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Name (State full name and any former names used)

Stephanie Saltouros. Formerly, Stephanie Callas

2. Age


3. Education (List schools, years attended, and degrees received)

John Marshall Law School, Juris Doctor 1993-1996

University of Missouri-Columbia, Bachelor of Arts 1988-1992

4. Current occupation and employer

Judge, Circuit Court of Cook County, State of Illinois

5. Current hometown, and neighborhood if Chicago. If subcircuit candidate: How long have you lived there?

Jefferson Park, 20 years

6. Work history (List with years)

Stephanie Saltouros, Attorney at Law 2008-2016

Solo Practice primarily engaged in both criminal and civil litigation.

Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office 1996-2008

Assistant State’s Attorney

7. In what areas of law do you have experience?

Criminal and Civil Litigation

8. List your bar association memberships.

Chicago Bar Association

Illinois State Bar Association
Women’s Bar Association of Illinois
Cook County Bar Association
Northwest Suburban Bar Association
Hellenic Bar Association

9. List all professional, business, fraternal, scholarly, civic, charitable, or other organizations to which you
Illinois Judges Association
Alliance of Illinois Judges
Jefferson Park Forward

10. Describe your civic involvement.

Prior to becoming a judge, I was a volunteer attorney for the Amicus Poloniae Legal Clinic, a division of
Chicago Volunteer Legal Services. Additionally, I served as the Vice-Chair of the Local School Council
and the Vice-President of the Arts & Education committee of the PTA at Decatur Classical School.

11. Describe your current and former political involvement.

I am a lifelong democrat and before I became a judge I was actively involved in numerous democratic
campaigns in my community. Currently, I am active in the race in which I am a candidate.

12. Have you run for judge before? When and for which seat?

I briefly ran for Judge in the 10​th​ Judicial Subcircuit in 2016 for the Garritt E. Howard vacancy but I
withdrew my candidacy.

13. List your published writings, with dates and with links if available.


14. Why do you want to be a Cook County judge?

I wish to remain a judge because of my strong commitment to public service and I am humbled by the
role entrusted to me by the Illinois Supreme Court. I believe my background as an attorney affords me the
ability to be impartial and to ensure that justice is served to all who appear before me and that each and
every person is treated with kindness and respect.

15. What are the most pressing issues facing the justice system and why?

Access to justice. We need to allow for more access to the courts by more individuals. We can do more to
ensure legal representation and access. I feel one issue that needs to addressed is that, generally, many
litigants are not able to afford an attorney and try to represent themselves. There needs to be more pro
bono lawyers in the courthouses to serve the litigants or offer some advice on how to proceed in court.
This is especially true on the civil side. More outreach needs to be done with the communities by lawyers
or bar associations to inform individuals on the mechanics of the court system. The court system and the
rules of procedure are complex and confusing and we need to work to ensure fairness at this level within
the system.
16. How will your experiences help you serve as a good judge?

I believe that I am qualified to remain a judge because of the significant amount of courtroom experience
that I possess. I have spent my entire 21-year career either in court or preparing for court. I have tried
hundreds of cases. I possess the requisite knowledge, skills, temperament, and demeanor to remain a
competent and conscientious jurist. I am able to do that because I have a sense of fairness that comes from
my experience representing parties on both sides of the aisle. I have a balanced approach as a judge
because I know what each side faces when they step up before the bench. I understand the consequences
of what happens to the parties after their case is over and how lives can be changed by the outcome of
what the judge decides. I know and appreciate the importance of reaching an informed and equitable

17. What do you wish voters knew about you?

That I have been found Highly Qualified, Highly Recommended, Qualified, and/or Recommended by all
of the Bar Associations that evaluated my credentials for my candidacy which occurred after a thorough
vetting process. Additionally, I have been endorsed by Chicago NOW (National Organization of Women)
PAC, The Chicago Federation of Labor and their 300 affiliated unions, the Democratic Party of the 10​th
Judicial Subcircuit, the 47​th​ Ward Judicial Recommendation Committee, the 45​th​ Ward Judicial
Recommendation Committee, and the 39​th​ Ward Judicial Recommendation Committee. Lastly, that I am
the only candidate in my race with judicial experience.