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Directions:​ Review your annotations, class notes, and any other notes you've been taking as you read

BTWM. Then answer the following questions:

What did you learn from today's "speed dating" exercise? In other words, what important or key ideas or
realizations did you have about the book that you may not have had upon your first read of the text? List
your top 3 important lessons learned or realizations.
Today’s "Speed Dating" exercise produced sharing ideas verbally rather than putting your own
though on paper. All of my partners agreed with my opinions, which I found to be more
comforting that we had similarities to how we both felt within these controversial issues.
i. Fear was so pervasive in Coates’ community growing up because they knew they
had no control over their own bodies and they are not promised tomorrow. Crews
showed fear through rage, intimidation and violence in their communities to feel
the sense of superiority and control over someone, because their do not have
control over themselves.
ii. When Coates had a kid pull a gun on him in the 6th grade in 1986, he realized his
death can be anywhere and anytime without having a natural cause.
iii. Mecca embraced his culture through Howard University. They University is
known for being predominantly black, which influenced to embraced his culture
with pride. As and intellectual and writer, he values interpreting how he saw the
world for themselves rather than defining it one way-- the American Dream. Not
only did school get influence Coates, but his father who was apart of the Black
Panther and work in Harvard University, as well as his mother who was a
teacher. They raised him to analyze the world in his own way and question why
things happen, because everything happens for a reason.
On a scale of 1-5, 1 being not prepared at all and 5 being very prepared, where would rate yourself as far
as being prepared to engage in thoughtful discussion about the book and the questions presented? Explain.
Honestly I would say I am on the scale at a 3.5. I believe I was very engaged in a thoughtful discussion,
however I given myself this rate due to not complete the full reading, I read up until page 30.
If you rated yourself as a 3 or less, why do you think you were not as prepared? What challenges are you
finding with the reading or homework up to this point in the quarter? Explain.
Most of the questions I had discussed were in the passages I had read. So it is safe to say My discussing
were very thorough, only time where I felt a bit less engaged was question #2 and #9. In # 2, I did not
know how to explain myself at first and was a bit uncomfortable with sharing my thoughts because I did
not know how to put it. Thankfully, Jose was my partner and helped me get at what I was saying.
Question #9 had the answer on the passage I didn’t get to, but using my self knowledge on Howard
University and Coates’ parent helped my overcome the question altogether.
If you rated yourself as a 4 or 5, why do you think you are so prepared? What are strategies, tools, or
practices are you using to help you read and prepare for class? Explain.
b. N/A
What do you find challenging or difficult about this text? Be specific and explain.
I found Coates’ choice of diction and figurative language difficult about this text. Most of his
language was unfamiliar to me, and I found it difficult understanding the figurative language and
how it connected with his claims.
Do you find yourself connecting with the writer? Why or why not? Explain.
I cannot relate to the writer by experiencing what he had went through, however I empathize for
him and his community. Reading his views on how his community is affected by racism and
American history left me with sadness, as I read this in the Starbucks I always go to to do my
assignments I was holding back my tears. Coates makes valid answers to why our system is
corrupted and the American Dream is just false hope.
How are you responding to the references that Coates makes as a reader? In what ways are they helping or
hurting your comprehension? Explain.
As a reader, I respond to the references Coates makes by paraphrasing his sentences to make
sense of it. This helps my comprehension because I am learning a better choice of vocabulary and
understanding figurative language.
You will be expected to finish reading the book by next Thursday. What is your reading plan for this
weekend? How do you plan on approaching the reading? Explain what specific reading strategies you will
use to help you focus, understand, and read the text critically.
I will give myself sections to read and divide them equally so I will not get overwhelmed, I would
like to close reading each page or annotate to make sure I am understanding the text. Before this
class, I was not a big reader, and I would like to get in the habit of reading and make it a hobby
and learn to enjoy it.
If you could ask Coates 3 questions about his ideas, what would they be? List them below.
Do you think you would have the same interpretations of the American Dream and analyze the
world around you if your parents raised you to have a sense of hope?
Why did you write the letter to your nephew with a different tone than in Between the World and
Me to your son?
What are ways would you recommend parenting for all cultures?