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Swab Sampling

Proper Procedure
Prep Sampling Transfer
Step 1 - Swab 1 / Side 1 Step 2 - Swab 1 / Side 2

Flip swab over, swab in Flip swab over, swab in

perpendicular direction perpendicular direction

Step 3 - Swab 2 / Side 1 Step 4 - Swab 2 / Side 2

45 Degrees 45 Degrees
Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3

A. Select appropriate swab A. Swab with overlapping pattern A. Snap swab head at the notch along
(see below Swab Selection Guide) (see Step 1) edge of swab handle
B. Define area/region to be tested B. Flip swab and repeat, passing swab in B. Allow swab head to fall into vial
C. Dampen swab with diluent perpendicular direction (see Step 2) (see Figure 3)
C. Repeat procedure with second swab C. Transfer for TOC or HPLC analysis
at 45° angles (see Steps 3 and 4)
D. Swab the perimeter
Note!: Swab with entire head flat against testing
surface. (see Figure 1)

Swab Requirements Where to Perform Example of

• Minimal background interference Swab Sampling Contaminant
• High recovery rate • Irregular Surfaces Release on TX714K
• Low particle generation • Hard-to-reach areas Clean swab (5x magnification)
• Presence of product/cleaning
residue Swab after use
• Heated surfaces (5x magnification)
• Porous surfaces Swab after contaminant release
(5x magnification)

Swab Selection Guide

Texwipe Cleaning Validation Series Swabs Texwipe TOC Cleaning Validation Kits

TX714K TX761K TX715 TX716 TX3340 TX3342

Low TOC Alpha® Swab Low TOC Alpha® Swab, Alpha® Sampling Swab Large Absorbond®
- cleaned to a level Low TOC Alpha® Swab - Polyester swab for Sampling Swab
of <50µg/L TOC. This with long handle HPLC sampling/cleaning Ideal tool for use in
minute level makes validation Cleaning Validation of
this swab the ideal equipment used in the
tool for use in Cleaning manufacture of APIs,
Validation of equipment excipients, drugs, and
used in the manufacture biotech products Packaged in cleanroom-compatible Packaged in cleanroom-compatible
of APIs, excipients and polypropylene boxes, contains the polypropylene boxes, contains the
drugs. components necessary to sample components necessary to sample
12 different areas and provide for 72 different areas and provide for
efficient transport from production efficient transport from production
to laboratory with minimal chance to laboratory with minimal chance
of contamination. of contamination.
12 vials + 24 swabs/kit 72 vials + 144 swabs

North America Office (800) 839-9473

Europe/Middle East Office +31.88.1307.410
Asia/Pacific Office +65 6468 9433