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July 2009

drink it and thrive!

1999  2009
Trivita’s 10-year journey
10 Essentials
for health and wellness
July is a month of celebrations!
by michael r. ellison, ceo & founder of Trivita, inc.

Happy anniversary to our TriVita® family in North America!

Join with TriVita as we begin our second
decade of health and wellness for all. We
July is the month we celebrate freedom both in the U.S. and
encourage you to experience wellness™
through these 10 Essentials, created to Canada: Independence Day on July 4 and Canada Day on July 1.
enhance life in wonderful ways. I consider freedom to be one of the greatest privileges we have as
human beings. Many people have paid the ultimate sacrifice in
Physical order to protect our freedoms and the opportunities we have as free
people to live out our potential. I am extremely grateful for those
1. Breathe Deeply who have given so much that we may be free.
Inhale life fully, cleanse your body of
toxins and feel calm. President Franklin D. Roosevelt said: “In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed, it must be
2. Drink Water achieved.” Another great quote from Thomas Paine says: “Those who expect to reap the blessings
As you quench your thirst for water, you of freedom must like men undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”
also boost your energy.
3. Sleep Peacefully It is the same with our health and wellness. It is freedom of choice that allows us to pursue
Rest, repair, rejuvenate: a regular sleep and achieve greater wellness. We can choose the things that support wellness or we can choose
routine lets your body do its work. to indulge in activities with short-term, unhealthy payoffs. We can live in the moment, free
4. Eat Nutritiously from the past, by simply choosing to forgive. We can embrace all the blessings of life by simply
Choose healthy, wholesome foods to choosing to practice gratitude. All of these things are achieved through our freedom of choice.
fuel a healthy body and mind.
5. Enjoy Activity
Move it to improve it! Your whole being
benefits from an active lifestyle. We celebrate our freedom to inform you of ways

Emotional you can enhance your health and well-being

6. Give and Receive Love

Feel the power of positive emotions while You may not realize this, but there are countries all over the world today that have proposed
you strengthen your immune system. laws that would take away people’s right to choose healthy living. At TriVita, we celebrate our
7. Be Forgiving freedom to market nutritional wellness products.
To be at peace, unburden yourself of
hostility and resentment towards others. This July, we are also celebrating our 10-year anniversary – it is a festive time here at TriVita!
8. Practice Gratitude We are thrilled that we now have so many fabulous product choices to help people with
Gratitude brings gratification: less stress, their wellness. The new Nopalea™ product is delivering incredible experiences of better health
more joy, greater well-being. by lowering inflammation and helping detoxify the body. On our North American Nopalea
9. Develop Acceptance tour, hundreds of people shared with me their personal stories of near miraculous relief from
Releasing what you can’t change frees uncomfortable symptoms. What an exciting way to celebrate our 10-year anniversary: by
you from worry and enriches your life. taking such a wonderful product to the world. Learn more about Nopalea on pages 6-9.

Spiritual I would encourage each of you to consider becoming an Affiliate Member; help us share
Nopalea with your friends and family members. We pay our Affiliates the same way we pay
10. Develop a Relationship with God radio, television and print advertising vendors to help us get the word out about the wonderful
Nourish your spirituality to nourish
benefits of our products. By joining the Affiliate program, you could be earning enough to
personal growth and happiness.
pay for all your favorite TriVita products – with just a few referrals.

Enjoy I hope you enjoy this 10-year anniversary edition. We think the achievements of the past
Activity 10 years are something to celebrate: In that time, we have laid a great foundation of research
See page 26 and product development programs that ensure highly effective products are created to help
you meet your health goals. But we have no plans to stop now; we have even greater plans for
the future! We have much to offer each of you so you may enjoy greater wellness.

Please celebrate with us the many aspects of our anniversaries this month of July.

Let Freedom Ring!

2 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness

Learn how Nopalea
can help your body.
JULY 2009


t seems like not so long ago that I sat in
the office of our CEO, Michael Ellison, as
he shared his dream of starting TriVita.
You see, while TriVita marks its 10th anniversary
4 Celebrating 10 Great Years this month, I began my association with
of Health and Wellness Michael almost 13 years ago at Ellison Media
It all started with Michael – TriVita’s sister company. Many of you have
Ellison’s incredible passion. heard Michael share his story, but I think it’s
important to hear it from someone who was
there from the beginning.
6 Sonoran Bloom™ Nopalea™
for Today’s Unhealthy World When I came on board as Michael’s assistant in
Top 10 reasons to love this 1996, he was traveling every week, and most of
wellness breakthrough! our contact was by phone while he was between
media clients. Often, when he was on the road,
20 Memorable he would call to check in and would tell me how
11 Excess Weight and Leanology Stories he sat in the parking lot of a hospital emergency
Children’s Wellness Here are some inspiring, room the night before contemplating whether
Food choices: When to say enlightening Leanology stories he should go in or not. He wasn’t sure what
“GO, SLOW and WHOA.” from the past few years. was happening to his body, but we all knew it
wasn’t good. It wasn’t long after a few of these
incidences that Mayo Clinic told him that if he
12 Are You B-12 Deficient? 25 Hello Nopalea, Good-Bye didn’t change his health patterns, he would die
The top 10 ways to know – Muscle Soreness a young man.
and what you can do to protect Sue’s unbelievable
against it. experience with this I hadn’t been there long enough to figure him
out, but I did know this much – he was a very
amazing wellness drink. intense man, and when he made a decision to do
16 Gillian & Terry’s 10-Year something, he did it! The news from Mayo hit
Journey with TriVita 29 Superior Ingredients home. Michael soon began a wellness journey to
A business relationship that Make Better Products discover the essentials for wellness (now TriVita’s
developed with a mutual TriVita’s unwavering 10 Essentials for Health & Wellness – see page 2).
He began to apply these principles in his life
passion for wellness. commitment to quality. and discovered that these simple, yet profound
essentials were a revelation to help him find his
own wellness.
Special Anniversary Celebration A couple of years later, I found myself sitting

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30 in his office listening to him pour his heart out
with such passion about starting a company that
would make an impact on changing the way
people thought about their health. He dreamed
totals $100 totals $150 totals $200 of a company that would share these 10 Essentials
and have great nutritional products that would
produce wellness experiences so powerful that
SAVE UP people would want to share them with others. It
TO u$r o3rd0er was three years into Michael’s wellness journey
that he then formed TriVita.
on yo
ugh 7-31-09
Offer good thro
The rest is history, and I moved from Ellison
Media to join the Marketing Department of
TriVita in 2000. When I think about how

Editor’s Note continued on page 21...

Offer good through 7-31-09. Savings offer applies to products only; does not apply to Gifts of Health or Gift Card
purchases, taxes or shipping fees. These savings do not apply to web orders. July 2009 l 3
1999 2000 2000 2000 2000 2001 2003
Michael Ellison Dr. Libby Original Sublingual 10 Essentials for First corporate Inaugural issues Chief Science Officer
and Barry Borthistle joined TriVita B-12 infomercial airs Health & Wellness brochure developed of the VitaJournal Brazos Minshew is
co-found TriVita® to formulate for the first time are created and product catalog brought on board
the first line are sent to Members
of products

1999 – 2009 Celebrating 10

An unlimited passion for wellness products, including a children’s multi-vitamin.
started with one man’s journey Watch upcoming catalogs and the VitaJournal
Thirteen years ago, Michael Ellison lost his for the launch of other exciting products
health and went on a journey to find wellness. designed to provide wellness solutions for our
After discovering the keys to health, Michael’s valued Members.
mission and passion became sharing that
information with others, and encouraging Your health = our passion
them to begin their own wellness journey. He After 10 years, we are as committed as ever
invited people to embrace the 10 Essentials to your personal wellness; we measure our
for Health and Wellness; these cornerstones success by the health and well-being of
of good health can make the difference between our Members. To ensure that you get the
a life of passion and purpose and a life of illness scientifically-validated, physician-approved
and disability. products you need, we partner with prestig-
ious medical institutions and healthcare
Co-founder Barry Borthistle joined Michael in this professionals of the highest caliber, including
mission and together they launched TriVita with With the new Share and Earn Program, our medical advisory board.
just a few products, a caring doctor (Dr. Alfred Members can help others discover this
Libby) and an unlimited passion for wellness. As extraordinary new wellness drink – and be We remain committed to providing you
momentum began to build, more products were rewarded for it. (For more information about with the latest health news and information
added and the TriVita community kept growing. Nopalea, please see pages 6–9 and visit through catalogs, the VitaJournal, Weekly Wellness Reports and other materials. Our
Today, more people than ever are finding greater highly trained Wellness Consultants are
health and well-being – and sharing their Made from the Nopal cactus of the Sonoran standing by to answer your questions and
experiences with others. To date, over 1,800,000 Desert, Nopalea has already helped hundreds provide any assistance you may need.
people have ordered TriVita products! of people – in many different ways. Stories are
pouring in of reduced pain and inflammation: Our 10 Foundational Values drive every
TriVita is continuing to grow, and offer products everything from joint and foot pain to decision we make and ensure you get the
that help people stay vibrant and healthy in a decreased allergy and asthma symptoms. This highest quality supplements and health
fast-paced, stressful – and often toxic – world. product is truly a phenomenon. Read what information available today – see page 31.
excited Members are saying on pages 7-8.
The future of wellness is blooming
Excitement is in the air! With the launch of But TriVita has no plans to stop here. Nopalea Thank you for making us
Sonoran Bloom™ Nopalea™, TriVita is poised to
take the message and mission of wellness around
is just the first product in the Sonoran Bloom
line. As an innovator in the nutraceutical
your wellness partner for
the world. People all across North America are industry, TriVita is always looking for new 10 fabulous years; we look
getting excited about Nopalea – and getting ways to promote health. The TriVita Product
excited about sharing it with others. Team is tirelessly working on several other new forward to many more!
4 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
2004 2006 2007 2007 2008 2008 2009
HCY Guard ®
Adaptogen Leanology® TriVita® recognizes 11 millionth Super Sublingual Sonoran Bloom™
introduced 10 Plus® product line first Presidential box of Sublingual B-12 introduced Tour kicks off;
formulated is launched Directors and B-12 sold (that’s Nopalea™ launched
first Million Dollar 330,000,000 across North
Club Awards B-12 tablets!) America

Years of Health & Wellness!

Walking the talk: all of the exposure I’ve had in other jobs regarding
TriVita employees and wellness health, I assumed health would be something I’d
We asked TriVita employees how their have to do without, eventually. TriVita has gone Partners in wellness
perception of health and wellness has changed a long way in changing and even reversing that
since they started working here... thought for me.”
Jess H. – Resolution Management Many thanks to TriVita’s sister companies
“I’ve always been conscientious about for helping make the vision of sharing
my health, but after coming to TriVita “When I first started working at TriVita wellness a reality:
I learned it really is a lifestyle. CEO 10 years ago, I had just overcome heart
Michael Ellison challenges us to reach surgery. This was my first job after my • Ellison Media Company – EMC helps
higher if we want to obtain success. procedure, and TriVita helped make spread the message of health and
It requires saying ‘no’ to things that aren’t good me aware of taking better care of wellness through TriVita infomercials;
for me. I run on the treadmill every morning and I myself. Every day, I take VitaDaily AM/PM, CoQ-10, these infomercials have aired over
know with every step I’m leading my body to a life OmegaPrime and drink a Leanology Shake.” 200,000 times.
of health and wellness. I am healthy and I thank Marty G. – Finance
God for it. In a race, all the runners run, but only • Ellison Research – This highly skilled
one gets the prize. I am running this race in such a “Since working with TriVita, my group of professionals conducts focus
way to win the prize.” perception of health and wellness has groups to determine the desires and
Sheryl W. – Legal and Compliance changed quite dramatically. Back in needs of TriVita Members to further
2005, I was rushed to the emergency improve product offerings.
“I remember how small the company room. After various lung tests, CT
was when I first started. It has grown scans, chest x-rays, lung biopsy and plenty of blood • GDF – GDF (Global Duplication and
so much and so fast. I always tell work, they discovered I had valley fever. This was Fulfillment) has shipped over 6,500,000
friends and family about our products. a difficult time for me but with prayer, support TriVita orders. Their commitment
I am a breast cancer survivor and from my TriVita family and with proper nutrition to quality control is unparalleled,
TriVita Nerve Formula really helped me after and supplements, I overcame it. I will never forget ensuring you get your order in a timely
chemotherapy. I enjoy reading all the Wellness how my TriVita family was there for me and has and accurate manner.
Reports and the health articles in the VitaJournal.” left an impression on my heart. I am thankful that
I work in a company that embraces God. I have We would also like to thank
Linda B. – Member Ordering
watched TriVita grow in the last few years, and my James and Betty Robison who
perception of health and wellness has grown more have joined us in our wellness
“I’ve been with TriVita for nine years,
within myself because of being here.” mission – in addition to their
and I have to say that my perspective
great work with Life Outreach
on health is notably different. I don’t Mercy C. – Resolution Management
International, which helps bring
think you can work here very long
food and water to those in
without talking to someone whose
need around the world.
life has been impacted by our products. Even with

