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Engineering, Control Systems.

Test 1
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# Question Choosed answers Right answer

How is the fuel injection timing altered on a Diesel 1. By adjusting the 1. By moving the
engine? camshaft drive chain. camshaft position.
Which part of the mechanical governor is manipulated by 1. The linkage to the fuel1. The linkage to the
the servo-motor to increase or decrease engine speed ? rack. rack.
As a rule of thumb, the time interval for automatic 1. 6 to 8 1. 1 to 2
3 desludging of lubricating oil purifiers fitted on sumps of
trunk-type engines should be set at _____ hours.
1. They need more 1. The Lub Oil and
cooling water. Scavenge air
temperatures are

In the Main Engine sea water circuit why are the Lub Oil
and the Scavenge air coolers fitted in front of the jacket
and piston water coolers ?
What calibrations are taken to determine piston ring wear 1. Radial thickness of 1. Ring/groove cleara
5 on a Diesel engine? ring and butt gap in and butt gap in unw
unworn cylinder. cylinder.
What are the indications of excessive cylinder clearance in 1. I, II and IV 1. I, III and IV
a small diesel engine? I Loss of power. II Misfiring. III
White exhaust smoke. IV Excessive consumption of lube
In a four stroke cycle diesel engine, the four stroke of the 1. compresses the air. 1. compresses the air
piston required to complete one cycle which must take
# Question Choosed answers Right answer
place in regular order. The second stroke _____ .
The third stroke of four-stroke diesel engine is called the 1. power stroke. 1. power stroke.
What is the normal material used for Diesel engine 1. Cast steel Cast iron. 1. Mild steel. Alloy s
cylinder liners?
The narrow band of speed variation through which the
10 governor makes no correction and refers to the sensitivity
of the governor is known as the _____