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Donkey of the Day

Bless Monique, Curse Lenny; You know who you are, the Donkey. Thank you Monique,
You ended it like you should have begun the interview. “House Nigger”, that's what he
is. For the “Massa”, is why he did it. You should not be surprised.

First the Jackass wants to be “Charlamagne”, Not Nelson Mandela or Mandela the GOD,
or Malcolm the GOD, Henrik the GOD. Not even TUT the GOD; He chose a “European”
name. Those people have been the curse upon black people for hundreds of years.
“Charlamagne” does not represent anything other than that which Constantine, John,
Paul, Mark, Caesar and other roman leaders or popes. Lenny Chose this.

Second, when someone that is “supposed” to be Black choses the European version of
events, then Monique, you have to understand that 'that' nigga is just that: the House
Nigger. For Master Hollywood, Hollywood or Disney. Radio Hosts is all about “Radio”
or “Ratings”. The House Nigger actually affixed your resume to Donkey of the Day for
his paycheck, or Horus. He simply sold you out like many Black people, men especially.

He didn't even say, “Okay, how about five million or half as much?” No he stuck to
'Massa' script. Lenny did no research at all. This, is the “Radio” part. Listen Monique,
it is a bad situation when you are amongst people of “color” and they start talking
chinese on you, and you never been.

Now third, Urbnstand this. You can never explain to people like Lenny
that racism and sexism is wrong. You can't explain to Billy Graham that
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was right. The Laws of Jim Crow should be
changed. You can't get people like Lenny; that is not ignorance. It is
the sound of descendants from Ethiopia. The Nile, cashing in on you.
What you are hearing, Monique is the sound of cash regusters, bills
being paid at the cost of a soul.

Monique, “We”, love you. This “black” as hell man, cannot stand a “Black” woman.
What is worst or more; It is shameful that white people can give our peoples money to
“lie” against one another, degrade one another: without any substantiation, only the
script they are given to earn money. Which represents nothing; to attempt to bring
down someone trying to uphold righteousness.

So, Charles I or charlamagne, murdered people for not accepting christianity. The Fake
“religion” stolen from Ethiopia-The Nile. They did away with Ma'at.
Charlamagne was considered protector of the “Holy” Roman Catholic Church. He
was responsible for Crowning The whores and adulterous women as “Holy” Roman
Empresses. The “Holy” Roman Empire was established under Charlamagne.

Charlamagne was known as the Father of Europe, [NOT Africa]. He was a follower of
“Saint” Augustine, of whom influenced Paul of Tarsus. The creator of those fictitious
account in what is today's Modern Day presentation of the Europeans, known as “The
Holy Bible”.

Monique, thank you for going on “The Breakfast Club” and putting those House Niggers
on blast. That was the best radio appearance by anyone in entertainment. It wasn't
“show” it was real. Keep being who you are, [not that open marriage part of the deal
you live.] But keep going and standing up for what's right.