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Background of the Study

"Teenage pregnancy is a serious issue that may seriously impact the future of a

young woman. Any teen pregnancy will be a challenge as teens typically lack skills

needed to handle a pregnancy and motherhood. Patience, maturity and ability to handle

stress are required by pregnant mothers of all ages. A teen pregnancy may also impact

the baby. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that babies born to

teens may have weaker intellectual development and lower skill set scores at

kindergarten. They may also have ongoing medical issues and behavioral issues."

(Bodeeb, 2016)

Many issues had come up currently and teenage pregnancy is one of the most top

issues. Pregnancy is a serious matter in every woman's life but teenage pregnancy is

much more a serious matter. Nowadays, a lot of issues say that teenage pregnancy is one

of the reason why our population is grow more. Being in this situation will never be easy.

Many people will judge, many people will be disappointed because of being a young

mother, many people will think that these young girls who become young mother at

young age are slut. Women sometimes abort their child because they cannot accept what

is the fruit of their decision and afraid of what consequences they will face.

“Teenage pregnancy is a situation which involves the young girls. In the age of

twelve or thirteen a teenage female can be pregnant at the very young age. It is true that

being a pregnant is connected to many factors. These are related to the certain situation of

the teenager and to the company that she acts upon with. The rates of teenage pregnancy

that are different from country to country and are connected to differences of sexual

activities, the general sex education given and contraceptives those are accessible. Teen
pregnancy will sometimes involve low birth weight and for that social matters also play a

role: Often, the teenager grew up in poverty. They often have a lower level of general

education because of poverty. Pregnancy in teenagers in the improved world usually

happens outside of marriage. The two countries that are belonging to the lowest levels of

teenage pregnancy are Japan and South Korea.”

“In today’s modern world, the rate of the teenage pregnancy in young women has

become more numerous. Usually, the teenage pregnancy is unexpected. It is so in the

cases of both the married and the unmarried women. It has been said that two or three of

the women in the world become victims of the teenage pregnancies and four out of that

five is unintentional. It is always big blow to know that the women have become pregnant

in their early or late teens. This is normally brought about by some unseen factors and the

teenage girls because of the lack of the right decision-making skills suddenly came up to

a big responsibility, and it is the bearing a child at the very young age.”

Teenage pregnancy is also a current issue in different schools around the country.

Issues about how these schools handle these cases and what are their actions in

preventing the teenage pregnancy. Many young women have been pregnant these past

few months. A young girl can become pregnant cause of sexual intercourse out of fit of

passion and the inability to control her senses. The teenage girls who have physical

intercourse just before their ovulation can be sure of getting pregnant whether they like it

or not. The reasons for the early pregnancy is not only associated with the lust circling

and cravings of their body. It may be the very reason but they are not the only reason for

the young girls becoming pregnant. The various factors like the societal issues, sexual
abuse, lack of knowledge and education, a poverty-stricken life and poorer life


The education of the young girls can be affected big time or worst they cannot study

anymore because of the big responsibility they will face.

“In every girl that has been pregnant at the early age, other teens decides to

continue the pregnancy, face and conquer these challenges head-on. Plan and think goals

and how their teen might go about achieving them as a parent. If they want to continue

their schooling they should look for programs that will help them remain in school or

complete coursework from home. Motivate them to continue and to take parenting

classes for them to raise the child well and good. Always bear to their mind that their own

love and support can help their teen deal with pregnancy and the challenges ahead.”
Statement of the Problem

In today's modern world, people are facing many issues and teenage pregnancy is

one of the most on top issue. Thus, the researchers focus on the case management of the

school administration and personnel in taking of actions to prevent the case of teenage

pregnancy. In line with this, the researchers aim to know what are the actions of the

school administration and personnel to prevent the teenage pregnancy and how they deal

with this.

This study aims to answer the following questions:

Main Question:

1. What are the actions of the school administration and personnel in preventing and

dealing with Teenage pregnancy?


1. Can school administration and personnel completely control this case?

2. What are the struggles and challenges of school administration and personnel in

dealing with this?

