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Claims for commissions and certain

JURISDICTION OF THE LABOR ARBITERS OR NLRC reimbursements made by an independent
contractor. (Sara vs. Agarrado, 166 SCRA 625).
1. Cases involving claims for Employees
Compensation, Social Security, Medicare and 11. Cases filed by government-owned corporations
maternity benefits. (Article 217 [6], Labor Code). performing governmental functions. (National
Housing Corporation vs. Juco, 134 SCRA 172;
2. Issue of replevin intertwined with a labor Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System
dispute. (Basaya, Jr. vs. Militante, 156 SCRA 299). vs. Hernandez, 143 SCRA 602; PNOC-Exploration
Corporation vs. NLRC, 164 SCRA 501).

3. Cases arising from violation of training 12. Violation of labor laws which are penal in
agreement. (Singapore Airlines vs. Hon. Ernani nature. Examples are illegal recruitment cases,
Cruz Pano, G. R. No. L-47739, June 22, 1983; 122 (Section 10, Rule X, Book II, Rules and
SCRA 671). Regulations Governing Overseas Employment)
or criminal offenses or felonies committed in the
4. Cases involving claim for liquidated damages course of strikes and lockouts. (Article 264, Labor
for breach of a contractual obligation. Also the Code).
issue of liability in suretyship. (Singapore
Airlines vs. Hon. Ernani Cruz Pano, G. R. No. L- 13. Insolvency proceedings in the enforcement of
47739, June 22, 1983; 122 SCRA 671). the worker preference ordained under Article
110 of the Labor Code.
5. Cases involving issue of whether sale of
property being levied on execution was done in 14. Exercise of equity jurisdiction to enjoin
bad faith. (Asian Footwear vs. Soriano, 142 SCRA activities for purposes of compelling an
49). employer to ignore a clear mandate of the law.
(Bulletin Publishing Corporation vs. Sanchez, 144
6. Cases of contempt involving a judge of the SCRA 678).
regular court. (Tolentino vs. Inciong, 91 SCRA
563). 15. Administrative action against the licensee or
holder of authority cognizable by the POEA
7. Cases involving an injunction filed by a third which could proceed independently from the
party with the regular court against the sheriff criminal action. (Section 12, Rules and
enforcing a decision in a labor case. (Philippine Regulations Implementing the Migrant Workers
Association of Free Labor Unions [PAFLU] vs. and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995).
Salas, 158 SCRA 53).
16. Review of recruitment violation cases and other
8. Cases involving claim of employee for cash prize related cases decided by the POEA. The
offered under the Innovation Program of a Secretary of Labor and Employment has
company which, although arising from exclusive jurisdiction over these cases. (Section
employer-employee relationship, require the 1, Rule IV, Book VI, Rules and Regulations
application of general civil law on contracts. Governing Overseas Employment).
(San Miguel Corporation vs. NLRC, 161 SCRA
719). 17. Cases involving issues which do not arise from,
or has no reasonable causal connection with,
9. Cases initiated by employer against an employer-employee relationship. (Pepsi-Cola
employee for sum of money and damages for Distributors vs. Galang, 201 SCRA 695; Grepalife
cost of repair jobs made on an employee’s Assurance Corporation vs. NLRC, 187 SCRA 694;
personal cars as well as for the purchase price Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes vs. Maalat, 187
of parts and vehicles. (Molave Motor Sales, Inc. SCRA 773; Insular Life vs. NLRC, 179 SCRA 459).
vs. Laron, 129 SCRA 485).