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Institute of Engineering

Pashchimanchal Campus
Lamachaur, Pokhara

Subject: Material Science

Assignments for Material Science

Attempt all questions:
1. Explain in short types of alloy steels with composition, properties and uses. What are
types of Cast Iron? Write their properties in short.
2. Describe in short about Galvanic and Stress corrosion.
3. Write properties & Applications of following non-ferrous alloys:
a) Al alloys
b) Copper alloys
c) Titanium alloys
4. Define Degree of polymerisation. Differentiate Thermosetting & Thermoplastics.
5. What are the properties & applications of Ceramics?
6. Describe about types of composite materials. How do you justify that wood, asphalt &
Concrete as Composites?