3. What are the factors of teenage pregnancy?

Significance of the Study

Dealing with Teenage pregnancy issues is difficult for the school administration

and personnel because the name of the school and life of the students rely on this

situation. The importance of this study is to know how the school administration and

personnel acts and deals with this issue to keep their students in a good direction of their


Specifically, this study is significant to the following:

To the Students. This study will be beneficial to the students because this will serve as an

idea to them that the administration and personnel have their actions in this case.

To the Parents. This study will be beneficial to the parents because this will assure the

parents that the administration and personnel of the Notre Dame of Tacurong College has

its action in handling in this issue for their children.

To the School. This will be beneficial to the school because the integrity of the school

will have a good background to the people that are planning to enroll in this school.

To the Researchers. This will be beneficial to the researchers because they may able to

know and contribute ideas of how this school handles this issue.

To the School Administration and Personnel. This will be beneficial to the school

administration and personnel because they can able to notify the students and their

parents what their actions are regarding on this case.

Scope and Delimitation

This study is limited only on the Senior High school Department Administration

and personnel at Notre Dame of Tacurong College during the second semester of the

Academic Year of 2017-2018.

This research study will be conducted to determine the deeds of the Notre Dame

of Tacurong College Administration and personnel, Senior High school Department of

preventing teenage pregnancy and how they deal with this. The students and other people

inside of the Notre Dame of Tacurong College will not be included in this study.

Definition of Terms

For clarity, the following terms are operationally defined.

Teenagers are the persons in their teen stage who are between 13 and 19 years old.

Pregnancy is the condition of being pregnant or having a baby inside the body.

Unintentional is an act of a person that was not planned to do.

School Administration are the people in position who manage the school academic


Personnel are the people who are currently employed at the Notre Dame of Tacurong

Management are the actions of school administration in handling the teenage pregnancy




This chapter will tackle about the related literatures, studies or articles of this study. This

chapter provides an overview of previous research or knowledge sharing and intranets. It

introduces the framework for the case study that comprises the main focus of the research

described in this research paper.

Risks and Academic Achievement

In the National Action Plan for Comprehensive School Health Education,

representatives from over 40 health, education, and social service organizations viewed

education and health as interdependent systems. Participants concluded that healthy

children learn better, and they cautioned that no curriculum can compensate for

deficiencies in student health status. Symons et al. (1999), confirms in their literature that

the complexity of health issues confronting today’s students, schools face enormous

pressure to improve academic skills. Local school leaders and stakeholders often remain

unconvinced that improving student health represents a means to achieving improved

academic outcomes. A rich boy of literature confirms a direct link between student health

risk behavior and education outcomes, education behavior, and student attitudes about
education. This article summarizes relevant information concerning the health risk

behavioral categories of intentional injuries; tobacco, alcohol and other drugs; dietary,

physical activity, and sexual risk behaviors.

The Vulnerabilities of Teenage Mothers: Challenging Prevailing Assumptions

According to Battle and Lee (2000), the belief that early childbearing leads to

poverty permeates our collective understanding there are several assumption about

teenage mothers and offers an alternative to the modern view of the unencumbered self

that dives current responses teen childbearing.

Teenage Pregnancy: Risk factors for adverse prenatal outcome

Based on the study of Uzan et al. (2017), to assess the prenatal outcome of

teenage pregnancy in a large cohort and to determine risk factors for the low birth weight

(LBW) in teenage pregnancy. The teenage pregnancy was found to be associated with

adverse outcome such as LBW for gestational age and malformations. This was affected

mainly by demographic factors (maternal ethnicity, lack of prenatal care) and medical

factors ( pregnancy-induced hypertension and malformation).

Impact of Community on the Transition to Sexual Activity

The study of Brewster et al (2017), states that there were two critical features of

adolescent no marital activity: the timing of first intercourse and contraceptive use at that

event. Thus, the result of the result suggests that the behaviors of adolescents are shaped

by the local opportunity structure and normative environment. Social disintegration,

socioeconomic status, and the availability of employment opportunities for woman

emerged as particularly important influence on young women’s reproductive choices.

