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Building Industry News
2018: Issue 2

New Construction Forecast

Labor and land shortages to crimp constuction nationwide this year
In addition, mortgage interest rates
are expected to rise by 0.25%
several times next year. This makes
home buying more expensive.
"Mortgage rates are going to go up
a bit more this year," David Berson,
chief economist of Nationwide Mutual
Insurance Company, said at the
show. "Inflation is going to be just a
tad hotter than it's been.”
What kinds of homes are likely to
be constructed in 2018, and where?
Urban villages are expected to take
hold, predicts Dietz. These are
larger-scale, very walkable
developments that often include a
mix of townhouses, condos, and
apartments along with shopping,
grocery stores, and entertainment.
They are located in cities, suburbs,
and even exurbs (the farther-out
He expects to see more
townhouses go up, as they require
less land and are less expensive to
construct, and more teardowns—
razing one building to put up
another—to address the lack of land.
to see some changes in the types of make it more time-consuming—and
New-home sales are expected to
homes that are being sold by therefore costly—to put up new
be highest in the South, particularly
By Clare Trapasso | REALTOR•COM
builders, with more lower-priced homes.
in areas where the local economies
Builders are expected to put up offerings." (A recent tariff on Canadian lumber
are doing well, said Frank Nothaft,
more new construction in the year But "lower-priced" is in the eye of imported into the U.S. could raise the
chief economist at housing data firm
ahead—but the rate of building is the beholder—many cash-strapped, cost of building a home by about
CoreLogic, at the show. The region is
likely to slow, according to several first-time, and millennial buyers won't $1,300, Dietz said.)
also attractive to buyers as home
housing economists who spoke on be able to get in on the action. Dietz The big wild card, however, is the
prices, taxes, and the cost of living
Tuesday at the International Builders defines this category as costing less recent tax reform, Dietz said. If more
are lower than on the coasts and
Show. The show is hosted by the than $350,000. The national median folks have more money in their
there are plenty of job opportunities.
National Association of Home home price was $269,900 as of Dec. pockets as a result of the tax
Houston; Dallas; Phoenix; Atlanta;
Builders in Orlando, FL. 1, 2017, according to the most recent changes, it could make it easier for
and Austin, TX saw the most home
About 653,000 newly built homes® data available. them to save up for a down payment.
growth from fall 2016 through fall
will be sold in 2018, up 5.4% from Why is new construction so But the recent changes to the tax
2017, according to CoreLogic. Those
2017, predicts NAHB's Chief expensive? code, particularly capping the
areas are expected to remain hot in
Economist Robert Dietz. That may New construction is so expensive mortgage interest deduction and
sound impressive, but the growth because the labor and land shortage limiting local and property tax
rate is down from 10.5% in 2017. has put a crimp in building, materials deductions, may also make well-off Clare Trapasso is the senior news editor of
And those additional homes aren't costs are rising, and it's become potential buyers more likely to shy and an adjunct journalism professor. She
nearly enough to meet demand. harder for builders to obtain financing away from buying pricier new previously wrote for a Financial Times publication and
the New York Daily News. Contact her at
"There will be modest growth," for their projects. Local regulations in construction. If that happens, builders Follow @claretrap
Dietz said at the show. "We're going certain parts of the country may also will put up fewer homes.

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2 Builders Outlook 2018 Issue 2

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el Paso association
of Builders

Social Media & WeBSiTe
conTenT ManageMenT

e-Mail neWSleTTeRS

Let’s drive up membership! coMMUnicaTion

The el Paso association of associations and groups how to the association. $125 buys you
Builders for those that don’t know recruit members. in their the spot, so let Margaret know
is a little bit mis-named. You see exclusive program we have seen please.
it is for the home builders that it membership drives bring a of course, we also have our ediToRial SeRViceS
was created back in 1946 but it hundred or more new members Parade of Homes with nine
needed support by those clearly in during a two-day drive. While builders ready to showcase
affected by those builders. That’s we hope that this year we can starting with the preview party on
why our association, like all accomplish something like that i april 6 and during the regular
others in the country, have a think that we can easily bring in show april 7 to 22. look for
larger pool of associates or non- fifty or more. i am asking you as information on the preview event
builders as members. Simply put members to volunteer to and opportunities to sponsor
the associates outnumber participate in the training and the different things. Thanks to doug
builders in the federation. Why do drive. not only is it good for us Schwartz for making artcraft
i bring this up now? Because we but the tactics you’ll learn with estates available and to all the
are getting close to critical mass the oliver’s can be used in your builders who are building in it.
in membership, we need new or own business. Should be a really great show.
returning members. on april 2 as of this column we are at For now all i can say is make it
we will hold our first membership capacity for golf teams for our a good March. See you soon.
training with the oliver group. april 18 tournament. What we
Get Creative. Make it Snappy.
Who are they? Rob and Kate need is a commitment for tee box
oliver are experts in training signs, a simple way to support

What’s in it for me?

