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Volume 51 - Issue 17

February 28, 2018
Since 1967

The Truth
About Lying

How it feels to go
a whole week telling

the truth, the whole
truth and nothing
but the truth
2 Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018


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Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018 NEWS 3

$am $ign cost $841k to install Free online
By Justin Chandler textbooks
Installing the iconic Sam the Re-
cord Man sign onto the Victoria
Public Health building cost Ryerson By Nathaniel Crouch
While Ryerson says it’s too early An Ontario service access to free
to be certain, it estimates monthly online textbooks and videos has
maintenance costs of $1,100 will be been up for 10 months and it’s un-
necessary to keep the neon sign lit. clear how many people at Ryerson
That’s $13,200 per year. are using it.
In 2011, then-Ryerson president Throughout the Ryerson Stu-
Sheldon Levy said the approximate- dents’ Union (RSU) elections, candi-
ly $250,000 needed to restore and dates campaigned in favour of using
mount the sign on Ryerson’s Student open electronic resources (OERs).
Learning Centre (SLC)—its originally The implementation of OERs was a
intended home—could be better spent key part of incoming vice-president
elsewhere. It cost more than triple to This sign cost as much as 2,805 Nintendo Switches before tax. Can we buy those next? PHOTO: SAMANTHA MOYA education Salman Faruqi’s platform.
install it where it is now. In the summer, the Ontario gov-
In a statement to The Eye, Ryer- to find the space for storage, and the history,” he added. That commitment The sign, which Ryerson installed ernment invested $1 million into
son’s Facilities Management and De- restoration. The sign was in really included budgeting for the restora- in the fall and re-lit on Jan. 10, was a free online library of textbooks
velopment department wrote, “The bad shape.” tion and re-installation about a de- originally to be placed on the SLC, based on open-source information
university undertook a rigorous re- The time delay meant the univer- cade ago. but Ryerson later decided against it. and original textbooks created for
view process to identify costs, review sity had to keep the sign in storage at The Sam sign used to be fixed to The Eye previously reported Ryerson the database. In March, eCampu-
bids, and select the appropriate ven- a monthly cost of $500. Sniderman’s Sam the Record Man worried the sign would be too diffi- sOntario gave Ryerson $438,000 for
dor with the most cost-effective job The sign was renovated to adapt music store at Yonge and Gould cult to install there and the energy it online programming and texts.
offer to restore and reinstall the sign.” it for display atop the building’s streets. The store closed in 2007 and required to run did not fit with the Grace Sutcliffe, an environmen-
The department said it’s satisfied roof. It’s perforated so wind can pass was designated a heritage site by the city’s sustainability plans for Yonge. tal studies student, said she wasn’t
with the final pricetag, which they felt through it. city. In 2008, Ryerson purchased the The City of Toronto suggested the aware of the program until she was
was reasonable. “We made the commitment to building under the condition it would Public Health building be its home in interviewed by The Eye. “This se-
“We went through a really rigor- honour the legacy of [the sign’s origi- protect and restore the sign. The uni- 2014 and construction began in 2017. mester I spent nearly $500 on text-
ous process,” Ryerson president Mo- nal owner] Sam Sniderman and the versity demolished the store and built Sign-making company Sunset Neon books and half of them are [on the
hamed Lachemi said. “It took time role the family played in Toronto’s the SLC in its place. completed the project. OER] it’s kind of maddening. Why
not tell us about free stuff?”
According to Taryn Welch, mar-

Love is fleeting. Rye email is forever keting and communications coordi-
nator for eCampusOntario, which
runs the Open Textbook Library, in
Old Ryerson emails kept getting hijacked, but now you can renew your account every year after graduation the fall semester only 5,764 people
accessed the service across Ontario.
By Emerald Bensadoun accounts forever. In 2017 approxi- According to the most recent data
mately 10,000 people renewed their available from Statistics Canada,
From unlimited Google Drive stor- access. Ontario has over 200,000 post-
age space, to having a university- So, why the change? secondary students. That’s less than
approved email address to submit to Ryerson Chief Information Offi- three per cent of students in the
employers, having a student email cer Brian Lesser said 1,170 Ryerson province.
account comes with a variety of Gmail accounts were hacked in 2014. Welch said eCampusOntario
perks for many students at Ryerson. Ryerson was “really alarmed” by hasn’t received any reports of pro-
Now, thanks to the school’s new the number of accounts that were hi- fessors using their free textbook
alumni Gmail policies you can keep jacked, Lesser said. “I kind of lost all library in their classes, but that
your Ryerson email account for my composure,” he said. “We brought doesn’t mean it’s not happening. “It
even longer after graduation. people into a room and I said ‘I don’t just may not have been reported to
Until last year, even if a student had care how busy we are—we were really our system by the faculty members
only taken one course during their busy—I don’t care. We need to figure using these texts,” she wrote.
time at Ryerson, they could still have this out and do something.’” Current RSU vice-president edu-
full access to their accounts for up to According to Lesser, hijacking oc- cation Daniel Lis told The Eye about
five years after graduating. Long after curs for two main reasons. The first a survey he’s putting out for stu-
five years had passed, many students is that inactive accounts become dents relating to the OER program.
were still able to log into to their easy prey for attackers looking to Loving that good email. “We’re going to be promoting the
my.ryerson portals, using their stu- send spam. Too much spam, Lesser survey to students this week and
dent numbers as usernames in order said, could become “dangerous” and the accounts being compromised device, thereby ensuring that even if we’re hoping students will be giving
to access transcripts, tax statements potentially lead to individuals and were older with weaker passwords. a person guesses an account’s pass- their input on OERs so that we can
and other useful bits of information. larger companies refusing to accept In the early 2000s, Lesser said pass- word, they’re still missing part of recommend an investment from the
On March 10, 2017, Ryerson’s email from the university. word requirements were much more the key to get in. university into OERs.”
Computing and Communications The second stems from people at- lax than they are now. Others, he In 2015, the number of compro- The survey will be linked to the
Services (CCS) sent a mass email to tempting to breach firewalls to gain said, were from accounts in which mised accounts Ryerson detected my.ryerson page.
students explaining they’ve changed access into an international library students were found using the same went from 1,170 to 249. In 2017, “The main introduction needs to
the five-year limit to one year with from around the world looking for password for multiple accounts, in- that number dropped to 198. come from the professors, especially
free yearly renewals for alumni. scholarly journals that are only free cluding Facebook, Yahoo and per- “Forcing people to renew their those running introductory courses.
And yes, that renewal includes the on academic databases. Lesser said sonal emails. accounts if they’re alum gives us an But in order to get the professors
infinite amount of Google Drive these hijackers are most likely stu- Since then, Ryerson has intro- opportunity to make sure that those on board, you need to have the uni-
storage space. Any student who has dents studying at universities from duced more complex password rules accounts are still being used and if versity pushing the professors to
graduated or completed a program different parts of the globe who and encouraged students to adopt they’re not will be disabled,” said switch,” Lis said.
in or after 2012 and currently has a wouldn’t be able to afford those two-factor authentication on their Lesser. “Now we’re just trying to ECampusOntario launched its
Ryerson account will automatically journals on their own. Ryerson accounts. That security reduce the attack surface and keep own survey about textbooks and
receive a renewal link via email, Upon further review, Lesser said feature requires users to log in with knocking down the number of hi- OERs on Feb. 20. It’s soliciting stu-
and can continue renewing their the CCS determined a majority of a unique code generated on a mobile jacked accounts.” dents’ opinions until March 16.
4 EDITORIAL Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018

