Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction?

I keep coming across articles discussing the theory that the capitalization of names is a conspiracy that takes away all of our God-given unalienable rights. The sad thing is that these articles by conspiracy theorists, “Sovereign-ists” and “Patriots” are completely missing the real truth which is hidden in plain sight in front of everyone’s eyes. There is only one “Authorized” Bible and it is the Authorized 1611 King James Holy Bible and in it God tells us that some people will not have ears to hear or eyes to see. Take note that the word “Law” and “Lawyer” come from the root word “Lie”. You have got to give Satan the Devil credit for his mischievous deceptions since the truth is out in the open and nobody sees it. Can it be that the "Devil's dvocates", also known as lawyers, have conveniently used plausible deniability to hide the truth from men so that they could plunder for their own selfish, greedy, corrupt, unconscienable benefit because they deny God and they deny our Lord and Saviour, Jesus the Christ, in favour of their god, Satan the Devil? These “Grammarians” use words to cast spells and to decieve people. It is called the curse of the law (see the OLD Covenant in the Authorized 1611 King James Holy Bible) ! Or, did we simply deceive ourselves? There are two things missing from articles that discuss the theory that people have been deceived into thinking that they are a legal fiction (also known as the “Name”, or the “Title”, or the “Strawman”, or the “Legal Fiction”): (1) The real cause of the problem. And, (2) The remedy. (1) The Real Cause of the Problem: In order to understand the effect of anything we need to understand the cause. We need to go back to square one to see the foundation of the problem if we are to comprehend how to avoid or fix the problem. Absolutely everything is based on your belief or your faith. You can be sucked into all kinds of convoluted and hypocritical beliefs that cannot possibly be proved because there is no proof for them. One such belief is the theory (not proof) of evolution in which we are supposed to through out logic and reason and accept the “Big Bang” theory that nothing exploded and created something, leading to primordial soup that evolved into life from a rock, and eventually man evolved from a monkey! Even the rocks and monkeys are laughing at that theory. On the other hand there is plenty of empirical evidence supporting the existence of one Creator, God our Father, and Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, and our Lord and Saviour. Everything in our lives is based on faith and you are either a believer in God and Jesus Christ (Christian) or an unbeliever (atheist).

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Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction?
Remember, everything is based on your belief and your faith, or lack thereof. For the sake of argument, give me the benefit of your doubt and consider the following proof based on thousands of years of knowledge which was witnessed, written down and passed down by men. Consider that there could be just one God that created everything and let us explore God’s word and God’s will as recorded in the 1611 Authorized King James Holy Bible. Notice that this Holy Bible is “Authorized” by the secular authorities, perhaps because God ordained it to be so. Perhaps this is also why the Holy Bible can be found in every court and every parliament of man’s laws. Note also that man’s charters (Constitution) recognize the “Supremacy of God”. So, you have your free will to choose between God’s Law (recognized by secular society as the Authorized 1611 King James Holy Bible) or you can opt for man’s law (where you as a civilian under Civil Law are responsible for knowing and obeying all 4 million of man’s laws and counting). Earlier I did say that in order to understand a problem you need to go back to the beginning didn’t I? There is a story about the Garden of Eden two times in the first chapter of the Holy Bible (Genesis). In the beginning God and his Son created everything and then they created a man which we know as Adam. God took one of Adam’s ribs and created woman so that Adam would not be bored. In the Garden of Eden God gave them everything that they needed because it was like a park with free parking. God walked and talked with Adam and gave him knowledge and the rules that he could have and do anything and take anything except for taking from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This one tree was symbolic of a trust between God and Adam and as long as they did not take of this one tree they would be beneficiaries of God’s trust. Everything seemed to be hunky dory in the Garden of Eden until one day when Eve was tricked by Satan the Devil (believing that a snake could talk) and she accepted Satan’s one-sided offer claiming that they could be like gods too by taking from the tree of good and evil. Note that Eve did not ask herself how the created could be like the Creator, and she did not question the Devil’s motives either, nor did she consult with Adam or God. Apparently everything was not enough for Eve and the grass must have seemed greener on the other side and she was able to convince Adam to break God’s trust too. This led to the first couple’s argument and Eve blamed the snake, while Adam blamed God for giving Eve to him. They were both wrong and they both broke God’s trust and God was so displeased that he drove them out of the Garden. They no longer enjoyed the privilege of free parking (i.e. they were no longer beneficiaries of God’s Trust) and now they had to work and toil for everything. Since that time Adam’s sin has been passed down on the father’s (patryonic) side through the “Surname” (like a surtax or surcharge, an add-on). Perhaps this explains the name of the first man since he was damned by God and was known as A-dam.