Builders Outlook 2018 Issue 2

Message D

“I like to say this about trade advocacy: it is an important part of
Ray Adauto, your professional life because together you have more strength than A

trying to go it alone. “
Vice President c
Associations have a long history of to Wikipedia “Advocacy is an activity trying to go it alone. motivate and join forces to keep this
being asked that question and it’s no by an individual or group which aims In membership there’s a lot of industry healthy. On April 2 we begin
different when we are recruiting to influence decisions within political, different components including a training with Rob and Kate Oliver on
members or asking them to renew. economic, and social systems and advocacy, networking, fun, sharing getting prepped for the upcoming
It’s a painful question because most institutions. Advocacy can include and much more. Some members membership drive. The Oliver Group
of the time it comes from people who many activities that a person or prefer to just join to say they are is widely respected as one of the best
have either a bad experience or no organization undertakes including members. Others are wanting to earn membership training companies in the
active experience with being a media campaigns, public speaking, some business from members, while world. In the past we’ve used them to
member. In reality most commissioning and publishing others like the fun part or the increase our own membership. What
memberships whether they are for research or conducting exit poll or the networking. All of these are good we find ourselves doing as well is
and association, gym, or shopping are filing of an amicus brief. Lobbying reasons to join or remain a member. making our daily work activities better
sometimes never used or used so (often by lobby groups) is a form of What isn’t good is to hear “I got because of what they show us. We
sparingly that it seems like there’s no advocacy where a direct approach is nothing from it”. Why? Because a will have teams competing for the
value to it. Sometimes a membership made to legislators on an issue which membership is only as good as you right to claim the best of the best
is the last item on your heavy plays a significant role in modern use it. Heck many of us including me membership recruiters in the EPAB.
workload so you overlook it or worse politics.[1] Research has started to belong to a gym membership. Rarely There will be prizes for doing this as
never use it. address how advocacy groups in the or never use it but man o man I’m a well as an opportunity to get involved
It’s an age-old question of what United States[2] and Canada[3] are member and so therefore I’m in the in the association and making you a
comes first, the chicken or the egg. using social media to facilitate civic group. Seriously a gym membership better advocate.
An association like ours has a very engagement and collective action.” can only do you good if you use it. Don’t wait to get invited, just reach
specific reason to exist: advocacy for I like to say this about trade So too with the Builders Association. out to me and we’ll put you in a team.
the new home construction business advocacy: it is an important part of We have an opportunity to ask our I promise that it is nothing like you’ve
in El Paso. Some will wonder what your professional life because neighbors to join our trade association ever been involved with and the
the word advocacy means. According together you have more strength than and begin to help us advocate, training will last a lifetime.





!  "



2018 Issue 2 Builders Outlook 5

Builder News

Home Builders Seek

Better Cooperation with
OSHA to Improve
Worker Safety
n The National Association of Home
Builders (NAHB) today called on the
Occupational Safety and Health
Administration (OSHA) to expand its small
business compliance assistance to help
home builders and other small business
owners to improve the safety of their
Testifying on behalf of NAHB at a House
subcommittee hearing on “a more effective
and collaborative OSHA,” J. Gary Hill, a
custom home builder from Greensboro,
N.C., and 2018 chairman of the NAHB
Construction Safety and Health Committee,
told lawmakers that reforming and
improving how OSHA operates is a top
priority of the housing industry.
“In recent years, OSHA has unleashed a
regulatory tsunami on the construction
industry,” said Hill. “The significant growth in
the number and scope of regulations, along
with the associated costs of these
regulations, has raised concerns from
NAHB members about OSHA’s heavy-
handed enforcement practices and
According to the Small Business
Administration, federal regulations cost
small businesses 60 percent more per
employee than it costs large businesses,
and compliance with these existing
regulations can average as much as $7,000
per employee.
“In our industry, a sizeable share of these
regulations comes from OSHA, and the
costs imposed by OSHA regulations are
financially onerous to every aspect of the
home building industry,” he said.
Though facing prohibitive regulatory
costs, Hill underscored that a top priority for
small home building firms is to create a
safe workplace environment for their
employees. It also makes good business
“It is no secret that safety saves lives –
and money,” he said. “We have learned that
the money saved through reduced workers’
compensation costs, lost time due to worker
injuries and less time spent on accident
claims and reports can be converted into
improvements in the way employers
operate their businesses. Moreover, a safe
jobsite is also the key to retaining good
employees and hiring new ones.”
Hill outlined three steps that OSHA can
take to improve operating procedures that
would make regulatory compliance more
cost-effective and make the agency more
user-friendly for small businesses. At the
same time, he noted that the following
actions by OSHA would boost housing
affordability and continue to improve the
safety of workers in the home building
Focus agency efforts on providing
employers with compliance assistance and
training for existing regulations and
standards so that OSHA is not needlessly
piling on regulatory burdens that small
businesses cannot effectively meet. By
pursuing a collaborative relationship with
trade associations and their members,
OSHA will better be able to inform and
educate employers of the responsibilities
specified in the agency’s standards and
Develop new and innovative ways to
partner with employers to achieve
compliance. Small employers need help
understanding the complex OSHA
regulatory regime and want assistance in
identifying hazards that pose the greatest
risk of a worker being injured.
Modernize methods to disseminate
compliance assistance information to
include video-based education segments
and checklists viewable from computers,
tablets and smartphones.
“By pursuing achievable reforms and
leveraging the expertise of industry groups
such as NAHB, Congress and the
administration can succeed in making
OSHA more user-friendly for small
businesses while also improving worker
safety,” said Hill.
6 Builders Outlook 2018 Issue 2