A fashion statement
The clothes you wear mean more than you think, whether you like it or not

By Sierra Bein Wearing over-the-top tradition-
al Indian outfits, Justin Trudeau
I always thought fashion was lame. toured the country with his family.
Caring about clothing, style or any Having studied in India, I can tell
of that stuff was superficial, until I you from first-hand experience this
realized how much power it holds. is not how people dress everyday,
This past week we’ve heard non- or on many special occasions. Some
stop stories about the impacts of people online joked that Trudeau
Black Panther, including the design was wearing traditional wedding at-
of the costumes for the movie. Us- tire on a “business trip.”
ing elements from different coun- Even Gucci used Sikh turbans as
tries and ways of life was able to add part of their fall collection fashion
another layer of reality to the film. show, worn by mainly white mod-
The importance of representation is els. One tweet read, “Dear @gucci,
felt off-screen; even red carpet pre- the Sikh Turban is not a hot new
miere attendees and audience mem- accessory for white models but an
bers dressed in cultural garments. article of faith for practicing Sikhs.
“The cultural dress displayed in Your models have used Turbans as
the movie has become a transcend- ‘hats’ whereas practicing Sikhs tie
ing message that reaches beyond them neatly fold-by-fold. Using fake
the Marvel universe to resonate Sikhs/Turbans is worse than selling
in the real world,” wrote Kamille fake Gucci products.”
Coppin in The Eyeopener this week. Fashion is more than just a state-
“Countless dashiki’s are adorning ment—it’s being able to put a piece
the backs of Black people around of your identity on display. Fashion
the world like an armour infused can send a message, intended or not.
with the history and resilience of Even if you don’t care about fashion,
their ancestors.” putting thought into the clothes you
Similarly to the empowerment wear should be something everyone
that clothing can have, it can also does, because in a way that choice PHOTO: HANNAFORD VIA FLICKR

leave people feeling aggrieved. represents you. A Wakanda warrior action figure.

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Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018 NEWS 5

