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Property Tax Adjustment Consultant’s

of Florida
May 4, 2010

Dear Ivan Nichols,

We would like to thank you for granting us the opportunity to provide you with our
seasoned experience in determining the correct value for your property and providing this
information to the county appraisers office for a reduction in your property taxes. As we
are required to submit our petition by no later than August 1, 2010, it is important that we
get started with the service in a timely manner to ensure everyone is helped.

Please find attached the service agreement and enrollment package for your review and
approval. Please complete the enrollment package and fax to (904) 276-1600. We
recommend that you contact our representatives to confirm receipt of your enrollment
package to avoid any unnecessary delays so we may comply with the August 1, 2010
deadline for petition and appeals.

Upon engagement, our staff will immediately conduct a thorough evaluation and market
study and advance forward in preparation of our submission of evidence that justifies a
reduction of your property taxes. Please understand that most real estate properties are
assed and over taxed, costing homeowners thousands of dollars.

Upon engagement, you may take rest in our service that we will complete the petition and
appeal process. On occasion you will be contacted for additional information and
provided progress updates. There is a onetime administration fee of $250.00 for our
services which includes all filing fees as well as petitions, appeals, and appraiser services.
Please keep in mind you will recoup the fee within your first year of savings. As we
strive to keep the cost affordable for homeowners in need of our service, we rely upon
referrals from satisfied clients. Should you know of any other homeowner’s that would
benefit from such service, we would be happy to assist them as well, and would be
willing to offer a referral fee of $20.00 per client.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office at (904) 375-2667.
Office hours are from 9:00am to 8:00pm Monday through Saturday. We look forward to
providing you with a service that will yield great savings!

Derrick Kessler
Assisting tax payer’s one family at a time


Property Tax Adjustment Consultants. (hereinafter referred to as “PTAC” or “Consultant”) looks

forward to representing you before the City/County property tax assessing authorities. By signing this
agreement below, you agree that PTAC will be responsible for 2010 or 2011 property tax program for you
(hereinafter referred to as the “Client”) and your property(ies) as identified above.

After a thorough analysis of the value information gathered by Consultant, Consultant will determine a
minimal taxable value. Consultant will file the appropriate petition for the year allowed by law. Consultant
will attempt to negotiate a favorable settlement value with the property tax assessing authorities. If a
favorable value is not obtained, Consultant will file a formal appeal. Consultant will further prepare and
present appeal evidence at a scheduled hearing before the assigned property tax assessing authorities.
Consultant has the full authority to settle this appeal case at any level and at a value deemed acceptable by

For these services, Client agrees to pay Consultant an administrative fee of $250.00 per parcel which
includes all filing fees etc.. A 100.00 retainer fee is due to Consultant upon engagement; the remaining
150.00 will be invoiced to Client and due within 10 days after retainer fee is received from client. Invoices
unpaid past 30 days will be subject to interest charge of 18% per year, collection fees, attorney’s fees, court
fees, and/or other delinquent charges that may apply. Either party may terminate this agreement for any
reason. However, if Client terminates for any reason, Consultant retains the right to fully prosecute any and
all appeals in progress at the time of termination for the tax years identified herein (up to and including any
appeals and/or scheduled hearings). Any resulting percentage fees, as well as any unpaid administrative
fees, will be due and billed to Client.

If you are in agreement, please sign below and return to the address below or transmit via facsimile as soon
as possible. This document serves as both our agreement and as a letter of authorization to represent you.
Our entire liability in representing you and your properties is limited to the compensation you have paid to
PTAC under this agreement. Any appeals filed beyond the scope of work specified herein will have
additional fees that are not included or contemplated herein. We look forward to working with you,
representing you and minimizing your property tax liabilities.

_______ (Initial) Yes, I agree and hereby authorize PTAC to file all documents necessary to negotiate the
assessed values on the property identified above with the appropriate property tax assessing authority,
schedule and/or re-schedule any hearings with the appropriate property tax assessing authority for the
purpose of reducing the assessed property value on the above referenced property. This agreement shall
supercede any preexisting property tax service agreement with any other firm or individual.
Property Owner(s): _________________________________________________________

Property Address: _________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________ State:___________ County:_________________

Parcel ID: ________________________________________________________________

Signature____________________________ Date ______________ Phone ___________

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Mailing Address__________________________________________________________
Phone (904) 375-2667 Fax (904) 276-1600
Property Tax Adjusting Consultants
1000 Venice Dr. Orange Park, Fl 32065