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Two inductors, each of 100 μH, are in series. Then three miles of the same wire has a about:
The coefficient of coupling is 0.40. The net conductance of: 310 mW
inductance, if the coil fields reinforce each 0.2 S
other, is: The current through the potentiometer is 17 mA
280 μH A 2-kW generator will deliver approximately and its value is 1.22 KΩ. The power is:
how much current, reliably, at 117 V? 350 mW
If the coil fields oppose in the foregoing series- 17 A.
connected arrangement, the net inductance is: Suppose six resistors are hooked up in series,
120 μH A circuit breaker is 15 A at 117 V. This and each of them has a value of 540 Ω. Then
represents approximately how many kilowatts? the total resistance is:
Two inductors are connected in series, without 1.76. 3.24 KΩ
mutual inductance. Their values are 33 mH and
55 mH. The net inductance of the combination You are told that a certain air conditioner is Four resistors are connected in series, each
is: rated at 500 BTU. What is this in kWh? with a value of 4.0 kΩ. The total resistance is:
88 mH 0.147. 16 KΩ

If the same two inductors (33 mH and 55 mH) A coil has 500 turns and carries 75 mA of Suppose you have three resistors in parallel,
are current. each with a value of 68,000 Ω. Then the total
connected in parallel without mutual inductance, 37.5 At. resistance is:
the combination will have a value of: 23 KΩ
21 mH A resistor is specified as having a value of 68Ω,
but is measured with an ohmmeter as 63Ω. The You have an unlimited supply of 1-W, 100-Ω
Three inductors are connected in series without value is off by: resistors. You need to get a 100-Ω, 10-W
mutual inductance. Their values are 4 nH, 140 7.4 percent resistor. This can be done most cheaply by
μH, and 5 H. For practical purposes, the net means of a series-parallel matrix of:
inductance will be very close to: Suppose a resistor is rated at 3.3KΩ, plus or 4 x 4 resistors
5H minus 5 percent. This means it can be expected
to have a value between: You have an unlimited supply of 1-W, 1000-Ω
Suppose the three inductors mentioned above 3,135 and 3,465 Ω resistors, and you need a 500-Ω resistance
are connected in parallel without mutual rated at 7 W or more. This can be done by
inductance. The net inductance will be close to: A package of resistors is rated at 56 Ω, plus or assembling:
4 nH minus 10 percent. You test them with an Four sets of two 1000-Ω resistors in series,
ohmmeter. Which of the following values and connecting these four sets in parallel
Two inductors, having values of 44 mH and 88 indicates a reject?
mH, are connected in series with a coefficient of 50.0 Ω You have an unlimited supply of 1-W, 1000-Ω
coupling equal to 1.0 (maximum possible resistors, and you need to get a 3000-Ω, 5-watt
mutual inductance). If their fields reinforce, the A resistor has a value of 680 Ω, and you expect resistance. The best way is to:
net inductance (to two significant digits) is: it will have to draw 1 mA maximum continuous Do something other than any of the above
260 mH current. What power rating is best for this
application? If a sound triples in actual power level,
If the fields in the previous situation oppose, the ¼W approximately what is the decibel increase?
net inductance will be: 5 dB
7.5 mH Suppose a 1-KΩ resistor will dissipate 1.05 W,
and you have many 1-W resistors of all Suppose a sound changes in volume by – 13
Two 400-μH inductors are connected in series. common values. If there’s room for 20-percent dB. If the original sound power is 1 W, what is
There is no mutual inductance. The total resistance error, the cheapest solution is to use: the final sound power?
inductance is: Two 2.2 KΩ, 1-W resistors in parallel 50 mW
800 μH
Red, red, red, gold indicates a resistance of: The sound from a transistor radio is at a level of
A cell of 1.5 V supplies 100 mA for seven hours 2.2 KΩ 50 dB. How many times the threshold of
and twenty minutes, and then it is replaced. It hearing is this, in terms of actual sound power?
has supplied: The actual resistance of the above unit can be 100,000
733 mAh expected to vary by how much above or below
the specified value? A 24-V battery is connected across a set of four
A 12-V auto battery is rated at 36 Ah. If a 100- 110Ω resistors in parallel. Each resistor has a value of
W, 32 ohms. What is the total power dissipated by
12-Vdc bulb is connected across this battery, A resistor has three bands: gray, red, yellow. the resistors?
about how long will the bulb stray lit, if the This unit can be expected to have a value within 72 W
battery has been fully charged? approximately what range?
