s class of 2016, works with through posters, shopping carts and traditional billboards,”
HealthMPowers, a nonprofit and baskets with healthy sayings Hyland said.
organization based in California. on them and recipe cards to The two nonprofits also have
They are teaming up with local encourage shoppers to buy and multiple social media accounts
group Live Healthy Baldwin to eat healthy foods, all provided by that anyone interested can follow
bring more nutritious food to HealthMPowers and Live Healthy
to receive updates.
Milledgeville. Baldwin.
“I always knew I wanted to
“We chose Baldwin County The organizations will also
do something in the health care
because they had something be teaming up to provide food
like Live Healthy Baldwin that field,” Hyland said. “And then I
seminars and food tastings to
was promoting living healthy found community health here…
introduce community members
[already],” Hyland said. which is more like preventative
to various food options.
Hyland said she plans to bring medicine.”
“People just don’t like
nutritious food to the elementary Kim Thomas, a local resident,
vegetables,” Hyland said. “So
and middle school-aged kids of we hope with some simple food said she agrees with the health
the area. testing, they’ll be more open to care initiative.
“We’re focusing more on low it.” “I would love to see more
socioeconomic areas like Baldwin Hyland said that a few fresh food in our stores,” Thomas
to give them access to healthy convenience stores have already said. “We’re definitely lacking
foods,” Hyland said. agreed to the changes, including healthier options.”
Hyland calls Baldwin County the local Dollar General. Per the James Jiminez, a music
a “food desert,” which is a large agreement, the stores will slowly education major, said he also
area whose grocery stores do not start incorporating healthier foods thinks it is a great idea.
carry all the fresh foods people in their aisles. “As a music ed major, its
Gioia Brust/ Staff Photographer
need to maintain a balanced “In the next year, we’re hoping makes me happy to see the future
diet. The two organizations are to get more stores involved, of America taking the right steps Kristina Hyland graduated from GC in 2016 with a
focusing on local convenience including the big corporate chains to living healthy lives,” Jiminez community health degree.
stores and other stores that do not like Walmart and Kroger,” Hyland said.

Students fight for West Campus traffic light

Lauren the attention of students at of people shared stories about how necessary this light is,” Watts and they are new to driving in
Nielly Georgia College and people all their individual experiences at said. “They are running traffic Milledgeville,” Flame said.
@gcsunade over the Baldwin County area. the intersection and explained reports from the beginning of Flame said he has been
A group of Georgia College “I actually started the petition why they thought a traffic light the school year to see how the reaching out to people around the
students are working toward for a class assignment, which is needed. incidences increase as the school area in order to spread his concern
the goal of having a traffic light was to perform an act of social Although the petition is year starts up.”
and spark a change.
installed at the intersection of justice,” Watts said. “I thought the currently closed, Watts has Other students are also
“The intersection poses a
West Campus Drive and the traffic light would be an adequate begun to see its effects. She currently working toward getting
great threat, not only to students
U.S 441 Bypass. Last year saw attempt, which it definitely ended said the Georgia Department of the light installed. Freshman
but to the entire community,”
the creation of one of the first up being.” Transportation is looking into the Nick Flame said he believes a
petitions for the light. said Mikayla Gallo, a senior
Watt’s petition accumulated matter. traffic light at the West Campus
Freshman Sydney Watts, over 14,000 signatures. It included “They are discussing financial entrance would not only make the who travels to West Campus
resident of West Campus at the background information about the aspects of the light, along with intersection safer, but also help multiple times a week. “That is
time, said she felt the need for area and stated why a traffic light meeting with the Milledgeville the flow of traffic. something GCSU and the city of
a traffic light was urgent. She was necessary. authorities and residents to see “A majority of the people that Milledgeville should be deeply
created a petition which caught In the comments, hundreds how destructive the area is and live at West Campus are freshmen, concerned with.”

Date: Jan. 12
Case: A bicycle was reported stolen from a GC dormitory by a student who left it
chained outside the dorm over winter break. The worth of the bicycle estimated to
be $100. A colleague of Officer Davis referred him to a separate case in which a
bicycle matching the same description of the one stolen was confiscated. The GC
student identified the bike as his, and it was returned to him. Four warrants were
placed on the individuals believed to have stolen the bike.

Date: Jan. 13
Case: Officer Powell found a GC student lying on an embankment while
patrolling the area of Greene St. and Liberty St. Officer Powell approached the
student, finding him unresponsive. After conducting a sternum rub, the student
woke up and told the officer his name. The student consented to a breath test and
registered a .242 BrAC. Dispatch called EMS to the scene, who arrived shortly
after to transport the student to Oconee Regional Medical Center. The case was
referred to Student Judicial.