Teenage pregnancy and Motherhood

Medical and nonmedical studies of teenage pregnancy and it’s outcomes are

reviewed, and the state of our current knowledge is assessed. According to Phipps-Yonas

(1999), he suggested that, while the typical teenage girl is biologically ready for

motherhood, a complex set of social and psychological variables leads those well-suited

for the role into becoming teenage parents. The effectiveness of special programs for

pregnant adolescents and their offspring is examined, and implications for policy and

prevention are offered.

Medical and Social factors affecting early teenage pregnancy

According to Dott and Fort (2017), the study confirms that the offspring of

teenage mothers are at greater risk than the offspring of older women although quality

prenatal care and origin in a favorable socioeconomic background will ameliorate

substantial elements of this risk.

Reducing Teenage Pregnancies (Influence of socioeconomic factors)

On this study, proven by T Smith (1993), that the result in the influence of

socioeconomic factors on attaining targets for reducing teenage pregnancy is the

pregnancy rate in girls aged under 16 was three times as high and in all girls under 20 six
times as high; in the most deprived areas, the proportion ending in abortion was grater in

more affluent areas, possibly due to social and parental pressure.

Preventing Teenage Pregnancy and Academic Failure

In this case the evaluation addressed a two problem behaviors in adolescence the

teenage pregnancy and school failure, according to Allen et al. (1999), the result in

preventing teenage pregnancy and academic failure; experimental evaluation of

developmentally based approached are interpreted as suggesting the potential value both

of the teen outreach program specifically and also more generally of interventions that

seek to prevent problem behaviors by addressing broad developmental task of

adolescence rather than by focusing upon individual problem behaviors or micro skills.

Communication about Sexual Issues: Mothers, Fathers and Friends

In the study of Diiorio and Hockenberry(1990), communication about sexual

issues in mothers, fathers, and friends is the content, characteristics and comfort level of

discussion about sexuality between mother and early adolescent children to determine the

extent to which conversation predicted sexual values and initiation of sexual intercourse

of the adolescent.

School-based Programs to reduce Sexual Risk-Taking Behaviors

The study of Kirby (1999), focuses primarily on program that educators believed

would reduce unprotected sexual intercourse and it reviews the major approaches
implemented during the last two decades to reduce sexual risk-taking behaviors,

examines their evidence for success, and provides several recommendations for effective

programs ad program evaluation.

School-based teenage pregnancy prevention programs

We compared school-based abstinence-only programs with those including

contraceptive information (abstinence-plus) to determine which has the greatest impact

on teen pregnancy. The United States has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the

industrialized world. According to Bennett M.D (2017), programs aimed at reducing the

rate of teen pregnancy include a myriad of approaches including encouraging abstinence,

providing education about birth control, promoting community service activities and

teaching skills to cope with the peer pressure. We systematically reviewed all published

randomized controlled trials of secondary-school-based teenage pregnancy prevention.

Programs in the United States that used sexual behavior, contraceptive knowledge,

contraceptive use, and pregnancy rates as outcomes.

Causes of Teenage Pregnancy

According to Macleod (2017), the causes of Teenage pregnancy investigated by

South African researchers include: reproductive ignorance, the earlier occurrence of

menarche, risk-taking behavior, psychological problems, peer influence, coercive sexual

relations, dysfunctional family patterns, poor health services, socio-economic status, the

breakdown of cultural traditions, and the cultural value placed on children.

School’s Case Management in Teenage Pregnancy

A comprehensive mission for schools is to educate students to be knowledgeable,

responsible, socially skilled, healthy, caring, and contributing citizens. This mission is

supported by the growing number of school-based prevention and youth development

programs. Greenberg et al. (2017), further describes in his study that the current impact of

these programs is limited because of insufficient coordination with other components of

school operations and inattention to implementation and evaluation factors necessary for

strong program impact and sustainability. Widespread implementation of beneficial

prevention programming requires further development of research-based, comprehensive

school reform models that improve social, health, and academic outcomes; educational

policies that demand accountability for fostering children’s full development;

professional development that prepares and supports educators to implement programs

effectively; and systematic monitoring and evaluation to guide school improvement.

