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Class: 6 (2 classes/week)

Level: Lower-Intermediate

Number of students: 25

Textbook: World Class (Longman); authors: Michael Harris, David


Unit: 24 (Revision)

Aids/materials: Textbook, handouts, whiteboard

Topic: Revision

 Vocabulary:  Actions

 Structures:  Past Tense Simple

 Regular and irregular verbs

 Functions:  Talking about past events

Aims:  To revise vocabulary related to various actions

 To provide practice and reinforce accuracy in the use of
the past tense simple
 To reinforce accuracy in the use of irregular verbs
 To exchange information and use language
Assumptions: The students are familiar with the topic – they have come
across it in the previous lessons. However, some of them still
have problems in using the structures listed above.
Stage Activity Aim Skill Estimated Interaction Grouping
Warmer The teacher has small talk with  To create a friendly 2 min
students and checks the attendance atmosphere
Checking The teacher checks the homework Speaking 3 min TS individual
Controlled The pupils are provided with  To provide controlled Writing 5 min TS PW
practice Worksheet 1, and are asked to write practice in the use of Speaking
the past tense of the verbs listed in the past tense of the
Exercise 1 irregular verbs.

The pupils are asked to fill in the cells  To provide a funny Speaking 10 min TS individual
of the grid in Exercise 2 with nine of means of reinforcing Writing
the irregular verbs in the list they are accuracy in the use of
provided with. The teacher calls out the past tense of the
ten of the verbs using their past form. irregular verbs.
The pupils have to recognize the verb
and cover as many cells as possible,
up to the point where they can say
“Bingo!”, should the entire grid has
been covered.
The pupils solve Exercise 3 on their  To provide further Writing 10 min SS PW
worksheet, in which they have to fill in practice in the use of Reading
the correct form of the verb in the three forms of the
brackets. past tense simple
Semi- In groups, the students play a game by  To reinforce accuracy Writing 15 min SS GW
controlled which they revise the past tense in the use of the past Speaking
practice simple of regular and irregular verbs. tense simple
The teacher provides them with  To encourage group
Worksheet 2, where they have to work
decide which of the sentences written
down are correct and which are
While the students work, the teacher
draws a grid on the blackboard listing
the groups and the number of the
The teacher goes through each of the
ten sentences and asks the students
to correct the mistakes in the incorrect
sentences. The group with the greatest
number of correct answers wins.
Assignment The teacher assigns the homework. 5 min TS
and (ex. A, B, p.47)
evaluation The teacher marks those students who
gave good answers and encourages
the others to be more involved in
achieving their tasks.