2018 Star Awards


Online Entries:

January 19 - March 20
Early Bird Deadline: March 6

Sponsors (as of 1.24.2018): Expressions Home Gallery - Morrison Showroom, StrucSure Home Warranty,
Texas Home Builders Safety Group, TopBuild Home Services
2018 Issue 2 Builders Outlook 7

Elliot Eisenberg
Economic & Policy


The Fed’s 2018 Interest Rate Plan
At the start of 2017, the Federal employment growth slows a bit; the
Reserve anticipated raising interest unemployment rate falls a bit more EL PASO ASSOCIATION OF BUILDERS
rates three times and shrinking its but not much; wage inflation starts
large bond portfolio. Unlike in 2015 to rise; and overall economy-wide
and 2016, where the forecasts made inflation strengthens. This would
by the Fed were overly optimistic, allow the Fed to continue raising
the 2017 forecast was spot on. rates slowly and not surprise
Whether officials at the central bank markets. There are, however,
can pull off a repeat performance of several risks to this Goldilocks
three rate hikes in 2018 will very outcome.
much depend on two conflicting The unemployment rate could
signals from the two variables that drop too low too fast and in the
matter most to the Fed: employment process, ignite inflationary
and inflation. pressures of all sorts. This would
Solid job gains have pushed the force the Fed to raise rates quickly,
unemployment rate to just 4.1% in potentially triggering a recession.
January, a 17-year low. If the Alternatively, inflation stays low as
unemployment rate drops as much the Fed slowly raises rates because
in 2018 as it did in 2017 -- a 0.7 the unemployment rate keeps

percentage point decline – it would falling. In this case, inflation is
be at a low last seen in the late pushed even lower, forcing the Fed
1960s. Yet inflation, despite some to stop raising rates. In this

recent rumblings to the contrary, scenario, the Fed would have little
remains stubbornly soft. Excluding room to lower rates when the next
volatile food and energy, the core recession comes, as they would
inflation rate is just 1.5% -- quite a stop raising rates earlier than they
distance from the Fed’s 2% target, would have liked.
despite the very low unemployment Luckily, inflation seems to be
Initially, some at the Fed thought
finally appearing, and this will allow
new Fed Chair Powell to raise rates AWARDS CEREMONY SPRING 2018
the low inflation rate was due to in 2018 at a measured pace like
unusual one-off events such as former Fed Chair Yellen. But, as
declines in the price of cell phone was the case in 2015 and 2016,
service, cars, prescription drugs, unforeseen circumstances are likely
and surprisingly weak healthcare to necessitate deviations from the
and higher education inflation. preferred path. I, for one, wish
However, as the inflation weakness Powell luck, but strongly suspect
has persisted, some Fed officials that the economy will be slightly
are beginning to rethink, at least stronger, and that inflation will rise
slightly, the belief that employers faster than expected, necessitating
bid up wages as workers grow four interest rate rises -- one more
increasingly scarce. That said, they than the Fed currently expects. No
still fundamentally believe that once matter what happens, 2018 will be
the unemployment rate falls low bumpier than the economically
enough, wages will rise. It’s just serene and placid 2017.
taking longer than in the past for
this to take place.
At this point, there are several
scenarios that can play out. Ideally,

The material that builders have used

for thousands of years is brick. Time
tested, time honored. Your homes
should be made with ACME Brick.

  #& ' )"'%*'

  - - 

& !(%$)&'&$ ("("%%& $"''"%!

Q&A: There’s a political tension that plays out time and

time again between those who want to invest public
dollars to create a better quality of life so you have
Based on the amount of time and resources I have
spent over the last 15 months, I would put it at the
top – as far as a risk factor.