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We cannot be God or like God and we cannot be our own gods (unlike the claims of the “New Age” religions invented by men). Adam should have known better for he was instructed by God. Instead. 16 Page 3 of 20 . The Old Testament talks about prophecies about a saviour that God would send for mankind and when he arrived at the end of the Old Testament the Jews in charge (Pharisees) falsely accused God’s Son. that he gave his only begotten Son. the old contract with man) the wages for sin is death. mankind rejected God and insisted on being ruled by man (kings) and we have always paid the price for this egotistic bad choice.and most people still make the wrong choice.because most of us still want to be our own gods. But. Adam and Eve could have simply said to God that they had made a mistake and that it would not happen again and they could have asked the Father for forgiveness. that whosoever believeth in him should not perish. Jesus the Christ. The first two-thirds of the Holy Bible are called the Old Testament because it was God’s old will. God sent Satan the Devil down to the earth so that he could test the will of the people to see if they would pass the test and keep God’s trust.Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction? Notice also that Adam and Eve had only one name and that throughout the Holy Bible all of the people had only one name. believer or pagan ---.Christ or Satan. And. We know that Adam lived for 930 years but because he failed the test by breaking God’s trust the penalty for sin was death. or his old contract with man. it appears that their egos got in the way and they and all of mankind have been paying the price for their willful sin ever since and in the Old Testament (God’s old will. and killed him. The real problem for mankind and the Old Testament curse of the law has nothing to do with capitalization of the name because it appears that no matter how your name is spelled nothing changes. Satan the Devil is still around for now the whole world is under the power of Satan. but have everlasting life. Even Jesus Christ had the one name of Emanuel before he came down to earth in the persona of Jesus. In the Holy Bible it is written: John 3:16 (King James Version) For God so loved the world. The recurring theme of the Old Testament was that man was never supposed to rule over another man. Another little detail to know is that Satan the Devil had been kicked out of God’s kingdom because Satan and one-third of God’s angels rebelled against God because they wanted to be in charge. We are still being tested and almost everyone is still failing God’s test of trust because we continue to go against God’s will ----. But. In the Old Testament we have many examples of all the bad things that will continue to exist as long as man rules over man. The real problem is that most of mankind continues to use their free will to choose between good and evil ----.

What is this false offer? It is this: Will you respect God’s will and trust God or do you want to try to be your own god? In this temporary secular world the way you answer this question depends on the name you choose to carry and identify with on this earth. pagan).Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction? God sent his only begotten Son. man’s government.a blasphemous heathen pagan secular “Surname”. Satan the Devil tricked Eve into accepting that a snake could talk and into accepting that by eating from the tree (God’s Trust) of good and evil that Adam and Eve could be just like God. The secular world system is set up for war for your soul through heraldry. Wrong choice! How could the created be just like the Creator? Because man rejected God. Coat of Arms. His new contract with man). and it begins at our birth. you either choose to carry a Christian name or an Anti-Christian pagan name. Christ only came to remind us of our Father God’s will and to do His will and Jesus repeatedly said. Jesus the Christ (meaning the anointed one) was the earthly name of God’s only begotten Son. “It is written” because Jesus was repeating his Father’s words and will. The real cause of man’s problems is that almost everyone unwittingly and ignorantly (lacking knowledge) chooses to try to be their own god in the same way that Adam and Eve erred in the Garden of Eden. The offer that we are given is to chose between being a Christian (defined by the American Heritage dictionary as. Emanuel. and the false accusation that most people carry over top of their Christian name ---. “One who professes belief in Jesus as Christ or follows the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus. arms. Jesus the Christ. Perhaps it is because of the simplicity of the offer that most people do not have the ears to hear or the eyes to see the false offer and the deception it entails. as an acceptable onetime blood sacrifice for the sins of all men that believe in Him (Christians) and this is the beginning of the New Testament (God’s new will. What’s in a name? One name is worldly (the Anti-Christian secular “Surname”) and the other name is spiritual (the Christian name. ethnic. aka “First” or “Fore”). Specifically. He ordained man’s government to be their gods until he ordains it time to have his Son take over as our King. Remember the false offer that Satan the Devil gave to Eve? We are still being tested and given a false offer by our temporary god. The characters in the Holy Bible had only one name even after God or Jesus gave them a new name. In the Holy Bible it is written: Page 4 of 20 . The system and structure of man’s government is ordained by God and we are still being tested by God using man’s government to see if we are worthy of God.”) or being an unbeliever (heathen.

nor any other part Belonging to a man. or money) which has nothing to do with God. Do you use the Christian name or are you going by something else? What was Shakespeare (the pen name for Sir Francis Bacon) trying to tell us in Romeo and Juliet in the phrase from Romeo and Juliet? : ‘Tis but thy name that is my enemy. Retain that dear perfection which he owes Without that title. Take all myself. 3 24 Page 5 of 20 . when he is nothing. and love the other. surcoat). And for that name. which is no part of thee. What’s Montague? It is nor hand. The Holy Bible says: Galatians 6:3 (King James Version) For if a man think himself to be something. nor face. In the English language the prefix “Sur” means to put something on top of (examples: surcharge. be some other name! What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet So Romeo would. nor foot. Nor arm. doff thy name. Didn’t Pontias Pilate (the Roman prefect of Judea who ordered the crucifixion of Jesus) put a false name (title) over top of Jesus on the cross? Do you think that a false name (title) could have been placed over top of your Christian name creating an unholy alliance between the Christian name and a pagan name? Is your name Christian or pagan? Are you still confused? What is the Christian name and what is the secular pagan worldly name? We all have only one real name and it is “The” Christian name (sometimes also referred to as a “First” name or “Fore” name). Ye cannot serve God and mammon. were he not Romeo call’d. though not a Montague. or else he will hold to the one. Romeo. and despise the other. Thou art thyself. he deceiveth himself. surtax. If you choose to carry the secular worldly anti-Christian name you are part of the secular world of commerce (mammon. O.Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction? Matthew 6:24 (King James Version) No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one.

