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Mr.  SUJITH  V  K  
Sujith  Vihar  
Kacheripady,  Pallurithy,  
Konam  Road,  Kochi-­‐  682006  

  15.00   TOTAL   151.00   Building   40.     PROJECT  COST     The  total  capital  investment  cost  of  the  project  is  estimated  to  be  around  Rs.     PROPOSAL  FOR  THE  PROPOSED  COMMUNITY  HALL     THE  PROJECT       The   project   envisages   the   establishment   of   a   air   conditioned   convention   centre   with   a   capacity   of   300   persons.   The   facility   is   being   set   up   in   Palluruthy.  Ft   or  414.  The  details  of  which  is  given  below:     CAPITAL  INVESTMENT  COST  OF  THE  PROJECT                        (Rs.  SUJITH  V  K   Sujith  Vihar   Kacheripady.00   Generator   3.00  (One  Crore  Fifty  One  Lakhs).  in  Lakhs)   Equity  by  Promoters   111.00   Long  Term  Loan   from  Financial   40.  It  is  set  up  in  an  area  of  4.  in  Lakhs)   Land  (Own)     108.465  Sq.00   Institutions   (Subjected  to  final   conformation)   TOTAL   151.   Kacheripady.  Pallurithy.00       PROJECT  PROMOTERS   Mr.   The   project   is   located   in   such   a   potential   area   where   is   a   scope   of   holding  several  multiple  conventions  in  a  week.  Kochi-­‐  682006     .100.000.  M  with  20-­‐car  parking  and  allied  facilities.   Konam  Road.11  Sq.00     MODE  OF  FINANCING                  (Rs.

 The  place  is  having  all  infrastructural  facilities   to   support   the   project.   The   project   is   closely   located   near   the   Churches   and   Temples  that  adds  more  scope  to  the  success  of  the  project.     LOCATION  OF  PROJECT     The  project  is  located  in  Kachierippady.       APPROVED  FINAL  PLAN     Attached  along  with  this  document  for  perusal.465   Sq.   Group   has   successfully   completed   different   projects   in   the   state   of   Kerala.   500  meters  from  the  junction  in  Konam-­‐  Kacherippady  Road.60  cents  with  an  approved   building   area   of   4.11   Sq.   Sujith   V   K.  The  project  is  located   in   such   a   place   where   there   is   ample   scope   of   communal   programs   and   other   occasional  events  on  a  regular  basis.       FORWARD  LINKAGE     Since  the  promoter  is  in  the  field  of  communal  well  being.     The  building  is  constructed  in  such  a  way  that  all  the  modern  facilities  and   amenities  are  being  included  in  the  project  to  add  more  amenities.   The   opportunity   if   being   added   by   the   near   by   location   of   Churches   and   Temples.   The   project   also   includes   20   car   parking  spaces  in  the  project  area.  he  will  utilize  all   his  capabilities  and  connection  for  making  this  project  a  big  success.       Mr.   M.  Pallurithy  towards  the  South  approx.  Lack  of  such  a   community   hall   in   the   near   by   area   adds   to   the   importance   of   building   such   a   project.   who   is   a   renowned   transporting   owner   in   Cochin   area   who   is   well   known   for   handling   the   project   in   a   profitable   manner.         .   His   tactical   approach   will  help  the  project  to  be  profitable  in  a  short  span  of  time.   Ft   or   414.   Group’s   main   focus   is   consultation   for   different   constructions   projects   in   its   planning   and   execution   stages.     LAND  AND  BUILDING     The  total  area  of  the  land  is  calculated  to  be  21.     PROJECT  CONSULTANTS-­‐  Planers  Group     The  project  is  envisaged  and  consulted  by  PLANERS  GROUP  who  is  group  of   experienced   engineers   and   contractors   since   1995.