Woody Hunt
the conditions for higher incomes and those who
say we can’t afford it. Whether it’s the ballpark or Q: What time and resources are you investing?
the arena or any other quality of life investment that
is supported by tax revenues, you have that It’s basically been an effort first to organize the
Executive chairman, Hunt Companies dialogue. border and then to communicate with the rest of
the state. The border can’t do it by itself, so it has to
Q: Can we afford it? Isn’t that a fair question? convince the state of Texas and the political
leadership that NAFTA is extremely important.
It is a legitimate debate. All of the business leadership in the major
History tells us that we haven’t always been poor. metropolitan areas and the state’s largest firms
We lost our competitiveness, but if we had it at one need to be engaged in the process.
point, there’s no reason to think we can’t get it
back. Q: What’s a specific example of that?
There’s no magic pill that’s going to take you from
less competitive to hyper competitive within a short The Borderplex Alliance and its CEO Jon Barela have
period of time. So it’s a culmination of multiple led the effort here. It ultimately developed into the
decisions, public and private, over time, that creates Texas-Mexico Trade Coalition. Jon sits on the
a hyper-competitive region. executive committee. They’ve engaged a lobbyist in
Washington, D.C., and Jon has testified there a
Q: Other cities are also investing in themselves. Is couple of times.
El Paso moving fast enough?
Raised in Ysleta in the Lower Valley, Woody Q: How far has El Paso come and how much farther
Hunt now helms what is likely El Paso’s largest Competition is great because it forces change that does the city have to go?
wouldn’t otherwise happen. It makes it harder for
privately held company: Hunt Companies.
those who say we can’t invest because we’re poor The benchmark I usually use is post World War II
What started 71 years ago as a small to prevail. That’s not a decision to preserve the census data. El Paso was 12 percent above the state
lumberyard by Hunt’s grandfather, the 11- status quo; it is a decision to continue to lose in education for post-secondary attainment and 14
companåy conglomerate now employs about competitiveness. percent above for median income.
6,500 people across the United States and has By 2000, on both of those measures, we were 30
$1.5 billion in assets under management. Q: The effort that began in the early 2000s to percent below the state. It doesn’t mean our
Today, the 72-year-old businessman and reverse El Paso’s economic decline has resulted education levels and incomes didn’t improve, but
in a health sciences center, passage of the clearly we had lost our competitiveness.
philanthropist spends much of his time giving
quality of life bond and a Downtown ballpark.
his wealth away. He passed the CEO job to his Community leaders helped secure the $6 billion Q: El Paso improved but not fast enough.
nephew Chris in 2015 and now serves as expansion of Fort Bliss. What’s next? What
executive chairman of the family-run company. other ‘big thing’ can El Paso pursue? Nowhere near fast enough.
In an exclusive interview with El Paso Inc., In the mid-1990s, there was an increasing focus on
Hunt talked about how far El Paso has come, The Borderplex Alliance has a strategic plan, which changing those circumstances. How do we become
how much farther it has to go. has multiple components in it. The medical device more competitive? That is an ongoing process.
industry is one of them.
Q: Can El Paso attract, or grow locally, more
We have to operate as a region and look at our headquarters like Hunt Companies?
comparative advantages. Juárez is certainly much
better connected to the world economy than El Usually, when you’re recruiting companies to a
By Robert Gray / El Paso Inc. Paso. They are essentially driving our region, you’re not bringing the top-level executives;
competitiveness in many respects by participating in maybe they’re opening a new plant or facility. The
Q: What is the biggest challenge facing El Paso? the world economy. only way you can do that is by growing local
companies, which is increasingly technologically
We have a very low unemployment rate right now; They have 300,000 people employed in based.
it is below the state and the country. I can’t manufacturing that is selling right into the world
remember it ever being this low. That is extremely markets. That’s a huge advantage that we need to So how do you create an ecosystem of innovation
positive. continue to leverage. That’s why the outcome of the and venture capital and startups where everybody
But we have low unemployment and low incomes. NAFTA negotiations is so important for the border wants to do that? There are efforts to do that, and
So the biggest challenge we have now is how do we and for Texas, which is the largest exporting state by the Medical Center of the Americas Foundation has
move up the skills ladder and up the income ladder. far in the country. really been the leader there.
Q: How do you hold a family business together?
Q: In some neighborhoods, more than 40 percent Q: What could the NAFTA negotiations mean for El
of El Paso households live in poverty. El Paso’s Paso? I had to make a decision almost 15 years ago: Is this
median income remains among the lowest a sustainable business absent me? Once you make
anywhere. What is it going to take to move the It’s certainly been a very bumpy road. I’m very that decision then you are into succession planning.
needle? hesitant to be optimistic. I do think it is a compelling You’ve got to decentralize and disperse so
argument that the state of Texas needs NAFTA. I everything isn’t concentrated in one person.
There’s no silver bullet to go from low incomes to mean, 40 percent of our exports go to Mexico.
high incomes. It’s going to take investment in a The stakes are very high to get an outcome that
more competitive quality of life, which gets back to hopefully makes us more competitive. There are This interview conducted by Robert Gray was originally
the political equation. more than 100,000 workers that work in the auto published on February 18, 2018 in El Paso Inc. Business
industry in the region. Some disruption to that It appears in the Builders Outlook with the permission of
If we are not willing to invest in ourselves to have supply chain would hurt. That’s a major risk factor. El Paso Inc. and Hunt Companies.
the quality of life that is necessary to attract and The full interview can be viewed online at www
retain higher income jobs, then we are essentially Robert Gray may be contacted at or by
Q: When you look at all the various risks along the phone at 915-534-4422 extension 143
making a decision that we are always going to be border right now, how high do the NAFTA
poor. negotiations rank?
2018 Issue 2