Date: Jan. 13
Case: A GC student was arrested in a residence hall for the underage possession
of alcohol and public drunkenness. The woman entered the dorm when another
student accessed it with a Bobcat I.D. Officer Braumuller received a call
concerning the woman stumbling around trying to find her dorm room. When
Officer Braumuller made contact with the woman, he realized she thought she
was in a different residence hall. He arrested the woman and transported her to
the Milledgeville Police Department for detention. The case has been referred to
Student Judicial.

Date: Jan. 26
Case: The fire alarm of a GC residence hall sounded at 8:45 p.m. on Jan. 26.
Public safety officers responded to the call. When the “all clear” was given, the
officers were asked by a community director to accompany her to a room to handle
several policy violations. The officers found that a vape, which was in that room,
triggered the alarm. Additionally, the officers found four handles of alcohol. Three
of the containers were empty and the fourth was half-full. The residents were
contacted and informed that they were going to be referred to Student Judicial.

Michael Campagna, Co-Sports Editor

February 1-7, 2017 Steven Walters, Co-Sports Editor

Ada Montgomery / Senior Photographer

_______ works on the fundamentals of bunting a good pitch. The Bobcats start their season at home on Feb. 4 against Albany State University.

Mix of veterans and youth set to take the field

“They are all special, as a team really good at, I’m a loudmouth.”

Gabrielle they are unique because they are Faith Flanders, a senior,
Schwobe smaller, more tight knit, and they all also realized the importance of
get along so well,” said Grodecki. upperclassman leadership on the
The Georgia College softball team The team spent the offseason freshmen.
is set to begin their 2017 season after focused on getting faster, stronger and “My goal this season is to be a
finishing No. 3 overall in the Peach building trust and chemistry with each leader for this team, both offensively
Belt Conference last season. other. Bernstein acknowledged that and defensively,” said Flanders. “I
Head coach Jamie Grodecki comes her role on the team as an outfielder also will be taking on the title of
into the 2017 season, her seventh will also include a leadership role this
pitcher, which I haven’t done since
season at Georgia College, with a new season.
freshman year.”
motto for the team. “This season taking on the
Last year, Flanders led the Peach
leadership role is important, teaching
“This season we are living by the Belt Conference with 55 RBIs
motto, ‘One’,” said Grodecki. “One at “They are all spe- and is preparing for success on
cial, as a team they
a time, one pitch, one bat, one game.”
are unique because the mound this year.
This year, Grodecki has recruited they are smaller, Overall, the team goal is
six new freshmen to the team, more tight knit, to be in the Top 3 or 4 in the
and they all get
including Sutton Long and Amber
along so well.” conference, which would put
Coy, who Grodecki foresees to get them in the postseason.
playing time early in the season. Jamie Grodecki, The Bobcats will kick off
Head Coach
“Coach does a phenomenal job of their season at home where they
recruiting,” said Danielle Bernstein, will face off for a doubleheader
an outfielder and senior. “Not only against Albany State University
are these girls good players, they are on Feb. 4 at 12:30 p.m. and 2:30
good people.” p.m. They will follow it up with
The team spent the offseason them how to play the outfield well, another doubleheader against Queens
focused on getting faster, stronger and teaching them communication,” University on Feb. 5, with game 1
and building trust within each other. said Bernstein. “That’s one thing I’m starting at 4:30 p.m.