4 hours and 20 minutes 660 KΩ to 980 KΩ A 6-V battery is connected across a series
combination of resistors. The resistance values
An amplifier has an output signal voltage that is Given a dc voltage source delivering 24 V and a are 1, 2, and 3Ω. What is the current through
35 times the input signal voltage. This is a gain circuit resistance of 3.3 kΩ, what is the current? the 2-Ω resistor?
of: 7.3 mA 1A
31 dB
Suppose that a circuit has 472Ω of resistance In a certain resistance-capacitance (RC) circuit,
A resistor of 100 ohms carries 333 mA dc. The and the current is 875 mA. Then the source the current leads the voltage by 45 degrees.
power dissipated by that resistor is: voltage is: The resistance is 50 ohms. The capacitive
11.1 W 413 V reactance is:
- 50 ohms.
A resistor has a positive temperature coefficient The dc voltage in a circuit is 550 mV and the
of 1.00 percent per degree C. If its value is 100 current is 7.2 mA. Then the resistance is: A transformer has a primary-to-secondary turns
ohms at 20 degrees C, what is its value at 25 76 Ω ratio of 10:1. The input is 120 V rms ac. The
degrees C? output is:
105 ohms. A circuit has a total resistance of 473,332 Ω and 12 Vrms ac.
draws 4.4 mA. The best expression for the
A device has a voltage gain of 23 dB. The input voltage of the source is: A battery delivers 12 V to a bulb. The current in
voltage is 3.3 V. the output voltage is: 2.1 kV the bulb is 3A. What is the resistance of the
47 V bulb?
A source delivers 12 V and the current is 777 4Ω
A power gain of 44 dB is equivalent to an mA. Then the best expression for the resistance
output/input power ratio of: is: A battery supplies 6.0V to a bulb rated at 12 W.
25,000 15 Ω How much current does the bulb draw?
2.0 A
A resistor has a value of 300 ohms. Its The voltage is 250 V and the current is 8.0 mA.
conductance is: The power dissipated by the potentiometer is: If a wire coil has 100 turns and carries 1.30 A of
3.33 mS 2.0 W current, what is the magnetomotive force in
A mile of wire has a conductance of 0.6 The voltage from the source is 12 V and the 164
siemens. potentiometer is set for 470 Ω. The power is

Excel Review Center Elec TH 1-Q&A
If a wire coil has 10 turns and carries 1.30 A of It is a good conductor. causes the needle to deflect 20 degrees, and
current, what is the magnetomotive force in then this current is doubled. The needle
ampere-turns? A coulomb: deflection:
5.0 Is an extremely large number of charge Will increase.
A capacitance of 100pF is the same as: One important advantage of an electrostatic
0.0001 μF meter is that:
A stroke of lightning: It can detect ac voltages.
A capacitance of 0.033 μF is the same as: Is a discharge of static electricity.
33,000 pF A thermocouple:
The volt is the standard unit of: Gets warm when current flows though it.
Five 0.050-μF capacitors are connected in Electromotive force.
parallel. The total capacitance is: One advantage of an electromagnet meter over
0.25 μF If an EMF of one volt is placed across a a permanent-magnet meter is that:
resistance of two ohms, then the current is: The electromagnet meter is more rugged.
If the same five capacitors are connected in Half an ampere.
series, the total capacitance will be: An ammeter shunt is useful because:
0.010 μF A backward-working electric motor is best It allows for measurement of a wide range of
described as: currents.
Two capacitors are in series. Their values are An electric generator.
47 pF and 33 pF. The composite value is Voltmeters should generally have:
19 pF In some batteries, chemical energy can be Large internal resistance
replenished by:
Two capacitors are in parallel. Their values are Charging it. To measure power-supply voltage being used
47 pF and 470 μF. The combination by a circuit, a voltmeter:
capacitance is: A changing magnetic field: Is placed in parallel with the circuit that
470 μF Produces a fluctuating electric field. works from the supply.

Three capacitors are in parallel. Their values Light is converted into electricity: Which of the following will not cause a major
are 0.0200 μF, 0.0500 μF and 0.10000 μF. The In a photovoltaic cell. error in an ohmmeter reading?
total capacitance is: A small change in the resistance to be
0.170 μF A positive electric pole: measured
Has fewer electrons than the negative pole.
