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Global Issues Summit 2018

Research Debrief

Section 1: ​Group Information

Name of Country India

Group Members Reagan Syah Jacob Marco

Committees SOCHUM WHO

Assigned to Each
Group Member
● You and your group will use this document to hold all of the research that you find
regarding your assigned country, your group will use this research to complete benchmarks
and to gather information for your country at the summit. This information is vital.
Summarize in your own words.
● You will share with “editing rights” this document with all group members and Mrs. Boyd,
turn in to Echo link for group.
Research Sites to Use

Country Profiles **​CIA Factbook The Global UNESCO Freedom Index

IMUNA Goals the CATO

BBC Country UN Global Human Nation Master NPR World

Profiles Issues Development News

UDHR World Bank Human Rights Global AP World News

Abridged for Youth Watch

Global Gender Gap UN International United UNA-USA NY Times World

Report HDI Nations Delegate Links News

OHCHR Nuclear World Nuclear Global Foreign Policy

Weapons Stockpile Firepower Institute

Insert Your D'source

Research Sites

Committees Specific Research Links Below

WHO info on Turkey’s Journalist Killed The Dying Aral #ENDviolence

Malaria Economy CPJ Report Sea
Global Issues Summit 2018
Research Debrief

World Health Turkey’s Safety of UNDP Aral UNICEF

Organization Risky Journalists Sea Report Data on Violence
Debt against Children

CDC Malaria TIKA Pew Research Britannica Global Citizen

Malaria Free Fund

Malaria World Bank UNESCO Catastrophe UNICEF

UNICEF Report-Turkey Freedom of Aral Sea Reports
Report Expression

Section 2: Country Research

Official Name of country Republic of India

& pronunciation​ →

Insert Map image of

Nation →
Global Issues Summit 2018
Research Debrief

Insert Population
Pyramid →

Reagan = ​_____
Syah = ​_____
Jacob = ​_____
Marco = ​_____

Leader/Prime Minister: Narendra Modi

Type of Federal Parliamentary Define & A federation of states that

Government → Republic Describe type of use a republican form of
govt in reality! → government.

Major Civil Wars India become an official Current Events Currently having small
→ independent nation in 1947 /Transitional fights with Pakistan over
from the british Issues → water claims after having
government. a 2 year cease-fire

Role in World → Highly educated, Over Causes of any Government controls too
populated. Many in Current Civil much for the people’s
poverty. Unrest AND/OR liking, so protests have
Human Civil begun to happen all over
Rights Issues india.
related to
Global Issues Summit 2018
Research Debrief

National Flag → Topography → 60% of land is full of

farms. Facing
deforestation. Air-pollution
from vehicles.

Capital of New Delhi Latitude/Longitu 20 00 N

Nation & (New Dell-ee) de 77 00 E
pronunciation → Degrees/Directio
n of Capital New Delhi in northern
City→ india

Human 131 Human 0.624

Development Development
Rank → Index​ # →

Roads World 2 (behind USA) Waterway World 9

Rank → Rank →

GDP defined → Monetary measure of all Most recent $$ $7,200 (2017)

final goods sold that were Per Capita GDP
created within a given →

GDP ppp This entry gives the gross GDP ppp → $8.701 trillion (2016 est.)
defined → domestic product (GDP) or
value of all final goods and
services produced within a
nation in a given year. A
nation's GDP at purchasing
power parity (PPP) exchange
rates is the sum value of all
goods and services produced
in the country valued at
prices prevailing in the United
States in the year noted.

% below poverty 21.9% (2011 est.) Monetary Rupees

line → System →
Indian socialism at the
same time that strongly
believes in democracy as
the only way to come to
power they have some
social economic rules that
governmental interference
in economy strongly have
been followed for a long
Global Issues Summit 2018
Research Debrief

time, even now. Also, the

private sector at the same
time is going on and
Indian laws show respect
to private ownership as
well as governmental
ownership. Its private
sector is vesting as
capitalism is going to take
root in socialism-Indian
economy deeper and
deeper by the time.

Dependency/De 50.3% of GDP (2016 est.) Basic Rice, wheat, oilseed,

bt → Commodities cotton, jute, tea,
sugarcane, lentils, onions,
→ potatoes; dairy products,
sheep, goats, poultry;
fish,mining, petroleum

Cell phones → Total: ​1,127.809 million Media Doordarshan, India's

Ownership → public TV network,
operates about 20
national, regional, and
local services; a large and
increasing number of
privately owned TV
stations are distributed by
cable and satellite service
providers; in 2015, more
than 230 million homes
had access to cable and
satellite TV offering more
than 700 TV channels;
government controls AM
radio with All India Radio
operating domestic and
external networks; news
broadcasts via radio are
limited to the All India
Radio Network; since
2000, privately owned FM
stations have been
permitted and their
numbers have increased
rapidly (2015)
Global Issues Summit 2018
Research Debrief