Bobcat athletes compete for academic success

“Cross-country girls would have the highest GPA, but
Huang this is the first year we didn’t, so when the results came out Team GPA
@gcsunade we said ‘What! What happened!’ It’s definitely something Leaders
talked about within all the teams,” said Rebecca Winslow,
Georgia College athletes engage in a friendly 1. Women's Tennis 3.63
junior and Spanish major.
competition for academic superiority every year. This past 2. Men's Cross-country 3.57
Athletes are continuously working hard both on and off
semester, the tennis team posted a GPA of 3.63, the highest 3. Women's Cross-country 3.54
the courts to be successful in both sports and academics. 4. Softball 3.484
among all GC sports teams. Rounding off the top three “This school as a whole is very competitive 5. Soccer 3.482
were men’s and women’s cross-country, taking second academically. That aligns well with what the athletic 6. Volleyball 3.38
and third, respectively.. department focuses on, which is creating student-athletes 7. Baseball 3.11
“The girl’s tennis team have been at the top for the last 8. Men's Tennis 3.07
that can do well for society when they graduate,” said
10 to 15 years,” said head tennis coach Steve Barsby. “It’s 9. Golf 2.94
Weston. 10. Women's Basketball 2.87
fun and it’s what we are all about.” One such athlete is Macy Polk, a senior chemistry major 2.80
11. Men's Basketball
Trophy recognition for team GPAs only started a with the highest GPA on the tennis team.
few years ago. Now, teams are awarded for the previous Polk said that after graduating, tennis would be played
something after this,” said cross-country
semester’s GPAs at the following semester’s Welcome as a recreational hobby.
Back Picnic. runner Brian Skoglind, sophomore and
“Personally I put more focus on schoolwork because
“Cross-country and tennis are usually at the top, but the physics/math double major.
my goal is to reach medical school. I always have put
other sports are always improving,” said assistant athletic academics ahead of tennis,” said Polk. The academic success of GC’s athletic department has
director Al Weston. “I think every team would love to have Other GC athletes also place strong emphasis on been a team effort.
a trophy to have.” academics over sports. “We typically perform better than the student body in
When tennis beat women’s cross-country, members of “School comes first. I know I’m not going to become general, which is rare for a athletic department to do. We
the cross-country team were shocked. a professional athlete, so I have to be a professional in are very proud of this,” said Weston.

Sassy Cats finish Top 10 in national competition

Ada Montgomery / Senior Photographer

A group of Sassy Cats dancers preform a halftime routine at a GC basketball game. The team will compete in the PBC Championships in March.
The team competed in the open paint and fur although our routine us passing and said y’all did different than what they brought
hip-hop division and brought was simpler this year but it was great and that was such a cool to the national competition.
Fletcher a very different routine than in more of what UDA wanted,” moment,” Moore said. “It was so “We are so excited for Peach
@gcsunade years past. The team dressed in Hulfish said. different that so many
Belt because last year we took
fur and red face paint. The Sassy Cats people noticed it and
home first. Peach Belt for us is so
The Sassy Cats dance team “It was an intense dance. It accomplished noticed we were
different than UDA,” Hulfish said.
finished in the Top 10 in the UDA was way different than anything their main good.”
I’ve ever done or seen before and goals of The team “UDA is more intimidating and
National Championship, held Jan.
the judges really, really liked it standing out will perform there are so many amazing teams
13-15 at the ESPN Wide World of
so that was the good part,” said from the at halftime that have way more resources than
Sports in Orlando, Florida.
Kamie Hartley, sophomore and other teams for the rest of we do. For Peach Belt we are put
“We did not expect it. I only
special education major.. and putting the basketball on an even playing field so we’re
packed one pair of eyelashes,
Teammate Corinne Hulfish, Georgia season and will
one Powerade and one pair of competing against schools that are
sophomore and management College on the also compete
socks that matched the costume. very similar to Georgia College
major, agrees. map since they at the Peach
I had all my stuff and backpack so it almost feels more rewarding
“For UDA they want stuff that were the only team Belt Conference
for Disney ready,” said Ansley is really hard hitting and almost from Georgia competing. Championships in March. that we are with our peers and we
Moore, senior and early childhood intimidating and we were pretty “The parents of the dance team They will bring jazz to the feel more comfortable, so we’re
education major. scary rolling up in our red face that took first in our division saw competition, which is a little looking forward to that.”


Women’s Tennis Baseball Men’s Tennis Women’s Basketball Softball
vs. Brenau Ohio Valley vs. Morehouse at North Georgia Bobcat Kickoff
1 p.m. tournament begins 12 p.m. 1:30 p.m. Tournament
6 p.m. 12:30 p.m.
Men’s Basketball 2:30 p.m.
at North Georgia
3:30 p.m.

Monica Klinkmueller, Asst. A&E Editor

Febraury 1 - February 7, 2017 Mary Kate Conner, A&E Editor

Songs, sonnets, and stand-up

On Jan. 24, Luke Travis said. inclined at GC, but the
Travis, sophomore and The night was filled with amount of stages and
theatre major, hosted 15 acts in total, alternating outlets for that artistic
an artistic platform from original works of ability is abysmal,” Landon
production called “Muse” poetry to stand-up comedy. said. “So any opportunity
at Blackbird Coffee, the At the end of the show, for people to come together
first of a monthly series. Travis asked if any audience like this and share their art
At the event, performers members felt brave enough is sacred.”
of all types were given the to participate in sharing any The night concluded
freedom to express their form of artistic ability they with a few audience
creative works on stage had with the audience. members having the
with complete control and “I didn’t realize that courage to share their own
encouragement. this community was sorely creative works on the spot.
“Muse is a collaborative lacking the expressionism “What’s really special
production of four minute that should come with the about college is it’s the only
performances of all artists, college experience,” said time you will be with this