A capacitor is rated at 33 pF, plus or minus 10 The main advantage of a FETVM over a
percent. Which of the following capacitances is An EMF of one volt: conventional voltmeter is the fact that the
outside the acceptable range? Can sometimes produce a large current. FETVM:
37 pF Draws less current from the circuit under
A potentially lethal electric current is on the test
A capacitor, rated at 330 pF, shows an actual order of:
value of 317 pF. How many percent off is its 0.1 A. Which of the following is not a function of a
value? fuse?
3.9 A current of 25 A is most likely drawn by: To be sure there is enough current available
A typical household. for an appliance to work right
The atomic number of an element is determined
by: A piece of wire has a conductance of 20 A utility meter’s motor speed works directly
The number of protons. siemens. Its resistance is: from:
0.05 . The number of watts being used at the time
The atomic weight of an element is
approximately determined by: Of the following energy units, the one most A utility meter’s readout indicates:
The number of neutrons plus the number of often used to define electrical energy is: Energy
protons. The kilowatt hour.
A typical frequency counter:
Suppose there is an atom of oxygen, containing The frequency of common household ac in the Is usually accurate to six digits or more
eight protons and eight neutrons in the nucleus, Phils is:
and two neutrons are added to the nucleus. The 60 Hz. A VU meter is never used for measurement of:
resulting atomic weight is about: Energy
18 Half-wave rectification means that:
Half of the ac wave is chopped off. The meter movement in an illumination meter
An ion: measures:
In the output of a half-wave rectifier: Current
Might have either a positive or negative
The effective value is less than that of the
original ac wave. An oscilloscope cannot be used to indicate:
An isotope: Energy
In the output of a full-wave rectifier:
Might have either a positive or negative
The effective value is the same as that of the Suppose you double the voltage in a simple dc
original ac wave. circuit, and cut the resistance in half. The
A molecule: current will become:
A low voltage, such as 12 V: Four times as great
Might consist of just a single atom of an
Can be dangerous under certain conditions.
A wiring diagram would most likely be found in:
Which of these can represent magnetomotive The service/repair manual for a radio
In a compound:
force? receiver
There must always be two or more elements.
The ampere-turn.
An electrical insulator can be made a Good engineering practice usually requires that
Which of the following units can represent a series-parallel resistive network be made:
magnetic flux density? From resistors that are all the same.
By ionizing.
The gauss.
Of the following substances, the worst In a series-connected string of holiday
A ferromagnetic material: ornament bulbs, if one bulb gets shorted out,
conductor is:
Concentrates magnetic flux lines within which of these is most likely?
itself. The current in the string will go up.
Of the following substances, the best conductor
The force between two electrically charged Fill in the blank in the following sentence. In a
Electrostatic force. either a series or a parallel circuit, the sum of
the ______s in each component is equal to the
The change in the direction of a compass total _____ provided by the supply.
Movement of holes in a semiconductor:
needle, when a current-carrying wire is brought Wattage
Results in a certain amount of electric
near, is:
Electromagnetic deflection. Biasing in an amplifier circuit:
If a material has low resistance: Can be done using voltage dividers
Suppose a certain current in a galvanometer
Excel Review Center Elec TH 1-Q&A
In a voltage divider network, the total Which kind of battery should never be used until The ohm is a unit of:
resistance: it “dies”? Opposition to electrical current
Should be as small as the power supply will Nickel-cadmium
allow A wiring differs form a schematic diagram in
The current from a solar panel is increased by: that:
The maximum voltage output from a voltage Connecting solar cells in parallel A wiring diagram shows component values
Is equal to the supply voltage An interactive solar power system: Which of the following is a good use, or place,
Allows a homeowner to sell power to the for a wirewound resistor?
A transistor can be protected from needless utility To dissipate a large amount of dc power
overheating by:
Current-limiting resistors The geomagnetic field: The number of protons in the nucleus of an
Is what makes a compass work element is the:
Bleeder resistors: Atomic number
Are connected across the capacitor in a Geomagnetic lines of flux:
power supply Are horizontal at the geomagnetic equator A hot-wire ammeter:
Can measure ac as well as dc
Carbon-composition resistors: A material that can be permanently magnetized
Are comparatively nonreactive is generally said to be: Which of the following units indicates the rate at
Ferromagnetic which energy is expended?
The best place to use a wirewound resistor is: The watt
In a high-power, direct-current circuit The force between a magnet and a piece of
ferromagnetic metal that has not been Which of the following correctly states Ohm’s
A metal-film resistor: magnetized: Law?