Chapter III


This chapter represents the process in collecting the necessary information with

regards to the research study; School Administration and Personnel's Case Management

in Teenage Pregnancy. It focuses on what method of research used, where the study

conducted, what sampling technique used, who were the respondents, what were the

instruments that needed all throughout the research process, what data gathering method

used and the ethical considerations of the study.

Research Design

This research study; School Administration and Personnel's Case Management

in Teenage Pregnancy, used qualitative method.

Locale of the Study

This research study conducted at Notre Dame of Tacurong College Senior

High School Department located at Lapu-Lapu Street, Tacurong City. Since the

researchers came from the institution,, it is a practical choice to conduct the research

study to a place where the researchers would not need to spend more time and money in

terms of transportation.
Sampling Technique

The researchers used the Purposive Sampling for this study. Purposive

Sampling wherein the respondents are chosen based on the purpose or certain media.

Therefore, in this study; School Administration and Personnel's Case Management in

Teenage Pregnancy, the respondents were the school administration and personnel

because of a purpose.

Research Respondents

The respondents of this research were the Notre Dame of Tacurong College

Senior High school Department School Administration and Personnel. Specifically, the

respondents are the Activity Coordinator, Academic Coordinator, Guidance Counselor

and selected two teachers from Senior High school Department. The researchers believed

that these chosen respondents can able to contribute sufficient and relevant data that will

correspond to the research study.

Research Instruments

The instruments that were needed all throughout the research process are

laptop, pens and papers for note-taking purposes, flash drive and camera for the

documentation and the main instrument will be used in the study is audio recorder for the

interview to record the data that were gathered from the respondents. The researchers

used the indirect method designed with open ended questions for gathering necessary

data and information from the participants. The researchers used the qualitative method

and open ended questions, since the research paper was designed as qualitative research.
Data Gathering Procedure

The researchers conducted instructed interview in gathering of data with the

respondents which are the School Administration and Personnel of Notre Dame of

Tacurong College, Senior High school Department. Our teacher, Ms. Lady Asrah Carim

will give the researchers the sign to start the study to gather adequate data. After the

respondents answering the interview question the researchers interpreted the data that

were gathered.

Ethical Consideration

The respondents were given a notice first about the interview before the actual to ensure

the willingness of the respondents in participating in the study. The identities of the

respondents, location and all of their answers were fully protected and full privacy. No

personal information was published anonymously.

Chapter IV


This chapter represents an analysis and interpretation of the data obtained in the

study. Its findings were based on the data gathered through the questionnaires retrieved

from the respondents. Those data were then analyzed to be presented, discussed and

interpreted according to the perimeters of this research to answer the problem sought for

this study.

Interview Question No. 1, "As observed, our school also encountered issues about

teenage pregnancy. As part of administration and personnel, what are the actions of

school administration and personnel in dealing with teenage pregnancy? How about


Respondent No. 1 said, "Interventions given by the school first is …. well of course if that

thing happened and then proven that the person got pregnant or got somebody pregnant

well syempre (ofcourse) the rule of administrators is of course think about the best ways

for the well being of the student and her born child, so the administrators will talk to the

parents ofcourse kasi mahirap kapag hindi alam ng mga magulang na buntis ang

kanilang anak (because it is difficult if the parents don’t know that their child is pregnant)

because first of all the rule of school is para i’take care ang anak (to take care of their

child) not just in intellectually and academically but also in whole being of a person so

kailangan kausapin muna nila ang magulang in order para maging part rin sila sa

pagintervene kung ano man ang dapat gawin sa kanilang anak (it is needed to talk to the
parents first for them to be part of in intervening if what should do to their child) so I

think that is the rule of the administrators, for us teachers feeling ko the role of the

