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31/01/2018 Student Document Services

York University
Letter of Recommendation

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Name: Pedro A. Guimaraes Rocha

Student Number: 216497893
Program applied to: Faculty Of Graduate Studies, M.A.Sc., Civil Engineering
Session: Fall 2018

1. How long have you known the applicant and in what capacity? How well do you know the applicant?
Six years, at the IFS. I was his professor and his academic research advisor.
2. Please indicate your rating of the applicant in terms of the following attributes. We are interested in the applicant’s
academic ability, scholarly promise and ability to successfully complete an intensive program of research and study. The
comparison group should consist of applicants at a comparable stage in their academic career.
Demonstrated academic ability Outstanding Top 2%
Academic potential Outstanding Top 2%
Originality/creativity Outstanding Top 2%
Oral expression Outstanding Top 2%
Written expression Outstanding Top 2%
Initiative Outstanding Top 2%
Perseverance Outstanding Top 2%
Ability to work independently Outstanding Top 2%
Professional ability (where relevant) Outstanding Top 2%
3. The likelihood that the applicant will complete the degree is:
Very likely

4. How likely is it that the applicant would be accepted into a comparable program at your institution?
Very likely

5. How likely is it that you would agree to supervise the applicant’s thesis/dissertation, if you have common research
Very likely

6. Please add any further comments that you wish to make about the applicant.
 ã€ã€ã€I met Pedro in 2012, the year I started as a permanent professor at the Federal Institute of Sergipe. Since the first class, I felt
he was a very dedicated student, who tried to overcome himself all the time. For those and many other characteristics I classify
Pedro as an excellent student.
 ã€ã€ã€I was Pedro’s professor in three courses: Reinforced Concrete I, Reinforced Concrete II and Theory of Structures II (known
as Hiperestática here in Brazil). It is important to highlight, then, that Pedro always obtained the highest grade in the class.
 ã€ã€ã€When I was his professor of Theory of Structures II, I could realize his talent for the area of structures since Pedro presented
a capacity of comprehension of physico-theoretical concepts in a high level.
 ã€ã€ã€In 2014, Pedro travelled to start his exchange studies at the University of Ottawa as part of the Science Without Borders
Program; While in there, he attended courses such as Reinforced Concrete, Timber Design, Steel Structures, and Finite Element
Methods in the area of Structural Engineering. Besides that, he participated on two research that involved experimental and
numerical analysis at the Structural Laboratory at the University of Ottawa.
 ã€ã€ã€When he came back, I invited him to be the head researcher of a scientific project I was conducting that is entitled
“Numerical Analysis of the influence of the soil-pipe system relative stiffness and the mechanical behavior of buried pipes”. This
research required the usage of a Finite Element Methods software (Abaqus), which we all know it is not a course taught on an
undergraduate program.
 ã€ã€ã€I was petrified because I knew it would not be easy to supervise a student to conduct that research. However, to my
delightfulness, as beforehand mentioned, Pedro already knew the method and the software Abaqus. Therefore, I decided to
sponsor him.
 ã€ã€ã€The result of this cooperation was extraordinary. Pedro was able to finalize the research with honours that surpassed the
initial objectives. This corroborates the fact that the article submitted at CILAMCE was accepted, presented and published on a
scientific journal. Furthermore, this paper won the second prize on the Agustin Ferrante Award, that awards the best scientific
papers of that convention.
 ã€ã€ã€Even after the finalization of the project, Pedro continued researching on the topic. The results came across as he presented
the final paper at the EMI International Conference (ASCE). In addition, the paper was also published at an International Journal.
 ã€ã€ã€As a result, I recommend him to your Masters program, I have no doubt that he will effectively contribute with your Program. I
am certain you will be proud of having welcomed him.
7. Information about referee
Name MarcÃlio Fabiano Goivinho da Silva
Position Professor and graduate manager. 1/2
31/01/2018 Student Document Services
Department Civil Engineering - COEC
Institution Federal Institute of Sergipe - IFS

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