Has less reactance than a wirewound type Is never repulsive Ohms equal volts divided by amperes

A meter-sensitivity control in a test equipment Magnetic flux can always be attributed to: The current going into a point in a dc circuit is
would probably be: Motion of charged particles always equal to the current:
A linear-taper potentiometer Flowing out of that point
Lines of magnetic flux are said to originate:
A volume control in a stereo compact-disc At a north magnetic pole A loudness meter in a hi-fi system is generally
player would probably be: calibrated in:
A logarithmic-taper potentiometer The magnetic flux around a straight, current- Decibels
carrying wire:
An advantage of a rheostat over a Is strongest near the wire A charged atom is known as:
potentiometer is that: An ion
A rheostat can handle more current The gauss is a unit of:
Magnetic flux density Peak values are always:
The chemical energy in a battery or cell: Greater than or equal to average values
Changes to kinetic energy when the cell is A unit of overall magnetic field quantity is the:
used Maxwell A resistor has a value of 680 ohms, and a
tolerance of plus or minus 5 percent. Which of
A cell that cannot be recharged is: Which of the following is not generally possible the following values indicates a reject?
A primary cell in a geomagnetic field storm? 636 Ω
Disruption of microwave radio links
A Weston cell is generally used: A primitive device for indicating the presence of
As a voltage reference source An ac electromagnet: an electric current is:
Will attract pure, unmagnetized iron A galvanometer
The voltage in a battery is:
More than the voltage in a cell of the same An advantage of an electromagnet over a A disadvantage of mercury cells is that they:
kind permanent magnet is that: Pollute the environment when discarded
An electromagnet can be switched on and
A direct short-circuit of a battery can cause: off Of the following, which is not a common use of
An explosion a resistor?
A substance with high retentivity is best suited Increasing the charge in a capacitor
Alkaline cells: for making:
Are generally better in radios than zinc- A permanent magnet When a charge builds up without a flow of
carbon cells current, the charge is said to be:
A relay is connected into a circuit so that a Static
The energy in a cell or battery depends mainly device gets a signal only when the relay coil
on: carries current. The relay is probably: The sum of the voltages, going around a dc
Its physical size Normally open circuit, but not including the power supply, has:
Equal value as, but opposite polarity from,
In which of the following places would a A device that reverse magnetic field polarity to the supply
“lantern” battery most likely be found? keep a dc motor rotating is:
A two-way portable radio A commutator A watt hour meter measures:
In which of the following places would a A high tape-recorder motor speed is generally
transistor battery be the best power-source used for: Every chemical element has its own unique
choice? Video type of particle, called its:
An electronic calculator Atom
An advantage of a magnetic disk, as compared
In which of the following places would you most with magnetic tape, for data storage and An advantage of a magnetic disk over magnetic
likely choose a lithium battery? retrieval is that: tape for data storage is that:
A microcomputer memory backup Data can be stored and retrieved more Data storage and retrieval is faster on disk
quickly with disks than with tapes
Where would you most likely find a lead-acid A material that has extremely high electrical
battery? A bubble memory is best suited for: resistance is known as:
In a portable video camera/recorder A large computer An insulator

A cell or battery that keeps up a constant .An application in which an analog meter would Primary cells:
current-delivering capability almost until it dies almost always be preferred over a digital meter Cannot be recharged
is said to have: is:
A flat discharge curve A signal-strength indicator in a radio A rheostat:
receiver Is used in high-voltage and/or high-power dc
A disadvantage of mercury cells and batteries is circuits
that: Which of the following statements is false?
