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Sheraina Gonzales A301


The ABCD Food, Beverage and Service Co., has been in operation for 50 years. For
those years it has expanded and created jobs that would help men and woman have a
sustainable living. The connection between the company and its forces has been good
that the cooperation the company grew and soared high. The company values each and
every member of its working force from the least to the top. The company believe that
the secret for the company’s success is because of the effort of the labor force of the
employees. For the years the company has sustained and been able to cater to the
need of their employee. It is to the company’s best interest to halp their employee and
make decision that would benefit ecery stakeholders of the company.
The company made lots of efforts to balance the company’s expenditure to prevent as
muc as possible to even remove even one of its work force, but as the rough time
comes, the changes are inevitable that the company has to make the most saddening
decision that they are going to make in the 50 years of its existance. In prevent of losing
all and declare bankruptcy in result of sudden loss jobs and lost benefits for the
employees, the company decided to let go one third of its employee. The heartbreaking
decision is made to cater the best interest off the company and its employee.
The company reiterates, that the company has made all the efforts to save and prevent
laying-off employee to prevent causing emotional problem for the employees, but due to
the changes that the company is facing it also made sure that the company will provide
the necessities of the employees to start over. Benefits and other incentives are to be
given to the employees, assuring that despite of the parting ways the company has
treasured every help the employees made, and that the company value them, that no
matter what the company acknowledges that the employees were the main helping
hand that brought the company up and soared high.
 To make the employees feel valuable and well appreciated. To ensure that they
not left without any means to start over.
 To make the employee understand the reason behind the company’s decision
 To inform the stakeholders that the company is doing its best to maintain their
 To advance the companies knowledge and understanding of the changes of
environment that would result for company’s pro-activeness
 To understand and act towards the betterment of its stakeholders
 To implement the social responsibility of the company to its employees
 To comply with rules and regulation of the Philippine Constitution


 Employees
 Investors
 Government
 Customers

 Face-to-Face discussions an decision meetings (Supplier,Investors, leader
of the workers union and the Government Agency)
 Labor union meeting with the Company
 Letters from the CEO
 Monthly Report


 The ABCD Food, Beverage and Service Co., has been existing for 50 years
since 1966. It has maintained its credibility and has been known for its great
relationship between the company’s management and its employees. The
company shall stand behind its people as change approaches and take action to
comply with the best interest of its stakeholders. The company shall continue its
record by staying strong in facing changes, half a century the company stood
proud and it shall keep on going for many more years.
 Measures that the company have made in order to compensate the stakeholders
that are affected by sudden change.
 Separation pay better than mandated by the government.
 Training and livelihood program for the employees that will be affected.
 Measures that company has to take in order to reach an equilibrium price for the
 Lay offing workers
 Cross cutting budgets
 Highlight of the difference of supply cost of the previous year and this year:
subjected to similar time duration.
 The change the of production dates to compromise with the change of weather

 The company shall have a general assembly together with its office
manager/branch head that would inform the employees of the company’s
 The company shall provide the option of resigning with the same benefits of the
people that would be laid off, for good working record.
 The company’s CEO shall send a letter of apology and explanation to every
employee that would be laid off for personal touch hence the employee would
feel valuable and appreciated
 The company shall provide every employee that would be laid off the list of
benefits and incentives they would receive with comparison to the government
mandated, so that they will know that the company is giving them more as a form
settlement and for starting over.
 The company shall provide every employee a good company recommendation
for the employees will easily find a job.
 ‘The company’s representative shall ask DOLE’s aid to help the employees find a
job that would be fitting.
 The company’s representative together with Dole’s representative shall hold a
meeting together with a representative from the labor union.
 The company and its stockholder/board of directors shall plan changes of their
production setup to prevent budget cutting to be able to have sustainable and
profitable company that would adapt to environment. Proactiveness of the