whether you be a poet, audience member Andy many people that are like

musician, comedian, actor, Stanesic, junior and theatre you,” Landon said. “That’s

playwright, whatever you major. “Luke Travis really kind of what this is - being

are,” Travis said. sought that out and brought around people who are

Travis created the it to Blackbird Coffee for like you because they are

concept after witnessing a everyone to enjoy.” so drastically unlike you.”

Muse is hosted every
similar format over winter Allison Esposito, senior Pierce Maugans/ Staff Photographer
fourth Tuesday of the month Allison Esposito (above) shares a personal spoken word performance.
break, and pitched the idea and exercise science major,
at 7 p.m. in the basement of (Below) Summer Mccormack and Alex Billmayer perform a cover of
to Blackbird Coffee owners delivered an emotionally-
Iona and Jimmy Holder. charged solo piece that she
Blackbird Coffee. “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”
“I wanted to create wrote and performed.
this platform for different “I think ‘Muse’ is really
kinds of artists to express important because it’s a
themselves because you safe space for people to
don’t always get that express themselves in any
opportunity as often as you way they deem artistic,”
would like,” Travis said. Esposito said.
Travis said that what Nick Landon, senior and
most inspired him to create rhetoric major, rocked the
the event were the talented house with his guitar and
people around him that are vocal combo, sending the
always creating art. audience into a frenzy of
“I recognize their talent, singalong laughter and fun.
and I want everyone else to “I think Milledgeville
realize how important and has a lot of very talented
impactful their pieces are,” people that are artistically

Broken Not Beaten

A night of community and vulnerability with Jordan Lee

Photo courtesy of Avery Kronz

Monica the gospel and building relationships, even though that is in connecting and communicating with girls at college
Klinkmueller not what her college major defines her as. campuses across the country.
“I get the lingo, I get the trends, I’ve lived it, so it’s not “You can inspire people all day long, but if you are not
On Thursday, Jan. 26, Georgia College’s Wesley
foreign to me. Yes, you can lead, but you can also lead as helping them break chains, if you are not coming alongside
Women’s Ministry hosted Jordan Lee, a Christian blogger
a friend and I think our society forgets that because we them and saying ‘hey, we are going to do this together,’
and writer who travels to college campuses to build
like to elevate people, but let’s elevate God,” Lee said. “I then long-term, you are not doing anything,” Lee said. “I
communities and connections between women.
want to relate to the girls because I do relate to the girls,
don’t look at myself as a preacher or even a speaker, but
After starting out as an Etsy shop owner who specialized
not because I am trying to create this relatability. I actually
if I can cultivate that community then I call that a win in
in lettering and calligraphy, Jordan Lee transitioned into get it; I get what the girls are going through.”
my book.”
writing and speaking, ultimately finding her passion while Lee started speaking in November 2015 when she
at Indiana University. A recent addition to Lee’s blog is The Sisterhood, a
spoke at a church in Florida. Soon after, Lee found herself
“God really challenged me. I think I have a strong voice, resource for girls to not only learn more about the gospel
speaking at events in the Indianapolis area, San Diego and
and I love people, and He really challenged me to use that. but also to provide an opportunity to meet and connect
Butler University in fall 2016. It was then that Lee realized
I started blogging not really thinking it was going to be with other girls that live near them.
that she could relate best to high school and college-aged
this big thing,” Lee said. “I don’t call myself a speaker, women. “When you are on a big college campus, it is easy to
even though that is what people are calling me. The way “I think both high school and college ages, those are feel isolated. Though it is not designed to give girls their
I look at it is I am a mouthpiece for the Lord, and I think really big growing periods for girls,” Lee said. “I want to next best friend, it is designed to give them a place to turn
we all are.” empower the girls to disciple each other.” to when they need some resources to help them grow,”
After graduating with a degree in Health Administration, Lee sees college-aged woman as her peers, an age Lee said. “The intention is to connect people, and it’s the
Lee found her passion in connecting with people, sharing group not far from her own that gives her a special outlook same theme among everything: it’s building sisterhood.”