They pollute the environment The current in a series dc circuit is divided A voltage typical of a dry cell is:
up among the resistances 1.5 V

Excel Review Center Elec TH 1-Q&A
A geomagnetic storm: A single pip The magnetic flux in a toroid is practically
Can disrupt the earth’s magnetic field all within the core
The period of an ac wave is:
An advantage of an alkaline cell over a zinc- Equal to 1 divided by the frequency A major feature of a pot-core winding is:
carbon cell is that: large inductance in small volume
An alkaline cell works at lower temperatures The sixth harmonic of an ac wave whose period
is 0.001 second has a frequency of: As an inductor core material, air:
A battery delivers 12 V across a set of six 4-Ω 6 kHz Has excellent efficiency
resistors in a series voltage-dividing
combination. This provides six different A degree of phase represents: At a frequency of 400 Hz, the most likely form
voltages, differing by an increment of: 1/360 cycle for an inductor would be:
2V Toroidal
Two waves have the same frequency but differ
A unit of electrical charge quantity is the: in phase by 1/20 cycle. The phase difference in At a frequency of 95 MHz, the best form for an
Coulomb degrees is: inductor would be:
18 Air-core
A unit of sound volume is:
The decibel A signal has a frequency of 1770 Hz. The A transmission-line inductor made from coaxial
angular frequency is: cable, having velocity factor of 0.66, and
The main difference between a “lantern” battery 11,120 radians per second working at 450 MHz, would be shorter than:
and a “transistor” battery is: 11 cm
The lantern battery has more energy A triangular wave:
capacity Has equal rise and decay rates Capacitance acts to store electrical energy as:
An electric field
NICAD batteries are most extensively used: Three-phase ac:
In handheld radio transceivers Has three waves, all of the same magnitude As capacitor plate area increases, all other
things being equal:
A voltmeter should have: If two waves have the same frequency and the The capacitance increases
High internal resistance same amplitude, but opposite phase, the
composite wave is: As the spacing between plates in a capacitor is
The purpose of a bleeder resistor is to: Zero made smaller, all other things being equal:
Protect people against the danger of electric The capacitance increases
shock If two waves have the same frequency and the
same phase, the composite wave: A material with a high dielectric constant:
A dc electromagnet: Has a magnitude equal to the sum of the two Acts to increase capacitance per unit
Has constant polarity originals volume

The rate at which charge carriers flow is In a 117-V utility circuit, the peak voltage is: Air works well as a dielectric mainly because it:
measured in: 165 V Has low loss
In a 117-V utility circuit, the pk-pk voltage is: Which of the following is not a characteristic of
A 12-V battery is connected to a set of three 331 V mica capacitors?
resistors in series. The resistance values are 1, Small size
2, and 3 ohms. What is the voltage across the In a perfect sine wave, the pk-pk value is:
3-Ω resistor? Twice the peak value A disk ceramic capacitor might have a value of:
6V 100 pF
If a 45-Vdc battery is connected in series with
Nine 90-ohm resistors are connected in a 3 x 3 the 117-V utility mains, the peak voltages will A paper capacitor might have a value of:
series-parallel network. The total resistance is: be: 0.01 μF
90 Ω +210 V and – 120 V
An air-variable capacitor might have a range of:
A device commonly used for remote switching Which one of the following does not affect the 1 pF to 100 pF
of wire communications signals is: power output available from a particular ac
A relay generator? Which of the following types of capacitors is
The type of natural energy source used polarized?
NICAD memory: Electrolytic
Does not occur very often If a 175-V dc source were connected in series
with the utility mains from a standard wall outlet, If a capacitor has a negative temperature
A 100-W bulb burns for 100 hours. It has the result would be: coefficient:
consumed: Pulsating dc Its value decreases as the temperature rises
10.0 kWh
An advantage of ac over dc in utility Which of the following is not a general
A material with high permeability: applications is: characteristic of an ac wave?
Concentrates magnetic lines of flux Ac is easier to transform from one voltage to Always has the same general appearance
A chemical compound: The derivative of a sine wave:
Consists of two or more atoms An inductor works by: Is a representation of the rate of change
Storing energy as a magnetic field
A 6.00-V battery is connected to a parallel The derivative of sine wave:
combination of two resistors, whose values are Which of the following doe not affect the Is a representation of the rate of change
8.00 Ω and 12.0 Ω. What is the power inductance of a coil?
dissipated in the 8-Ω resistor? The diameter of the wire You can add or subtract a certain number of
4.50 W degrees of phase to or from a wave, and end up
In a small inductance: with exactly the same wave again. This number
The main problem with a bar-graph meter is Energy is stored and released quickly is:
that: 360
It can’t give a very precise reading A ferromagnetic core is placed in an inductor
mainly to: You can add or subtract a certain number of
Which of the following can vary with ac, but not Increase the inductance degrees of phase to or from a sine wave, and
with dc? end up with an inverted (upside-down)
Frequency Inductors in series, assuming there is no mutual representation of the original. This number is:
inductance, combine: 180
The length of time between a point in one cycle Like resistors in series
and the same point in the next cycle of an ac A wave has a frequency of 300 kHz. One
wave is the: With permeability tuning, moving the core complete cycle takes:
Period further into a solenoidal coil: 0.00000333 second
Increases the inductance
On a spectrum analyzer, a pure ac signal, If a wave has a frequency of 440 Hz, how long
having just one frequency component, would A significant advantage, in some situations, of a does it take for 10 degrees of phase?
look like: toroidal coil over a solenoid is: 0.0000631 second