Time to rethink online courses Briefs
Research shows students learn better in-person than online, especially students who struggle in class
By Angela McLean Fifth-year English student Sabrina
Sgandurra prefers in-person classes.
Ryerson offers about 400 online “I learn more when someone is talk-
courses each year, and while there ing at or to me rather than reading Nothing quite
are financial and practical benefits for lecture notes,” she said. “This also
students taking them, some experts means that if someone does not learn like ACDC and
and students question their value. well by reading, online courses are
Commuters and working profes- probably not the best option.” a DIY Haircut
sionals often gravitate toward on- Wendy Freeman, the director of
line classes, but they’re also taken Ryerson’s e-learning office, said the Everyone has preferences when
by less academically proficient stu- traits of a successful online learner PHOTO: CREATIVE COMMONS it comes to the vibes of their bar-
dents. In a New York Times article, are consistent with those needed to If you struggle in class, online courses may not be the best option. bershop. Some like the retro ‘50s
Susan Dynarski, a professor of pub- perform well in a traditional class- feel while others dig the minimal-
lic policy, education and economics room setting, with some minor which sometimes makes watching Christopher said she liked the class istic shops. Apparently unhappy
at the University of Michigan, wrote differences. “They [all] need to be videos for classes difficult. in the end. However, the argument with the exactly 1.1 million differ-
that “for advanced learners, online able to make sure they build time Sgandurra’s situation is rather remains whether blended classes are ent barbershops in the GTA, over
classes are a terrific option, but aca- into their schedule to do the school unique, but there are still several is- any more effective than traditional reading week someone was report-
demically challenged students need a work,” she said. sues with online classes for those tak- classes. A 2017 paper by a group of edly playing loud music and cut-
classroom with a teacher’s support.” Students in face-to-face classes have ing them at home. four scholars from North America, ting their hair in the second-floor
Dynarski cited a study published weekly blocks to schedule around. A common obstacle Freeman including one from the University of bathrooms of the MAC.
last September in the American Eco- For online classes, especially ones in works with faculty to overcome is a Toronto, found students in blended
nomic Review, which found “taking which students don’t have to log in at lack of student-instructor and peer- classes performed “generally on-par
a course online, instead of in-person, the same time as the instructor, “the to-peer engagement. with those [in] fully in-person cours- Tony Hawk was
reduces student success and progress motivation to be self-directive is re- “When you don’t have that sort es,” with the primary benefit being
in college.” The study looked at the ally important,” Freeman said. of spontaneity and immediacy of lower cost to schools. at Ryerson,
performance of 230,000 students
at DeVry University, a for-profit
what you get in a classroom, where
you can look around the room and
Freeman said she’s helping the
university look into ways to expand
American college with sites across “If someone does not if nobody raises their hand then you its offerings, because “blended classes
the country. The students who did usually know there’s some gaps in un- can provide really good flexibil- The SLC is great for a ton of rea-
poorest in online courses were those learn well by reading, derstanding about something that’s ity for students and professors, and sons, but it’s very doubtful that any-
with low grades going in, and in the online courses are being discussed, you have to build in when properly designed, professors one has looked around and thought
case of online credit-recovery class- opportunities that allow students to can actually provide students with “It’ll really help the ambience in here
probably not the best
es—which Ryerson does not offer— ask questions and see for themselves more opportunities to engage with if I could kickflip and ollie as people
Dynarski wrote that pass rates in option” whether they understand the materi- the content that they’re learning and studied.” That was, however, the
these classes may be high, but reten- al, and do that all through the course,” with each other.” reported incident last week as three
tion rates are lower, leading to poor she said. As for fully online classes, Ryerson individuals were barred for skate-
results on future testing. In some online classes at Ryerson, The search for a happy medium president Mohamed Lachemi said boarding around the main floor of
Lillian Gong, a third-year child students do need to be logged in at has led to the rise of ‘blended’ class- the university is not actively push- the SLC. Sk8er bros, you’ve already
and youth care student at Ryer- the same time every week. This pos- es, where both in-person and on- ing to add more, but will act when claimed Vic St. Stay there, OK?
son, has taken a total of five online es a problem for students like Sgan- line evaluation methods are used. demand requires them, particularly
classes. Overall, Gong said she likes durra. She is currently in Italy, where A recent introduction to Ryerson’s within the Chang School.
being able to fit a part-time job,
internship and school work into
she expected to take Ryerson classes
online. In her experience, distance
journalism program, Making A Dif-
ference: Why Journalism Matters
For students who struggle with
online classes, there are some ways
Why not arm
her week, all while having flexibil-
ity on when she chooses to do her
education isn’t so accommodating of
distance. Sgandurra had to drop out
(JRN 344), blends pre-filmed, online
lectures with one-hour tutorials led
to make the experience easier. Gong
said she stays on track by devoting
the front desk
course modules. As a commuter,
the experience has been even more
of the philosophy course PHL 550
this semester because of the strict
by a teaching assistant to discuss the
material. Third-year journalism stu-
one day each week to the readings,
videos and discussion questions, and
beneficial. But she also found on- time demands. dent Lindsay Christopher was among by setting reminders for deadlines. Ryerson has many valuables: from
line classes to be equally if not more “This obviously did not work for the first to take the class last semester. “I find online courses can be super $300 textbooks to whatever people
challenging than in-class lectures. me, seeing as I am in a different time She found the tutorial discussions es- useful,” she said. “However, I can also keep in their offices these days. This
“It requires independence and time zone,” she said. sential in the learning process. “On- see the disadvantages with folks that was enough for someone to break
management to organize when you She added that she had to purchase line discussions just aren’t the same may feel unmotivated or need audi- and enter the third-floor MAC re-
will be completing readings and re- her own portable WiFi device with a and I get tired of typing out long, tory or more visual learning that lec- ception area. While there wasn’t a
viewing the week’s lesson.” limited and expensive internet plan, thoughtful ideas,” she said. tures would provide.” follow up on what was lost, there’s
a curiosity of why the crime hap-
pened? There’s no sweeter bounty

Rye to hire Indigenous staff
than colour-coded folders and little
Newton Cradles.

By Annie Arnone 150 campaign. One of those recom- ing, and when you start hiring, you members who were equipped with Don’t use these
mendations was the hiring of more never know about cost—we don’t PhDs to teach courses on Indig-
Ryerson University will be hiring Indigenous staff. have a number for that yet, but it is enous languages. tactics, also
six new Indigenous faculty mem- Ryerson provost and vice-presi- beyond $300,000,” he said. “These people have spent 50, 60
bers, as well as six staff member dent academic Michael Benarroch Lachemi added that this is a step years speaking the language, and
don’t do this,
positions, said Ryerson president told The Eyeopener that the school is forward for Ryerson. that’s a lot longer than a PhD would
Mohamed Lachemi. working with a “large fund” in order “We already do have Indigenous take,” McKenna said. Reports of people asking others in-
The decision comes after ample to assist the university with “Indi- faculty and staff, but this is a new Lachemi said this won’t be the side the TRSM building to join a re-
discussion surrounding Ryerson’s genizing their units.” agreement to start hiring from case during the hiring process. ligious group were later connected
Truth and Reconciliation report, He added that an additional now.” “We have staff members that do through social media to a front for
which was released by the school in $300,000 will be budgeted for hir- CESAR vice-president equity and not have PhDs at Ryerson,” he said. sex trade hirers. Don’t they know
response to a list of Indigenous peo- ing, however Lachemi says it will campaigns Phyllis McKenna previ- Lachemi did not say when hiring millennials will sleep in and forget
ples’ demands for change after the likely cost more. ously told The Eyeopener that Ryer- would begin or if the new staff will Sunday mass? Not the best advertis-
Ryerson Students’ Union’s Canada “The hiring process is just start- son said it would only accept staff be in place by the fall. ing tactic.
6 FEATURES Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018

a week
everybody lies. sometimes we do it to protect ourselves, or the people around us. But why?
writer isabelle kirkwood goes a week without lying to find out why we hold back the truth

