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1. Name (State full name and any former names used) Charles S.

2. Age 48
3. Education (List schools, years attended, and degrees received) Michigan State University
'88-'92 DePaul College of Law '93-'96
4. Current occupation and employer Circuit Court Judge, State of Illinois
5. Current hometown, and neighborhood if Chicago. If subcircuit candidate: How long have you
lived there? Grew up in Troy MI. Currently reside in Roscoe Village and have lived here for 9
years. I am running in the 6th Sub circuit and have resided here 9 years.
6. Work history (List with years) ​'97-'98 Cook County Public Defender's Office; '98-'99 State of
Illinois Clerk to Justice Judith Koehler; '99-2017 Charles S. Beach, PC and Stan Wilcox and
7. In what areas of law do you have experience? Criminal
8. List your bar association memberships. Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers,
Women's Criminal Defense Bar, ISBA, CBA LAGBAC
9. List all professional, business, fraternal, scholarly, civic, charitable, or other organizations to
which you belong. Ex President of Hamlin Park Neighbors and Board member for Lathrop
Community Partners
10. Describe your civic involvement. I was President of Hamlin Park Neighbors, President of
Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, board member at Lathrop Community
Partners, 6 time chair of the Chicago Bar Association Traffic Law Committee
11. Describe your current and former political involvement. I am currently running for Judge.
12. Have you run for judge before? When and for which seat? No
13. List your published writings, with dates and with links if available. Illinois Institute of
Continuing Education (IICLE) Practice and Procedure in the Chicago Traffic Center 2016,
2013, 2011, 2009, 2003
14. Why do you want to be a Cook County judge? I have spent 21 years standing in the well of
Cook County courtrooms defending the citizens of Chicago. I believe that experience has
given me the knowledge and skill to be an effective and fair judge. Further, my temperament
and belief in the fundamental dignity of all people allows me to make decisions in a true
vacuum. I am not beholden to law enforcement nor political interests. I believe in
transparency and fairness in the courtroom above all things.
15. What are the most pressing issues facing the justice system and why? The justice system has a
credibility problem and the election and appointment of good judges are key to restoring
confidence. For to long, we have chosen judges not based upon skill or experience but by
name or political affiliation. This has led to judges who don't respect the importance of the
oath and calling of a judge and ultimately we see judges who commit criminal acts or fail to
honor their oath. The result of failing judges is a crisis of credibility for the judiciary and
without credibility the judiciary has no power.
16. How will your experiences help you serve as a good judge? I have seen every side of a criminal
case and have watched good cops and bad cops as well as lying defendants and innocent
defendants. I understand how this effects the public and the judiciary.
17. What do you wish voters knew about you? That I love being a judge, but I do not enjoy
politics. That as a person I welcome conversations and enjoy healthy debate but despise
deception or the bending of the truth to fit an objective. Most importantly, our credibility as a
person is our strongest asset and I cherish my credibility above all things.