1-800-991-7116 July 2009 l 5

Love yourself,
Love your life,
Love Nopalea
Top 10 reasons to drink it and Thrive

ou’ve heard it by now... 3 The incredible antioxidant power. of yourself, you begin to feel a sense of
Nopalea™ is the latest and Betalains are powerful antioxidants energy and vitality coming back into your
that help to reduce inflammation in life. Nopalea can give you a sensational
greatest breakthrough in the body. There are a total of 24 feeling of health and energy as it works
wellness drinks! But how much Betalains in nature that help the body to help your body reduce inflammation,
do you know about it? And more in various ways; each one completes detoxify and protect your cells.
importantly, what can it do for you? a particular health need by supplying
specific structure and function to 8 Protects against premature aging.
Others are reaping the benefits of
human cells. A few Betalains can be There are many things that contribute
this astonishing product. Find out found in limited vegetables and desert to premature aging, including excess
how it can change your life for fruit, but the Nopal cactus fruit of the exposure to the sun, a poor diet, stress
the better. Sonoran Desert is the only fruit to and inactivity. The most common
contain all 24 Betalains. Each bottle contributors, however, are inflamma-
Here are the top 10 reasons of Nopalea brims with the health tion, muscle and joint pain and poor
to love nopalea: benefits of these Betalains. circulation. Since Nopalea targets
inflammation, aids detoxification and
1 Helps your body with inflammation. 4 Helps your body relieve breathing optimizes cellular health, it can help slow
If inflammation is the problem, Nopalea difficulties. Many breathing difficulties down the process of premature aging.
is the solution. Let’s face it, whether associated with allergies or asthma are
you can feel it or not, your body fights the result of inflammation around the 9 Exclusivity. Nopalea – there’s really
inflammation on a daily basis. This is bronchial tubes. Nopalea can help your nothing on the market like it. With
because the human body is constantly body reduce this inflammation, allowing the benefits of the Nopal cactus fruit of
under the assault of toxins. These toxins the bronchial tubes to stay mucus-free. the Sonoran Desert, no other wellness
exist in the air we breathe, the food we drink compares to its incredible power
eat, even the water we drink. And when 5 The taste. A drink that is great for you and taste.
toxins penetrate the body, inflammation oftentimes tastes awful. But Nopalea has
occurs in response. Too much inflam- an incredibly delicious and unique taste. 10 The opportunity. Nopalea brings
mation is dangerous and can lead to It’s hard to believe something this tasty with it an incredible Share and Earn
debilitating illnesses. Nopalea helps is actually great for you. opportunity that can help you pursue
your body reduce this inflammation your most desired life purposes.
and helps detoxify your system. 6 no added sugar. Nopalea is sweetened When you share Nopalea, you have
with a natural form of sugar. It contains the opportunity to spread wellness to
2 Helps your body relieve pain. Agave nectar, which is 40% sweeter others. If others purchase Nopalea, you
Testimonials for Nopalea have been than sugar. This lends a nice honey-like will enjoy generous financial rewards.
pouring in, and people are raving about taste and makes this wellness drink Sharing Nopalea can create a steady
this product’s amazing pain-reduction ideal for diabetics, or those who are stream of income for you and your
benefits. As Nopalea works to help your trying to lose weight. family that can help you reach your
body reduce inflammation, it also helps short-term or long-term goals.
your body relieve the pain associated 7 Energizes your life. When you get rid of
with swelling. the toxins in your body and you take care

6 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness

There are plenty of reasons to love Nopalea,
but don’t just take our word for it.
if you haven’t yet tried this delicious wellness drink, read on to find out what a
life-changing experience it has been for so many people.
“Since I began taking Nopalea, my allergies and sinus “You can’t imagine how wonderful it feels to sleep without
issues have cleared up. I am so jazzed about Nopalea. pain, to not have to take Ibuprofen all day long and to be
This was just after two weeks of taking it. WOW! I feel able to work at my computer without horrible pain. I can
everyone will benefit.” only attribute my success to Nopalea.”
JaCKie m. – St. louiS, mo ViCtoria S. – SCottSdale, aZ

“After about 10 days of Nopalea I began to feel better, and was able to “I did not know any of the science behind the product until I went to the
get out and about. The off-and-on pains have disappeared, my swelling has launch event, and I’m sure it will be another winner. I am very excited to
gone down, and I just feel alive again! It’s great-tasting and great stuff.” promote this product!”
loiS V. – independenCe, mo dr. eVa W. – Blandon, pa

“I began taking three ounces of Nopalea a day and less than “After using Sonoran Bloom Nopalea for only one week, I noticed
a month later, I am pain-free! Never before have I achieved a significant reduction in the back pain I had for a long time. I
such a dramatic result from using a nutritional product. continued to use the Nopalea product for another few weeks
I am so grateful to have access to Nopalea – I am sold!” and all of my back pain is gone. I feel like I am 20 years younger.”
SaBrina g. – Federal Way, Wa miKe r. – linColn, ne

“My aches, pains and swelling have almost vanished. Life has begun to “My wife consistently fights inflammation. Her wedding ring hasn’t fit for
be so good. I am an 81-year-old great-grandmother, beginning to feel like four years but after taking Nopalea, her ring can now slide on easily. This
a real person again. I’m here to tell you to give Nopalea a chance! It will be stuff really works!”
a life-changing experience.” Jon B. – FlagStaFF, aZ
ileene e. – Bonham, tX
“I have never been so excited about a product and a
“My body feels a sense of greater energy and I feel much company! I’m so glad I found TriVita and Sonoran Bloom!”
better. I can now lift weights again without pain. I just Jamie B. – gilBert, aZ
know this product is wonderful and the science behind
it backs it up.”
tina g. – Charlotte, nC

Ask for om
Sonoran Bloy DVD
Opportunit palea.
So many astonishing benefits in a bottle
purchase of No
FREE with your pplies last.
While su Nopalea, the latest breakthrough in wellness drinks
Try this delicious wellness drink, with an exclusive blend Nopalea™
of rare antioxidants called Betalains and other healthful #30710
nutrients. A daily dose of Nopalea can help your body: 9
Member $39.9
• Lessen inflammation • Promote optimal health
which causes pain right down to your cells Nopalea™ k
• Cleanse your body • Protect against
4 bot tle pac
of daily toxins premature aging $199.96
Member a$ck1s3av
Drink it and thrive! ings!
special – 4 P
Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116.
Member Spotlight

From “complete agony” to a

glorious pain-free life
melody is feeling wonderful since she started
taking nopalea

elody was sick and tired racing lessons. Melody wanted to ride
with him, but definitely suffered the
of being sick and tired.
consequences... she couldn’t walk for
She had numerous two to three days after horseback riding
health problems and surgery, and without severe pain. Now she and her
medications and other therapies just son are taking barrel racing lessons
together weekly and having a great time.
weren’t helping. After over five years
of excruciating pain, she was at the When Melody first heard about Nopalea, she “I was walking with pain eight months ago and
end of her rope and praying for help. was a little skeptical. But the alternative – being now, thanks to Nopalea and reduced inflammation,
Then, along came a new product in constant pain – was even worse. So she
I’ve been pain-free for the first time in a long time...”
decided to try Nopalea – and the results were
which has been nothing less than a dramatic. “I’m no longer in pain,” she says. “You
– Melody
godsend... Sonoran Bloom™ Nopalea™. won’t see me walking with a limp and I haven’t
had a headache in weeks.” There have been
many other pleasant post-Nopalea surprises, bigger difference when I moved up to Super
including being able to run up the stairs for the Sublingual B-12.” She decided to try out other
“Nopalea helped my body with first time in a long time. She also remembers brands of B-12 products, but soon discovered
the time at her son’s school when she had to run that “there is a big difference. TriVita’s brand
the debilitating pain in my joints, uphill to get to the car. When Melody got home, is so much better.” Her son has been taking
and now I feel just wonderful!” there were messages on her cell phone from Sublingual B-12 too, along with an ounce
people who saw her running and wanted to find of Nopalea. Melody says, “His teacher is just
out more about her “miraculous” recovery. ecstatic over his improved school work.”

“I was walking with pain eight months ago Most importantly, she can now enjoy pain-free She also notices that she sleeps much better
and now, thanks to Nopalea and reduced horseback riding with her son. Since taking at night when she takes VitaDaily AM/PM™
inflammation, I’ve been pain-free for the first Nopalea, Melody has eased off the many and no longer needs sleeping pills. Melody has
time in a long time,” Melody exclaims. “Nopalea medications that were helping with pain. Her also seen great results from OmegaPrime®; it
helped my body with the debilitating pain in my blood sugar levels are also far better. She loves has helped normalize her cholesterol levels.
joints, and now I feel just wonderful!” the taste of Nopalea and finds it hard not to
take a little extra “nip.”
Melody’s health problems began back in 2002
when she had to have surgery for three vertebrae sharing the goodness with others “... thank you so much for this product.
in her neck that suddenly collapsed. Surgeons Now other family members are getting in on I will never stop taking Nopalea.”
needed to take bone out of her hips, which a good thing. Her husband has osteoarthritis
caused arthritis in her hip, knees and ankles. and is already seeing results after three weeks
They also put a plate and six screws in her neck. of Nopalea. After her friend saw Melody’s
Over a year later the plate shifted and two astonishing recovery, she has started taking “Now that I’m pain-free and riding with my son
screws broke, resulting in severe inflammation it herself and began seeing a difference in and having a great time, I’d just like to thank
that caused headaches and migraines. one week. you so much for this product. I will never stop
taking Nopalea.”
she couldn’t walk for days after Melody has also gotten tremendous results from
horseback riding without severe pain other TriVita products, including Sublingual Read more about the wellness benefits of
“I was in complete agony,” Melody recalls. B-12. “At age 39 I was already forgetting things Nopalea on pages 6-7.
“I was taking all sorts of prescription medicines and not as sharp as I should be,” she remembers.
to ease the pain, but nothing seemed to work.” “I noticed a big improvement in my clarity once *Do not stop taking any medications until you
In 2008 her son started taking barrel I started taking Sublingual B-12 and an even consult with your healthcare provider.

8 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness

How can Nopalea help you?
The breakthrough in wellness – and income potential –
that has everyone talking!

s more people like Melody How inflammation and Nopalea
experience the astonishing can affect your cellular health
Delicious Nopalea is rich in antioxidants called
benefits of Nopalea™ (story at Betalains, which have been scientifically-proven
left), the word is spreading fast: This to help the body achieve these benefits:
wellness drink is truly a breakthrough.
• Reduce inflammation
That’s because Nopalea helps the
body experience an optimal state of • Detoxify
wellness in these important ways:
• Achieve optimal cellular health
• Relieving pain
• Protect against premature aging
• Improving breathing
The diagram below illustrates how Nopalea
• Reducing swelling in joints, helps cells.
muscles and organs
Share the great news,
• Normalizing high Earn extra income
blood pressure As you can read in this issue of the VitaJournal,
people everywhere are experiencing the wellness
As a direct result, Nopalea may also help your benefits of Nopalea (see pages 7-8, 14-15, 25).
body feel more energized. Why not join them and have your own
Nopalea experience?
Inflammation: a danger to health
Inflammation is much more than a swollen You can share not only the wellness, but also
ankle or a painful toe: it’s becoming more and the income opportunity of Nopalea through the
more recognized as a factor in serious health Share and Earn Program. It’s TriVita’s pioneering
conditions. As noted in a TIME magazine cover business model that rewards you for sharing
feature, inflammation is linked with heart attacks, Nopalea with others. You get the chance to
Alzheimer’s disease and other major health issues. share products you believe in, and at the same
time work with a mission-driven organization
While our bodies use inflammation as a natural that’s now celebrating 10 years of wellness.
defense against toxins in our everyday world,
too much inflammation can clearly cause For more details on how Nopalea can help you,
problems. In the illustration at right, you can visit 
see some of the many places in the body that
can be affected.

