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That’s How You Do It!

School Counselor: Katie Moran Date: 03/06/2018

Activity: Help is on the Way!
Grade(s): 3rd grade

School Counseling Program Goal addressed:

Academic: Increase the percentage of 3rd graders who meet PARCC standards from 58%
to 60%.

ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors standards addressed:

M 5. Belief in using abilities to their fullest to achieve high-quality results and outcomes

B-LS 3. Use time-management, organizational and study skills

B-SMS 1. Demonstrate ability to assume responsibility

B-SS 1. Use effective oral and written communication skills and listening skills

Learning Objective(s):
1. Students will complete a self-assessment to identify 24 different study skills.
2. Students will learn various study skills, test taking strategies, and basic time
management/ organizational skills to help improve test scores.

1. Pre-and post-tests
2. Whiteboard
3. Dry erase marker
4. Study/test taking habits inventory
5. Study/test taking BINGO sheet
6. BINGO game cards
7. Pencil/ markers for each student

1. The school counselor explains to students that today we are going to learn about
our current test taking habits as well as new test taking habits.
2. Counselor asks the class, “What is a habit?” Counselor leads class discussion
about both positive and negative habits while asking students to provide personal

Adapted from Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Programs

3. Students get the opportunity to write their personal habits on the whiteboard after
4. Counselor passes out the study/test taking habits inventory and asks students to
get out a pencil.
5. As the counselor reads the inventory, students put an X in the space that best
describes their knowledge or use of the skill. Allow time for students to think
about each study skill.
6. Once finished, counselor distributes the study/test taking habits BINGO worksheet
and explains to students to write each of the bolded/ underlined test taking habits
in a blank square on their BINGO game card.
7. Option to play BINGO now or at the next lesson. If played now, counselor tells
students they will be reviewing the study/test skills by playing BINGO.
8. Counselor explains that, as each skill is called, the students should mark where
they have the key word on their BINGO sheet until they get 5 in a row.
9. As the key words are drawn, students must provide a description or example of
how it can be used.
10. Counselor reminds students that by using these skills consistently they will all be
winners in school.

Plan for Evaluation: How will each of the following be collected?

Process Data: All third-grade students will participate in the Study and Test Taking
Habits Inventory and BINGO lesson.

Perception Data: 100% of third-grade students will believe they can use the study and
test taking habits to improve their testing abilities.

Outcome Data: After learning and implementing the study and test taking strategies, 3rd
graders who meet the PARCC standards will increase from 58% to 60%.

Follow Up: The teacher can hang the list of study and test taking strategies in the
classroom to remind students of helpful habits. Students will put those habits into practice
while completing future assignments. The teacher can also ask students to list the study
skill habit(s) they used to prepare themselves at the end of each test. The counselor will
examine pre/posttest inventories to evaluate the results of the lesson. If a student does not
show improvement of study habits, the counselor can meet with the student individually
to ensure comprehension.

Adapted from Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Programs