Canada. and in the stone a new name written. Do not blame your parents either for they did not know that they too had taken the wrong path.Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction? In the Jewish tradition it is believed that every child was given a name by God upon their conception when God breathed life into us and we are also “Given” (gifted) a name by our parents after our birth. the cause of the problem is not that the government made a fraudulent offer. The Holy Bible writes: Revelation 2:17 (King James Version) He that hath an ear. which means slave. Fraud is not fraud until you discover the fraud. and will give him a white stone. We are not given a family (slave) name as it is already exists prior to our being and it does not belong to us. King of the Jews)? Before we look at the secular world mechanics of how all this was done to you. the cause of the problem is that you and I ignorantly (because we previously lacked the knowledge) volunteered and consented to the fraudulent offer and we continued accepting multiple fraudulent offers based on the initial fraudulent offer (a false pagan name under which we think that we can be our own gods) (see the explanation below). Therefore. Fraud is not fraud when you volunteer and consent to it. conscience. what happens with a newborn child is no different then what 17 Page 6 of 20 . Isn’t this the same blasphemy committed by Pontias Pilate who put a false title over top of Jesus (Jesus of Nazareth. the word “Family” comes from the Roman (Latin) word “Familia”. The “Family Name” or “Surname” is “A” secular pagan worldly name added to “The” Christian name. or right from wrong. Therefore. consider the idea that we all voluntarily took and consented to a false offer from the government (ordained by God to play the part of god for the time being) and we ourselves continued to consent to the fraud and we have nobody or nothing to blame but ourselves because we want to be our own gods. To blame is to be lame. Also. but it appears that the entire world operates on the same system and structure. let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. Did you get that? “The” name is the Christian name and a blasphemous secular pagan worldly surname is added (put on top of) the Christian name. faith. do not blame the government as it is not the job of government to teach you morals. being the offer to allow you to think that you can be your own god. With regard to the secular pagan world side. The logical question that follows is: What was the initial fraudulent offer that allowed us to falsely play the role of being our own god? To illustrate the answer I will use the Province of Ontario. What happens with a newborn child is no different than what happens to a newly manufactured automobile. To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna. which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

Under Admiralty Law the Government is your god. “I am satisfied as to the correctness and sufficiency of this statement and register the birth by signing this statement. in addition to Admiralty Law. or UCC). It has nothing to do with capitalization as that is only a trick used to throw people off from the truth. Civil Law. but true. the parents are told that within 30 days after the birth of the child and under the threat of a $50. the DIVISION REGISTRAR of the Province of Ontario Office of the Registrar General (ORG) divided and separated the real flesh-and-blood Christian spiritual child of God. You are only a lowest-level military soldier on the ship with no rights other than what the Captain (god) gives you. The fraud is completely legal under man’s curse of the law (Old Testament). This is all done under the Law of Admiralty (the Law of the Sea) where pirating is allowed and where abandoned property can be claimed by the pirates.” In order to protect the innocent child.Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction? happens whenever a financial lien is created through the Canadian Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) (which is the Canadian version of the American Uniform Commercial Code. Canada the first thing that happens is that the Doctor or Nurse must complete a “Form 1” (like a PPSA Financing Statement) at the hospital and submit the original to the Ontario Government’s Office of the Registrar General. This is the first step in Registering the child or the “Issue” of the product of the legal marriage between two legal slaves as property belonging to the state. When a child is born in Ontario. The parents completed their obligation when they “Stated” the God-given Christian name and it was given (gifted) to the State on the long-form “Form 2” STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH and the “DIVISION REGISTRAR” said. and the Law of Equity. from the newly created CORPORATE (dead entity) legal fiction via the short-form wallet-sized “Form 3” BIRTH CERTIFICATE and created an ambiguous “Name” that is blasphemous to the Christian name and treason against God. In Admiralty Law this becomes the statement of abandonment of the child by the parents giving the State the opportunity to adopt the abandoned child and the state becomes the legal parent of the child under a doctrine called Parens Patria. who cannot be harmed by law. Next. although not lawful under God’s law (New Testament). In Admiralty Law the government is the Captain (god) of the ship and what it says goes. To further confuse you the secular system also operated Criminal Law.000 penalty they must complete a long-form “Form 2” STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH (SOLB) (like the PPSA Form 2 Change of Financing Statement). The CORPORATE legal fiction has an ambiguous name being a Page 7 of 20 . That is why the real name of the Christian child is changed to protect the Christian child of God from the newly created blasphemous and bastardized ALL CAPS legal fiction “NAME” (the puppet that you move in the secular pagan legal world). the Province of Ontario (that is. Sad. the newly created secular pagan name or title to the name of the child becomes the property of the State).