I ’ve just called the police,” my dad says over
the phone. “Stay in that room with Basil and
Monty and be absolutely quiet.”
are much more lackluster, but all lies serve a
purpose; all have a degree of intention, de-
sign and calculation behind them. In order to
not have a 10-minute conversation without
lying at least once. My hope for the week was
to explore these motivations in my own life to
time to ask myself several questions in the
split second I had to answer him. Am I lying
to portray an insincere but more appealing
I was 14 years old, tightly nestled in a mud- measure my own honesty and get closer to the determine what caused me to tell that big lie version of myself? Well, not really. If I wanted
room between two sleepy golden retrievers reasons behind why we deceive, I went one when I was 14. to appear more cultured and desirable, I could
in my pyjamas, with a cellphone quivering in week without telling a single lie. We live in an interesting time when it probably do that through another avenue. Am
one hand. My dad was on his way back from Dr. Victoria Talwar is an associate pro- comes to truth telling. Social media inflation I lying to make him feel better? To a degree,
the office, much later than usual, around 9 fessor in the Department of Education and is at an all-time high and trust in our institu- but that’s still not exactly why I’d want to be
p.m. We were staying in a rental house in a Counselling Psychology at McGill Univer- tions and in each other is at an all-time low. I economical with the truth here. Am I lying to
particularly woody and secluded borough of sity. For 20 years, she has been studying the chose to embark on this week of honesty to make this date go smoother? Bingo!
West Vancouver. My siblings were in Hawaii social and cognitive development of children, see how many times I’d encounter lies in a There are three motivations we can use to
with my mum, so until the late hours of that including their ability to both tell and detect short period of time, and whether or not it’s assess why we lie, and this was one example.
night, it was just me and the dogs. Perhaps it lies. “Although we consider lying a positive really better to just tell the truth. “Prosocial lying is when we lie altruistically
was the typical fear an adolescent girl would cognitive development in children, we also or lie to be polite to others,” Dr. Talwar says.
have in an enormous and unfamiliar house;
perhaps it was the sinister forest outside with
its horror movie ambiance; perhaps it was
value honesty in our society,” Dr. Talwar says.
“No one wants to be called a liar, but children
and adults lie for the same reasons, it’s just the
I t was a Friday night at the Rivoli, a casual
and raucous bar in the heart of Queen West.
The Footprints were going to play live that
Many consider these to be the harmless white
lies we tell to ease social interactions and en-
sure we don’t offend those around us. That
the taxing loneliness I was feeling during that content that’s different.” night in the back room, and I was shooting Christmas gift you pretended you liked? You
spring break. Whatever it was, it caused me to Dr. Talwar says frequent lying is associated pool in the billiards hall on the second floor. lied, but it wasn’t just for your own sake. Pro-
concoct a pretty big lie. with delinquency and conditions like opposi- My opponent was dragging his feet. I sensed social lying is often informed by sentiments
Although I quickly convinced my dad on tional defiant disorder, a condition in children he was becoming increasingly dispassionate like compassion and introspection, according
the phone that someone had broken into the that is identified by a pattern of hostile and with the game as he knew he wouldn’t win the to a 2017 study from the Journal of Experimen-
house, the truth lingered somewhere in me disobedient behaviour directed at authority first round. We were set up on a blind date tal Psychology.
that no one had broken in. Shuddering at figures. by a mutual friend, and it was quite clear we A study from McGill University found
the thought of the police coming and find- weren’t finding much of a connection. that 40 per cent of children aged 11 were
ing nothing, I decided to fling open the cup- “So, what kind of music are you into?” I willing to lie for someone else’s benefit and
boards and drawers in my kitchen, to make Although I quickly croaked as he cued up across from me. their own detriment.
it appear that someone had been looking for “Mostly free jazz,” he replied. “You like One group of researchers suggest that this
something. convinced my Dad jazz?” form of deception can, bizarrely, increase
Before my dad arrived home, the police And there it was. After three vodka sodas trust in social relationships. Their findings
arrived in swaths (West Vancouver police that someone had and half a game of pool, I beheld my first en- in the Organizational Behavior and Human De-
are notorious for not having much to do in counter with the seductive inclination to lie cision Processes journal suggest intentions are
such a crime-deficient area). They searched broken into the house, to him. I wanted to tell him I liked jazz music, considerably more important than deception
the forest within a few hundred metres’ ra- but I’ve been involved with a jazz musician in for developing “benevolence-based trust.”
dius, and questioned me about what I had the truth lingered the past, and if I was ambivalent to the genre “Although prosocial lying is considered less
seen and heard. Soon, I became so irrevoca- before, I’m certainly no fan now. I anticipated negative on the spectrum of deceptive behav-
bly convinced of my own lie that I managed somewhere in me that no the speech about how free jazz is supposed to iour, it’s still not considered a positive behav-
to persuade myself, my dad and the police of sound “improvised” and it wasn’t a conversa- iour,” says Dr. Talwar. “We can teach children
my bogus story. As it turned out, the house one had broken in tion I was prepared to indulge. how to tell the truth, but also how to tell the
was rigged with at least 10 security cameras, In an age when Tinder and Bumble are truth while also being be kind.” Perhaps my
which showed me patently orchestrating my She describes a lie as “the deliberate inten- dominating the relationship scene among prediction that a week of pure honesty would
hoax, but I fessed up to my dad before they tion to mislead another person.” By the age of young people, some interesting figures have turn me into a bitch was slightly off beam. I
played the footage. I was ashamed and morti- four, 90 per cent of children have learned the emerged about our tendency to lie with our had found my answer.
fied that I wasted so many peoples’ time. concept of lying, according to research con- generation’s new courting practices. A study “If we’re talking Louis Armstrong or Frank
I can safely say this is the biggest lie I’ve ever ducted by both Dr. Talwar and Dr. Kang Lee of 1,000 Americans and Brits from the com- Sinatra, sure,” I replied to him. “The more
told in my life, and it’s quite a relief to get it of the University of Toronto. Although, they munications research organization Opinion- avant-garde stuff isn’t really for me.”
out of the way at the start, because it’s pretty found that the ability to successfully deceive Matters found that 53 per cent of people lie I tensed for his reaction. “Yeah,” he
embarrassing. I often try to think about what isn’t fully developed until age nine. on their online dating profile, with women shrugged, and he sunk a 15. “It isn’t for most
drove me to make all that up or if I knew the Based on research from the Journal of Basic reported lying more than men by nearly 10 people.” I anticipated that prosocial lies would
lie would have escalated to that degree. and Applied Social Psychology released in 2002, per cent. be the easiest to dispose of and I was correct
The untruths we tell in our everyday lives it’s estimated that 60 per cent of adults can- So, with my work cut out for me, it was in that notion. I didn’t have to become the “I
Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018 FEATURES 7
just tell it like it is” person I so loathe, but be- most toxic kind of lie, the seemingly point- being ridiculed. sism. But unfortunately, my week of honesty
ing honest and being unpleasant don’t have to less one that oozes the theatrics and attention I hit the “share” button with my heart in was concluded by a pathetic fizzle instead of
go hand-in-hand. Despite my ability to keep many people crave in their otherwise mun- my throat, astounded by how difficult it was. some grandiose climax or epiphany of truth. I
the rest of the night harmonious, there wasn’t dane lives. It had been about six months that Most of us curate our feeds so carefully that deleted the photo for the very opposite reason
a second date. he’d been dealing with this, and although to- the idea of throwing an oddball for our friends I was going to post it, to manage impressions
It’s fair to say I came across this sort of lying day wouldn’t be the first time he picked up on to see is a daunting prospect. Brimming with of myself.
most frequently during my week. Friends ask- her lying, it would be the last. She had, in fact, anxiety, mortified by how conceited or cliché
ing me “Do I look OK?” would be met with an been texting another guy. A 2011 research the post would appear, I deleted the image lies may offer
honest answer, but still a kind answer. When analysis found that the average person can within the first 45 seconds of posting it. So
my dad called and asked me if I had quit smok- spot a lie 50 per cent of the time, and although much for that. momentary victory,
ing, I told him I hadn’t but I was cutting back, Lacasse was familiar enough with her lying, The third type of lie and another major rea-
which seemed to please him more than me he had fallen victim to his own feelings. After son why we deceive is to manage how others but in the long haul,
just lying to him. Couching the truth with
sympathy is the best way to ease our social in-
seven months of dishonesty, he decided to end
the relationship for good.
perceive us or to fuel our own ego. Dr. Tal-
war calls this form of deception “impression
they only allow us to
teractions without lying. Dr. Talwar says antisocial lies are more management lying.” The truth is, we are all surrender to reality,
common in children’s development, as they salespeople; we are constantly selling an idea,
and the truth is never
T here was one kind of lie that was difficult
to come across during my week of honesty,
not because this kind of lie is the most un-
usually involve avoiding guilt when children
do something wrong. Although it means chil-
dren are beginning to develop a sense of what
an image, a projection of our identities or
lives. Social media has allowed us to further
augment that reality. Whether we embellish worth surrendering
common, but because it’s the most harmful. they should and shouldn’t be doing, mislead- a story to a group of friends or edit our Insta-
Dr. Talwar defines the second type of lying as ing others to cover up their misdeeds is a be- gram posts beyond recognition, we are all en- The experience gave me a new pair of eyes
antisocial lying, a form of deception which ei- haviour which is and should be discouraged. gaging in a collaborative stretching of truth. when I scroll through my feed, looking wist-
ther deliberately intends to cause harm, or dis- Most of us don’t lie this way on an every- We, particularly as millennials, want to fully at the beach I’m not on or the food I’m
regards causing harm to other people. As my day basis. All week, telling the truth often hold people’s attention, longing to be per- not eating. But despite the artistry of photog-
week was ending, I hadn’t found any instance resulted in a cocked neck or two from those ceived as one of a kind and exceptional. I will raphy and beauty of peeking into someone
where I would have told a lie that would hurt who weren’t anticipating honesty, but not too say lying out of narcissism seems quite com- else’s life, remember that you’re only seeing a
someone on purpose, but I was still eager to much else. monplace in the realm of American gover- spit in the sea compared to what really goes on
find out more about this lie. I decided to sit nance these days, particularly if you have a behind the posing and filters.
down with a Ryerson student who took me Twitter account. I never realized that the lies My week taught me that detecting our own
through a seven-month relationship he had am i lying to portray political figures such as Donald Trump en- instances of lying is often difficult, as un-
with a girl who notoriously told him unneces- gage in to make themselves look better has truths get lost in the minutia of conversation.
sary, hurtful lies. an insincere but more been borne out of similar forms of deception I found prosocial lying, the “jazz music” sort
Juan Lacasse* remembers a hot day in Au-
gust when he, a second-year global manage-
appealing version of we encounter in everyday life. Saying ev-
erything is “huge,” “tremendous” or “incred-
of lie, easy to miss because its intention had
principle behind it. Learning to navigate so-
ment student, was waiting with baited breath.
He was tapping his foot outside the ticket
myself? am i lying to ible,” might make it appear better, although it
doesn’t make it true.
cial situations with unremitting honesty but
also with compassion seemed to fit in.
booth of Canada’s Wonderland in Vaughan, make him feel better? We similarly tend to lie about ourselves in Secondly, I found that being honest with
Ont., waiting for his girlfriend whom he had social situations which are predicated upon regards to impression was near impossible for
not seen in a few weeks. She cheated on him
two or three times during their relation-
ship—the last time had pushed them to take a
T he day was overcast as my week of hones-
ty was coming to a close, and the highway
was roaring outside my apartment window.
assessment, such as job interviews. A 2003
study from the University of Massachusetts
examined the extent to which a job candidate’s
me. In fact, I would venture to say I failed that
portion entirely. Our society is beginning to
not only normalize, but encourage this form
break—but Lacasse was eager to rekindle their I was sitting at my desk, in my sweatpants, deception affected interview outcomes. Can- of deception. It’s adopted by our political lead-
relationship, despite her dishonesty. with my finger hovering over the little didates who lied the most were rated the most ers, espoused by our online behaviour, ob-
“I loved her,” he says, looking back. When “share” button that would post a photo of hireable, competent and likeable and were scuring the universal reality that we cannot be
she arrived, Lacasse became so enamoured, he my unmade bed, captioned with a summary perceived to be just as honest as candidates perfect.
managed to ignore her continuously glanc- of my do-nothing sort of day to Instagram. I who lied to a lesser extent. The motive to lie is Finally, I noticed that big lies we tell tend
ing at her phone throughout the day. After wanted to post an authentic Instagram pho- often hiding right in front of us. to overlap our base motivations. My lie at 14
some food and a ride on Wonder Mountain’s to, with no staging, filters or editing. I had Many psychologists and data scientists years old was an unhealthy combination of a
Guardian, his suspicion slowly began to sur- just ended a phone call with my mum, who tackle the divergence between the impec- desire for attention and social interaction, and
face. “Can’t keep track of all the boys?” he told me, “Isabelle, you want to be reporting cable version of ourselves we present on so- an urge to cover my tracks once the lie was
asked jokingly, unaware of how correct his from Afghanistan one day. I’m sure posting cial media and the soul-crushing confessions out there. Lacasse, who knew firsthand the
presumption was. one unflattering image to social media will we make to Google. Instagram, I must admit, kind of people who lie for the drama, instilled
Lacasse was dealing with the rarest but be the least of your troubles.” I was already does act as the primary channel of my narcis- in me that we must be vigilant in spotting
these kinds of lies, and calling them out.
“Learning to lie is like learning to split the
atom,” Dr. Talwar says. “Good things came of
that, but so did things we had to be concerned
Lies may offer momentary victory, but in
the long haul, they only allow us to surrender
to reality, and the truth is never worth sur-
Going forward from this week, I better
understand what my parents taught me,
that lying is usually the easiest option but
is seldom the ethical one. I have lied since
the week of honesty ended; mostly white
lies about my runtime on the treadmill or
whether the mess in the kitchen was my do-
ing. Honesty takes work, because sometimes
deciding between the truth and a lie can be
a choice between two equally undesirable
Although a week of no lying hasn’t drasti-
cally altered my truth-telling behaviour, it has
allowed me to reflect a bit more on why I tell
those lies in everyday life, whether it’s worth
the effort to lie and why the truth is rarely
worth giving up.
*Name has been changed to protect anonymity
8 ARTS & LIFE Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018

