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A Socio-Legal study of Child Abuse


Traditionally in India, the responsibility of care and protection of children has been with families
and communities. A strong knit patriarchal family that is meant to look after its children well has
seldom had the realization that children are individuals with their own rights. While the
Constitution of India guarantees many fundamental rights to the children, the approach to ensure
the fulfillment of these rights was more needs based rather than rights based. The transition to
the rights based approach in the Government and civil society is still evolving. Child abuse is a
state of emotional, physical, economic and sexual maltreatment meted out to a person below the
age of eighteen and is a globally prevalent phenomenon. However, in India, as in many other
countries, there has been no understanding of the extent, magnitude and trends of the problem.
The growing complexities of life and the dramatic changes brought about by socio-economic
transitions in India have played a major role in increasing the vulnerability of children to various
and newer forms of abuse.

Research Objective:

 The aim of the study is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon of

child abuse.

 To throw light on the evolving guidelines for the prevention and control of Child Abuse.

 To get a line of the policies and provisions made or recommended by the government,
NGOs for the care and protection of children

 To strengthen the existence of the grounds of separate legislations on child abuse and
policies, strategies and schemes which are made to tackle the problem of Child Abuse


Children from lower socio-economic level are much more likely to be abused because of parental
poverty; children are forced to work so that they can supplement the total earning of the family.
Education is still a dream for many kids in India. Another problem that the country faces is
sexual abuses against children. Even though the government and various welfare organizations
are trying hard to help the struggling kids and overcome their problems, but the count is not

Research Methodology:

Basically research means investigation of new things and new things means firsthand experience.
The research methodology used in the project by the researcher is doctrinal. Doctrinal research in
law field indicates arranging, ordering and analysis of the legal structure, legal framework and
case law to search out the new things by extensive surveying of legal literature but without any
field work.


Chapter-I: Introduction

Chapter-II: Subset of Child Abuse

Chapter-III: Child abuse scenario

Chapter-IV: International and National policies and legislations addressing child abuse