Visit and

KILLER” in their
search box on the
home page to
find and read the
archived article
from 2004. See
what they were
saying five years
ago about the Healthy cell Cell attacked Betalains in Nopalea Cell returns
surprising links between inflammation and by toxins & help the body to normal
diseases. Plus, what you can do to help fight it! inflammation reduce inflammation healthy state
& detoxify
1-800-991-7116 July 2009 l 9
Family Health

Focus on
Children’s health
encouraging youngsters to eat healthy, be healthy

his month the VitaJournal • Focus on fats. Instead of saturated and
launches a regular feature trans fats in the family’s food, try to get
most fats from fish, vegetable oils,
on family health, offering tips, nuts (beware of food allergies) and seeds.
news and advice to help everyone
experience wellness. • Beware of food “rewards.” If eating
vegetables “earns” a child dessert, he
If there’s a child in your life who weighs too learns that vegetables are less desirable,
much, don’t just write it off as “baby fat.” and sweets are a prize. THE 10 BEST FOODS
Growing numbers of children are being put kids (and you, too) probably don’t eat
on drugs for diabetes and high blood pressure, • Be your own healthy foods marketer.
and the culprit is usually excess weight. When did you last see a noisy, happy TV There are lots of commonly-available foods
commercial for carrots or whole wheat that are great for kids of all sizes and ages.
You probably know that healthy eating bread? Kids are bombarded with marketing Here are 10 that should be more than just
and physical activity are important for messages about unhealthy foods, often food for thought:
children’s health – but do you know how linked with cartoon characters and toys.
to encourage positive habits? Try these tips It’s up to you to talk up yummy fruits, 1 Beets. Loaded with minerals and
for living healthier. crunchy vegetables and their importance antioxidants.
to growing bodies.
Be a healthy eating “enabler” 2 Cabbage. May help fight cancer.
Encourage better eating habits by adopting Moving is fun!
these expert suggestions: You can encourage a child to be physically active 3 Cinnamon. Sprinkle it on to help control
in these commonsense ways: blood sugar.
• Buy and serve more fruits and
vegetables. Whether fresh, frozen, • set an example. To make a child want to 4 Prunes. A tasty, portable snack packed
canned or dried, let your child choose move around and have fun with it, walk with antioxidants.
his or her own. the walk yourself. A child seeing you enjoy
physical activity is more likely to be active
5 Pumpkin seeds. High in magnesium,
• steer clear of soft drinks and high- throughout life.
they’re super-nutritious.
fat/high-calorie snack foods. Chips,
cookies and candy are strictly “sometimes” • Go, team! Encourage your child to
6 Swiss chard. Vision may be aided by this
munchies – not everyday food. join a sports team or group activity like
leafy green vegetable.
dancing or gymnastics at school or a local
• Begin with breakfast. Skipping it can community center.
7 Sardines. Sometimes called “health food
leave a child tired, hungry and filling up
in a can,” they offer “good” fats, calcium
later on unhealthy foods. • life beyond sports. If your child is
and more.
embarrassed by taking part in sports,
• slow down on fast food. When you do encourage less organized activities: playing
8 Turmeric. This spice “superstar” may
choose fast food, urge youngsters to enjoy tag with friends, dancing to music or
reduce inflammation.
salads with low-fat dressing, or sandwiches riding a bicycle.
minus cheese or mayo.
9 Blueberries. Some studies indicate that
A general exercise guideline for pre-adolescent
• Don’t pour on the juice. One hundred children is 60 minutes per day, but it doesn’t frozen or fresh, they boost memory.
percent fruit juice, though healthy, is high have to be concentrated time. Periods of just
in calories. Water, low-fat milk and milk 10 minutes’ activity throughout the day work 10 Canned pumpkin. Here’s that orange
products are important for growth. just as well. delight again: low in calories, high in fiber.

10 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness

why weight matters to children’s wellness
make smart choices among “go, slow and whoa foods”
Just as with adults, weight matters to children’s
wellness – and it’s a growing concern. Over the
past two decades, the number of obese children and GO, SLOW and WHOA foods
teens has increased at an alarming rate. At the same
time, the threats to youngsters’ health have been GO SLOW WHOA
Food Group
(Almost Anytime Foods) (Sometimes Foods) (Once in a While Foods)
mounting, too.
Nutrient-Dense Calorie-Dense
Childhood obesity can lead to serious health
Vegetables Almost all fresh, frozen All vegetables with added Fried potatoes, like French
issues, including:
and canned vegetables fat and sauces; oven-baked fries or hash browns; other
without added fat and sauces French fries; avocado deep-fried vegetables
• Heart disease • Asthma
Fruits All fresh, frozen, 100% fruit juice; fruits canned Fruits canned in heavy syrup
• Type 2 diabetes • Sleep apnea canned in juice in light syrup; dried fruits
Breads and Cereals Whole-grain breads, including White refined flour bread, rice, Croissants; muffins;
What’s more, overweight children and teens face pita bread; tortillas and and pasta. French toast; taco doughnuts; sweet rolls;
social and psychological problems. And, they are whole-grain pasta; brown rice; shells; cornbread; biscuits; crackers made with trans fats;
more likely to carry the burdens of excess weight hot and cold unsweetened granola; waffles and pancakes sweetened breakfast cereals
into adulthood. So what can you do to help the whole-grain breakfast cereals
youngsters in your life? In addition to the tips on
Milk and Milk Products Fat-free or 1% low-fat milk; 2% low-fat milk; processed Whole milk; full-fat American,
page 10, you can share some very specific food advice fat-free or low-fat yogurt; cheese spread cheddar, Colby, Swiss, cream
that may serve as a guide to healthier choices and part-skim, reduced fat and cheese; whole-milk yogurt
better health. fat-free cheese; low-fat
or fat-free cottage cheese
when to enjoy which groups of foods Meats, Poultry, Fish, Trimmed beef and pork; extra Lean ground beef, Untrimmed beef and pork;
Generally, experts advise that in order to lose weight Eggs, Beans and Nuts lean ground beef; chicken broiled hamburgers; ham, regular ground beef; fried
and keep it off, we all need to eat foods lower in fat and turkey without skin; Canadian bacon; chicken hamburgers; ribs; bacon; fried
and calories. What does this mean in everyday life? tuna canned in water; baked, and turkey with skin; low-fat chicken, chicken nuggets; hot
As a guideline, The National Heart, Lung and Blood broiled, steamed, grilled fish hot dogs; tuna canned in dogs, lunch meats, pepperoni,
Institute (NHLBI) offers a handy chart (right) of and shellfish; beans, split peas,
oil; peanut butter; nuts; sausage; fried fish and
what it calls “GO, SLOW and WHOA foods,” with lentils, tofu; egg whites and whole eggs cooked without shellfish; whole eggs cooked
these definitions: egg substitutes added fat with fat
Sweets and Snacks* Ice milk bars; frozen fruit Cookies and cakes; pies;
• “GO” foods: These are lower in fat, sugar juice bars; low-fat or fat-free cheese cake; ice cream;
and calories, and can be enjoyed almost frozen yogurt and ice cream; chocolate; candy; chips;
anytime. Foods in this grouping are “nutrient fig bars, ginger snaps, baked buttered microwave popcorn
dense,” meaning rich in vitamins, minerals chips; low-fat microwave
and other nutrients. popcorn; pretzels
Fats/Condiments Vinegar; ketchup; mustard; Vegetable oil, olive oil, Butter, stick margarine; lard;
• “slOw” foods: These choices have more fat-free creamy salad dressing; and oil-based salad dressing; salt pork; gravy; regular
fat, added sugar and calories. Choose them fat-free mayonnaise; fat-free soft margarine; low-fat creamy salad dressing;
less often than “GO” foods. sour cream creamy salad dressing; mayonnaise; tartar sauce; sour
low-fat mayonnaise; cream; cheese sauce; cream
low-fat sour cream** sauce; cream cheese dips
• “wHOA” foods: Calorie-dense (high
in calories), these choices are often low Beverages Water, fat-free milk, 2% low-fat milk; 100% fruit Whole milk; regular soda;
in nutrients. For eating only once in a while, or 1% low-fat milk juice; sports drinks calorically sweetened iced teas
or on special occasions; keep portions small. and lemonade; fruit drinks
with less than 100% fruit juice
why not clip and save this chart to help *Though some of the foods in this row are lower in fat and calories, all sweets and snacks need to be limited so as not to exceed one’s daily
you help youngsters make smarter calorie requirements.
everyday food choices? **Vegetable and olive oils contain no saturated or trans fats and can be consumed daily, but in limited portions, to meet daily calorie needs.
1-800-991-7116 July 2009 l 11
B-12 Update

Scott Conard, M.D.

Founder, TienaHealth

Scott Conard, M.D., is the founder of TienaHealth,

an organization of medical doctors in primary
care practice who emphasize healthy lifestyles
to maintain wellness. Dr. Conard is considered
a national expert on disease prevention.
TienaHealth also conducts clinical trials.

Are you B-12 deficient? Top 10 ways to

know – and what you can do about it
by Dr. Scott Conard

o you drag through your I thought it would be a good time to While these symptoms don’t automatically
day? Does feeling weak or focus on another important kind of “10”: signal a B-12 deficiency, they do bear looking
the 10 most common conditions that into. And I can tell you from my own medical
listless keep you from getting suggest a B-12 deficiency. experience that in many cases, B-12 deficiency
the most out of life? Have you (or is precisely the problem. The solution?
others) noticed that you’re moody Do you or someone you care about have Supplementing with a quality B-12 product
or forgetful? Frequently, patients who any of these symptoms? from TriVita®.
come to me with these symptoms 1. Fatigue Get all the benefits of quality B-12
don’t need a medicine, a certain You may have heard of B-12 shots, which
kind of food or some elaborate test. 2. Weakness can be painful and expensive. And you may
What so many need is simply a have seen other formulations of B-12 in the
3. Depression marketplace. But it’s important to remember
powerful vitamin: B-12. that only TriVita’s Sublingual B-12 gives you
4. Confusion
these benefits:
Unfortunately, many people don’t get enough
Vitamin B-12 in their daily diets. Or they 5. Poor memory
• Dr. Alfred Libby’s original, patented
can’t absorb the Vitamin B-12 in food due to
6. Anemia (lack of healthy red blood cells; sublingual (under-the-tongue) delivery
digestive issues like gastric reflux or colitis. And
fatigue is one common result) system for maximum absorption
sometimes, it’s just a matter of time: The body’s
ability to absorb B vitamins starts to decline
7. Loss of appetite • Nutrient-based, with no stimulants
around age 40, and continues to decline with
each passing year. 8. Weight loss
• Pharmaceutical-grade quality
Check the symptoms 9. Numbness/tingling in the hands and feet
Since this month marks TriVita’s 10th • Clinically-tested for purity
anniversary of spreading the wellness message, 10. Trouble keeping balance and effectiveness
12 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
“I knew it was the Super B-12
that made the difference.”
“I was diagnosed with
multiple sclerosis about
17 years ago. Over the
past couple of years, my
neurologist had me take
a cognitive test which
measures my ability to focus
and have clarity of mind. I did well on the first
few tests. I only lost my focus a couple times
and got about 3-4 questions wrong. A few
months ago, I found out about TriVita’s new
Super Sublingual B-12 and began taking it to
see how it would work for me. I was hopeful I
would see positive results. Well, I went to my
neurologist yesterday and, as usual, he had
me take the cognitive test again. This time I
did great... I had a PERFECT score and never
lost my focus.