teachers comes in the first part which hindi na yung after (I feel like, the role of the

teachers comes in the first part not including the after), siguro before that's why meron

tayong mga values education subject (maybe before, that’s why we have value education

subject). I think… that is why merong tayong tinatawag na mga values confusion lalo na

sa mga, sa education meron talagang ganyan na course para kapag nagturo na yung

mga teachers alam na nila kung paano ituturo or paano inculcate sa learning nila kahit

anong subject alam mo kahit English, Filipino or Math mainclude nila doon ang topic

halimbawa teenage pregnancy and other problems or mga instances na maeexperience

ng isang bata while she or he studying in the school (that is why we have so called values

confusion specially in …. In education we really have that kind of course so that when

the teachers already teach , they know how to teach or how to inculcate to their learning

even any subjects even English, Filipino or Math they can include the certain topic,

example teenage pregnancy and other problems or instances that’s student who got

pregnant will experience while studying)."

Respondent No 2 said, "I think the school must an increase some awareness on student

through seminars so that student will be aware of what they are doing in relation to


Respondent No 3 said, "So as part of the administration in terms of this issue about

teenage pregnancy so actually what are the actions of school? Actually this is stated in

the student hand book that if a certain student kumbaga na ano na pregnant siya or

nabuntis (example is she got pregnant), she is actually terminated in school considering
that we are in a catholic school so hindi siya … kumbaga (so it is not like … like) it is

part of our rule na kapag hindi ka kapag hindi siya kasal hindi siya pwedeng mag stay

parang its form of tama ba ang tern na i kick out parang i terminate sya in school? (that

if the student is not yet married yet she got pregnant, she can’t stay or it is like a form o

it’s correct to use the term kick out? Or like she will be terminated in school). So how

about prevention? Siguro kung in terms of prevention sa issue ng teenage pregnancy

(Maybe when in terms of prevention in teenage pregnancy issue) maybe it’s not about the

issue or the issue of administration but maybe we can give them seminars. We can give

them personality development training. But it must always start maybe from the house

from the parents to prevent the issue."

Respondent No. 4 said, "First question. What are the actions of the school administration

in preventing and dealing with teenage pregnancy? So the school has guidance office

they give advice to the student specially this kind of case."

Respondent No. 5 said, “So of course as a senior high school guidance in charge we are

obliged hindi naman obliged gid or force (not really obliged or force) to conduct

seminars or symposiums in relation with teenage pregnancy which is the prevalent issue

now a days, so didto sa (so in) … seminars we need to invite the speakers coming from

the local government unit like for example sa DSWD or pwede rin (it can also be)

psychology or guidance counselors to discuss the topics about sa teenage pregnancy

(about teenage pregnancy) or the advantages and disadvantages of being pregnant in an

early age, aside sa (of) seminars it also important to conduct a symposium and invite the

parents of the student … to discuss or also the …. responsibilities of the parents sa ila

nga …. mga bata kay usually subong nga panahon ang diba problems mostly sang
student is routed siya sa or routed sa …. (to their child because usually nowadays the

problems mostly of student is she is routed or routed to) family or parenting style kay

ang reason usually sang …. sang student is “ti ging pili kona lang mabuntis kay sa

amuni siya nga edad kay tungod wala man sang atensyon ang parents ko saakon or

permi may problema sa bahay” (and the reason usually of the student is “I choose to be

pregnant in this early age because my parents don’t give me attention anyway or there is

a problem in the house) .”

The first respondent responded that the actions of the school administration is

they think about the best ways for the well being of the student and her child because the

role of school is not just academically but also in whole being of the student and talk to

the parents. The second, third and fifth respondent responded that the school conduct

seminars or symposiums in relation to teenage pregnancy. The fourth respondent

responded that the guidance office give advices to the students especially in this kind of


Interview Question No. 2, "Do you think school administration can completely

control teenage pregnancy?"

Respondent No. 1 said, "I believed that everybody has a choice, you cannot just ano

there can be no things that can just fully guide or control something kasi nga meron

tayong tinatawag na (because we have so called) free will yeah? For me no."

