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Lesson plan

Teacher: Gainaru Elena-Monica

Grade: 6th
Time of lesson: 50 minutes
Lesson title: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-Episode 3

Lesson aims:
By the end of the lesson, the students will:

-have studied relevant words and have understood their meaning

-have developed and practised the productive skills (writing, speaking) and
the receptive skills (listening, reading)
- have reinforced vocabulary, promoted discussion and practised language in a
particular context
- have checked the comprehension of the text; answered questions;

The board, audio-video materials, textbook, a Cube.

Skills: reading, speaking, writing, listening

Class management: individual work, pair work, group work .

Activity 1 Warm-up
Interaction Timing
Aim: To create a pleasant atmosphere and to relax the Ss
To get Ss involved in the topic T-Ss
Procedure: 2 min
1. Informal conversation, greetings
2. Check if there are students missing
Activity 2: Homework checking T-Ss 5 min
The T asks the Ss if they had homework and they are asked about
the results of their quiz about health. The Ss answer to the T’s
questions and they like when the T asks them about chocolate,
how often they eat chocolate, if it’s healthy. The T wants to make
the connection with the title of the lesson.
Activity 3: Checking the previous knowledge

Aim: to check previous knowledge by using a game: Stars T-Ss 12 min

T wants to make a short summary of the previous two episodes of
Charlie and the Chocolate factory and uses a funny method called
Stars bursting.
The T presents in front of the classroom a board with a six-
pointed star in the middle where T wrote the title of the lesson:
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
At the tip of each point of the star there are other six smaller stars
with the following words written on: Who? , Where? What?
When? Why? How? The little stars are hidden in an envelope
together with the questions corresponding to each star.
Who? -Who is the main character of the story?
Where? - Where did Charlie live and sleep?
When? -When did Charlie get chocolate?
What?–What has Mr. Wonka decided one day?
Why?-Why did Mr.Wonka close the factory?
How?-How many tickets have been found so far?

The T asks some Ss to come in front of the classroom and choose

a star, then read the question and asks his/her classmates to
answer it orally. After answering the question the S puts the stars
on the board and creates a starburst.
Activity 4 Lead in
Aim: to introduce the theme of the lesson
Procedure: T-Ss 5 min
The Ss are said to pay attention because they are going to listen to Ss-T
a new episode of their favorite story and to pay attention to the
words they are not sure how to pronounce.
The Ss listen to the story.

Activity 6 Reading 12min

Aim: To read and extract new words T-Ss
Procedure: Ss-Ss
After listening, the Ss are encouraged to take turns in reading the
story and extracting the new words.
The Ss read the text Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. The T writes on
the blackboard the unknown words and the Ss write down in their
Then T asks the class a few questions about the text to see if they
understood the plot.

Activity 6: Practice
Aim: to see if the Ss understood the meaning of the story
T-Ss 13 min
Procedure: Ss-Ss
The T divides the Ss into six groups and announces them that they
will play a game to see if they have understood the lesson taking
into consideration that they didn’t translate it.
The T brings a Cube .On each side of it there is a verb: Describe,
Sing, Compare, Talk, Explain, and Give.
Each team has to choose a representative who will throw the cube
away on the floor. When the cube stops, the T gives the S the task
for the chosen verb. The S goes back to his/her place and explains
the others what’s the task about. Each team works together and
tries to solve the task.
(Appendix 1)
After the time expires Ss have to read and the other colleagues
pay attention and take notes if necessary.

Activity 7 Homework Assignment

The Ss are assigned to write a short summary of the episode

T notes the best students with grades and congratulates them for
their participation. T-Ss 3min
The class is dismissed.
Appendix 1

1. Describe Describe Violet Beauregarde in terms of behavior and habits.


Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Charlie and encourage him using

positive imperative sentences.

Compare Charlie with Violet Beaurgarde and Mike Teavee in

terms of social status and behavior.

Explain the relationship between Charlie and his Grandpa Joe

2. TALKTalk about Mike Teavee and his reaction when the reporters
arrived at his house .

5. GIVE Give advice to Violet and Mike, using negative imperative