The woman who administered the test was For maximum sustained
mental energy take
amazed and very impressed; she said they
don’t normally see a perfect score, especially
with someone in my condition. Also, before

TriVita Super
I started on Super B-12, I went on a minor
detox diet and cut out caffeine. I found myself
extremely tired all the time and wanting my

Sublingual B-12
caffeine. After a few weeks, I started drinking
caffeine again. I also started taking Super
B-12. Recently I decided to do another minor
detox diet and went off caffeine again. Never
once did I lack any energy from not having
caffeine; I knew it was the Super B-12 that Faster-acting, longer-lasting
made the difference. Thanks so much!”
angelyn F. – largo, Fl
and more potent than ever before
with three times the Vitamin B-12
TriVita Super Sublingual B-12 helps you achieve: PRICE L
Dr. Libby, as you may know, was a pioneer • Sustained mental energy, stamina and alertness TriVita Super
in nutrients and health, and an associate
of two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling, • Improved mood with a more positive outlook on life Sublingual B-
Ph.D. It was Dr. Libby who created the unique • Greater mental focus, clarity and concentration Non-Member
sublingual delivery system for B-12, so that
the tablets could dissolve and get quickly into • Sharper memory with less forgetfulness Membe23r0 $ 22.99
the bloodstream. This is crucial to maximum Redeem with
absorption and maximum benefits. ER
L Plus, Super Sublingual B-12 gives your brain

and nerves the essential nutrients they need to



It’s been my privilege to carry on Dr. Libby’s help replenish brain fuel and help repair damaged nerves.

important work through TriVita, and to speak

And all this is yours with a convenient, once-a-day tablet.


up whenever I can about the crucial role played
by B-12 in all our lives. So if you don’t already
enjoy the benefits of TriVita’s B-12, check that
Alfred Libby, M.D. – Inventor of TriVita Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid
“Top 10” symptom list again. If you see yourself
Dr. Libby, a renowned nutraceutical pioneer, worked to help hundreds of patients feel better
there, I strongly urge you to try the B-12 every day. An associate of Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Laureate), Dr. Libby developed this
product that makes a big difference for so many unique, sublingual delivery system for his own patients. It was known to give similar
people, every day. mental energy results as B-12 shots, but without the shots’ added pain and expense. Alfred Libby, M.D.

As TriVita begins another 10 years of helping

people experience wellness, I’m proud to Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116
continue to do my part.
or visit us at
Experiencing wellness
t’s been very gratifying “... i constantly need to stay on B-12 level – he was severely anemic. We showed
top of my game.” our doctor information on the Sublingual B-12
to see the effect that “Thanks to my son who recommended your and asked if we could try this because in
Trivita has had on the line of products to me. I began taking the the past it has made a big difference in my
husband’s mood swing, energy and cognitive
lives of so many during the super sublingual B-12 and told him I really
was not sure if I felt much of a difference. Then function. He said we could try it for one month
last 10 years. our privilege I ran out and stopped taking Super B-12. Right and then retest my husband. Well, the next
is to continue the tradition away, I noticed my memory was less sharp and blood test showed a B-12 level of almost 700!
I was having my usual brain fog again. This was
of high quality, innovative not acceptable as I constantly need to stay on With this improvement he decided not to
wellness products that will top of my game – yes, even at the age of 71.” take the B-12 shots, which are painful and
very expensive.”
set the standard for many Kathy S. – parKer, aZ
dody a. – CroWley, tX
years to come.
“i won’t go anywhere
without sublingual B-12.” “i started taking nopalea
“super sublingual “I have multiple sclerosis. I could and noticed less pain in
B-12 proved to be a only work for one hour and then my arm and elbow.”
great choice!” would lay on the couch, totally “I have been in chronic pain in
“I am 42 years old, very active exhausted. I started taking my right elbow and arm for over
and have been involved in the the sublingual B-12 and can a month due to hitting it on the
health and fitness industry now work 5-6 hours a day. I’m self-employed tile counter when vacuuming...
for about 19 years. I am not and have my own business renting cabins the pain was excruciating. I started taking
one of those people that drink coffee in the out during the summer. I have to clean them nopalea and noticed less pain in my arm and
morning for a boost, so super sublingual every week. It’s a lot of scrubbing when I have elbow. Just one day later I hardly felt any pain
B-12 was appealing to me. My days are very all seven to do! I won’t go anywhere without in my right arm.
long, which tend to leave me feeling lethargic Sublingual B-12. My husband once turned
and bottomed out. I needed around and went back to get it! He also takes CEO Michael Ellison is on a mission to bring
something other than an ‘energy the B-12 and never leaves home without it in this product to the world; his passion will
drink’ and the Super Sublingual the morning. I now have energy to ride my definitely help people with their health and
B-12 proved to be a great choice! horse. Before starting to take Sublingual B-12, wellness because Nopalea works.”
I noticed the increased energy I was too tired to ride. We now take long rides, ann d. – granite FallS, nC
the first day. When I run sometimes for as long as four hours.”
out, I want more – so, I’ll be deBorah W. – miFFlintoWn, pa
stocking up! I have already
started telling clients, friends “... i feel this product
and family about it.” will revolutionize my
Joe g. – milpitaS, Ca “we both started taking business opportunity.”
sublingual B-12 and noticed “Attending the nopalea launch
a change immediately.” was my first TriVita event and
“My husband and I received the was very exciting. I was blown
sublingual B-12 as a Gift of Health from away by the new product.
our Bible teacher. We both started taking
Sublingual B-12 and noticed a change I’ve been an Affiliate Member since
immediately. My husband has been September 2008 and I feel this product
diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and suffers will revolutionize my business opportunity.
from dementia. We had several lab tests The taste is also incredible.”
done and one measured his miKe t. – hampton, Va

14 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness

s has made all the difference
“it seems to keep is very exhausting. Since I added the Energy my skin looking good and I have absolutely no
me on an even keel Now! to my daily routine, I have noticed how problem with my circulation. Just as a side note
all day long!” much more energy I have and I can handle – I am a very healthy 71-year-old!”
“Adaptogen 10 Plus is really daily stresses much better. My overall outlook Sarah m. – Sorrento, BC
making a difference in the is better, too. My aches and pains are better
way I handle things, both at than before. I now recommend this product
work and in my personal life. to everyone.”
Now I don’t go a day without taking my ounce Carolyn m. – BroadWay, Va “TriVita has a clear
of Adaptogen 10 Plus as it seems to keep me mission and goal to
on an even keel all day long!” help people; this fits in
tiFFany h. – loS angeleS, Ca perfectly with my own
“My abs are back and life’s purpose.”
i feel like i’m in my “TriVita is a godsend because
twenties again.” it’s a company that offers integrity. I was truly
“i don’t have that pain!” “I’m behind a desk all day and impressed by the quality of the management
“About a month and a half with not much time to train, and their visionary quest for health and
ago I started taking the Bone I had a fatty belly, where my wellness. I know that TriVita is not a ‘flash in
Builder. Every two years I abs were no longer visible. the pan’ – but a company that will be there
get a bone density test. The Thanks to leanology I lost 25 pounds and for a long time. TriVita has a clear mission and
last one showed that I have 4 inches at my waist in 4 months.” goal to help people; this fits in perfectly with
osteopenia, the state right roBert d. – montreal, QC my own life’s purpose. I believe that TriVita
before osteoporosis. After just one trip around is a ‘hidden secret’ and I want to share this
the grocery store, my hip used to really hurt. with others. This company is geared towards
Now I don’t have that pain! I’m anxious to see helping people and it has exceeded my
what the next test shows.” “The results from my first bottle expectations in every way.”
nanCy B. – loWell, mi of nopalea were amazing.” godWin u. – london, on
“I’m a 62-year-old retired firefighter who
always stayed fit by working out and jogging.
I even competed in bodybuilding shows for
You should consult with a healthcare
“After my very first seven years. Now, my body was feeling the
provider before starting any diet, exercise
two pills, i noticed effects. My left knee hurt most of the time or supplementation program, before
the difference!” and I had pain in my right shoulder and hip. taking any medication, or if you
“I was feeling lazy and The results from my first bottle of Nopalea suspect you might have a heart
exhausted. I decided to were amazing. I took one to two ounces in problem. You should not stop
the morning and after three weeks, the taking any medication without first
take TriVita’s Energy now!
consulting your healthcare provider.
and after my very first two pills, shoulder and hip pain went away. Now I
I noticed a difference! I have a desire to do plan to compete in a bodybuilding show.”
things now that weren’t there before. I even John l. – JaCKSonVille BeaCh, Fl
feel a little stronger.”
peggy h. – Santa moniCa, Ca

“... the essential fatty acids it

contains are good for everyone.”
“i have noticed how much more “OmegaPrime is another great product that I
energy i have...” have used for some time; the essential fatty acids
“My sister is the person who convinced me it contains are good for everyone.
to give TriVita’s Energy now! a try. I was
already taking the sublingual B-12, B-6 & It is well balanced, helps with my allergies, keeps
Folic Acid. I suffer from fibromyalgia and it my brain working the way it should, helps keep

1-800-991-7116 July 2009 l 15

Gillian and Terry’s
incredible 10-year TriVita
product experience
how they’ve enjoyed tremendous health and wellness from day one

ow that TriVita® is celebrating of the company,” she recalls. “When I first An impressive daily
its 10-year anniversary, it’s heard about TriVita, I finally found what I was nutritional regimen
looking for... a company that also embraced the Gillian says that VitaDaily AM/PM™ is at
fitting that we spotlight two emotional and spiritual elements of wellness.” the absolute top of her list. “I’ve been taking
Members who have enjoyed TriVita this wonderful vitamin ever since I can
products since the very beginning of Gillian’s quest to help others remember,” she says, “And I know I’m getting
the company. Gillian and Terry are Gillian can relate to people who are going all the vitamins and minerals I need to
through their own health crisis. From age supplement my diet.” Another big favorite is
as thrilled and motivated by TriVita’s 18 to 32 she had an undiagnosed medical OmegaPrime®, which provides her body with
mission of health and wellness today condition that caused her to be constantly essential fatty acids which support her body’s
as they were a decade ago. “I admire exhausted. A caring friend eventually health in so many ways. Because she’s small-
Michael Ellison’s unwavering mission introduced Gillian to a naturopathic doctor boned and concerned about bone health,
who helped turn her health around. “Due Gillian takes VitaCal-Mag D™. She’s happy
and conviction of a healthier world,” to his excellent care and TriVita’s incredible to report marked improvement ever since she
Gillian says. “We also feel that products,” she says, “I now have that started taking the product. Her doctor is in
TriVita nutritional supplements have wonderful feeling of energy that I thought total agreement and told her, “It’s working so
dramatically improved our own health.” was limited to lucky people.” keep taking it.”

A unique company In fact, Gillian is so committed to wellness Other “musts” on her list include Sublingual
with exceptional products that she studied for two years at the Alive B-12 and TriVita’s Vital C. She recently felt a
This seasoned and very successful couple Academy of Natural Health and earned cold coming on but stopped it in its tracks by
owned a British Columbia food brokerage diplomas in both advanced nutrition loading up on this essential vitamin.
firm when they first heard about TriVita. and nutrition for sports and fitness and is
Gillian had some previous experience with designated as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Terry is an equally big fan of TriVita products.
nutritional supplements. “There was always “I now use this knowledge to help family and His daily nutritional regimen includes
a little something missing with the mission friends better manage their own health.” VitaDaily AM/PM, Sublingual B-12 and

16 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness

“We feel so fortunate to have our health, our family and
friends, and TriVita in our lives... we feel blessed to be
getting our products from a company that’s helping to
make the world such a better place.”