Respondent No 2 said, "I think no"

Respondent No. 3 said, "For me no. We cannot really completely control the emerging

you may, maybe it can be consider as emerging issue kasi ano siya eh?reality na kung
anjan siya hindi siya na naga stop actually lumalala (because it is reality that it is not

restraining, it is actually geeting worst) so do you think the school administration

complete? No, … instead maybe we can go back to the first question we can prevent it

through giving them symposiums and seminars."

Respondent No. 4 said, "There doing their best naman (atleast) to avoid this case but still

the decision is on the students."

Respondent No. 5 said, “Hindi mo siya ma control agad-agad but may ara gid nga

action nga kailangan nga i -impose or implement na para ma-avoid ang teenage

pregnancy hindi siya agad-agad, hindi siya immediately ma solve ang issue (You cannot

control it that fast but it has really actions needed to impose or implement to avoid

teenage pregnancy not that fast, immediately to solve the issue) but you can do some

actions, you can take actions or you can take actions to control or to address this issues

and with the help also of naka stated there (stated in there) the school administration like

… any time naman available ang guidance office to counsel or to advice the students if in

case may mga problems so welcome talaga ang students nga mag lakat sa guidance

office and a hindi man kami agad-agad na maka provide ng solutions (the guidance

office is available anytime to counsel or to advice the students if in case there is a

problem so the students are really welcome to go in the guidance office and even we

cannot give solutions that quickly) but …. somehow diba unti unting oo ma … provide ng

solutions sa problems or sa oo sa problems sang students (somehow slowly the problem

of the students will slowly have its solution).”

The respondent answered that they cannot control completely the case of teenage

pregnancy simply because all people have free will the school administration and
personnel can give prevention and the decision in avoiding this issue is still in the hands

of the student.

Interview Question No. 3, "What do you think are the factors of teenage


Respondent No.1 said, "Curiosity, period. yun lang, kasi kahit gaano kaman kahit gaano

mo pa ka bet yung tao na halimbawa uyab mo hindi ka man macurios doon, hindi mo

man siya gawin. (That is all, because even how much do you like someone who is your

… example boyfriend and you are not curios about that thing there, then you will not

actually commit that.)"

Respondent No. 2 said, "I think it is … it is curiosity I think."

Respondent No. 3 said, "For me really number one is an there is a family factor. we can

consider family background of both the person involved, what else? … lack of a I think

lack of understanding on a reality of life na para bang basta yun yun ginusto lang tapos

na. okay key factors niya talaga is may factor jan ang family background (it is like if

what will happen then that is it, then okay, the very key factor of in this is family

background) , ano pa? (what else?) sometimes status in life, pwede, tsaka maybe

problematic siya rebel used ba siya? (sometimes status in life, possible and maybe she is

problematic, or she I as rebel used?) it is just a factor kasi (because) there are different

reasons to be involved to that issue."

Respondent No. 4 said, "For me? this stage one of the factor is curiosity siguro (maybe)"
Respondent No. 5 said, " Okay there are some factors affecting or causing teenage

pregnancy diba? so what i have said a while ago yung first jan is yung family problems

diba? kung hindi mag kaka sundo yung ah family members oo yung family members

within the family so hindi gid na siya maiwasan na may magkaroon sang you know sang

tawag ni siya? mag karoon sang sitwasyon nga na no kay kung ano kay kung united or

kumbaga tight gid bala ang family relationship of course may ano gid na sya nga kay

mag ano man siya mag sunod man ang bata sa mga parents kung ano ang hambalon

sang parents sa ila, kung ano ang, don’ts and do’s nga dapat himuon diba eih sundon

man siya gyapon sang bata kay of course tungod nga sa ano kay tungod gani sa very

tight ang family relationship. so ang second i think is the peer influencial sa peer kung

pressure pa gid ang bata sa peer ay nabuntis gani si amu sini ah sa pamatyagan ko okay

lang na mag ano diba? kumbaga kung kumbaga kung kis’a abi ahgm dako gid nga factor

ang friends or let say peer.”