How to revitalize your sad semester
It’s only the middle of the semester and everything is garbage, try The Eyeopener’s 10-step plan to get your semester back on track
By Premila D’Sa obnoxious, but it’s going to help ing him wrong as an incentive
you for a bunch of reasons. If your and hate-studied my way through
The end of February is a sad, gross friends know that you’re grinding the course. But you can find more
time. The weather sucks, our campus hard to ace a midterm, they’ll think wholesome motivations.
is cold and ugly, and you’re probably twice before sending you distract-
almost failing most of your mid- ing Vine compilations. You can Step Seven: Ask people for
terms. It might feel like it’s too late to also get your friends to hold you help. Ryerson’s Student Learn-
fix your semester, but it’s not. Here’s accountable and make sure you re- ing Support (SLS) has a bunch of
a solid 10-step plan, tested by at least ally are home studying when you trained study specialists who can
one person (me), that will help you say so. figure out new study methods for
turn this semester around. you and help you break bad habits.
Step Five: Try to fix any- If you’re in a crunch, the SLS has
Step One: Take a cold, hard thing you can fix. There’s no online resources that can help you
look at yourself. The first step is PHOTO: DEVIN JONES point dwelling on the past—un- with math, academic writing and
the hardest because the first step is less the past is an assignment your study skills.
looking in the mirror (metaphori- Step Two: Do a juice cleanse, If you’re on a budget, try Muji’s $2.99 professor might let you re-do. Try
cally or literally, we’ll leave this up but for your life. You need to agendas or a free app like Google talking to your professors to find Step Eight: Hustle, hustle,
to you) and admitting that you’ve find the greenest, most organic Calendar. Now read through all your out if there’s any way to salvage hustle. Put on some Cardi B and
screwed the pooch. You’re not go- kombucha you can and pour it all course syllabi and mark down all the that awful essay you wrote or your make some study moves.
ing to be able to fix anything if you over your life. Time to root out all important dates (essays, tests, pre- bad midterm grade. If they’re kind,
don’t figure out what your prob- those negative influences. Friends sentations, exams). It’ll give you a some professors might give you a Step Nine: Check your-
lems are first. So grab a tea, take that pressure you to go clubbing, better idea of what you have coming supplementary assignment to help self, before you wreck yourself.
a seat, find a mirror and spend but never want to go book clubbing up to help you get that GPA back on bump up your GPA. If they give Turning around a semester is hard
some time reflecting on all the with you? Cleanse. Checking more track, and help you plan to get a head you another opportunity, don’t work, and it might mean some
ways you’ve messed up this semes- off your Netflix list than your read- start. It’s nice to know about an as- mess it up! sleepless nights. But never risk
ter. Then try to Dr. Phil yourself ing list? Cleanse. signment due date and not find out your personal health. If you feel
as much as you can and trace back about it the day it’s due. Step Six: Give yourself an overwhelmed, take a break.
to any bad habits or influences that Step Three: Get re-orga- incentive to do better. If the
may have caused you to mess up. nized. There’s no rule that says you Step Four: Throw one last satisfaction of a good GPA isn’t Step Ten: Don’t slip. Re-
Write them down! Refer back to can’t buy a planner in the middle of party to let your friends know enough to get you fired up, fig- member how painful this grind
this list constantly as a reminder to the semester. Chapters has bougie, you’re turning your life around. ure out what does! One time a was so don’t put yourself through
stop doing the things that got you aesthetically pleasing planners that Fill your friends in on your person- professor told me I couldn’t catch it all over again. Or else you’ll have
here in the first place. will get you excited about scheduling. al midterm renaissance. It sounds up on his course so I used prov- to start the process all over!
Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018 SPORTS 9