OmegaPrime®. He uses Leanology® capsules fact, he took the product to his Naturopathic
whenever he needs to lose a few pounds. Since doctor who was so impressed that he bought
he started taking Prostate Formula, his PSA nine bottles for himself.
levels have shown marked improvement. They
both enjoy the 10 Essentials for Health and “Just imagine how Nopalea can help so many
Wellness that are the cornerstone of TriVita®. people,” Gillian emphasizes. “This delicious-
tasting wellness drink has had a major impact
Big health benefits from the new on our wellness... and we’re sure it will benefit
sonoran Bloom™ nopalea™ the health of many more people.”
Gillian and Terry are very excited by the
recent debut of Nopalea. “Everything about it Products the whole family
is first class,” remarks Gillian. “The packaging can enjoy
is outstanding, the flavor is absolutely Gillian and Terry have enthusiastically
delicious and this wellness drink helps recommended TriVita products to family
with inflammation. Nopalea has benefited members. For example, Gillian’s 91-year-
us in so many ways... and we think it’s a old dad takes Vital C Powdered Crystals
vitally important health solution for today’s and Terry’s 95-year-old dad who has vision
unhealthy world.” problems appreciates the VisionGuard™.
Terry and Gillian’s son travels a lot and he “I know that what’s on the label of each
Terry has had major foot pain for over a year maintains his illness resistance and energy
which hinders one of his favorite activities – with VitaDaily AM/PM™ and Sublingual B-12, TriVita product is in the bottle.
golfing. He tried orthotics, which relieved pain as does his wife. Their daughter, her husband
in one foot, but they didn’t help with serious and their grandchildren also benefit from Ordering TriVita products is so easy and
pain in the other foot. Terry started taking Sublingual B-12 and TriVita’s Vital C. “With I love the fact that vitamins are
Nopalea three times a day and in six weeks these genes we need to be taking care of
has noticed a remarkable decrease in pain. In ourselves,” they both say. delivered right to our front door.”

High quality that’s reassuring

Getting the highest quality nutrients is
important to both Gillian and Terry. They
also appreciate TriVita’s commitment to
physician-approved formulas, pure natural
ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade quality.
“I know that what’s on the label of each
TriVita product is in the bottle,” Gillian
comments. “Ordering TriVita products is so
easy and I love the fact that vitamins are
delivered right to our front door.”

“We feel so fortunate to have our health,

our family and friends, and TriVita in our
lives,” Gillian continues. “We feel blessed
to be getting our products from a company
that’s helping to make the world such a
better place.”

Gillian and Terry have

enthusiastically recommended TriVita
products to family members.

1-800-991-7116 July 2009 l 17

Emotional freedom:
embrace your
authentic self and
live your truth
by Dr. Judy

he journey optimism that if something doesn’t work out Living authentically is living your truth.
toward for them something else will. They are always Personal truth is an inner knowing; it
on an adventure of discovery and delight. resonates deep within and brings a feeling of
emotional being fully alive. When you know the truth,
freedom can some- Unfortunately, children learn very early in “the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).
times be painful and life that expressing their personal opinions
difficult, but the and feelings has consequences. As children
grow older, adults tend to instruct children to
rewards are well worth adapt to what is considered acceptable and
Judy Ellison, Ph.D. You have to have the courage
the effort. When you normal. It is emphasized that to get along in
can master your emotions, the world the world, sometimes we need to withhold our to get to know your true self...
becomes a much friendlier place. opinions, listen to our elders and deny what
we think or feel.
Imagine what life would be like if you were
stuck in traffic and you were utterly calm, or When children lose their authentic selves, Knowing your true and authentic self requires
when your boss loses his temper, you are they begin to lose their inner control. Instead a time of deep introspection, a willingness to
relaxed and unmoved by his emotional of the spirit of adventure they were born with, be still and listen within. You have to have the
outburst. This is what it feels like when you over time they begin to live lives of frustration, courage to get to know your true self and align
have achieved emotional freedom. You choose anger and fear – afraid to speak their mind your important inner world with what you are
how to respond to life’s circumstances. and do what they want to do. doing in the outer world.

Emotional freedom is your ability to cultivate When you are guided each and every day by
positive emotions and transform negative ones. the still, small voice – to be your true self and
By liberating yourself from the destructive One of the most important and fulfill your authentic work in the world – you
energy of unmanaged anger and fear, you will will live joyfully, fulfilling your highest purpose.
find more happiness and serenity. But if we meaningful aspects in life is to
refuse to face the fear and anger in ourselves, No matter how stressed out, discouraged or
it is very likely to be projected onto others. honor your authentic self... overwhelmed you currently feel, you can turn
away from negativity, react constructively and
Living authentically take command of any situation. Complete
Many times the root cause of uncontrolled fear emotional mastery is within your grasp. It’s
and anger develops out of the loss of authen- One of the most important and meaningful inside of you. The time for positive change
ticity. This can lead to frustration, depression, aspects in life is to honor your authentic self – is now. 
anxiety and worry. your true nature – and express it in the world.

We are born with a freedom of expression. Living your truth Judy Ellison, Ph.D., is a success coach, author, motivational
Children from ages two to five live authenti- How would it feel to be completely true speaker and psychologist. She has inspired people around
to yourself – to feel completely alive the world to reach within and find their passionate purpose
cally, seldom afraid to speak their minds, to live a more meaningful life.
or seek out what they want. They have an and empowered?

18 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness

your body, His Temple – 1 Cor. 6:19-20

Spiritual independence,
spiritual choice
by Chaplain Gene Henderson

“Now the Lord

is the Spirit, and ... if you believe because you have no other option, where is the faith?
where the Spirit
of the Lord is, Free to choose good or evil, when we choose in many ways, she might become a medical
there is freedom.” God’s love and to love him wholly, we love illustrator and that way, help teach people
voluntarily and truly. to help others heal.
Gene Henderson – 2 Cor. 3:17
Over the years, I’ve encountered many people Freedom to embrace
Millions of North Americans mark who look at this choice from a very strict, our gifts and share
July as a special time of unity and “hellfire and damnation” perspective. If I may I preach about spiritual freedom that springs
freedom. In the U.S., we observe generalize, I see this attitude as very negative. from God’s true spiritual freedom: the desire for
This view holds that God is punitive and harsh, us to embrace our gifts and talents and share
Independence Day; in Canada, the and woe unto the sinful humans who don’t them with others. God desires us to be healthy,
occasion is the day on which Canada measure up at every turn. to be productive, to enjoy abundance and the
became a single, united country. wonders of His world.
While political freedoms come and I take a different approach. Instead of simpli-
fying our choices as good or bad ones, why not What a glorious thing it is to have the freedom
go, the spiritual freedom we enjoy view our spiritual freedom as the choice of our to make the choices to be healthy, happy and
has never wavered: God gives us the own experiences and influences every day? We grateful for all the gifts and blessings we have.
freedom to choose. might choose to embrace God’s spiritual freedom It puts me in mind of my granddaughter, age 6,
by taking the time to have lunch with someone when my son and his wife found a wrapped
Will we choose the right path or the wrong? in need of company, or visiting someone in the Christmas gift in July that had been misplaced
Will we promote good or evil? Will we use our hospital, or just phoning a friend to see how during the holidays. “Grandpa!” she exclaimed
freedom to glorify Him and His love or give in they are. excitedly. “Is it Christmas?! It’s hot outside!”
to base impulses? In my view, this freedom to Her eyes sparkled; joy shone from her face.
choose, to exercise our free will in beliefs and Here’s another example of choice. Say your
actions, is both a blessing and a curse. child has a flair for both art and science, and Every day is that surprise box that you open.
you want her to go to medical school. However, It really can be Christmas in July! Can we
Because we’re free to choose, we’re free to truly she dreams of being an artist. Because God has embrace that as God’s child? What has He
love God or to reject Him. In sharing the given her gifts and talents that can be expressed got in the box today for you?
bounty of the Lord’s love, we receive a blessing
of surpassing joy. If we choose to reject His love,
we ultimately curse our own lives with sorrow
and pain.

Faith without options:

no faith at all
So why, in the Creator’s infinite wisdom, didn’t
he just make sure that we all would love and
obey Him, all the time? Because He is infinitely
wise. Of course, we could have been spiritually
“programmed” to choose only the way of
goodness, all the time. But if you believe because
you have no other option, where is the faith?
And where is the genuine love for the Creator?

By giving us a blank check of choice, God

ensured that His love would be returned only by
Will we choose the
those who truly wanted fellowship with Him. right path or the wrong?
1-800-991-7116 July 2009 l 19
Lose the Weight You
Want – in 3 Easy Steps! Memorable
Fat burning capsules
for “losing the bulge”
Leanology Weight ®

Loss Capsules (180 ct.) Just a few leanology success stories from the past
#30615 several years
Non-Member $74.99
Member $59.99
Redeem with 600 VitaPoints “i’ve already lost 20 pounds thanks “i have lost a lot of body fat and feel
to leanology and i’m halfway to my more energetic.”
weight loss goal.” “I decided to try Leanology
“Leanology perfectly fits into my after attempting diets which
Tasty chews for very busy lifestyle. A typical day didn’t work for me. I found that
can sometimes stretch from six Leanology shakes keep me fully
snack replacement in the morning to midnight. satisfied for 3½ to 4 hours. I also
and appetite control like the taste of the Leanology
Leanology ® I’m also an active TriVita Affiliate shakes and spice them up with
Appetite Control Member. I need a weight loss frozen strawberries and other fruits. I take the
system that is convenient and provides me Leanology capsules along with my meal or
Chews (60 soft chews) with all the nutrients I need for greater energy. snack. My body shape is more defined and my
Flavor: Chocolate Mocha clothes fit better. I have lost a lot of body fat
#30690 Leanology’s unique capsules are really effec- and feel more energetic.”
Non-Member $37.99 tive. When I started, I weighed 276 pounds norF F. – pointe Claire, QC
Member $29.99 and now I’m down to 256 pounds. I’m well on
Redeem with 300 VitaPoints my way of reaching my ultimate goal of 220
pounds. Leanology capsules help increase my “There’s no crash and burn sensation
metabolism so the pounds peel away. like you’d get from other shakes.”
STEP 3: “I started Leanology because I
The bottom line is with Leanology being an was about 25 pounds over my
Delicious shakes important part of my diet my hunger is satisfied ideal body weight. I couldn’t
for low calorie for hours and I feel completely energized! wear the clothes that I wanted
meal substitution to wear, which was becoming
I’m completely satisfied with Leanology discouraging. So far I’ve lost 15
Leanology ®
because it does so much more than just help pounds in about three months.
Nutritional Shake me lose weight. It also gives me important I take the capsules in the morning and at night.
(2 lbs – 30 servings) vitamins and minerals and Essential Fatty I drink the shake for lunch. I like the fact that
IMPROVED Flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla Acids. This stuff really works!” I can get through an afternoon on the shake
Formula! SteVe B. – SeBaStian, Fl – it keeps me full for three hours and also helps
Non-Member $68.99
me from overeating at dinner. I like how there’s
Member $54.99 no crash and burn sensation like you’d get
Redeem with 550 VitaPoints
One “walt lost 22 pounds in three from other shakes.
FREoEf months and i lost 13 pounds.”
Bag ws “We started Leanology because I’ve always been a walker and try to go 30
we both wanted to lose extra minutes a day, three to four times a week.
The Value Pack includes: weight and feel more energetic. Also, since I started Leanology, I’ve noticed
• 1 bottle of Weight Loss Capsules Walt lost 22 pounds in three that I actually crave more fruits and vege-
• 1 container (30 servings) of months, and I lost 13 pounds. tables, especially for snacks. It also made me
Nutritional Shake (choose flavor) Walt feels really proud for losing want to drink more water. Seeing my body
• 2 bags (1 FREE) of the weight, and his cholesterol change, noticing a difference in my shape,
Appetite Control Chews has gone down. We used the shakes and the really kept me motivated. My advice to others
capsules. The shakes were easy to make and is: follow the program, but make it work for
drink! We learned that it’s important to keep you, in your schedule. Drink the shakes when
Leanology 3-Step Value Pack

the goal in mind to help us keep focused on you need them. Also, eat healthy snacks and
Member $139.99 the positive outcome.” drink lots of water!”
Redeem with 1400 VitaPoints Cynthia and Walt S. – ColleyVille, tX liSa g. – leXington, Ky
SAVE $34.97!
You can make a
lAsTinG DiFFEREnCE Editor’s Note continued from page 3...

we started with a handful of employees, one Wellness

Consultant, and an empty building with folding tables
instead of desks, I am amazed at where we are today.

Being a part of the TriVita family for these 10 years has taught
me so much about health and wellness. I find myself offering
wellness solutions to not only friends and family, but also to
strangers when the topic of health comes up (which it almost
always does).