John). fraud is not fraud until you discover it. This false joinder of the Christian name with the secular pagan “Surname” is an unholy alliance and a blasphemy in law against the Christian name and against God. The first sentence in your passport tells you that it is not your property because the passport belongs to the government. both the long-form “Form 2” STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH (SOLB) and the “Extract” short-form wallet-sized “Form 3” BIRTH CERTIFICATE (BC) are full of errors (Writ of Error). and the BIRTH CERTIFICATE is the bond of the slave. The reality is that this short-form wallet-sized “Form 3” BIRTH CERTIFICATE is in reality a death certificate as it creates a dead-entity legal fiction (puppet) “Person” (persona behind a mask) or “CORPORATION”. Thankfully. However. and neither one is published in any official archive. Did you not listen? Did you not have ears to hear or eyes to see? Whose fault is that? Lastly. It is the responsibility of each one of us to inform the Government of the errors on the SOLB and the BC and it is the duty and responsibility of the Office of the Registrar General under the Vital Statistics Act to correct all of the errors to correct any errors in assumptions or presumptions which were made in law. Look in your wallet and ask yourself if you believe that you are a piece of plastic or a piece of paper. It comes complete with a bond surety security number leading to the SIN number of Her Majesty’s dummy corporation. this “Extract” BIRTH CERTIFICATE is a bastardization and a blasphemy because an ambiguous and false Anti-Christian secular pagan capitalized surname is placed first. the “Extract” short-form wallet-sized “Form 2” BIRTH CERTIFICATE and the NOTICE OF BIRTH REGISTRATION is created by the government and sent to the parents giving them notice that the child’s name (title) belongs to the state (government). Are you the BIRTH CERTIFICATE or DRIVER’S LICENCE or PASSPORT or HEALTH CARD or any other piece of government identification? Remember Galatians 6:3 and ask yourself if you believe you are something. The remedy or solution to the problem is that once we discover the errors on the SOLB and BC and brings it to the attention of the Registrar General Page 8 of 20 . The government even tells you not to use the short-form (Form 2) wallet-sized BIRTH CERTIFICATE nor is the Social Insurance Number (SIN) card for identification. The Holy Bible speaks of the bond of the free and the bond of the slave.Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction? “Surname” separated by a banking “Setoff” (comma) followed by the God-given Christian name (example: SMITH. Again. by the ordinance and the mercy of God. followed by a separating comma (which is a “Setoff” in banking terms) -----creating an unholy alliance or joinder between “The” Christian name and a Anti-Christian secular pagan name. This is because the state (government) and their ignorant agents could claim “Plausible Deniability” due to clerical errors and omissions on both the STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH and the BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna. let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. Why is this so important? It is important because we do not want to fall into the same false offer (entrapment) that Adam and Eve accepted by trying to become their own gods when they took from the tree of good and evil that God warned them they were not to touch and thereby breaking God’s trust. the word “Assume” means to deceive. To review and to be clear. Once this is done the Holy Bible tells us: Revelation 2:17 (King James Version) He that hath an ear. This is the true journey of the prodigal son. Did you know that you were carrying the Anti-Christ in the “Surname” in what you ignorantly presumed and assumed to be your name? Incidentally. This was exactly the same false charge put over the head of Jesus the Christ when the Romans nailed to the cross. Note that the long-form “Form 2” STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH (SOB) is also like a legal STATEMENT OF CLAIM and that it contains a field for the accuser “CERTIFICATION OF INFORMANT” just as if it is a criminal charge.Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction? we can demand that the errors be corrected as it is the duty of the Registrar General under the Vital Statistics Act. and in the stone a new name written. This may or may not involve a court proceeding. Jesus. It is gravely important to know that “The” God-given Christian name is distinguished and separate from any other name. which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it. that being the heathen secular pagan Anti-Christian “Surname”. and will give him a white stone. Once we discover the unholy alliance of the secular pagan Anti-Christian surname and the false joinder to the Christian name we can have the errors corrected and we can come back to God.” Our Lord and Saviour. “Jesus of Nazareth. was falsely accused and executed and under (Roman) Civil Law the State must look after the estate of a man who dies without a will (intestate). Did you know that the estate of Jesus Christ is being administered under Civil Law by the government worldwide to this day? 17 Page 9 of 20 . as well as other errors and omissions. every child is given only one name and that is “The” God-given Christian name (aka “Forename” or “First Name”). King of the Jews. The SOLB is like an unfilled and uncompleted criminal charge containing false allegations. only that the SOLB has not been completed and it is not published of filed anywhere.

being the short-form wallet-sized “Form 3” BIRTH CERTIFICATE. In BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY. Third Edition) on pages 929 and 930 defines “Person” as. Your God-given birthrights are given to you and you may have squandered them in exchange for much fewer rights and less freedoms under man’s curse of the law (the Old Testament).the body corporate. In such a heathen secular pagan ignorant society it is acceptable to participate in murder (war. except the mischievous Satan the Devil now gets everyone to volunteer and consent to their own bonded slavery by way of the “Counterfeit token of value”.in short to break all of God’s Ten Commandments because you would not love God and you would not love your fellow man as you love yourself. he deceiveth himself. they deceive us with words). and a fiction is a lie. Man is still being tricked into being a debtor and surety for another. For example. your God-given birthrights are unalienable and you can neither give them up nor can they be taken away from you. The Holy Bible also tells us that God is very angry with lawyers in numerous Scriptures beginning with “Woe unto ye lawyers” because they have taken away the key of knowledge (i. If you do not trust God you can take what is behind curtain number two because you have free will and you can choose and you can volunteer and consent to your own slavery ----. “The name formerly given in England to a place under the exchequer chamber. 3 Page 10 of 20 . The word CORPORATION comes from “Corpse”. idolatry. You are a beneficiary to God’s promise and you are a coheir to the estate of Jesus Christ as long as you are a Christian believer. We know that a CORPORATION is a dead entity fiction of law. etc. Have you ignorantly (without knowledge) taken on the identity of a legal fiction “Person” (which is a CORPORATION and a lie)? The Authorized 1611 King James Holy Bible Scripture states: Galatians 6:3 (King James Version) For if a man think himself to be something. Did anyone put a gun to your head and tell you that you had to give up your God-given birthright? On the contrary.” The Holy Bible states that God is not a respecter of “Persons”. engagement in same-sex marriage and intercourse ---. on page 652 the word “Hell “ is defined as. If you take on any government issued identity you become an indivisible member of a secular pagan society and you have a common share in a democracy where you share equally in all of the sins of the rest of that societal membership (a Demon-ocracy).). abortion.Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction? The DICTIONARY of CANADIAN LAW (Thomson Carswell.e. Fifth Edition. In Satan the Devil’s world there is no free parking. lie. steal. “The only legal person known to our law is the corporation --.” There is nothing new under the sun. when he is nothing. which is a dead body.and that is perfectly lawful. covet. where the king’s debtors were confined.

