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Revenant Crew of the Atramentous
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Revenant Crew of the Atramentous - Cryx Unit

Models listed by Faction

Models listed by Expansion
List of Spells
List of Special Abilities


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Protectorate of Menoth
Retribution of Scyrah
Convergence of Cyriss
Four Star Syndicate
Highborn Covenant
Puppet Masters
Searforge Commission
Talion Charter

Deathbound to the Dragon King, the infamous blackship Atramentous and her revenant
crew are the scourge of the Broken Coast. The revenants die a thousand deaths in service
of the Dragonfather, for Lord Toruk grants them the necromantic power to rise again and
the strength to destroy their enemies.
Circle Orboros
Legion of Everblight
Skorne Revenant Crew Rifleman - Weapon Attachment
Trollbloods The support of just a few riflemen turns a band of Cryx's unliving pirates into truly
Minions nightmarish opponents and extends the range of the pernicious revenants beyond that of
Blindwater Congregation
their typical victims. When the time comes for the revenants to make their final assault, the
Thornfall Alliance
riflemen accompany them, jumping over the bow or through an island fort's gates. They
cackle eerily as they take aim and fire their ghostly shot into the swirling melee. The
luckiest victims die instantly; those who are only wounded may awaken aboard a cursed
ship, at the mercy of a damned crew, offered the dire choice to join or perish.

Newbie Page
Basic Info
Faction Overview
General Strategies
Scenario Play
Note: Due to IP rights, BattleCollege has to be deliberately vague with stat values.
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Note: Due to IP rights, BattleCollege has to be deliberately vague with stat values.
Tournament Analysis
Army List Builders Revenants Rifleman
Army List Archive (WA)
Theme Forces SPD Average =
Glossary of Abbreviations MAT Poor* =
RAT Terrible =
DEF Low =
ARM Low =
Rules for Editors CMD Average =
How can I help? Unit size 6/10 0 to 3
How to Edit Points cost High Tiny (each)
Their average STR and MAT are somewhat offset by the Gang bonus (see below).
Battle College MK II Project
Weapons and Attacks
Rules Clarifications
Mk I Archive
Pistol - Weak POW with below average range for a pistol. Can be used in melee
Terrain Archive
Cutlass - A weak melee weapon.

Long Rifle - Good range and double digit POW.
Cutlass - single digit P+S melee weapon with no abilities.

Special Abilities
Deathbound - During each maintenance phase all the crewmen who were killed the
previous turn are placed back into play within 3" of the unit leader. Unless the leader
dies - then him and all the currently-dead crewmen don't come back. The moral here
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is that you should protect the unit leader; he should NOT be on the front lines.
Undead - This model is not a living model and never flees.
Gang - This model gains +2 attack and damage vs enemy models that are engaged
by another model in this unit.
Point Blank - This model may make melee attacks with its ranged weapon during its
activation. This attack has a range of 0.5" and does not add the model's STR to the
POW of the attack; nor can the attack be boosted by charging.

Death Ties - This is the same as the Revenant Crew's Deathbound rule, only
reworded to affect the weapon attachment.
Combined Ranged Attack - Models with CRA may combine their attacks into a
single super-powered attack. You gain +1 to hit and damage for each model
participating in the CRA, including the first.
Undead - As above
Gang - As above
Point Blank - As above

Thoughts on the Revenant Crew of the Atramentous

Revenants in a nutshell
Fun and thematic, and who doesn't love undead pirates? They don't hit very hard, but with
good positioning they can easily hit enemy lines with a good number of attacks and bog
things down. A lot of the issues to do with their basic stats can be compensated for: Gang
gives a bonus in melee, taking Captain Rengrave provides another bonus, and with the
addition of standard Cryxian debuffs like Parasite you can soon find yourself with some
pretty good chances of hitting with these guys. Cryx also has many debuffs to help the
Revenant crew hit harder.

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They don't hit hard like the Bane Knights/Thralls but they are faster, and while they don't
rush up hills like the Satyxis Raiders they're more likely to survive until the next round if
they do. Death-Bound doesn't insure immortality, but it helps. When compared to
Blackbane's Ghost Raiders, you can see the difference in purpose between the two units.
The Raiders' Incorporeal can be ignored by the large number of magical weapons out there
but they can recruit more members with ease, while the Revenant Crew replaces their own
losses automatically if the leader is not killed. They both function very differently and both
have their place in an army, but neither one is clearly better than the other. Of course, you
could solve this moral dilemma by taking both.

Thoughts on adding
the WA
He's cheap and you can
field six of them
potentially (2 units with 3
each). They really aren't
that different from the
normal crewmen beyond
having a longer threat
range. Though calling
Revenant shooting a
"threat" is really more of
a misnomer, since they're
not going to hit their
targets regularly without
aiming. A CRA really
helps them out if you can
team up three together.
Captain Rengrave also

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gives them a bonus on attack rolls. Combine the two bonuses and they'll have good RAT ...
on a single attack.

Probably the most important advantage of this attachment is that it's yet another body that
will just keep coming back. If you want a sponge unit in your Cryx army the Revenant Crew
will not disappoint, and these little guys can be really cheap point fillers. One of the
difficulties with the Revenant Crew is keeping the Quartermaster safe. Riflemen allow you to
hang back with the Quartermaster safely protected while taking aimed shots at light infantry
and support solos. With some creative positioning, the Riflemen can benefit from both
aiming and Captain Rengrave's bonus, bumping the RAT on the Riflemen up to elite levels.