Every time my daughters hear me in conversations and someone

brings up a health issue, they’ll laughingly say, “Oh, boy, here
Your contribution will touch countless lives it comes – I’m sure TriVita has a solution for that, right Mom?”
They told me recently that when I die, they’re going to have
TriVita’s House of Giving and Life Outreach International have part- my headstone say, “She was the biggest advocate for TriVita!”
nered to provide pure, fresh water for children and their families: My daughters may tease me about it, but all three of them
take many of our products daily. The reality is, when you are
• Over 1 billion people throughout the world do not have equipped with wellness information and you experience great
access to pure, fresh water products, it becomes second nature to tell others about it.

• Waterborne illnesses run rampant in these areas

• Just a $4.80 donation can save one person’s life
I see an even brighter future than ever for TriVita
• With your donation, you can leave a legacy by giving
the gift of life as we are hearing countless stories of how
Your tax-deductible gift can be combined with others to create new Nopalea is changing the lives of our Members.
wells – providing water to thousands of people for a lifetime! Last
year, we saved 21,000 lives. This year, our goal is to save even more!

I am honored to see Michael’s dream come to fruition and

want to make a difference?
with the launch of Nopalea, his passion for wellness has only
Call 1-800-991-7116 and a Wellness Consultant will be happy increased! I see an even brighter future than ever for TriVita
to take your tax-deductible donation along with your order. as we are hearing countless stories of how Nopalea is changing
the lives of our Members. It gives me great pride to be
You can mail your donation to: associated with a company with such quality products and
House of Giving people of integrity.
16100 N. Greenway Hayden Loop
Ste. 950 I hope you enjoy this month’s anniversary edition as we
Scottsdale, AZ 85260 feature many stories from you, our valued Members. We also
hope you will take advantage of our Anniversary Savings by
trying a product you haven’t tried before. This is an exciting
time for TriVita and for you, and we thank you for being an
instrumental part of the God-given dream that was instilled
in Michael Ellison over 10 years ago.
“i had more energy and i felt better about myself.”
“I’ve tried different weight loss products for so long.
They would work for a week or so and then quit. I had
bypass surgery and started Leanology right after I got
out of the hospital. I also needed both of my knees
replaced, so I had good reasons to get the weight off. I Pam Knox, Editor of Publications
didn’t realize before how lethargic I felt until after I lost
34 pounds in three months. I found I had more energy
and I felt better about myself. We value your feedback. Please send your
comments to: or mail to
The weight loss shakes really helped me. I enjoyed the taste and Editor, c/o TriVita, Inc., 16100 N. Greenway Hayden
wasn’t hungry after drinking one. Sometimes I’d even drink two a day. Loop, Suite 950, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
It was just easier! Chocolate is my favorite flavor. I didn’t hit a plateau
with my weight loss. It really went smoothly; I was very impressed!”
Jean S. – raytoWn, mo
1-800-991-7116 July 2009 l 21
Each month a Member, This month’s question:
Affiliate Member and What is the biggest impact TriVita has made on your life?
TriVita employee share
shirley Canfield,
their insights on health, member
Now, Nopalea is even more exciting and
I’m telling everyone about it. I’ve had high
wellness and more “Good health is my one
passion and focus, therefore,
blood pressure for years, and when it hit a high
of 200/118, my doctor put me on heavy-duty
at 84 years young, I’m ‘fit- medication. After that, a ‘good day’ for my
This monthly feature creates an as-a-fiddle.’ I believe TriVita blood pressure was 160/96. Ten days after I started
open forum for Members, Affiliate products should have credit taking Nopalea, my blood pressure was 120/75.
for giving me the boost I need My doctor reduced my medication, and he had
Members and TriVita staff to respond to admit he’s quite impressed.* I’m thrilled and
each day in doing my job well. I am a caregiver
to a variety of provocative questions for clients with dementia and Alzheimer’s relieved! As an Affiliate Member, I’m building a
about a wide range of subjects. Join the disease. Caring for my ‘ladies’ presents unique strong business which is financially and personally
discussion! Your response could earn challenges requiring a great deal of patience, rewarding. The products and the business have
you a $25 TriVita compassion and being supportive. been one of the most positive things in my life.”
Gift Card; see $
25 I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity
details at the end to positively impact the lives of these seniors. Mark Preudhomme,
of this article. GiftCard My work is rewarding when I see the results. Trivita executive
“I’ve had the tremendous
A family member introduced me to TriVita experience of being a
As TriVita marks its member of the TriVita
products. I faithfully use the Two-Step Energy
10th anniversary, it’s a time to System: TriVita Super Sublingual B-12 and TriVita team during all of its 10
reflect on all the gifts of wellness Energy Now! These taken daily give me the quick years. It is quite easy now
that have been shared over the physical energy and long-lasting nourishment for to look back and see the
maintaining a healthy, active brain. enormous impact TriVita
years. It’s a time, too, to share how has had on me. Far more than a job, TriVita
the lives of people inside and outside Thank you, TriVita, for your impact on my life!” has meant a way of life to me. It has taught me
the company have been affected by countless lessons, but the one that stands out is
TriVita, its mission and its products. ‘Wellness is a journey – not a destination.’
laura Matsuda,
affiliate member I’ve applied this principle not only to my
We invite you to answer “TriVita has given me life, physical wellness but to other areas of my life
our upcoming question: health and joy! Eight years as well. Truly, the moment you feel that you
ago, I was slowly recovering have ‘arrived’ in anything – career, relationships,
“If you could give advice to a after several infections from pursuits or even wellness – is the moment you
younger woman regarding her immune system weakness, start to die. ‘Where there is no vision, the people
health, what would it be?” and suffered through months perish’ – Proverbs 29:18. Each goal you reach
where I barely felt like living. Then a friend gave should be a platform for climbing to a new one. It
Your response could earn you a $25 TriVita Gift Card! me some Sublingual B-12, and I used it to begin has been an extraordinary blessing to see TriVita’s
Just email your response to, or my health journey. impact on our Members and their loved ones.
write to: VitaJournal, 16100 N. Greenway Hayden Loop,
Ste. 950, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Please include your Every ounce of effort is rewarded by hearing the
Member ID, your address and daytime phone number After two months, I thought I was coming back touching stories of those who are experiencing
(along with email address, if you have one). to life somewhere inside of me. At three months wellness on their own life journeys.”
I was so improved – stronger, clearer in my mind
Note: When you submit a letter or email, you are also giving TriVita full rights
and generally happier. I promised myself I’d *You should not stop taking any medication
to it, including the right to publish it in future publications and to edit it as needed.
never be without that product. without first consulting your physician.

22 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness

Top 10 healthy foods
of the season!
By Christa Orecchio, Certified Clinical Nutritionist,
Holistic Health Counselor

ummer is a pressure, protect against cancer and lower coconut oil and garlic for a satisfying side dish.
time to load your cholesterol. Half a cantaloupe filled Or roast the beets, then drizzle with balsamic
with low-fat plain yogurt or cottage cheese vinegar and add some goat cheese and mint
up on nature’s and cinnamon is a great way to get your day for a nice summer side dish.
bounty and to enjoy started or a terrific mid-day snack.
fresh produce in 8. Basil: In addition to being a fabulous
season... especially 3. watermelon: summer flavor, basil also helps your body
Summer’s renowned combat cancerous changes in cells. Add to
Christa Orecchio these top 10 healthy sweet treat, packed that the digestive benefit of helping to quell
foods. These are with flavor and gaseous spasms, and you have one of nature’s
items you’ll want to buy, eat, keep lots of water to most powerful herbs.
in your pantry or fridge and make keep you hydrated.
Watermelon is an 9. Avocados: The monounsaturated fats
sure you return to often. Take time incredibly alkalizing in avocados help improve triglyceride levels
to eat mindfully, enjoying your food, food to keep your pH in and bring down cholesterol. I make my own
nature, the weather and the people check for the summertime. guacamole with minced red onion, chopped
around you. Here’s to your healthiest cilantro, lime juice, a pinch of sea salt and a
4. Peaches: Great source of carotenes, clove of garlic. Tip: To keep it fresher longer,
summer ever! potassium and flavonoids. Peaches also provide leave the pit in the guacamole to slow down
lutein and lycopene, which have beneficial the oxidation process.
1. Cherries: properties against heart disease, macular
Cherries are degeneration and cancer. 10. Tomatoes:
bursting with Fresh tomatoes
Vitamins A, C 5. Grilled veggies: Cooking outdoors is always make the
and E, as well as one of the greatest pleasures of the season. summertime
phytochemicals Zucchini, squash and red peppers are fantastic list. This is the
that help your body on the grill when drizzled with a little olive best time of year
block the formation of breast, lung, liver, oil, salt and pepper. Always make double the to get homegrown
stomach and skin cancers. Tart cherries amount so you can make sandwiches for lunch tomatoes of all varieties,
increase production of melatonin to assist at the beach or in the park the next day! including cherry and grape.
deeper sleep; what’s more, they have medicinal Tomatoes are known for helping your body
properties that help fight gout. A bagful of 6. Chilled soups: Chilled soups like reduce the risk of cancer and protecting against
cherries belongs in every picnic basket! gazpacho or cucumber-dill that contain lots of cataracts. The Vitamin A and C content,
chunky vegetables are a great, nutrient-dense potassium and iron, make it one big nutritional
2. Cantaloupe: way to cool off and start a meal. mega food that should not be missed, especially
Full of potassium, in the summer when they are in their prime.
Vitamin C and beta 7. Beets: They’re at their peak in summer Pair them with avocados and basil with a light
carotene. This delicious months and both the greens and the bulb drizzle of olive oil for a taste of pure freshness.
melon has can be eaten. Beets clean up our blood and
illness-fighting can help your body stave off cancer. They are If you’re concerned about getting enough
properties that rich in folate, an essential nutrient for fighting fruits and veggies in your daily diet, try TriVita
help your body birth defects. Grate the purplish part into your NutraFruits™. Ask a Wellness Consultant about
normalize blood salad and chop the tops, sauté in olive oil or it at 1-800-991-7116.
1-800-991-7116 July 2009 l 23
Research Desk
New findings in health and wellness

Blueberries reduce abdominal fat, risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Blueberries are already known as nature’s health food, and recent research points to even more benefits. A study
at the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center showed that blueberries helped reduce abdominal fat and
reduced risk factors for cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. (Metabolic syndrome is a group of risk
factors which together increase the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.)

The study involved three groups of laboratory rats: two groups had powdered blueberries added to either a low-
or high-fat diet and one group received a regular diet. After 90 days, rats that had received the powder had less
abdominal fat, lower triglycerides and cholesterol, and had improved fasting glucose and insulin sensitivity.

Those that were given a low-fat/blueberry powder diet exhibited even greater health benefits than those on the
high-fat/blueberry diet, including lower body weight, lower total fat mass and reduced liver mass.

Researchers believe the beneficial effects of blueberries are due to their high levels of antioxidants. Their findings
were presented at the Experimental Biology 2009 convention in New Orleans.

Anticipating a good laugh may reduce stress hormones

San Diego, California

Just looking forward to a good laugh can reduce three stress hormones, researchers from Loma Linda University
reported at the 2008 Annual Meeting of the American Physiological Society.

Earlier studies by the same researchers showed that anticipating laughter increased health-protective hormones:
beta-endorphins by 27 percent and human growth hormone by 87 percent.

In the current study, 16 males were divided into two groups: a control group and a group that was anticipating a
humorous event such as watching a comedy. Blood was taken from participants before the event, four times during
the event and three times after the event. Results showed a reduction in three stress hormones – cortisol, epinephrine
and dopac – for those in the anticipation group. Stress hormone levels progressively decreased through the event.

According to lead researcher, Dr. Lee Berk, “Our findings lead us to believe that by seeking out positive experiences
that make us laugh, we can do a lot with our physiology to stay well.”

Larger waist size linked to heart failure

Dallas, Texas
A larger waist in middle-aged adults is linked to heart failure, according to researchers in the April 2009 journal
Circulation: Heart Failure. Researchers examined data from two large studies, the Swedish Mammography Cohort
and the Cohort of Swedish Men; participants had been asked to report height, weight and waist circumference
and were followed for seven years.

