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Motivation Statement

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I have visualized in attaining my final goal in the following steps which I have
enumerated below.

I did my bachelor in Mechanical Engineering Department in [Nama universitas], one

of the oldest universities in Indonesia. Academically I was comfortably placed
among the top ten percentile of my class. This did not hindered me from actively
contributing on extra curricular activities organized by our educational institution
which compliments my extrovert personality. I actively got involved in the Students
Union of Mechanical Engineering department and the Students Union Engineering
faculty. I also regularly got involved with activities in the science clubs such as
Robotics Club, English Debate Club, and some sport clubs in my university especially
football and basketball; as well as in my department’s group band as a

[Dalam hal ini, bisa ditambahkan tentang pengalaman dalam hal Pengabdian
Kepada Masyarakat dan bagaimana impact/outcome yang telah dihasilkan]

[Pengalaman Magang]
I did my internship in [Nama Perusahaan], from August 2004 until November 2004.
In [Nama Perusahaan], my research task was to improve and to develop the future
concept of collaborative engineering – manufacturing department in [Nama
Perusahaan]. Officially the research was named: Framework Development for
Collaborating Engineering/Design Department and Manufacturing Department. My
task closely related to issues of how to improve the management system of the
designers including the product data (i.e. drawings); the management of those data
as released from engineering department to the remaining production processes.
The main aim was actually to speed up time-to-market with a high level of product
quality as well as sophisticated product data and product knowledge management

[Pengalaman Tugas Akhir]

When stepping forward to the next phase after completing my internship, I found
that I have such a tremendous broad possibility for my thesis project. My master’s
program gave me a lot of opportunity in different mechanical fields like: product
design, manufacturing technology, logistic, supply chain management, production
management, automation in industry, quality control systems, and even in the field
of marketing. As my thesis project, I was working in Virtual Prototyping area which
is dedicated to the Virtual Reality Laboratory in [Nama Universitas]. In specific, I
was working with several application softwares (i.e. Solidworks, 3DStudioMax,
Lumo, Visual C++). I was the part of UT virtual reality software development team.
My research task was to assess the performance of existing VR system, especially
the haptic system and to modify the programming script for further development.

As I completed my bachelor in January 2001, I decided to become (atau) to work as

[Jenis pekerjaan] [Misal: a lecturer in my university]. I encounter that I find joys
when conducting teaching and transferring ideas to the students. However, bigger
opportunity to continue my study and some other activities of being a lecturer also
strongly encouraged me to decide choosing this vocation.
This decision laid the seed for my future and prompted me to take up my master
program in the near future.

[Atau, untuk proposal S3]

With regard to my vision and dream of lecturing and researching, my next concrete
goal is to obtain PhD position in the near future.
Concerning to what I have been accomplishing during my study in [Nama
universitas], and further to subjects and researches that I currently conduct, indeed,
I would say that my main interest is about[Nama topik riset] area.
Due to this reason, I indeed would like to apply position in your university. In
addition, I am open to improve my knowledge if necessary. And I would like to work
in groups.

Best regards,
January, 2003
[Nama Lengkap]