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Injustice Watch Questionnaire - 02.11.18
1. Name (State full name and any former names used)
Anthony C. Swanagan

2. Age

3. Education (List schools, years attended, and degrees received)
St. Ignatius College Prep, 1973-77
Northwestern University, 1977-81, B.S. in Journalism, 1981
University of Chicago, Law School, 1981-84, J.D. 1984

4. Current occupation and employer
State of Illinois, Circuit Court of Cook County

5. Current hometown, and neighborhood if Chicago. If subcircuit candidate: How long have you lived there?
Flossmoor, Illinois
I have lived in Flossmoor for the past 17 years

6. Work history (List with years)

Law Clerk, US District Court, Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division: 2010-2017
• Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman
• Judge Andrea Wood
Law Clerk, Illinois Appellate Court: 2002-2010
• Justice Jill K. McNulty
• Justice Leslie E. South
• Justice Sharon Johnson Coleman
In-house Counsel, Galileo International/Covia Partnership: 1991-2001
• Counsel
• Senior Vice President, General Counsel
• Member, Board of Directors
Prior to 1991
• Small firm and solo civil appellate practice
• Law Clerk, Justice William S. White, Illinois Appellate Court

7. In what areas of law do you have experience?
As a law clerk for judges serving in the Illinois Appellate Court and United States District Court,
my work included both civil and criminal matters under state and federal law: antitrust,
bankruptcy, consumer fraud, contract law, credit reporting practices, debt collection practices,
employment discrimination, medical malpractice, police brutality, trademark and trade secret law,
homicide, bank robbery, and drug crimes. In the District Court, I worked on all aspects of cases
from commencement to conclusion: fee waiver petitions, discovery disputes, dispositive motions,
motions in limine, jury selection, jury instructions, post-trial motions, and attorney fee petitions.

At Covia Partnership, I was hired to manage the company’s contract litigation around the country,
but my role for the company and its successor, Galileo International, eventually expanded to
include oversight of its federal regulatory matters, legal support of its human resources and
employee benefits functions, protection of its trademark rights, negotiation of its significant
contracts, supervision of its compliance with federal securities regulation, and negotiation of its

Injustice Watch Questionnaire - 02.11.18
merger and acquisition agreements. In ten years at the company, I rose from my initial entry-level
counsel position to Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary, and member of
the company’s board of directors. I was ultimately familiar with the legal aspects of all of the
company’s activities, and I believe that my advancement reflected my ability to appropriately
address whatever matters crossed my desk: from the receipt of a notice of the garnishment of an
employee’s wages to the negotiation of a securities offering worth several hundred thousand dollars
or a sale of the company for more than a billion dollars.

Upon appointment to the Circuit Court of Cook County, I began in traffic court, managing court
calls for misdemeanor and petty traffic offenses. I am now assigned to eviction court, where my
primary responsibilities involve interpretation and application of Illinois’ Forcible Entry and
Detainer Statute, Chicago’s Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance, and residential and
commercial leases.

8. List your bar association memberships.
Chicago Bar Association
Cook County Bar Association
Illinois Judges Association
Illinois Judicial Council
Illinois State Bar Association
St. Ignatius Law Society

9. List all professional, business, fraternal, scholarly, civic, charitable, or other organizations to which you
See above.

10. Civic involvement
I have been a frequent speaker in academic settings, including Loyola Law School, South Suburban
College, and at events conducted by the Just The Beginning Foundation and the Seventh Circuit
Bar Association.

11. Current and former political involvement
Outside of being a consistent and regular voter, due to the nature of my career and the ethical
constraints it imposed, I have not engaged in any political activity or played any role in a political
campaign in the past ten (10) years.

12. Have you run for judge before? When and for which seat?

13. List your published writings, with dates and with links if available.
Not applicable.

14. Why do you want to be a Cook County judge?
I have seen at close range the difference that good judges can make to litigants and advocates, and I
believe that I am well-equipped to make that difference for those who come before me.

I believe that my career path has provided me with an unusual variety of legal and personal
experiences and that these experiences have given me both a uniquely broad perspective that is
helpful for a judicial decisionmaker and the opportunity to observe and assist in judicial

Injustice Watch Questionnaire - 02.11.18
decisionmaking at close range, thereby giving me invaluable preparation for the bench. I hope and
believe that my performance as a sitting judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County in the months
since my appointment to the bench has confirmed the validity of my viewpoint.

15. What are the most pressing issues facing the justice system and why?
In both criminal and civil courts, I believe that the resource disparity between the average
individual litigant and his institutional opponent is a serious issue. Court access is more readily
available to individual litigants than their predecessors of prior generations, but the kind of justice
they receive is still dramatically different from that available to counterparts and opponents who
have greater resources and/or familiarity with the legal system.

16. How will your experiences help you serve as a good judge?
I am the child of working class parents who both sought and gained full-time employment before
finishing high school. During college and law school, I earned extra money in part-time jobs as a
warehouse worker, a janitor, a telephone salesman, an unarmed security guard, and a carpet
cleaner. I have met and worked well with people from several different countries, from many
different walks of life, and from extreme ends of the economic spectrum. My experiences have
taught me that no person or legal issue is too big to be tackled or too small to deserve my attention
and respect.

17. What do you wish voters knew about you?
That my range of legal and life experiences have prepared me to give thoughtful, patient,
respectful, and fair consideration to every party and case that comes before me.