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The Third Indonesian-Japanese Conference on

Knowledge Creation and Intelligent Computing

Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya (Indonesia)

Keio University (Japan)
State Polytechnic of Malang (Indonesia)

Malang, Indonesia, March 25-26th, 2014

Nana Ramadijanti
Entin Martiana
Umi Sa’adah
Yuliana Setiowati


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Kampus ITS Keputih Sukolilo Surabaya 60111
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The Third Indonesian-Japanese Conference on

Knowledge Creation and Intelligent Computing 2014

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ISBN: 978-602-9494-97-6

Table of Contents

Reinforcement Programming: A Function Based Reinforcement Learning 1

Irene Erlyn Wina Rachmawan, Ali Ridho Barakbah, Ira Prasetyaningrum and Yuliana Setiowati

Flow Direction Prediction of The Ball Movement for Humanoid Robot Soccer Goalkeeper 8
Indra Adji Sulistijono, Ahmad Fuady, Fahrisal Rusian and Achmad Subhan Khalilullah

A Dynamic Passenger-Flow Targeting Digital Signage System with Correlation and 14

Classification Computing for Railways
Eiko Takayasu, Jeremy Hall and Yasushi Kiyoki

Troops Behavior Animation on Real Time Strategy Game Using Flocking Behavior 21
Widi Sarinastiti, Christyowidiasmoro and Moch. Hariadi

Practice Approach of Computer Programming Education That Adopted The Flipped Classroom 28
By Using e-Learning
Yasuhiro Hayashi, Ken-ichi Fukamachi and Hiroshi Komatsugawa

Secure Content Exchange in Delay Tolerant Networks Using Attribute-Based Encryption 35

Amang Sudarsono, Sritrusta Sukaridhoto, Toru Nakanishi, and Nobuo Funabiki

Combining KNN and SVM Classification on Intrussion Detection System Using Dempster- 44
Shafer Theory
Akhmad Alimudin , Waskitho Wibisono , and Diana Purwitasari

Intrusion Detection with On – line Clustering Using Reinforcement Learning 50

Indah Yulia Prafitaning Tiyas, Ali Ridho Barakbah, Tri Harsono, and Amang Sudarsono

Analysis of Urban Area Environmental Conditions in Surabaya to Support The Communication 58

System for Intelligent Transportation System Case Study: Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I)
Nur Adi Siswandari, Okkie Puspitorini, Ari Wijayanti, and Hani’ah Mahmudah

Pattern Synthesis of Two Dimension Array Antennas using Genetic Algorithms (GAs) to 66
Maximize Signal to Interference Ratio (SIR)
Budi Aswoyo, Achmad Basuki

Mobile Web Based of Geographic Information System For Culinary Places In Kediri 73
Fatthony Aunur Rozzy, M. Udin Harun Al Rasyid, and Ahmad Syauqi Ahsan

A Regional Food’s Featured Ingredient Recognizing Algorithm and Its Application 81

Trung Duc Nguyen, Diep Thi-Ngoc Nguyen, and Yasushi Kiyoki

Prototype of Monitoring System and Fishing Boat Safety Navigation for Early Detection of 88
Accident and Emergency
Ade Luthfi Nurrahman, Bakhtiyar Sierad, Halla Dhinasti, Vanny Mega Christanti, Yunanda
Basuki, Wahyu Tjatur Sesulihatien, Taufiqurrahman, and Rizky Yuniar Hakkun

Human Behavior Based Evacuation in A Large Room Using Cellular Automata Model For 96
Pedestrian Dynamics
Tri Harsono , Ali Ridho Barakbah, and Kohei ARAI

Earthquake Density Measurement Using Automatic Clustering 102
Amin Endah Sulistiawati, Ali Ridho Barakbah, Tri Harsono, and Yuliana Setiowati

A Cross-cultural Color-Impression-Map System for Analyzing and Visualizing Image Feature 111
Phu Nguyen Duc, Shiori Sasaki, Diep Nguyen Thi-Ngoc and Yasushi Kiyoki

Scenery Image Retrieval for Tourist Spots Using Classification of HSV Color Features 119
Achmad Basuki, Fadilah Fahrul Hardiansyah and Nana Ramadijanti

A Sociocultural-Dimensional Analysis of Anti-Governmental Regional Upheaval in the Middle 125

East by Visualizing Global Political Effects using the 5D World Map System
Amane KOBAYASHI, Shiori SASAKI and Yasushi KIYOKI

Building Public E-Health With 5D World Map System (EH5D): Awareness Scenario of Dengue 133
Spreading in Surabaya
Wahjoe Tjatur SESULIHATIEN, Tri HARSONO, Shiori SASAKI and Yasushi KIYOKI

Lake Water Management System Based on Geographic Information Systems 140

Kohei Matsunaga and Wanglin Yan

Monte Carlo Approach for Rainfall-runoff Model Uncertainty Analysis using Generalized 145
Likelihood Uncertainty Estimation
Ratih Indri Hapsari and Satoru Oishi