However. and you volunteered and consented to the use of the ambiguous “Name” containing the Anti-Christian heathen secular pagan “Surname” that you are denied your God-given birthright? The Holy Bible says that is you become surety for another you will surely smart (hurt) for it. custom. It appears that some people do not have eyes to see or ears to hear and they have nobody to blame but themselves. Are you something because you are deceived (Galatians 6:3)? The Province of Ontario warns people not to use the BIRTH CERTIFICATE for identification and the reason for this is that the BIRTH CERTIFICATE has nothing to do with the flesh-and-blood Christian spiritual child. Once you discover this error/fraud the Government of Ontario has no problem admitting that the BIRTH CERTIFICATE is a counterfeit. the Christian child named Mark from the family (meaning “Slave” in Latin) of BENKOVIC is blasphemously given the false and ambiguous Anti-Christian “Name” BENKOVIC. Is it any wonder that because you deceived yourself and you self-elected to be an assumptive trustee instead of a beneficiary. Mark. most people mistakenly go on to use the “Counterfeit token of value” short-form wallet-sized “Form 3” BIRTH CERTIFICATE as a foundation identity document when it was never meant for that purpose and the government even warns people not to use it for identity. but it is not you. And. This BC name is a persona. if you break one of the CORPORATE government rules you are summoned into a court where you are once again charged for claiming a pagan name that does not belong to you. licenses. taxes. etc. This is a blasphemy and treason against God punishable under the Common Law.). and to become a bonded surety for another. duty. Because the state-owned name/title does not belong to you the government charges you all kinds of rent for the use of their secular name (examples: fees. permit. a puppet or a mask through which you ignorantly act and project your energy or your voice. Thus. Page 11 of 20 . a legal fiction.Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction? Is it any wonder then that if you give up your unalienable God-given birthright in return for far inferior man-made lesser rights and lesser freedoms and duties (taxes) and privileges (granted rights) that you made the same mistake as Esau when he gave up his God-given birthright to Jacob in return for a measly meal? At the same time as the short-form wallet-sized “Form 3” BIRTH CERTIFICATE “Extract” from the long-form “Form 2” STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH is produced by the Province of Ontario the State also issues a NOTICE OF BIRTH REGISTRATION to show that it owns the newly created product or fictio (legal fiction) known as the ALL CAPS ambiguous “NAME” shown on the short-form wallet-sized BIRTH CERTIFICATE “Form 3”. charge. the “Name” on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE is a legal fiction that has nothing to do with you. To be clear.

Page 12 of 20 . you lacked knowledge. MARRIAGE. not lawful. Judith M. and the ORG does not register people! Okay. But. and DEATHS). Then. the Province of Ontario Deputy Registrar General.Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction? First. I cannot have my signature certified for full faith and credit by the Ontario MINISTRY OF GOVERNMENT SERVICES. I had no idea that I became a “Naturalized” Canadian CITIZEN because I was and still am an innocent child of God and I am not a legal fiction of law as created by man. Further. take notice that the SOLB and the BC do not have your picture. calls the BIRTH CERTIFICATE a “Token of Value” and the DICTIONARY of CANADIAN LAW (Thomson Carswell. and no biological proof of you anywhere and your autograph or signature is not found anywhere on these documents because you were born an innocent child of God and in law a child cannot be harmed. Hartman. Therefore. It was not until I was 45 years old in 2007 that I discovered that the world is really a stage and I was just an actor who was not given a script. for the government to lie to people who deceive themselves into believing that they are the legal fiction. Third Edition) defines this as a “Counterfeit Token of Value”. Hartman. All the things that were done to your detriment later in your life were things that you applied for or registered or signed voluntarily and by your consent and you are the only one to blame for it all. The only signatures that can be found on any government documents are the official signatures of government officials or deputies. whatever I thought of my autograph or my signature is a fallacy and the truth is that my autograph or signature is completely worthless and useless to me. as a child of God and as a free Christian man) and what you were getting into (becoming a voluntary bonded surety and slave by your own consent because you were ignorant. I was born in a geographic area of Europe now known of as Croatia (formerly known as the Republic of Yugoslavia) and my parents brought me to the land known as Canada just before my seventh birthday. Judith M. When you were old enough to have the right to make a legal decision for your self-elected assumptive trustee position for the legal fiction name on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE did you realize that you had joined a club or become a member of something that you never would have joined if there was transparency and full disclosure of all the terms and conditions of the liabilities associated with membership along with a full explanation of what you were giving up (your God-given birthrights. under “Colour of Law” it is perfectly legal. Canada. But. I am not an official signatory and I was never deputized. The government cannot deny the truth. your foot or finger prints. Notice also that whatever was done by your parents or the state (government) was done without your knowledge and without your consent. and unwittingly becoming surety for a debt that was never yours)? My three sons were born on the land that people know geographically as Ontario. the Deputy Registrar General from the Ontario Office of the Registrar General (ORG) states that the ORG registers information about events (the creation of a legal fiction and the registration of the fiction’s BIRTHS.