Jordan Lee (top and above, center) spoke to the women of Georgia College about accepting flaws, being vulnerable and coming together as a
supportive community of women.

Bobcats in the kitchen

“My favorite thing about the cold One of her favorite recipes is taco soup GC students said that they discovered
Amy weather is coming inside after being made in a crock pot. their recipes from many different places,
@gcsunade freezing cold and sitting by a fire with some “I love how easy it is to make and it’s but especially from the internet.
hot coffee,” said Rylee Harris, a junior and so good. It’s warm and I just love making “I mainly look on Pinterest for recipes,
Comfort in the winter can take different
sociology major. it and then sharing it with my friends,” but lately I have been into watching “Tasty”
forms: a warm blanket and a good book, a
Though winter came a bit late this year, Wilson said. videos on Facebook,” Harris said. “It’s kind
furry friend or a hot cup of coffee. When GC students said that has not stopped them Rylee Harris’s favorite recipe, potato of my guilty pleasure.”
the weather gets colder, some people seek from indulging in their favorite winter soup, also utilizes a crock pot. Wilson said she gets a lot of recipes
comfort indoors with their friends or a good comfort foods. “It fills your stomach up quickly and it from her family, but she does consult the
movie to escape the dropping temperatures. Senior and public health major Caylee makes a lot so you have so many leftovers,” internet for advice as well.
College students like Rylee Harris, a Wilson said different kinds of soups Harris said. “One of my favorite things is to get
junior and sociology major, are familiar comfort her most when the temperature For senior and biology major Matthew recipes from Pinterest and make my own
with food’s mysterious healing powers. begins to drop. Brady, homemade grits are his favorite recipe out of them,” Harris said.
Sometimes after a tough exam or a long “They are the best way to curl up and comfort food. Want to make these students’ comfort
day at work, the best solution is to whip keep warm and are super easy to make,” “I made it up on the fly but it’s amazing,” foods for yourself? Check out the recipes
up something warm. Wilson said. said Brady of his recipe. below.

Crock Pot Potato Soup Homemade Grits

2 cups of grits
1 lb. ground beef or turkey Brown hamburger meat 2 quarts of half and half
1 can black beans Spray crock pot 1 quart heavy cream
1 can sweet corn Put browned meat, canned ingredients and Salt and pepper to taste
1 can petite tomatoes taco seasoning in pot
2 cans chicken broth (14 oz) Cook on high for 4 hours (8 hours low) Pour half and half and heavy cream into a pan and
1 packet taco seasoning Add cream cheese and cheddar 1 hour before bring it to boil
1 cream cheese eating Add grits and stir continuously
Sharp cheddar Add salt and pepper before serving Once thickened, add salt and pepper

Crock Pot Taco Soup

Chop up 3-4 potatoes, 1 onion and 6 strips of
cooked bacon
Toss in a crock pot with 2-3 cups of chicken broth
and 1 package of shredded cheese
Cook on high for 3-4 hours (6-8 hours on low)
Add chopped up cream cheese one hour before

New interns amp up English department

assistant, said she is grateful to have them “The Black Market Creative Slam radio know a lot about each other’s writing.
Gabi around, especially since they are setting the is our baby,” Peterson said. “We came up “Leslie is all poetry and fiction. Her
Schwobe stage for other interns in the future. with the idea, but weren’t really planning work is so mysterious, but yet you love
@gcsunade “Emi and Leslie are the first of their on being the DJs, but I guess someone had it. It almost reminds me of Alice and
The life of a college student can be kind,” Caron said. “They have great ideas to do it.” Wonderland,” Exner said.
hard enough between balancing a rigorous and have done a wonderful thing for us. Peterson said that anyone can come on “The best way to describe Emi’s
academic schedule, extracurriculars, jobs They are setting the stepping-stones for and read their work. It does not matter the writing is earthy, absolutely no romance,”
and a social life. Students can feel like years to come.” genre -- poetry, fiction, nonfiction, even Peterson said. “She’s not afraid to talk
they are being pulled in a million different They have introduced social media parts of screenplays. Listeners can tune in about situations that matter, like race and
directions. This balancing act is not for to the creative writing department with to WGUR 95.3 Tuesday evenings at 8 p.m. feminism.”
everyone, but two young women in the hopes of connecting more people to the The two girls said they have spent a They both said they are striving for a
English department are killing the game. major. They even took it one step further lot of time together starting up this intern future in writing. To them, all of this hard
Emi Exner and Leslie Peterson are by creating a radio show. program, which means they have come to work as interns is rewarding because they
seniors and English majors here at Georgia are constantly working towards this long-
College. Their day-to-day life is hectic. Not term goal.
only do they have classes to go to every Peterson said she hopes to continue
day, but they also work part-time and intern what she does now: writing and editing
for the creative writing program. and getting her work published. Exner said
When they aren’t writing their own she would like to start out editing, but her
pieces and submitting them to magazines main goal is to become a screenwriter.
for publication, they are encouraging other For the rest of the semester, they said
English students to do the same. they plan to continue to get more people
“We are constantly bugging the younger involved with writing and to set up a solid
students to submit their work, we’ve even pattern for the new interns to know exactly
made a bulletin board to show how and where to pick up in the fall to continue their
where to submit their writings,” Exner said.
Laura Caron, an MFA administrative
Emi Exner Leslie Peterson legacy. Gabi Schwobe/ Staff Photographer