A strong eye for talent Ryerson star Aaron Armstrong has excellent vision
on the ice. Now, he’s using it as a hockey scout.
Jacob Stoller has the story
Aaron Armstrong is known for his ing to get better, and that’s what you
vision—the fourth-year Ryerson need from a leader.”
forward had 11 assists this year. But Armstrong just gets it. He does
when he’s not using his eyes to set things right, he’s the first to the rink
up his teammates, he’s using them to and he’s keen on discipline. “Aaron’s
scout talent for the Owen Sound At- probably the best teammate I’ve ever
tack, a junior hockey league team in had playing in junior or university
the Ontario Hockey League. hockey,” said Basso. “He’s all-around
“I found out a couple months ago,” one of the better people I’ve met in
said Rams goalie Taylor Dupuis. “We my life and he’s a great competitor..
were on a road trip and he had his But what makes Aaron so special?
laptop out with all these notes about “It’s just him being himself,” said
what looked like minor-midget Basso. “He’s such an amazing per-
[players].” son. He offers his hockey IQ to those
Since September, Armstrong has around him, and he doesn’t beat
been one of the Attack’s scouts for around the bush. I don’t think he’s
the Greater Toronto Hockey League ever trying to sugarcoat anything but
(GTHL) region. The GTHL is the he’s super positive when it’s time to
largest minor hockey organization be positive and a guy that you can de-
Aaron Armstrong is looking ahead to the future. PHOTO: JACOB STOLLER
in the world, and has produced NHL pend on to do things the right way,”
stars such as Connor McDavid, John learn from them.” another, and Armstrong was put The lifestyle of a hockey scout isn’t said Basso.
Tavares, PK Subban and Tyler Se- The process of becoming a scout in touch with the Attack’s General easy. It’s contingent on hockey prow- He’s disciplined, he works hard,
guin. Armstrong has been tasked began in August 2017, when Arm- Manager Dale DeGray. The rest is ess, a niche for finding hockey talent, and all-in-all, Armstrong has a smart
with the job of helping to find Owen strong reached out to a friend in the history. and separating the good players from hockey mind with a knack for sharing
Sound’s next star, and that’s some- GTHL’s hockey operations industry “It’s been great,” said Armstrong. the great ones. his wealth of knowledge. Armstrong
thing he’s grateful for. to help get his foot in the door into “I’ve been fortunate with a couple His discipline is second to none, still has time to decide on whether he
“It’s been a neat experience and the hockey executive world. The guys that have taken me under their and it’s no surprise to his teammates wants to come back for his fifth and
I’ve learned a lot,” he said. “I’ve year prior, Armstrong had attended wing and really helped show me the that he’s worn the hats of scout, play- final year. If he decides not to, at least
been fortunate to be surrounded GTHL games, but not officially with ropes, and Dale has been so gracious er and student simultaneously while he knows that he’ll still have a bright
by such smart people in the hockey a team, and he was ready to take on to me and just giving me the kind of at Ryerson. “He’s always the first guy future ahead of him.
world that I’ve just tried to take ev- a greater responsibility in terms of structure and help that I needed to at the rink,” said Rams captain Alex In other words, he’s got the mak-
erything in that I can this year, and player evaluation. One thing led to kind of get started.” Basso. “He’s always on the ice try- ings of a future hockey executive.

