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To Whom It May Concern: It is my pleasure to write a letter or recommendation on behalf of Taylor Hult man as he begins his transition from nursing student and Emergency Department Technician to Registered Nurse. I have spent many hours alongside Taylor in the Emergency Department and after supervising his work, | can attest to the integrity, intelligence, and ambition he possesses. Taylor consistently demonstrated competent performance at work and was continually looking for growth and improvement opportunities. He is alert and responsive when recognizing patient needs and met them within a timely manner. Taylor displays intensity and enthusiasm towards nursing. He projects self-confidence and initiative that will only help further his career. Taylor shows an intense involvement in the direction of his career path and continues to actively work to improve and progress in the clinical setting. He would be a strong addition to any team. If | can further assist, please feel free to email me at the information below. Sincerely, Christopher Bayne, RN, MSN