Of the 36,873 women (aged 48-83), there were 382 incidents of heart failure during the study period; among the
43,487 men (aged 45-79), there were 718 incidents of heart failure.

Researchers discovered that in women, waist size was associated with heart failure regardless of BMI (body mass
index), whereas in men, both waist size and BMI were predictors of heart failure. 

24 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness

Member Spotlight

Sue’s 10-year TriVita history

is peaking with abundant
wellness and gratitude
nopalea eases her sore muscles so she’s
exercising again

hen TriVita® supplements “markers” for inflammation and heart
have helped you for 10 health, weren’t merely good: “They were
perfect!” she exclaims.
years to ease some serious
health conditions, you might be Her personal health history was what
very grateful for that alone – and Sue first drew her to TriVita. Over the decades,
certainly is. But now that Nopalea™ she has battled Lyme disease, an infection
of her nervous system, insomnia and other
is on the scene, this veteran Member ailments; she was often told by healthcare
has even more joyful entries in her professionals that stress was the problem,
“Now is the time to tell anyone and everyone about
“gratitude journal.” and drugs the solution.
TriVita and what this company has to offer.” – Sue
“Before I started taking Nopalea, I’d feel sore She began her own journey to wellness with
after exercise. So, I wasn’t active as often as I a program of healthy eating and exercise. At
wanted to be, and my fitness was becoming a that point she heard an address by Dr. Libby Essentials, it isn’t surprising that Sue keeps a
challenge,” says this 50+ resident of a Baltimore, himself, and was inspired to take her journey gratitude journal to “recognize my blessings,”
MD suburb. Sue was among the first to start to a higher level. and begins each day with a spiritual reading.
taking TriVita’s blockbuster wellness innovation “Everybody likes to complain, nobody likes
(one to three ounces daily), and her results have “The Digestive Complex made a world of to exclaim. I feel very grateful for everything,
been eye-opening. difference in my overall well-being,” Sue recalls. including TriVita.”
“The Sublingual B-12 helped my memory and
gave me energy... these two supplements helped What’s ahead for Sue and her journey? As an
me more than anything else I had tried.” ardent TriVita advocate, she is so committed
“Nopalea enables me to work out to spreading the mission of wellness that she’s
daily without pain... I am more fit “i owe... my health to aiming high: “I really hope that Nopalea helps
TriVita’s superior nutrients.” TriVita reach the whole world,” she says.
today than I have been in a long time!” Today, after struggling to find her way to health
and arriving there with TriVita, Sue is quick
to give credit: “I owe regaining my health to
TriVita’s superior nutrients. My memory is so “I want TriVita’s name to become
“now that i take nopalea, improved, my sleep is improved (I went 20 years
i don’t feel sore after a workout!” without sleeping through the night), and now I internationally recognized so that
“I can exercise again and keep my fitness intact, sleep restfully.” everyone can achieve their wellness
because now that I take Nopalea, I don’t feel
sore the next day!” she enthuses. “Nopalea Based on her own experience, Sue firmly goals and share the vision...”
enables me to workout daily without pain... I am believes that the 10 Essentials and TriVita’s 10
more fit today than I have been in a long time!” Foundational Values are key to living in robust
joy and vitality. “Deep breathing, exercise,
Sue’s own “recipe” for improved health healthy eating – all these things are necessary “I want TriVita’s name to become internation-
and vitality calls for mixing Nopalea with for genuine health,” she says. “TriVita is about ally recognized so that everyone can achieve
Adaptogen 10 Plus®, along with Sublingual B-12 helping others... it is also about nourishing their wellness goals and share the vision,”
(now she’s on Super B), Energy Now!®, Digestive your own body with the proper nutrients so it she adds. “Now is the time to tell anyone and
Complex™, CoEnzyme Q-10 and Dr. Libby’s can heal itself, and nourishing yourself daily, everyone about TriVita and what this company
Vital C. She credits these products – and now emotionally and spiritually.” has to offer.”
Nopalea – with her super health today. On a
recent visit to her doctor, her levels of C-reactive Tell everyone about TriVita
protein and homocysteine, two important Since “Practice Gratitude” is one of the 10

1-800-991-7116 July 2009 l 25

Get Out
and Play!
Trivita’s essential #5: enjoy activity By Dr. Tammy Pon

When I was young, playtime to sedentary people, according to a

meant activity and fun. 2009 study.
I rode my bicycle, played

Enjoy a big boost for football and kickball • Even 30 minutes a day of
with my brothers and walking may reduce the risk
just ran around. I took up of chronic disease. Spend your
your summertime tennis in high school and
then learned more about
30 minutes walking, or playing sports,
or doing housework or yard work: all

Tammy Pon, M.D. “exercise.” To be competitive, these kinds of physical activity bring
you had to increase stamina clinically significant health benefits,
and agility. This required more concentrated according to a major health review.
sublingual B-12 drills – it was exercise. Did I enjoy it? No. Did I • Diabetes and inflammatory
The B vitamins in TriVita Sublingual B-12, understand its purpose? Yes. markers improve with exercise.
B-6 & Folic Acid provide nutrients essential Moving definitely counts! A 2007 study
to a healthy brain and nervous system, which Moving beyond our youth, we often somehow looked at sedentary type 2 diabetics who
produce “feel-good” energy. Sublingual forget the pleasure of “enjoying activity.” Instead, took part in 16 weeks of mild to moderate
B-12’s original, patented sublingual delivery we equate moving the body with “exercise,” aerobic exercise, four days a week. The
system ensures maximum absorption of the which stirs up negative thoughts. When I ask results: improved sugar control, lower
highest quality natural ingredients that help my patients about exercise, they may squirm in blood pressure and decreased cholesterol
produce lasting energy. their chair and grimace. “Bad knees.” “No time.” and inflammatory markers.
“Don’t like it,” and so on.
Energy now!® • Exercise may be calming and
The nutrients in scientifically-formulated i don’t like exercise; enhance mood. Several studies have
Energy Now! help your body generate a burst here’s why i do it anyway shown that exercise can reduce symptoms
of natural, non-jittery energy within minutes. Honestly, I don’t like exercise either. So, of depression and panic disorder.
Note: If you have PKU or are taking MAO inhibitors, do not take Energy Now. how do I convince myself to do it? Here are
the facts that motivate me to follow TriVita’s • The benefits of exercise are
TRY IT TODAY! Essential #5 (see page 2): not age dependent. From children
to the elderly, studies have shown that
Call 1-800-991-7116 BUY B
• Exercise may keep DnA young. exercise even in the form of yoga and
or visit tai chi could improve physical fitness
AVE In a study involving twins, researchers at
King’s College London collected DNA and mood.
Two-Step samples from twin participants. They
With all the clinical evidence in favor of
Energy System™ found the most active subjects appeared to
have DNA characteristics on average 10 exercise, the question is, how can you get
Energy Now! (1 box) and Sublingual B-12 (1 box)
years younger than the sedentary subjects. motivated? Go back to the childhood notion,
Non-Member $56.98 “play is fun.” Find something that involves
Member $39.99 • Exercise may reduce risk “movement” that you enjoy: a walk around
Redeem with 400 VitaPoints for cancer, diabetes and heart the block, bowling, dancing, gardening, water
disease. A review of studies concerning aerobics, chair exercise... you get the idea.
Substitute Original B-12 with
physical activity and reduction of chronic
Super B-12 and add $3.00 #32943
major diseases found that the risk I have some patients who eat the right food and
Non-Member $60.98 reductions were: 75% for breast cancer, take great supplements but they still do not feel
Member $42.99 49% for cardiovascular and heart diseases, well. They are missing a key aspect of wellness
Redeem with 430 VitaPoints 35% for diabetes, 22% for colorectal cancer. that we call essential: “enjoy activity.”
Substitute Original B-12 with • Exercise may reduce the risk of a
HCY Guard® and add $4.00 #32690.02 Tammy Pon, M.D. is a functional medicine physician. She
heart attack and sudden death. received her medical degree from the University of Texas in
Non-Member $61.98 Active people have half the incidence of Houston, and completed specialty training in Healthy Aging.
Member $43.99 coronary artery disease compared
Redeem with 440 VitaPoints
Top 10 tips for
s you head off for some and swimming suit cover-ups should also make • Never leave your child alone in a
fun in the sun, keep these the cut. Camping? Bug repellents can help car, even for a minute. Temperatures
keep the pests away; these products typically inside the car can reach deadly levels
tips in mind for a relaxing, contain toxic chemicals, so look for a natural in minutes, and the child can die of
enjoyable and safe getaway. formulation. If you plan to do a lot of walking, heat stroke.
bring comfortable, supportive shoes. Also
1. look for deals bring a pair of flip-flops to wear in hotel rooms 7. Book some “down” time
Prices have never been better for travelers. and at swimming pools and the beach. It’s easy to get caught up in the flurry of vacation
Take advantage of special deals and get the activity; this year, spend some “down” time
most out of your vacation dollars. If you’re 5. Be prepared talking and sharing with family. These will be
traveling by car, you can also save money by You’ll want to be as prepared as possible for the moments you remember and truly cherish!
bringing an ice chest packed with food for the any emergencies or unforeseen problems. An
road. If you’re staying in a hotel, book a room emergency kit for the car, first aid supplies, a 8. Be flexible
with a refrigerator; stock it with breakfast and charged cell phone and a credit card can help. Things seldom go according to plan, so be
lunch foods to save even more. flexible to avoid undue stress. Allow time for
6. Play it safe delays at airports and if you’re driving, be sure
2. Make a list... check it twice Keep these safety tips from the American to factor in rest stops and construction delays.
Advance planning can reduce the inevitable Academy of Pediatrics in mind if you’re
vacation stress; make a master list of all the traveling with children: 9. Consider a “staycation”
things you need to do, including: Purse strings a little tighter this year? Don’t
Traveling by plane despair; you can have just as much fun on a
• Develop a budget “staycation.” Check the newspaper for fun
• Allow yourself and your family extra things to do locally. Plan a weekend movie
• Make arrangements
time to get through security – and talk marathon. Pitch a tent in the family room and
(dog-sitter, mail hold, etc.)
to your children beforehand about the “camp out.” Spend the day at a water park. Go
• Book reservations security screening process. to a museum you’ve never found the time to
visit. Make homemade fruit popsicles with the
• Pack • If traveling internationally, make kids. Get creative with your staycation!
sure your child is up to date on
3. Pack it up vaccinations and check with your 10. Have fun
Packing what you need can make the doctor to see if additional Sometimes, we’re so determined to have
difference between a great vacation and an vaccines might be needed. a good time that we forget to have fun.
absolute disaster. Weather won’t cater to Remember, vacations are about relaxing and
your vacation schedule so be sure to check Traveling by car enjoying time with your companions; take
the forecast to determine which clothes time to smell the vacation roses.
you’ll need to take. If you’re flying to your • Always use a car safety seat for infants
destination, check with the airline about and young children. A rear-facing car
their baggage policy: weight and quantity seat should be used until your child has
restrictions may apply. reached one year of age AND weighs at
least 20 pounds.
4. Protect yourself
If you’ll be spending time outdoors, bring • All children under 13 years of age
along plenty of sunscreen. Hats, sunglasses should ride in the rear seat of vehicles.
1-800-991-7116 July 2009 l 27
strengthen your immunity
The best defense is a good offense
By Brazos Minshew, TriVita Chief Science Officer
You’ve heard that the best • a base of healthy nutrients Reduce your exposure
defense is a good offense. Establishing a base of healthy nutrients Here are some great recommendations for
This is especially true when can provide us with a very resilient terrain. reducing your exposure to infection:
it comes to your immune Taking a multiple vitamin and mineral
system. By practicing healthy supplement, such as VitaDaily AM/PM™
lifestyle habits and reducing our every day is an excellent start. Almost • wash your hands
exposure to infection (offense), all physicians recommend an Omega-3 First, the largest contributor to infection
we can better help protect supplement as well. OmegaPrime® is a good is unwashed hands. Washing your hands
Brazos Minshew against illness (defense). When choice. If stress is an issue, Adaptogen with soap every few hours will reduce
our immune system is strong, we’re prepared for any 10 Plus® can help. Indeed, the long-term the chance for germs to gain access to
kind of virus that makes its way through the country. studies of adaptogens in Russia clearly your system. Make sure to dry your
demonstrated that these plants help your hands completely.
what determines if you get sick body resist infections and speed healing.
or not? • clean surfaces
Scientists have discovered that illness visits Next disinfect surfaces that are shared
• vitamin c
people with poor habits much more frequently by many people. For instance, public
Vitamin C is a favorite for protecting
than those who care for their health. It turns doorknobs and exercise equipment at
against the common cold. Russell Jaffe,
out that microbes prefer to wreak their havoc your health club bring you within kissing
M.D., former director of the National
on people with compromised immune systems. distance of hundreds or even thousands
Institutes of Health, recommends a loading
Simple things can compromise our immune of people. Who knows what their hygiene
dose of Vitamin C: one teaspoon of
system, including: habits were? In a typical day we may be
Vitamin C crystals every 15 minutes until
you “flush.” By this, he means a complete exposed to germs from as many as 150
• An imbalanced diet
bowel evacuation. After the flush, he countries or more!
• Alcohol and caffeine consumption recommends a daily serving of Vitamin C
(for one month) that is equivalent to 75% • reduce stress
• An argument with someone you love
of the amount it took you to flush. Stress decreases the effectiveness of your
Help protect against illness immune system. Your immune system may
The phrase that describes our vulnerability • echinacea begin to overreact or not react in time to
or resistance to disease is “biological terrain.” Significant medical research from stop an infection when you are under stress.
The terrain or landscape of our health is made Germany suggests that an hourly dose
up of our genetics, our environment and, most of echinacea will help your body reduce Even though it is July and you might not think
importantly, our lifestyle. Vigorous application symptoms and may help your body shorten about getting colds and flu, anything can attack
of the 10 Essentials yields the healthiest, most the duration of a virus infection. Taking and lower your immune system – especially
disease-resistant terrain. Skipping even one of a gram of echinacea every hour for three stress. So, remember building up your terrain and
these principles will change your terrain and days may even curb an infection that has reducing your exposure are keys to a great offense...
leave you vulnerable to infection. already begun. which will help improve your defense!