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Mortgage Rates Snap Back to 4-Year Highs
10 Builders Outlook 2018 Issue 2

& Banking
It was a good run for mortgage improvement seen earlier in 2017
rates, relative to the rest of 2018, but The default stance for now is that
after spending 3 days in a row with this trend toward higher rates has the
mild-to-moderate improvements, rates potential to continue. It will take more
quickly snapped back to multi-year than a few great days here and there
highs today. The general trend in for that outlook to change.
2018 as well as the general level of For weeks, this bullet point had
volatility deserve some of the credit. warned about recent stability inviting a
The bonds that underlie mortgage rate bigger dose of volatility. That volatility
pricing actually aren't quite back to last is now here. As such, locking is
week's levels. Lenders are simply generally the better choice until the
quicker to adjust things for the worse volatility is clearly dying down.
when the trend has been unfriendly Rates discussed refer to the most
and when the prices of those frequently-quoted, conforming,
underlying bonds have been jumping conventional 30yr fixed rate for top tier
around as much as they have. borrowers among average to well-
The other part of the credit goes to priced lenders. The rates generally
the market's interpretation of assume little-to-no origination or
comments made by new Federal discount except as noted when
Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, who applicable. Rates appearing on this
gave his first semi-annual page are "effective rates" that take
congressional testimony today. Powell day-to-day changes in upfront costs
didn't do or say anything wrong. In into consideration.
fact, he did a great job conveying what
recent speeches and policy documents
suggest we already know about the
Fed's policy stance.
The only issue was one of his
comments was open to the
interpretation of pointing toward an
additional rate hike in 2018. Many
market participants were already
planning on that rate hike, but the
prevailing view was for a slightly
slower pace. After the Powell
comment (he simply said he thinks the
economic outlook is stronger now than
he did in December), some of the
investors in the "prevailing view" camp
shifted their rate hike outlook to the
"additional hike in 2018" camp. That
was enough for mid-day bond market
weakness and widespread lender
adjustments to higher rates in the
Pioneer Bank understands

middle of the day.

that time is preccious so we
offer products to help you
spend less tim me worrying
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about financess and more
Bonds sold off sharply today, as Fed th that matter
Chairman Powell testified before
Congress. While his rhetoric wasn't
surprising, it reinforced markets' views
that the Fed will continue reducing its
balance sheet. Nothing's changed
here, the trend is to higher rates, and
that means lock early!-Ted Rood,
Senior Originator An
An old
dd friend
old ffriend
i d with
with new
with new id
ddeas since
id i ee 1901.
since 1901
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commmunityit bank
b k sincei 1901
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time bonds try to rally, it is met with

When n you grow, we grow. Savings

selling pressures. Until this trend is

ness or personal, whatever Personal and

over, locking is the wise move. -Victor

your financial needs, we provide Commercial Loans
solutions to help you succeed!
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N. M Trawood Dr.
esa S
Lee Trevino Dr.

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sler D

sler D

y East

2017 had proven to be a relatively

S. Re

S. Re

good year for mortgage rates despite


widespread expectations for a stronger

N N N of $50 to open.. Each account
is insured by FDIC
DIC up to
7015 N. Mesa 6068 Gateway East 22990 Trawood $250,000. Services
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push higher after the presidential

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While rates remain low in absolute