Internet Users Total: ​374,328,160 Country Rank Country comparison to the

→ Internet → world: ​4

% Working Poor 21.2% Youth 90.3%

Below $2 a day Employment →

Labor force 26.8% Labor force 79.1%

participation participation rate
rate (female) → (male) →

General History It’s known from @ Past 50 years Years of nonviolent

→ archaeological evidence that of history → resistance to British rule, led
a highly sophisticated by Mohandas Gandhi and
urbanized culture—the ​Indus Jawaharlal Nehru eventually
civilization​—dominated the resulted in Indian
northwestern part of the independence, granted in
subcontinent from about 2600 1947. Large-scale domestic
to 2000 BCE. From that violence took place before
period on, India functioned as and after India partition into
a virtually self-contained two separate states - India
political and cultural arena, and Pakistan. The
which gave rise to a neighboring nations have
distinctive tradition that was fought three wars since
associated primarily with independence, the last of
Hinduism​, the roots of which which was in 1971 and
can largely be traced to the resulted in East Pakistan
Indus civilization Throughout becoming the separate
the centuries residents of the nation of Bangladesh. India's
subcontinent developed a nuclear weapons tests in
rich intellectual life in such 1998 emboldened Pakistan
fields as mathematics, to conduct its own tests that
astronomy, architecture, same year. In November
literature, music, and the fine 2008, terrorists originating
arts. from Pakistan conducted a
series of coordinated attacks
in Mumbai, India's financial
capital. Despite pressing
problems such as significant
environmental degradation,
extensive poverty, and
widespread corruption,
economic growth following
the launch of economic
reforms in 1991 and a
massive youthful population
are driving India's
emergence as a regional and
global power.

Cultural History The Indus Valley civilization, Official Hindi is the most widely
Global Issues Summit 2018
Research Debrief

→ one of the world's oldest, Language → spoken language and

flourished during the 3rd and primary tongue of 41% of the
2nd millennia B.C. and people; there are 14 other
extended into northwestern official languages.
India. Aryan tribes from the
northwest infiltrated the
Indian subcontinent about
1500 B.C.; their merger with
the earlier Dravidian
inhabitants created the
classical Indian culture. The
Maurya Empire of the 4th and
3rd centuries B.C. - which
reached its zenith under
ASHOKA - united much of
South Asia. The Golden Age
ushered in by the Gupta
dynasty (4th to 6th centuries
A.D.) saw a flowering of
Indian science, art, and
culture. Islam spread across
the subcontinent over a
period of 700 years. In the
10th and 11th centuries,
Turks and Afghans invaded
India and established the
Delhi Sultanate. In the early
16th century, the Emperor
BABUR established the
Mughal Dynasty, which ruled
India for more than three
centuries. European
explorers began establishing
footholds in India during the
16th century.

Population → 1,281,935,911 Name for the Noun: ​Indian(s)

(July 2017 est.) people (noun) → Adjective: ​Indian

Religions Hinduism, Islam, Religions with % 82%-Hinduism

defined → Christianity, Sikh, for each one → 12.1%- Islam
Buddhism 2.3%- Christian
1.9%- Sikh
0.8%- Buddhist
0.8%- other

Ethnic Groups Indian- indigenous- white- Name of Nepal, Bangladesh,

→ asian- punjab's- arabs Neighboring Afghanistan
Nations →

Infant Mortality Number of deaths in the I.M.R. → 34 deaths/1000 births as

Global Issues Summit 2018
Research Debrief

Rate Defined → same year over 1000 of 2016

births in the same year

Maternal 174 deaths/100,000 births Life Expectancy 68 years

Mortality Rate as of 2015 →

Sex Ratio → 943 females for every Total Fertility Approx. 2 children per
1000 males as of 2011 Rate → woman

Dependency The percentage of the Dependency 9% of the population is of

Ratio population of working age Ratio → working age 2016
Defined → 15-64

Gender Helps to show women's Gender MMR-174

Inequality Index contribution to the Inequality Index AD- 24.5
Defined​ → market/economy, → SSP- 12.4
empowerment and health SE- F 35% M 61%
LF- F 27% M 79%

Literacy Defined Rate men to women who Male vs. Female F-65% M-82%
→ can read and write Literacy Rates

Education 3.3% GDP is out towards Literacy Rate % 74%

Expenditure → education Total Population

Mean Years of 6.3 Expected Years 11.7

Schooling → of Schooling →

% pop. with at 48.7 % pop. with at 48.7

least some least some
secondary secondary
education education (male)

School life 12 years (2014) School life 12 years

expectancy expectancy
(primary to (primary to
tertiary tertiary
education, education,
female): → male): →
Global Issues Summit 2018
Research Debrief

Symbols that Symbols that

represent this represent this
Nation→ Nation→

Images of the Images of the

people of the diversity of the
Nation → Nation →

Nuclear 120 Military Fire 0.1593

Capability → Power →

Available 616,000,00 Military Aircraft 2,102

“manpower” →
militarily →

Section 3: Global Goals for your Country

Global Goal Reason 1 for Evidence (link) Reason 2 for Evidence (link)
Global Issues Summit 2018
Research Debrief

Need for this being a this being a

Country goal & goal &
(number and explanation explanation
description of