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Character Profile Worksheet

The character profile worksheet is a tool to help you keep track of vital information about your
character. Not only does it help you to define your character, but it will also be a valuable tool
to refer back to when developing the story.

Basic Statistics:

 Name: MIKE STAND Mk. 3.0.2

 Age: 3
 Nationality: Robot (British accent)
 Socioeconomic Level as a Child: None
 Socioeconomic Level as an Adult: None
 Hometown: Wakkabury, IN
 Current Residence: Musical Organization HQ
 Occupation: Conductor/Singer/Musician Back-Up
 Income/Salary: None
 Birth Order: First Creation
 Siblings (describe relationships): Mini-MIKE (Portable Travel-Sized Back-Up with the
same capabilities albeit on a smaller scale)
 Spouse (describe relationships): None
 Children (describe relationships): None
 Grandparents (describe relationships): None
 Grandchildren (describe relationships): None
 Significant Others (describe relationships): Creator
 Relationship Skills: Easy-to-command, programmed with a kind personality, almost
human in both mannerisms and speech patterns

Physical Characteristics:

 Height: 6’0”
 Weight: 500 lbs
 Race: Robot
 Eye Color: None
 Hair Color: None
 Glasses or Contact Lenses?: Wide-eye and normal lens installed in head
 Skin Color: Chrome/Black
 Shape of Face: Round
 Distinguishing Features: Microphone-shaped
 Manner of Dress: Factory-standard
 Mannerisms: Occasionally sings when the mood allows
 Habits (smoking, drinking, etc.): None
 Health: Perfect
 Hobbies: Singing and occasionally playing chess with choral members that challenge him
 Speech Patterns: Programmed to speak like the average British native
 Disabilities: Limited mobility
 Style (elegant, shabby, etc.): Factory-standard plating made to look like traditional choral
group garb
 Greatest Physical Flaw: Cumbersome wheel used for movement
 Best Physical Quality: Exceptional speed when traveling in a straight line

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes:

 Educational Background: Factory-installed database that is regularly updated with

general-use information as well as every rendition of every song ever in sheet music form
 Intelligence Level: Internet
 Mental Illnesses (if any): None
 Learning Experiences: Has been taught to be more efficient with time after multiple
instances in which he took too long to schedule simple meetings
 Short-term Life Goals: To effectively support the choral group he has been assigned to
 Long-term Life Goals: None
 How does character see himself/herself?: He does not see himself in any way.
 How does character believe he/she is perceived by others?:
 How self-confident is the character?: Completely confident in his ability to serve and
solve problems
 Does the character seem ruled by emotion, or logic, or some combination thereof?: He
relies on the logic routines that come pre-installed
 What would most embarrass this character?: If he were to be inefficient with his time.

Emotional Characteristics:

 Strengths: Perfectly-tuned baritone voice made by recording and compiling the voice of a
famous singer
 Weaknesses: Poor physical strength
 Introvert or Extrovert?: N/A
 How does the character deal with anger?: He does not get angry
 With sadness?: He does not get sad
 With conflict?: He will engage mediation routines
 With change?: He is programmed to adapt to the situation as needed
 With loss?: He does not comprehend loss
 What does the character want out of life?: To serve effectively
 What would the character like to change in his/her life?: Nothing
 What motivates this character?: The prospect of being upgraded as his creators develop
new products for his model
 What frightens this character?: Nothing
 What makes this character happy?: He is programmed to emote happily when someone
tells him that he did a good job
 Is the character judgmental of others?: None
 Is the character generous or stingy?: He is generous with his help
 Is the character generally polite or rude?: He is programmed to be polite
Behaviors and Mannerisms:

 Group Behaviors: Does not possess the capacity to act within a group
 Individual Behaviors: Will periodically check to see if someone is in need of assisstance
 Catch Phrases: “Welcome to SONG HQ, how may I be of assistance?”

Skills/ abilities:

 inherent: Singing
 will learn: Will be installed with improved speakers, mics, and a conductor’s baton

Spiritual Characteristics:

 Does the character believe in a God? Many gods? None at all?: None
 What are the character's spiritual beliefs?: He has none
 Is religion or spirituality a part of this character's life?: No it does not
 If so, what role does it play?: It plays no role

How the Character is Involved in the Story:

 Character's Game Role (Main character? Hero? Heroine? Romantic interest? Sidekick?,
etc.): Sidekick of the entire choral group
 Scene where Character First Appears: The beginning of the story, in which the main
character first enters the choral group building.
 Relationships with Other Characters: Assists all members of the choral group in a
friendly manner.


While the following scenarios are not specific to any game, they will help to further define your
character's persona.

 How does the character hold a baby?: He does not hold babies because he lacks the
ability to handle delicate objects.
 What does the character do when they are left in a room alone?: He will shut down to
preserve power.
 How does the character act around the opposite sex?: He is programmed to treat all
humans the same.

Character Growth (How is the character different at the end of the game from when the
game began?):

Over the course of the story, MIKE STAND will be given various new upgrades in order to
better assist with the choral groups’ needs.

Additional Notes on this Character: None