Because they will just keep coming back you can safely put them in front of the unit. Using
them to take pot-shots at targets on the way in and use Point Blank when the unit hits
home. You actually want them to be in melee because then they'll have two attacks instead
of one.

Combos & Synergies

Captain Rengrave for the +2 attack bonuses.
A particularly nasty synergy with Skarre2's feat is designating the unit leader as one
of the models, effectively granting the unit immortality for a turn.

Drawbacks & Downsides

They're an expensive unit, and only durable if you can hide the unit leader
Thankfully you can bury him in the middle of the unit with a good number of
Grunts in front of him and suffer no reduction in unit effectiveness.
He is still susceptible to being sniped out, though.
If the Leader bites it, you lose all currently-dead grunts. A clever opponent
will kill a couple of grunts, then the leader, then a few more grunts, then the

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leader again, etc.
Most of the time the unit will be running or charging, which means the Riflemen
won't be able to make CRA.

Tricks & Tactics

If they charge, remember to use the Cutlass for your charge attack as the Rifle won't
gain bonus damage for a charge.
The CRA option is decent for picking off weak solos that are in poor positions or
hitting an enemy Officer if you get the chance.


Sculptor (Quatermaster): Kev White
Sculptor (Grunts): Grègory Clavilier
Sculptor (Riflemen): ???

Theme Forces this is a member of

Skarre1 - Ships in the Night
Skarre1 - Shore Leave
Terminus1 - The Ghost Fleet


Cryx Index
Warcasters Asphyxious1 - - Asphyxious2 - -
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Asphyxious3 - - Deneghra 1 - - Deneghra
2 - - Deneghra3 - - Goreshade1 - -
Goreshade2 - - Goreshade3
Mortenebra - - Scaverous - - Skarre1 - -
Skarre2 - - Sturgis2 - - Terminus - -
Venethrax - - The Witch Coven
Warcaster attachment: Skarlock Thrall
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Light Nightwretch - - Ripjaw - - Scavenger - -
(Bonejacks) Shrike - - Stalker
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Revenant Cannon Crew - - Revenant
Crew of the Atramentous - - Satyxis
Blood Witches - - Satyxis Raiders - -
Blackbanes - - Withershadow Combine

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Solos Bloat Thrall - - Iron Lich Overseer - -
Machine Wraith - - Necrotech & Scrap
Thralls - - Pistol Wraith - - Satyxis Raider
Captain - - Soul Trapper - - Warwitch
Bane Lord Tartarus - - Captain
Rengrave - - Darragh Wrathe - - General
Gerlak Slaughterborn
Journeyman Warcaster: Aiakos, Scourge
of the Meredius
Battle Wraith Engine


Cryx Mercenary Index

Mercenary Captain Bart - - Captain Damiano - -
Warcasters Cognifex Cyphon - - Drake MacBain - -
Exulon Thexus - - Fiona the Black - -
Magnus 1 - - Magnus 2
Note: To field a mercenary warcaster
with Cryx, you need to be playing a
game which allows 2 (or more)
Mercenary Different types of Mercenary warjacks
Warjacks can only be taken by specific Mercenary
models ... which means there's too many
permutations to list here (in any sort of

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meaningful way).

However, note that the following Cryx

mercenary models can control
warjacks/warbeasts (in addition to the
Mercenary Warcasters listed above):
Raluk Moorclaw - - Wrong Eye &
Mercenary Press Gangers - - Sea Dog Deck Gun Crew
Units - - Sea Dog Boarding Crew (UA) (WA) - -
Steelhead Halberdiers - - Steelhead Heavy
Cavalry - - Steelhead Riflemen
Croe’s Cutthroats - - Nyss Hunters - -
Boomhowlers - - The Devil's Shadow
Mercenary Ogrun Bokur - - Swamp Gobber River
Solos Raiders
Bloody Bradigan - - Bosun Grospar - -
Doc Killingsworth - - Hawk - - Gorman
Di Wulfe - - Gudrun the Wanderer - -
Lord Rockbottom - - Madelyn Corbeau -
- Dougal MacNaile - - Orin Midwinter - -
Ragman - - Raluk Moorclaw - - Saxon
Orrik - - Stannis Brocker - - Rorsh &
Brine - - Sergeant Nicholas - - Wrong
Eye & Snapjaw
Mercenary None yet (as of July 2015)

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See Also: Cryx Theme Forces

Rules Clarifications
The Rifleman can only CRA with other Riflemen - not the grunts (because the grunts
don't have CRA).

Point Blank edit

You can't use Point Blank on free strikes or other out-of-activation melee attacks.
You cannot use a spray template when making a Point Blank attack.
Gunfighter compared to Point Blank
Gunfighter allows you to make ranged attacks while in melee.
Point blank allows you to make melee attacks with your ranged weapon.
Since you can't make both ranged and melee attacks in the same turn,
a Gunfighter model has a choice of either sword or pistol attacks
(unless it has Virtuoso or something).
Whereas a Point Blank model chooses to make melee attacks, and
gets to make both sword and pistol attacks.
Any modifiers to your ranged attacks will affect Gunfighter attacks, but not
Point Blank attacks.
Any modifiers to your melee attacks will affect Point Blank attacks, but not
Gunfighter attacks.


Tags: cryx Deathbound gang point blank revenant undead unit

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