Unfortunately. we get to choose which side we are on and I hope that you choose wisely because God warns us in the last chapter of the Holy Bible in Revelation to “Come Out Of Her” if we do not want to partake in her plagues. and “Acting” Prime Minister.Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction? Until 2007 I had no idea that what I thought was a de jure (by right. All of these “Actors” for the legal fictions have nothing to do with me. legal post. and because they denied Jesus the Christ to be the Messiah (Lord and Saviour for all men) and they falsely accused him and killed the innocent Son of God. or Page 13 of 20 . bats. the United States. . as well as a slew of other “Acting” government officials. Meanwhile. Fictions can only speak to other fictions and they use people to “Act” for the fiction. Do you still believe that the curse of the law of the Old Testament is a wonderful thing? Because they cannot prove their tribal identity since all their records were burned along with their temple in 586 BC (Before Christ). most Jews today are false Jews. residence. Contrary to the BIRTH CERTIFICATE ambiguous and blasphemous name for the legal fiction name belonging to the secular pagan government. and “Acting” Receiver General for the CORPORATE bankruptcy. with a legal name. tazers. with the help of Satan the Devil it appears that the whole world lies under the power of evil and the heathen pagan secular world is being run by the 6. thanks to God’s mercy and grace this will all come to an end soon and God (good) will win. Therefore. while Satan (evil) will lose.). We have an “Acting” Governor General for the de facto dummy not-for-profit Corporation of Canada. pepper spray. However. etc. I am not the legal fiction name shown on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE because that thing is a man-made legal fiction of law so that man’s government CORPORATE fictions could have jurisdiction over and communicate with their own creation. arms. returns to rule over us and to show us how to do things the right way. etc.until our true King and our Lord and Saviour. Is that why I have no arms but the police have guns. and bullet-proof vests? It is called a police FORCE is it not? Why must they force me? That too is all right because God ordains the secular world system and structure to be what it is in order to control the mob and to control evil as much as it is humanly possible ----.000 year old Talmudic Anti-Bible. They are only “Acting” with jurisdiction over their own creations (the legal fiction ALL CAPS corporate fiction of law name containing the Anti-Christian surname. heraldry. I am who I am. usurped) government ruling under the premise that might is right. Jesus Christ. illegitimate. legal title. And. I have nothing to do with it or its unholy alliance to any pagan secular surname. legal address. I was not born in the legal fiction not-for-profit CORPORATION known as Canada or CANADA (Croatia. according to law) government was only a de facto (unlawful.

and of which I anglicized and used the Christian name Mark. or my autograph or signature. nor any derivative thereof. Page 14 of 20 . HEALTH CARD. Despite the governments warning to not use the BIRHT CERTIFICATE for identification. Even though in 2010 I am allegedly 48 years old I am still only an innocent Christian child of God. I am simply the Christian man whose parents gave the God-given Christian name of Mladen. U. the “PHYSICIANS’ HANDBOOK OF BIRTH AND DEATH REGISTRATION”. DEPARMENT OF COMMERCE. as this was also the basis for the naturalized CANADIAN CITIZEN legal fiction pagan “NAME”. as proved by the attached “Izvod iz maticne knige rodenih” (being the STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH) from the former “NARODNA REPUBLIKA HRVATSKA” (now known as CROATIA) and the attached English translation. PASSPORT. that being the ambiguous heathen secular pagan “NAME” containing the Anti-Christian “Surname” on the counterfeit token known as the short-form wallet-sized “Form 3” BIRTH CERTIFICATE. as the repentant prodigal son! Do not get angry when you discover the truth that throughout your lifetime you ignorantly added to your own problems because you did not have the knowledge of the error/fraud and you voluntarily claimed and consented to something that did not belong to you.” Remember. Mark and I am not MARK BENKOVIC. I am not a legal fiction and its name is not my name. the innocent Christian child of God. I am what I am. God. Additionally. These government documents were the result of something created by the government and my parents and I could not possibly be held accountable for anything done to me as a child because the law does not allow a child to be harmed. you most likely mistakenly and fraudulently used the counterfeit BIRTH CERTIFICATE as a foundation identity document and applied for additional counterfeit government identification documents such as the SOCIAL INSURANCE NUMBER. or BIRTH CERTIFICATE) was there a picture of me. I am an innocent Christian child of God.S.Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction? Coat of Arms. etc. For people who do not have the ears to hear or the eyes to see this truth they will vehemently and ignorantly argue against this truth until their death. I am not BENKOVIC. 1939 states on page 5 that. Take notice that nowhere on any of the government-created identity documents (STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH. you and I and most of us had volunteered and consented to use the wrong “NAME” and you and I have nobody to blame but ourselves. DRIVERS LICENCE. or any biometric identification of me. “The publication of vital statistics reports and tabulations does not divulge the identity of individuals. This is the real journey of the prodigal son and once you and I realize the error of our ways we can chose to return back to our Father. BUREAU OF THE CENSUS.

