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Online resources debunking genderism 26/02/2018, 16)55

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Online resources debunking genderism Edit

Radical Feminist
By Nandini on Friday, 5 July 2013 at 21635
Theory Group
Resources available for free online that debunk genderism, specifically trans theory. All
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members can edit this document. Please add any good resources you come across to this
file. Thanks!
Docs in Radical Feminist Theory Group
failed-politics/ Recent changes
Elizabeth Hungerford Updated about 5 years ago
Antouanetta Angelid… 9+
bound-syndrome/ Elizabeth Hungerford
Updated about 5 years ago
Katerina Marianou Ph… 1 Elizabeth Hungerford
Updated about 5 years ago
feminism/ CONTACTS
Elizabeth Hungerford
Updated about 5 years ago Chrysanthi Nigianni 1m
Updated about 5 years ago Nandini
Αµαλία Τσίπα 23m
Created about 5 years ago Chris Voniati 17m

Documenting hate speech from genderists, primarily trans lobby: People you may know See All William Dimitroff 4h

Δηµήτρης Κρανιώτης Wdeleia Hippie-Ang… 7m
(Poetics GR)
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Charlie Johns 1h Σπύρος Καρατζαφέρης
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Mike Mattan
Inge Kleine there's another one from liberationcollective: Σταθης Λαζαριδης Stavroula likes this. Lara Pellegrini
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Dimitris Napas
Inge Kleine and apparently from 1981 (weep!): http://petticoat- AVION FILMS Anna and Christos like this.
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ΠΜΣ Φιλοσοφία
Inge Kleine plus one about the 'cotton ceiling' ... which is where a hammer 1.6K people like this.
comes to mind (mine), 'cept I'm sorta against violence. (And past my bedtime)
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Inge Kleine re the above link ....... you might need a drink with that one. I
admire the feminist for remaining calm.
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Elizabeth Hungerford I added 2 links! 4

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Lisa Blank Ha! Inge Reed, When that cotton ceiling conversation started live
last March I was a Sex Pos Trans Loving Lib Fem. By the end of that Thead, I
thought "I have one ore thing I have to do I have been putting off"....
And I read Rebecca Mott's blog. From start to current day. And I drank a lot of
Jack Daniels. And my cognitive dissonance slapped me the fucking face so
fucking hard I was in a daze for a week.
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Lisa Blank And when I came to, I said "fuck it. I'm one of those asshole
Radfems. Goddess protect me."
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Online resources debunking genderism 26/02/2018, 16)55

Lisa Blank lol 1

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