Ryerson taekwondo kicks some belt
Now in its eleventh year of action, Ryerson’s taekwondo club continues to teach strength, knowledge and integrity one kick at a time

Frias donated kicking pads to get the erson didn’t have enough members ticipate in local competitions divided
new team started. It was up to Frias to continue competing as a team and into age, weight and belt levels. At
to get funding for the rest of it. He had to leave the league. the end of each semester, students are
applied for sports grants, and eventu- Ashley Leong, a second-year able to do belt testing and advance to
ally secured $1,000. Ryerson students graphic communications manage- the next belt level.
pay $100 per semester to participate, ment student, joined the taekwon- The classes are open to non-Ry-
which helps sustain the club. do team in her first year because erson students as well, so Frank Lec
Frias based the club on World Tae- she wanted to get access to a gym was happy to sign up. After spend-
kwondo’s standards for taekwondo, for training. She already had a black ing decades practicing taekwondo
the same style used in the Olympics. belt and was on the Canadian na- around the world, Lec moved back
For three years, Frias ran the team tional team. to Toronto in 2012. He thoroughly
on his own, teaching beginner and After Leong had been practicing researched local clubs when he came
advanced classes every semester. It with the Ryerson team for a year, across Ryerson’s. The price ($200
wasn’t until his first round teach- Frias approached her and asked her per semester for non-students) was
ing black belt students that the team to become an instructor. Leong now affordable for him, and because Lec
A member of the club shows off her kicking skills PHOTO: KOSALAN KATHIRAMALANATHAN
gained its first volunteer instructor. instructs the Monday night classes, was the highest-ranking member at
“One of the black belt graduates, consisting of circuit training to build the time, Frias asked him to take over
By Andrea Josic nation fighting (kung fu), taekwondo who was also a very good friend, stamina and endurance for patterns, coordination and instruction duties.
focuses on the art of the foot. Brought had the gift of teaching,” said Frias. which are a sequence of non-combat- Even after five years, Lec said it’s
At 7 p.m. on a Monday, it’s not un- to Canada in 1964 by Grand Master “He helped me put together the first ive martial arts techniques. difficult to plan the club’s future.
usual for Ryerson’s campus to feel Chong Lee and Taekwondo Canada, members of the competitive team.” A national champion in patterns, Great athletes leave to graduation,
empty, but at the Mattamy Athletic the official national sport federation Leong prefers instructing patterns and schedules vary each semester, so
Centre, there are a handful of stu- for taekwondo, founded in 1981. Al- because they build more muscle, al- the turnover rate is generally high.
dents scattered around the gym. though taekwondo has been in Cana- “The goal remains the lowing athletes to be able to hold The team mostly consists of begin-
Though it may seem quiet after da for decades, Ryerson has only had same regardless of time- their kicks for a long period of time. ners, so Frias focuses on teaching ba-
hours, in the far right corner of the a team of its own for 11 years. keeping the spirit of Sparring athletes need to develop sic skills and rules of taekwondo.
gym, three members of Ryerson’s Alexander Frias was doing his taekwondo alive and true” lean muscle so they can kick faster. He strives to teach members about
taekwondo team are completing in- undergrad in aerospace engineering While team numbers and skill lev- the integrity of taekwondo, which he
tense circuit training. They’re here when he felt something missing at els fluctuate, there are currently 10 believes is more important than com-
every Monday and Thursday night, Ryerson. At the time, there were a members on the team, most of whom petition or fitness goals. Each partici-
and occasionally on Saturday morn- few martial arts programs, including In 2007, Ryerson collaborated with are beginners, Leong said. pant is different, so Frias can’t foresee
ings, building endurance and learn- karate and kung fu. So in the fall of four other Canadian university clubs “This semester there’s less stu- where the team will go in the future,
ing about the art of the sport. 2007, Frias founded the taekwondo to create the first Ontario Universi- dents,” said Leong. “It’s more rec- but he knows his way of teaching
Taekwondo can be traced back to team, creating a place for students to ties Taekwondo Competitive League reational so a lot of people are just won’t change.
Korea in the ‘40s and ‘50s. Instead of hone their skills. (OUTCL). At the time, Ryerson had doing it for exercise or to learn the “The goal remains the same re-
focusing on hand-to-hand combat Starting the club on his own was eight taekwondo athletes training basics of taekwondo.” gardless of time—keeping the spirit of
(like karate) and close-range combi- difficult. The master from the school competitively. A few years later, Ry- Students have the choice to par- taekwondo alive and true.”
10 FUN TIMES Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018