simply makes its legal fictions the surety for all of its debt and exchanges this pledge as security for its debt in return for funny money fiat (counterfeit) “Legal Tender” debt notes from the private CORPORATION called the BANK OF CANADA (or the FEDERAL RESERVE for the United States). Have you not noticed that what you believe to be your government does not and cannot even print its own money? Instead. you are probably asking yourself: But how will I live? The answer to that question depends on whether you are a true Christian and if you have true faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and your King. How can you pay for a debt with a debt? How can you buy anything with a debt? There is no real money since 1933 and all we have been doing is exchanging debt. and the lie you have been living. However. During your lifetime you accumulated many counterfeit government identity documents to your arsenal of counterfeit documents that do not belong to you and the government rightly tells you that these government identity documents are the property of the government and not your property. jelly-beans. Page 15 of 20 . illegitimate. didn’t you? Since it appears that all nations of the world went bankrupt in 1933 and since that time all that people have had is debt. or not. you should by now understand that the legal fiction name has nothing to do with you and you should stop being a surety for that secular pagan blasphemous name containing the Anti-Christian surname. Is it any wonder then that you cannot own anything? Is it any wonder why the government has called its own legal fiction CITIZENS the “Enemy of the State”?” Is it any wonder then that the government provides you with counterfeit “Legal Tender” that is not backed by anything because it is not real “Money” and not worth anything? You did know that your money is not backed by gold. it has been impossible to pay for anything and therefore we do not own anything. That is why Canada has a Government official for the bankruptcy of Canada and the title for this bankruptcy official is the Receiver General. I know how difficult it is for you to realize that you have been doing everything wrong all of your life. and I know how difficult it is for you because of your ego to acknowledge that you do not own anything. and whether you have faith in God’s promise. So.Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction? because of the carrot of measly government benefits in return for your treason against God. Unfortunately. the fraud. But. usurped) government under the doctrine of might is right. and I know how difficult it is for you to admit that you have been working for nothing. there is the matter of a lifetime of imprinting of the error. Numerous books have been written about this fact and nothing is being hidden. And. your de facto (unlawful. not money. or anything else. You really do have nothing to lose by stopping your participation in the false offer and the fraud because you never could and you do not own anything anyway. silver. it is your choice whether you will continue living the lie under the curse of the law and toiling for the rest of your life for nothing.

In the secular pagan world you are given various licenses to do something that would otherwise be unlawful without a Licence. as long as the follow the rules (“Acts”. Is it any wonder that you had to pay tax and fill our a TAX RETURN to bring everything back to zero? You never had any real money because all you ever did was exchange your labour for a worthless debt note or “Legal Tender. For example. “Regulations”. That means that you have a common share in everything. every time a crime or travesty is committed by anyone in the “Democratic” society you share equally in the crime or travesty. So ask yourself why you would want a Licence to do something unlawful in the first place? The above knowledge explains many things. the reality is that legal fictions have no real rights.e. That is why the government at its pleasure lets you think you own something. “Bylaws”. “Statutes”. But. and that includes the power to take away your children because the State has legal title to them as well. So. The State can come in and take what you think is your property at any time if you break their rules. known as lawyers to deceive the “Privates” who are doing everything wrong. In order to run a “Democracy” the artificial entity Not-for-profit CORPORATION “Person” known as government at its convenience and at its pleasure allows the people who believe that they are the legal fictions to think that they own things and to think that they can do as they please. In a “Democracy” you share equally in everything with the rest of the “Democracy” and you have no individuality. you are only allowed to rent the “NAME” in exchange for taxes. fees. You only see and use lawyers when you are doing something wrong. when in reality you own nothing. The government allows for Notarizes to certify facts that become public. Licenses.” That is why you could never own anything because you never had any real money with which to buy anything or pay for anything. etc. Unfortunately. etc.). for the “Privates” the government allows the Devil’s Advocates. if you carry the fiction legal name (legal title owned by the State) you are an enemy of the State because you are claiming to own something (the “NAME”) which does not belong to you (i.Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction? Is it any wonder why the government had to give you a SOCIAL INSURANCE NUMBER (SIN) to insure your legal fiction name in case you never discovered your own sin? The SIN number identifies all of the government’s property and tracks how much you stole from Jesus and God’s treasury because you wanted to be your own god. The Page 16 of 20 . Since the State is the true owner of the legal name (legal title) it can tell you what to do and how and when to do it. “Legislation”. “Codes”.). That is why the legal fiction that thinks he or she owns the land or the home is referred to as a “Tenant” and the rent paid by the tenant is called the “Property Tax”.

We are warned to “Come out of her” if we do not want to share in her plagues. you must ask the State for a BUILDING PERMIT or a LICENCE to do something since the right or the title does not belong to you in the first place. Registration. She had no right to take everything and to make merchandise of all the people and her fate is written of in the Authorized 1611 King James Holy Bible in the last chapter at Revelation. Insurance. Page 17 of 20 . The legal fictions are under the impression that they are beneficiaries but they are not. In Canada we have about 35 million people who are “Acting” assumptive trustees and surety for their legal fictions without realizing that they are only “Actors”. unlawful. usurped) government as ordained by everyone’s Father. Do you truly own anything? No you do not for to own is to owe. Think about it: If you truly really owned anything why would you need to apply for permission for anything and why would you need to pay for anything after you bought it? The correct answer is that you only rent the legal name (legal title) and you only have an “Equitable Interest” in things because you can never own something that is registered to a name that belongs to the State. The only thing that the legal fictions have correctly assumed is that they have voluntarily consented to be surety for debt. John or JOHN SMITH) was never your name and it belongs to the state (government) What you thought was your name cannot be certified by the Ontario MINISTRY OF GOVERNMENT SERVICES and your signature can only get you into trouble because you are volunteering and consulting to debt and slavery by being a surety for another. and they have to pay annual Licence fees for the plate. or “NAME”) to think that they are free and independent and in charge when they are not. God. Will you overcome your own ego and do the right thing? In Summary: What you thought was your name (example: SMITH. JOHN or SMITH. until Jesus Christ returns as our true King and our Lord and Saviour. In Canada and any country which is part of the “Commonwealth” the reality is that everything is owned by “Her Majesty in right of the Province/State/Country”. for example. sticker. Now the choice is up to you. That is why the legal fiction that thinks he or she owns the car has to have a Licence. In order for the government to operate the “Democracy” they allow the people who act on behalf of the legal fiction (legal title. Because legal fictions have assumed debt they must pay for it by paying taxes to the Receiver General for the bankruptcy because they are living in a bankrupt country run by a de facto (illegitimate. and Licence.Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction? “Property Tax” is a “Fee Simple” because you are simply paying for the right to rent the use of the legal name of the legal fiction that never belonged to you. That is why.

