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220KV D/C SHAPAR - BABARA LINE- 70.200 KM WITH AL-59 (61/3.


Schedule No. 1 - Plant and Mandatory Spare Parts Supplied from Abroad

Item Description Country of HSN Code for Quantity Unit of Unit Price Total Price Custom Duty Taxes & Duties
Origin identification Measurement (Excluding
only GST)
Foreign CIF Foreign Local Local Currency
Curreny Curreny Currency
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8=5 x7 9 10

1 Tower materials
a) Steel part(MS) 1570 MT
b) Bolt nuts 49 MT
2 AL-59 (61/3.50 mm) conductor 424 KM
3 Silicone Rubber insulators
a) 220KV,90kN-Suspension 1137 Nos.
b) 220KV,120kN- Tension 1134 Nos.
4 Insulator hardware for AL-59 conductor
a) Single suspension 1089 Nos.
b) Double suspension 18 Nos.
c) Single tension 762 Nos.
d) Double tension 180 Nos.
e) P.A rod 1080 Nos.
f) Mid span joint 311 Nos.
g) Vibration damper 4008 Nos.
h) Repair sleeve 42 Nos.
a) 24 Fibre (DWSM) OPGW fibre Optic cable 70.200 KM
b) Installation Hardware set * & accessories for above OPGW i.e. all 70.200 KM
cable fittings & accessories like suspension clamps, tension
clamps, vibration dampers, earthing clamps, down lead clamps, in-
line splice enclosures etc. including; Pigtails FC-PC type )

a) Fibre Optic Approach Cable -

400 Mtrs - For 220KV S/S &
500 Mtrs - For 400KV S/S
(with installation hardware like ties/ clips / cleats, conduits, ducts,
supports, fittings, accessories etc).
(Any variation in quantities shall be absorbed by contractor)

TOTAL of Column 8 and Column 9 & 10 to be carried forward to Schedule No. 5. Grand


(1) Separation of the Contract into Supply of Goods, Services and Civil Work, is only for convenience and better economic management and for the ease of
Accountancy but the entire Contract, is to be assessed under GST Law, as the Works Contract Service, which is, as per the provisions of Section 2(30), read with,
Section 2(119), further read with, Paragraph 6(a) of the Schedule II to the CGST Act, 2017 or SGST Act, 2017 and similar provisions, applicable under the UTGST Act,
2017and the IGST Act, 2017 and the entire activity, would be subjected to levy of Tax, at the rate of 9% CGST + 9% SGST or 18% IGST, under the GST Law. However,
Classification Codes for different segments or portions of the Works Contract, may be specified separately, in the Supplies, with a final common Classification Code
of Works Contract Service.

(2) The Bidder is hereby conveyed that only SAC Code and Tax rate for supply of Service Works Contract i.e. 18% is relevant for the purpose of contract since the
contract is works contract and any separation in the works is for better management and convenience purpose.

It is to state that bidders are however requested to fill the HSN code item by item for the knowledge and transparency purpose which shall have no bearing on price or
taxation payment.

(3) Bidder shall quote for all the items as per BoQ

(4) The currency that shall be used for bid evaluation and comparison purposes to convert all bid prices expressed in various currencies into a single currency is:
Indian Rupees

(5) The source of exchange rate shall be: Telegraphic Transfer Selling Rate of State Bank of India in India.

(6) The date for the exchange rate shall be: Opening date of Technical Bid.

Name of Bidder

Signature of Bidder

Specify currencies in accordance with ITB 32. Create additional columns for foreign currencies up to a maximum number of 3 foreign currencies if so required.

Country of Origin Declaration Form

Item Description Country

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