terms, they moved higher in a more www.pioneerb
www. i b
k .co m
threatening way heading into the 4th
quarter, relative to the stability and
2018 Issue 2 Builders Outlook 11
EPAB Membership
Builders Outlook 2018 Issue 2
Updated every month, here is a list of the 2018 EPAB Membership.
Remember to please do buinsess with fellow members.
Builder members Trejo Construction Co. Eagle Roofing Products New American Funding
as of February 28, 2018 Juan Trejo Scott Aguilar Brenda Trillo
Tropicana Building Corp. El Paso Building Materials New Era Foam
Bain Construction Bobby Bowling IV Ken Wade George Tollen
Scott Bain Tropicana Development El Paso Disposal Passage Supply
Bella Vista Custom Homes, Inc. Greg Bowling Irma Parsons John Chaney
Edgar Garcia Tropicana Homes El Paso Mortgage Bankers Association Patriot Mortgage
BIC Homes Randy Bowling Gilbert Pedregon Randy Bowling
Antonio Cervantes Tropicana Properties El Paso Times Pella Windows
Carefree Homes Demetrio Jimenez Jose Molina Jason Bates
Richard Aguilar Villagi Homes, LLC El Paso Truss Performance Glass & Aluminum
Casas De Leon, LLC Kristi Eddings Luis Mendiola Hector Hernandez
Nick Bombach Will Harvey Development El Paso Winnelson Pioneer Bank
Classic American Homes Will S. Harvey Rene Goldfien Kathy Carrillo
Priscilla Hernandez Winton/Flair/Accent Homes Ferguson Enterprises Inc. PRIDE Ascend
Crown Heritage Homes Herschel Stringfield Albert Holguin Dr. Lonny Wright
Lydia Mlouhi First American Bank Post Tension
Cullers & Caldwell Builders Associate Members Luis Sauceda Dennis Moore
John Cullers as of February. 28, 2018 Fire Smoke N’ Grill Powerfoam Insulation/
Cullers Homes 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Bill Owen Metlspan NCI Group, Inc.
Jason R. Cullers Jeanine Jones First Light Federal Credit Union Arnie Pederson
D. R. Horton Homes 84 Lumber Lorenzo Revelez Randall Smith, CPA
Jaime Gonzalez Ernie Chavez First National 1870 Randall Smith
Dawco Home Builders 915 Siteworks, LLC Haley Merritt Real Estate Weekly Newspaper
Walter O. Lujan Dan Guevara Firth, Johnston, Bunn & Kerr Riley Stephens
Deal-2-Deal Homes ABC Supply Co., Inc. Jay Kerr Rebath of El Paso/Las Cruces
dba Deal-2-Deal,LLC Larry Eck Foxworth Galbraith Lumber Lisa Walling
Delton Deal Acme Brick Company Dan Villarreal Remcon Self Storage
Del Rio Engineering, Inc. Vanessa Rocha; Steve Bush Franklin Building Materials Will Harvey
Sal Masoud Adams Moulding & Lumber Ricardo Aguilar; Cristina Sheldon Richman Group Affordable Housing Corp.
Diamond Homes, LLC Tom Swahlen G2 Ram Electric Kevin Hoffman
Valerie Baquera Area Iron & Steel Works, Inc. Luis Cano Rocky Mountain Mortgage Company
Donald Ward Builder, Inc. Fred L. Edmonston Jr. GCC Sun City Materials, LLC Dean Inniss
Donald Ward Atrium Homes Antonio “Tony” Chavez Roe, Brad
E. Valencia Land Development LLC Ricardo Bocardo Jr. GECU- Greater El Paso Credit Union Bradley Roe
Eddie Valencia Bank of Texas Brenda Aguirre Rudolph Chevrolet
Edward's Homes, Inc. Ray Owen Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce Mike Ruffin
Eduardo Fernandez Barnett & Bennett Construction GEPAR-Greater El Paso Saldivar Electric, Inc.
EPT Bella Custom Dream Homes Ben Trzyna Assoc. of Realtors Martin A. Saldivar
Leti & Javier Navarrete Baron Supply Jason Sanchez Sarabias Blue Sanitation
EPT Land Communities David Trammell Hardware Specialties Monica Brown
David Bogas Barragan & Associates Jeff R. Paxton Senercon
Everest Homes Benito Barragan Harris Real Estate Group Javier Ruiz
Edmundo Dena, Jr. Barrett Airworks Lane Harris Sherwin Williams Paint
Fortune Custom Homes Alexandro Castro Haskins Electric Cruz Lopez
Javier Andrade Beasley, Mitchell & Co., LLP Charles B. Haskins, Jr. Sierra Title Company
Gaddy Construction Brad Beasley Home of Texas Angelique Roman
Charles Gaddy BMC Select Mark Smiley Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc.
GMF Custom Homes, LP Jaeson Iovinella HUB International Ken Donham
Frank Torres Boise Cascade Luis Rosas Snappy Publishing, LLC
Guel Construction Mike Flores Interceramic Tile & Stone Gallery Ted Escobedo
Rudy Guel Border Solar David Holguin Solar Smart Living
Hakes Brothers LLC Javier Ruiz Inter National Bank Larry Perea
Chris Hakes Builders Source Appliance Gallery Natalie Ojeda Southwest Décor El Paso Corporation