Hartman in Ontario. and Jesus purchased me and I am a believer and I accept the blood of Jesus which He shed as the Son of Man. But. or Jason Kenney for the MINISTER OF CITIZENSHIP. when the innocent Christian child discovers the error/fraud and informs the Registrar General only then can the error be corrected by the Registrar General as is their duty under the Vital Statistics Act. that he gave his only begotten Son. a Christian name. Also. the remedy to the problem is realizing the error/fraud and informing the Government (Registrar General) so that they can correct the error/fraud as it is their (Registrar General’s) duty to correct the error according to the Vital Statistics Act. I am a co-heir to the estate of Jesus. but have everlasting life. It is written in the Authorized 1611 King James Holy Bible: John 3:16 (King James Version) For God so loved the world. Therefore. that whosoever believeth in him should not perish. As my parents under the grace of God gave me. IMMIGRATION and MULTICULTURALISM). The 16 Page 18 of 20 . The Government and any of their ignorant agents will no longer have plausible deniability once you inform them of the error/fraud and demand that they correct the error(s) on the “Form 2” STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH and the “Form 3” BIRTH CERTIFICATE as required by the Vital Statistics Act. The Remedy: The discovery of the surname error/fraud and notification to the Registrar General and correction of this blasphemous surname error is the remedy for the Christian named child. Only government officials or deputies have official signing authority for the names that they created through the Office of the Registrar General via the Vital Statistics Act and they must correct any errors as these errors are punishable under Common Law.Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction? The short-form wallet-sized “Form 3” BIRTH CERTIFICATE is “Counterfeit token of value” that created a legal fiction in law (“Person” or “Corporation” or lie) and it cannot be certified by either the (Provincial Government) Ontario MINISTRY OF GOVERNMENT SERVICES or the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. fraud is not fraud until you discover it. Remember once again that in law a child could never be harmed. The only signature that can be certified on the long-form “Form 2” STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH is the signature of the Registrar General or the Deputy Registrar General (Judith M.

how could the created by like the Creator? Did you also make the wrong choice by trying to be your own god and by being “Private” with your legal fiction (legal title) CORPORATE all caps “NAME” and its attached “Private” SOCIAL INSURANCE NUMBER (SIN) which in reality belongs to the government (“Her Majesty In Right of Province/State/Country)? All CORPORATIONS have a nine-digit number just like the legal fiction “Person” has a nine-digit SIN number. you children. the general public. When Adam and Eve took from the wrong tree (i. you are disabled from Page 19 of 20 . being the Anti-Christian “Surname” (a false title. Consider that when Adam and Eve took the “L” (God) out of “Public” they took God out of the “Public” and they exposed their pubics and then they tried to hide their “Privates” from God. Satan the Devil deceived them and did not promise them anything good or anything of value in return for making the wrong choice in trying to be like God. Words like “Tree” mean “Trust”. what is “Public” is free to all. your brother or sister. people’s ego will get in the way of their accepting the truth because they would have to admit that they had done everything wrong so far in their life and that they have worked for nothing since they do not and cannot own anything. individual letters have meaning and the letter “L” stands for God. your mother or father. or your friends think that you are crazy when you acquire this knowledge and accept this truth and you try to share it with them. We must remember that Satan the Devil was already thrown out of God’s will for trying to be like God and for rebelling against God. A CORPORATION is a dead entity “Fiction”. “Trust”) they took from a misplaced Trust and became “Private”. Remember.Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction? clerical errors on the “Form 2” STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH as well as the “Form 3” BIRTH CERTIFICATE. This information is considered a “Secret of the State” and it may be that the Government must step in and protect you from the mob (i. Remember. In the English language. without heraldry. and a false charge) are a blasphemy against God punishable under the Common Law and must be corrected by the Government Registrar General. Did you deceive yourself as written in Galatians 6:3? By gaining the knowledge of the truth of your Christian name and your Christian identity that you are without arms. And. most people have had a lifetime of imprinting or brainwashing and they may not have the ears to hear or the eyes to see the truth. the government considers these people who believe that they are the legal fictions to be enemies of the state. Also.e. and a “Fiction” is a lie. and without a Coat of Arms. Do not be surprised if your husband or wife. Again. You must overcome the assumption and presumption that your “Private” all caps BIRTH CERTIFICATE “NAME” never belonged to you and it was never your true name anyway. who are really “Private”) once you have this knowledge.e. because you as a Christian do not have a “Surname”.

or pagans.Are you a Christian or pagan legal fiction? participation in the secular world. the government would need to look after all of your necessities (food. clothing. NEVERMIND! Page 20 of 20 . travel) because you would not be able to do anything in civil society without a pagan surname. shelter. If any of this information is not true. And. That further explains why the government would have to protect you as a true Christian from all the false Christians.

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