Dr. Libby’s Vital C Vital C Cr yst

stands above the rest! #30170
• Pharmaceutical-grade Vitamin C Membe20r0 $Vi1ta9Po.9
• Scientifically-formulated and physician-approved Redeem with
• Composed of Sodium Ascorbate, the optimal C for maximum absorption
• Superior potency with crystalline structure Vital C Table
• Non-acidic and neutral to be gentle on the stomach #30230
Take Crystal Tablets and Powdered Crystals for 24-hour protection. Membe15r0 $ 14.99
Redeem with
Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116.
Superior ingredients

Trivita’s unwavering commitment to quality

hen Michael Ellison Vitamins drive action. We need vitamins 7. Essential fatty acids – Essential
founded TriVita® in 1999, because we are active in more ways than fatty acids form the membrane around
science can even understand! every cell. Just as a house needs walls,
he insisted on an essential cells need membranes made from essential
foundational value: our vitamin 2. Macro minerals – Minerals come fatty acids.
and nutrient supplements must be from the earth. Human bodies are made
of pharmaceutical-grade quality – up of the elements of the earth. So, macro These seven classes of nutrients mirror
minerals provide the foundation for the the organic foods that serve as a base for
nothing less would do. human form. We know that bones need VitaDaily AM/PM.
calcium to be healthy. Even the energy
As a result, all TriVita supplements molecule ATP is built on a foundation Are they safe?
had to meet the standards of Good of magnesium. Imagine all of these nutrients combined together
Manufacturing Practices (GMP) or in one supplement. The question would be,
3. Trace minerals – Trace minerals “How can you be sure that none of them are
we would not even consider them. often serve as the foundation of enzymes. contaminated?” Considering the epidemic of
This commitment ensures that you A good example of this is the trace contaminated products on the market, this is
receive the safest and most effective mineral selenium. It is the foundation certainly a very fair question. The answer is that
supplements available. for the enzyme glutathione. Glutathione we only use pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.
helps your body protect against cancer
and slows the aging process. From the beginning, we made the decision
Ten years later, we continue to to utilize only pharmaceutical-grade raw
maintain the highest quality 4. Phytonutrients – “Phyto” means ingredients. This costs more money than
standards, as you deserve no less. plant. So, phytonutrients are the known choosing unregulated ingredients. But, our
and unknown nutrients that are present unwavering commitment has always been to
it’s not just a vitamin, but a complete in plants. Many of these phytonutrients provide the safest and most effective products for
set of life-enhancing nutrients are related to enzymes. our Members.
Adhering to GMP standards is very important
when working with complex vitamins. Let’s 5. Enzymes – An enzyme is a complex This means that everything you purchase from
examine our flagship multiple vitamin, VitaDaily combination of proteins, minerals, TriVita will be the very best of its kind in the
AM/PM™. It contains seven classes of nutrients: vitamins and other nutrient fractions marketplace, no matter how simple or complex
that harmonize basic functions. Think the product.
1. Vitamins – The word vitamin is a of the way oil and vinegar seem to mix
shortened form of the term “vital amine.” when you shake them up. Enzymes “shake It’s a very important truth: superior ingredients
The best way to think of vital amines is up” the proteins, starches, fats and other make better products. This should make you feel
that they drive action. If you want your ingredients in food. good about purchasing TriVita products: the gold
immune system to defend you against skin standard of vitamins, nutrients and supplements
cancer, you feed it Vitamin A. If you want 6. Amino acids – Amino acids are the for the entire industry.
your immune system to protect you from building blocks of protein. Every cell in
the common cold, you feed it Vitamin C. your body needs amino acids. They come
If you want your bone marrow to make in two classes: essential, meaning you must
healthy red blood cells, you feed Vitamin get them in your diet; and non-essential,
B-12 to your bone marrow. meaning your body can make them.

1-800-991-7116 July 2009 l 29

BESTE TriVita has bundled your favorite ®

VALU nutrient-rich products at fantastic savings!

Stress Protection Pack Healthy Aging Pack
Combining nature’s most powerful Nutrients to strengthen your
stress-fighting nutrients body’s ability to combat illness
Don’t let stress rob you of your quality of life – TriVita’s Healthy Aging Pack gives you the essential
protect yourself from the damages of stress with FREE CD nutrients you will need to help combat changes FREE CD
the Stress Protection Pack. that occur with age, like increased inflammation
First-time and a weakened immune system. First-time
Adaptogen 10 Plus® helps your body balance itself buyers of the buyers of the
when it’s under stress. It’s antioxidant-rich and helps Stress Protection The B vitamins in Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid Healthy Aging
to neutralize damaging free radicals that can hurt Pack get a help keep your brain and nervous system healthy. Pack get a FREE
your immune system. FREE Stress Avoid becoming nutrient deficient and low in energy Healthy Aging
Audiobook! with VitaDaily AM/PM™. Dr. Libby’s Vital C Tablets Audiobook!
Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid supports brain
provide powerful immune protection.
and nervous system health; its sublingual delivery (A $9.99 value!) (A $9.99 value!)
system ensures fast B vitamin absorption. Help reduce inflammation in your
joints and throughout your body
with OmegaPrime®.
Stress ck Healthy k
Protection 8P7.a98 Aging Pac 04.96
Adaptogen 10 Plus: Take daily, or more as needed.
1 bottle (32 servings) $ $1
Non-Member Non-Member
9 9
Member $59.9 Member $72.9
Sublingual B-12:
1 box (30 count)
inal B-12 inal B-12
Substitute Orig Substitute Orig
B-12 and B-12 and
with Super with Super
#3 33 42 #3 22 78
add $3.00 add $3.00

inal B-12 inal B-12

Substitute Orig ® Substitute Orig ®
Take daily, or ard and ard and
with HCY Gu with HCY Gu
more as needed. #333 40 #322 73
add $4.00 add $4.00
TriVita’s Healthcare Professionals
Brazos Minshew is TriVita’s Chief Science Officer,
in charge of formulating the best new supplements
possible. He is dedicated to bringing greater health
and wellness to TriVita Members. He combines an
10 foundational values extensive background in medical science, naturopathy
and alternative treatments to create lifestyle and
1. Physician-Approved Formulas nutritional solutions to prevalent health challenges.
Our medical board uses their extensive health and nutrition knowledge to approve
proprietary TriVita supplements based on the latest scientific research and the health
and wellness concerns of our Members. scott Conard, M.D. is the founder of TienaHealth,
2. Unique Delivery systems an organization of medical doctors in primary
Unlike other supplements that can be difficult to absorb, TriVita supplements are care practice who emphasize healthy lifestyles
developed for maximum absorption and effect. to maintain wellness. Dr. Conard is considered
3. Controlled laboratory studies a national expert on disease prevention. TienaHealth
Signature products from TriVita undergo medical studies and trials at accredited also conducts clinical trials.
universities and medical centers to ensure their effectiveness.

4. Purest natural ingredients

TriVita uses the highest-quality essential nutrients available to create effective,
body-friendly formulas without mood altering stimulants or harmful chemicals. Medical Advisory Board
5. Pharmaceutical-Grade Quality In addition to our dedicated healthcare profes-
We voluntarily adhere to the strict manufacturing guidelines of the Good Manufacturing sionals, TriVita created a Medical Advisory Board to
Practices (GMP).
assist our efforts in staying abreast of current scientific
6. Third-Party Testing and Certification developments and provide input on the latest, most
In addition to our own quality control, we commission third-party testing and research effective testing methods.
to guarantee that our products are full potency and meet all regulatory standards.
samuel n. grief, m.d., ccfp, fcfp
7. Quality-Controlled Packaging and Production
Safety is a top priority in our packaging and manufacturing; we inspect each product Currently the Medical Director at the University
at least 10 times and use two safety seals per package on all ingestible products to of Illinois, Dr. Grief received his medical degree
guarantee safety, freshness and product potency. from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec,
8. Dedicated to Product innovation and is a CME Instructor.
TriVita’s commitment to science is a driving force behind our superior quality products,
from formulation to production. Led by our Chief Science Officer and renowned Tammy pon, m.d.
nutraceutical pioneers, we put the utmost care into creating products that deliver
positive and lifelong wellness experiences for our Members. A functional medicine physician, Dr. Pon received
her medical degree from the University of Texas
9. Medical Advisory Board
TriVita’s advisory panel of Board Certified physicians provide us with the latest in Houston. She completed specialty training
information on scientific developments and testing methods. in Healthy Aging.

10. Complete Customer satisfaction Guarantee nathan s. Bryan, ph.d.

We promise to provide the best customer experience possible and offer a 60-Day
Money Back Guarantee on all of our products. Dr. Bryan joined the faculty of the Institute of Molecular
Medicine, University of Texas-Houston, in June 2006, and
Our natural products are food based. If you have any food based allergies, please read the labels. Statements or claims was honored as one of the University’s Accomplished
in this publication have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to Young Investigators in 2007. Dr. Bryan has published
diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. over 20 peer-reviewed papers.

To order call Toll-free 1-800-991-7116

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Editorial Assistant • Ginny Schoonaert; Kelly Hickman Contributing writers • Scott Conard, M.D.; Brazos Minshew;
Christa Orecchio, Certified Clinical Nutritionist; Judy Ellison, Ph.D.; Tammy Pon, M.D.; Steve Solomon; Cheryl Romano;
Heather Austin; Dana Maxwell; Greg Cayten

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Trivita members have bought over 11 million boxes
of the Original sublingual B-12 for one simple reason –
it works. now there’s an even better version which has
three times the vitamin B-12.
Super Sublingual B-12:
• Helps improve your energy, memory, focus and mood
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potent than ever before
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Alfred Libby, M.D. – Inventor of TriVita Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid
Dr. Libby, a renowned nutraceutical pioneer, worked to help hundreds of patients
feel better every day. An associate of Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Laureate),
“I’m just like the Energizer Bunny when I take Super Dr. Libby developed this unique, sublingual delivery system for his own patients.
Sublingual B-12 – I just keep going and going!” It was known to give similar mental energy results as B-12 shots, but without
the shots’ added pain and expense.
Wilma F. – Fruitland parK, Fl Alfred Libby, M.D.

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