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The fascist United States and its minions such as the EU, Australia,

the Nordic nations plus UK, Israel, Turkey & others pose a huge
threat to peace and security of humankind. These entities constitute
the very very undesirable allegorical nightmare known as Gog.

Today, the United States has a morally unfit man as its leader and
unsurprisingly, its foreign policy is getting more extreme by the day.
The US is now supporting and nurturing islamist militant groups, the
Takfiri fiefdoms of the Middle East, and its offspring ISIL. These
extremely evil entities constitute the other nightmare called Magog.

Thus, humankind today faces a very evil and potentially, very or

most fatal and very obscene challenge posed by Gog and Magog.

To safeguard the world, Russia, Syria, & all their secular non-Takfiri
friends must stand up and resolutely oppose Gog and Magog. The
leader of Gog and Magog is the United States aka Babylon the Great
or the Great Whore of the World. Today, in 2018, this Whore is led
by a deranged man with orange yellow hair and a warped mind.

The world must make its move fast and fight Gog and Magog !