The three of the respondents answered that the factors of teenage pregnancy is

curiosity because if they are not curious about it then they will not do the so called sexual

intercourse and the two of the respondents answered that the family factor is the main

factor of teenage pregnancy because the life of the child may be affected to what is

happening from their home like family problem or she is a rebel child.

Interview Question No. 4, "As a part of school administration, what do you think

the struggles and challenges of school administration and personnel in dealing

teenage pregnancy?"

Respondent No. 1 said, "I think the struggles is with ano what comes with yung sa time

kay yung time kasi dati lalo na kasi yung mga administrators ngayon ang age nila is
malayo sa mga students meron silang gap ( I think the struggles is with what comes with

about time because before specially the administrators in their age are far from the

students, they have gap). Next, meron rin silang gap in terms of the values ba kasi yung

values dati iba na sa values ngayon (Next, they have gap in terms of the values, the

values before are different from now). So, yung struggle is mahirap intindihin yung

mindset ng isang students kagaya ninyo mga teenagers kung i compare mo sa mindset

nila they would think na yung mindset ng mga tao ngayon ay same sa kanila (So, the

struggle is it is hard to understand the mindset of a student like you, teenagers, if you will

compare your mindset to them they would think that the mindset of people nowadays is

the same with them). Meron naman tayong tinatawag na mga millennials ngayon so i

think thats the struggle mahirap ipa-intindi sa mga bata yung mga bagay na gina value

dati kasi now tayong mga millennials iba ng gina value natin ngayon so siguro nga, and

the second struggle is siguro sa culture kay kung mag sabi kana (We have called

millennial now so I think that is the struggle that children can hardly understand the

values that they used to value because now, we, the millennial value other things today so

maybe and the second struggle is maybe with the culture because if you will say) yung

culture kasi natin lalo na dito sa tacurong sa marbel and here in mindanao very ano na

sya multi cultural so maraming cultures and sa every decisions na ginagawa natin hindi

na siya maiwasan na meron tayong ma offend meron tayong matapakan na paniniwala

ng iba ....(our culture here specially here in Tacurong, Marbel and here in Mindanao it is

very multi-cultural, so there are many cultures and in every decisions that we do we

cannot avoid that we cannot offend other’s beliefs) . So bilang administrators, iyon ang

mahirap kasi minsan kailangan natin na mag delved talaga doon sa isyu bago tayo mag
decide about something which is difficult, yun lang (So as an administrator, is a hard one

because sometimes we need to delve into the issue before we decide on something which

is difficult).”

Respondent No. 2 said," I think the school have not struggled for me, yun lang (that is


Respondent No. 3, said,” From now on of course we have issues or we have cases like

this. The only solution that i know i really know, i knew it the solution that are school is

doing with this of course is a part of struggles and challenges to school administrators

that there is a kumbaga (like) settlement or an agreement, arranged agreement to the

person involved like you may stop first schooling, then if you are a kumbaga nanganak

kana and so on, pwede kana man bumalik so that is the arrangement kumbaga (then if

you are a example already in labor and so on, you can go back so that is an example of

the arrangement) that is the struggle or challenge to the school administrators, how to

deal with that issues kumbaga hindi naman siya na okay kasi buntis ka bawal kana (how

to deal with that issues is like it is not really if you are pregnant you cannot enter the

school anymore) so a form of internal arrangement between and among the persons

involved. That’s it."

Respondent No. 4 said, "With this case the struggles and challenges that may face of

school administration maybe the number of students will lessen because the students will

be this will result to job out."

Respondent No. 5 said, " Oo responsibility gid namon nga i advice ang students so kung

hindi namon mahimo kung kis’a kumbaga ang guilt or ang perdente ay ara samon kay
tungod nga kung aga pa tani na advisan siya hatagan mo siya sang mga oo life guides

life guides nga na, ti basi aga pa ma solusyonan na amuna na siya (Yes, it is our truly

responsibility to advice the students, so if we cannot able to do that sometimes it is like

the guilt is on our side because if we just advice them early, we can able to give them life

guides that can provide early solution for her).”

