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Group Members Mutated Species Mutation Type Harmful, Beneficial or Feedback and Questions


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Content & Clarity Inaccurate Presentation of mutation not fully Generally accurate presentation of Highly accurate and in-depth presentation of chosen
information/presentation. accurate, some confusion seen. chosen mutation seen. Shows an mutation. Very well researched with no missing
Understanding of chosen mutation Some required information missing. adequate understanding of chosen required elements. Shows a very good understanding
not seen. Does not meet Representation of understanding of mutation. No required information of chosen mutation. Extra information may have been
expectations. chosen mutation and its missing. In depth information, some added to enhance presentation. Exceeds expectations.
effects/characteristics needs further extra information seen/presented.
development. Minimally meets Meets expectations.

Presentation Reading off of the screen/paper More than half of the presentation Some reading from the screen/paper No reading of sentences or from the screen/paper seen.
instead of presenting to the group. read from screen/paper. Some still seen. Seems engaged and Very engaging presentation. Presenter is excited about
Shows little to no memorization or memorization or understanding of interested in presentation. Audience presentation. Audience is very engaged and interested
understanding of chosen mutation. chosen mutation seen. Some engaged and interested in in presentation. Facial expressions, body language and
No connection with audience. Does audience connection. Able to presentation. Audience connection tone of voice appropriate for presentation. It is clear
not meet expectations. answer some questions adequately. apparent. Very little reading of that the presenter knows "his/her" stuff. Able to answer
Minimally meets expectations. sentences seen. Facial expressions student questions. Exceeds expectations.
and tone of voice appropriate for
presentation. Able to answer
student questions. Meets

Creativity Absence of creative design. Does Little or no creativity seen in design. Shows some creativity in design. Innovative use of materials/method that shows
not meet expectations. Problems with planning and Use of materials/methods shows excellent planning, organization and hard work.
organization. Poor use of satisfactory planning and Presentation shows original and unique ideas. Catches
presentation method. Minimally organization. Meets expectations. viewer's attention, great use of visuals. Exceeds
meets expectations. expectations.