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 Eight cards (target cards) with sets of 4 to 12 objects (dots, ten

frames, etc.)
 Small set of 20+ objects (counters, blocks, bugs, bears)
 Word cards labeled Less Same More

Place the word cards on the table. Place the eight target cards face
down on the table. Turn over a target card. Build sets that are less than,
the same as, and more than the target card. Place the matching word
card with each set of objects.2

Less Same
Van de Walle, J.A. & Lovin, L.H. (2006). Activity 2.1: More/Less/Same. Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics – Grades K-3
(p. 38) Boston: Pearson Education.
Standard 2: Number Sense - The student will understand the relationship between numbers and quantities.
1. Compare a group or set to another group, set, or numerical quantity and verbally explain which has more, less, or equivalent
4. Count objects in a set one-by-one from one through twenty.
5. Identify and create sets of objects zero through twenty.