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Classroom language

Put the following expressions in the correct box:

1. What's the opposite of (lazy)? 16. Have a good weekend! - The

2. Can/could you say that again, same to you./ You too.
please? 17. What does (...) mean?
3. Sorry I'm late 18. What did he/she say?
4. Do you agree? 19. Is this right/wrong?
5. See you on (Tuesday)! 20. Excuse me
6. How do you spell it? 21. What's the difference
7. Whose turn is it? between (meet) and (know)?
8. I have to leave early because 22. I won't be able to come next
... week because ...
9. It's my/ your turn 23. Where's the stress?
10. I agree/I don't agree (with 24. How do you say (...) in
you) English?
11. I couldn't come to class on 25. Can you help me, please?
(Monday). I was ill. 26. Could you explain something,
12. How do you pronounce it? please?
13. Can I say (...)? 27. What's the past tense of
14. I couldn't do the homework (wear)?
because ... 28. Could I have a copy, please?
15. We haven't finished (yet) 29. What do we have to do?
30. What do you think?

Asking for help

Apologizing/making excuses

Working in pairs/groups