Hanson Asset Management, LP Kathy Rose, Sandra Lucero J & H Concrete & Post Tension Chris Matthews
Russell Hanson C. D. Lee/Britton Insurance & Bonding Jorge Herrera Spectrum Technologies
Homes by Design Anthony Landavazo; Lisa Daniels James L. Ellis, CPA, PC Miled Daou
Leslie Driggers Hoard Casa Ford & Casa Nissan Jim Ellis Stewart Title of El Paso
Hunt Communities, LLC Luke Lowenfield Jimmy Garza Cindy Bilbe
Kathy Parry CEA Engineering Group Emergency Water Removal StrucSure Home Warranty
Icon Custom Home Builder, LLC. Jorge L. Azcarate Veronica Buchanan Scott Whisenant
Carlos Garcia Central Texas Metal Jobe Materials, LP Su Casa Magazine
Industrial Realty Group Incorporated Roofing Supply Co.,Inc. Charlie Tellez Bob Skolnick
Brent D. Harris Ben Garza, III Joe Bernal Insurance Sun City Winnelson
JER Custom Homes, LLC Centricity & Financial Services, Inc. Dean Moore
Jorge E. Rodriguez Brent R. Morgan Joe M. Bernal Texas Gas Services
Lloyd Hamilton Construction Chaparral Materials, Inc. L & P Building Supply Mica Short
Lloyd Hamnilton III Leroy Trujillo Denise McConnell Texas Title Company
Loyalty Homes City Bank Texas LCR Resource, Inc. Steve Raney
Gustavo Loy Bob Kotarski Ralph Sanchez TFCU
M A Builders & Design, LLC City Lights Legacy Real Estate Services Yolie Melendez-Estrada
Mustafa Ali Thomas Brown TTI Prop. Management. The Dorian Group/Ocean Gallery USA
Metro Homes, Inc. Cognent, Inc. Patrick Tuttle Miguel Angel Mercado
Fernando Torres, Judith Arrunada, Martin Paredes Lennox Industries The Home Systems Heating & Cooling, Inc.
Pacifica Homes, Inc. Commercial Insurance Brokers, Inc. Sharon Horton Jesus Chain
Juan Jose Vasquez Ken Foster Lone Star Title Co. of El Paso Trane Residential Solutions
Palace Homes, Inc. Conde, Inc. Sam Trimble Robert Meske/ Kathleen Chacon
Robert Diaz Conrad Conde Love Engineering, Inc. TRE & Associates
Palo Verde Homes Copenhagen Imports Montez Love Linda Troncoso
Edgar Montiel Flemming Carlsen Majestic Realtors Trim Team
Pointe Homes CQC Testing and Engineering, LLC Patti Musshorn Juan & Kris Hernandez
Carlos Villalobos Jaime Rojas MAK Roofing & Construction USA General Contractors
Porter Homes Dal-Tile Felix Vizarreta Javier Olmos
Albert Porter Joseph Cepeda Masco Contract Services Vision Consultants, Inc.
R.C. Baeza & Associates Delek US dba 7 Eleven dba Gale Insulation Kelly Sorenson
Robert C. Baeza Sonja Scanlan Tom Harmon WestStar Home Loans
R.E. Welch Contractor Demcon Disposal Management, LLC McCoy's Building Supplies Cinco Houghton
Gordon Welch Maria Elena (Nena) Gomez Julie Reyes WestStar Bank
Rassette Homes, Inc. Dunn Edwards Paints Merrill Lynch David Osborn
Donald Rassette Nathan Gordon Thomas (Tommy) Gabriel WestStar Title
Santana Custom Homes Dorney Security Mini Concrete Materials Janette Coon
Fernando Santana John Dorney Joe Soto
Southwest Land Development Serv. DWS Building Supply Morrison Supply
Doug Schwartz Sabrina Voorhies Sam Shallenberger
The Heritage Group E.F. Building Materials, Inc. MTI Ready Mix, Inc.
David Bingham Efren Fraire Tony Mullen
2018 Issue 2 Builders Outlook 13
Upcoming Events Member News
MARCH 8, 2018 APRIL 6-15 Blast From the Past
BOARD MEETING PARADE OF HOMES What a surprise when our former bookkeeper
12:00 NOON ARTCRAFT ESTATES Dennis Votava stopped in for a visit. Dennis
had spent several years with the EPAB after
a career with T-Mobile. In his position
APRIL 12, 2018 Dennis was responsible for the everyday
MARCH 14, 2018 BOARD & GENERAL function as the guy taking in the money,
SPEED SELLING MEETING deposits, billing and processing. “I think I
EPAB OFFICE 11:00 BOARD had more hats in this job than I had in all my
12:00 GENERAL other jobs,” he told Ray on the visit. Dennis is a military veteran and is
MARCH 21-23 EL PASO CLUB permanently retired now at age 74. “I just do what my wife says, and
TAB MEETING sometimes I don’t” he said with a laugh. Dennis looks slim and trim and
AUSTIN, TX APRIL 18, 2018 certainly not his age. “Got a new cardiologist who has really helped me.
GOLF TOURNAMENT Make sure to say hello to the members,” Dennis told us. So from Dennis
to all of you a big Hello. “Oh yeah, tell them I’m not dead yet,” he said half
Membership Training
EPAB OFfices
New Members Congratulations to Kathy Parry on the birth of granddaughter Reata Ward
born to Charla and Dalton Ward.