Q: If a tornado Corey smith with

Muscadine bloodline
touched down,
what would be
the first thing you
would save?
Compiled by Wellsley Kesel

feb. 4, 2017.
Doors open at 7 pm.
show starts at 8 pm.


“I would save the necklace my IN MACON
“My leftover Domino’s pizza, brother got for me when I was
hands down.” ten years old. You can replace
- Cecelia Christian, junior electronics, but not meaningful
- Maddie Drives, freshman with raw Gems

feb. 16, 2017

“I would definitely save my phone, so if
doors open at 7 pm.
I got lost I could call someone. I would show starts at 8 pm.
also use it to let my family know I was “The one thing I would save would have
safe.” to be my laptop. My whole life is on $20 in advance.
- RJ Gardner, sophomore there and I would be lost without it.” $25 at door.
- Anne Marie Dolgetta sophomore

February 1 - 8, 2017 Mary Kate Conner, Editor

A note from the section editor

In this time in our history, it has never been more important to have a platform for voicing
opinions, a space to wail at injustice, an area for producing a ripple of change with words.
And so I am proud to reintroduce the editorial section. It never really went away, but this
is the official rebirth. If you have thoughts on something that you would like published,
then send us your editorials, poetry, short stories, cartoons - we’ll take it all. We are thrilled
to have a space to share them. Please send all articles to

A journalist’s promise
During the customary name- a certain standard of accuracy.
McClure, year-major introductions at a The fact that President Trump’s administration
News Editor recent campus event, another considers journalists to be a threat means that we’re
student told me that my career as a journalist is about to get doing our job right. These days, our profession can
a lot harder. Without hesitation, I told her that I welcome almost measure how well we’re performing our duties
the challenge and am going to make sure that journalism by how angrily Trump tweets about us.
remains healthy and vibrant during the next four years. We must remember that we are members of the only
The recent social media crackdown on various profession specifically protected by the Constitution’s Bill
government agencies and President Trump’s obsession of Rights, which means we are not allowed to get lazy. We
As a journalist, I care a great deal about everything that
with the media have made me realize that my career will cannot relax our standards of reporting or get discouraged
goes on around me. I also believe that our readers care, and
indeed be difficult in the coming years. However, the by the opposition.
that the malice toward the media expressed by the most
circumstances that make this job difficult also make it I take my job as The Colonnade’s news editor extremely
powerful person in our nation is not the case in the hearts
that much more important. seriously.
and minds of America’s average citizens.
We live in a dangerous post-truth era. Fake news As a small paper with hyper-local focus, most of our
This is my promise to the public I serve: I will not stop.
circulates online, spreading false facts on which some stories focus on interesting campus events and GC’s
people have based taking deadly action. faculty and student success stories. But every once in I will not stop asking questions. I will not stop following

In a time when the White House press secretary awhile, we at the news desk have the opportunity to dig the money and paper trails. I will not stop holding those

counters the media’s evidence with “alternative facts,” deeper and pursue investigative stories that deal with in power accountable for what happens on their watch.

the need for credible, qualified journalists is becoming controversial subjects. I am proud to call myself a journalist, and I’m not afraid

increasingly urgent. Average citizens, no longer sure In both cases, however, we know the equal importance to investigate the messy subjects. I’m going to keep on

what information they can trust, need to be able to turn of in-depth reporting, verification of facts, and reliable doing what I do, because the more I’m challenged, the

to respectable publications and believe that they uphold sources. better I understand how to fight for the truth.

The Colonnade is seeking editorials, letters to the editors, creative writing
pieces, cartoons and any other shouts of opinion that you may want heard.
Please send to
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