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Question No.

Using the case information explain how HSBC expresses drives of achievement, power,
uniqueness, affiliation and self esteem through its advertisements?

The 'Business Connection' ad campaign of HSBC illustrates the achievement motive primarily
because it tries to establish personal relationships with the consumer by showcasing a particular culture
of a nation. Feelings of approval or reproach over the cultural norms shows how achievement conforms
with those norms. Thus, it becomes a primary factor that convinces the consumer to subsist to the
product or service.
Similarly, Illustration of particular culture through print advertisements reflects that every culture has
power, thereby influencing the customer that as member of that culture, he/she has power to approve or
disprove the ad of the product or service.
In HSBC ad campaign, the display of the culture illustrates strong regard the company has for the
respective culture that is the uniqueness of the society, or the individual. In the same way, affiliation
results from the character of uniqueness, whereas the the consumer from the respective culture feels a
sense of belongingness with the subject or image displayed in the ad. Thus, the consumer becomes
affiliated with it, and HSBC, taking advantage of this event, persuades the consumer to subsist to
HSBC, the company that understands people of all cultures. Combining both uniqueness and affiliation,
results to the development of self esteem, where the consumer affiliates himself with the banking

Question No. 4
Select a bank other than HSBC and explain the motivation and personality factors in its print

The bank we chose is Standard Chartered Bank which is centrally located in London, United Kingdom
and has its subsidiaries located in regions worldwide. It operates a network of over 1700 branches
across more than 70 countries and employees around 87000 people.
Standard Chartered, through its print ad campaign, addressed the people of its efficiencies and

AD 1:
One of the ads in Pakistan was about “Here For Good”, in which Standard chartered depicts the role
and purpose of the bank for the good of its people. In this ad, the achievement motive is clearly
depicted as the bank tries to develop ties with the people of Pakistan. As a result, consumer gives their
trust to the bank and achieve satisfaction in the long run. The power motive is also depicted in the ad,
as being the part of the country, the consumers of the bank has the power to accept or reject the
services. This ad also shows the affiliation motive, as the bank opts to work for the good of the people
of the country and to prove helpful to them will surely develop affiliation among the consumers.

AD 2:
The second print ad of Standard Chartered bank is for Kenya. It depicts the achievement motive by
showing importance to the people of Chiromo and building ties with them so as to achieve the trust of
the people. It also shows the uniqueness and affiliation motive because of the launch of ultra modern
banking branch with all the facilities and comfort of the consumers. The 100 years of banking in Kenya
adds to the another point that the consumers feel themselves affiliated at Standard Chartered bank
resulting in high self esteem of the people in Kenya.
The ads can be reviewed in next pages.
The ad in Pakistan (above)
The ad in Kenya (above)