Ryerson hang-out spots “not chill enough”
By Charlie Buckley alpha was, of course, referring to
the Great Sausage Fest of 20-aught-
It’s official: Ryerson University is a four, in which a University of Ot-
school for squares. tawa delegate for the Canadian
In a public statement made in Order of Chillness forged fraudu-
front of the Student Learning Cen- lent attendance records for the
tre (SLC) on Wednesday, a local cool homecoming dance. Since then,
guy announced that Rye’s hang-out boasting about how many girls
spots are “not chill enough.” came to your party has become a
“The SLiCe is aight, I guess,” the felony in Ontario.
really chill dude said to a rowdy Despite the condemnation, Ry-
scrum of reporters, leaning on a erson’s Director of Coolness and
lectern with his leather jacket on. Youth Recruitment, Chad Brown,
His skateboard was balanced on his is remaining vigilant. Brown has
flip-flop. “But K-Hall? The SOUR been the DCYR for six years now,
building? Rammy-in-da-Rye-y? No The beach? So blasé. PHOTO: KOSALAN KATHIRAMALANATHAN and there’s nothing he hasn’t seen.
frickin’ way, man.” “If we can survive the cooties
This announcement comes amid “We’re just trying to stay ‘with strapping my backpack. It’s an over- “It’s super harsh, man, like, I get outbreak of ’13, we can survive
efforts toward quality-of-life im- it,’” Ryerson civic planner Buford the-shoulder bag, so it only has one that,” an unidentifiable, self-pro- this,” Brown declared. “Just you
provements on Ryerson campus. Pendleton said, sitting on his chair strap, but still.” claimed “ultimate chick magnet” wait, we’ll be hanging 10 and
Phone-charging stations, water backwards in what he’s calling the Despite Pendleton and com- said. “But, like, it’s my responsibil- partying down like always, before
bottle fill-stations and those hip “coolest” corner of Jorgenson Hall. pany’s valiant efforts, it appears ity as this ward’s most solid mate to you know it.”
police emergency poles are only “I try to spend two hours each day that Ryerson’s coolness offerings lay out the facts; you feel me? Ever Brown and three other Ryer-
the tip of the iceberg. In the past chillin’, just to stay in the mindset of simply aren’t enough. In the mo- since uOttawa’s gnarly dude falsified son representatives will meet with
five years, spots to “hang loose” today’s youths. I enrolled as an un- ments following his announce- records last year, the Order’s really the Canadian Order of Chillness
with your “homeslices” have been a dergrad last year just so I could blow ment, the tightest of bros expressed been cracking down on it.” later this month to discuss the
priority at Ryerson. off class. Oh, and I’m always one- his sympathies. Rye-Poly-Tech’s most tubular party-lord’s ruling.

Hibernation no more
Hibernating students woken up months early, sudden warm weather to blame
If you’re anything like me, you’re already behind on your new assign-
ments. Bad dad jokes and turning to polarizing fits of nervous laughter
have become your new sources of comfort. For some of us, it’s unbear-
able. Some of us are sad pandas. Maybe this semester’s meeting all of your

By Shakir Rimzy Bear with me! But more importantly, colour in this bear, and maybe
draw your bear some clothing because pieces of paper freeze easily, and it’s
Sudden rises in temperatures cold outside. Submit this to The Eyeopener office (SCC 207) when you’re
over the past week are causing done for your chance to win a $25 METRO GIFT CARD!!!
hibernating Ryerson students to
wake up months ahead of schedule.
These students have been
hibernating since the beginning of
winter, burrowing up in a gaggle
of blankets and pumpkin spice
lattes for the duration of the cold
months. They were shocked to
still feel the cold air against their
skin as they ventured from their
student-housing dwellings. Think
bears, but human. PHOTO: CAMILA KUKULSKI
It’s unbearable.
Third-year psychology student
Eric Kanj was one of the many cold too soon. desire to look fabulous around
students who’s hibernation was “I normally don’t see my friends one’s peers the driving force of the
disrupted. in the winter,” said second-year self-isolation movement.
“What horse shit is this?” he commerce student Kyla Mirage. “If I wear a big coat all the time
asked tearfully. “I went outside “But since it’s been so warm they, then who will be able see my witty
expecting to feel that fresh like, actually want to hang out Bazinga T-Shirt?” said Liad Kusac, a
warm air. I even broke out my now. It’s been less than 48 hours first-year biology student. “It would
leather jacket, thinking that April and I’ve already run out of excuses. be a fucking travesty.”
was upon us. What if it’s -10 What do people even do for fun Kusac, who is from Sarnia, Ont.
degrees tomorrow? in February!?” grew up with long and brutal winters.
“My professors don’t even know An estimated 90,000 students A shameless fan of the Disney
who I am.” per year participate in winter film Frozen, when asked about
Since the beginnings of the hibernation. his coat absenteeism he simply
internet, hibernating students As temperatures increase into responded that the cold never
returned to the real world around the double digits, experts are bothered him anyway.
March, once the last vestiges of concerned that students will To combat these issues, NAME:
winter have passed. After so many be unable to distinguish winter Ryerson is developing outreach
months of nothing but Netflix fashion from summer fashion, programs, like early morning STUDENT #:
and solo chill, students who shut attempting to rock the latest runs and polar dips, to get those
themselves inside to escape the summer trends way ahead of resting muscles back in pre- CONTACT INFO:
cold are not equipped to deal with schedule. The decidedly “unsexy” hibernation shape, along with a
the frigid temperatures of a mild nature of bulky winter jackets is robust meal adjustment plan to
Canadian winter, and may suffer believed to be the primary cause help students get the spring back in What is your bear name?
adverse effects if exposed to the of student hibernation, with the their step.
11 Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018
12 Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018

Rotating craft
beers at the Ram
Come see what we’re pouring



All Day,
Every Day
CollingWood Brewery
Great Lakes Brewery
Spearhead Brewery
Henderson Brewing
And More to come