The respondents responded different answers of what they think are the struggles

and challenges in dealing teenage pregnancy. The first respondent think that the struggles

and challenges of school administration and personnel in dealing with teenage pregnancy

time and mindset of the teenagers like they do not understand what people value before,

culture of the student because people have different beliefs which is difficult part at point

of deciding. The second respondent answered that the school administration and

personnel have no struggles in dealing with teenage pregnancy. The third respondent

answered that the school administration and personnel struggling in settlement or an

agreement process when a student facing with this issue. The fourth respondent answered

that the struggle is the student will lessen when one of the students got pregnant that will

result to job out. Lastly, the fifth respondent answered that the struggles and challenges of

the school administration and personnel is to feel guilt sometimes thinking if they just

have advice their students early, the student will not come up with that condition.
Chapter V


This chapter discusses three parts of analysis from the results in the previous

chapter. The first part discusses the summary of the findings wherein the research

questions will now be answered. The second part discusses the conclusions drawn based

on the findings and the last part presents the recommendations made as outgrowth of this


Summary of Findings

The research questions that researchers aimed to be answered are the following:

1. What are the actions of the school administration and personnel in preventing and

dealing with Teenage pregnancy?

2. Can school administration and personnel completely control this case?

3. What are the struggles and challenges of school administration and personnel in

dealing with this?

4. What are the factors of teenage pregnancy?

Based on the answers from the selected respondents, the following are the summary of

1. Stated in the hand book, the rule of the school when a certain student got pregnant in

the case that she's not yet married she will be terminated in the school, so the actions of

school administration in preventing and dealing with teenage pregnancy are they will talk

to the student's parents first and they will think about the best ways for the well being of

the student and her child because the role of school is not just academically but also in

whole being of the student. That's why the school has Values Education subject and

guidance office to give students advices to the students in this case and for the students to

know what are the problems or instances if a young girl got pregnant while studying, and

the school increases awareness through seminars in relation to teenage pregnancy though

this preventing pregnancy or guidance issue should actually start from the house.

2. The School Administration cannot completely control this case because everybody has

a choice, there are things that a person cannot fully guide or control, people have free

will, and decisions are in the students.

3. The factors of teenage pregnancy based on the findings are curiosity and family factor.

4. The struggles and challenges of the school administration are the time and mindset of

the teenagers like they do not understand what people value before, culture of the student

because people have different beliefs which is difficult part at point of deciding, students

will lessen because of this and will result to job out and lastly the struggles of doing

settlement or arrangement of the issue like the arranging the consequences the student

may face.

Based on the findings of the study, the researchers conclude that curiosity and

family factor are the factors of the teenage pregnancy, the curiosity of teenager push them

to do that sexual intercourse and family factors just like family problems at home can

affect the life of the student and the school administration cannot completely control this

case. Moreover, the researchers also conclude that the actions of the school

administration in dealing and preventing with teenage pregnancy are they will think

about the best ways of the well being of the student who got pregnant, they give seminars

and personality development training to prevent teenage pregnancy, if the student who

got pregnant and she's not married she will be terminated in the school and the

researchers conclude that the struggles and challenges of the school administration are the

mindset of the teenager and the time because some teenagers don't value what people

value before, different beliefs of every person that makes the deciding became difficult in

the side of school administration, in every student who got pregnant the student pf the

school will lessen and the settlement of the issue and arranging the consequences.


1. After this study, the researchers realized that they should have been explore other

methods and look for more respondents to gather more reliable data.

2. The researchers recommend the future researchers to conduct a research not only

focusing to the actions of school administration and personnel in the case of teenage

pregnancy but also to the other issues revolving in the school such as what are the
actions of school administration and personnel with the issues of absenteeism,

academic stress of students, students who struggle with depression and many more.
School Administration and Personnel’s Case

Management in Teenage Pregnancy









MARCH, 2018