Our deepest condolences to Ray Adauto on the loss of his Uncle Angel
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14 Builders Outlook 2018 Issue 2

February Meeting An overflow crowd gathered at the El

Paso Club for the meeting. President
The EPAB held it’s first general
Edmundo Dena welcomed the members
meeting of the year and welcomed
and guests and Ray Adauto gave an
Randall Smith, CPA as the guest
update on upcoming events. Reports
speaker. Randall presented the latest
were made regarding those events and a
information on the Tax Credits passed by
call for help with several of them. The
Congress in December 2017. Smith
association will be constructing a
held the audience in his palm as the
playhouse for the El Paso Children’s
questions running through everyone’s
Foundation that they will auction off at
head were answered one by one. “I am
their annual gala. Angelique Roman
learning this new tax law as is everyone
asked the attendees to help with lumber,
else, including Congress,” Smith told the
paint, shingles, and muscle when we get
Outlook. “The reality is that it will take a
ready to build.
year or more for us to get our head
The meeting concluded with President
around the changes and even then,
Dena adjourning the meeting.
some things will be clear as mud,” he

Associates Council
The Associates Council met in February
and over forty members enjoyed a couple of
beverages and conversation. Sam
Shallenberger, Associates Vice President,
opened the gathering by giving an update on
upcoming events. Sam also asked that the
associates become involved in the events and
programs the association will be having this
year. Several event chairs were in the
audience and each g ave a report. Pat Tuttle
co-chairs the Spring Golf Tournament and told
the group that there were some great
opportunities for advertising at the golf course.
Angelique Roman, Brenda Aguirre and
Patricia Martinez head up the Community
Service Committee. They talked about the
upcoming playhouse build for the Children’s
Foundation and reminded the group that they
are still looking at helping some needy folk s
with their homes.
Sam announced that there would some off
site get togethers during the year, with the first
event being held at Morrison Supply
sometime in May. All members would be
welcomed at the event, just a social event
with networking.
Builders Outlook 2018 Issue 2 El Paso Disposal
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915-778-5387 • Fax: 915-772-3038
■ ExEcuTivE OFFicERS
Edmundo Dena
Sandra Lucero, Builders Source
Ted Escobedo, Snappy Publishing
Jorge Herrera, J&H Post Concrete & Post Tension
vicE PRESiDENT Angelique Roman, Sierra Title
Sergio Cuartas Patrick Tuttle, Legacy Real Estate
SEcRETARY Sam Trimble, Lone Star Title
Edgar Garcia Patricia Martinez, Stewart Title
ExEcuTivE vicE PRESiDENT Randall Smith, Randall Smith, CPA
Ray Adauto
Don Rassette Randy Bowling - Life Director
Sam Shallenberger
■ cOMMiTTEE cHAiRS Edmundo Dena
Ted Escobedo ■ NATiONAL DiREcTORS
Patrick Tuttle Bobby Bowling, IV
Demetrio Jimenez
Finance committee Leslie Driggers Hoard -Alternate
Kathy Carrillo/Treasurer Antonio Cervantes - Alternate
Henry Tinajero
Honorary Life Members
Community Outreach Mark Dyer
Angelique Roman Wayne Grinnell
Brenda Aguirre Don Henderson
Patricia Martinez

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Anna Gill
Brad Roe
Land Use Council Rudy Guel
Sal Masoud
Past Presidents
Education committed to Serve

Residential Specialists
Kelly Sorenson Edmundo Dena
Delton Deal Edgar Montiel
Frank Torres

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■ ADviSORY TO THE BOARD Frank Arroyos
Jay Kerr, Firth, Johnston, Bunn & Kerr Greg Bowling
Randy Bowling
■ BOARD OF DiREcTORS Bobby Bowling Iv
Builders: Doug Schwartz
Delton Deal, Deal 2 Deal John Cullers
J.J. Vasquez, Pacifica Homes Robert Baeza
Leti Navarrete, Bella Custom Dream Homes Mark Dyer
Bud Foster, Southwest Land Development Kelly Sorenson
Kathy Parry, HUNT Communities Rudy Guel
Lee Gillett, Classic American Brad Roe
Laura Loy, Loyalty Homes Herschel Stringfield
Walter Lujan, Dawco Homes Bob Bowling Iii

Fernando Torres, Metro Homes Pat Woods
Leslie Driggers Hoard, Homes by Design Carlos Villalobos

Total Customer
Carlos Garcia, ICON Custom

EPAB Mission Statement:
Sal Masoud, Del Rio Development The El Paso Association of Builders is a federated professional
Fernando Santana, Santana Custom Homes

organization representing the home building industry,
Chris Hakes, Hakes Brothers committed to enhancing the quality of life in our community by
Associates: providing affordable homes of excellence and value.
Joe Bernal, Joe Bernal Insurance The El Paso Association of Builders is a 501C(6) trade
Henry Tinajero, WestStar Bank organization.
Kathy Carillo, Pioneer Bank © 2017 Builder’s Outlook is published and distributed for
John Chaney, Passage Supply the El Paso Association of Builders
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Don Rassette Charles “Chuck” Haskins
Rassette Homes Haskins Electric

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